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Payday, 14 May 2023 0300


Transcribed by Nan

iON 22:14
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that happens. Bless their hearts. Bless their hearts. Okay, what's the question, Eira? That's beautiful.

Eira 22:22
She asks: In the flat earth, what happens to the other continents outside our inner circle which is surrounded by the ice walls when the earth goes to Andromeda?

iON 22:38
There are seven layers, seven circles, seven ice -- say ice walls. But there, as you well know, with Carolyn, maybe Carolyn will go through the details with all the different levels of the minerals that are involved. We did a little bit tonight. But that's fused into the ice; into the ice wall. And ice is meant to be a stodgy, cold thing that you can't penetrate. But you have a Jasper ice wall and you ain't going over it; you're not going through it. That's, that's the thing. So, what happens when you have a -- do you know what a frisbee is, Eira?

Eira 23:24

iON 23:25
Okay. So, take the flat earth with four corners when the time is set, and Bob's aiming. [Phil laughs] -

Eira 23:25

iON 23:37
- on the Sphinx in the direction. And then the Giza pyramid setup is every line of detail of how far it is, where it's gotta go, the number of stones to get you there, the whole nine yards, all that kind of stuff, and enough mercury to offset any other incorrigible issue or position that's gotta be addressed or dealt with. And then you in essence spin the frisbee through the opening of Bob's neck at the Sun.

Eira 24:11
Yeah, and what happens to the other continents?

iON 24:19
They go too.

Eira 24:20
They go too.

iON 24:21
They go too. Sure, the whole thing. It's kinda like, it's kinda like the, the China -- China said that they have got a new setup that they're gonna take a spaceship to the Sun. And they said, "You can't do that! There's no way a spaceship can leave this earth and go all the way to the Sun. Number one, you'd never even get close to it till you'd burn up. And number two, it'd be so hot, there's no way you can stand it. And if you got to the sun, whatcha gonna do?" I mean, it's like 200 million degrees Kelvin or something ridiculous. I mean, it would be -- it's worse than melting Titanium, but we did a little of it. And the Chinese said, "Ah, you don't understand. We're going to take off and we're going to the sun at night." [iON, Eira, Phil laugh] The primordial, the primordial position of this response is that there is a distance between surreality and reality of what people are seeing and then what is reality. 'Cause you can be even strident in that position. That's okay to take the Earth through that if you have a good Iron Curtain over the terra firma, you see.

Eira 25:40
Okay. Iron Curtain.

iON 25:53
Like in Israel.

Eira 25:54
And the Chinese, they tried to start their own Sun.

iON 25:54

Eira 26:02
China already tried to start their own Sun. I don't know how -

iON 26:07

Eira 26:07
- the project actually has come out.

iON 26:10
It's going great. It's going great. It's going great. That's sponsored by the Mountain, but you're not supposed to know that, so certainly don't repeat it. Poor Ed. Probably Ed -- Ed's probably got it as a, as a byline on the [laughs] He's probably already got it posted out in big -- in a large fan font. Probably. Maybe. But yeah, that -

Eira 26:10
I mean,...

iON 26:12
- what that's doing -- no, no. What that's for, that's for a specific purpose. That is to calculate or recalculate the way the Earth is going to position carbon. Okay?

Eira 27:01

iON 27:02
In the days when we were doing the "Melting Titanium," and there's tons of hours of that -- how ridiculous is it to even think about melting titanium, you see? But you're dealing with the Sun side of it, then yeah, yeah, yeah, that is absolutely the case. So what you have to do is you have to find a way to shift the rest of the carbon into a super stage. And so Bob's dear friends at the Mountain are using that little Sun thing. It's like a, it's like a communal welder that's gonna jack up the rest of the carbon emissions. Because remember, everybody's talking about carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, and it's the end of the world, la, la, la, la, la. It's like, okay, fine. Who gives a fuck? They don't seem to give a fuck 'cause they're doing more carbon than anybody. And we're thankful for them very much for helping us out. They're helping out greatly, or to the chagrin of "Thrella Grumberg Thunberg." [chuckles] We can't even say her name let alone the details of it. Okay. Now, did that solve the, did that solve the pretend Sun issue?

