Saturday, March 18, 2023

Bob’s Private Session Transcript, 26 January 2023


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 0:01
Since iON, NonPhysical, has never spoken to humanity other than in Tartaria verbally like this, and I don't think it was true when it was Tartaira,

iON 0:11
So, audibly. Audibly.

Bob 0:13
Yeah. So, audibly.

iON 0:14
'Cause otherwise, you can put thought, you can put things in people's head. But see, that's what happens when people get a notion. Well, where do you get a notion from? Some'um puts it in ya to get kind of a notion.

Bob 0:25
I understand that.

iON 0:25
So, that's occurred.

Bob 0:27
But for what JW's going -- no human has done, is doing, what JW does, having NonPhysical come through and NonPhysical speaking audibly to me, Carolyn and everybody.

iON 0:38

Bob 0:39
That's unique for (inaudible)

iON 0:41
Not only speaking, not only speaking but directing. Directing.

Bob 0:46

iON 0:46
It's directing, 'cause that's, that's huge, much more huge there.

Bob 0:51
All right.

iON 0:52
'Cause that's where you get, that's where you get your insight from.

Bob 0:54
Yeah, you direct people with thoughts or you direct their behavior where they walk?

iON 1:00
Where they see. Where they, where they look.

Bob 1:03
What they see.

iON 1:04
What's gonna happen.

Bob 1:04
What they notice. Okay, so did -- at Tartaria I think you spoke through the crowd or was it not through a human.

iON 1:13
Yeah. Correct.

Bob 1:15
Some other way.

iON 1:17
Well, back in

Bob 1:17
Oh, it was like ionic! It was like Ionia.

iON 1:19

Bob 1:20
With Essenes.

iON 1:20
Yes. Yeah. Yes, that's right. And there, you can have statues could talk. Statues can talk now. People look at artwork, and you know it's like, it's like, who worships all these idols? But statues can speak. You know?

Bob 1:33

iON 1:34
'Cause you people look at artwork and they say, "that speaks to me." [chuckles] 'Cause it does!

Bob 1:38
That's right. That's right. Yeah, no, I get that. So, are you saying in Ionia, the legend of Ionia in the Greek, the Asian Minor area where that was, the Greek culture of Macedonians, they interacted with that. Is that not accurate? It actually was up in Tartaria, or that was part of Tartaria and that's the one thing that everybody remembers.

iON 2:01
That was part of Tartaira. And that was the only thing that got passed down. And they were trying to make it into the thing. There was some

Bob 2:07
No, wait. I'm just saying it didn't begin. Is the Tartaria fact what happened at -- it didn't happen at the temple of Apollo, or it did, but it was part of the Tartaria experience.

iON 2:18
It did. It did. It was. It is and it was, that's right. And that's where all that medieval stuff -- no, no, that's the wrong word. Mythology comes from.

Bob 2:20

iON 2:22
That's where all that comes - it had to come from somewhere.

Bob 2:31
Yeah, that's all the residue of the phenomenal point that NonPhysical communicated with humans. That's what that's a register of.

iON 2:37
Correct. And so much so that the layer, the layering is such a huge thing. The layering is so odd or so shifting, that you build worlds on top of worlds. Like, here's the example. They're diggin' down, and you have a -- they're under excavating dirt from around the building or something, and they find that there's a, that that building is built on another building that got covered up -

Bob 2:48

iON 3:05
- what they call the mud flood. That layered experience.

Bob 3:08
What do they call it? You blipped out. They call it a budge what?

iON 3:11
Mud. Mud flood.

Bob 3:14

iON 3:14
A mud flood. That's what's ya gonna have in California, too. That's why you're seein' that; that's being set up. See, all the extractions that have to be done. JW doesn't know this. He gets bits and pieces, and it's a little overwhelming 'cause he's afraid he's gonna have to buy bulldozers to pull all this dirt and stuff out of these tunnels. Okay? He sees it as a problem, but it's not a problem and he's not gonna have to do nothin' about it, it will get straightened out. But the shifting poles are shifting hard. The rods have pierced the core. So, don't be surprised if all your magnetism is startin' to be wanky in the first days. It'll be wanky.

Bob 3:17
Yeah. Can we say that part?

iON 3:32
And the sun's gonna start -- yes, you can. You can. And that's gonna be an explanation of why people's stuff ain't working or overworking or too much working, or, you know, everything that has been

Bob 3:32
On and off. Turning on and off.

iON 3:43
Yeah. On and off or louder. Or it'll be really loud, and you can't hear it. Or it'll be really, really soft and it's like it's blowing your head off. Too much. It's very odd the way your response is.

Bob 4:18
Who would perceive it as soft? If I'm perceiving it as super loud, who's perceiving it as soft?

iON 4:30
You will in a second. It'll shift that quick.

Bob 4:34

iON 4:34
And you'll think something's turning it up or down and they're not. It's you know, you see? And then you're gonna say, "Well, gosh, I'm glad I'm a Luddite. I don't have to be bothered with all these problems you people have." [laughs] So, that'll be to your advantage, of course.

Bob 4:49
What did you say? Who -- somebody, a human, -

iON 4:51
That'll be to your advantage.

Bob 4:51
- will say I'm glad I don't have these problems. Who's gonna say that?

iON 4:54
No, you would say that. You would say that. 'Cause you aren't, you're not gonna be exposed to all that 'cause you don't get involved in it. You'll never get lost in Twitter. You'll never get lost in the facial book.

Bob 5:05

iON 5:06
You know, it's a nothing thing. It's a nothing thing. So, you're not gonna live your life by it, and that's the thing. Now see, that's -- Carolyn did that years ago with medicine and homeopathy and the study of that. That's her whole life. I mean, she her world revolves around that. You would never embrace anything like that long. You'd be, "I'm done with that. Let's do something else. No, that's no." And you talk about things. The things you talk about are all the same but in different levels or arenas. And you had a conversation

Bob 5:37
No, but different people.

iON 5:38
Well, and your response was, your relationship with a Joe Dunn Sloan was very different than -

Bob 5:45

iON 5:45
- Bob Carr. Bob Carr.

Bob 5:47
Okay. Yeah.

iON 5:49
Very different. Very different. But you can talk to both of them about whatever they wanted to talk about, but you're not bound to that. It's not like, "Oh, I'm only talking about medicine. No, nothing else can be spoke about." You see? So, and even like, even controlling NonPhysical which is quite a feat. You gotta know that.

Bob 6:05

iON 6:05
You need to know that. But even that, even that or to even have the, have the unmitigated gall to actually try to control what NonPhysical is able to say! [laughs]

Bob 6:22
[chuckles] That's right, we have morals here. We have grammar.

iON 6:27
Yeah. Oh, yeah. We're gonna, we're doing good. We're gonna introduce NonPhysical to verbs next. We're gonna have some verbs. [laughs]

Bob 6:35
Yeah, no dangling participles.

iON 6:38
Yeah, well, that's true but things, things do happen though, they do happen. But that, that process is just that. And what happens is it becomes, you get more comfortable in your place of power, so we have less power. And that's good cuz we don't need power. We don't need power.

Bob 6:54

iON 6:54
But if we don't hold it, it's gonna go. If we don't hold it together, it's gonna go somewhere.

Bob 7:01
It goes somewheres else. So, it goes somewheres else.

iON 7:03
Right. Tech Body.

Bob 7:05
Yeah. Okay,

iON 7:05
But this -- all this world that you -- wait, let me finish. All this world that you're dealing with is not what you see. And it's worse than "The Matrix," the movie. It's worse than "The Matrix." [Bob chuckles] It's much worse. Because now everybody figured out and now everybody figured out in one fell swoop that they don't have to go to work anymore! Huh! [Bob chuckles] What do you mean? Well, I'm gettin' hungry. Well, the government will give me some money. They just made another couple of trillion dollars for Bob. And it's becoming it's almost kind of silly what you're looking at. People, like, well, now wait a minute. I don't understand. This doesn't make -- this is not logical at all. How do you shut something down and nobody's, nobody's in trouble?

Bob 7:51

iON 7:52
How do you stop the economy and nobody notices? Everybody says nah. So now we have, now we have this, we have unemployment, and you don't have a high unemployment rate 'cause nobody's lookin'! [Bob chuckles] They're not lookin' for a job. They don't want it. They're not -- "That's okay, I'll work it out. I'll get a stimulus of some sort, or somebody will give me some'um or I'll take pictures of my tootie, of my crooks and nannies, and put it on OnlyFans page and people will pay money to look at my pretty feet." You know, and it's just stupid. It's absolutely stupid, but that's what's happening! That's why everybody's so upset about TikTok 'cause TikTok is invading. This is a, this is the Permian Basin. What that means is is that it's gonna create a world, virtually, that you're gonna fall into and you're not gonna be able to get out of at all. And this is the -- look how easy it is to manipulate TikTok now. How easy it is.

Bob 8:45
Right. Okay, let me say this. So, when I, I don't get involved in anything, so I sit around and I talk to people.

iON 8:55

Bob 8:55
That's my main activity is sort of being around and encounter whoever I encounter or whatever situation, get to be talking to people. I don't make an effort.

iON 9:04
You mold, you mold. You mold your world based on what bounces off of other people. 'Cause you're not even tryin' to convince them.

Bob 9:14

iON 9:14
You'll tell them. You'll tell them. You'll say you need to take the product if you want to live, and if they do, they do. And if they don't, they don't. It's okay. But that's the rub. You present it.

Bob 9:24

iON 9:24
You present it and you say, "Okay, well the world is fixin' to end. Are you ready?" Well, that sounds like every religious preacher in the whole wide, in the whole universe. They keep saying it. And every day Jesus is coming back, but he ain't here yet. "What's the matter with your God? You need to get a better God. If you had a better God, we wouldn't have all this trouble, you see." That's the thing. And that's what you're, that's what is being permeated inside the humans.

Bob 9:50
Well, I don't do that. I don't do that. That might be perceived as that, but I don't do that.

iON 9:54
No, no, no. No, no, no, because 30 minutes later you'll change it. See, anything you create you immediately undo. So, nothing has, nothing sticks to you. Nothing sticks to you.

Bob 10:05

iON 10:05
And it's really crazy because it's like, well, what do you believe? I believe everything changes is what you'd say. I believe it is and then I believe it isn't. I don't have to worry about it. I'm never wrong. I'm only wrong half the time. [laughs]

Bob 10:19
[chuckles] So, I say that I'm always ready. And what I wait around, sit around and deal with is a serious conversation. It's always, it's all I do.

iON 10:27
Indeed. Indeed.

Bob 10:28
I don't do small talk. People used to say McLuhan didn't do small talk. I don't do -- I'll do small talk, but I don't -

iON 10:36
Phatic. Phatic communion.

Bob 10:37
- I can be ready for non-small talk.

iON 10:39
Yeah. Phatic communion. If it's much first, "Hi, how you doin'?" A phatic nod. You know, SMH, that's enough cuz none of that matters. Nobody cares how you feel. "How are you feeling today? Do you really care? No. Okay, then I'm good. You? Fine. You?"

Bob 10:56
Yeah, we don't need the niceties. We don't need the polite niceties.

iON 10:59

Bob 11:00
Let's just get serious about what could be talked about. That's all I do.

iON 11:04
Because what happens, what that does is now that, what it does is it opens up ways to their guts, but it also you can pick out of that. You go, "Oh, yeah? Is that right?" Let 'em tell you about it. That's how you gain a whole nother content.

Bob 11:20
January 17th to 18th, which is, you know, a little over a week ago, going from the 17th into I guess Wednesday morning, I definitely saw in the sky over the east a ridiculous cluster of lights.

iON 11:36

Bob 11:37
And I mentioned it to JW and he said, well, that's because you could see lights that were there, stars over there, but they're always too invisible, but you're seeing them. But they were too clustered. It was an odd cluster. Would that have been alien ships?

iON 11:51
Correct. Yeah. They call them stargazers. But you gotta realize some of those vehicles are like 26 miles across.

Bob 11:58
Wow. They're huge out there.

iON 12:00
They're huge so it would look -- yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, think about that. Think about miles, -

Bob 12:05
So, why would they

iON 12:06
- and how many football fields that would be.

Bob 12:08
Right. Why are they a cluster that night? Were they doing the eastern

iON 12:11
Well, there's a bunch of them.

Bob 12:13
Right. Were they lookin at me?

iON 12:16
Not you. They were trying to see if it was time to take over. See, you gotta realize the aliens still think they're gonna come to take over the whole earth. So, they're gettin' ready.

Bob 12:26
Yeah. A lot of them don't know about Bob's intervention? They don't know about it?

iON 12:29
No. No, no, they know something or they'd already had, would have already invaded. They know there's something buffeting them. Buffeting them. And it is.

Bob 12:41
Oh, okay. So, I saw them, the way they're gonna come out of the Eastern Gate, a whole cluster of them. A lot of them. That's how I visualize it, but I saw a little rehearsal of that. They kinda came close as their little armada -

iON 12:54

Bob 12:55
- and looked and said, "Do you see anything? Nah, we'll hold it. We ain't comin', we're gonna stop." Okay. Well, that's [inaudible]

iON 13:01
And you're gonna get -- and that's, and that's gonna increase. That's gonna increase cuz it's a wonder. You've surprised yourself, Bob, that all this is coming true. [laughs]

Bob 13:13
Yeah, yeah.

iON 13:13
You surprised yourself. You knew you were powerful, but you didn't know you were THIS powerful.

Bob 13:18
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I would say that's pretty, that's true. But I'm not too surprised. [chuckles] I'm not emotionally surprised. I don't feel surprised.

iON 13:30

Bob 13:30
I just say well, well, we never knew 10 years ago when we started with iON that this is what, this is where we'd end up talking this way. We never saw that coming. Right?

iON 13:44
Correct. That's correct.

Bob 13:44

iON 13:45
Because you're gonna, you thought you were gonna have to end up with the, the woman, Seth, Jane Roberts. And she's gonna be laying on a bed in lingerie at the end of a bed with a cassette recorder [chuckles] with Jane Roberts.

Bob 14:01
Right. Okay, so I think basically the star cluster... a little cat ran across in front of me last night. That's nothing, just a

iON 14:13

Bob 14:15
Oh, now I remember. Okay. So, I don't see anybody 'cause I'm in the fifth gate. Never see a human except for the postal car and alien people pretending they're human. But when I walk to the far end, I go to the left, the short end. Then I go back, and I go all the way to the other end. Then I come back and stand in front of my house and the wall and do the exercise. But when I go to the other end, the gay boys are at the end of that line, their house. And one of them is the head of the board here. And I always see across the -- there's a little valley, a golf course that I go down and walk through in the afternoon. But at night, you know, it's dark, but it's like a little valley, a long stretch of golf course and a bunch of houses on the other side. There's always several lights on in those two houses that I see directly. And occasionally I see once every couple months I'll see a person walk around in one of the houses; the one that has the lights on a lot. How come I see another person? Are they not in the fifth gate over there?

iON 15:18
They're, they're not there. You're just seeing them there. It's the multiverse that's split. That's the split.

Bob 15:25
What? Like when I see people around here in the daytime, they're not there, but I see them as if they're there.

iON 15:31
Mostly. Mostly. Yeah, you acknowledge them.

Bob 15:34

iON 15:35
But you don't eat with them, you don't talk to them, and you don't, you don't engage. So, I mean, they don't, you know, who knows?

Bob 15:43
Yeah. And I don't feel maybe a normal human compunction of, well, I'm being a little too antisocial. Maybe I should pretend to talk to them a little bit. I don't even do that, and I don't care. I'm very indifferent because down deep, I know it's not real.

iON 15:56
Right. And it'd just be, just a waste of your time 'cause they're gonna be phatic chatter and they'll just end up talkin' about Carolyn. And we talk about Carolyn all the time, don't we, Bob? [laughs]

Bob 16:05
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's right. I avoid everybody. "Ah, you're just gonna talk about Carolyn, come on. Yeah, I know she did something. She got a medical degree. She's just awesome, she's adorable. Yeah. Fuck that. Look I've got an important mission, and you won't even talk about it." Okay. So, I'm making up those -- that's why I only see them occasionally. I'm making up those people across the way in the middle of night in that house. Okay, because that is the

iON 16:35
They're there, they're there in that house, but that house isn't there. That house is not there. You're seeing what's left of it.

Bob 16:43
Right. And, and that is the -- how far towards the area where JW is gonna buy a house down at McKenna Beach is fifth gate? And after it.

iON 16:55
Yes. It moves. It's a bubble that moves. And see, he won't need the fifth gate coverage. He won't need the fifth gate coverage. He won't need it or require it.

Bob 17:03
Okay. All right. Well, will he see the bad Maui then?

iON 17:06
Yeah, probably will. [a ding sounds] That's why he wants to get close to the beach. It's our Dr. Dean!

Carolyn 17:12
No, it's not! [Bob chuckles] It's not Dean, it's an interloper. Interloper! Catch me. Catch me!

Bob 17:19
Carolyn's trying to be Bob. Carolyn likes to be, she would love to be Bob, be an interloper, but she can't do it. She'd be captured every place. [chuckles]

iON 17:28
[chuckles] Somebody's gotta, somebody's gotta feed you. If she copied you, you'd never have anything to eat.

Bob 17:35
So, okay. So, the fifth gate is like a bubble, a dome that moves around this part of Maui.

iON 17:41

Bob 17:42
I see. Oh, okay. So,

iON 17:45
Have you noticed how when Carolyn's walking, when Carolyn's doing her walk how things are, they're not there. They get out of the way or they it's like it's a rolling thing. It's always the thing. It's almost like

Bob 17:56
People? People aren't there?

iON 17:58
Correct. Very rarely you see somebody. The exception not the rule.

Bob 18:04

iON 18:04
When she stomps down hell hill.

Bob 18:07
Can you say how many miles across is the bubble dome of the fifth gate?

iON 18:12
It varies. It varies.

Bob 18:14
Oh, it varies. Okay.

iON 18:14
It depends on what it needs. Sometimes there's nothin' so it needs less. It takes energy, so

Bob 18:22
What did you say about energy? What did you say about energy?

iON 18:24
It takes, it takes energy.

