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What Youth?, Hour 1, 10 August 2021

What Youth?

Part 1
10 August 2021

Transcribed by Nan

Bob 3:22
Is that you, Bert?

Bert 3:22

Bob 3:24
Okay. So we'll hold Jean and Ginney for after Bert. Let's see what Bert CBGB covered from the Milky Way evaporating. How's it goin' Bert?

iON 3:33

Bert 3:36
Pretty good, Bob.

Bob 3:38
Pretty good? There's no problem?

Bert 3:41
No, actually I saw something yesterday on TikTok that was pretty alarming.

Bob 3:47
Uh oh. Yeah, iON told me. [chuckles] Anyways, we're always monitoring you, Bert. Every monitor you do of us, we monitor you twice as much.

Bert 3:58

iON 4:00
Bertron! Bertron! They're trying to put the LoJack on your ass. That's what they tryin' to do. [Bob, Carolyn laugh]

Bert 4:06
Yeah. Okay. But actually, that a good thing if you're talkin' about Carolyn and Bob.

iON 4:11
They don't care -- yeah, they don't care where you go. They just want to know where you land. They don't care where you go. They just want to know where you land.

Bert 4:18
Yeah, yeah. iON, I have a few questions, but I can just do one big one.

iON 4:25
No, no, no. You can play this anyway you want to. Now look. Now you've been stretched. You're like the, the Stretch Armstrong. Remember the Stretch Armstrong that had the goo in it, that had the syrup in it?

Bert 4:44
Yes, I do.

iON 4:39
You just stretch and stretch and stretch it. You know it well. Well, you've been stretched just a little bit and you sort of have a new take on things. Now listen, let's make this easy. We said a lot of stuff. All right? A lot of stuff. We said a whole lot of stuff. We've kind of developed stuff, we've encouraged stuff, we softened stuff. We try to think things that are very important sometimes we dim down because that's not where people need to focus on. You know, if you're starving to death, you don't need to worry about the tread on your tires of your car if you're starving to death. So, you have to focus or prioritize the details, like how far are you from the 33rd parallel. That's more important than if you have enough ReStructure to last till next Tuesday.

Bert 5:41

iON 5:41
So, that's what we're running into in this window. Now, the world has been burning since the world's been turning, and now what's happening is you fellow hunkerdowners, now this is the hour that you were broached regarding. This is what all this bullshit when we was talking bullshit for all these time, do this, do that, do this, do that. Now all of a sudden, they started to show up and everybody's shocked.

Bert 5:18
Does that relate to what I saw on TikTok yesterday, iON, in the clouds?

iON 6:10
Yes, but develop it. It is but develop it because nobody else knows that. Because see, what happens is things come up and they get taken down immediately because you still have a Tech Body that has an erection that would love to fuck y'all to death! I mean to death. They got no, they're not taken any -- here, here, here, here, here. Yeah, yeah. They're not takin' any prisoners now. You think you fucking with some'um? They're takin' no prisoners. It's on like Donkey Kong. You think you're, Mario Cuomo and you're gonna do some'um? Heh, heh. Do it baby. Do it, do it, do it. You need to lay it down. You lay it down, and then you see what you're gonna do. Okay, okay. So, tell them what you saw and then we'll develop it a little bit.

Bert 6:57
Okay, just a little preamble. iON, that explains, also, I found two interesting videos on TikTok that disappeared. But I'll speak about that on Saturday, but they disappeared within 24 hours. Very interesting.

iON 7:10
That's right. Many of them. Many of them are. Many of them are cuz see, people seeing things. They notin' things, they're bumpin' into things, but they sayin', and the Tech Body says, Oh, hell no. No, you know, you know, you lay your ass, you set your bitch ass down. You're not gonna do nothin'. We run this. We run this! We'll show you what you can see and can't see. But now, the teasers are fun because now at this rate and level of the game, you can ask Germaine. Nobody believes nothin'. Nobody. Let's see, how does that work? How many double negatives makes a positive? Nobody knows nothing or anything? Everybody knows nothin'. No, wait. No, wait. No, we don't even know. It doesn't make any sense to us. Grammatically it's fucked up. But it's -- but nobody knows nothin'. Kind of like Vestal's I wouldn't take nothin' for my journey now. Or you would take something? [laughs] See how it rubs? But that's where the people are at this point. But they're starting to see, they're starting, they're starting to be slowly, gradually introduced into the system. Remember the boiling of frogs? Well, you're seeing little dots of this gettin' you into the cold water so they can turn the gas on real slow and make you comfortable. Make you happy, to take care of your creature comforts till you're boiling in a nice bath of frog soup.

