Monday, March 14, 2022

What Youth? Transcription, 8 March 2022, Part 2

What Youth?

Transcribed by Nan

Ginney 0:00
Just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing.

iON 0:01
And now, and now, that's a good way to ask that. And now what else does that, what else does that imply? It implies, that it implies that your spinal, that's where your -- those little, little organs on either side of the pineal gland that create the spinal fluid, that's gonna change and that's gonna become synovial fluid, which has a much much, much thicker viscosity, you see. And that's gonna change; that's another huge thing. Then the medical people are already startin' to get on this. And they're not happy. They're trying to, they callin' it like a terrible cancer. Oooh, the palsy has come on us. It's all good. Hey, Ginney, why ain't nobody talkin' about COVID no more? Did they turn it off? What happened? [laughs]

Ginney 0:03
Well, ah, yeah. Really. No doubt. The thing about the spinal fluid and all the rest of that, do you think they're going to interpret that as being a side effect of the vaccination?

iON 1:12
Malignant. Malignant. No, malignancies. It's gonna be malignancy. Now we'd like malignancy. We not mad about malignancy. It don't bother us. We think, we said great, great. You finally acknowledging something that you can't kill. That's what God is.

Ginney 1:27

iON 1:27
We're finally givin' you something you can't kill.

Ginney 1:29
Well, we've never been dead anyway already. I don't know why we talk so much about death. We've never been dead.

iON 1:36
You're right. You're exactly right.

Ginney 1:38
Okay, so

iON 1:39
Precisely! Precisely!

Ginney 1:41

iON 1:40
But, but now see, here's the, darlin', the same thing that they also -- 'member back in the day when we said you don't acknowledge the difference between a crawler and a walker? But until that dorsal, that second and third dorsal when that muscle connects, until it connects, you're not gonna ever be a walker. But you don't segregate 'em between -- you do between, "Oh, he's dead. Oh, he's alive." Well, no, he's a crawler. Now he's a walker. You don't segregate them that way. It's just a process that you're stepping to. The same thing. It's the change the way the body is changing. But in a broken system, a broken vessel of light is still dark if it dims, you see? You have to let your light so shine that it shines, that it glorifies your father which is in heaven, which is you. And then you go, "Oh! So that's why I have a mirrored image of myself. Got it." Mm-hmm.

Ginney 2:20
Is the Super Sugar a magnet?

iON 2:45
Okay, it's more like a, it's more like a magneto.

Ginney 2:53
More like a magneto.

iON 2:54
We agreed with -- yeah, if we agreed with you that it was like a magnet, then when you have the electromagnetic pulse, it would be, that would fail. 'Cause you'd have no conductivity.

Ginney 3:04

iON 3:05
So that's the reason we said no, it's more like a magneto. And it would then be a functioning like a gamma burst. If you could start measuring gamma burst. O-p's already working on it, she's so clever. She's just so much fun. Gamma burst, that the better way to note that -- let's say, degree and amount of energy. Mm-hmm.

Ginney 3:32
Is the lymph system still the design of the fractal?

iON 3:37
It is. And you, and now, and the next conversation it won't be about another 30 seconds. Everybody's gonna -- you remember you were the first one that really got good with the copper. Because you realize that obedience was better than sacrifice. And you tried it, we know that, that's all right. We like that. We got, you get to beefin'. We like that. It's good. In that way you know you're alive, you see. Anyway, the copper helped you back in the day, way back. Remember when we put it under the footboard, put it under the bed, and all that kind of foolishness?

Ginney 4:10
It's still there. It's still there.

iON 4:12
And it still helps. But now what's happening is your system is changing. Meaning, your, your, your capacity is greater. Okay? So you don't have the same problems that you did then. Notice?

