Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Dr Steven Greer’s Congressional Testimony

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Transcribed by Nan

... that shows that when Nikola Tesla died that this information that he had which allowed for a car to run out of the ambient energy was in documents confiscated by the FBI. And I have a DOC, Department of Defense, document demanding that the FBI turn these over to the DOD. The FBI refused. At any rate, science continues because the laws of the universe are in fact, universal, and they can be discovered here or around Alpha Centauri, or anyplace else in the cosmos. By 1928 and '29, T Townsend Brown, as well as the Kowsky-Frost experiment in physics in Germany had determined that VHV, very high voltage systems, done in a certain resonant field could result in so called electromagnetic gravitic effects. The lifter affect that has been described what you see in UFOs. They also can create what's called a space time bubble around an object so that you can correct for one G. This is how these objects are traveling at multiples of what any aerodynamic physics would describe and can make right hand turns without killing the occupants. Around this same time, there was in the 1940s and the late 1930s, a number of UFO sightings. This included the so-called Foo Fighters. Yes, it's a famous rock group; however, the Foo Fighters took their name from the reports of these objects seen in the theater of WWII that were flying around our aircraft. We thought it was a secret weapon of the Nazis. The Nazis thought it was a secret weapon of ours. There is Jimmy Doolittle, the famous general. His nephew is a dear friend of mine, and he has testified that General Doolittle was sent by FDR over to the European Theater in WWII, investigated the Foo Fighters, and came back and told Roosevelt and I quote, "They are interplanetary vehicles." So by then there began a classified program and which was augmented further by events as mentioned in 1941, and then, of course, the famous Roswell event. Those events led to as Philip Corso describes, the reverse engineering program. As you all know, from the famous Wilbur Smith document of 1951 from Canada, it talks about that flying saucers exists, but there's a high-level team headed up by Dr. Vannevar Bush that is studying the quote "modus operandi" of these vehicles. These were the most brilliant scientists: Edward Teller, Oppenheimer and others. Hermann Oberth, amongst others, who were in this team studying how extraterrestrial vehicles move. In October of 1954, a key date I want the committee to remember, we have actionable intelligence from someone who has worked in the National Security Agency and has been in the vault. All of this went deep black because they figured out at that point gravity control. So since 1954, October of that year, we have not needed rockets, jets, internal combustion engines and surface roadways between cities. I say this with authority that this is the case. Eventually, these breakthroughs in human discovery were complemented by the study of the extra-terrestrial materiel that were retrieved from these events. And contrary to most people's thoughts, the Roswell event was actually a downing of an extraterrestrial vehicle by a electromagnetic system that was hidden in a radar dome that was switched on; and this is in an FBI document that I can provide for the committee and is on the flash drive given to the Congress. The result ultimately was that there were trans dimensional physics that began to be studied that deal with the nexus between electromagnetism, energy generation, anti-gravity and consciousness. And we have discovered that there is a nexus and that in fact, there are electromagnetic systems that have been developed that can interface directly with what we call coherent thought; the same way that you can interface with a system with lasers which is coherent light where you sync up all the wavelengths. Ultimately, these breakthroughs were paralleled with amazing developments in the biological sciences and the experimentation with cloning, and this began many years earlier than was reported from Dolly the sheep in Scotland. This goes a little beyond what I think what this committee wants to look into. However, you need to understand that the technologies that we have and we were discussing are not theoretical. We have actionable intelligence that any committee in Congress or executive action can find regarding current operations. And I just want to go through a list of them very quickly of these facilities and corporations for which we have witnesses who can be subpoenaed by the committees of the Congress. This was developed at the request of Congressman Christopher Cox of Orange County and with whom I met and was later further developed for the briefing that we put together for President Obama. These facilities are the Edwards Air Force Base and subsections where on at the dry lake bed where the Lockheed Skunk Works operations, Haystack Butte, China Lakes, George Air Force Base, and the closed Norton Air Force Base where an antigravity device so-called alien reproduction vehicle for which we have schematics was seen by Frank Carlucci and others on our witness team, Tabletop mountain, and Blackjack Control. The aerospace facilities there are the Northrop Anthill Facility, Tejon Ranch, the McDonnell Douglas Alano plant, Lockheed Martin Helendale plant, and the Philips lab. At the Nellis Air Force facility so-called Area 51 no one calls it that, there's S 4 and S 12, Pahoot Mesa Groom Lake, and a number of sub facilities. The most important facility is in Utah near Provo, the Dougway Proving Grounds all of which is underground and the airspace above it is classified. There are no roads into this facility. The New Mexico facilities include Los Alamos National Labs with underground connectors to the so-called dulce area where the biological work is been done, and Kirkland Air Force Base. And the complex there includes Sandia National Laboratories, Phillips labs, Monsanto Mountain Weapons Storage Facility, Coyote Canyon, and the White Sands complex. In Arizona, near Fort Huachuca, which is army intelligence headquarters, there is a UGB, underground base, where one of our witnesses who will testify worked on nine separate extraterrestrial vehicles that had been downed through advanced electromagnetic pulse weapons, and there are several different species of extraterrestrial biological stored at that facility. The other facilities -- and this goes on -- include a special compartmented area of Cheyenne Mountain where we have witnesses in our team who can be subpoenaed where that we have tracked extraterrestrial vehicles in our solar system that were measuring 26 miles in diameter. There are also facilities in Australia, a key one being Pine Gap, the so-called Alice Springs facility which is mostly a US Air Force facility even though it is in Australia. I recently talked to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia about this. Also the Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center. We have a scientist at the Redstone Arsenal who works under contract for ITNT who have developed these trans dimensional systems. He was under contract with my project to bring these energy devices out, and he was then threatened by a former CIA director and what I call the goon squad that went down there three years ago in March. This is just part of the information we have, and this information is on the flash drive given you're all welcome to review. Thank you.

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