Bert 8:44
Okay, iON, I found an interesting video on TikTok and it's maybe two minutes. I don't know, I couldn't put a timer on it.

iON 8:57
Everything's 30 seconds, no more than three minutes.

Bert 8:59
It's within that.

iON 9:00
Otherwise, if you can't nut, if you can't nut in three minutes, you're not allowed to fuck on the Ticky Tok.

Bert 9:07
Right. Well, anyway, there was this interesting -- someone was in a field, and they were taking a picture of the clouds, and the cloud

iON 9:15
Geographically, this was the spirit. This is very important. Geographically, this was shot where? What part of Floridia?

Bert 9:24
Oh, man. Let me look real quick.

iON 9:32
That's a good idea.

Bert 9:33
Yeah, I know.

iON 9:34
That's a good idea. That's a good idea. 'Cause it's important 'cause everybody thinks Florida is like a delicious, wonderful place. And if you notice if you listen to us, we don't talk much about it. You know what that means? We don't say much plus or minus about it, do we?

Bert 9:54
No, you don't. You outlined that for us. It's kind of a hot spot. I'm looking.

iON 9:59
Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach. Come on, let's give it to you. It's Cocoa Beach.

Bert 10:03
Okay, Cocoa Beach, Florida. And someone looked, they're on the, they're standing on the beach and they're looking inland, and they focus on the clouds. And

iON 10:16
What it looks like, what it looks like, it looks like a cirrus bank in a cumulonimbus building like a, like a thunderstorm kind of a thing. Now like you've seen that in airplanes when you're flying it will build, build, build like a thunderhead. And sometimes the light dances off of it, you can see things and it's kind of fun when you're on the topside. But this is different. You're like looking from the ground into it. Now, go ahead.

Bert 10:41
And you look up and the cloud appears that it's pulled down. And up in the middle of it looks like pistols from a flower. I mean, there's multi colors; red, orange, -- but it looks like flowers.

iON 11:03
Arms or spires, spires. Those are just giving you a little idea of what's to come.

Bert 11:12
Okay, what was that, iON?

iON 11:15
That was an alien ship.

Bert 11:17
That was an alien ship!

iON 11:20
Camped over Cocoa Beach. What's in Cocoa Beach? Did you never watch I Dream of Jeannie? Don't you know what's in Cocoa Beach?

Bert 11:32
No, no, I do not, iON. I have no idea.

iON 11:35
Right there at Cape Canaveral.

Bert 11:36
Cape Canaveral. Okay, I didn't know Cape Canaveral was -- okay. That was an alien ship. Boy.

iON 11:46
Just parked. Just sittin'. Just watchin'. And they're gonna make it, it's gonna get more and more and more relevant. And before it would be obsequious. Now, now, now we're gonna start this goddamn Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria story again, and y'all sick of that. Y'all heard it till you're purple! Pardon, Bob. You're purple to hear it. But you don't know what it looks like so you can't see it. You never saw a ship in the water before so you can't see it. You never saw a ship in the cloud so you can't see it. But they're gonna get you used to it and used to it and used to till then the masses start to notice that there is an invasion afoot, and it's not from Spaniards and Nicaraguans and Sandinistas creeping over the Rio Grande.

Bert 12:37
Okay, that explains it because I looked at it. I looked at that thing six times. Okay? And then the more that I looked at it, it started looking like buildings, spires of a building. But that was an alien ship? Boy, boy, television

iON 12:50
A large -- look. Look, now see, here's the thing. Here's your blessing. Your blessing is high def. Your curse is high def. 'Cause see, your eyes would have never been able to see that. But the digitized version, the thing the Tech Body is gonna use to tear that ass up is the same thing you can catch it at. You see, the blessing is the curse, and the curse is the blessing. You see? Hi def is a marvelous thing. You can see somebody and just up close real live and touch 'em. The bad news is it'll show the space between your teeth and the slits between your eyelashes. [laughs] And every hole, mole and sore eye hole that you've ever had, it will show it because the definition is so pure and clear. So, the plus is good and the minus is good. So that's what you got to deal with, you see. High def -- Vivian Lee would have never survived in a high-def world; she just wasn't that pretty.

