Saturday, May 14, 2022

Largest Producing Egg Factories Burned Alive 5.3 Million Chickens because of One Case of Bird Flu

Thanks, Bert.

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Anonymous said...

Not your standard fried chicken

Anonymous said...

Mass man, mass chicken. Similarly this is what happened to us with lockdown. A marginal disease to most made massive by way of collectivity. A grouping effect, affective in through all layers of the society. The fragility of such system, like the disruptions to the supply chains, leaves much to happen. Catastrophe awaits. Perhaps this pandemic response was game ply for potentiated disaster.

Jmg is fond of saying collapse now and avoid the rush. The inevitable fine hinging balance of the habits that make us.

Solution is close to dissolution.

This is only a practice in transcription. -ohh my how the written world defines