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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 2, 23 December 2020


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 1:09:43
McLuhan talked about the meaning of space and time in alchemy or in the occult in magical traditions, and the devil was a chronological idiot; he didn't know time. So, people have heard you and said -- I think it was Scott said recently -- "iON doesn't know time; that means he's a demon." Because demons, like McLuhan said, are chronological idiots. What do you say to that criticism of you, falling into the cliche or archetype of not knowing time and the...

iON 1:10:20
Well, we don't know time because -- we do know time. We know there isn't any. We know all about it. It's made up by man because they have to chronically, canonically mark where they've been like a dog that runs around pissin' everywhere so it can say it's been here and been there. It has to piss on anything so it can remember where it's been by the smell. So, that's the timed element as it were.

Bob 1:10:22
[yawning] That's what time is for humans? That's what time is for humans?

iON 1:10:37
Rrrr, rrrr rrrr rrrr? Well, you need a nap, Bob? [Bob chuckles] You can kick your feet up. Kick your feet up, we'll wait.

Bob 1:10:37

iON 1:10:37
It's okay.

Bob 1:10:56
I just -- the gas of Maui infected me there. [chuckles]

iON 1:11:00
Oh, I know, it is terrible. And now he's complainin' that he wants a nicer prison cell, Carolyn. He don't like his prison anymore. [Bob chuckles] There you go.

Bob 1:11:10
Okay. So, the marker is when we note time, make up the concept of time, we're doing the dog pissing.

iON 1:11:21

Bob 1:11:23
Right. So,...

iON 1:11:24
Humans use time. We don't use time, we know it, we know time very well, and it's, it's a distraction.

Bob 1:11:33
You also know space also, -

iON 1:11:35

Bob 1:11:35
- contradicting the [indistinct] classification.

iON 1:11:37
The interval. We know, we know the interval.

Bob 1:11:41
Ah, space is the interval?

iON 1:11:43

Bob 1:11:44
In the markings of time?

iON 1:11:47
Continuum. For the continuum.

Bob 1:11:50
Right. You have a continuum. Is the continuum created by the pissing of the dog we call humans making time points?

iON 1:11:58
[telephone click] Okay. Carolyn, left. What happened?

Bob 1:12:02
I don't know. It's time to go to sleep, I think. Right, Carolyn?

iON 1:12:06
Oh, okay.

Bob 1:12:09
Yeah, she's gonna take a break. But, iON, the piss marking, which is what humans -- like dogs, how they create time -- when they create time through the piss markings, is that a continuum they create?

iON 1:12:22
It would. It would. Of course, it would be a continuum.

Bob 1:12:27
Okay. Then the aspects of the interval within the continuum are what we call space.

iON 1:12:34

Bob 1:12:35
And so that's what the phrase that McLuhan has, "the dynamic symmetry of tensions among proportions," is a description of the making of space intervals.

iON 1:12:47
A ratio and perspective.

Bob 1:12:49

iON 1:12:49
Ratio and perspective.

Bob 1:12:51
Ah. And ratio would be aligned with space, and perspective aligned with time. Right?

iON 1:12:58
Most often, yes.

Bob 1:13:00
Yeah, in general, cliche terms of Little Man's feeble mind. Okay?

iON 1:13:06

Bob 1:13:08
So, that was very good.

iON 1:13:11
Good. Round your mountain. Get your good stuff. Let's go.

Bob 1:13:14
Right. What happens to aliens, and maybe they're all different from different galaxies and whatever, but I'll start off generally. What happens to people who aren't from here when they die?

iON 1:13:30
Aliens don't die, they normally just go home. Sometimes they expire, but they're like leftover. Like if they're a dot, [indistinct] the dot that lives out a space, and then they just evaporate. They don't die, they just evaporate if they're not from here.

Bob 1:13:48
Right. So, aliens, you say were like a dot, which is a space, and they fade out when they stop. So, that implies -

iON 1:13:56
More times than not.

Bob 1:13:55
- that implies the geocentric view of the universe -

iON 1:13:57

Bob 1:14:02
- that actually this world, we are, humans are the top of the creation, and if you are out there in the stars, which might be extensions of NonPhysical or something, but you're out there growing up in planet, stars, way out there, you're not equal to humans. You don't have a soul or any of these things that humans have. Correct?

iON 1:14:23
That's right. Very good.

Bob 1:14:26
So, aliens are extensions of humans or created by humans or by-products in nature, which is NonPhysical. Correct? NonPhysical makes a lot of nature, or human's make....

iON 1:14:37
Very often, yes.

Bob 1:14:37
Yeah. Humans make nature via NonPhysical. And so aliens are like animals, they're out there. And now, they have talents like the Lemurians who are the reptilian. If a human doesn't know that they're reptilian, they can take advantage of that. Right? So, it's like a smart animal that knows how to fool its owner. Correct?

iON 1:14:41
That's like, that's like a smart animal as opposed to a dumb ass?

Bob 1:15:05
Yeah, a dumb ass.

iON 1:15:06
Okay. [laughs]

Bob 1:15:14
But, but aliens...

iON 1:15:16
You're so clever. You're so clever, Bob. You're clever.

Bob 1:15:19
Yeah. Well, didn't you say dumb ass? So, I'm just echoing you.

iON 1:15:23
Nooo, we wouldn't be -- we can't have these pie-eyed things. We're a demon {Bob chuckles] or some'um, whatever they said we were. Right? Don't forget that.

Bob 1:15:32

iON 1:15:32
Remember that.

Bob 1:15:33
Yes. Okay, so...

iON 1:15:37
Is somebody clicking? Why are you clicking?

Bob 1:15:41
It's not clicking. I don't hear it.

iON 1:15:43
Okay. Good.

Bob 1:15:46
But you know, this is the clicking that happens in the show all the time lately.

iON 1:15:50
Oh. Sometimes.

Bob 1:15:52
Where is it coming from? Coming from my phone?

iON 1:15:54
Mmm, don't know. We wouldn't say that.

Bob 1:15:58
That's the Tech Body.

iON 1:15:59
(whispers) Tech Body.

Bob 1:15:59
Tech Body.

iON 1:15:59
(whispers) Tech Body. Tech Body.

Bob 1:16:01
Yeah. Okay. So, we were saying... So, aliens are not human, they're animals with certain talents, so that humans don't evolve to alien capacities, to an idea of a higher evolved human. Right?

iON 1:16:24
We'd like to say yeah, but you don't even -- we would love to agree, but you're quickly gettin' to a point where you don't even know what the fuck you're talkin' about anymore, so [Bob chuckles] we don't want to disappoint you there. [laughs]

Bob 1:16:35
Right. So, so the aliens don't go to the -- when they died, they didn't go to the Guf.

iON 1:16:42
Right. They just -

Bob 1:16:44

iON 1:16:44
- they're not inviting; they're not invited.

Bob 1:16:46
Right. But did they...

iON 1:16:48
But now it doesn't matter 'cause they -- now it doesn't matter 'cause there's not one.

Bob 1:16:52
That's right. When there was a Guf they didn't go there, but they could live a long, long time before they faded out?

iON 1:17:04
Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 1:17:05

iON 1:17:06
You live a long, long time.

Bob 1:17:09
Am I an alien?

iON 1:17:12
No, you're not alien, you're not even, you're not good enough to be an alien.

Bob 1:17:16
And I'm not a human. What the hell do they make in Alpha Centauri? What's out there?

iON 1:17:20
Ah, I don't know, don't know. No. We don't wanna -- we don't know. It's, it's, it's got us a little tore up too, Bob. [Bob chuckles]

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