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Bob’s Private Session Partial Transcript 1, 23 December 2020


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 28:20
Okay. The stars aligned. Jupiter and Saturn came together and they're calling it the Bethlehem star. Was there an actual -

iON 28:33
Christmas star.

Bob 28:33
- Bethlehem star? Christmas star. Was the actual -- if there was a Bethlehem star, and it was maybe at the time of one of the Jesuses birth -- we don't know which one -- was it this alignment of Jupiter coming close? Jupiter and Saturn?

iON 28:48
The flipping. The flipping. Yeah.

Bob 28:50
Yeah. That's what the Bethlehem...

iON 28:53
The flipping. Yes.

Bob 28:55
That's why the Bethlehem star was so bright.

iON 28:58

Bob 29:00
Did people have enough astronomical knowledge...

iON 29:02
And that's why, that's how they get, that's how they got to little -- that's why it took 'em that long to get there and they had little Christmas. Remember little Christmas?

Bob 29:10
No. When was that?

iON 29:11
That happened the sixth of January 'cause it took the wise men that long to get there. It was called little Christmas.

Bob 29:20
Okay, so what's little Christmas? The same star?

iON 29:24
When the wise men actually -- yeah. When the wise men actually showed up to Bethlehem to give them their gold and myrrh and frankincense.

Bob 29:34
Which Jesus did they encounter?

iON 29:36
Two. Two. Number two.

Bob 29:38
Number two. Okay. So, so, the Bethlehem star is what they witnessed. Now, that would be maybe eight hundred, a thousand BC? The second -- if they, if the three of them are over 1500 years, you know, divided in three parts, five or six, 700 years, -

iON 30:05

Bob 30:05
- does that -- that throws off when the calendar begins with zero with the birth of Jesus, but which one did they start with? Which Jesus birth...

iON 30:18
Well, there's a bunch of them. Goddamn, Bob, there's a bunch of 'em. We don't have any stock of any of you asking -- we've been saying since itch there is no time, and now you want us to tell you which timed calendar's the correct one. Well, there ain't one, Bob, they're all fucked off.

Bob 30:33
[chuckles] Okay, good. So, the stars alignment, when they align, does that affect human behavior, human events?

iON 30:50
It will.

Bob 30:52
And all the things that you talk about -- I don't know, back in 2010, the moon eclipse, some'um happened there hadn't happened a long time. All these things because -- here's my theory -- the stars and that are inside us, remember? With chromosome 14.

iON 31:08
That would actually be a theorem, not a theory.

Bob 31:13
Okay, but we talked about the chromosome 14 is out there on Orion's belt or somewheres out there. So, our insides are out there in space, so the movements of space are movements inside ourselves. Do you agree with that?

iON 31:28
Okay, we don't care, that's good. Yawn.

Bob 31:32
What do you mean you don't care? Well, how does it,-

iON 31:34
It doesn't matter.

Bob 31:34
- how -- no, the...

iON 31:37
You're making some, you're making some imperialist reference that the stars are in your mouth and your teeth, and you chew 'em up and then you shit 'em out, [Bob chuckles] and then those shit-out stars become a different thing. And then you're fixin' to find out what Raisinets are, and you have to wait until the coffee enema -- you're puttin' way too much tequila in that damn enema, just sayin', just sayin'. And you make this thing, and we go okay, if that's what you wanna say, we don't care. How are we gonna say that's not the case? I mean, it's ridiculous. Whatever. Good. You have star power, Bob. eat 'em. So, good.

Bob 32:00
Okay, that's fine coming from you who bragged about December 22nd is comin' up, Bob. Oh, big things are gonna happen.

iON 32:19
It did.

Bob 32:20
And it [indistinct] stars alignment. There's no connection?

iON 32:23
It did. No. But there is a connection, but they're not 'cause they come out of your asshole.

Bob 32:32
[chuckles] Well, what is it?

iON 32:32
Not 'cause you swallowed 'em.

Bob 32:30
How, how do the stars affect us? Why do they affect us?

iON 32:34
Oh. The condition. The condition. Okay, you gotta picture this: Sicily, 1922. You're in a car.

Bob 32:34
I was there.

iON 32:35
The car is driving. Okay? You're gonna have tea with Mussolini. Okay? The car gets you there. Now, somebody on the way throws a bunch of roofing tacks in the, in the road, and the tires run up to the roofing tacks and gives you a flat tire. So, that's the stars are affected on your journey somewhere else. Meaning, meaning, meaning, meaning you are in a journey. If something affects the car, or the transport, or the planet, it affects it and it can change things. So, that's the point.

Bob 33:25
So, the stars' alignment affects the earth.

iON 33:27
The travel. The journey. Yes.

Bob 33:31
Affects the journey because it disrupts the routine.

iON 33:35
Yeah, you can get a flat tire. You can get a flat tire on the earth. Mm-hm.

Bob 33:40
Okay. So, how does this affect the psychology of people?

iON 33:46
Oh, they are on a vibe -- now here's where the stars are affected. Stars give off -- cars have a vibrational frequency. Carolyn has a vibrational frequency. You know that big ol' goddamn grinder that's bigger than Carolyn that she makes nut pate with?

Bob 34:04

iON 34:07
That has a frequency. You can hear it three blocks away. Remember?

Bob 34:12

iON 34:13
That grinder, that's a frequency. Okay? So, everything has a frequency. So, these stars have a frequency, and humans pick up on that frequency. That's why you run away when she's makin' that noise 'cause you don't find it pleasant.

Bob 34:30
Right. Now, this frequency, can you call that musical interaction?

iON 34:39
No, that's stupid. It's not musical.