Ginney 4:29

iON 4:29
You're in the middle, you're in the soup pot. You don't notice the temperature hot or cold. You're in it. You're out of it. You get out of the shower, and it's nice and cool. All of a sudden, you're like, "Wow, it's a little cool." When now there was a hot, hot, hot shower, you can tell the difference. Or you jump in a hot shower and it's too hot. Then after a little bit, it ain't too hot. You got used to it. That's what this, this shift that you're encompassing, embraces. See? Two parts: you got to embrace it, and then you gotta, and then it's gotta encompass you. So now let's go back to the old star, Stargate Atlantis with the symbiont and the host. But see, everybody's tryin' to get Jesus to come and live in their heart. But that's, that's like possession, isn't it? Well, this is the same degree of possession that allows you to come into your place of power which is what the symbiont would be provided by the host, the Holy of Holies. And so this mor, morphing that's taking place is preparing the body for this final step of fait au complet.

Ginney 5:43
And is that the morning of creation or the born-again experience?

iON 5:48
Okay, yeah, we like all that.

Ginney 5:51
Yes or no? It is or no or

iON 5:54
Yes. Sure. We like it. We like it and think it's great. But see, we don't get, we don't want to get trapped in words because somebody would say, "Oh, that's the great gettin' up morning. Oh, that's the Eastern Gate split the eastern sky. Oh, this is when we all go to, when we all get to heaven." And so we say yes! But we don't want to turn somebody off that says, "I ain't goin' no damn heaven." If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie, I don't wanna go. [chuckles] That kind of twirl. So we don't want to turn anybody off with it, with a cliched archetype. But you, you're right; your words are fine. We just don't want to molest somebody because they may have a different thought system that they would not be able to embrace those canonicaled words about what (inaudible/overtalk)

Ginney 6:41
Is the symbiont and the host, is the symbiont and the host the electron magnetic moment?

iON 6:49
Yes, and why you need a Faraday cage. Remember? We went around the mountain with Faraday cage.

Ginney 6:57
So ascension still undoes the known rules of covalent bonding.

iON 7:02
Of course. Of course. Absolutely. And that's what's happenin' now cuz everything they're doin' now doesn't work try they may. They don't seem to be making any, any, any, any runs at it. Well, and they don't really work on it very hard unless there's a lot of money involved in it. Now, now money ain't even worth nothin'.

Ginney 7:24
But it's moving to the yuan not to the drops yet? Or it's gonna just take -- the drops are just gonna swing in and save the day?

iON 7:34
Whose day? [laughs] Whose day, Ginney Belle? Whose day? (overtalk/indistinct)

Ginney 7:39
My day. My day's the only day I'm worried about anymore, iON. I don't think about anybody else's day anymore.

iON 7:46
Good. Good. Good. Excellent. Excellent. That's the reason we said because in a larger perspective, you see, you're right. It would be that the answer to these very large, biased, economic indicated positions. But the -- that's all up. Well, we said that a long time ago forever and ever and ever. And it's just now catching up. It's just now catching up. It's like, okay, where, where's the Board of Governors? Where's the Board of Governors and Federal Reserve? People don't even know who they are now. Three of them have died or left, and they're not even there. And they don't meet so it doesn't matter. Go by one of the Federal Reserve Banks and they boarded up the windows, one in Atlanta especially. This fabulous Corinthian marble edifice. Like, ain't nobody there. Ain't nobody at the door. Ain't a door open. Ain't nothin', ain't nothing there. Nobody there. No lights on. Nothin'. Mm-hmm.

Ginney 8:52
Okay, so here's the previous discourse. In proposed theory, a covalent bond implies only a coupling of magnetic moments of individual atoms in order to obtain a greater stability. And you said that was ascension. Does that still stand?

iON 9:14
It is. It's the process of ascension.

Ginney 9:18
And then you said

iON 9:18
It wouldn't be ascension, it's the process of ascension.

Ginney 9:20
The process. When a covalent bond is broken and the coupling between these magnetic moments is lost, and, of course, every atom remains with his electrons, that is the fall of man is what you said. Does that still stand?

iON 9:38
Right. That's correct 'cause those cells die. Those cells die and they're sloughed off. Wouldn't it be nice to not -- to live in a house where you don't have to dust anymore? 'Cause most of that dust are stuff that's fell off of the people, off of people because your dermis is always exfoliating itself. And that's what all that gunk then they sweep up and like, "Where the hell does this come from?" It come off of y'all! Well, that'll stop. You can live in a dustless reality. Isn't it gonna be great?