Bob 18:28
Okay. It takes energy to move it around.

iON 18:32

Bob 18:35
Okay, so I've think I've done -- okay, here's an interesting

iON 18:40

Bob 18:40
The Washington mayor, a woman, got mad because there's not enough workers working in the city during the day and therefore buying lunches and restaurants and consuming if they were there. And so the city is losing money. So, she's demanding companies to send their workers back to the office buildings in Washington DC. Now, that can't happen. That can't happen.

iON 19:04
No. And Muriel Bowser had another problem. The aliens are gaining more traction. You walkin' in Washington, DC, and there's nobody there. They're about to close it on off. Seaming it up. She's gonna be the mayor of nothing. Now, you realize that as the mayor of Washington, DC, she's almost the equivalent of a governor 'cause it's its own state -

Bob 19:28
Yeah. Right.

iON 19:30
- or district. So, that's her place of power.

Bob 19:34
Right. Now, she's a human. She's not an alien pretending to be a human.

iON 19:39
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

Bob 19:41
Well, why wouldn't she be replaced if the Pentagon aliens are kicking everybody out?

iON 19:46
Well, we don't care. It's all, this is all "The Matrix" show; this is the show. They have to have something to notice that there's nobody in DC.

Bob 19:55
So, the mayor

iON 19:56
Meanwhile, if you look at pictures, look at pictures of the Capitol. It looks like they're building a wall around it out of paper mache. [Bob chuckles] The whole thing's blowed out now. And you look at the building and it's like it's something from the 1600s it's so rotten. You know, decayed like the ruins in Greece.

Bob 20:16
The Washington buildings look like they're decaying or appeared decayed.

iON 20:21

Bob 20:22
So, does she understand the aliens took over the Pentagon?

iON 20:27
Sure. Well, that's why, well, Bob, everything around that she's responsible for that. She's, she's in charge of that. DC police takes care of all that; they police stuff. And nobody's there. That's what she's complaining about. Where is everybody? [Bob laughs] What the hell? I'm the governor of, I'm the governor of nothing! What's goin' on here? Somebody's gotta pay my salary.

Bob 20:50
[chuckles] And see doesn't know it's never -- what did you say? Who pays your salary?

iON 20:53
Somebody's gonna get in here to go to work to pay my salary. I need my money.

Bob 20:59
[chuckles] Okay, so she has never been briefed that aliens took over the Pentagon.

iON 21:04
Well, maybe, but she doesn't accept it. She's like, "Oh, okay. Yeah, right. And Monty Python's gonna become president. That's right. Monty Python's gonna become president. That'll be good."

Bob 21:16
{chuckles] Okay, so that reminds me when I brought up talking about my interaction with -- oh, yeah, we didn't complete the thought. My interaction is if there's a celebrity, from Zappa to Monty Python, Alan Ginsberg, I meet them. I apply my media ecology, which is, "Hey buddy, you're famous, but you're just content for the media. Why don't you back off, drop off, and stop being famous for a while." McLuhan used to, he told me once that he did drop off, he would do that. Drop off and be a nobody and stop performing as a cultural figure. And if you don't, you're gonna be killed. Is that the challenge I was presenting to them?

iON 21:55
In essence. In essence.

Bob 21:59
So, because the ones that are lucky like the Monty Python gang, they got away 'cause maybe reality wanted them to perform some more, despite Bob's media ecological position.

iON 22:11

Bob 22:11
And so they got away and didn't die.

iON 22:14

Bob 22:15
Yeah. Okay. Let's, okay. All right. Jeffrey Epstein faked his death in prison in the New York prison.

iON 22:25
Eh, that's gonna get really, really, really hot in about two seconds. So, let's just clean it up a little bit. There was a body, but it wasn't his body. He's not there.

Bob 22:40
So, he arranged, he had the connections to escape.

iON 22:44
Yes, of course. He had to escape. And then that's the only way he could ever live. If he was alive, then everybody would be killin' him. 'Cause the people that he's got all the grits and grits and glory on, they would not understand. And then Ghislaine Maxwell now she's all of a sudden doin' okay. She's doin' all, she's doin' interviews from prison, and they're scared to death she's gonna lay it down and tell it all. Tell it all. She says it ain't like that. "It wasn't like that. You people are crazy."

Bob 23:16
Right. She said that, yeah, the headline was, she said it's not, something's not true. Some basic point about Epstein she said wasn't true, which sounded ridiculous, but she might be right. It's completely different from what people think.

iON 23:32
Could be. Could be.

Bob 23:33
Do you remember what she, do you remember what she said, Carolyn?

Carolyn 23:36
(in background) Yeah. He didn't commit suicide.

Bob 23:38
Oh, no, she says that he was murdered. But I think she said something else wasn't happening that everybody thought happened. Okay, whatever it was, she is, she is getting, she is threatening people.

Carolyn 23:50
(in background) The picture with Prince Andrew.

Bob 23:52
Oh, yeah, she said Prince Andrew

iON 23:53
Prince Andrew, it didn't happen.

Bob 23:56
Is that true?

iON 23:56
Ah ha. It is faked. But he did the deed, but not -- he didn't do it in that picture. That picture doesn't prove that he's intercoursing, but

Bob 24:07
So, who was out to get him and faked that picture and put it out there? Who was out to get him? The aliens?

iON 24:13
The Queen. The Queen.

Bob 24:14
The Queen. 'Cause the Queen wanted to get him back home and shut up.

iON 24:19
Right. And stop all this philandering. Stop all this philandering before he gets his, before he gets dick rot or some'um. She was scared he was gonna get dick rot.

Bob 24:29
Right. Is he totally frustrated 'cause he's locked away and wherever he is over there on their properties?

iON 24:35
He's in, he's in Sandringham now with his mama.

Bob 24:40
Right. And is he frustrated 'cause he can't go around and play out there in the world?

iON 24:46
Correct. Correct. Correct. And if he does too much, he'll be completely disheveled or defrocked apparently.

Bob 24:55
Yeah, he'll just get worse and lock him up.

iON 24:58
Right. They'll cut his money off and then that's it.

Bob 25:02
Okay, so was Epstein almost like a super James Bond, really, really good at what he did? He's like Hoover gathering information on everybody. He was, you know, a nuisance, but he was good at it. Would you agree?

iON 25:17
Well, yeah, good at it, but not that good at it, Bob. It's not like he just strolled in and said, oh, that'd be a real fun thing to do. He was always that driver for the control. And he couldn't control anything. You know, where did he come from? He had to lie to get a job when he was just started.

Bob 25:34

iON 25:34
And he was gonna lie. Then he pretended to be something that he wasn't, and then next thing you know, he figured out that he didn't have to have money, he just has to have stuff over people enough and they'll capitulate. And that's how it happens.

Bob 25:46
So, he built up his network.

iON 25:48
And that turned into "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" with dirty money.

Bob 25:53

iON 25:53
With dirty deeds. People will do dirty things for money.

Bob 25:57
Did he meet Robert Maxwell at some point in his life?

iON 26:01
Yes. Yes. That was the dig 'cause he had the money.

Bob 26:06
Yeah, Maxwell had the money, and Jeffrey learned about how he did things from Maxwell?

iON 26:14
No, he got money from Maxwell, and then it started. He was, he was an investor. That's where he met Ghislaine; she was younger. And that's how that all got hooked up to the parties. They'd go to the soirees, to the soiree, and then to the top of the echelon! Well, those people don't live in a right world, they may live in a deranged

Bob 26:33
What did you just say? It comes to the towers of echelon? What's that?

iON 26:36
The high echelon, the highest level of society, the parties that they would attend. Well, the Maxwells were who, how he got in those parties.

Bob 26:47
Right. Now, Robert Maxwell himself, did he become a powerful -- like a George Soros or somebody playing with all the different intelligence agencies?

iON 26:56
Nah, nah. Not like that. He just was, he was trying to control the media. He's with his books and what was published and what wasn't, what got -- anybody could write a book, but if it -- ask Carolyn, but if it ain't promoted, you just made a stack of tissue paper.

Bob 27:11

iON 27:12
Promoting. For the promotin' it is the book, not the writin' of the book. Writin' the book is easy; it falls out easy. It's gettin' it to where it

Bob 27:19
What did he, what did he get, think, he was getting from controlling the media?

iON 27:24
Access to control. Access to control. And when you have access to control, then you get access to the monies.

Bob 27:33
Okay, so in other words, you're gonna be a part of the cabal, you gotta to work your way up and you get into the cabal, and then you're part of control. And that's a small area, small number of people. And that was his ambition was to get to that level.

iON 27:48
That is correct.

Bob 27:50
And he didn't make it. He didn't make it.

iON 27:53
Correct. Correct.

Bob 27:55
He got, he got a tier or two below, but he didn't get to the goal. Okay. So, Epstein is hiding. Is he aware of us?

iON 28:05
Yes, of course he is.

Bob 28:08
So, when we play this -- oh, can we play this about what he's doing or you want to keep that?

iON 28:12
Sure. Play it. We don't care. You asked. We'd do it.

Bob 28:16
He can't do anything about it.

iON 28:18

Bob 28:20
Does it make him mad?

iON 28:22
Well, he's trying to figure it out, Bob. It's kind of a shocker 'cause he had this all but idyllic, perfect life.

Bob 28:30

iON 28:31
Now down to in this living in the shadows under the guise of a very bad plastic surgeon.

Bob 28:38
Oh, he had some, he had, he got his face changed. Where is he generally hanging out?

iON 28:46
We're not saying that. They'll kill him again.

Bob 28:50
Right. Okay. So, in that sense, you're fair and let him, he got this far, let him stay and don't expose him. Okay, so we did that. All right. You made an interesting statement; I think it was in the last private session. You said Hughes, Howard Hughes made his first contact with the aliens in 1926. And then later, you just said Nadine Henley. And I recognized the name, so I've looked in the book. Yeah, she's part of the elite that took over from Hughes Summa Corporation. Was she

iON 29:30
She was a secretary, but she was a secretary, but then she became much more powerful through the whole thing, obviously.

Bob 29:38
Yeah, with Robert Maheu, or these couple other executives. I think Mayheu got kicked out, but there's two other guys. So, she knew -- she wasn't around in 1926 to be there when the, when the UFO contact with Howard happened.

iON 29:56
Say that a different way.

Bob 29:58
Well, she's too, she would be, I don't think she's old enough to been there in 1926 to

iON 30:08

Bob 30:08
She wasn't.

iON 30:09
Yeah, no, you don't know how old she is. That's the way we said change the way you say it.

Bob 30:16
Is she an alien?

iON 30:20
She's very miscegenated.

Bob 30:23
Okay, so, she was on a path of destiny in her own life to bump into that 'cause she had the ability to do it because she had miscegenated background. Right? So, it made her eligible to

iON 30:35

Bob 30:37
Agreed. So, I looked up, I was looking up Admiral Byrd and he went to the North Pole in 1926. So, did he, did he trigger off the encounter with the aliens in '26 up in the North Pole?

iON 30:49
Yes. Yeah.

Bob 30:50
Wow. That's where it all started.

iON 30:54
That's right. Well, it was always looming. It was always looming, but that was the beginning. That was the trigger that caused it. Then they had to, then they had to turn around and say, "Wait a minute. You can't say there's an Antarctica! You can't say there's an ice wall! Take it out. Take it out. Take it out." How do you unwrite an encyclopedia, Bob? How do you unwrite an encyclopedia? Okay, we'll show you.

Bob 31:14
Right. [chuckles] Well, you get Robert Rothschild, he's the publisher. They get the publisher to do it.

iON 31:19
Oh, okay.

Bob 31:21
Yeah. But if he's not a control freak, then he's not gonna help you. Okay, so Byrd, we know that Admiral Byrd went and hung out with the Nazis in '38. You know, before the war started before America got involved, he went over there. That's because he was talking to them about the UFO networks that the Nazis were now in touch with. Correct?

iON 31:40
That's correct. That is correct.

Bob 31:43
Did he feel betrayed by the Nazis when WWII started and he was in America and gonna have to deal with a war situation? Did the Nazis betray him?

iON 31:53
Nah, lot of profit. No, there's a lot of profit in that. There's a lot of good -

Bob 31:57

iON 31:57
- that comes out of death and destruction, Bob.

Bob 32:01
What kind of destruction did you say?

iON 32:03
Death and destruction.

Bob 32:04
Death and destruction.

iON 32:07
Death solves a lot of problems for people; they don't have to worry anymore. Hehe.

Bob 32:12
Right. Okay, so that is a big explanation. I've hit onto the core how it began. And it was Byrd that did it. Was he shocked when he met them in the North Pole Arctic area in '26?

iON 32:25
Yeah. Yeah, and they kinda let him in, they kinda let him in. And it's almost like, all right, let's see. [Bob chuckles] You gotta realize there was a time that they didn't have vessels that could go down and stay in that water that cold that far. You know, you get down that far, well, how you gonna get back? You got, you got oars? You got slaves rowin' the boat? Doesn't work like that.

Bob 32:48
Okay, humans didn't have it is what you're saying?

iON 32:50
Correct. Correct.

Bob 32:52
So, Byrd got the technology to get there and overcome those problems. And the aliens are sittin' there waitin' for him.

iON 33:00

Bob 33:00
But you said the aliens always wanted not to meddle. They'd do their thing, -

iON 33:05

Bob 33:05
- but we're not, you can deny that we exist, we don't care. We're not involved. Is that because they were waitin' for the Bob meeting, or they didn't even know about the Bob meeting, they just were doing what they're doing?

iON 33:18
Twofold. They know -- twofold. The first fold is that you're not, humans aren't the problem. Humans don't matter. Angels are a problem because they're poking the war; and the war in heaven is still going on. So, they were sitting back lettin' the angels solve it all out so they didn't have to get -- they don't care. They're like, you know, the Watchers on "Fringe," they didn't care. They just watched what, made sure everything went the way it was supposed to go so nothin' got undone or messed up or split or destroyed or eviscerated or changed the timeline, blah, blah, blah.

Bob 33:51

iON 33:51
Okay, so it's kinda like that, except for now it's come to a place where you gotta come on up into this position, so you got to Ascend. Otherwise, they're gonna to lose it too. 'Cause the angels, if the, if the war in heaven is not solved and settled, then they're all gonna be cast here in the earth and it's gonna be ugly. Angels are not nice.

Bob 34:13
Yeah, in the sentence, maybe when I read rehear it, I'll make it up, but you said, "da-da-da and Ascend." What was the sentence, the phrase that's before her and Ascend?

iON 34:20
The humans, humans have to hurry up and get on with this and Ascend -

Bob 34:23

iON 34:24
- and quelch all this conversation 'cause you're not gonna -- number one, if you don't, you're not gonna survive the journey. Number one. And number two, you're gonna become Spam. And they know that and they don't mind; they don't think anything about it. Their normal things.

Bob 34:38

iON 34:39
No problem.

Bob 34:39
And those, those aliens that Byrd met, they're not the aliens that are gonna come out of the Eastern Gate, the super powerful aliens.

iON 34:47
Correct. That is correct. That is correct.

Bob 34:51
Okay, so the aliens that met with Byrd in '26, they knew about the alien civilization that was in the earth, been there for millions of years. Did they talk to those aliens in the earth?

iON 35:06
Yes. Yes.

Bob 35:08
They communicate to each other. There's not a galactic federation or there is one?

iON 35:14
There's two.

Bob 35:16
Two of them. They're fighting? Like everything? There's always a fight?

iON 35:20

Bob 35:22
Okay, so the Pentagon aliens are one federation and then I call the super aliens coming out of the Eastern Gate, they're the other federation. Is that correct?

iON 35:32

Bob 35:34
Oh, okay. Certainly explains a lot. Bert will be amazed. He's always, says, "Fuck, Bob. I don't know if there's anything more to find out! We know everything now, Bob!"

iON 35:41
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep, yep, yep. And we decided just to go with it 'cause we were tryin' to keep it together and then it's like, why? The people, if they don't make it, then they'll know why they didn't. If they're not gonna get it, they need to know, see what they missed.

Bob 35:55

iON 35:55
'Cause we could spend a great deal of energy just breaking down the platform for how the Ark of the Covenant works.

Bob 36:03

iON 36:03
That's huge in and of itself. And once you start getting those positions in place then you can start matriculating. What? You can grow 200-pound radishes on the farm right there in Hawaii if you look at it right. Isn't that fun?

Bob 36:17
Yeah. Now, why don't you talk about the breakdown of the Ark? Ark of the Covenant.

iON 36:23
Well, we will but not today.

Bob 36:25
Oh, right. And is that spelled A-r-c or A-r-k? Ark of the Covenant.

iON 36:31
"K." A-r-k, Ark of the Covenant. But then it arcs, a-r-c, on all the wavelengths the way the power is handled. There is an arc in the Ark. There is an a-r-c in the A-r-k.

Bob 36:50
Right. Did you say it arcs on the wavelength, I think was the phrase.

iON 36:53
Correct. That's correct.

Bob 36:55
In the wavelength, on the wavelength. And so how do you spell Noah's Ark?

iON 37:01

Bob 37:03
Is it, so an ark is a boat. But the Ark of the Covenant is not a boat, it's a container.

iON 37:10
Yes it is. What's, okay, a boat's a container. A boat's a container.

Bob 37:15
Okay. All right.

iON 37:16
And the Ark, and the Ark, A-r-k, of the Covenant will float on water.

Bob 37:23

iON 37:23
You can't drown it. You can't submerge it no matter what you do.

Bob 37:27
And I think the iBlock can't -- it floats. Right?

iON 37:31

Bob 37:32
Yeah. So, things that have NonPhysical,

iON 37:35
That's why you have to, that's why you have to slice them and put them in the, in the compartment so that the water has pushed through it, pushed around it. So, that's why it, why it works like that.

Bob 37:47
Can we really release that information?

iON 37:50
Sure. Go ahead.

Bob 37:52
Yeah. So, a bit of the Non, we call the NonPhysical "other world energies or frequencies" like in the iBlock and Living Water. If there is that in something in this dimension, it'll float. Right?

iON 38:10
Agreed. Gravitation is not all it's cracked up to be.

Bob 38:15
I see. Yes, not subject to that. So, if you Ascend and bring other energies or activate what's latent in you and you got the NonPhysical, the Ascension energies in you, you can walk on water. That's why you can -

iON 38:30

Bob 38:30
- float on water.

iON 38:31
Of course. And then not to mention, there's not gonna be any more water. So, that's the rest of the story so it doesn't matter. It's a bit of -- the oxygen is what's wrong with this whole thing; it makes things finite; it rots things; it oxidizes things.

Bob 38:46

iON 38:46
It destroys stuff, so why would anybody want oxygen? Lord. That's the poison. It's worse than white sugar! [chuckles].

Bob 38:54
Right. So when oxygen disappears

iON 38:56
Carolyn giggled. Carolyn giggled. Carolyn giggled.

Bob 38:59
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's like saying, "Joke 22, Carolyn!"

iON 39:05
Joke 22, that's right. I told you first! I told you first!

