Sunday, August 21, 2022

Bob’s Private Session Transcript, 2 August 2022


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 0:00
So, if you're saying Watchers are aliens or even Koathanites, is MJ, accused of being a Watcher, a Koathanite?

iON 0:10
No, he's not. He's a half-breed. He's miscegenated.

Bob 0:15
Okay. And are you saying that all Watchers as shown in Fringe, those characterizations of it, those Watchers are real Watchers, they're all Koathanites and aliens. Does that apply?

iON 0:30
Pure. They're, they're purebred, purebred Koathanites. They're pure.

Bob 0:31
Right. Were they

iON 0:39
Now, we will go in, we can go into those details, but you don't wanna do that right this second because there's no reason to put these in compartments right now. Because it'll just confuse you. You're just now figuring out the goodies from the baddies, so, we don't want to say that there's types of goodies and types of baddies. So, go soft with your specifics just yet.

Bob 0:59
Right. But, but I've -- so basically, I've learned that the aliens that are coming, we call them the new aliens, are my Koathanite buddies from back in the day when I was with Moses and all that.

iON 1:13
Of course. Yeah, yeah.

Bob 1:15
So they know, they're coming back to see their friend, Bob. And Bob has this other thing going on they're interested in.

iON 1:22
They're trying to, we're trying to work it out. They entrusted you to pull this off, Bob. No one else be willing to do it. Who's gonna talk to, who's gonna talk to a Pintuin to get to where they want to go? They wouldn't do that.

Bob 1:37
Right. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so I have a statement from iON cobbled together: All resident aliens are Koathanites. Does that mean that the Pentagon aliens are Koathanites?

iON 1:50
If they're resident aliens, yeah. But all of them aren't resident aliens. Some of them -- just 'cause they're aliens doesn't mean they're resident aliens.

Bob 2:00
Oh, so what is a resident alien as opposed to a Pentagon alien that's not a resident alien?

iON 2:05
We didn't say. We didn't say. We're not going to just yet because there's a reason. Because we've just as we said, we don't want to confuse the position so that you start segregating if you're a good one or a bad one or an over, an under, or a lefty or a righty. You got hands, that's the only point.

Bob 2:24
Okay, so, so the the resident aliens are Koathanites, and some of them could be among the Pentagon aliens. Right?

iON 2:34

Bob 2:35
It might be among them as well as other places. Okay. So, the Bible prophecy of the aliens coming out of the Eastern Gate that's in the Bible somewheres, -

iON 2:47

Bob 2:47
- that was, yeah, that was written by Opheniel or someone close to Opheniel who knew about the Koathanites, knew they'd be coming back.

iON 2:57
It was a scriber. It was a scriber. It was a scriber, and then that goes through the hat[?] foundations. You see what I'm saying? The same thing is true with like where did Nostradamus get all his insights? Okay?

Bob 3:10

iON 3:10
He watched what was going on around him and then he applied it. Not only in this realm, but in potential other realms. And so then he had some queerdo, queero, weirdo words, not enough to offend Catherine de' Medici[!], -

Bob 3:10

iON 3:25
- but right up to that level of them quatrains. Everything he could so that he became a "seer." And all he was doing was noticing the different fruits of the loom.

Bob 3:37
He noticed the aliens? He could see them?

iON 3:39
He knew the reference had to be something; he didn't call them aliens. But he could call the, call it out the bill of particulars from the obvious. It's like, "Oh, my God, the sun came up today. The sun came up today." Well, the sun comes up everyday. "You know, I've been noticing that. That's odd." [Bob chuckles] It's funny, you see. So, for him, it becomes the obvious. And now what you make of him speaking of, is that the sea of the East is gonna swallow the dragon of the West and all this kind of stuff. And that's what he sees. And everybody else is goin', "Dragons gettin' swallowed by the East? What? No way." [Bob chuckles] See what I mean? That the esoteric, the esoteric was for him became the sublime.

Bob 4:23
Right. So how was he seeing things? Were the aliens presenting a hallucination right in front of him that he could watch like a vision?

iON 4:30
They weren't. They're not hallucinations, they're fruits of the loom. They're fruits of the loom.

Bob 4:35
They were visions. So, were they

iON 4:37
No. Don't say that. Don't say that. You don't even know -- okay, what's a vision? You don't even know what the fuck a vision is. Don't use words you don't know what they mean.

Bob 4:45
Yeah, it's a mind -- it's a mental image.

iON 4:47
No! No, no! No, it is not a mental image. He's not that smart. He's not that smart. No. It's he notices the environ and he sees things are different. Like, you're very detailed. Like when we're havin' conversation, nobody's gonna blow smoke up your skirt tail 'cause you're gonna ask them to death. They're gonna yield the position before you get through with them. And we like that! We not mad about that. That's good. The point is, you're very thorough. And if Bob understands it, by God, everybody can understand it. [Bob chuckles] You see? And that's good because you're, you're a crafter. You ask every syllable, you ask everything. What do you mean? Who are you talking about? What are they saying? What did you say they said? Who was speaking to whom? [Bob chuckles] Those things are very specific 'cause you get the full, full grammatical picture; you get a word picture.