Bob 34:42
What is it? Inaudible?

iON 34:44
Frequency. No, it's audible, but it's frequency. Frequency's not music. Next thing you know you're gonna say music -- we're gonna say yes, Bob, it's music, and you're gonna go, "Ah-ha! So, Frank Zappa saves the fucking world!" And we go, "Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no. Has a nice reach, but hell no. No, no, no."

Bob 35:06
What is frequency?

iON 35:08
Oh. A tonal mass.

Bob 35:13
Tonal what? Mass? M-a-s-s?

iON 35:15

Bob 35:17
A tonal mass. You mean particles have mass? Because that's the frequency; the frequency makes up the mass? That meaning of mass?

iON 35:27
That's how you get cells to stick together, so, yeah.

Bob 35:32
So, frequencies, they are mass; they're not sound. Is there another word for what they are, or they're not in our sensory realm?

iON 35:47
They're like Parler.

Bob 35:50
Parler? What, that new anti-Google, anti-somethin' Parler?

iON 35:57
Yes. Yeah, that's right.

Bob 36:00
They're not on the radar yet.

iON 36:02
Good. Excellent.

Bob 36:04
So, frequency is not on our radar yet. We don't have instruments to measure it.

iON 36:10
Good. You're good, Bob. You've done this before, have you?

Bob 36:14
Yeah, of course. Yes, many times.

iON 36:14
And you swallow it, you swallow it with the stars when you're eatin' puffs.

Bob 36:21

iON 36:21
And then you chase it down with green drink.

Bob 36:24
My head is in Alpha Centauri; never left it.

iON 36:27
Oh, until you drink that "Kabuchi" bullshit, that rotten shit. [Bob chuckles] That's terrible, the Kabuchi crap. Carolyn don't even buy it no more that, that rotten stuff. That stuff is ruint. It's ruint.

Bob 36:38
Yeah, you keep hallucinating. So, frequency...

iON 36:40
You should get it, you should get it before it goes bad. You should drink the cider before it goes bad, Bob.

Bob 36:46
Now, here's what's, here's what's important. The instruments can measure musical notes and whatever's in electronic studios and maybe astronomy can measure things, but frequency that you refer to and many people talk about, frequency has not been measured yet. That's interesting.

iON 37:06
Right. So far. So far. We hope it works out.

Bob 37:09
Yeah, so far.

iON 37:10
Not so far. We'll see.

Bob 37:11
What do you think of that, Carolyn?

iON 37:13
That's the rub. That's the rub. That's why Carolyn's products, that's why Carolyn's products are hittin' on most -- well, not perfect yet, but on almost every cylinder, um...

Bob 37:28
They're effective.

iON 37:31

Bob 37:32
Because of the frequency of them.

iON 37:35

Bob 37:39
So, the iCell is part of this undetectable frequency world.

iON 37:49
Eh, okay, we'll give you that.

Bob 37:53
So, we actually got...

iON 37:53
We'll say yes.

Bob 37:55
Yeah, listen to this, Carolyn. We actually got to what's holding and interacting the world deeper than most people -- well, nobody knows yet; haven't got the instruments, is some'um called frequency which people would call God. God holds the world together and we can't see him or hear him as you're describing frequency. So, so far, frequency meets the definition of God. Correct?

iON 38:18
As you couldn't contain it until you had tape to seal up the box.

Bob 38:22
Ah, couldn't contain it until we had tape sealed off the box. I don't think you said that.

iON 38:28
Seal up the box. Seal up the box.

Bob 38:31
What's the sentence Carolyn?

Carolyn 38:32
(in background) Until we had tape to seal up the box. What's the tape?

Bob 38:37
Yeah. Frequency is God until we had tape to seal up the box. What's the tape?

iON 38:44
Right. So, the tape is what binds God to the inside of you.

Bob 38:53
And that means binding frequency to us.

iON 38:57

Bob 38:58
God is frequency.

iON 38:59
See, Bob -- see, Bob, this house of flesh is but a prison. Bars of bones hold your soul.

Bob 39:09
So, so, when we Ascend, we become aware and somehow interact more knowingly with frequency which is God, or what is the tape that binds the box? Then we can know frequency?

iON 39:21
It's the part that -- it's the -- no, no, then you can feel it and you can become powerful almost like Carolyn is powerful.

Bob 39:22
Ah. So, that's the tape. Ascension is acquiring the tape to know and feel frequency.

iON 39:36
To seal, to seal the frequency inside your meatsack body. So then the amino acids kick in and then you are forcing the blossom to bloom, ala lotus.

Bob 39:54
I realized that I just -- ala lotus. Yeah. Carolyn, did you just realize what I did? For the first time in human history, I got a definition of God for fuck sake.

iON 39:57

Bob 39:59
Do you realize that, Carolyn?

Carolyn 40:08
(in background) I do. I'm writin' it down.

Bob 40:08
Yeah, it's incredible what I just did. I could name the ten iONauts. You're an extension of me. [Carolyn, iON chuckle] A mere extension.

iON 40:18
Oh, my god, Carolyn, he just called you a drop cord. [laughs]

Carolyn 40:25
(in background) Not a rib?

Bob 40:24
[chuckles] Yeah, what is that? Plumb and, plumb and something. You're plumb.

iON 40:27
Square. Plumb and square.

Bob 40:26
Yeah, yeah.

iON 40:26
It's a drop cord.

Bob 40:27
No, you understand, Carolyn, what I just did, right? The, the iONauts are gonna be impressed, right? The ones who'll understand. I'll have to...

iON 40:42
Or fixin' to say two of 'em will be drunk, two of 'em will be mad, two of 'em won't get it, [Bob chuckles] and two of 'em will be jealous. And two of 'em will be dead. So, what you wanna do? [Bob chuckles] Yeah.

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