Bert 13:34
Okay, iON, the natural question then is these are the guys gonna visit Bob?

iON 14:02
That's Scarlett. That's Scarlett O'Hara, you know, Vivian Lee. Well, it's several of them. There's gonna be ships on all the continents; there's gonna be in most big cities. Most big cities.

Bob 14:12
Yeah, they're the guys for me, Bert. I like their style. They're little like an old Edsel.

iON 14:16
An Edsel. He doesn't even know what a Studebaker, [Bob laughs] he doesn't even know what a Studebaker

Bob 14:25
Studebaker car. 1971. Zappa opera.

iON 14:25
He didn't know, he didn't know who Edsel Ford was for god sakes. It's an Edsel. He has no clue. He was just a kid.

Bob 14:33
Carolyn dated his mother for fuck sake.

iON 14:35
Yeah, yeah, yeah. The horseless -- Bob's still waiting on the horseless carriage to arrive. [Bob laughs] That's what he's waitin' on, the horseless carriage.

Bob 14:43
Yeah, they have a new invention, Bert. You can talk on the something into a box and the other guy can hear it a few feet away. [Bert chuckles]

iON 14:50
Yeah. It's made by the Dixie, it's made by the Dixie Corporation. They call it Dixie cups and the string man, the string man. Bob's very excited. And there's gonna be more. And there's gonna be more.

Bob 15:10
Hey, Bert, it feels like this. I'm standing outside the stadium and then this is what happens [crowd cheering/music] Here's the aliens carrying me! That's what it's gonna be like when I walk towards the ship, Bert. Very somber moment.

iON 16:19

Bert 16:19
Mmm. So, iON, this is very appropriate what you laid out on Saturday. That

iON 16:35
Yeah, yeah, it's startin'. It's startin'. And now before it was -- see, everybody would say like we'd tell Barb to move, and then she had time and time and time again. We can't do that; that don't work no more. Now we're out of that. Now you notice we've kind of almost regressed and we've become what they call, what you call the Dirty Santa. We've become Dirty Santa. We gave you everything you want but we're Dirty Santa. You could just, could just as easily get a lump of coal in your saddle or your whad'ya call your sock or your stocking, whatever that is. And it's gonna be a perfect Christmas everybody because this year when your kids, you can save a fortune for your Christmas shopping. You can tell your kids that Santa didn't survive the COVID outbreak. [laughs] You can save a fortune. You can say Santa didn't make it; he didn't, he wasn't vaccinated so he didn't make it. He passed, see if he expired. It's crazy. Father Christmas.

Bob 17:36
Hey, iON, who took the picture? Someone in the Department Homeland Security who knew it was coming or just an accidental phaser?

iON 17:48
No, it was a leaker. They knew, they were told.

Bob 17:50
It was a leaker. See, Bert? See where I push it and get an extra dimension? The damn fuckin' leak. I took it.

iON 17:56
There's gonna be more. There's gonna be more of those because see, then what happens is like they say, the only -- ask Maggie. The only difference between a conspiracy theory and the cold, hard truth is about six months.

Bob 18:13
Yeah, that's pretty good. Bert, what's the difference between a prostitute, a lover and a wife?

iON 18:20
Oh, there you go. [Bob laughs] Bert knows that. Bert heard that.

Carolyn 18:26
Is this a test?

Bob 18:27
It's a test for Bert.

iON 18:30
It's a test to see if he's paying attention. Ginney knows. [Bob chuckles]

Bert 18:37
Ah, the prostitute says faster, faster.

Bob 18:41

Bert 18:43
The whore says

Bob 18:44
No, the lover. The next one's the lover.

Bert 18:47
Says deeper, deeper.

Bob 18:49
Deeper, deeper.

Bert 18:50
And the wife says we need new ceiling or something like that.

iON 18:56
Paint the ceiling.

iON 18:57
The ceiling. No, no, the ceiling could use a good coat of paint.

Bert 18:59
Okay. I totally get it.

iON 19:00
[laughs] That's pretty good, Bob. Okay, everybody! Everybody go to your bunkers now. Go to the emergency exit. [Bert chuckles] Go to the lowest part of your house.