Bob 5:39

iON 5:39
Okay, that word picture is not some vision that you see, that's actually understanding and embracing the actual blow by blow, play by play of what's being presented. All Nostradamus did was being very focused on what was being, quote, presented. And he looked at it from the big pictures, and he didn't see the spider, or the web, or the fly. He saw what the spider web was attached to. Why did it choose that place rather than another place?

Bob 5:39
Did he do this -- here I am asking a detailed question. Did he do this by doing what I do, asking questions of somebody?

iON 6:15
Well, not asking questions of somebody, he didn't -- nobody would talk to him. They wouldn't allow 'em, they wouldn't allow 'em to talk to him because Catherine wanted all the words for her. He had a word to say. If they had a word to say, she wanted it, nobody else, because then they -- she was afraid like you that somebody was gonna get her iON, you see.

Bob 6:37
Get her "eye on"? Eye on. What would that be?

iON 6:39
iON. Get her Non-Physical.

Bob 6:42
Oh, an iON. An iON.

iON 6:44

Bob 6:44
Okay. She was afraid someone else would get a Non-Physical. So you're not explaining who did he, Nostradamus, talk to to get this information? If he's like me, he interrogates and gets the details. What did he do? And who did he do it with?

iON 7:03
He was just observant.

Bob 7:07
He could watch people in the court and what they were doing. And he would say, oh, this means that Bob in 500 years will be meeting with the aliens. How did he get that from observing things in the court? Was he observing me in the court?

iON 7:20
No. Just being obvious. He was lookin' at the difference. When you can answer the question of why the spider chose here to build its web to catch the fly to have his dinner, then you can understand that 500 years didn't mean anything. For him it wasn't 500 years, it was all return.

Bob 7:39
So he saw me doing stuff in the court. I was one of the people there. He was observing.

iON 7:46

Bob 7:47
So he was able to see the future right there in front of him 'cause there's no time, but other people don't do that. But he could do it. What gave him the ability to do that?

iON 7:59

Bob 8:02
Because I would talk to him or something? I created Nostradamus to place something back then that it would apply to this now.

iON 8:12
That you're wordsmithing left no other opportunity. You eliminated every other possibility. Naw, nuh, nuh, nuh. Who are you talking about? Yeah, which Nostradamus? No, no, no. Which Medici? Catherine de' Medici? [Bob chuckles] Uh, uh, she's (indistinct) Oh, okay. Okay. Not the Habsburg line. Not the Habsburg [Bob chuckles] The string theory. Ah, but not not, Not Cos -- but not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not "Cuizno." Not "Cuizno." Not "Cuizno." Nooo, Giovanni! Yes.

Bob 8:44
Not Mary of Teck.

iON 8:47
Oh, yeah. You don't -- be easy. Don't, don't you mess with Mary of Teck. She all right. Nothin' wrong with Mary of Teck. It's all good. But anyway,

Bob 8:55
I saw her. You sent, you sent Bert a TikTok on her. And it's like when Elizabeth was 10 years old or something. And so Mary of Teck is doing this funny, spirally wave.

iON 9:07

Bob 9:08
She would loop her hand like twice, but what was she doing there? What was she signaling? Like, where did she learn that? Why did she do it that way?

iON 9:15
Ah, no, no. She was -- because she was doing that from the standpoint of that she could wave but it was a backhanded wave. I'm not waving at you; I'm fanning myself and I'm jaging[?] myself. I'm making myself be presented to the back of the hand. Here you can, you can gaze the back of my hand.

Bob 9:34

iON 9:35
She was above it all. She was above it all.

Bob 9:37
Okay. Yeah, because there is a phrase in English: I know it like the back of my hand. So, she was doing that McLuhan point that indicates the phrase, I know it like the back of my hand, indicates mastery of the situation. So, she was showing the mastery of being above it all by showing mastery of the back of her hand.

iON 9:55
And I'm sure, and I'm sure Nostradamus had a quatrain made from that very segment right there that you'll find. And it's written. And it's kind of like, we go along. We got the Bible; we got it all done. Then we find the Dead Sea scrolls that were 5000 years before that, to say, oh, yeah, that was right. Oh, yeah, that is right. Oh, yeah. See the rub?

Bob 10:19
Okay. So what we have now, Nostradamus used to talk to me. And did he know me as Opheniel?

iON 10:28
Yes. Listen (indistinct).

Bob 10:31
And I would tell him what was gonna happen, and he'd write it down.

iON 10:35
No. No, no. No, fuck no. You were obviously doing your thing. He was listening to your words. He was putting your words into pictures, into sightedness.

Bob 10:50
And he knew -- he couldn't see the future, but my words indicated events in the future. So, he just wrote them down and made them mysterious and symbolic.

iON 11:03

Bob 11:03
Okay, so that's sort of like James Joyce, Finnegans Wake. Joyce knew what he was writing. He knew what things symbolized. But it's more complicated than the Nostradamus writings. But Nostradamus was doing the same thing. He was being a symbolist. He was taking Bob's simple statement of what was gonna happen, and he made it into a symbolic poem.

iON 11:03

Bob 11:23
Is that the way to say it? Yeah. So did I influence the Emerald Tablets? Did Opheniel have something to do with Opheniel Thoth in the Emerald Tablets?

iON 11:38

Bob 11:40
Okay. Was Opheniel involved with the aliens in dictating to Joyce, Finnegans Wake? Was I around for that action? Did I do the statements or did the -- some other aliens did?

iON 11:55
Mmm, see now you're tangling that up a little bit. You're tangling that up a little bit.

