Saturday, November 11, 2023

How “Significant” I Am

Calling myself a "black woman" on the radio almost 40 years ago was so prophetic (in a modern sense) considering the present suppression of “white” civilization (McLuhan’s “visual space” via the printing press) that you need to start telling anybody who’ll listen how “significant" I am (on all fronts—artistic, scientific, economic, journalistic, blogger, and religious).

As a matter of fact, in my latest dialogue (#77) with Cameron McEwen, Cameron says (re: the Tower of Babble that’s threatening all cultures as the context) we need something “practical”, not more “software”.

So he concedes iONdom has come up with the PRACTICAL “breakthroughs" - cold play (endless electricity) and the miraculous 3 new Amino Acids that “heal” everything (studied presently by stunned doctors and scientists at Emory University).

And he’s correct- he gets it.

We wish the same lucky epiphany for you.

MEANWHILE, this “visual space” that's in the collective “stocks” today is the key to the upsurge of irrational anti-Semitism globally - after all, the Jews initiated “visual space” with their alphabet.

This “antisemitic” Android meme is the reversal of the futile nostalgic attempt to retrieve Android “visual values” (neo-liberalism, or the “right-wing” upswing via Thatcher and Reagan) that began in the late 70s (post-disco/Studio 54 = post-neo-tribalism), dominating for 40 years or so, but has recently, thanks to Web 2.0 (“social media” or my predicted “warring holeopathic retrievals" - see my Memo to Prince Charles {June 4, 1987} in the booklet for BOB’S MEDIA ECOLOGY), succumbed to the super-angelic “war in heaven” that’s landed “here”.

All of these symptoms are in the realm of the Chemical Body “mirage”.

The actual GROUND of quadrophrenia (interplay of my SIX-BODIED model) is far vaster in effects and affects, but that’s another story for another post.

This wonderful post-McLuhan pattern-recognition I “patented” is stunning, but unfortunately “clouded over” by the forlorn Android “McLuhan” revival of the last 30 years.

Nobody else can apply it like I do, except perhaps Kigye’s youthful (he was in his 20s) attempts to express it instinctively on the old Five Bodied forum (started in 2005).

But he became an Android “psychopath” (“he" bit off more than “he" could chew) and is now in prison for the next 18 years - Internet pederasty, I think. LOL
Bob Dobbs

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