Friday, November 10, 2023

Partial of iON Communique #5


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 8:56
Carolyn was asking about the essence. There's an essence in every person. Is that the iCell? Is that the engagement of the new?

iON 9:05
You wish it were. If it is not, you wish it were. That's what having a new body, having a new life is all about. It's what the resurrection preclude.

Bob 9:14
Acquiring essence. So then...

iON 9:18
You'll get that resurrection word, we're sure.

Bob 9:20
So, people, like people say. "Oh, when I transition my essence goes to the Guf." Your essence doesn't go to the Guf, right?

iON 9:27

Bob 9:27
The essence is -- always never dies, has never left. It's always Ascended.

iON 9:31
Yes, it is. That's the part of eternalness. The only reason to make those divisions is when you're less than, so we won't give it any wit.

Bob 9:37
With that proviso, what's the chemistry of the essence that goes to the Guf? It's not the essence, it's not the soul.

iON 9:43

Bob 9:43
It's piss. Piss goes to the Guf.

iON 9:45
There you go. [laughs]

Bob 9:46
Urine. It's sterile.

iON 9:49
It's not ours, it's urine. [you're in]

Bob 9:51
It's "you're in." Urine. [laughs] All in? Yes, we're all in. You're in. Okay, good.

iON 10:00
But if you saw your world that way as something that's just simply eliminated from your body, it changes everything. It's a game changer. You don't get excited about, "Oh, I've forfeited myself from my urine. Oh!"

Bob 10:13
That's a good point. You're saying the going dead, the transition, is just for -- is just extending -- what did you say? It's leaking.

iON 10:22
Sure. For some folks, it's no more than a piss in the wind.

Bob 10:27
Right. So, all the concepts and cultures are leakings of the fallen state.

iON 10:32
Very good. And that fallen states which you're overcoming -- and don't change 'em, let 'em fall. Let 'em fall. They're gonna fall anyway. It'll be good. It'll be over for them soon. Don't fret.

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