Bob 19:17
Bob told a joke.

iON 19:18
Bob remembers scriptures. Bob is quoting repeated jokes. [Bob laughs] They weren't even that good. He's bringing them up and executing almost flawlessly a ridiculous joke; it's ridiculous. That'll prove it! There's your sign. Y'alls were waitin' on a sign. When do we do it? Now it's over.

Bert 19:43
iON, you told a ridiculous joke. iON, you said it was ridiculous, but you told it.

iON 19:51
Oh, yeah, but that makes no nevermind. That Bob is quoting it by rote, that's what's significant here. Makes no difference the joke.

Bert 20:01
Right. right. Wow. Oh, well, iON,

iON 20:06
There's gonna be more of those. There's gonna be more of those, and there's gonna be other bumps and issues. Did you enjoy your trip to ITER?

Bert 20:19
Oh, you want to talk about that, iON? I'm still look -- that is, ITER is

iON 20:27
You were there. You were there.

Bert 20:31
That was, that was Tuesday or Wednesday -- no, it was Monday. Monday, Monday night. Monday morning. No, Monday

iON 20:41
Listen, listen to him, Bob. Listen to him. Listen to him. Listen to him.

Bert 20:45
Hey, iON,

iON 20:46
Time escapes you, huh?

Bob 20:49
Hey, Bert. Bert, these pictures that are gonna be released, it's Bob gettin' the world ready for his album, his new album release. [Bob, Bert chuckle] A new album is comin' out.

iON 21:00
He's gonna be, he's gonna be bigger -- Simone says he's gonna be bigger than Jesus! He's gonna be bigger than Jesus. [Bob laughs]

Bert 21:06
Well, for sure. For sure. For sure. iON, can -- I'm not really big prepared to speak about ITER, but I could tell you that's, that's a huge -- is that an offshoot of CERN?

iON 21:22
No, no, listen. It's an inversion of CERN. Listen, where did they come up with it? They did it in less than a year. Where did this information come from? This is the thing that we're talking about. It sets these -- now, that's a bunch of bullshit, ITER, but you saw it. You saw it. You looked at it. You looked at the layers, -

Bert 21:41
It's huge. Huge.

iON 21:41
- you went well, and then the cov -- look at the covering. And it's all -- look here. The whole thing is based on an electro what? Magnetic field. We all know that's fleeting, that's going away. That's not this conversation. That that can be contained from a frequency aspect from what? Neutrinos that are captured, explains the details or it's basically a way to do the snow globe version of the AL2(SO4).

Bert 21:50

iON 22:01
What the snow globe is. Well, what do you mean, really? It's gotta be contained.

Bert 22:22
Okay, well, that -- oh, boy, okay. We'll talk Saturday about the neutrino thing 'cause there's something big about that. But anyway, that they're using deuterium and tritium in that.

iON 22:33
Tritium. Yeah. Carolyn's got buckets of that; she uses it all the time. She makes poultices out of them. And plasters. She's very frequent with it.

Bert 22:46
Okay, iON, sit back real quick. You said, they created that in a year?

iON 22:50
Less than a year. The information just kind of came out of the blue; qu'est-ce que c'est the blue. Or maybe it was the purple. And that's, that's okay. Don't trip. Listen, listen, don't trip. They gotta have a taste. They gotta have a taste. They're not gonna do nothin' with it. It ain't gonna amount to nothin'. It ain't nothin'.

Bert 23:09

iON 23:09
But what y'all working with, listen! What y'all working with can't be! Until some motherfuckers say, "Well, I said I can do this. And this is all -- everybody knows that. Bliddle, bliddle, bliddle, bliddle, bliddle." Then they accept it 'cause otherwise they'll have it and won't use it. You have a cherry pitter in your house?

Bert 23:30
No, I do not.

iON 23:32
Okay. Most folks don't. But if you had one, we'd say when's the last time you used it? You'd say like 1935, 1977. You know, you buy cherries pitted for God's sake. So, it becomes an obsolesced issue. The same thing with this technology that's comin' along here. Okay?

Bert 23:55
So, you're saying it's already obsolesced what they're creating?

iON 24:00
Correct. But where did it come from? Nobody knows. How did it get here? Nobody knows. We just showed up out of the blue. Boom, boom, boom, boom,

Bert 24:07
But iON, from what -- I'm still looking at that from what I saw, and

iON 24:15
Go to, go to and go through their shit. And then look here! Look here. Look here. These some ballsy motherfuckers!