Ginney 10:06
Okay, it says the situation is quite different in quantum theories because when a covalent bond is broken, the electrons are probabilistically distributed back to atoms. So an electron from one atom can arrive to the other atom participating at a bond. And you said that was quantum Non-Physical. Do you agree with that?

iON 10:34
Still. Absolutely. Those were pretty damn good words, missy.

Ginney 10:40
According to this interpretation, every atom of hydrogen possesses an electron magnetic moment due to the electron movement around nucleus. The magnetic moment of the nucleus is lower.

iON 10:59
Mm-hmm. Typically. Now, that's not every single time without fail or exception, but typically, that's correct. Typically.

Ginney 11:06
Okay, so what you said was the hy -- how the hydrogen comes into play and even takes a negative hydrogen position. Is that still accurate?

iON 11:19
Mm-hmm. That's correct. That's correct. That's how you arrive, that's how you slide into a negative pH. Mm-hmm.

Ginney 11:37
Okay, so the magnetic moment is a moment of -- is it a function of the will? Is it a function of desire?

iON 11:54
No. No, no, no, no, no, 'cause people -- anytime there's any kind of uncomfortable anything, they don't desire it. "Oh, iON! It hurts! You don't understand, it hurts." Then I just go, "Okay, then go lay down. Life is long; take a nap." Heh heh, heh heh. But that process? Yes. You're never wouldn't, you -- that's what everybody says, that the great physician that's what Jesus -- when Dr. Dean as the great physician, now has come. The sympathizer, the, the lover of men, the, the, the, the, the hurts and the spells, the hurts and the tears and the sadness and the pain and la la la la la. 'Cause they're all dying. 'Cause they're all dying. So once you ascend, then you don't die anymore. But we didn't say that was comfortable. Because you're used to it, laying, laid up not doing nothin'. You know, normal.

Ginney 12:54
And but you never really die 'cause there's nothing but life and just spaces and transition states of electrons. There's no such thing as death.

iON 13:07
There's lots worse things than what you call

Ginney 13:08
Is what you just, what we just talked about were different stages of electrons.

iON 13:12
Right! Okay!

Ginney 13:13
All right.

iON 13:13
Yes! That's exactly right but hold on! That's not where everybody is! Everybody else doesn't get that. They live in a world where they're in a hurry 'cause they're dying!

Ginney 13:24
Yes, I understand.

iON 13:25
They're gettin' paid by the hour and older by the minute. (overtalk/indistinct)

Ginney 13:29
Yeah, yeah. We're talking about you and me. We're talking about you and me. And this conversation right here.

iON 13:35
Yes, you're right, darlin'. That's right. But other people are listenin' to it. So we have to make sure we make it a broad spectrum enough so everybody has a chance to hear the words and go, "Oh. So that's what that's like. Oh, yes." We said, we even said -- y'all think we said it, we said it at least four times that you always -- you're eternal. You always have been. That's what eternal means. We said that to death. And that's fine. And if people get that -- but if they didn't get that, or they go, "Oh, that's just a cliched archetype. Okay. That's some, that's some Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar bullshit. That don't mean nothin'." Okay, okay, okay. But now what happens is they're conditioned responses that give you a choice to make a decision, a choice, a shifting, a change. And you embrace that. It's not about thinking, it's that's the case. But you have to be able to have this eternal life at a higher level or higher frequency that allows that power to flow through you and change the balance of your meatsack body that puts you into Godship. So then you realize that the marriage supper of the Lamb, that lamb's perfect blood coursing through your veins, makes you worthy. Remember? We don't know where we got that; we think it was from a Mental Doodle.

Ginney 14:58
Okay, very good. All right, -

iON 15:08
From George. From George.