Bob 12:05

iON 12:06
You're talking about Baba, Baba Venga. That's Baba Venga.

Bob 12:11
He's the guy that worked with the aliens and dictated to Joyce Finneganese.

iON 12:17

Bob 12:18
Is that another me? It's another Bob?

iON 12:22
It's a she.

Bob 12:24
Yeah, am I that she?

iON 12:28
No. But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but it's where you got your -- some of your insights.

Bob 12:38
Right. So that would be -- she's a Koathanite who talked to me.

iON 12:42
Yeah, from Bulgaria.

Bob 12:45
Right. A lot of culture, like Shakespeare. Did he get dictated stuff?

iON 12:53
Yes. The world is but a stage. That not you 202 or your Tiny Note Chart. Fuck, that's Shakespeare, fatalism. Are you kiddin'? What are you talkin' about, Bob? Come on now.

Bob 13:04
Well did Opheniel dictate stuff to him?

iON 13:08
Yeah. He corrected him. Left him, left him little pearls. Threw the pearls before the swine. Yep.

Bob 13:17
Okay, did I interact with other cultures? Tibetans? The Muslim?

iON 13:20
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, the yaks.

Bob 13:27
[chuckles] So, the yaks. You mean the animals? The animals?

iON 13:30
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That's what people follow, yaks. They believe, they believe yaks, and the yaks have -- do certain things. [Bob chuckles] It's like a meaning; it's like a picture thing. So yeah, they know. Mm-hmm.

Bob 13:42
Okay, so everybody's gonna listen to this. I'll play it. And there's Bob claiming now he's everybody we ever studied in school! For fuck sake, come on, Bob. Why is iON doing this?

iON 13:53
Right. And you can find it. It's easy. It's Nostradamus, The Complete Prophecies for the Future. That was in the past for the future. You're like, well damn, it's easy to be right here right now and write a book about the past! No, you got it just now and wrote the book back then for now validating the position. Otherwise, he's a, he's a, he's a, he's a -- whad'ya call it when they're a fraud? Whad'ya call it? A charlatan! [Bob chuckles] Otherwise, he's a charlatan. But he was a little too right because he wrote good; he wrote the readin' right. He wrote the reading right.

Bob 14:28
But he got it from Opheniel or Baba, -

iON 14:32
Right now. Or you.

Bob 14:32
- the who was it?

iON 14:35
Or you.

Bob 14:35
It was me but Baba Venga was talking to Joyce. That was the Joyce scene.

iON 14:40
Baba. Baba.

Bob 14:42
Baba somebody. Yeah. Okay, so another preposterous statement that pisses everybody off. Bob did all this. You're sure? Yeah, Bob did this. iON's stringing them along. Okay, we'll go along with this. Play it and let them people handle it; let them discuss whether Bob is nuts or not.

iON 15:01
Tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em to download Les Propheties. That'd be good.

Bob 15:08
Okay. In French?

iON 15:11
No, in English. They can do it in English, it's available. L-e-s.

Bob 15:16
L-e-s like -- which is French for "the."

iON 15:20
Right. Les Propheties. That's the name of the book, Bob, but they have it in English.

Bob 15:27

iON 15:27
The name of the work is Les Propheties.

Bob 15:31
Yeah, it says that. Wikipedia: Les Propheties. And in brackets, "Les Propheties is a collection of prophecies by French physician Nostradamus, the first edition of which appeared in 1555." So you're saying people can buy Propheties. I know people can buy Nostradamus, so is there something special about this particular edition?

iON 15:48
No, but you don't have to buy it. You can download it for free and they can go blow by blow by blow and see what you're working with. And what the fuck you're doing. See what the fuck you're stealing. What you've undone. How you gonna give people eternal life and cut their arms and legs off. You know, Bob. You know the plan.

Bob 15:49
Okay. All right.

iON 15:52
[laughs] Oh well, yeah. You didn't have to, you didn't have to play that, you didn't have to play that for the recording. Yeah, that's nice. That's nice. That's nice. We get one little gig. We get one little gig going and you out it all, iON. You're gonna tell -- now this is funny. We're given, we're given the details on the private session on the private session! That's crazy. That's ruining, ruining everything, isn't it, Bob?

Bob 16:34
No, I don't get that. You're giving details. What, why are you squaring it and saying on the private session on the private session? What's that mean?

iON 16:41
Yeah, this is the private session. So, we're now giving details on the private session about the private session is what we accuse you of doing before the private session in the regular show. But now we're givin' details of the private session in the private session itself, which is kind of interesting talking about the

Bob 16:57
What details?

iON 16:59
Nostradamus comin' to now, gettin' information, writin' Ascend, [Bob laughs] Les Propheties that they're reading about now, that people can download now to see how (indistinct) he was then for right now. What's happenin' right goddamn now. [Bob laughs] That's the (indistinct) you're gonna see. Only Our Miss Brooks would get that.