Bob 39:09
Yeah, happy New Years.

Carolyn 39:11
I giggled. I giggled. I did. [iON laughs]

Bob 39:15
What did you say, Carolyn?

iON 39:18
She giggled.

Carolyn 39:19
I said I giggled. Giggled.

Bob 39:20
Yeah, so did I lose it? Why are we -- okay, so the floating [iON laughs] I distracted myself.

iON 39:31
Where are we? Where are we? Where, where? Where did I distract myself from? Admiral Byrd.

Bob 39:40
Yeah, we did that. No, there was somethin' there about the flow, the tech, NonPhysical

iON 39:45
The power. Power and the Ark.

Carolyn 39:47
That's why you can float on water.

iON 39:50

Bob 39:51
Yeah, I know that part. And I don't know where it's gonna lead. Did you say tower? "T" as in Tom, or "P" as in Peter? The tower, the power

iON 39:59
Power. Power. Power. Electric. Electric juice. The "Jews," it's the

Bob 40:04
"P" as in Peter. "P" as in Peter.

iON 40:09
No, Bob. "P" as in power, yes. Electric. It's electric! The Electric Slide.

Bob 40:15
Right. So,

iON 40:16
Bob can do that at CBGBs too.

Bob 40:18
So, one Jesus, the third Jesus, publicly walked on water. He had these Ascension energies in him, so it overcame gravity. He was not subject to gravity.

iON 40:33
Correct. And he was -- his daddy was an angel. So, there you go. There you go.

Bob 40:42
So, there are people whose parents are angels, and they don't know it. They don't know that they could walk on water.

iON 40:49
Correct. Correct.

Bob 40:51
Yeah. Okay. So

iON 40:54
Well, but they condition themselves. Okay? You can say that with anything. You can't run a, you can't, you can't have a, you can't run a four-minute mile till somebody did. See? Impossible. It's impossible.

Bob 41:09
Okay. Was Vannevar Bush an alien?

iON 41:13

Bob 41:15
Yeah, he was in charge of so much. So, did he arrive in

iON 41:19
That he couldn't control. That he couldn't control.

Bob 41:23
Well, he was an alien. Did he arrive in 1926 or was he already here?

iON 41:29
Already here. He's already here.

Bob 41:31
On behalf of the aliens that were met in 1926 he was here?

iON 41:35
Yeah, it was some of the Car... Well, we have to stay Carnegie [alternate pronunciation] now; the Carnegies. The Carnegies had a lot to do with that in the steel, the steel, the process of making iron and steel that could not be done. The forging process couldn't be done like that. They, they got that information. So, it's kinda over that process. Which, of course, then made the Carnegies stinkin' rich and made the Vanderbilts build a railroad and dahdee, dahdee, dahdee, dahdee, dah.

Bob 42:05
So, those rich like the Carnegies, I'll assume they're not complete aliens, but they either had some of the Nephilim in them, -

iON 42:12

Bob 42:12
- or they met, luckily met aliens, and worked with them a little bit.

iON 42:19
Yeah. The people that are really super, super, super rich, they're never born super, super rich. They're like somebody's a clodhopper, and then they fall into some of this next best thing. Somebody drops a grimoire in their lap and everything is like, wow, here we go.

Bob 42:38
Is it predestined, written before the foundations of the earth who gets the gift of alien helping somebody so they make a better product and become rich?

iON 42:47
No. No. No, no. 'Cause how many people, how many people have got it and then threw it away? Got it and then threw it away? If that was the truth, why would you get it in the first place if you're just gonna lose it?

Bob 43:00
Right. So, a lot of people who didn't deserve it and it wasn't predestined before the foundations of the earth, they got it and they blew it is what you're saying.

iON 43:07
Correct. And, and you've met a ton of very, very, very, very wealthy people. How many of them would you consider smart? [chuckles] Most of them are not very bright, actually, Bob.

Bob 43:18
Right. Yeah. They're actually dumbed down by their wealth.

iON 43:22

Bob 43:22
They get limited.

iON 43:24
They're so busy, they're so busy playing they don't have time to notice that they don't have to be smart. I mean, look at Elon Musk; he's like a joke. He's runnin' around doing stupid stuff. He got on there and said, "I changed my name to Mr. Tweet and Twitter won't let me change it back." [Bob, iON laugh] It's like good lord.

Bob 43:43
That happened to him?

iON 43:44
Yes, on his Facebook, that's his new name. He changed it to Mr. Tweet, and they won't let him change it back. He owns the damn thing completely, and they won't, he won't let himself change it back. Just silly stuff.

Bob 43:57
Okay. There's this man Lloyd Berkner, B-e-r-k-n-e-r. He was a young 21-year-old who went with Byrd to Antarctica. I don't think he went up to the Arctic in 1926, but he went to Antarctica whenever that happened a few years later; he ran the radio. But he was a young kid who got hooked into the Byrd world, and he would have found out about aliens down in Antarctica with Byrd. Correct?

iON 44:28
That is correct.

Bob 44:29
Yeah. So then he's in all the -- when the UFO flap starts happening in 1952 and they gotta have the report on it, he's on the committee. And he's on the committee of all kinds of things for the rest of his life. He's always there. Not that known. As a matter of fact, JFK was going to meet him at the World Trade Center the day he got shot, and he was gonna acknowledge something that Berkner did. So, Berkner was not an alien, but he knew a lot.

iON 45:00

Bob 45:01
Yeah, he was an understudy of Vannevar Bush like Donald Trump's Uncle, John Trump.

iON 45:09

Bob 45:09
So, did he compete with John Trump?

iON 45:14
Nah. Nah.

Bob 45:15
Was John Trump kind of dumb about it all and never realized that Bush was an alien and other aspects of him getting the Tesla archives and all that? Was he stupid about it or he was in the know?

iON 45:33
He knew just enough to be dangerous.

Bob 45:37
Right. So then he took advantage of that.

iON 45:40
Of course.

Bob 45:41
But not too, not too noisily. He just kept his comfort, his prestige position of being the understudy of Vannevar Bush. You know what I mean?

iON 45:52

Bob 45:52
He just took, did that. Did this mean that Donald Trump was destined to be President and a figure because of his uncle's involvement with Vannevar Bush?

iON 46:04

Bob 46:05
All right. And so that's why Trump would be, Donald Trump, be in the Bible. He was a figure of the "end times," so to speak.

iON 46:14

Bob 46:15
The end of time. Yeah. So that's why he's in there. Okay. All right. So, Lloyd Berkner, not an alien, not a Seraphim half alien. But why did he get the advantage of being with Byrd when he was 21? Was that predestined, written before the foundations of the earth?

iON 46:36
Yes. Yep, yep, yep.

Bob 46:38
Okay. Does Musk, Elon Musk, own Twitter?

iON 46:48
What is Twitter?

Bob 46:50
Yeah, I don't know. It's a technology.

iON 46:55
It's an AOL. It's an AOL. It's a machine that garners -- now, listen. Listen to your question. That may be the best question you've ever asked. It's a thing that doesn't -- no one owns or can can capture; you have to have another device to see it. You have to use another device to access it, and yet it's doing everything, lining you up for whatever you wanna see; good, bad, ugly, it doesn't know. It's almost like who owns heaven? Well, what's heaven? You gotta access it. So, your question is right because it's not anything. It's not like it's a Caterpillar tractor, you know, a bulldozer.

Bob 47:42
Yeah, not hardware.

iON 47:43
Not hardware. And it's really not even software because it drives the market!

Bob 47:52
That's right. Now listen to this.

iON 47:53
It stopped Donald J Trump from being President.

Bob 47:57
Right. So, I know this because I understood McLuhan eventually 50 years ago when McLuhan said the electric environment can't be bought, sold or stolen. It's just there and humans can't control it. That the radio was like that, television and Twitter is a later development of the electric fact. It can't be bought, sold or stolen, and we don't know what it is. We don't know what electric is.

iON 48:26
And that's right. And then where did he get the money? Where did he get the money to pay for it? And who did he pay? The shareholders? Oh, okay. [Bob laughs] I bought a piece of paper with a piece of paper that's gone down; and it's up and I lost money. I lost money with money I didn't have on pieces of paper that I didn't buy [Bob laughs] that I don't have now that I did have. But I liked it when I could control the sun, moon and the stars. I could control the Galaxy through Twitter. I could change what everybody saw about the Galaxy on Twitter. Boom. That'd be fun. That's what -- hey, that's what we ought to do. Yeah, that's what we ought to do. We ought to take it and fix it when you do your landslide press release. We should do it on TikTok and have it featured, have it featured on Dan Bongino, on Dan Bongino. [Bob chuckles] He'll be standin' there givin' the play by play of what's goin' on. And then do it on Twitter and it'll go crazy. And then Whoopi Goldberg, Karen and Joy will have to fight about it: "That didn't happen! That wasn't real. These people are terrible. Yes, there's aliens in my house! Don't you have aliens in your house? [Bob chuckles] Everybody does! C'mon now [indistinct] for Pete's sake. All these maddie mighty maga mene mommy mommy's whatever they are, they're just terrible! They come over now they've got the aliens on their side. We can't make it. That's it. I'm going to Manitoba. Movin' to Manitoba where everything is joy, peace and love." That's what they will do.

Bob 49:55
[chuckles] So, yeah, think of that, Carolyn. Nobody owns or controls -- well, do the aliens control Twitter in some way?

iON 50:06
They influence it.

Bob 50:08

iON 50:08
But they're peddling it. They're peddling it. Now. Here's the question: what has Elon Musk done to learn, to learn how to drop rockets on pads the size of your front porch? Ha! from Mars, or from space. And then shoot a rocket up -- you know when you were a kid you had the rubber band that you screw up, and you had a little thing that'd shoot the rocket up and you have to look for it forever. He can shoot it up, it never gets caught up in a tree, and he can land it right back wherever he wants to land it, just like it lands right ready to take off again. Just like that. Where does that technology come from? Where does that tech -- did Rosa Parks know this when she got on the bus? Or she might not have got on the bus if she'd had known that! [Bob chuckles] She had to consider this. You have to consider these things you see. Then how did they get the bus in the first place? Who owns the bus? That's hardware. [Bob chuckles] But now you see, now you see this, now this simple thing of a contraction caused the whole civil rights debacle.

Bob 51:14

iON 51:15
That there was a different place that you're supposed to ride on the bus: front to back or back to front or whatever. I don't know. We don't understand the concept. [Bob laughs] It's pretty interesting to see, but some'um to ponder. Some'um to ponder there, Bobby, I'll tell you that. Okay, so now, now, you bring that back in to say where did this person, not very smart Elon Musk, get all this stuff? The Tesla, the SpaceX, now he's a part of the -

Bob 51:44

iON 51:45
- part of the space -- the PayPal -- the space cadet -- well, Peter Thiel, he deserved that. Peter Thiel did deserve every bad thing he gets. Yeah, that's right. No question. That's right.

Bob 51:55
Did Thiel deserve to get PayPal? Is that what you're saying?

iON 51:57
No. Deserve to get, to lose out on whatever he's trying to do.

Bob 52:02
[chuckles] Oh, okay.

iON 52:02
He doesn't deserve credit. He's too -- he needs to, he needs to be more like you, Bob, and stop havin' all these damn opinions. They're not even good opinions! Just don't have an opinion and you can't have a wrong opinion. "I've ever had a thought. I can't have a bad thought, I've never had one. I don't know what a thought is!" [Bob chuckles] Then what happens is you structured this in such a way where you win every single time. And that's what the point is. That is the point, is to win every single time. If you do,

Bob 52:29
Well, you're saying Elon Musk structured his life to win every time.

iON 52:33
Yes, because he had a terrible -- his dad was awful, terrible, rotten. Despicable. Had a terrible life. "You had always had a wonderful life." No! He had a terrible life! And it was so bad that he made a deal to do anything he had to do to get what he got. What did he get? Where did it start? Hey, I know, let's start a business and let the government loan us $50 billion. And we're gonna make a car. We're gonna make a car run on a battery we haven't invented yet. [Bob laughs] So, we're gonna borrow $50 billion dollars. We're gonna borrow $50 billion dollars, and then we'll have a little car company! Won't that be fun? And then they do! And then it takes him years and years and years, and he finally builds one that only they only blow up sometimes. [Bob laughs] They only blow sometimes.

Bob 53:23
Okay, so he violated all parental wisdom, got badly abused, brought up all wrong according to normal bourgeois values, and that helped him become powerful, or at least create his own reality.

iON 53:38
Correct. He had nothin', he had nothin' to lose. See, the problem with the rich, the problem with the rich, they got too, they got too much to lose. He doesn't have a reputation. He doesn't have, he doesn't have a reputation.

Bob 53:53
Okay, but you implied years ago that the aliens helped this rocket business.

iON 53:58
Yeah, of course. And now here's the question. Here's the question. Here's the question. The question is, what did he do with the aliens to get that, gain that tactile, visceral place of power? What did he give up? What did he sacrifice? How could you ever with a straight face say that an African American owns Twitter?

Bob 54:19
[chuckles] So, let's see. So, he's sort of powerful so then the Pentagon aliens

iON 54:31
He supposedly, he supposedly controls the, the capacity to make things that are gonna make the world bigger and better and la-di-da-di-da-di-da-di fill in the blank. And so he doesn't have any of that. Matter of fact, Tesla's gone down and Twitter's goin' up, down, and they don't know what's up. He don't know where he's gonna get breakfast till next week or not. [Bob laughs] And he's thinking about, he's thinking about, he's thinking with all these -- he's got these kids strode to seventh heaven. I don't know how all that works out. He's got like seven or eight kids floatin' around all over the place. And we don't know. We don't know. We don't know. But then he turns around he said, I think I'll just buy facial book. That's a good idea. Let's just buy facial book. Because what's happening is is that making money to make money doesn't matter. He's just having fun. If you were, if you owned SpaceX, why in the hell would you wanna be stuck in, what, Twitter anyway? Because of the arc, the a-r-c of the Ark, A-r-k. What that means is is that machine is driven, actually controlled, by the Tech Body because they say these algorithms. But then you get Twitter's board and they said, "We don't have any algorithms; we don't know what an algorithm is! [Bob chuckles] We don't know! The thing does it itself! They don't like this; they do like that. I don't know. It's trending! Trending. We don't know how, we can't make people go to something to trend it." And they go, "Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? Ah huh." And so now what happens is that the meme becomes the message.

Bob 56:08
Right. And what's it mean if it's a message? That empowers the thing that's the message?

iON 56:14
Well, then Russia, if you do that, then you will -- half of America believes that Hunter Biden's laptop is Russian disinformation. [laughs]

Bob 56:22
[chuckles] That's the message, yeah.

iON 56:26
And then something changed. And then something changed, but they still believe it. Then something changed and then all of a sudden, oh, yeah, he's guilty as hell. Oh, Biden's guilty as hell. He was the Prince Charming, for Pete's sake. We don't care what you say as long as you don't quote Trump. Say anything you want to, just don't quote Trump.

Bob 56:45
[laughs] Okay. So, Ron Rosenbaum, he is on Twitter. And daily he's goin' after Trump and demanding Garland to put him in jail and all this stuff. And there's all kinds of people that have the same view as him. They think the vaccinations are good, they don't like the anti-vaxxers. They basically disagree with everything iON says, and that Trump deserves to go to jail and he's a creep and all this. The people that agree with Ron, why do they think that way? Are they -- they can't keep up with Dr. Malone's research or Naomi Wolf's research and shows all this new studies coming out in Europe showing that vaccines are bad? They can't keep up with it or

iON 57:24
All they'd have to do, they just can't listen to Charlie Ward! Maybe that's [laughs]

Bob 57:30
Yeah. They don't like Charlie Ward, okay.

iON 57:34
Now, here's the thing. Now, and then they start arguing with the science. 'Cause see, that's what they accused Trump of trying to mitigate the science.

Bob 57:44

iON 57:44
"Well, I am science," goddamit. "I am science. I do this." So, when you get to that position, pretty quickly what you find is, is that now all the pilots that had to get vaxxed in order to fly, now they're starting

Bob 57:58
Wait. You're a little birbly so we're losing a bit of accuracy.

iON 58:03
I don't know what to adjust.

Bob 58:05
Adjust that.

iON 58:06
The pilots, the pilots that had to get vaccinated in order to work, now can't pass the inspection, can't pass the physical because of their EKG. Their heart rhythm has changed. So how do they fix that? They changed the test to make it easier to pass! Not just one, all of them, they couldn't pass the test. Now they are compromised. That's the word, compromised.

Bob 58:37
You're saying that the pilots who got vaccinated had their bodies changed so then they had to change the test because they couldn't pass the test; they were damaged. So, they pretended -

iON 58:48
They are.

Bob 58:48
- they weren't damaged by changing the test. Okay.

iON 58:50
Which is what Carolyn, which is what Carolyn said, it's gain of function. That's what she said from the beginning. From the beginning!

Bob 58:59
[chuckles] Yeah, she claimed she was the first one onto the scam. [chuckles] She's the first one.

iON 59:07
And she said, she followed it up. How you like talking about Carolyn in the third person like she's not right here? [Bob chuckles] This is gettin' hard. So, anyway, and then the whole fun is you knew it was trouble. You knew it was trouble 'cause it was Big Pharma. Wasn't that the shots are free, Big Pharma didn't care. Come to find out that the damn government was givin' them all the money to get rid of all the people 'cause they know they gotta get rid of these people. You eat too much! Gotta have less feeders.

Bob 59:31
Yeah, but that's the government. That's the Pentagon aliens who ordered that. Yeah.

iON 59:36

Bob 59:36
So, so Carolyn, at the time, she said it's just the flu, Bob. And I thought, well, no, I think the virus according to iON is a little more lethal. Is Carolyn -

iON 59:48
It is the flu.

Bob 59:48
- and she knew the flu vaccines were stupid. Wasn't it lethal?

iON 59:54
Yes. The reason it's lethal is because no one had any immune system antibodies in their bodies to ward it off. No one had been exposed to it, so it was like the blue flu, and the turn of the century the -- what do you call it? Spanish flu or whatever it was. It was terrible. It wasn't from Spain.

Bob 1:00:12
Yeah, smallpox or something. 1918.

iON 1:00:15
Yeah. Yeah. And it wiped out everybody. Thinned out the herd. So, good.

Bob 1:00:21
Okay, so, I thought that Carolyn back then I said that it's not just a little flu, what about -- I don't know what Carolyn would say about the fact that everybody was not immune to it,

iON 1:00:33
They are, they gained an immunity now so it's not a problem.

