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Bob 29:37
... You know, thinking that way, that's a normal -- there's a million books and movies on that. But what if the aliens show up and they implement something? iON does say there's gonna be FEMA "cramps." You know, a lot of people are gonna be put into camps.

Richard 29:59
Yeah, but there's a lot of aliens, apparently, Bob. You know, [indistinct]...

Bob 30:04
No, not the ones that are dealing with us. Have you listened to our scenarios? We've talked a lot about it.

Richard 30:13
Yeah, yeah. Look, I've been listening to you for 13 years.

Bob 30:19
Yeah. Okay. Who is -- tell me the four kinds of aliens.

Richard 30:25
Well, this is what I don't really understand is that you have the A1, A -- B2, C-3PO. [chuckles]

Bob 30:34
No. A1, A2, B1, B2.

Richard 30:38
Yeah, A1...

Bob 30:40
What's A1?

Richard 30:47
Well, that's what I don't really understand. Is because...

Bob 30:50
Well, you haven't listened to it enough. You just have to -- we say it all the time. You don't listen to the archives enough to get it in your head. You don't know what A1 is. Chad knows what it is. What's A1, Chad? Or Kate? What's A1?

Richard 30:50
The Pentagon aliens? Is that's the ones you're talking about? A1?

Bob 31:17
No. See, you don't know. You should have -- where's Kate? Is Kate gonna say anything?

Richard 31:24
Bob, I just didn't remember, that's all.

Bob 31:27
No, you should know it. You should memorize it.

Richard 31:32
That's true.

Bob 31:33
That's how we organize what we say. You tryin' to say something Kate? Somebody's trying to talk there. Some anonymous person.

Richard 31:50
Well, here's what I don't get about the aliens. Remember, he was talking about the tunnels underneath the Capitol and how they had to flood them out. And he's sitting there, iON's talking about that the US military...

Bob 32:12
No, you got it all confused. A1 is the aliens in the hollow Earth, have been there for fucking millions of years. And they don't interact with us. Okay? That's A1.

Richard 32:23
Okay. Yep.

Bob 32:26
Then these aliens came over in the 20s and 30s through Nazi Germany, came over to America, and they've been here since the 40s and they've been running the Pentagon quietly. They don't need to interact. They didn't need to interact with humans all this last 70, 80 years. And they create a lot of our digital technology, which Philip Corso wrote about in the book in 1993. He was an insider, and it's not that inaccurate what he's saying. Nobody believed it at the time.

Richard 33:04
So that's the A2. Is that the A2 then?

Bob 33:06
That is A2.

Richard 33:06

Bob 33:08
Yeah, they're in the Pentagon. And if you look at the list of employees -

Richard 33:11
[indistinct], Pentagon...

Bob 33:12
- in the, in the Pen -- listen, Richard. If you look at the list of employees in the Pentagon, you'll see there's a lot of people retiring in the 50s in their 50s or early 60s. And you'll see a whole bunch of guys are there, still there, and they're in their 90s, and they're not retiring, which is probably illegal. Because you know, you're in the government and the military and they get rid of you at a certain early point. Those guys that are listed, men or women, in their 90s are the aliens, and they kicked all the humans out of Washington DC. So there's nobody there but them. And that's why it's shut down and no business is done there. No human business. Meanwhile,

Richard 33:54
Okay, who were the aliens -- can I, can I interject? Who were the aliens -

Bob 34:01
A1s -

Richard 34:01
- who were the aliens -

Bob 34:04
- A1s down in the earth.

Richard 34:08
- that were in the tunnels? In the tunnels.

Bob 34:05
A2 is -- listen to this, it's real simple. A2 came here, they heard Hitler on the radio. So they came here because they were interested in this Hitler phenomenon. Okay?

Richard 34:14
Okay. Yep.

Bob 34:15
So, they did that, and now they're running America on the military level.

Richard 34:23
Right. It's the A2s.

Bob 34:23
But you know what B1 is? B1 is not an alien, it's the Tech Body. And the A2 aliens -- the pentagon aliens -- use, manipulate or infiltrate or work with the Tech Body. So they run a lot of the information society, if not all of it. Okay? That's B1.

Richard 34:25

Bob 34:26
B2 is the aliens coming out of the Eastern Gate, wherever that is up there in the sky somewheres, and they're the ones predicted in the Bible. They're huge, they're giants, and they're gonna be in ships that are 26-miles wide, and they're gonna deposit over 22 cities around the world and just sit there. And they're gonna say, we only want to talk to one person, Mr. Bob Dobbs, [Richard chuckles] JR, Bob Dobbs. And at that point, I have a certain authority. Okay? Because everybody's saying, well, these aliens can kill us instantly, we better fuck up to Bob if we want to stay around. So, I don't know any more about it after that. So you got A1 in the earth, you got A2 in the Pentagon, you got B1 is the Tech Body with the A2 exploiting it. And then B2 are the ones coming, and the Pentagon aliens are scared shitless of them. And all their actions are trying to coordinate how they're gonna defend themselves when these guys come. So they floated the balloons over America to study movements and try to hypothetically think of the movements of these invading guys, and use the balloon maneuvers to figure out something offensively. So that's where we're at now. And we're waiting for the super aliens to arrive, and iON says it's gonna happen any day. And I went out to the wall across from my home 500 times to meet with them.