Bob 17:18
Yeah. So you're talking about what you just -- you said what you said and it means somehow that Bob's talking about the private session in the private session? Well,

iON 17:28
Right! Right, right. Right. Right, right. And how did Nostradamus in 1522, how did Nostradamus in 1522 talk about the private session right here, right now!? [Bob laughs] And which quatrain it applies to.

Bob 17:40
So he does that? Which quatrain is that?

iON 17:43
Do you see? Do you see? Listen. Download it. You got a PDF, Bob. We're gonna work on PDFs this week. But it's off week, so you can download the PDF and you can find it on the 17th page.

Bob 17:57
I ain't lookin' at that shit. I'm not lookin' through it. I'm gonna go by what

iON 18:01
Ahh, well. Linda made a note now. No, well then, okay. So tell them to look on the 17th page and it'll be all right.

Bob 18:09
The 17th page of whatever the total number of pages is. The 17th page. Okay.

iON 18:14
[laughs] Yeah, that would be the one after 16, and the one just before 18.

Bob 18:19
[chuckles] Yeah, yeah. Okay. Next thing. I think you mentioned Jack Ruby was cloned in passing the other night during the show or in my private session, and it was blurred, but I think it was in a private session. I mean, in public. Was Jack Ruby cloned, and I was that clone? Is that what you were saying?

iON 18:44
We, we've blurred that 'cause we didn't want to cause a scandal, Bob.

Bob 18:47
Heh, heh. Yeah, you said that I, as Jack Ruby, shot Lee Harvey Oswald because I knew he knew.

iON 18:55
Right. Right, right.

Bob 18:57
Well, that

iON 18:58
Okay, but just leave that like that. Don't worry about the clone of a clone of a clone because now you're gonna mess up the storyline 'cause they won't buy that. But just leave it like that. And that's good enough. That's good. Just leave it like that.

Bob 19:11
But they're not gonna buy that Jack Ruby was me.

iON 19:11
Who gives a fuck? They ain't got no money to buy nothin'. Don't worry about it. They so poor, they can't pay attention let alone pay for something, Bob. So yeah, don't -- they get their money's worth. So yeah, no, it's enough.

Bob 19:25
Yeah. So what you're saying people have to deal with it in their own way. But you're saying the fact is Bob was involved with the Kennedy assassination and shot Lee Harvey Oswald. That's what you're saying. Bob as Opheniel?

iON 19:36
You shot JFK, you shot JFK, the clone. Yes.

Bob 19:39
I shot JFK also? I was the other (indistinct) [chuckles]

iON 19:42
The clone. The clone. The clone.

Bob 19:45
Yeah, I shot the clone 'cause I was part of

iON 19:48
Yeah, Lee Harvey Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald didn't shoot anybody. He didn't shoot anything. That's why you had to kill him.

Bob 19:54
[laughs] Okay, so I shot Kennedy. That's a new thing. Yeah, we got an exclusive, Carolyn. Carolyn's here but she's upstairs, but maybe she's listening. But that's pretty good. I shot, I shot the clone which didn't matter 'cause it was a clone.

iON 20:09
And JR. Right. And then JR Ewing started gettin' real popular then you ended up shootin' him too and blamed it on Kristin, Sue Ellen's sister.

Bob 20:19
[chuckles] Which character was I in Dallas?

iON 20:24
JR Ewing, silly.

Bob 20:27
And then I shot myself?

iON 20:30
No, you shot the character, JR Ewing, because he was gettin' more popular than JR Ewing.

Bob 20:36
Than I was.

iON 20:37
JR Ewing was gettin' more popular than JR Bob Dobbs, so you had to get rid of him. You had to get rid of him because he was gettin' too famous.

Bob 20:45
But he was me! I was playing me.

iON 20:47
I know. But it doesn't mean anything. So was Opheniel! And that didn't work good either. So yeah, calm down.

Bob 20:53
Opheniel what? What Opheniel did what that didn't work? What was that? What did he do that didn't work?

iON 20:58
He lost, he lost flavor. He was startin' to lose flavor. He no longer got (indistinct).

Bob 21:02
Okay. So, you're saying that I wrote the death of JW, JW Ewing in JR Ewing -

iON 21:09

Bob 21:09
- he's in the script.

iON 21:11
JR Ewing. Right.

Bob 21:12
Yeah, you saying that's how -- so I wrote the script. That's how you're saying I controlled that.

iON 21:16
Okay. See? You are like -- now what you're doing is you're gettin' it clear. What Nostradamus did was look and make a picture. He saw a picture and then he described a picture as best he could. And he had to put it in wordy words that they understood back then, with the wees and wahs and the woos and the thou.

Bob 21:36
Where did we -- now back to the vision. The hallucination. Where did he, how did he see a picture?

iON 21:42
Right here he's lookin' at it.