Ginney 15:00
- those are my questions, Bob, that relates to that session July 29, 2011, for anybody wants to go back in the archives and listen to it again. Very good.

iON 15:10
That is very wonderful. That's very wonderful. Very good. Now see? Y'all look here. The reason Ginney got the answers that she got the way she got them, it's 'cause she cares about the question and the answer. She wouldn't ask questions just to be doin' somethin'. She really wants to know the answer 'cause she's going to apply that. Okay. Now, she helps other people, too, but that's not the point of this. This is about gettin' you right. You get you right, you don't gotta worry about everybody else. Everybody else can get right. Mm-hmm. So that's right. That's why they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first cuz that plane's fallin' out there. I don't know what the oxygen mask is supposed to help if the plane's fallin' out of the air, but I guess it's a good idea to put yours on first. Yep.

Ginney 15:11
Okay, thank you very much, iON and Bob.

iON 15:25
You're welcome. You're welcome, darlin'.

Bob 15:30
Okay, Ginney. That was very good. Okay, Linda, you got a question from the past?

Linda R 16:04
Yes, I do.

Bob 16:06

Linda R 16:06
Oh, I'm looking at -- hi, iON. I was looking at the glossary of terms on the Bob and iON site, and it says that being and knowing that you are, in fact, the center of your own universe and using this bias to create the fastest path of your joy in the Middle Kingdom. So I was wondering, does your place of power and being in the center of the universe have anything to do with the Central Sun?

iON 16:38
Yes, of course. That's an example. That's an example.

Linda R 16:44
Okay. So would the Central Sun be representative of us being God? The son of God would be the s-u-n of our, our sun in our solar system?

iON 17:02
Yeah, okay. Yeah. Yeah. See, all those get kind of glib after a little bit because people start attaching things to it. They'll say, "Oh, you know, sun this, sun..." And they, you get tangled up in it. So yes, that's exactly correct, but we're not gonna write a religion regarding it.

Linda R 17:21
Okay. Okay.

iON 17:24
And a lot of people do! Even Sun Ra. Look at there.

Linda R 17:27
All right. True. Right. So I'm working on all the different quotes that you have made over time about what power is. And so, and I'm comparing them to

iON 17:38
You have almost, you have almost, you have almost two pages then, do you? [laughs]

Linda R 17:53
[laughs] Yeah.

iON 17:58
Damn. They're some big, they're some big page composition notebooks. That's all we got to say. [Linda laughs] Good for you. Ha ha. That's fun. You get this literal; you are literal. And when you're literal, you take things literal. So are we. And therefore, you don't stumble like a lot of folks do. There's -- we didn't mean anything. We said what we said. We didn't mean anything.

Linda R 18:22

iON 18:25
Mm-hmm. Or as you say it, I didn't mean that bad, but I meant it. I just didn't mean it bad. [laughs]

Linda R 18:33
Well, as I'm getting all these questions together for Saturday, I just wanted to ask a couple of upfront questions.

iON 18:40

Linda R 18:41
Is power something that a mind can know? Is it knowable? Is it something that we can define with words?

iON 18:52
No, no, we're gonna get rid of that. We're gonna get rid of that. Well, maybe, but see you're -- then you're gonna start, you're gonna start, ah, you're gonna start diagramming an orgasm. You're gonna start diagramming an orgasm if you go that way. And it's not necessary.

Linda R 19:13
Ah. Okay.

iON 19:15
It's not necessary. It's not necessary. Now even if you knew the answer, it wouldn't help you. See? See the rub?

Linda R 19:23
Okay, so it's, I'm just wondering, is it possible for me to get somewhere through asking you questions about power? I mean, I can describe the effect

iON 19:35
Oh, sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure. Yeah, that's all fine. That's fine. Of course, of course. That, you know, that's like Joe Biden had to go to hospital this week. You know what was wrong with him?

Linda R 19:50
Well he went to the hospital. I didn't know that.

iON 19:53
Oh, yeah, he did. It's pretty bad. You know why? You know why, why he went?