Eira 28:17
I think so. Thank you.

iON 28:20
Now, wait. You don't know either 'cause I haven't finished. There's gonna be beta gamma bursts that this new Sun would most certainly be able to absorb that's over and above the burning off of the atmosphere, the changing of how the tides go. You're already starting to see the flow of the -- what do you call -- the Northern Lights. They're already moving already already, strangely. And so the point of that is is that's another little telltale "uh oh" of what's going down and what's going on that you're seeing further and further and further south. Okay? Aurora borealis is what some people call them, but we just call it, we just call it, we just call it fireworks from the sky because you're still dropping. Meanwhile, nobody's reporting on the drop, the new drop, registered drop of the electromagnetic fields. They're not reporting it. They're gonna do a paper on it, be all obscure and obtuse about, "Well, this is our opinion and if we had an opinion, this might be a good opinion. And we'll see how the opinion works [indistinct]" Doesn't make any difference, it's just noting. They have to say something so when something drops, when they drop it they don't want it to be hot. So, what they're doing, Eira, is they're very carefully and precisely letting out detailed information in the quote "news feeds" which we all know is inappropriate and inappropriate in every way and not to be believed unless you're looking for a nice distraction, you see. A nice distraction is what all of it is. But it doesn't make any difference. They're just trying to set the modality so that when this comes along, it won't really be too much of a surprise. See? If somebody said, "Oh, we have a breach and we can't proceed trucking things for whatever, whatever reason, 'cause they've gone on something-strike, or the longshoreman, or this or that, or some other thing that's goin' on. That wouldn't even surprise you anymore. You'd say, "Oh, well, yeah, it'll catch itself up. We'll be all right. We'll be, we'll be, we'll be out of toilet paper for two days, but we'll be okay." They're setting it up so it won't be a surprise till it's too late.

Eira 30:41
Great. And you mentioned the Iron Curtain. Do you want to or do you care to let us know more about it?

iON 30:50
We don't mind. Certainly. We don't mind. What it is, it's an actual dome that seals -- in the scriptures, it's very clearly wrote out. Wait, stay with us right here one second. Hey, Bertron!

Bert 31:04
Yes, iON.

iON 31:04
Dig in your notes a little bit and show Eira about the scriptural reference. She may actually have it too cuz she’s very astute with this by the way, of the separation: what's bound on earth is bound in heaven. So, that separation is a bounding that is bound, so it can't leave. So, all these people talk about they're going on this spaceship and space this and space that is a joke cuz you can't get out of it. Because you're binding it in heaven and in earth and the separation thereof. So, it becomes like a super bubble that protects except for the issue is the containment of the split with the core has a problem because now what's happening is is when they, when they shift it, we're gonna have to be ready to go because when that electromagnetic field drops, you can't wait anymore. That's the other side of the urgency or degree of potential efficiency it's got to be prepared for I guess is a nice way to say it. We've not done this yet. We've done a lot of stuff, but we haven't done this yet and you're very correct to ask the right question; that's what good teachers do. They know their, they know their syllabus.

Eira 31:06
Yeah, so the -- is this the same dome that was no good for NASA?

iON 32:39
Yes, and it's not -- and it's the same one that's holding so far in Israel. They copied it. Now, they had help. See, not all outside verses are against you, just most of them are, but not all. Some help a little here and there. And they give you insight, they give you capacity 'cause there's a lot of numbnut-whore-bitch motherfuckers that are runnin' around here that don't have sense God gave a goose that are running things for Pete's sake. It's a joke, an absolute joke. So, they pull from these insights and they start connecting the dots.

Eira 33:18
Thank you.

Madeleine 33:22
Did you just indicate that Israel has its own dome?

iON 33:25
Yes. Everybody knows that, that's all right. An Iron Curtain. That's right. Everybody knows that. That's because they get bombed every day. They got 1000 bombs yesterday. But now some of them are easing in; they're getting in, which is Bebe's problem 'cause it's been so thwarted. Yes, everybody knows the Iron -- we call it dome, but it is a curtain. Eira's right.