Bob 1:00:37

iON 1:00:37
Now it's less and less and less. Sniffles.

Bob 1:00:41
But back then. Because they show -- Ron had the picture of a, like, six or so people who became famous as anti-vaxxers and they all died. What killed them?

iON 1:00:51
Right. Oh, the system. They had to get rid of those. The people who had the good science, if they get on it, they get actually get on something and people can see it now, they wake up dead. They can't have that. Can't be doing that.

Bob 1:01:06
So, those people that were prominent, including the famous early Jewish guy in New York who was curing everybody with ivermectin and everything, they're all assassinated.

iON 1:01:19
Mm-hm. Correct. The same ones, the same reason that those in that plane crash that went down, Malaysia Air, where everybody was goin' to, they were gonna cure AIDS and everything that was gonna get HIV, cure it all. Every one of them died like a sack of hammers. Bam. Take care of that. You smart, you're not gonna be

Bob 1:01:36
Well, no, they went to another world.

iON 1:01:39
I know, but that never happened here. They died in this world as they [indistinct].

Bob 1:01:44
Yeah. Yeah. And went to another world.

iON 1:01:45
And we're not letting anybody doing their research. And so if you're gonna do, take up this business, make sure you keep an extra copy of your worksheets under the, under your bed, under your bedside table. So you might like to make

Bob 1:01:58
Yeah. So, those, those low lowly citizens who said vaccinations is not necessary, they all died; they were murdered. And how were they murdered? And it would look like they got the virus, but they didn't get the virus. Something else killed them?

iON 1:02:13
Well, didn't get the virus, they didn't get the virus, they all, most of them had bradycardia where they just – basically, their heart just slowed down so much that it got out of rhythm and they just died. You can do that with frequency; that's what they were doing in Cuba. Cuba, when people were having headaches.

Bob 1:02:29
Right. There were -- technology was -- they were zapped by technology.

iON 1:02:33
Correct. And now they used to give them a drug and make it mock a heart attack. Make it mock a heart attack, but they got wise to that; they can find it. But they don't use that anymore.

Bob 1:02:47
So, and it it's Pentagon aliens that were zapping these anti-vaxxers.

iON 1:02:51
That's correct. 'Cause they had to keep the game up. And where do you think -- and Bob, there's enough fentanyl to kill the whole wide world. Who can produce that much damn fentanyl? How can you produce that much fentanyl and then illegally get it strode so everybody in the world has got a shoebox full of 'em in case they have a bad day. It doesn't work like that. You got to -- you know, the Sinaloa Cartel is pretty good, but they're not that good. Shit, you'd have to have steamboats coming across the ocean all the time, unloading daily to [Bob chuckles] have as much as everybody has now. But now you go on Snapchat and they'll bring it to your house for $5. $5! What kind of dope deal is that? There ain't no money at that.

Bob 1:03:33
Now, the aliens, Pentagon aliens, are doing all that, but they are B1s; they've merged with the Tech Body. They work with the Tech Body, so it's the Tech Body -

iON 1:03:44

Bob 1:03:44
- and the Pentagon aliens that are killing people. And when Clif High says a couple of years ago, "This whole COVID thing is an attack on humanity. Somebody, the elite, the cabal, the Khazarians are out to kill humanity." Well, it's right, but it's not Khazarians, it's aliens, and they were killing us in the crossfire with their own battle with angels and other aliens. And we're just getting crossfire.

iON 1:04:12
Agreed. Now, that story is almost perfect. You've got a couple of little things that are left out of that conversation. And the one thing is is the pecking order. The pecking order. Now, we didn't say who's in charge because we all know that's you, but there's a pecking order. And then it's and then after a little while it's kinda like: "What would I have to do to be in Dobbstown in mayoral council? I'm wanna be on the mayoral council of Dobbstown. [Bob laughs] What do I gotta do? What do I gotta -- who do I gotta, what do I gotta do? I gotta woo Carolyn? I can woo Carolyn. She's sweet. She's pretty. And we can woo Carolyn. Maybe she'll get a foot in the door we can get in. [Bob chuckles] And we can be on the mayoral council of Dobbstown. Now that's the ticket! We can do that. We will have, we'll be livin' on Easy Street, Myrtle. [Bob laughs] We'll be livin' on Easy Street. We can do that." See, and that's the, that's the thing when it all comes back to it's ridiculous; you gotta make your own way. [Bob laughs] You gotta do your own thing. But it's the same thing, the same conversation. And that's the same way you're lookin' at this marvelous stuff that's goin' down that happened that you go there's no way this could have happened. There's no way. And yet, it is. You're like, uh oh. Yeah, there's a lot of things now that can't be that is. Now what ya gonna do?

Bob 1:05:35
Okay, so there are people, new people listening to this for the first time when we play it on the radio show. As they listen to iON be quite articulate, talk fast, be logical within its premises, are they stunned by hearing something so authoritatively accurate, but kinda absurd stuff?

iON 1:05:57
Sometimes, sometimes. They're more taken aback more often than that. But then and that's when it's always great, though, when they come back and go, you know what? I thought what you said was the most ridiculous stupid thing in the whole world, but once I went back and listened to it again, -

Bob 1:06:12

iON 1:06:12
- all the sudden, it started coming together. Or we start to get what you were intimating was clear. But in the throes of it, it was a bit sideways, 'cause you never know which way it's gonna go. We don't set the parameters and we'll go around the mountain to tell you somethin' else to tell you. You go, "You didn't answer the question!" And you listen again and say, "Oh, yes, ah-huh, he did, too. Oh, yes, he did, too. Perfect."

Bob 1:06:36
Okay, so that goes back to my show, insights about iON is that when people have private sessions, 10 years ago, they were changed during the private session. So then when they relistened to it, they were a different person than the person that was actually listening to it live in the present at the beginning. They're different, and they can understand it 'cause they've been changed! Their NonPhysical was [inaudible] by iON.

iON 1:06:59
It certainly has been a great efficient improvement of you for sure, Bob! [Bob chuckles] You've almost got yourself together.

Bob 1:07:06
That's bullshit.

iON 1:07:06
Carolyn, we almost got him together. Almost got him together if he keeps goin' [laughs]

Bob 1:07:10
[laughs] I've been together all along. We know that. We don't like to rub it into everybody's face, but that's a fact.

iON 1:07:18
[laughs] That's the facts, ma'am, that's just the -- just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

Bob 1:07:23
Okay, so, so, so new listeners, they come in the next Saturday, in a couple of days, and they'll listen, and they will, their NonPhysical will be changed by listening. And they'll go through the agony of change; they won't like it; it'll rub them the wrong way; it will threaten their ego and all that. But then if they are smart or lucky, they'll go back and relisten to it a couple of days or weeks later, and they will seem to get it. That's because they were changed when they were listening the first time on "PAYDAY." Correct?

iON 1:07:55
Uh-huh. Agreed. If it piques them. But there's something interesting, it sounds absurd, but if something piques them, they can get away with things.

Bob 1:08:05
Okay, so,

iON 1:08:06
But I don't know, as long as you don't say "nigger." Don't say "nigger," don't you do that. [Bob chuckles] It's kinda like, well, okay, what if we do? [Bob laughs] Uh-oh, does that mean, does that block the pearly gates? That undo something? Well, I don't know what's wrong. So, it's the ridiculousness of that there is nothing -- everything is so ridiculous now. Like, McLuhan would say everything's so ridiculous now that till now, there's nothing ridiculous!

Bob 1:08:32
That's right. Okay, so we don't know what owns Twitter, but the aliens and the Tech Body kinda control Twitter. So, what, who did Musk pay money to? We don't know who received the money, right?

iON 1:08:48
Shareholders. Shareholders, whatever that means. Some, some hole, pig hole somewhere. And then where did he get the money? That's the rest of the story. Did he have that? Did he have $54 billion in his piggy bank? Billion dollars in cash? [Bob laughs] He had that much extra?

Bob 1:09:05
Okay, so you're saying that Musk is the richest man in the world and he doesn't understand how we got there. Correct?

iON 1:09:12
Correct. Correct. And he doesn't understand the technology that he's selling, trying to sell. He doesn't understand that the benefits of what he's got. So, he ended up -- Twitter was just a side thing. The real background of all this is that they're still having to fictitiously create money to be able to provide you the resources that you're gonna have to have to do all this stuff. You're gonna replace -

Bob 1:09:35
He had to...

iON 1:09:35
- the grid, Bob. You're gonna have to replace the grid, Bob, or make enough Cold Play for everybody to have access. Which is what we said in the beginning when they were gonna steal it or rob it from us or this, that, and the other. And we said we'd know what to do with that, we'll give it away to everybody for free! You said we oughta do that. Carolyn don't care, she don't. Carolyn don't care. Ask her. She don't mind, it's all right with her, but the point is -

Bob 1:10:00
Okay, this is -- yeah, go ahead.

iON 1:10:01
If the rain is gonna fall on the just and the unjust, then it's gonna rain. That's the news. If Cold Play is how this world is gonna be comfortable for those that Ascend, it means that it's not gonna be comfortable for everybody else. You see?

Bob 1:10:17
Yeah. And how does that relate to the rain metaphor? Rain, the badness falls on everybody?

iON 1:10:23
The power is gonna be everywhere, but only those that Ascended are gonna have access to Cold Play. So, there'll be power for the Ascended, not for the masses.

Bob 1:10:33
Right. Okay. So,

iON 1:10:37
But really quick. It's like the, it's like the cordwood they're stacking up in China right now. With the crematoriums so full, they're stackin' 'em up like wood, burning 'em as fast as they can.

Bob 1:10:50
Okay, so there's a lot of people fulfilling iON's predictions that two-thirds of the world a lot of 'em dying in China right now.

iON 1:10:56
Correct. Correct. Yeah.

Bob 1:10:59
And that is not reported, right? It's not reported.

iON 1:11:02
Yes, it is. Yes, it is. Yes, it is. They're questioning watching it. They show the pic, you got pictures of 'em lined up as far as you can see, bringing dead bodies but to stack 'em in the crematorium. There's no place to bury 'em. They don't even make a hole. They're havin' to burn 'em. And there's pictures -

Bob 1:11:17
So, some, some Chinese

iON 1:11:19
- news, news is talking about it. It's like, well, it's very suspicious, the number of dead bodies that are being -- that they say are not dying in China. And they show these pictures, these people of half a football field stack full of paper sacks of bodies in 'em.

Bob 1:11:33
So, that's on CNN?

iON 1:11:35
They did, they did do a story on it on CNN. We don't watch CNN, but they did do a story on it.

Bob 1:11:41
Right. So, and there are bloggers over there that are gettin' the images out.

iON 1:11:45
Yeah. And it's very dangerous because they don't even have access to stuff, you see. They don't have, they can't, they don't have internet.

Bob 1:11:51
It's dangerous for who? Oh, the bloggers.

iON 1:11:53
The leakers to send pictures of that. Yeah, the, well, the people that are taking the pictures to show the proof of it, of what's going on. And then the CCP says, oh, no, everything's fine. There's no trouble. There's no problem in Russia, especially in Chernobyl. [chuckles]

Bob 1:12:11
Yeah, and if you get caught pitchin', you know, taking the picture, you're gone.

iON 1:12:15
[whistles] You're through. You're through like the old, like the old leader that before Xi took over when they walked him out with his red envelope when they walked him out.

Bob 1:12:25
What are you talking about? What's the old leader? Are you quoting a movie?

iON 1:12:29
No, the old imperial head of the CCP. The last one before Xi took over. When they had the big conference when he was reelected again, the old one was sittin' next to him and they came and stood behind him and he had a red envelope in his hand.

Bob 1:12:49
Oh, yeah.

iON 1:12:49
He was trying to hold on. He's trying to hold on to Xi and Xi just smiled and they drugged his ass out. Bye, honey. Nutin', honey.

Bob 1:12:55
You're saying that "she" who's the "she"? You said that -- I remember the old guy that was the previous leader; they dragged him out. Who's the "she" you're talking about?

iON 1:13:04
The present leader of the CCP.

Bob 1:13:06
Oh, Xi! Ah, yeah. X-i.

iON 1:13:07
Xi. Ah-huh. Xi.

Bob 1:13:10
I thought you said s-h-e. So, Xi, when I relisten to that, it's Xi you're talking. Yeah, Xi is the leader, and you mentioned the old leader got taken out. That's what happens to anybody if they go against Xi.

iON 1:13:22
Correct. Correct. Don't say the wrong thing. That's what happened to your Japan guy, your big friend in Japan, too. Trump's big friend, the Ambassador.

Bob 1:13:34
He got nailed.

iON 1:13:34
Killed. With no gun, not a gun allowed in the country. Not one gun allowed in the country, and he gets killed. That's nice.

Bob 1:13:43
So, that was done by CCP.

iON 1:13:46

Bob 1:13:47
Right. So, the CCP is afraid of the Mountain though. That true?

iON 1:13:52
They are. Yes, it is. And that's why they got, that's why they got strict marching orders.

Bob 1:13:58
Okay, so at the WEF meetings last week, it was last week or just ended this Monday or something. It was within the last week and a half they had their conference. Was the A3 classification, which means you can't talk about Bob unless you are A3, was that in force there at the WEF?

iON 1:14:21
It was. It certainly was.

Bob 1:14:24
And so a few people. So, I made, I went on Facebook and bragged. You know, we're what's discussed behind the scenes. Is that true? Were we discussed by the A3 people?

iON 1:14:33
That's correct. Yes, you were. You certainly were.

Bob 1:14:36
Because they understand that iON predicted that our Cold Play will start to be implemented. And when that happened, WWIII would break out. And that all started a year ago on February, 2022, and that's when we got our first nuclear reactor and that kind of stuff. That was your prediction and that happened; WWIII started.

iON 1:14:57
Right now it's going on itself, and it's, and the war is being fought in your own head. The war is being fought in your own head. Who cares what is goin' on in Ukraine? Who cares what happens? Put the USSR back, give it all back. Put it back like it was. I mean, give us back -- damn! I know what to do. Give us back Czechoslovakia! You drove that completely off like it never existed! Damn! How you get rid of a whole country? Just, "Ah, there never was no Czechoslovakia, I don't know what you're talkin' about. There's no Czechoslovakia. That's ridiculous. It's a stupid name. Who would have that?"

Bob 1:15:34
[laughs] Are you saying it's in our, it's in every person's -- the struggle in your head is the struggle for Ascension. That's the war that's going on in everybody's head.

iON 1:15:43
Correct. Or, or, or the humanity. "Oh, the humanity" that has to say if I don't figure this out, I'm gonna expire. Oxygen is gonna do me in; it's gonna rot me if I don't figure this out. And then we tell them how. And they gotta do it then. Then it's like okay, what do I do? And then you gotta talk to Bob. You gotta engage your NonPhysical. You gotta change, let your body change into a new vessel, which is what medical science can't do. They can prop you up, but they can't fix you up long.

Bob 1:16:17
Right. So, let me say -- I forgot to say this. So, as oxygen diminishes, oxygen makes water when it mixes with hydrogen. So, water is disappearing.

iON 1:16:28

Bob 1:16:28
Okay. And so, the Age of Pisces was fish. The symbol was the fish, so that's water world. That's going away and that includes -

iON 1:16:38

Bob 1:16:39
- the power of Christianity, which worked for the, when people were fish for 2000 years. Now we're not fish, we're the Age of Aquarius and I don't know what the symbol is but it's a different environment.

iON 1:16:49

Bob 1:16:49
And so, astrology was correct to say there's a change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Right?

iON 1:16:56
That's right. Yep. And that's when we, that's when we,

Bob 1:17:00
But it's not limited to the stupid concepts of astrology.

iON 1:17:04
Correct. Well, all the astrology is is the way that they use their map. That's the -- astrology is how the aliens use -- that's their map, that's their roadmap. Like you have an atlas or a GPS, that's their GPS. That's how they can go. They're not limited to worlds. You know, they can spot[?] instantly.

Bob 1:17:21
So, astrological knowledge came from aliens.

iON 1:17:24
Yeah. They're just the words, just the words of setting it up that they got all buffaloed into Galileo tryin' to make a, tryin' to make a point of something that we're turning or that it's coming around us and

Bob 1:17:38
Who? Who's "they"? The aliens got buffaloed into Galileo?

iON 1:17:43
No. Nah-ah. Galileo took the words from the aliens and turned it into astrology.

Bob 1:17:50
Right. Now, you caused

iON 1:17:51
He didn't have, he didn't have a telescope.

Bob 1:17:54
He didn't turn it into astrology, he turned it into astronomy.

iON 1:17:59
Well, both. Both. Also astrology.

Bob 1:18:03
Okay. So, that's why you have, you have always hinted that Galileo was special. And you just gave us the reason.

iON 1:18:09

Bob 1:18:09
He got everything. He got contact with aliens and they gave him information that put him ahead of everybody.

iON 1:18:15
Right. And his telescope was a cane, was a hauled-out cane. How the hell does that make you see somethin'? Is that lookin' through a stick make it brighter? [Bob laughs] "I can see the tip of Mars! I can see the tip of Mars! Look at there. It's a beautiful day over there in Mars. Look at there. Goddamn. Come in Catherine. You wanna see some of the prettiest little planets? Come look through this stick. I'll show it to you. You gotta give me some money checks, but don't kill my, don't cut my head off you damn d'Medici you. Don't do that. But all right, we can play. Let's do it. Let's do it. You want to?"

Bob 1:18:50
Okay, good. So let's -- good, new insights there. So, Bernie Madoff. I watched the new documentary on him.

iON 1:19:01
I'm sorry.

Bob 1:19:01
He was a parallel worlder, but was he -- people, the anti-government people, the anti-cabal, the anti-Illuminati say 911 was a fucking phony operation to police people more. And then the financial crisis was a phony thing in 2008. And then COVID was a phony thing, all to lock down humanity and the cabal is putting more no privacy and just lock you in, okay, into a totalitarian world government. Do we include the Madoff phenomenon as part of the scam of 2008? If there were these scams. I forgot to ask that. Were they scams? This one?

iON 1:19:43
Well, the problem with scam business is it's a Ponzi scheme that lasted 36 years. It almost has lasted as long as Social Security. [chuckles] Almost. Almost.