Linda R 19:57

iON 19:59
Cuz he couldn't stop Putin. [Linda and iON laugh]

Linda R 20:07
That's a good one. I like that one. Okay.

iON 20:17
That was your free part. That was your free part. It didn't cost nothin'. That was your free part.

Linda R 20:23
Is power a force field?

iON 20:28
No. No, it's not.

Linda R 20:31
Okay. And

iON 20:33
It can sustain one. It can sustain one. But see, if you're not careful, if you follow our definition, that's what you're describing, you follow those definitions real close you're gonna go, "Now wait a second now. An emotion, an emotion, is that part of a force field? Is that what love is, is a force field?" Or so you have the, so you have the power of love. They sing songs about it. See that, see how you be careful, have to be careful how you play it? That's the reason we didn't say it was "that" 'cause now, so now, so now then love is power. No, love is a force field. But it's the power of love. So apparently love has power. Ah, Ryhee.

Linda R 21:25
Okay, so

iON 21:27
How's your $6 gasoline? Is it, you enjoying that?

Linda R 21:31
Oh, we're at $4.19 here. So we're not quite up to that price.

iON 21:35
Oh, you're doing good! That's good! That's excellent. That's, that's Lord have mercy. Did you ever think you'd live long enough to be thrilled to see gasoline $4.19? [iON and Linda laugh]

Linda R 21:49

iON 21:49
Tickled to death! Oh my god, it's $4.19! Margaret, we hit the lottery. It's gonna be wonderful. And you're like, it used to be 37 cents and now it's $4.19. Go figure.

Linda R 22:03
Um, I had a question about all these deaths that are happening right now. Do these massive die-offs have anything -- do they benefit my DNA or enhance my DNA in any, any way personally? Or is it just representative?

iON 22:20
Your -- ahh, can we see a little of both and it not blow your mind? You're seeing, you're seeing the breakage. You're taught that's called breakage. Okay, if you have a china shop and it's packed full, I mean floor to ceiling dishes everywhere, if you broke a little cup or somebody knocked one off or chipped the teacup, something, it's like, "Oh, okay, whatever. I got a roomfull." But when all of a sudden that things start shaking and you're down to the last good set, it ups the ante. Now you start caring about that last set of china. So that's how this works. See? The mass die-off puts it all back together. That's what Deuteronomy was for. Remember? This one begat, that one begat, that one begat. That sort of spun out, spun out, spun out, spun out. Now you're gonna spin it back. You're gonna chattel it, chattel it back into a single string. Mm-hmm.

Linda R 23:16
Okay. Okay. I had an interesting experience. I picked up my daughter at the airport in Medford on Sunday. Monday, I read an article about these human heads that were stolen from a van in Denver. And then I watched "Fringe" that evening, and it was an episode on

iON 23:40
With the cryogenic. The cryo -- you're talkin' about -

Linda R 23:42

iON 23:42
- the cryogenics; they were frozen. Yeah.

Linda R 23:45
Cryogenic heads, yes. And from, in Medford, Massachusetts. So I was wondering, is there other than the sync up between my reality and what was going on with the TV body, was there any significance with those heads been stolen from the van and the episode of "Fringe"?

iON 24:05
Yes. Yes. Yes. Do you remember they were looking for the head that had the mark on it.

Linda R 24:13

iON 24:13
And they had the head that had the mark on it. They could connect it to another body. Remember?

Linda R 24:20

iON 24:21
And so that was, that was the rub. Now see, you talk about your TV body from a TV show that was popular in 2011 and 12. [iON laughs]

Linda R 24:28

iON 24:31
See the rub there? Not, not everybody can do that. And you look at what, you look at that show now and you go, "My god, that's amazing." Now! Even from then. So, but back then they didn't have all this stuff they got now, you see. There wasn't "On Demand." They had a DVR, but it wasn't "On Demand" where anything was available everywhere for everything.

Linda R 24:57
So what did that head being connected to that body in "Fringe" have to do with the heads been stolen from the van, the medical van in Denver?

iON 25:07
They're still looking for the mark.