Bob 21:45
It would show up in front of him.

iON 21:45
Your words. When you have a, when you have a, when you get an explanation, when you get something explained to you, there's nothing left to the imagination. Nothing. Otherwise, you won't let it go. You'll keep asking until you get it clear no matter what it is. Even the most silly thing in the world that nobody gives a fuck about. [Bob laughs] No, no, which frigerator? You're talkin' about a frigerator, you're talkin' about a meat box. Which meat box? There's a lot of meat boxes. [Bob laughs] What door do you open to get to the cold part of the meat box? Now look, look. You're not gonna get away with this. We need to know exactly. Is there some place where you put things that are already cold? Or you put things that are gonna get cold? Is that what you're sayin'? Now wait now. Okay, okay, okay. You put hot things? [Bob laughs] No hot things, no. You put cold things in the cold box. Right? And then you put cold things in the oven, they become the hot thing, then you have to let it cool because it's too hot to eat. Is that cuz you put it back in the meat box or is it because we have a meat box? What happens if you don't have a meat box? Does everybody have a meat box? And is it cold? So all meat boxes cold so you have to plug them up. So if you unplug the meat box does it still stay cold? No. Well, what good is a meat box if it doesn't stay cold? [Bob laughs] Nostradamus can do a quatrain about, Nostradamus can do a quatrain about refrigid air refrigerators. He can do it. He can do a whole world on that, how the meat will last forever in the cold box, the box of cold. The box of cold.

Bob 23:23
Yeah, I can visualize something in my mind. Is that what you mean? And he had a vision, he had an image? It was just in his mind? In the mind, the blank screen of a black, black

iON 23:33
He didn't do that. He didn't do that. He didn't do that. He would see it. You actually see it. He would see it.

Bob 23:38
Well, wouldn't he see it out with his eyes open? He had his eyes open when he saw it.

iON 23:43
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he would see a cobweb in a window. Okay? And he would ponder why that cobweb was there. What was the spider contriving when he built his cobweb there? Was that where the best flies were? Where they were the best that he can snatch and his web? So he looked at that and he pulled the whole conversation out of the idiosyncrasies of that maybe doppelganger spider. He didn't know which the real spider was; it might have been a double. The doppelganger spider to calculate the details, especially hendiadys in a cobweb. That's pretty fucked up, Bob. Even you can't quite do that. Right, if that's not, if that's not the, if that's not the LaRouche quadrant, we don't know what is. [Bob laughs] Hendiadys of a cobweb.

Bob 24:31
You don't know what you're talking about. Don't bring up ideas that are phony.

iON 24:32
No! Of course not, of course not, of course not. But he could look at that cobweb and see it and get every detail about the refrigidaire, the refrigerator, the meat box. Every detail.

Bob 24:43
The future technology. The future technology.

iON 24:46
Yeah. How the spider got smart enough to know where to put the web.

Bob 24:52
Beg your pardon?

iON 24:52
How the spider was smart enough to know how the spider got the information, to know where to build the web.

Bob 24:52
So, I'd call that hallucinations.

iON 24:58
Why don't they put the meat box, why don't they put the meat box in the living room or in the upstairs? [telephone dings] Why don't they put it upstairs? It'd be easier if you just get up in the middle of night and get a drink it'd be good to have the meat box upstairs. Well, the fly knew that that would not be an appropriate place. So the spider knew to build the web to catch the spider in the most appropriate place which now predestines the meat box to go in the kitchen where you do the preparing of the food. Hey, Carolyn.

Carolyn 25:34
Hey, JW, iON.

iON 25:37
Girl, we tearin' it up tonight. We tearin' it up. Bob's undoing -- he so far undone the de' Medicis and undone Nostradamus. And Little Lord Fauntleroy will never be the same. He was invaded. Yeah, it was pretty sad. And then we've undone -- what else have we undone? We saved Chad, and we

Bob 25:58

iON 25:59
Oh, nothin'. Okay. Yeah, we did nothin'. It was busy, though.

Bob 26:02
Yeah. I'm still trying to find what or how Nostradamus -- what did he see? What's the quality of those vision? You're making an echo, so mute, Carolyn.

iON 26:10
He would see, he would see a bush. He would see a bush, he would see a bush and he would look at the details like you ask questions, Bob. And he would get so entwined in that visual thing, that words would flow out of him regarding the things he saw.

Bob 26:27
Words that flowed out of him, out of Nostradamus, out of himself had played visions.

iON 26:33
Details. No, details. No vision, it's no -- you're saying visions like it's something inside that wells up like a

Bob 26:41
You're now saying words that came to him. He would look at the spider and words would come to him.

iON 26:44
No! No, no, no, no. No! We're saying that he would look at the thing, a flower, a bush, a thing, and he would see it so completely, that he would be able to see what you say is the future in that thing! And he would write words regarding so explicit on that thing that it would now apply to right here. The sea shall fall, and the West will come and blah, blah, blah, all those things that he'd come up with, apply for now because he was giving uber attention to the details of the things he was seeing his eyes led him to see. Now, you do the same thing, Bob, but you do it with the wordsmithing, wordcrafting.

Bob 26:55

iON 26:56
You do the exact same thing, but you use words, not use vision, pictorial visions of things that come to you.

