Sunday, February 4, 2024

Bob Explains “Post-Information” to OJ

“What your mouth does, what your eyes see, and what your ears hear, basically your head is obsolesced by the extension of the proprioceptive and tactile nervous system. And that’s been happening since television. And then the Internet squared it and made it come alive. So we’ve been in a tactile, proprioceptive, haptic environment. It’s not involved with the eye, the ear, or the mouth or even smell, though smell does linger. It’s a powerful sense. So most people consider what they read, see, hear as information but that is not what is informing us anymore. It’s the proprioceptive, the massage of the interplay of tactility, that your texting life is using. The medium you are using is what is molding our sensibilities. And that is why iON comes forth as the Non-Physical extension of the proprioceptive, autonomic system. iON themselves represent a change in media, or you could say a change in psychics and mediums and channeling. Edgar Casey is the radio era. Cosmic Awareness is the TV era. The Evergreens are sort of the early computer Web 1.0 period. iON reflects the Web 2.0 exactly. It’s a different kind of mediumship even though iON is more than mediumship because the Android Meme is pretty well the punch line for human history. So, it’s about time the ultimate in Non-Physical comes forth and gives us a punch line to the whole thing. And that’s an exclamation point. That’s what iON does because communication-wise we have come to that point. We are involved in proprioceptively swimming and surfing with a non-head which would be the eye-ear-nose media/extensions. So what people call "information" is what I mean by Post-Information, Post-Head. Everybody’s head is chopped off." - (What Youth? 2016-01-12, Part 2)
Bob Dobbs

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PulsatingShadow said...

I can attest to the "lingering of smell", I was reading a snippet on Wikipedia and noticed an exact phrase I had heard someone use in the same context. I remarked unconsciously that I could SMELL who had written the Wikipedia article.