Bob 1:19:54

iON 1:19:54
But so it's like you can't do that because it wouldn't work. It doesn't work. What happened was as he started splittin' the money and using the money to pay out money instead of making increases, but that's because they made so much bigger, so much more, so much more. Lord, Nixon -- if you had a million dollars, you was a big cat when Nixon was president. Now, if you got a million dollars, you're on relief. You can get food stamps if you make -- [Bob chuckles] "I made a million dollars." Oh my god, how do you survive? How do you -- we'll get you some help. We'll get you some help." So that's that new impetus that you're trying to drip into a little bit. But the Bernie Madoff issue, that came from the other side. He just got himself sideways. And he knew it was gonna be a mess 'cause everything started goin' up so fast, the Zimbabwe dollars wasn't enough and you couldn't make it make enough. So then it turned out everybody was just being still. "Well, my monies with Bernie so it's okay." So they never touched it. That was their, that was their nest egg. They didn't look about that.

Bob 1:20:55

iON 1:20:57
And then all of a sudden, one day it's like, kaboom.

Bob 1:21:00
Okay, so, remember I gotta ask about Bob and his money that is required to give to Bob. But maybe the preliminary to that, so there was a -- was there a lockdown by a cabal that made 911, -

iON 1:21:15

Bob 1:21:15
- and then the crisis in 2008. And then COVID. All of it is to imprison people who won't Ascend. And so there was that, but the

iON 1:21:25
All of them. It's the Morgan Stan -- it is the Morgan Stanley bonds in the World Towers.

Bob 1:21:30
Yeah. Yes.

iON 1:21:30
In the World Trade Center.

Bob 1:21:31
So, the cabal is doing that. But meanwhile, the McLuhan point is is the digital environment's speeding up beyond any human control, and even the cabal lost control of what they thought they were manipulating. Correct? Due to the growing of the Tech Body.

iON 1:21:49
Well, the expansion of the Tech Body 'cause it's not growing, it's the expansion.

Bob 1:21:55
Expansion. Okay.

iON 1:21:56
And then what happens, and then when that happens, and then when that happens, then all of a sudden, it starts spilling all the space.

Bob 1:22:03
Yes, and so

iON 1:22:04
Kinda like, kinda like blood. It's like blood and fingernail polish will cover two square miles when you spill it; it will go everywhere. Fingernail polish and blood.

Bob 1:22:12
Right. And so it runs the whole information environment, is the Tech Body. People find it hard to believe and they're still hoping to stop the alien or technological takeover, but it's long over. We've been taken over and the people's incredulity can't get that. Part of Ascension is to recognize it's over for humanity and the Tech Body is expanding or spreading or whatever. You gotta figure out how to relate to that. That's the essential issue.

iON 1:22:41
And here's how you, here's, here's the example of the ridiculousness of this, of resistance is futile. They've all but outlawed Ticky Tock. They've all but outlawed it. It's already outlawed on government devices. You can't have it.

Bob 1:22:56

iON 1:22:56
And everybody's saying no Ticky Tock because they said that, that "Biteman" is taking all the information and giving it to Xi and to the CCP. And maybe they are. Who cares? I mean, ain't nobody sayin' anything of a value, so if they had all of it, what you're gonna see? Somebody's crooks and nannies? [Bob laughs] Is that what ya gonna do? "Oooh, I've seen her TT! I've seen her TT!"

Bob 1:23:17
Yeah, I'm gonna look at a million pee pees today. I'm gonna look at a million pee pees today. I have a full day.

iON 1:23:24
That's it. That's it. Full day, full day, big day. We got a big thing on the chart today, y'all. We're gonna get it done. So, they're absorbing all this information. Okay. And everybody's talkin' about how terrible this is, how this is gonna ruint, rot your mind number one, and then it's gonna -- it's making everybody have the ability to be autonomous. Them, they ol' fat people [indistinct] they have "Hey, y'all, how y'all doing today? This is Miss Henry, we're gonna talk about talkin' about. Yes, I live with a black man, but I'll block you if you say one bad thing. I'll block you." [Bob chuckles] And it's interesting. Or another favorite is Pat-n-da-Pot. Lord have mercy. Pat Darbonne. She makes the Pat-n-da-Pot, the seasoning. When she gets on this little bitty stove, Lord, it ain't bigas a shoppin' cart, and she's cookin' up this stuff. And it's just filthy; it's just an awful place, and she just tearin' it up, about 500,000 viewers just love it. [Bob chuckles] They send her money and she just cooks stuff and talks and dances and drinkin'. Got her drinky drink, that's her famous code for drinkin' while she's working.

Bob 1:24:28
Okay, I got that. Here's the Kroker point.

iON 1:24:29
Wait, wait. No, no, wait, don't, let me do this. So here's what, here's how you know it's absurd. The government is making very clearly noted, noted that it is never going to allow Twitter to survive. It's gonna be taken away. Okay.

Bob 1:24:47
TikTok or Twitter or both?

iON 1:24:49
Both. Or all of it sooner or later. But especially TikTok is what they're focusing on because they're saying China's gonna come take your children out of the house. Okay.

Bob 1:24:58

iON 1:24:58
So here's how we, here's how we, here's how we combat Twitter. Adam Schiff, shitless, shit, shit -- what's his name? Shit. Schiff.

Bob 1:25:08

iON 1:25:08
Ah, Schiff. Ah, Shitless. Adam shit is [Bob chuckles] got it figured out. He's got it figured out. He gets throwd off of the Senate Committee, the privacy thing. He gets throwd out of it. Gets throwd off.

Bob 1:25:21

iON 1:25:22
And so, what does he do? Intel Committee. So guess what does he do. He sent, makes a TikTok on the government telephone and posted under his account saying how terrible them damn miggy maga mommies magas are, how terrible they are, [Bob chuckles] and to send me some money through TikTok, through TikTok, so I can have this campaign. So I can represent y'all one more time on that committee. How terrible that is. He's using the TikTok to do that! See how crazy? They're undoing the most

Bob 1:25:56
Well, he represents the government that's trying to ban TikTok.

iON 1:26:00
Correct! And he said it out loud that's the most terrible thing in the world. Can't have that no more.

Bob 1:26:05
Ha ha. So, Twitter, somebody, well, the Tech Body is gonna get rid of Twitter and TikTok; too much autonomy.

iON 1:26:12
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, that's, that's gonna be the new driver; it ain't goin' anywhere. Don't worry about it. And if they do ban it, if they do outlaw it, then it will be the most popular thing in the world. It's kinda like prohibition. There's more drunks come out of prohibition then if they let everybody get a snot full they'd quit. You know, let them get a seat full and they'd lay down. But no way, we're gonna make it, we're gonna make it precious and then we'll see what happens.

Bob 1:26:36
Right. So, Kroker's point is that back in the 80s said there's no social space. There's no anthropomorphic physical basically, no chemical body space. What the people, the woman you were describing on welfare that's got a half a million followers, they don't know that there's no world out there -- neither does Tucker Carlson -- that they're always commenting on.

iON 1:26:56

Bob 1:26:56
Always commenting on the news coverage of the tragedies everywhere. They don't know that's all what they're viewing is Tech Body, and there's no human level there.

iON 1:27:04

Bob 1:27:05
So, Carlson has to realize that he's defending nothing. There's nobody going to get anything from what he's saying. Correct?

iON 1:27:13
But the, but the people that are listening to him are all about 75-years-old anyway, and they're worried about their -- they're just waitin' for him to get up and say, "Okay, fellas, this is it. No more Social Security. Hit the yard. Let's go. [Bob chuckles] No more Social Security, hit the yard. Let's go. We gotta..." And them pistol packing Mama's got them 12, they'd be cockin' them things up and rarin' to go. "You better give your heart to Jesus because I'm fixin' to send you to his house right now. You're fixin to go see Jesus right now. I'm gonna show you." That's all they're waitin' on.

Bob 1:27:45
[laughs] Okay, it's old people are watching Tucker. What are 20-year-olds doing?

iON 1:27:51
They're on TikTok. Ha! They aren't watching the news.

Bob 1:27:54
They're trying to become influencers. They're trying to get some position where they don't have to work.

iON 1:27:59
That's right. Well, they already know they don't have to work because once you don't have to work, go to work, you don't have to have gas. You don't have to do anything. And you got -- the money flows in from your account, whatever you're peddling or selling.

Bob 1:28:12
Okay, so they're trying to get

iON 1:28:13
People do it to talk about the weather!

Bob 1:28:16
Yeah. So their goal is to dominate the Chip Body, become an influencer in the Chip Body, give them status. That's the new supporting of the ego. And maybe that helps them get laid or I don't even know if they care about getting laid or not. But

iON 1:28:29
No, they don't. That's what Twitter's for. That's what naked Twitter's for, naked Twitter. They'll show you, you can see things you couldn't even believe that anybody could do. [chuckles] Make you bashful. Make you bashful. Make you bashful, Bob, and you never blushed a day in your life.

Bob 1:28:43
That's right. So, the millennials are engaged in normal human ego competition, and the new medium for that is the Chip Body. So, that's all they want to do is get some kind of significance in the Tech Body. So they don't care that it's not real, that there's no humans there. Right?

iON 1:29:01
Yes. And it was Marilouise. Marilouise said that. And see, used to people went to school to get a higher education to broaden their mind so they can they have a job and they could take on some task or something that makes them smart enough or broad-minded enough to engage multi-tiered thinking so that they can deal with problems, and then they solve those problems, and then they become more comfortable. The American dream 2.3 kids and a three-bedroom, two-bath ranch house in some very bad neighborhood somewhere. [Bob chuckles] And that was the whole rub. That was the whole point. That's what they do. Well, now they've changed all that. Now it's all into ruining them, this whole generation. That's how you destroy it, this generation coming up. That's where half of the country is moved to this libertine thing that now says the 3% of the population has a different lifestyle of who they live or sleep with, but now everybody's gotta be punished because of that 3%. It's like, this is insane. So then when it flips on the other side, when it goes to the other side, now they've got it fixed now in two states, Alabama is one of them. If you molest a child and they catch you and they sentence you, you will never get out of jail unless they give you chemical castration.

Bob 1:30:20

iON 1:30:20
You can't get out of jail. You have to spend the rest of your life in jail. So, so, so, so, keep playing with them little kids and see what happens. But you see, that's the other side. That's swinging the pendulum the other way.

Bob 1:30:32
The backlash.

iON 1:30:33
Yeah, that's right. And that's what we're into right now. And that becomes it's still divided half. Right at half, except for the Dominion voting machine, they skew a little bit toward the Democrats. Just a little bit to the Democrats.

Bob 1:30:46
Right. But that, that's all Tech Body landscape that you're talking about.

iON 1:30:52
Yes. Sure, but that's what everybody is bitching about. That's what they're all fussing about. But then when it comes down to do something, they all do the same thing. You can't tell a Democrat, a RINO from a DINO. Can't tell the difference.

Bob 1:31:06
Okay, so we talked about money. Okay. It seems McLuhan's point that once you create a technology and its environment, like the printing press spread money everywhere, even though electronic and new environments come along and they are more powerful than printing press, it seems you can't get rid of old media. So, money still as a medium has to be part of the world scene, the world theater, the world membrane. And so they gotta come up with money to give to me to pay for the technology that wipes out money.

iON 1:31:38
Correct. Correct. That's precisely. And that happens to be stridently worked on hard. They've been goin' at it good now. Look here, they've raised up a good $7 trillion just in the last several weeks. So, you're doing good there, Bobby.

Bob 1:31:54
Yeah, at this point, Musk appears to be the richest guy and all money goes to him or goes to Silicon Valley because they are running the latest technology so money goes there. But when we bring in our new technologies then money comes to us and you're already measuring Bob with that money and saying Bob's worth 30 trillion. Right?

iON 1:32:15

Bob 1:32:16

iON 1:32:16
And it's gonna take every bit of that to keep it together. Here's the rest of the story. Here's, here's how you can prove your point. You can prove your point. If they decide that they're gonna stop and ban Ticky Tock, where do they flip the switch that stops it? [Bob chuckles] Where do they flip the switch that stops it? 'Cause you see because of

Bob 1:32:37
I don't know. Don't they create firewalls? They create firewalls.

iON 1:32:40
How? Well that's the whole point! That's why everybody, that's why everybody goes and spends all day long figuring out how to break, to break the thing. How to break the code. Has it got a backdoor? I gotta, I gotta, I gotta noir web, a noir web. I can, I can get the codes to anything.

Bob 1:33:00
Right. So, you can't -- the electric environment, the Twitter environment, TikTok can't be bought, sold or stolen, it just is. And that's where technology has come alive.

iON 1:33:11
And they're furious.

Bob 1:33:11
And now we call it the Tech Body.

iON 1:33:14
And they're furious because the power players, the people in power are furious because -

Bob 1:33:18
Crown Inc.

iON 1:33:19
- people say

Bob 1:33:19
Crown Inc. is furious.

iON 1:33:21
They're done. They're toast 'cause they lost, they lost -- everybody says, "You got to get a job. No, I don't. You ain't got no money. Yes, I do. I'm poor, I'm poor." With a $1,000 telephone and a $20 coffee. [Bob laughs] "I can't quite make ends meet. I don't know how this works." That's where we are now! That's where we are. Nobody has to -- liberty. Liberating.

Bob 1:33:43
I know. Yeah. What? Everybody's liberated did you say?

iON 1:33:48
Yeah. TikTok made it possible so no one has to do anything. [laughs]

Bob 1:33:53
Okay, so that's the McLuhan effect. McLuhan would say study the effects. So, that's the effect of TikTok. You're a media ecologist, you're talking the effect. So,

iON 1:34:05
You'd ask the same question: what did, what did McLuhan create? What did he create besides Annie Hall? [chuckles]

Bob 1:34:13
Yeah. No, he created the idea that -- he created Luddites. Technological -- the idea of let's try to be technological Luddites and stop things. Stop technology's evolution.

iON 1:34:24
So, he was a, so he was a "Noah" then. He named everything so that's what he did. He named everything.

Bob 1:34:30
Yeah. Yes.

iON 1:34:30
Oh, okay. We didn't, we didn't know.

Bob 1:34:32
Okay, so the -- you were saying that nobody could -- oh, the cabal. So, some humans who thought they were in power are pissed off they don't have power, don't have control, but they're just like anybody else staring at what has control which is the Tech Body. And behind the Tech Body is the the aliens and me. So, are the Pentagon aliens in the pecking order, are they who's mad about the effect of TikTok?

iON 1:35:04
No. They're using it to their advantage. They're using it to their advantage.

Bob 1:35:08

iON 1:35:08
'Cause see, if you win, they win.

Bob 1:35:12
The Tech Body wins or Bob wins?

iON 1:35:15
Bob wins. They want Bob to win.

Bob 1:35:18
Okay. So, that is the -- even the non-Bob supporting Pentagon aliens are forced to let Bob win.

iON 1:35:26
Sure. 'Cause see, if you, if the Tech Body Ascends, you're still gonna be in charge of it. So, it's okay for you either way; you win either way. Yeah, play it. Go ahead, you play that.

Bob 1:35:38
[chuckles] We don't know how, you haven't told how the hell did I get in that position. Or who am I? What am I?

iON 1:35:46
Well, it started in 1922. Picture it, -

Bob 1:35:50
Yeah, Italy.

iON 1:35:51
- Canada 1922.

Bob 1:35:51
Did you say Florida?

iON 1:35:54
No, I said Canada.

Bob 1:35:56
Oh, Canada. Okay.

iON 1:35:58
It all started that black day with a, with a very austere jackal [Bob chuckles] that was grateful with child. And the magic happened right then. And then what happened when you were just the babe in toyland, I think that's when y'all had taken over Versailles at that point, wasn't it? [Bob chuckles] Oh, no, no, it wasn't that, it wasn't that. It was the Champs Elysees, that's what it was. It was that one.

Bob 1:36:21
Yeah, that's right.

iON 1:36:22
That's what it was. On the Rive Gauche side, the good side street. And then all that went on and you started talking about how you were gonna have a lockdown, how you were gonna control everything, [Bob laughs] how you were gonna take down the monarchy, how you were gonna eviscerate even -- you were so ballsy you wrote a stupid letter to Prince Charles for fuck sake. [Bob laughs] I don't know why you wanna do that as though you -- you know they read that shit. We want you to know they read that shit -- as though you've [indistinct] this your whole time here on Earth. Here on planet Earth you spent this time describing every single bit of this that's taken down, going down right now through the quadrants, through the hexads, all the way through. Even divided and made people understand why, how stupid they were because they didn't know the mystery landscape. [Bob laughs] This is how you're able to survive is because of the mystery landscape. I'll tell you a little bit but not now. It's a mystery! Don't you understand that? You people are ridiculous. You can't figure out nothin'. You're gonna die by yourself, that's what you're -- you know what? [Bob laughs] I see this right now; it's getting really clear. You've got splinters in the windmill of your mind, Bob. Splinters in the windmill of your mind. And so then what happens, then what happens, you come back around the other side of that mountains and now they realize that that's the case. All right. They knew it all along because you did it, you see.

Bob 1:37:41

iON 1:37:42
There's only so many times you can tell everybody that you're the most powerful person in the world till they start regarding it.

Bob 1:37:47
[chuckles] Okay, you're explaining how I got into this position?

iON 1:37:52
That's what you asked.

Bob 1:37:54
Yeah, yeah. Okay.

iON 1:37:55
What you didn't, you didn't think, you didn't think, you didn't think your little TT was big enough to knock off a Rothschild though did you?

Bob 1:38:01
[laughs] I didn't knock him off. No, you're not framing me, buddy. I wasn't [indistinct/overtalk].

iON 1:38:07
Who asked you, who asked you, who asked you, who invited you, who invited you into the Crown Inc. Into the society that would take over the world.

Bob 1:38:17
Yeah, I said I [indistinct/overtalk]. I said sorry, I have another dinner date. I said I have another dinner date. But I didn't go, so I didn't do anything.

iON 1:38:24
I say thank you. Thank you for stopping by. Yeah, mine's bigger than yours Mr. Rothschild, that's Chateau Lafite. You think you run somethin'. You don't run nothin'! Now there you go. Then it's like boop. Then all of a sudden, then all of a sudden, all of a sudden boop, boop. [laughs]

Bob 1:38:40
Who? Boop?

iON 1:38:41
Boop! Now of a sudden, boop. Just like Chris Story, one day he was there, the next day, boop.

Bob 1:38:48
Oh, yeah. Right. Boop. Is iON competing with Bob?

iON 1:38:53
Never. Never. We were supporting it. We have to.

Bob 1:38:58
All right.

iON 1:38:58
We have to because otherwise you're gonna be making decisions that Carolyn won't like. [chuckles] We don't want that.

Bob 1:39:06
What about Carolyn?

iON 1:39:08
You might make decisions -- we support because if you don't, you may make choices that she wouldn't enjoy or like, and that's not smart.