Richard 36:25
Yeah, yeah, remember that.

Bob 36:28
You know that. And then on February 21st, I was supposed to --that actually was the date, and they didn't show up. But then a few hours later, we told JW they didn't come, he said, well, wait a minute. You're sitting here with me in New Zealand. And there was a Bob there with him. And he thought it was me.

Richard 36:44
That's right.

Bob 36:45
But I'm not going into any more of that, you know that story.

Richard 36:49
Yeah, yeah.

Bob 36:50
So that's the aliens. Anybody else -- there's other aliens out there -- they're minor. They're not involved with this drama between the Eastern Gaters and the Pentagon aliens. So all the Ukrainian war, everything that's goin' on is a big distraction from lookin' at the Pentagon aliens and what they're doing.

Richard 37:20
Yeah, I know, that was...

Bob 37:20
And iON said that when they kicked the American, the Pentagon humans out of Washington DC, they had a battle and a thousand humans died and not one alien died. See, these Pentagon aliens are unbeatable.

Richard 37:36
Exactly. That's, that's what I was asking. That was what I was referring to was, you know, that the thousand humans died in, you know, in the underground tunnels, and then they flooded them.

Bob 37:52

Richard 37:53
I'm just wondering, I'm just wondering if water is a weakness for those, for the aliens.

Bob 37:59
Water is a weakness? Well, ask iON.

Richard 38:03
Yeah, well.

Bob 38:04
I don't know any of those answers unless iON told me. They didn't tell me anything about that. It doesn't sound real. I mean, regular UFO researchers know that some of the aliens live in the water, you know, in the oceans, but that might be the Hollow Earth aliens, not the Pentagon aliens.

Richard 38:23
Right. Then what's the dif...

Bob 38:25
Then there's the angels. And iON says many humans who interacted with aliens through the centuries and with angels, mixed them up. I think they're sort of the same.

Richard 38:41
Yeah, he always says what's the difference? So, yeah, that's what gets confusing sometimes, you know.

Kate 38:50
If Trudeau...

Bob 38:51
No, I straightened it out. You accept that you aren't gonna know it all; you know the basics. I laid it out, now you know. There's no more confusion.

Richard 39:01
No, and I thank you for that, Bob. It's great. You know, that was the most clearest explanation that's ever been said on your show.

Bob 39:12
[chuckles] Well, it was clear 'cause I've said so many times that I can do it with half my brain tied behind your back.

Richard 39:21
[chuckles] Yeah.

Kate 39:21

Bob 39:23

Kate 39:23
Which of the, which of the aliens does -- like Trudeau is an alien and Putin is an alien. Like, where did they fall in…

Bob 39:29
No, no, they're clones. They're clones. They're not aliens. They were killed by aliens, and they're replaced.

Kate 39:38
Oh, okay. So which aliens killed them?

Bob 39:43
Pentagon aliens.

Kate 39:44
Oh, okay.

Bob 39:45
They run the show here on the planet. They're in charge up to this point.

Richard 39:50
That's A2. A2.

Bob 39:52
That is A2, right. And they work with the Tech Body.

Kate 39:58

Bob 39:58
And they do all that information and all that gossip, "People Magazine" stuff, and everything other -- even sophisticated information. That's all not controlled by the Tech Body unless it is in some magical way, but it is monitored and massaged by the Tech Body and the Pentagon aliens. Like this hassling of Trump by Jack Smith, anybody looks into it, it's all illegal and stupid.

Richard 40:37

Bob 40:37
It's unconstitutional, but it serves as a great distraction from the Pentagon's problems with the coming aliens. And Trump knows all this. Last time JW met with Trump six months ago or something, he came back to me and he said Trump knows everything. He knows all our stuff, what we're doing, what we say. He had met with Trump many times, but I guess Trump told him a lot of stuff that JW didn't know that he knew. So that's why iON describes...

Richard 41:19
That's interesting.

Bob 41:20
Yeah, that Trump is not at all the way he's shown in the media. Most times, there's doubles that you're seeing. Trump is operating as a General, I guess negotiating himself between the present Pentagon aliens and the coming aliens. And he'll go with whatever we go with 'cause he knows we're more aligned to the future than he is.

Richard 41:49
Wow. You wouldn't be able to tell that just by, you know, watching everyday media.

Bob 41:57
Well, that's not him.

Richard 41:59
Yeah, well, that's what I'm saying.

Bob 42:02
Yeah, you wouldn't be able to tell what's goin' on. Right. And that's when you're not meant to know what's goin' on. You're just meant to be confused.

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