Bert 24:26
35 countries.

iON 24:25
Look at what they actually say. Look at what they actually say. And nobody's heard of it. Nobody knows anything about it.

Bert 24:34

iON 24:35
Now all of a sudden, now it becomes the "the thing." And now that's a reverse of CERN.

Bert 24:44
But in a year, iON. Okay, CERN had parallel worlds so do they, were they helped by the aliens? Because to build such a facility within a year,

iON 24:54
This will become, this will become a star. See, we talked to you till we're purple in the face about -- what did we talk about? Plasma, plasma fields, the details of what is and why nobody has been on the moon and why the moon is not what you think it is.

Bert 25:13
Oh, yes. You lectured on something

iON 25:15
And the times are a little different. They're a little different. We've gone through this you know, oh, everything a rabbit can do to a stump. It's fine. That doesn't matter. That becomes a dot. That becomes a dot. When you go, Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. So what's gonna happen is people gonna quit talkin' about what we have said that hasn't come to foot yet. They're gonna start knockin' off the things that are on the way cuz it's gettin' really fast. We're sorry about all of our New Zealanders.

Bert 25:44
That's incredible that they did that in a year.

iON 25:46
Sorry about our poor, poor New Zealanders. Our poor New Zealanders.

Bert 25:52
Something happened in New Zealand, iON?

iON 25:55
Yeah, we're sad about that. We did tell 'em though.

Bert 26:01
Can you share what happened in New Zealand?

Bob 26:03
I got the monopoly. I got a monopoly on that one.

Bert 26:09
It was a series. It was a series of unfortunate events.

Bob 26:11
There was an earthquake, Bert. And a million people died. And they shut down all communications to the island.

Bert 26:17

Bob 26:18
Nobody knows. Yeah, nobody knows what happened. We wonder if Andrew Crystall survived.

Bert 26:24

iON 26:26
They asked us that. They asked us that, and you know what we said? Who? [laughs]

Bert 26:35
Hey, iON, if I recall, when you first outlined when Bob was supposed to meet the aliens, you kind of gave the geographic location somewhere around New Zealand. Did I hear wrong?

Bob 26:50
Yeah. The very first time he mentioned it to me. You're going to meet 'em in New Zealand. That's right.

Bert 26:55
Yeah. Okay. Good. All right.

Bob 26:57
What was that about, iON?

Bert 26:58

iON 26:59
Same thing. That's the case.

Bob 27:04
That's where it's gonna be. Yeah, I forgot about that, Bert. That was a couple of years ago.

Bert 27:08
Yes. Yes.

iON 27:09
See? See? See? See? See? See? See, Bert? See? See?

Bob 27:16
[chuckles] Short-term memory, Bert.

Bert 27:17
I say some things for long-term.

Bob 27:22
We're just talkin' along about something. I think it was in a private session and all of a sudden, maybe New Zealand came up and he said, Well, Bob, that's where you're gonna meet the aliens. And I go, what?

Bert 27:31
Yeah, something like that. Yes, that's right.

Bob 27:32
No, that's something. That's how it happened! He just said it casually and I said, what? He says you're gonna meet the aliens and I don't know if I asked anymore, but he didn't say anything. That was it. I sat with that for a year.

iON 27:43
So what you're watching now is called Euratom. Euratom.

Bob 27:52
How do you spell ITER?

iON 27:53
I-T-E-R. Like, like Iter. Like Iter Mae. You know Iter Mae. You played that song before. Iter Mae. Li'l Liza Jane. Iter. Remember Iter?

Bob 27:53
ITER dot com?

iON 28:00
I-T-E-R dot org. Dot org.

Bob 28:13
Is this the main -- so ITER dot com or some'um else?

iON 28:18
Dot org. DOT ORG!

Bob 28:20
Dot org. It's org, Carolyn. That's what you have to say. Org. Not yell. Look it up! Just say org.

Bert 28:26
iON, how do you spell Euratom? You said we're looking at Euratom. Does that mean New Zealand or what's going on at ITER?

Bob 28:32
It says unlimited energy, Bert! Who are these fuckers? [iON spells Euratom in background] Is this my Cold Play? This is Cold Play. Those fuckers, they didn't tell us. Heads will roll, Bert.

iON 28:45

Bert 28:46
Thanks, iON.