Bob 1:39:15
Right. Okay. All right. The A3 Bob classification at the World Economic Forum, -

iON 1:39:23

Bob 1:39:23
- who, who got brought into the A3 level and heard about me for the first time? Is there someone we know about publicly who got brought in and they go, "What!? This Bob guy's in charge and we can't talk about him?" Did that happen at the WEF?

iON 1:39:38
Yes. Yes. But see, most of those have been switched out. Most of them have been switched out. You know, Trudeau and some of the other idiots, and Kerry, and stupid people. So, yeah, no, they, they don't

Bob 1:39:51
You don't mean removed, means removed.

iON 1:39:53
Correct. Right. So they're easier to work with. They're easier to work with. Here's the schedule. Here's the scope. Here's what we're gonna do. Don't do this, don't do that, and everything will be fine.

Bob 1:40:03

iON 1:40:04
We're gonna have climate change. We're gonna talk about climate change and it's gonna be okay, while everybody there goes across the world in their own individual private jets. [Bob chuckles] If they had one jet go by and pick everybody up, that would have been easier to do that, but they have a green footprint and we're gonna make sure it's very green.

Bob 1:40:23
All right. I have here in my notes the A3 Bob classification at the WEF. Then I have: Hollywood will try to glamorize, but it's bad news coming. Wonder what I meant by that. They'll glamorize the digital economy the WEF will try to bring in? That's what I meant.

iON 1:40:40
Yes, and what, and what they're trying to do, and what they're trying to do is they're trying to say that global warming caused the collapse, the catastrophe. Global warming caused COVID. Global warming is why we don't have any money. What? Wait. If we didn't have global warming, we'd all have more money. Well, wait, wait, wait, wait, what? Wait! And that's what -- they're trying to monetize it. They're trying to -- let 'em do it. It makes more money for you. Let 'em do what they do. It's all right, nobody hurt.

Bob 1:41:09

iON 1:41:10
'Cause at a certain point, certain point, certain point, if everybody's got money, then nobody's rich. If only ONE has all the money, oh, there's Duffy Doodle doo, there he goes, that his arm slippin' out of his sleeve that, yeah, he's gonna have this autocracy that's gonna run everything, that we got to have this this way that one rules everything, and then they have to follow, -

Bob 1:41:31

iON 1:41:33
- and you're at the end, and then you're at the echelon of where you've said you've been all these years. [laughs]

Bob 1:41:38
[laughs] So, Duffel bag is a, he has a forum. He comes on my show so he can complain about the anti-communist and how he's gonna get North Korea win. And all the time he's doing it, he's saying this to the guy who's actually in charge, his fucking enemy, me! [laughs]

iON 1:41:59
That's right. Exactly right. And that's why, that's why he comes in. He's trying to be soft and easy as he can just so he can have a stage to say something 'cause nobody else is listening. Who else is listening to him? Catherine? Catherine don't even listen to him, so, that's pretty easy.

Bob 1:42:15
That's typical. Okay, so Bernie, Bernie Madoff, he got carried away. But did he have to be singled out to be a figure for the cabal in the tightening the world in 2008 by fucking up the money? Did Bernie have to go? Was he the Lee Harvey Oswald or just a side effect and nothin' to do with the cabal?

iON 1:42:37
Just a, just a side effect. It's just a side effect. Most of the people that invested in Bernie Madoff made money. You can't do this for 36 years.

Bob 1:42:45

iON 1:42:46
You can't do this for 36 years and rob people every single time. What? How does this work? A lot of people made a lot of money, and they pulled their money back and they had their money. It's just when everything blew up from pushing more money in there's so much money, it's the point -- we call it the BlackRock syndrome. Remember the difference between BlackRock and white stone? Heh heh heh. We talked about that.

Bob 1:43:10
That's a good point. We talked about that.

iON 1:43:12
And now that's happened. And now that's happened. BlackRock owns everything. And now all of a sudden, everybody's lettin' everybody go. Now you don't need to work at Google no more. Nobody's working their arm off.

Bob 1:43:24
You don't need to own anything.

iON 1:43:26
Don't need to own anything. That's exactly right.

Bob 1:43:29
So, BlackRock, they own everything, but it's based on nothing. But Bob has something and he will be a legitimate owner of everything.

iON 1:43:38

Bob 1:43:38
BlackRock is fraudulent.

iON 1:43:40
They've been -- now they're, now they're falling. They're even making advertisements talking about how wonderful they are. You couldn't even get anybody to acknowledge that BlackRock even was.

Bob 1:43:49

iON 1:43:49
Now, all of a sudden, everybody -- they're doing commercials on the TV. "Oh, we help you. We do this, we do that. We're BlackRock."

Bob 1:43:57
Okay, there are people listening to this. We're playing it on Saturday night, January 28th. They're just listening to this right now, newcomers. What are they thinking? "What nutty stuff this is!" Or "holy shit." Is that what's going on? What's happened to a few people listening right now, Saturday night?

iON 1:44:11
Right. Right, right, right. They heard the little note, the little memo that we said the only difference between a truth and a conspiracy theory now is three and a half months.

Bob 1:44:20
Yeah. Yeah, it used to be six, now it's three and a half months.

iON 1:44:23
Only three and a half months.

Bob 1:44:24
But what are they, what is their mind -- their mind's just being zapped. It's, we know what's happening to their mind.

iON 1:44:29
Yeah. Well, what's happening is is they're now just like Kroker -- now see, you have to be careful. There's two quadrants. There's the Thompson quadrant, which we don't even like to talk about, and the Kroker quadrant. Both of them will get you there, but one you wanna arrive to, and the other one you wanna run from. And you have to figure out the difference. And you have to figure out the difference. All right?

Bob 1:44:51

iON 1:44:52
'Cause one of them you're gonna be fightin' with angels, and the other one you're gonna be in the pits of hell and the "Armagiddo."

Bob 1:44:57
[chuckles] Well, I would say the fight with the angels, that would be the Thompson quadrant. Is that correct?

iON 1:45:08
No. No, that's Kroker.

Bob 1:45:09
Or the Kroker. Yeah, 'cause Kroker's Tech Body. So, the Tech Body fights the angels. Okay, so that's Kroker.

iON 1:45:15
Right. Correct.

Bob 1:45:15
And so the Thompson puts you into hell, because he never had any optimistic vision.

iON 1:45:22
Oh, no, he was positive, Bob. He was positive. He was positive y'all fucked. He was positive.

Bob 1:45:26
Yeah, he was positive about that. Yeah.

iON 1:45:29
That's right.

Bob 1:45:29
Okay. So, in the Bernie Madoff

iON 1:45:32
I'm so glad you decided to take up your Chart, your quadrants. That's beautiful, Bob. That's nice.

Bob 1:45:38

iON 1:45:39
When did you get that idea? That's a good idea to consider that; it's nice. We might have to work on your Chart some.

Bob 1:45:45
Yep. Okay. So, Bernie Ma-, we've explained Bernie Madoff. Now, when he needed money, Sonja Kohn, K-o-h-n, of Bank Medici came in and helped him a little bit for a while.

iON 1:45:57
Yes. Yes.

Bob 1:45:58
Is that the d'Medici money coming in?

iON 1:46:00
Yes, it certainly is. It certainly is.

Bob 1:46:03
That's higher up in the pecking order, the d'Medci money.

iON 1:46:05
That's correct. That is correct. That has to go back to florins. Florins.

Bob 1:46:11
Right. And she complained. She got, well, she got in trouble for a few years, but then they pardoned her. That's the d'Medici power.

iON 1:46:20
That's right.

Bob 1:46:20
She was pardoned, but even the d'Medici people are losing everything like BlackRock. Correct?

iON 1:46:26
Right. Right. Yeah. And see, and then, and then why do you need billions and billions of dollars in the Harvard Trust? Where does that come from, you see? So, it's all being wiped out just -- well, it's been stacked up for you, Bob. And then what happens is when that happens then they get rid of all money, and then you got it all.

Bob 1:46:47
Right. And do I get it because I'm the most indifferent to money on the planet?

iON 1:46:51
Well, you won't need it 'cause you'll be in charge. You get a say. They get to do, they have to go dig Carolyn's turmeric up if they wanna have a drink of water. So, that's our [indistinct].

Bob 1:47:02
Right. And they, and they because the little people have the media impacts, the massage and different media phases, there are people believe money is important thing, and they gotta have money in the mix. So, Bob ain't real unless he's got a lot of money; they have to believe that; they have to have that projected at them so they'll obey. Correct?

iON 1:47:25

Bob 1:47:27
Okay. Who helped TARP in 2009 after the collapse of the fall, 2008. They got the $700 billion. iON says at the time, told me or somewheres in there that iON provided the money. Do you still stand by that? Is there a needed redress of

iON 1:47:47
Resource. Resource. The resource. Resources, call it resources, and then it won't be wrong.

Bob 1:47:54
So, you took part of my $30 trillion and gave them $700 billion?

iON 1:47:59
Yeah, give or take a little.

Bob 1:48:02
Who, whoever received that, Hank Paulson or somebody, who do they think they got it from?

iON 1:48:09
They thought it was made up; they thought it was factored, where you factor money. Or basically you borrow money and you pay money back with borrowed money. That make any sense? [laughs]

Bob 1:48:20
And Goldman Sachs would think they know how to do that. And maybe other cabal bankers.

iON 1:48:28
They did it in Jekyll Island, Bob, when they started the bullshit, the 13 original colonies.

Bob 1:48:33
Right. So, "the banks are too big to fail" meant that they could, they had failed, but they'd be bailed out by the money scam called TARP, the same old scam. And the people recognize it once more, that everybody lost money except for the rich guys who caused the problem!

iON 1:48:50

Bob 1:48:51
And have we now -- that game got cancelled in September 2022. Correct? That game.

iON 1:49:00

Bob 1:49:01
It's over.

iON 1:49:02
That's correct. And see, and Trump could have solved it, but he didn't realize that it wasn't the swamp, it was the whole thing. All of it.

Bob 1:49:10
Yes. Does he realize that now?

iON 1:49:13
Yeah, he does. He does. He's workin' it though, you can believe that. He's workin' it.

Bob 1:49:20
Yeah, he's a, he's working the last afterimage of the Android Meme and the Tech Body as much as he can.

iON 1:49:27
He's very quickly, he's very quickly acknowledging though, however, very quickly acknowledging, however, that there's nothing left to save, you see.

Bob 1:49:35
Yeah. And his daughter Ivanka, she was recorded a year or two ago that there wasn't a fraudulent election in 2020, I think. I don't think she [indistinct] 2022, but 2020. Does she really believe that? She disagrees with Don?

iON 1:49:50
No, no, she does not. She does not. She's just trying to get out of it; it got ugly.

Bob 1:49:54

iON 1:49:55
She wants to be, she wants to be the "good one." She wants the one that can get invited to The Met Gala. They don't get invited to anything, Bob.

Bob 1:50:02
Right. She wants to be Michelle Obama.

iON 1:50:06
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

Bob 1:50:07
Yeah, be popular, be accepted as part of the scene.

iON 1:50:11

Bob 1:50:12
So, she, she knows that it was a rigged election, but she's got her own career to work out and so she has to say the other stuff. Yeah, of course she [indistinct/overtalk].

iON 1:50:21
Right. She's just, "I support my dad 100%, but I'm not voting for him." [laughs]

Bob 1:50:26
[laughs] What about Jared? Is he, is he ambitious socially like Ivanka?

iON 1:50:35
No, he's a Jew about the money.

Bob 1:50:39
Okay. All right. So, he's having a problem, then. His money disappears. He knows, that's why he's afraid of me.

iON 1:50:46

Bob 1:50:48
Yeah, okay.

iON 1:50:50
Well, he should be.

Bob 1:50:52
Right. Now, Lloyd Berkner was

iON 1:50:55
Lots nicer people have died fucking with you, Bob, than him. [laughs]

Bob 1:50:59
Say that again. I missed the first part.

iON 1:51:02
Lots of very, very fun people have died funner than him from fucking around with you.

Bob 1:51:09
Yeah. Did you say funner than him? Or?

iON 1:51:12
Yeah. Funner. Yeah. More fun people have died over you then him.

Bob 1:51:17
Okay. All right. Okay. Right. So, Lloyd Berkner. He's waiting at the Trade, world Trade Mart Market Center, which is, it's I just found out the address was 2200 Stemmons Freeway, there's the 22! And you know, JFK's assassination is in the McLuhan quadrant which is number 22. So, he was going towards the 22 place, and he got stopped. Well, on the surface he got stopped. What was Berkner's speech going to be? Was he gonna, talk about the aliens, the UFOs? Or about the space program?

iON 1:51:53
Yeah. Papercut. Paperclip.

Bob 1:51:57
Ah! Was he gonna expose it or just talk about how successful it is?

iON 1:52:02
Both. And then how to enhance it, which would have been, that would have been our little very rich Catholic boy's dream. Camelot, I think they called it.

Bob 1:52:15
To enhance it.

iON 1:52:16
Mm-hm. Camelot.

Bob 1:52:17
Camelot. Right. So, so did Berkner realize he made a mistake by settin' that up to have the speech and JFK to come over? Did he know that JFK would be killed for it?

iON 1:52:34
Lyndon Johnson did. [laughs]

Bob 1:52:37
Yeah. Lyndon Johnson, did he help set up the assassination or just knew?

iON 1:52:44
He oversaw it. He oversaw it. He oversaw it.

Bob 1:52:48
On behalf of the Queen.

iON 1:52:50
Yeah. Well remember that's where that goes back with, with Margaret and fetching all the money from the United States of America.

Bob 1:53:00
Yeah, in Fort Knox and all that. So, but -- they liked to say that LBJ, he kinda didn't wanna know everything so he could be a bit pure to take over. Did he know everything or did he

iON 1:53:14
Don't believe that. Don't believe that. He was, he was almost as narcissistic as you. You couldn't go to the bathroom without checkin' in with him. Now, he maintained culpable deniability, but how much is that worth?

Bob 1:53:28
Right. So, so, the Evergreens said Hoover orchestrated it. You say, no, LBJ did.

iON 1:53:37

Bob 1:53:39
Did LBJ go to that party at the Murchisons the night before? I think he did. I can't remember.

iON 1:53:45
Yeah. He did.

Bob 1:53:45
Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so

iON 1:53:50
He was there, you oughta know.

Bob 1:53:53
Who was there? I was?

iON 1:53:54
You. Yeah, you were there. You oughta know.

Bob 1:53:57
Yeah, I know. I don't let that out too much. So, I might have to delete that, okay? [chuckles]

iON 1:54:01
[laughs] Aw, come on. You scared? You scared?

Bob 1:54:07
Yeah, what am I scared of?

iON 1:54:09
What are you scared of Bobby?

Bob 1:54:11
Scared of myself. I'm the cabal.

iON 1:54:14
You'll be all right. Carolyn, Carolyn understands that construct pretty easily, I give you that.

Bob 1:54:19
I'm the cabal the Freemasons warned you about. Ha! Okay, so LBJ did it all for the Queen. Did he go a little nuts after? That's what they like to say. He died, you know, in '73. He died early after he retired in '68 from the White House, and he got disheveled.

iON 1:54:44
It had to do with [indistinct]. Lady Bird, Lady Bird did him in. She had enough. He was sort of a live wire.

Bob 1:54:52
So, Lady Bird was the one who was able to be removed from it and have, you know, public deniability. And while that was true,

iON 1:55:00
She won.

Bob 1:55:01
Yeah, she won. Yeah, she won. Yeah. Okay.

iON 1:55:04
Because they had radio stations, and then TV stations, and he owned airplanes. And he had, of course, all the oil wells and Texas tea.

Bob 1:55:13
Right. Did she become closer to the Queen? Did they become friends?

iON 1:55:18
Yes! Oh, yes. Absolutely.

Bob 1:55:21
Okay. So, Berkner knew. Did Berkner know a lot more or did he say, fuck, I shouldn't have done that speech? Or he didn't care.

iON 1:55:34
At a certain point you just, you know, it's spilt milk; are you gonna cry or not? You know, are you gonna cry?

Bob 1:55:40
But he didn't, he didn't know what was gonna happen. He didn't know Kennedy was going to be shot.

iON 1:55:45

Bob 1:55:46
Okay. And there it is the 22.

iON 1:55:48
He wished he made a different range.

Bob 1:55:50

iON 1:55:51
If they did a different arrangement, it could have been very different.

Bob 1:55:55
Right. The 22 occult powers that the aliens called astrology or astronomy are a factor. It had to be number 22, the address. Correct?

iON 1:56:09
Correct. Agreed.

Bob 1:56:11
Yeah, that was November 22. So, there's the power of technologies.

iON 1:56:17
Which is 11 11 22.

Bob 1:56:19
Right. So, technology, like speech, is humans created in their fallen state, and they create social mortar and social mortar rules for Little Man. And so that's why you can find laws in the universe that Galileo came up with about gravity. Or you could find astrological rules about sign systems and star systems. They are, they are rules that work on Little Man. They don't apply to Ascended people.

iON 1:56:50
Oh. Oh, you mean like Thomas Pynchon then. Oh, okay.

Bob 1:56:54
Well, Pynchon was trying to point that out, I think. He knew.

iON 1:56:57
[chuckles] He was. Yeah, yeah.

Bob 1:56:59
Yeah. But he, you know, he had to be a writer though. He had to keep himself going so he just diarrhea fuckin' poured it out, 700 pages of a simple point.

iON 1:57:09
Yeah, blah of bullshit. [Bob chuckles] "Gravity's Rainbow."

Bob 1:57:12
Okay, the WEF versus Helga LaRouche. Now, Helga LaRouche is very pro China. Is she duped and cannot see the bad news coming out of the CCS?

iON 1:57:25
Yes. You mean mean CCP, don't you? You mean CCP.

Bob 1:57:30
Yeah, yeah. The CCP. What did I say? Yes, CCP. Is she aware of what they really are or she doesn't allow herself because she's gettin' paid by them.

iON 1:57:38
She doesn't allow it. She gettin' paid by them. Like the NBA. You can't get one of them dogs to say nothin' bad about China.

Bob 1:57:46
Right. Okay. So, when you, when you talk about there were three Lee Harvey Oswald, that doesn't mean Marguerite Oswald, the apparent mother of Lee Harvey Oswald, had three boys.

iON 1:57:58

Bob 1:58:00
Doesn't mean that.

iON 1:58:01
That's right.

Bob 1:58:01
So, you mean there were doubles. There were three imitators.

iON 1:58:06
Multiverses. Multiverses, too. Those things as well. See, you can't put -- the only limitations are the ones you limit.

