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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 4, 18 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Carolyn 40:33
Okay, here we go. Tar babies would have to be precluded in the water from the pericardial fluid.

iON 40:42

Carolyn 40:43
And, oh, I think I've asked this before: And what amino acids does the lamb's blood have? How does all this relate to the three stop codons? So yeah, I don't think we can go there yet because we don't have the third amino acid.

iON 40:58
Yes, you do, but you do have it, don't worry about that. But what we're not gonna, we don't wanna muck things up a little bit because they're after your words. They want you.

Carolyn 41:09

iON 41:09
What's happening, they want more of you than you're willing to give them. And we're gonna protect you from them a little bit, just because you're more valuable. You're more valuable than all that. I don't know if you know this or not, but you're more valuable. That's why you've become kinda isolated, secluded, -

Carolyn 41:27

iON 41:27
- safe, on purpose.

Carolyn 41:30

iON 41:30
There's a divine reaction to this that's killin' you 'cause you don't wanna do it. You'd much rather take the shovel and start digging the ditch. "Get out of my way, I know how to do this. The FDA, fuck you. I know what to do! " No, no, no, no, no. Calm down. Just go, go, go plant turmeric, you'll be alright. Go plant turmeric, you'll be alright.

Carolyn 41:50
Yeah, I know. I know.

Bob 41:51
I want to interrupt you there.

iON 41:54
Yes, Bob.

Bob 41:55
What you say, "They are after Carolyn." Who's "they"? You just mean the FDA or other people, Obama?

iON 42:00
Everybody. Everybody. Everything. Everything. She's the, she's the only thing that's got the answer, and anything that's tryin' to figure out what that is, they don't want her to be eradicated. They gotta shut her up. "Who's this crazy bitch coming and saying she's gonna run somethin'."

Bob 42:14
Wait, wait, wait. You just said, anybody who wants to... Listen. Anybody -- you said when anybody figures that out, they don't want Carolyn eradicated. They support Carolyn.

iON 42:23
They don't... No. They want Carolyn to be hushed, whatever that means. If it's eradication, they don't care. Whatever that costs. It's cheap.

Bob 42:33

iON 42:33
Her words are the answer.

Bob 42:37
Yeah. Does she ... I'm an A... They can't talk about me unless you're A3. Is there a classification for talking about Carolyn?

iON 42:47
We'll see. We'll see.

Carolyn 42:50

Bob 42:51
But is she on people's minds as much as I am in reference to the UFO [inaudible word/end of that subject]

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