Madeleine 33:58
So, we're not talking about the firmament thereof or are we?

iON 34:05
Well, it depends on when it falls; when it falls, we gotta be ready to go. Otherwise, it will be a problem. It will be an issue. And you watch. Here's how you know; here's how you know how you doin'. Watch Israel. And if they get on, they get on the BBC and they say, "Amazingly it held for 53 years and the Iron Curtain, the dome of the world, has fallen and we have now a battle for the Temple Mount to rebuild the kingdom. The red heifer's in tow. Blah blah blah blah blah." Then what happens when they start talking like that, better pack your shit. Mm-hm. And then you know what's up. You'll know how the milk got in the coconut, basically, or unless you're sorry, sick or lazy or high or flyin', or feuding, fightin' or fuckin' or you know, the normal daily routine. [laughs] Basically.

Dmitriy 35:16
iON, will the Aurora Borealis go as low as 33rd degree?

iON 35:20
Yeah, certainly will. We said you'd see it in the daytime. You will see the Northern Lights in the daytime because that spectrometry is -- only in those upper levels -- is outside of the beam field that will hold it. So, the more and more and more that your gravitational pull is lowered, the more obvious -- sorry, the more obvious it's gonna be notable, you see.

Dmitriy 35:50
Will it go past the 33rd degree?

iON 35:54
Yeah, but you won't notice it. And the aliens won't care, and the Spam won't notice. So, it becomes a very nice non sequitur. But that's a good question. Not about amino acids, but it's still a good question.

Dmitriy 36:12
Well, does the Aurora Borealis contribute to the Iron Curtain on the 33rd degree?

iON 36:19
No, that's an outcome of the loss of the electromagnetism. The loss of electromagnetism. That's the only way you see it. See, 'cause it's brindle, it's brindle, of the North. Northern Lights, they call them.

Madeleine 36:42
I don't understand the Iron Curtain. And I don't want to pretend that I do.

iON 36:48
That's good, darlin'. That's good, darlin'. That's fine. Okay, what they did is they created like this forcefield. They had alien help because they are God's chosen people, apparently, the Jew Jews. The Jew Jews, not the, not the Jew Jew Jews, but the Jew Jews. They have this "people who are not," this "chosen seed of Abraham," so, they had a little insight. Because Jesus saves, but the Jews invest, you see, so there's a little difference. All right. So, what they did is they created this thing that is charged from a particle accelerator that makes a curtain, a barrier over Israel, because Gaza had his real bad position of shooting bombs at 'em every time and everybody else from Hamas on to blow their ass up because they want the land that the land that Gaza said the Palestinians say that's theirs, the days of Jews, if they say is theirs, and then they're fighting and even havin' a little blow up, bust up, fuck up time and time and time again, to where they made this Curtain. We call it a dome 'cause in Hebrew, it actually translates close to both. It's a protection. It's like a veil is actually how it translates. And what it does is it's charged and then these bombs hit it, it busts and explodes above the dome or on the dome, to the point that it doesn't blow up Israel. And it's been effective for a whole lot of years.

Madeleine 38:23
And that's a technological invention.

iON 38:26
Anomaly. It's a technological anomaly. And so they have it and it's been working good, but even it's beginning to fail, so several bombs and rockets have gotten through it and caused some travail. And Israel ain't that big a place now. We're not talking about Los Angeles or Texas or something funny. You could walk across the motherfucker from the -- well, what is it where a rich man, they can't get a rich man through the "Eye of the Needle" at the West Gate? [chuckles] That's a gate, the "Eye of the Needle" that goes from there all the way to the other side. So, you can walk across it in a good day. Easy.

Madeleine 39:14
Okay, because I have been confusing the Iron -- oh, because you talked about the Iron Dome with the spaceships. And so I thought like they had to go out of Florida because they have to get out on under it. That is not the same as this Iron Curtain.

iON 39:32
That's correct. This is a separate one. This one is a separate one. And they, they do -

Madeleine 39:37
That's what I was thinking.

iON 39:37
- mock each other. That's right, darlin', but that's fine. It's an example. It's just like pornography. You have the genuine coitus, then you have the pornographic version of it.