Bob 1:58:15
Right. So, the big news for humans is aliens have been here a long time and watching. And so, the guardians in "Fringe" was a metaphor for aliens.

iON 1:58:25

Bob 1:58:26
They're the guardians.

iON 1:58:27
Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bob 1:58:30
Right. But the next thing to realize is that the weirdness that we're becoming aware of, the mystery landscape today, always was there. And you take any historical event, Henry VIII divorcing, killing his wives, starting religion, Spanish Armada being defeated by Queen Elizabeth I. I don't know, all kinds of great historical icons often are mysteries. The mystery is there's multiverse and split screen going on. That's why.

iON 1:59:02
Right. That's why, and that started back with Catherine of Aragon; that's how far back it went.

Bob 1:59:09
What happened before that?

iON 1:59:11
Nothing. You had the conquerors. They were runnin' around tryin' to figure out where they were to go pee or not.

Bob 1:59:20
[chuckles] And aliens were part of that or were watching it and interfering occasionally.

iON 1:59:23

Bob 1:59:24
But they didn't care so they watched it. Were they watching it since for them there was no time. They knew it was coming to this Bob Lockdown Bobrule. That's what they were waiting for.

iON 1:59:34
Yeah. Well, yeah. That's why -- why would they come here otherwise? Why?

Bob 1:59:39
Right. So, in a major conspiracy like the JFK assassination, there's always gonna be mystery landscape elements that will always confuse the human researchers, and they won't be able to figure it out.

iON 1:59:49

Bob 1:59:50
They'll say, "Was there two Oswalds? Was there one?"

iON 1:59:52
Or they'll make it up. Or they'll make it up and say, "Oh, it was all alien and technology, and we're really dumb as dirt. We'll go back. [Bob chuckles] If we didn't invent the BIC lighter, we wouldn't have no fire. We'd have no, we'd be very terrible pyromaniacs. We'd be terrible at it."

Bob 2:00:08
Right. And we, -- but humans also are powerful. They're in the mix of the mystery landscape and doing things and influencing it that the aliens are reacting to. There's that, so you can't say we're dumb as dirt.

iON 2:00:21

Bob 2:00:21
We're in there, knowing more than we wanna know, and are a factor.

iON 2:00:25
[chuckles] Well, now there, there you go. Okay, we'll give you knowing more than you wanna know. That's right. We'll give you that one. [chuckles] That's clever, Bob, that's clever.

Bob 2:00:33
No, no, I didn't mean that. I meant, yeah, [iON laughs] we actually don't know more than we know. I got that backwards. [laughs] We knew very little. Even though we were gods, we could have known a lot, but we chose not to.

iON 2:00:49
Well, you dumbed it down so much that there's nothin' left. After awhile, freedom's just another word for havin' nothin' left to lose, Bob. [chuckles]

Bob 2:00:59
That's right.

iON 2:00:59
You and Bobby McGee. You and Bobby McGee.

Bob 2:01:02
Okay. Okay. There's this Charles Evans Hughes who is maybe connected to Howard Hughes. And we know there were two split screen kind of situation. Two Howard Hughes. Was Charles Evans Hughes who lived more in the 19th century, did he have something to do with the Howard Hughes world?

iON 2:01:22
Yeah, Corso, Corsica. Corsica.

Bob 2:01:31
And that was -- did he influence Howard Hughes' parents who set up the the drill bit and all that stuff, you know, the wealth engine. Were the parents influencing people?

iON 2:01:45
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cuz, and see, that's -- he took after you, Bob, because you're the one that told him about germs. You turned him into a germaphobe. [Bob chuckles] You really, you really ruined his life.

Bob 2:01:59

iON 2:01:59
That's not really a surprise. That happens all the time, doesn't it?

Bob 2:02:02
Yeah, and he didn't die! He can brag that "I dealt with Bob and I survived!" Ha ha! "I had a very full life, it was a [indistinct/iON laughs] but I didn't die."

iON 2:02:14
And "I was savin' my fingernails for Cold Play, and they were two feet long when I left." [laughs] He wanted to keep 'em on his body so he would keep 'em clean.

Bob 2:02:21
Okay, so Charles Evans Hughes -- what did you say?

iON 2:02:25
He wanted to keep 'em on his body so he can keep 'em clean.

Bob 2:02:29
Right. So, Charles Evans Hughes was involved with Howard Hughes' parents?

iON 2:02:34

Bob 2:02:36
Maybe even a relative; he had the same last name.

iON 2:02:40
No, it's -- no, no. It's like Garrett Deane and you. Y'all had the same name, but you didn't spell them the same.

Bob 2:02:48
Right. So, so, Howard Hughes, there was two of them. And the two people who were two Howard Hughes, they knew there were two of them. Right?

iON 2:02:58

Bob 2:02:59
Or they didn't -- or they knew.

iON 2:03:02
Most people inside, Bob, they really know. Listen. Now stop this. Hold on a second. You're acting like we're just breaking, breaking the, breaking the chains. We're a chain breaker today, we're lettin' it all out. People inside know there's multi of them. "How do I let myself get into these things?" Why would you ever say that about yourself? How do I get myself in these things? You know, referring to yourself outside of yourself. Or my double. "Everybody says I got a double or that everybody has a double. So, it must have been my double, it wasn't me." Or you start having these experiences and your whole life changes all of a sudden because of an experience that may or may not have been prompted by the other versions of you. You see?

Bob 2:03:47
You mean people, the weirdness that happens, they figure there must be more than one me?

iON 2:03:52
Correct. And you'll acknowledge it, but you can't go too far into it or you'll be in the insane asylum.

Bob 2:03:57
Yeah. Okay, so what's shocking about us is we're talking about this in public; that never happened before.

iON 2:04:07
Yeah. And then we say, what we're fixin' to tell you about now. There's a new, new, new, new problem, Houston. It's called tranq. It's called t-r-a-n-q.

Bob 2:04:22
Okay, what's that?

iON 2:04:24
It's a super-duper tranquilizer. And it's so good, what happens is you take it and you get so easy that you get hooked on it all but instantly. And then what happens is, you get on it and you build up a tolerance to it. And then you go on a little bit and the next thing you know, slowly it just eats your insides of your body out.

Bob 2:04:51
Mmm. Does fentanyl do something like eating out your body or what does fentanyl do to people?

iON 2:04:57
No. No. Fentanyl is just instant, it just starts a cardiac arrest. Boom.

Bob 2:05:02
Oh, yeah. Okay.

iON 2:05:04
And then that's why, that's why everybody that dies of fentanyl poisoning -- 'cause it's not a drug, it's not a drug use, it's a poison -- they have that what they call the "fentanyl pose." It's like everybody that goes out, must be a hell of a way to go 'cause they all have the same facial expression, and their hands is that you can look it up, they all die the same way. It's almost like this mystery medicine is taking, evaporating people's lives. So, at every level, so every level, it's comin'. The drugs' comin'. Shootin' in the face is comin'. The new virus is comin'. The Zika babies is comin'. All these problems. The wave. We gonna do the wave, we gonna do the wave. The wave is still comin'. La Paloma Loma. La Paloma. That canal is now empty. So, we're gonna see how that goes.

Bob 2:05:55
Okay, so what did you list off there? What was the first couple of things you listed that's coming?

iON 2:06:10
The new drugs. You're gonna die.

Bob 2:06:15
Yeah, I got that.

iON 2:06:15
You're gonna die by the drugs, you're gonna die [overtalk].

Bob 2:06:17
So, technology, social mortar, keeps evolving. So, there's always something that gives people a hit faster, stronger, but it's also more dangerous and more destructive. They go together, every technology.

iON 2:06:29
See, all Carolyn, and all Carolyn had to worry about her whole career was sugar. Damn sugar's a piece of cake now; sugar is easy now. So, wow. Pretty interesting.

Bob 2:06:40
Okay, so there's a famous UFO investigator named Steven Greer, G-r-e-e-r. And he's been trying to -- he gathered together former employees of NASA and pilots and gets their stories about UFOs. And he gathered hundreds of them together and he called it the Disclosure Project; he started it around 2001. And he's still prominent in the UFO field. So recently, he testified. I don't have a date at the Senate or something or some congressional thing. And here's what he said. And as I go through it, say yes or no, whether it's true. So, he said, I have here, Nan transcribed it. Starts "that shows that when Nik" so Greer's saying, "something shows that when Nikola Tesla died, that this information that he had which allowed for a car to run out of the ambient energy was in documents confiscated by the FBI." True or false?

iON 2:07:37
Correct. Correct.

Bob 2:07:37
And he says, alright, then he says," I have a Department of Defense document demanding that the FBI turn these over to the Department of Defense." Correct?

iON 2:07:48
Mm-hm. Yeah. Sure.

Bob 2:07:49
"The FBI refused."

iON 2:07:51

Bob 2:07:53
Then he says, "At any rate, science continues because the laws of the universe are in fact universal."

iON 2:08:00

Bob 2:08:01
"And they can be discovered here or around Alpha Centauri, or anyplace else in the cosmos."

iON 2:08:08
Not just this side of Sirius. Sirius.

Bob 2:08:12
Not everywhere 'cause there's different worlds, there's split screen.

iON 2:08:17
Right. This side of Sirius. That's right.

Bob 2:08:20
There's something outside of Sirius. You said, "Yeah, that's true. This side of Sirius."

iON 2:08:24

Bob 2:08:24
Then he says, -- right? Yeah, he said that. "By 1928 and 1929, T. Townsend Brown," who we've talked about, "as well as the Kowsky-Frost experiment in physics in Germany had determined that VHF which is very high voltage systems done in a certain resonant field, could result in so-called electromagnetic gravitic effects." Brown discovered that in '29?

iON 2:08:51

Bob 2:08:55
And that's after the meeting with Byrd in 1926. So, did Brown get plugged into the access to the aliens?

iON 2:09:04
Yes, obviously.

Bob 2:09:05

iON 2:09:06
Are you kid -- and that's where, you know, um, go ahead.

Bob 2:09:11
Yeah. "The lifter effect..."

iON 2:09:12
Power always is. Power always is. Power always has been. You can't create it and you can't destroy it. All you're trying to do is channel it into a frequency wavelength. But you don't want to make it just running through the world 'cause you can make a pattern where you walk in your yard and bump into an electric field, and it'll shock the shit out of you. Kind of like static electricity does with a dry winter day. And you touch the car and it's cold, and you got static electricity built up with your wool panties and it shock the shit out of you. Same thing. It could be at a level that'll knock you dead. Spice and bar-b-que.

Bob 2:09:48
Right. So, if you talk to the, if you meet the aliens, -- fortunate or not, I don't know but you meet them -- they will show you how to control it the way you were just defining what is preferable.

iON 2:09:58
Yeah. Correct.

Bob 2:09:59

iON 2:09:59
The keratin, the keratin in the Meatsack body has God in it.

Bob 2:10:04

iON 2:10:05
It grows after you're dead. It grows after you're dead. So, and you can use hair, too, but hair is very volatile 'cause people put so much shit in their hair that it could become a bomb in about a second. You know, they use too many chemicals. So, hair is not optimal. Pure hair is. Pure hair is.

Bob 2:10:27
Yeah, my hair is. So, keratin is in all the 10 fingernails and the 10 toenails, right?

iON 2:10:32
That's what it's made of.

Bob 2:10:35
Okay. Did aboriginal cultures, the Amazonian cultures, you know, what we call primitive no technology cultures, did they know the power of keratin?

iON 2:10:50
Eh, sort of.

Bob 2:10:56
They might put fingernails into the soup or their voodoo mixtures? For their shamanism?

iON 2:11:02
Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct. It would be like using the difference, noting the difference between calcium phosphate and keratin.

Bob 2:11:11
It'd be like knowing that.

iON 2:11:14

Bob 2:11:15
But they didn't know about calcium phosphate. So, they knew in the plant world, herb world, they knew something about the fingernails. So, the literate missionaries come and say, "Look at these idiot primitive people mixing in body parts with their soup and that." But the missionaries were ignorant about what the natives had picked up on.

iON 2:11:36

Bob 2:11:38
But if the natives were really smart, they would have used the keratin to make anti-gravity vehicles and all that. They didn't get that far.

iON 2:11:45
That's, well, they got it, but they didn't apply it.

Bob 2:11:50
Yeah, because they could astral travel anyways. Maybe 'cause they could astral travel.

iON 2:11:55
Right! Right.

Bob 2:11:56
Yeah. Okay. So, what made us fall into using useless technology that we didn't really need? What altered reasons?

iON 2:12:07
We have no fuck, we have no fucking idea. It's the craziest thing we ever

Bob 2:12:10
There's the mystery.

iON 2:12:10
That's the best, that's the best one ever. Why do you cut your head off to see if you'll bleed? We believe you will bleed. But if you don't, "Ah no, I will take this ice pick to this carotid artery by God. I wanna prove this once and for all. I've had enough of this dilly-dallying now. [Bob chuckles] Come on now. Let's go. Cut my head off and see if I bleed or not."

Bob 2:12:30
So that's what I understand. That's why I control iON. I know that NonPhysical, you, are not totally physical and you don't understand the physical which always has the latent God in it.

iON 2:12:40

Bob 2:12:41
Ultimately you don't understand what nonsense they're puttin' themselves through. Okay.

iON 2:12:45
You won the -- you're in a battle. You're in a battle, you won the battle, and now and you won. And so now you spend the rest of your life fightin' the war. Don't make no sense! [Bob laughs] You won! You got it! You got this.

Bob 2:12:59
Yeah, okay. So, Steven Greer says, "The lifter affect" And he had a-f-f-e-c-t, but that's Nan's spelling. "The lifter affect that has been described what you see in UFOs." Where I think he's saying it is what you see in UFOs, the lifter effect. That's I guess the anti-gravity, the non-gravitational pull. He says, "They also can create what's called a spacetime bubble around an object so that you can correct for one G." That's correct, right?

iON 2:13:28
That's old news. That's old news. It's actually more, it's more, it's more, it's way past Mach speed. It's way past that. Because it basically makes you have no expressionable feeling place. Like there is no G to pull. It's not like a Mach 4, you know, where you break the sound barrier.

Bob 2:13:49
Right. He's doing the technology evolutionary, he's gonna move, I think he's gonna get up to that level as he keeps talking, because he's talking about the early 20s and 30s. Then he says, "This is how these objects are traveling at multiples of what any aerodynamic physics would describe and can make right hand turns without killing the occupants." based on that correcting for G.

iON 2:14:07
Correct. That's correct.

Bob 2:14:09
That's correct. "Around this same time," Now he moves up to the 40s. "Around this same time there was in the 40s and the late 30s a number of UFO sightings."

iON 2:14:16
Oh, yeah.

Bob 2:14:18
Well, that goes back to 1926. Yeah, he doesn't know about 1926 And he says, "This included the so-called Foo Fighters." That was during World War II.

iON 2:14:27
That's not the band, now, it's not the band. It's the other one. It's where the Foo Fighters band got their name from.

Bob 2:14:32
That's right. That's what he says.

iON 2:14:33
Oh, sorry, we didn't mean to

Bob 2:14:34
In his next sentence he goes, "Yes, it's a famous rock group; however, the Foo Fighters," the original, "took their name, the Foo Fighters took their name from the reports of these objects seen in the theater of WWII that were flying around our aircraft." So that's the Nazi involvement with the Project Paperclip and the UFOs that Byrd -- think about, think about the symbolism of birds. Mr. Byrd caused this to start after Catherine of Aragon. "We thought it was a secret weapon of the Nazis. The Nazis thought it was a secret weapon of ours." The Foo Fighters. So there they fully didn't understand what Byrd had activated in the North Pole and Antarctica. The humans didn't fully understand it, this UFO phenomena.

iON 2:15:20

Bob 2:15:22
"There is Jimmy Doolittle, the famous general, his nephew is a dear friend of mine," says Steven Greer. "and he has testified that general Doolittle was sent by FDR over to the European Theater in WWII, investigated the Foo Fighters, and came back and told Roosevelt and I quote, "-- I guess what he told Roosevelt -- "they are interplanetary vehicles. Unquote. So, by then," So, by the 40s, by 1945 when he died so before that. "So by then there began a classified program which was augmented further by events as mentioned in 1941," That's Cape Girardeau in '41. "and then, of course, the famous Roswell event." So there began a classified program before, well, after '41 but before Roswell was already classified. You agree?

iON 2:16:12
Correct. To try -- well, that's obvious though.

Bob 2:16:16
Yeah. And so people like Byrd, and Forrestal found out this stuff, and they were brought into the inner circle.

iON 2:16:21

Bob 2:16:21
It seems every president knew. Roosevelt knew, Truman knew, Eisenhower knew,

iON 2:16:26
That's the Book of, that's the Book of Secrets. Book of Secrets. Remember?

Bob 2:16:30
Ahh! Is that what, is that what Trump saw and then he said, "I can't tell why there was a Kennedy assassination. I can't tell who knew it."

iON 2:16:39
Oh, yeah. Now that, that was with, that was an arrangement with his little buddy. He promised. He said he was going to disclose everything. When he found out that Kennedy was alive or just now died, you can't tell that. That wouldn't work out right. Right?

Bob 2:16:52
Oh, right. So that's what Judge Napolitano couldn't be told. And he didn't believe, understand, why Trump, what did Trump find out that couldn't be said to the public.

iON 2:17:01
Right. And why

Bob 2:17:02
Oh, it's the fact that it was a cloning, and JFK's son was alive. Wow. That's pretty neat.

iON 2:17:08

Bob 2:17:08
That just would confuse people too much, even more than seeing a UFO. What? Kennedy has been here all these years? What's he been doing? The Little Man's mind would have trouble with that. Right?

iON 2:17:20
Well, and they do, they do now anyway because there's all kinds of things. And now what happens the way things are now, everybody says oh, well, you know, kids today, what are you what you're gonna do? Everybody's questioning everything.

Bob 2:17:32
That's true.

iON 2:17:32
They're saying what everything is. It's everything is -- yeah, convince Carolyn Dean and you won. Convince Dr. Carolyn Dean and you won. She ain't gonna have it mostly.

Bob 2:17:43
Right. So most people are going into what iON said back in 2009, they're into "whatever." I ain't using my mind anymore. And that prepares them for Ascension.

iON 2:17:52

Bob 2:17:53

iON 2:17:53
And whatever, whatever is easy.