Bob 27:33
Yeah, I have it in my diary when I met TS Eliot. When I met TS Eliot and James Joyce I'd get these visions or flashes of the future.

iON 27:41
Oh, yeah, Right. Yeah. Don't bring your chart into this. You're not qualified to talk about your chart. You don't (indistinct). [laughs]

iON 27:58
[chuckles] Okay. Is Carolyn qualified? Is Carolyn qualified to talk about it?

iON 27:53
Oh, yeah, she's forgotten, she's forgotten at least as much about it as you have, Bob. That's for sure. And she can spell the big words good too, so that's nice. That's good. [chuckles]

Bob 28:02
[chuckles] Okay, so that was a lot of -- wonderful explanation. Much was learned, iON was delighted. Even was funny. Okay, so. Okay. So the Jack Ruby was cloned. That hasn't been clarified completely yet. You're not talking about that yet.

iON 28:27
Mm-hmm. Good.

Bob 28:28
Is Trudeau, Justin Trudeau's ex-wife. Is she aware of anything in her life? Or she just sleeps and tries to ignore what's going on?

iON 28:36
Oh, she's fine. She's fine. What's wrong with her? Nothin' wrong with her. She got out. She knew what, she knew what time it was, so she moved on. It's all good.

Bob 28:46
Well, is she interested in -- I mean a perspective on it or telling her friends what she knows? Just keeps it to herself?

iON 28:55
Why? Why would you? Why? She has status, she has place, she has money. She's good. Why, what's to talk about, Bob?

Bob 29:03
So what does she do? How does she spend her time?

iON 29:07
Well, she lounges, and she goes to the spa, and she gets her nails did. And she gets her face put on. And she goes to the beauty parlor, and she goes to the boutique, and she goes tags -- she loves to tag sale, going to tag sale.

Bob 29:22

iON 29:22
She loves to buy things, little trinkety stuff. And so she slipped into those kinds of things. She likes, she used to read but she says now her eyes are no good. Her eyes have left her, so she doesn't read anymore. She likes to travel a little bit, but now she's kind of like no, now she's unknown. She was known and now she's the great unknown. Now nobody gives her time a day that she can actually move around a little bit easier. But then, you know, it's like paparazzi aren't chasing her. See?

Bob 29:52
Right. But she, she had a yoga mat, did the yoga demonstration once for Justin on TV or something. Does she do yoga still?

iON 30:02
She, unlike you, she actually does her stretches. Yes. Unlike you, Bob.

Bob 30:06
But she doesn't go into her central nervous system and like monk do, years of sensory denial.

iON 30:14
Nah, she just doesn't wanna, she doesn't wanna get a champagne gut like Mary McLuhan.

Bob 30:21
Okay, so she's just concerned about her physique and how she looks.

iON 30:26
Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. You wouldn't know anything about that would you, Bob?

Bob 30:31
No. So listen to this. [iON laughs] Listen to this.

iON 30:38
Well, that's good to know. That's good to know.

Bob 30:41
Yeah. Angels are made up of argon. Have you said that?

iON 30:46
They have, they are, they, they are a constituency of argon. There is no place that there are angels that argon is not present.

Bob 30:58
So, it's not there as a chemist would see a substance in the body of the angels.

iON 31:04
Yes it would. Yes, it would. It'd be around them. Argon is a gas. It'd be around them.

Bob 31:10
Okay, so in the famous story of Jason and the Argonauts, is that a story of two angels?

iON 31:19
Uh-huh. [yawns] Uh-huh, of course.

Bob 31:21
So, Jason had angels working for him. That meant he controlled them? That's the only way angels cooperate, if you control them. Right?

iON 31:28
Just that, just that -- well, if, if you would bother to look at the Keys and Aethyrs one time, you might come to that conclusion too, Bob. Maybe you should be having a session with Carolyn. She could school you on this stuff.

Bob 31:42
Yeah, I know that. So, Jason and the Argonauts, is there other stories about angels and stuff in Greek mythology like the Jason and Argonaut story?

iON 31:52
Oh, basically all of mythology comes from that same place. It's where they can't explain it so they make it a demagogue and a gog and a god god and Bob and an unBob.

Bob 32:03
An aut. They make it an aut, an a-u-t. They make it an aut. So,

iON 32:04
That's correct, that's correct.

Bob 32:04
It's always interacting with angels, not aliens, or are they mixed and we couldn't tell the difference?

iON 32:17
What's the difference? You couldn't -- that's a, that's a great point, Bob. You're exactly right. Here's an angel. He didn't come from here. He wasn't born here. He was delivered here. He came from somewhere else. By definition, that's an alien, you see.

Bob 32:32
Because he didn't come from here. Right.

iON 32:35
Correct. That's right. So, by definition, right. But now there are aliens who are not angelic. They're still aliens.