Madeleine 39:48
The Iron Curtain is the porn version?

iON 39:49
Yeah. 'Cause otherwise now everybody can see it. They go, "People can do that? I've never seen that. It seems a bit alluring, but I've never seen that. Good gracious. That's a healthy-looking donkey." [laughs] So then what happens is you have a different conversation. "Say, wait a minute. This is a little bit crazy." So, you always have to have the counterfeit to prove that the supernal is available for the sublime. We've said that often. Right? Or correct? Or we don't want to lead the witness, we're just trying to answer the question. That actually is a good question. See, y'all, if she doesn't know something, she'll ask. And that asking brings up topical conditions that are very appropriate. Because what happens is they're like, "Oh, okay, I didn't know." There's nothing wrong with not knowing. Now sometimes we give stupid answers, but there are no stupid questions. And we will play because sometimes we can't go too far. But we go further than the average bear. Or as Bert would say, every single aspect has been laid out in the archives. There is nothing, nothing that hasn't been made available. Now, sometimes not clear 'cause there's secret stuff inside outside that nobody else can put together and do; they're still in the archive. It's there. If you can figure it out, it's there, every word, every ounce of it. And that's fun because you can never come back and say that we gave Bob and Carolyn special insight that no one else had. If y'all didn't take advantage of it, God love you. It's all good, it's up to you.

Madeleine 41:42
How did Jesus know how to change his body to Ascend before iON, or was...

iON 41:50
The two of them didn't. Two of them didn't. The last one did. Or vice versa. No, no, you're right, darlin', you're exactly right.

Madeleine 41:59
Where did he get the information?

iON 42:00
They didn't bother, the first -- they got it from the Temple. From the Temple of what you call the Temple Mount. 'Cause those three Temples with the three Jesuses, it's the last one that had to go. The other two were still kickin'; they didn't know to die. Nobody told them, they just Ascended. The third one was the expatriation of the heresy that had to layout that you had to die to get somewhere. That's the ridiculous part. So that now something has to be sacrificed for your "unbridled sin" and the recreation of creation. How do you recreate creation? It's already created, you can't recreate it. So if I'm not dead, I don't need saving. If I'm not dead, I don't need to come back alive. I don't need to be born again if I can be an immortal being in the first place. So that's where the church kind of borrowed a whole lot of Gaia tryin' to make points of order so they can collect stuff.

Madeleine 43:05
Is Ascension then just the undoing of, the undoing of the life? Because you said the first two "just Ascended" because that's natural?

iON 43:24
Yeah. Ascension is natural. You don't have to die. You don't have to go to the cross. You don't have to be put in a tomb. You don't have to walk on the Emmaus Road. Blah, blah, blah.

Madeleine 43:34
Yeah, but you said that the first two Jesuses just Ascended because they didn't know not to.

iON 43:40
Correct. Nobody told 'em. That's natural. That's normal. And when the devil was fuckin' with them, they said, "Fuck off devil I'm already God. I can't be more God than God. How do you be more God than God? God knows. I know. I know." The other one got tangled up in all this recreations for saying, oh, okay, you question you're this, you're that. And then, well, the apostles got it all fucked up, and then Peter was tryin' to get a blow job, and then Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Aquinas -- oh, yeah. Bob, was he one of the disciples, Thomas Aquinas? [laughs] Well, maybe not. Maybe not. We're being cheeky now.

Madeleine 44:28
The first two Jesuses didn't go to hell -- oh, my God, hell, death and the grave -

iON 44:35

Madeleine 44:35
- like the last one did?

iON 44:36
Purgatory. No, not at all. Didn't have to. They're still, they're still around.

Madeleine 44:40
Right. But are we doing that?

iON 44:42
If you want to.

Madeleine 44:46
Okay. So what's different for us? Like why do you have to explain all this stuff about amino acids to us?

iON 44:53
We don't. We don't.

Madeleine 44:55

iON 44:55
Probably not going to. Probably not going to either. It's alright, [indistinct]. We're giggy with it. You should note those words. Hey, Bert, what do you think about those words we just said? What did you think about the words we just said, Bert?

Bert 45:14
It's quite an alarm that iON's not going to explain amino acids to us. That's how I took it. That's -- you have not many times they say they're NOT gonna do something.

iON 45:27
Correct. And even after we brought it up like you brought it up, it's like we had the hugest, most biggest breakthrough of all, of all, of all, and everybody's here and everybody's there, and they're all here, and you spend all your time and all your energy and all your goodness tryin' to get one little glimpse of glory, and the one thing you should probably be askin' about that we would have answered would be, that'd be a good place. But makin' it like that, we're like, you're absolutely right, honey. No, we're good. You good? We're good. We good. Happy days.

Madeleine 45:58
So, okay, so I asked the wrong...

iON 46:02
Yeah, that's right.