Bob 2:17:56
Right. "Those events that led to what Philip Corso describes in his book about 1993, the reverse engineering programs." So was there a conscious reverse engineering program? Or is just that Lockheed and the other big aerospace companies just got whatever the aliens gave them, and they never even understood it? Which way would you say?

iON 2:18:19
We say that we don't like either of them 'cause it's sloppy. We'd say be more clear so we know what the hell you're tryin' to communicate.

Bob 2:18:26
Well, did humans, did the Howard Hughes Summa Corporation reverse engineer and make new kinds of UFOs?

iON 2:18:34
No, it was not that, it was the magnetos. You change the way engines are. You change the way engines are.

Bob 2:18:45
Did humans figure that out by looking at crashed UFOs?

iON 2:18:48
And parked inside of the machine, and figured out how it would effect in this -- you gotta realize UFOs don't operate the same in this terra firma. And so it was, some of it didn't work in this world because it was for another world.

Bob 2:19:05
I see.

iON 2:19:07
So, that's like information, the information that -- now see why we said it was sloppy? 'Cause, like, where did the Stargate come from? Well, does the Stargate work here the same as it does everywhere else? And we go, neh, not so much. And then it's like well, but yet it does. See the difference?

Bob 2:19:23
Yeah. So, that's why you said, well, years ago, that the real research where this kind of stuff was done was done at Wright Patterson, not area 51.

iON 2:19:33

Bob 2:19:34
Yeah. Okay. And in certain parts of General Dynamics, Lockheed, Boeing, they were in on that, some of their engineers.

iON 2:19:47

Bob 2:19:47
Or was their whole secret Project Paperclip, Wernher von Braun-run area that the corporations, the Aerospace Corporation weren't aware of?

iON 2:19:58
Well, can we say -- okay, it's a dot of both. A dot of both.

Bob 2:20:03
Yeah, it has to be. There's always an, there's always an elite that knows more than whatever's below them. And there's always someone above them, and then it actually becomes non-human. And then the aliens are in charge, and they know. Right? And then there's different levels of aliens.

iON 2:20:19

Bob 2:20:19
There's always someone who knows more than everybody else.

iON 2:20:23
Correct. And just remember there's no, just remember, just remember there's no step too high or a high-stepper.

Bob 2:20:30
Oh, yeah. Okay, so there is this reverse engineering program though that's a sloppy term. So, Greer says, "As you all know from the famous Wilbur Smith document of 1951 from Canada, it talks about that flying saucers exists, but there's a" Okay. So, is that true? Wilbur Smith has a document from Canada that says that?

iON 2:20:50

Bob 2:20:51
Then he says, "but there's a high-level team headed up by Dr. Vannevar Bush that is studying the 'modus operandi' of these vehicles" by the 40s.

iON 2:21:00

Bob 2:21:01
And that's correct. Right. Now he says, "These were the most brilliant scientists: Edward Teller, Oppenheimer and others. Herman Oberth, amongst others."

iON 2:21:10
Oppenheimer. [pronunciation]

Bob 2:21:11
Oppenheimer, right, Hermann Oberth. I remember LaRouche used to talk about him as a great Nazi scientist. "Hermann Oberth, amongst others, who were in this team studying how extraterrestrial vehicles move." So, that was, that's the Project Paperclip gang. They were doing the advance, quote, reverse engineering.

iON 2:21:29
We said it already. Remember?

Bob 2:21:30
Yeah, the magneto. You just said it. You mean five minutes ago?

iON 2:21:35

Bob 2:21:36
Yeah. Then he says, "In October of

iON 2:21:38
What was he working on when we said Project Paperclip?

Bob 2:21:40
Are you asking me what were they working on?

iON 2:21:45
No, we told you that it was -- you asked what was it about. We said no, it's about Project Paperclip. Now you're confirming it. So, good.

Bob 2:21:51
Yeah. So then he says, "In October" -- moving this evolution, we're out now out of the 40s into the 50s -- he says, "In October of 1954, a key date I want the committee to remember" -- who he's testifying to -- "we have actionable intelligence from someone who has worked in the National Security Agency and has been in the vault. All of this went deep black because they figured out at that point gravity control. So since 1954, October of that year, we have not needed rockets, jets, internal combustion engines and surface roadways between cities." You agree with that?

iON 2:22:24
Ah, it's muddy, but yeah, it's true. But it's muddy. They're doing an ipso facto. I'm never gonna be sick again so I don't need to take my Completement formula. See? That don't have anything to do with anything.

Bob 2:22:39
Yeah, because you got the McLuhan evolution of technology, and each technology has to have its day. There's other reasons why. Well, McLuhan says Americans have to go to be alone. They stay home and be social. Go to be alone. So, they gotta have cars to serve that psychological need. Right? It doesn't matter what advance vehicle got, you got to go to be alone. So there are those kinds of psychological, sociological factors that keeps older technology around longer. Like medicine. [indistinct/overtalk] the body.

iON 2:23:09
Well, it's obsolesced. It's obsolesced but it's retrieved.

Bob 2:23:14
Yeah, yeah. That's what you say: our life is nothing but obsolescing and retrieving today in many ways.

iON 2:23:20
That's right. So far. You may change your mind, but you hadn't yet.

Bob 2:23:26
All right. So, he says, "I say this with authority that this is the case. Eventually, these breakthroughs in human discovery were complemented by the study of the extra-terrestrial material that were retrieved from these events. And contrary to most people's thoughts, the Roswell event was actually a downing of an extraterrestrial vehicle by an electromagnetic system that was hidden in a radar dome that was switched on." Is that correct?

iON 2:23:50
Yeah, it's muddy, but yeah. They're, they're stretching it. See they was doin' real good, you were going real good, and I was gonna just give it the oh, hallelujah, let's go, until you get to that. They start, it starts to say, where did Nostradamus get his knowledge from? Okay? And then you have to pull all that down and figure we've muddied all that out. It's still now the case even today of being able to see beyond a timed-expressed element, which is what we're talking about.

Bob 2:24:20
That's the problem here. Yeah, what's his name, Greer is thinking terms of time. And so from this point on from the 50s he's gonna get it kinda wrong because the multiscreen, the multiverse, and all these other mystery landscapes that you're revealing are in there and he doesn't know that.

iON 2:24:36
Correct. And he, and he can't argue for it or against it 'cause he doesn't know. See, all he knows is just the snippets that they can give him a picture of. Here's a, here's a flying damn saucer. Okay, here it is in the barn right here. Here's the silver foil paper all in the pasture where the aliens -- here's the little alien body that we found and they put in, put in phenolphthalein pickled him. Pickled him like they do in the old South so you can look at him at the floorshow when they have a State Fair. That kind of stuff.

Bob 2:25:09
You're describing something, yeah, you're describing something that happened or a projection by human fantasy?

iON 2:25:14
Yeah, it does happen. That's not fantasy, that's happening. You see them now; they're, they're pickled right now.

Bob 2:25:20
Okay, he then says the radar dome was switched on, knocked out the Roswell ET vehicle, "and this is in an FBI document that I can provide for the committee; it is on the flash drive given to the Congress."

iON 2:25:35

Bob 2:25:35
He does have that stuff on his flash drive. Now, because it is way more complex than he realizes, that's why he's not gonna get that high access and confirmation of what he's saying.

iON 2:25:47
Correct. Correct.

Bob 2:25:48
So, I will stop. There's a lot more that Nan transcribed which we'll do next session because it's very long and I got other stuff to talk about. But we've come to an understanding of he's correct on the earlier simpler first half of the 20th century, but he's not adequate mentally to what gets complicated.

iON 2:26:05
Well, right. Right. He doesn't provide the opportunity to say, okay, we have two schools of thought we're working with here and both apply. He's not saying that. If he did, we'd be on that like a bad habit. We'd say hip, hip hooray, but he doesn't do that. It's all this way or that way or my way, or [singing] I did it my way.

Bob 2:26:24
Right. Got it. Okay, excellent. So, the Varian brothers. V-a-r-i-a-n. Were they aliens?

iON 2:26:35
A little more than half.

Bob 2:26:38
So, how did they get access -- and they started Silicon Valley. The Varians, they had the first companies there in the 50s, I think.

iON 2:26:46

Bob 2:26:46
Did they, but there were aliens around Silicon Valley. So, they somehow brushed up against the alien and were given a few gifts?

iON 2:26:53
Yep. Yep, yep, yep. It sets the whole narrative of how you process information. How you process information.

Bob 2:27:05
Right. Okay. In the RFK assassination,

iON 2:27:09
Which you know. Which you know is not true. You know that's fictitious, but that's what they're using for the conversation. You get that, right?

Bob 2:27:17
The rule that you just said? The design of what you know?

iON 2:27:21

Bob 2:27:22
They don't have the right content, but they got the principle.

iON 2:27:26

Bob 2:27:27
Or they're a victim of the principle. That's how they get things based on what you were saying there.

iON 2:27:32
Maybe. Maybe. We'll see. We'll see. But the limitation, you're living in a world without limitations, and all you do is spend all day long noting your limitation, or how close you are to over the limit. How fast. I'm speeding. How fast? Well, 10 miles over. Okay, that's okay. But if you go 12 miles over now, now, you've gone too far. You're doing too much, you gotta do... See? Now we're navigating on both our broken rules, broken laws. So, it's like now wait a minute. I didn't know [inaudible].

Bob 2:28:02
Okay. In the Robert, in the Robert Kennedy assassination, they interview a guy named Jules Rico Kimble and he was part of controlling James Earl Ray. Is that true? Did he do that?

iON 2:28:19
No. Did not.

Bob 2:28:20
No. Yeah, he's in jail and he's just bragging. And did Robert Maheu of the Hughes organization have a controlling influence in the assassination of Robert Kennedy?

iON 2:28:34
Okay. Indirectly. Indirectly.

Bob 2:28:38
Right. He did not put Thane Cesar there in the room to shoot Kennedy in the back of the head.

iON 2:28:46

Bob 2:28:47
Yeah. All right. There are markings on the Roswell ET debris, and people think they look ancient Egyptian. What are those markings? What were they saying? Is it Egyptian stuff? Or is it just extraterrestrial talk? Script.

iON 2:29:03
It's extraterrestrial. It's where Sanskrit came from. It's where the Dead Sea Scrolls got their, their scribbling from. Scribbling. Kinda like remember when people wrote in cursive? You remember that?

Bob 2:29:04

iON 2:29:04
It was a long time ago, Bob. Kids don't even know what cursive is. They don't even know a flowing calligraphy hand. They don't even know. People don't, people don't know there's three humps in an "M" in cursive. They don't know that! It's the craziest thing ever. How could they not know that? But that, that came from somewhere. Those marking came from somewhere and you can go back in caves and find that same writing and other places just like down in "Meh-he-ko" where the Spaniards was and Teotihuacan and all those different places where they have these pictures of a spaceship and the aliens in the space suits and the writings and the gobbledygook. The same thing but they act like it's brand new, you know. They're all a bunch of troglodytes, Bob, that's all they are.

Bob 2:29:04
[chuckles] And you said that place way back there, Kepi or something. They mention that.

iON 2:29:04
Ah-huh, the big temple mound in Mexico.

Bob 2:29:17
Right. And the Egyptian hieroglyphics are alien inspired.

iON 2:29:31
Sure. Same way. That's the same thing -

Bob 2:29:44
So, all those writings

iON 2:30:23
- you done when you was runnin' around when you started with this Baghdad battery where they had the lightbulb that worked inside the, inside the pyramids. You remember that big, big kerfuffle?

Bob 2:30:34
So, all -- they call it early ideogrammic, or syllabaries or runic runes. Early writing systems all came from aliens.

iON 2:30:47
That's nice. Yeah, we like that. We like that 'cause they're all angles. That's where angles came from. You didn't know what an angle was.

Bob 2:30:53

iON 2:30:54
[indistinct] angles. Now see, you were created in the image of God, but you had to have something to compare it to. So, that's where you got this. And that's where it goes all the way back to the Nephilim, goes all the way back to that interaction from what's in and what's out. You all realize that this world -- you act like this world is just by itself, just its own Earth, its own solar system, its own thing, its own parts of the planet. Oh, I own, I have few acres. No, I have the whole planet. Bob can say I have the whole planet and you're Spam. Go sit right over there. We'll be with you in a minute. We're gonna get you hooked up here 'cause we like you. We think we like you very much, especially with a nice spicy mustard. We like you so much, we'd like you with a nice spicy mustard. [Bob chuckles] There's protein in humans, that's it. Hey, Carolyn! The world's fattenin' up. They're gettin' fat so there'll be plenty, they'll have a good flavor if we can get 'em sauteed off with some Sauterne wine, baste them off for a little while.

Carolyn 2:31:42
[chuckles] That's a good point. Right. There are over -- over 70% of the population is overweight or obese. 70%!

iON 2:32:04
That's it. Now they're gettin' it 'cause they're not -- it's not even the sugar that's gettin' them, it's that they're not having any nutrition so their body is just saying you're starving me to death, and it saves every bit every time.

Bob 2:32:15
Okay, let me move forward then Carolyn can have her time.

iON 2:32:37

Bob 2:32:17
So, this whole thing McLuhan and Eric Havelock made up that when you have the phonetic alphabet, it creates an abstract space, when the vowel separate from the consonants creates an abscess space in the mind and that made the unique western mind. That is bullshit when you look at the general effect of all languages coming from UFO communication, extraterrestrial communication.

iON 2:32:40

Bob 2:32:45
There was no alphabetic split in the Western mind. Correct?

iON 2:32:48
And there's no alphanumeric base to have anything that you can lean to. It's kind of like saying, "Okay, I'm gonna invent something out of my ass, and then I'm gonna prove it." Huh. Okay.

Bob 2:32:57
Yeah. And you just said, we had to have social mortar as contrast to our divine selves. That's why

iON 2:33:04
Correct. Otherwise, otherwise, you wouldn't know. You wouldn't -- you'd say, well, I'm Ascended now. How do you know? Well, then we go back. Well, have you raised anybody from the dead this week? Okay. Have you

Bob 2:33:14
Yeah. Or have you written a novel? Can you write a novel?

iON 2:33:18
Eww! Eww! Eww, Lord no. No, no, no. Have you ever read a book? No, here, have you ever read a book? Maybe that's a good place to start. [chuckles]

Bob 2:33:28
[chuckles] Okay, so listen to this. So, social mortar evolved till you get to the Tech Body. And now, the whole reason humans -- they needed the contrast 'cause they're little people from their divine Godselves. Now when you're Ascension you don't need the contrast. So now you're confronted with the, the endpoint of technology, which you were using to provide contrast against your divine self. Now it's turning on you. And you actually gotta give up the use of the technology and social mortar to know the difference between yourself and your fallen self or whatever. You gotta, you gotta Ascend because technology has circled around you, and you're

iON 2:34:06
Correct. Right. And you play with it, and you play with it, and play with it, and play with it. And then you run around and you catch non-Hodgkin's lymphoma so you can prove how powerful you are to overcome it. [Bob laughs] At least can't overcome it, but I can go into remission, or I'll catch a cold to prove that I'm powerful enough to get over it. See? It's like, why do that?

Bob 2:34:24

iON 2:34:25
And then you do but you conquer! So that gives you power. Power in the blood.

Bob 2:34:30
Yeah, it's a, it's a roundabout way to get power. Okay, because you think there's time.

iON 2:34:36
No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. To confirm it, not to get it. You already got it.

Bob 2:34:40
Oh, yeah.

iON 2:34:41
To confirm that you can throw it. That's the point. Now you see, "I say how this goes. I'm in charge. I know how this goes." [Bob chuckles] Oh yeah? Okay, good luck with that. Good luck with it.

Bob 2:34:54
Yeah, you said the word throw, t-h-r-o-w, in that sentence. Right? That's the way you spell it.

iON 2:35:00
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bob 2:35:01
Or grow it. I think you said throw. Okay. The tree where I stand on the wall I'm lookin' at the big mound of flowers that Carolyn likes to water. And there used to be trees and everything. It's all been blown down. It's quite open that area, and it was blown down even more. That was done to somehow allow the aliens to communicate with me at the wall. Right?

iON 2:35:23
That's correct. And to open it up so there's no obstruction now. You complained about the obstruction if you remember. You complained about it, and you don't have to complain anymore. How about dat dough?

Bob 2:35:33
Right. And so they needed it open the past year so they can communicate the way they are communicating to me that I'm not fully aware of yet.

iON 2:35:40

Bob 2:35:41
But when they zap me, do they need the clearing to zap me to go to New Zealand?

iON 2:35:45
Well, we wanna make it, we wanna make it "Eyes Wide Shut." "Eyes Wide Shut." We wanna take away any intrepidation that may be involved. So, if it's completely open, there's nothing gonna sneak over and get you. There's no legion of angels gonna come grab you.

Bob 2:35:46
Oh, yeah, they're hiding. Hiding in the trees.

iON 2:35:58
Nobody, no legion of angels are gonna come smack you before you go through the wall and miss your appointment and lay your, lay your guts in a roadside ditch. So, we're not gonna do that.

Bob 2:36:16
Excellent. Okay.

iON 2:36:19
Hey! Now, we ain't scared if you think we should clear a little more. We don't have much regard for the Grand Wailea.

Bob 2:36:27
What'd you say? You don't have much regard for it?

iON 2:36:30
For the Grand Wailea. Yeah.

Bob 2:36:31
Yeah. No, that's up to you.

iON 2:36:31
We'll throw that, we'll throw that in the ocean if you want to. [Bob chuckles] It's all right with us.

Bob 2:36:39

Carolyn 2:36:41
Hi, iON. Thank you.

iON 2:36:42
Hey, darlin'.

Carolyn 2:36:43
Okay, first question. Elon Musk and Scott Adams say that the world is a controlled simulation with the programmer substituting for God. Is that -

iON 2:36:48

Carolyn 2:36:49
- is there any reality?

iON 2:37:00
Yes. That's the Tech Body. That is the Tech Body. That's exactly right. And that's what they're doing it they're using it. Now, here's what's happening. In the sweet by and by what's happening is that the Tech Body is gaining momentum. And they don't -- now the government says, "Oh, we have to control the Tech Body. Oh, it's almost too late." Honey, it's too wet to plow. It's on. You're not gonna turn anything off. You can't turn it off. So, that's the issue that everybody's kinda now -- everybody's sort of felching, havin' a fit that this is -- ruined their life. And it's like, well, you're a day late and $1 short. It's already ruined. Go ahead.

Carolyn 2:37:39
Okay. Okay. Very good.

Bob 2:37:43
So, that first definition about the Tech Body Carolyn read from Elon Musk. He gets that from listening to us, right?

iON 2:37:53
That's exactly right.

Bob 2:37:55

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