Linda R 25:11
They're still looking for the mark. Wow.

iON 25:14

Linda R 25:14
And so the purpose for putting this head on the body was this was the person that was supposed to open up the portal between the two worlds.

iON 25:22
Correct. Correct.

Linda R 25:24
Okay, so that's what's -- in that, -- so that's, they're looking for that symbol on the head so they can put it on a body that

iON 25:35
Cheat. So they can cheat. So they can cheat. They're trying to, they're trying, they're trying to go home without ascending. You can't do it.

Linda R 25:46
Oh. Interesting.

iON 25:48
Remember? And that's what the world is showing you, too. That's what the world is showing you, too. The world's showing you that as well. And everything is a distraction. Now you're distracting the distraction. And who is this little goober dude in Ukraine? He's some actor. He's some, some wrestler, he some foolish thing nobody's seen. He's 12 years old. He's runnin' around here, is little nipples sticking out all over the place and he's tryin' to make a speech. Now he starts quotin', speaking like Winston fucking Churchill, like he's gonna rule the day. [mockingly] We'll stand in the bastion and the bastille, and we will fight you in the river, and we will kill you in your bed. And that's what we're gonna -- if I have enough bourbon left over, we're gonna win this war, but we hope we have enough to get us by! [Linda and iON chuckle] You know, it's kind of like he's even quotin' Churchill! You don't even know, nobody even know who the fucker is, but now all of a sudden, he's take -- he's speaking to Congress in the United States more than Putin! More than Biden! He is. It's pretty amazing. On Zoom. So, so, so, so, so, so that's the, that's the dichotomy of the distraction. Now that's what you were making reference to, with the way the body works and how this all goes. So those are distractions. Okay? They're very actively tryin' to find the Tech Body's connection to beat the system, to rig the system, to cheat the, the, the process. See, that's what -- remember the Four and 20 Elders? You remember that. That was way back there. Remember long time ago in a land far, far away?

Linda R 27:29

iON 27:30
We always had to (indistinct) talk about the Four and 20 Elders. Well, that's what the Elders do; they decide which one won. Which one won. One won? Well, we'll gonna have to draw it. Was it one won one won one won one? We don't know. It's just words. It's just some words. Which one won. Mm-hmm. 'Cause remember, this is about a war. Remember?

Linda R 27:55
Yes. Yes. I just had a couple of cleanup questions. Which alien dictated 'Finnegan Wake"? "Finnegans Wake."

iON 28:05
Ah, all of them.

Linda R 28:10
All of them did?

iON 28:11
Sooner or later. Sooner or later.

Linda R 28:15
Oh, really? Okay.

iON 28:17
You got to -- you act as, you act as though the book's been finished yet. It's not even been finished yet.

Linda R 28:24
So true. Okay. Um, and I are -- Jack was asking

iON 28:32
Bob, now you said you said, "Um." That should have been a jaw dropper, darlin'.

Linda R 28:39
Yeah, that he'd (indistinct).

iON 28:41
So just put, make a little mark, make a little mark in the, in the composition notebook. Make a little mark and go "Ah" like a little gasp. Like "ah." Like a little "ah." Don't know what -- how you write "ah" in the vein. Write that. That's a little aha moment. Aha, like What? What? And then gasp. That's a good thing. That's good.

Linda R 28:58
All right.

iON 28:59
Bob might like that. That's why if you start talkin' about Bob, then you'd get more airtime. You noticed that?

Linda R 29:03
[chuckles] So Jack asked you last session about the Tech Body being 11/11ths. And I was wondering, is there any iON at all? Am I talking to iON or am I talking only to Tech Body?

iON 29:19
Ehh, well, it depends. It depends on the trajectory. See, cuz if you're 100% man and 100% God, which is it? We'd say it's both. And if the Tech Body would help you ascend, that wouldn't be a bad thing. Or if the regular iON Non-Physical would help you ascend, that wouldn't be a bad thing. Okay, and if the goal was to ascend, it really wouldn't make any difference, would it? If that was the goal.