Bob 32:44
Right. Okay.

iON 32:47
Good. Now, we keep sayin', we keep doing that over and over and over again, so we make sure that we're saying the words so that you get them, but you know that there is the differentiation. And now you want to talk about resident aliens and nonresident aliens and that kind of stuff. Okay, we can talk about that, but we don't want to use the energy to confuse you when we just now segregated the angels from the regular aliens. Because the aliens that you're gonna meet, and we promise you before a most sovereign God, Doctor Carolyn Dean, are NOT angelic. That's for sure. And if they are angelic, we're in t..rou..ble.

Bob 33:26
Did you just say a minute ago that some aliens are not angels? I think you said that in passing.

iON 33:32
Correct. That's correct. No, it wasn't passing. It was the case. Yeah. All angels are alien 'cause it didn't come from here. But not all aliens are angelic. You see?

Bob 33:45
Okay. [new subject] Is that what you mean that there's no time? We can alter it? We can make it slow; we can make it fast. That's why there is time, but you're leaving out the fact that we can alter it. And so you say there's no time, but there is time but we can alter it.

iON 33:58
No, there's not.

Bob 33:59
Their definition of no time. The fact that we could fucking alter it.

iON 34:03
You do all the time. We're not talking about timing.

Bob 34:15
Yeah. Is that what you mean there's no time? Because there's nothing constant?

iON 34:19
There is no time. Correct.

Bob 34:19
No, it's not that there is no time. There IS time.

iON 34:19
Yes. That's not true. That's not true. That's not true. That's true. It's constantly changing. That's what's constant. There is no constant, it's constantly changing.

Bob 34:24
Yeah! Okay. That's what you mean. There's no constant idea. What do you think of this, Carolyn? A whole new breakthrough less than 12 years. It's there's no constant of time is the fact! There is time!

iON 34:33
But there is timing. No, there's not time. It's a -- well, it is, but it's some'um y'all made up that you -- that's gonna judge you. We were talking about timing. The timing can be done instantly, or you can drag it out if you want to. It's up to you.

Bob 34:47
Okay, okay. There's some kind of difference there. Okay. But back to this. So you're saying we were the slow road. What's that got to do with the leaping out of ourselves which is stuck in (indistinct) splitting. What are we doing now?

iON 34:59
We were. We were doing the slow road. We were doing the slow road, but not much longer 'cause now,

Bob 35:05
Because the environment's changing. That's why you're bringing in environment. Because of our (indistinct) of fucking up this natural evolution, this natural Ascension process. Sorry for using the word evolution.

iON 35:14
No, no, no, that's fine, that's fine. What it's done is it's creating a new sense of urgency. Otherwise, we could take another 1000 years if that's what you want to count it by. Another 10,000 years if that's what you want to count it by, and work and work this out, and work up a white paper on it if you want to. But that's not the point. The point is now it's time to go home. So, it's -- we got -- we're not playing, we're not mincing it, you know. There's nothing to play with anymore. It's like, let's go.

Bob 35:43
Yeah, that what was that line? You, you, the bars closing. You can go somewhere else, but it ain't here.

iON 35:49
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. This is, this is like, this is like last call at the bar. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. [laughs]

Bob 35:59
Yeah, and here is this earth dimension. And we got to leave it and go to our original home.

iON 36:03

Bob 36:04
So we can go, we can -- there's two levels of home. You can't stay here. You can go home and go different places here, but you can't stay in the bar.

iON 36:13
You don't have to go home. You don't have to go home. But you can't stay here at the bar. That's right. Here at the bar. Crossing the bar.

Bob 36:17
But on another level of the bar, we have to go home. On another level, that's not accurate.

iON 36:18

Bob 36:22
We do have to go home. The real home.

iON 36:25
We agree. We agree.

Bob 36:26
Yeah. Okay. So,

iON 36:29
But you need to go home as an Ascended God or in a Spam can.

Bob 36:35
Yeah, okay. So I think, Carolyn, you can start your part. I didn't get much soundbite, but maybe I'll get some after you talk. But I don't know if we got clarity on the -- our products. But I won't play it and all that. I might play the last thing where you do explain. When iON finally came in

iON 36:58
Did we get, did we get -- yeah. Did we get clarity? Did we get clarity on whose goddamn it was?

Bob 37:02
When iON finally came in -- yeah. When iON started to finally answer Carolyn, that part we could probably play. Even, even though I get into an argument about that, too. But you see the sloppiness of the previous thing. You're not making complete sentences, you're just say, well, this will stop. Like, I don't know what the codons do yet. I haven't got it in my mind.

iON 37:23

Bob 37:23
And if I don't know, nobody's gonna get it.

iON 37:25
And doesn't know what a codon is. So how would you know what they do?

Bob 37:28
So, Carolyn, maybe, maybe you want [iON chuckles] to start your questions picking up on this argument. And you get your clarity from it. So, you start.

iON 37:36
There's no argument. There's no argument, but we'll answer the questions as we go. As we able.

Bob 37:40
Yeah. Okay. I'm going in, Carolyn. You're on.

Carolyn 37:45
So, is a stop stop the same as just allowing replication to continue? Is it like two negatives being neutralized?

iON 37:55
Not exactly. Not exactly. It's kind of like the AUG codon and methionine. You know methionine very well. That's not a stop, stop; that's a stop, start over, stop, start over. That's the start of a protein. So, you're right, the words would be okay, but you have to have that break in order for it to replicate 144,000 double helix strands.