Madeleine 46:03
So now I asked the wrong thing, but...

iON 46:03
So don't worry about it. You're fine. You're fine. We're gonna do that another time now when it'll be fresh 'cause we don't wanna make it feel like it's a leading thing, 'cause we never do that. We're not mean. Or no, no, no, no, no, no, this is what, this is what, this is what JW's mother would say: Now, we don't mean this bad, but we mean it! [laughs] That's her famous line. We don't mean this bad, but we mean it. [laughs] The point is, there's not much time to be dillydallying with it now. That's the error. If you get it, you get it. Come on, let's go. If you need help, ask. If you don't know -- you're good at that, and that's beautiful. Now look here, honey, let me tell you a little some'um about you. You, personally. You come such a long way. You've been relatively obedient. You have questions if you don't get something. But that doesn't stop you. You say, "Hey, I'm fucked up. I need to get unfucked. How do I get unfucked? Well, I thought it was fucking like this." No, no, it's fuckin' like that. See, you're good about the point of just saying here we go. I'm here where I am. Let's go. Whatcha wanna do?

Madeleine 47:15
Well, yeah, how do I get unfucked? That's [indistinct] I wanna know.

iON 47:18
Sure. Sure, sure, sure. That's exactly right. And we would say you're doing a lot of things way better than you used to. 'Cause used to, you'd take your entire time to fight with NonPhysical about what you were tryin' to -- what Qanon thought about what Trump thought about what the Kennedy assassination really meant. You eased off of, [laughs] you eased off of all that and gotten to what the important part is, and that's very correct. Good. Very, very good. [pause] Anybody got any -- all right now, we're gonna have to do Bob, he's going to do the "Finnegans Wake," so we're not gonna drag around cuz we've got things to do. Get yourself ready. Figure out, figure out what you're gonna do, how you're gonna do it. You want the pages yet? It's a few minutes till, so y'all can ask some more questions. But we don't want Bob to start at 7:30 and think something's gonna go longer than that cuz it ain't. Promise you that. Things to do when you're dead. Heh-heh-heh.

Madeleine 48:27
So, we're ending in one hour? No, an hour and 15?

iON 48:32
Yes. That's what it always is.

Dmitriy 48:37
Say, iON, when you say brindle, does brindle refer to the consistency of the Iron Curtain?

iON 48:46
Lately. What does brindle mean? Like if you have mellitus and brindle mellitus. What does that mean?

Dmitriy 48:56
I'll Google it.

iON 49:03
Then look at a, then look at it this way. If you're gonna do it that way, call it brittle. Call it brittle. But we added to a brindle because that's how it actually applies. Do you remember Jeff Goldberg and the brindle fly? Where he got half fly and half man in the thing. That's brindle. That's the Goldbloom thing. Well, brittle mellitus is where it changes instantly; meaning, it goes high and then it goes low, or goes low when it should be going high, or it goes -- you're at 150 then you're at 30 just like that. Brittle, it's easy to break, it's easy to shift. Brindle is that coefficient of that shifting position that is not stable. That's what's happening to Israel's Iron -- what'd you call it Eira? Iron wall or Iron Curtain or...

Phil 50:06

iON 50:05
Ironing -- oh, it's an ironing board. It's an ironing board. Yeah, that's what it is. [laughs] It's an ironing board. Well, it's breaking down; it needs a new pad on it, and they can't put another one on it. So, it's gonna be interesting. But this, but what this does is it puts in play the Temple Mount. Because there's going to be a new temple built, and that's gonna be the end. Now, the scriptures the heretics, say no no, no, there ain't gonna be a temple thing. It's the human body, the human body is gonna come into a place of power, yada, yaddy, laddy, doddy, buddy. It's like -- mmm, both apply. Both.

Eira 50:34
And that new construction, is that happening before going to Andromeda or at Andromeda?

iON 51:00
We'll see.

Eira 51:02
We'll see.

iON 51:02
We'll see. We'll see.

Madeleine 51:02
Is JW gonna build it?

Eira 51:05
[indistinct] Solomon's Temple.

iON 51:10
He's a little busy. He's a little busy, but if Bob wants it, yeah, he'll do it. He don't mind. He's got a few irons in the fire, pardon the pun. [chuckles] But it's all good.

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