Linda R 29:56

iON 29:56
But now there is a race! Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, uh uh uh now, now. Don't go crazy now. Don't go crazy, there's a race. Because all this power that you're getting, if you don't take full advantage of it, we can promise you, the Tech Body will 100% take advantage of all of it.

Linda R 30:13

iON 30:15
So, yes. So to answer your question, it would be, if it's 11/11ths, then they both are sitting on the side. As Bob would say, on one, on one shoulder, he's got a little, a little, a little, a little angel dressed in white. And on his other shoulder, he's got a little angel dressed in red. And they beefin'. They beefin'. They don't know how this is gonna go, kind of thing. And that's what's really happening here. It's up and down and over and under, like a window shade. Up and down like a window shade. Ah huh.

Linda R 30:47
Interesting. Okay. I have one more question regarding the application of power. So my daughter's father, my ex-husband, came down with COVID, been fighting it for a month.

iON 31:02

Linda R 31:02
On Thursday she recommended he go in the hospital for pneumonia, and it saved his life; he would have died that evening had he not.

iON 31:11

Linda R 31:11
So, she's been, she's been doing this practice of chanting. And she chanted, she was driving on her way to see him in the hospital, and he was in ICU and she chanted for about two and a half hours that his lungs would clear up. And that evening they checked his lungs and he had no clots, and the doctors were dumbfounded. They had never experienced that in their career, that someone with pneumonia didn't have any clots in their lungs.

iON 31:42

Linda R 31:43
And, um, and then

iON 31:45
And that's what happens. You literally drown. That's what happens in pneumonia, you drown in your own slobber.

Linda R 31:53
Yeah. And so they only gave, they didn't think he was ever gonna walk out of the hospital. And but now he's taken out of ICU, his lungs are clear, and looks like they're gonna release him in four or five days. So was that her chanting or just basically her power that assisted her dad in surviving it?

iON 32:15
What -- it doesn't make any difference. It really doesn't -- at the end of days, it doesn't make any difference, you see. He's gotta respond. He's gotta respond in kind. But now the better part is now he's gotta get the notice. Here's you, here's your sign. Here's your sign. You gotta get hisself together and get on some -- if he's goin' to ascend, he's got to get on some products, or it won't be long till he'll have it again.

Linda R 32:38
Ah, true. Okay. All right. Um, I'm working on those other questions, so I will have more.

iON 32:49
We're so thankful. We're so thankful. It's so wonderful. It's good. You're doing great because -- and you've helped a lot of people. Not that they need your help. Okay? That's not your job. But you have helped a lot of people because you're steadfast and you know stuff. So when they start babbling, you're like, "Let me see." You don't cram it down their throat hole. You'll say, "Well, you stupid bitch. I don't even have to talk to you." You didn't do that. And you're nice. And you look it up. And you send them a note and help 'em out and says -- you correct them softly. Yeah, you correct them softly and that's very nice.

Linda R 33:24
On the last -- thank you for that. On the last Bobfest, the Part Two Birthday Bash, you said, "We had some words for you, Linda with an R." What were those words?

iON 33:39
We said them.

Linda R 33:40
Oh, you said them.

iON 33:41
Where were you? Yeah, we said them.

Linda R 33:45
Okay. Just now?

iON 33:48
No, then. We said them then.

Linda R 33:51
So then Bob cut you off. He didn't let you say them. [iON and Linda laugh]

iON 34:00
Well, it sounds like, well, it sounds like, it sounds like you better be talkin' to Bob then! [iON and Linda laugh]

Linda R 34:05
No, he wanted to end the show.

iON 34:06
How clever. How clever. How clever. How clever. That's clever. That was pretty good. That's pretty good. [iON chuckles] That's fun. And you were so happy your children are mostly alive. That's great.

Linda R 34:18
Yeah. But was there anything that you wanted to say that you didn't say?

iON 34:24

Linda R 34:27
Okay. To me that you were referring to on that issue?

iON 34:30
Always. Always are you, are you nuts? Okay. The, ah, ah, mm. Your house is not your home.

Linda R 34:44

iON 34:46
It's weird, sometimes. More so than, more so now than usual.