Carolyn 38:22

Bob 38:22
You have a stop, start over is the making 144,000 That's the phrase.

iON 38:27

Bob 38:28
A stop, start over is the how you make 144,000.

iON 38:32
Yeah, right, right, right. And that goes -- that doesn't go one at a time. Once that process starts, it goes pretty quick. Once you make the perfect cell, it gets -- you gettin' right on with it then.

Bob 38:44
I remember we talked about this years ago. Was it the mitochondria that was the thing that did this process of stop, start over?

iON 38:52
Yes. Well, that's the process, that's the polymerase is where you cut it off, and say cut it off. And instead of making a new cell, we make another double helix strand. 'Cause see, each cell has one double helix strand.

Bob 39:04
Ah, now there's a distinction iON. Instead of making a new cell, you make a double helix strand. What is, how is the double helix strand different from a cell? We need to know that to understand what you just said.

iON 39:15
No. No, no, no, no, no, no, the nucleic acid in that individual cell contains 23 chromosomes, one double helix strand. And what the codon in the new amino acids do to stop, stops that process and allows each cell to have 144,000 double helix strands contained in that one cell. And that's why we said one drop of RNA drops begins that process 'cause you introduce the new information that allows the body to say some'um's fucked up here, we're not doing this. How are we gonna do this? We don't have that. And then on and on and on and on and you add the Completement formulas, and you build it to a place where all of a sudden the body morphs into the perfect breeding ground for each cell to have, to create 144,000 double helix strands inside each individual cell. And once that cell has 144,000 double helix strands, you never have to make another one of that cell, the perfect cell. And once that happens, then cellular striation of when the body is complete, you don't make any more cells 'cause those cells are perfect. You don't dump any, you don't lose any, you have it. And that's how you're eternally perfect as a god.

Carolyn 39:16

iON 39:36
So, ultimately, you want to stop -- you went "wow," Carolyn?

Carolyn 39:48
Yeah. That's beautiful. So, Bob, let me just say

Bob 40:07
You want to stop making cells?

iON 40:09

Bob 40:11
You want to stop making cells, that's what

Carolyn 40:30
Yeah. Listen.

iON 40:42
Right! Right.

Carolyn 40:43
Listen, Bob. When you get one cell with 23 double helixes, then the stop codon stop says, okay, there's my cell. I'm gonna make another cell that looks just like this. And then it goes and does it and does it. So all the cells have 23 chromosomes. But when we stop the stop

Bob 41:07
Yeah. When you say chromosome pairs, is that a double helix strand?

iON 41:12
It is. It is.

Carolyn 41:14
Yeah. So when you stop that

Bob 41:18
Okay, so the cells do, cells make chromosome -- they get 23 chromosome pairs and then they do it again within themselves and that's bad. So they leap out of the cell

Carolyn 41:27
No, not within themselves. They make a whole new bud. A new cell buds off.

iON 41:33
Yeah, Carolyn,

Carolyn 41:34
But when they stop doing that budding off and they keep making more double helixes in the one cell and it gets 144,000, that's the perfect cell. And that's why we need to stop the stop codons.

Bob 41:51
What do stop codons do?

Carolyn 41:56
Got it?

Bob 41:56
No. What do the stop codons do?

Carolyn 41:59
They stop codons will stop at 23.

iON 42:01

Bob 42:05
And make another cell. You don't want to stop at 23. They are a product to make you keep going. You get a big cell with 144 thousand.

Carolyn 42:16

Bob 42:16
Okay, so what is, what causes -- what does our stuff do to the cell so it keeps making the 23s? But they're, but they're not cellular, they're just more and more crammed into the cell; the original cell with 23 pairs.

Carolyn 42:33
The three amino acids. The three amino acids. But like iON said, the RNA drops have already been effective in stabilizing the DNA so that it will make these perfect cells. You know, remember the Xerox copies. We've got to have really

iON 42:53
Right. You're never as good. They're never as good as the original. And that's what degradation that's why you age, that's why you falter. It changes a trust.

Bob 43:03
Okay, so the drops do what? They, they don't make, they don't do this 144,000, do they? Do they cause

Carolyn 43:10
No, that's what we just learned today that RNA drops stabilize the DNA so that the mRNA can make perfect double helix strands.

Bob 43:24
Does it start to do that? Does it start to make them? NO! It doesn't start to make them

iON 43:27
Yeah. No. NO! It greases, it greases the cake pan so the cake doesn't stick. It greases the cake pan so the cake

Bob 43:36
Stop that shit. I don't know what that means. Don't say that.

iON 43:38
Don't worry about it.

Bob 43:38
Deal with the fuckin' thing. No! We don't go on about it.

Carolyn 43:42
It stabilizes, it stabilizes DNA.

iON 43:45
Carolyn, make a little note. Carolyn, make a little note.

Bob 43:46
What does that do? No, no, we're doing the stabilizing, iON. We stick to the new words.

iON 43:47
I have it. I have it.

Carolyn 43:47
It gets the DNA ready for the three amino acids to start the replication of the 144,000.

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