Carolyn 28:46
(in background) We're missing the spelling, Bob.

Bob 28:47
What do you mean we're missing the spelling? [Bert chuckles]

iON 28:51
No, Bob. E-u-r-a-t-o-m. It's not, Bob. This is based on magnetism. Yours is not based on magnetism. That's why we say it wasn't gonna last. It's magnetic technology; that's not gonna last. But you have to have, you have to prove that the point is the case so that you can now undo it. You have to, you have to present Newtonian physics to prove that it is not appropriate. See?

Bob 28:53
Right. Okay, so how do you spell that? Am I looking at it, Bert? It's

Bert 29:22

iON 29:22
Yes, Bob.

Bob 29:22
I'm looking at it. Well, what's this other spelling EU stuff?

iON 29:34
That's, that is, that is the corporation that laid into -- that's where the -- where it came from.

Bert 29:41

Bob 29:42
Where ITER came from. So how do you spell it, Carolyn? E-u, [Carolyn spells it] Euratom.

iON 29:51
No, no, no, no, that's just the name of it.

Bob 29:55
Well, that's European Atomic Energy Community.

iON 29:59

Bert 30:00

Bob 30:02
Okay, so they sponsored this. And they're claiming they got free energy or unlimited energy?

iON 30:07
Well, as long as magnetism lasts. They sure do.

Bob 30:12
Ah. Should I send them an email? Just go, "as long as

iON 30:18
No no, no, no no. Let 'em spin what they spin.

Bob 30:21

iON 30:22
Yeah. See, 'cause what they gotta realize is what -- here's what they're perfecting. It's called a tokamak. A tokamak.

Bob 30:29
I know that word. That's the big -- that's big fusion. That's hot fusion.

iON 30:33
Yeah, yeah. Well, that's what they're proving and that's why you have to have all of this protection. But in the right world you don't have to have all that. See, you're talkin' about 500 megawatts.

Bob 30:50
So, we're in the right world, Bert.

Bert 30:58

iON 30:58

Bob 30:58
They got a statement. They got a statement about the Coronavirus at the top of their site. What are they trying to do, go beyond their field of discipline? It's a two-decade research program. Ours is only about six months. [laughs] It took six months or less, Bert, to make ours.

Bert 31:16
[chuckles] Well. Oh, boy.

Bob 31:22
So, they know about us, right, iON? They know we're the competition, right?

iON 31:27
You're not competition. They see you as a god, Bob.

Bob 31:31
[chuckles] Okay.

iON 31:35
Didn't they send, didn't they send their money to see the virgins, Bob?

Bob 31:39
Yeah, they sent their $30 in. That's right.

iON 31:45
Now here's what you need to look at. You need to look at the magnet, you need to look at the vacuum vessel, you need to look at the blanket, you need to look at the diverter, and you need to look at the cryostat; that's important. You got to know those different points.

Bert 32:01
Yeah, I saw that.

iON 32:01
Okay, make sure. Make sure that that's, that they make a vacuum. Nothing can last or create itself in a vacuum. So, they make it stupid cold and they use superconducting magnets blah blah blah blah blah. And that's how they're able to do this blah blah thing. Okay? And it's not gonna work, but it's the example so when you come back and say, Oh no! You don't need the Whale Willis to do it like that. You need to put a rope on a bucket and crank it. And then you can wind it up and then the torque that you turn it will draw the water out of the goddamn well! You don't have to have a tokamak to work that out! Come on now! Everybody knows that.

Bob 32:46
[laughs] That's me. That's me when I show up, Bert. You should see the rope for frig sake. They don't need twenty-two decades worth of backup.

iON 32:54
And then Bob the good, the good, the actual JR Bob Dobbs, -

Bob 32:58
The good reactionary.

iON 32:58
- he's gonna be sellin' 'em, he's gonna sell them chances on the thing that they've already created. [Bob laughs] He's gonna sell them their own, their own borrowed technology. It's gonna be great.

Bob 33:10
[laughs] I'll put out a little piece of paper and say, See, boys, I own this fuckin' thing. [laughs]

iON 33:20
Cuz see, look. What you need to find out at the end of the conversation when you ask questions about this, your question should include ITER plasma. That's what's important.

Bert 33:29

iON 33:31
You've asked questions

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