Linda R 34:50

iON 34:50
So, that's enough. That's enough. Don't -- and let it go. Let it, let it, meaning don't make it a thing. Don't think. It's not a thinking man's game; don't think about it. Let it go on purpose because then you don't get distracted by it. Because remember what this is all about now? Distraction, distraction, distraction. Oh, the gas is too high. Oh, there ain't no gas. That would be really bad. But how hot is the pain gotten? Oh, we don't have any du-anner. How we gonna plant our tomaters when you got no du-anner? It all comes from Russia. Oh, my goodness. Oh, there's no food. They're taking the shelves out of the Costco! What are we gonna do? You see? So, just stay focused.

Linda R 35:01

iON 35:01
Times they are a'changin'.

Linda R 35:22
Right. Thank you for

iON 35:40
Cuz see, we aren't doin' the gloom and doom stuff anymore because what happens now is everybody that's gonna get, got it. And them that ain't gonna get it, don't worry about it. Bye. Psst, hey, knock it out. We like it.

Bob 35:55
Linda, where, where'd you get this idea that a lot of people were dying? You mentioned a mass die off. What are you quoting?

Linda R 36:03
Well, there's this -- a lot of

iON 36:04
Look at the cemetery. The fresh dirt in the cemetery, Bob, that's, that'll do it. [laughs]

Linda R 36:09
Yeah, they're just coming out with new vaccination death statistics. And you know, they're up to what, a million and a half or something like that.

Bob 36:21
And in the United States?

iON 36:21
Mm-hmm. Yep. And you know how they cured COVID, Bob? They quit talkin' about it. That's how they solved it. They quit talkin' about it because the poll numbers got so bad, they didn't -- the same number of people's dying, but they not talkin' about it. So we're okay now. Whew, boy, we dodged a bullet on that one. Thank God. If we die, it won't matter. [laughs] Say fun.

Bob 36:39
So there are a lot of people dying you're saying? But it's not being talked about.

Linda R 36:54

iON 36:54

Linda R 36:55

iON 36:56
Nobody's talkin' about it.

Bob 36:57
Where do you see it, Linda?

iON 36:59
Now, now everybody knows somebody who's died of COVID or somethin' they said was COVID. Everybody knows somebody who died of something they said was COVID or COVID related.

Linda R 37:12
So there was a funeral, a group of funeral directors and I believe it was the UK who went through and looked at, I think, a million and a half deaths. And they were able to determine 100,000 of them were related to vaccinations. And if they were extrapolated of the number around the world, the number would be a million and a half.

iON 37:37

Bob 37:40
Around the World.

Linda R 37:41
(indistinct) Yes.

Bob 37:42
Well, iON, how many actually did die from some um called COVID? Actual COVID.

iON 37:49
No, we're not doin' the old, new stuff anymore. We've done that to death, Bob. Sorry.

Bob 37:55
Is there people dying from something else?

iON 37:59
Yeah, same thing. Same difference.

Bob 38:02
Yeah. The 5G's kicked in for those that had the muscular injection?

iON 38:11
Maybe, maybe.

Bob 38:13
The graphite.

iON 38:15
Graphene, not graphite. Graphene. Graphene.

Bob 38:18
Graphene. Yeah. Maybe. You're not sure.

iON 38:24
We didn't say.

Carolyn 38:27

Bob 38:29

Carolyn 38:30
You made a rule and you're breakin' it.

Bob 38:32
These rules don't apply to me.

Carolyn 38:33
Uh ha. [iON and Linda laugh]

Bob 38:38
I'm in charge. There are no rules that apply to me.

iON 38:39
That's the best part! That's the best part. That's the best part of Bob's rules, they don't apply to him! [all laugh] And you don't do what I say either! Don't do what I say. Don't, well, do what I, no. Don't do, well, can't remember what he said.

Bob 38:56
Yeah, what's the point of being a dictator? What's the point, you know? Take advantage of it.

iON 38:59
Dictator or maybe just a dick. Maybe just a dick sometimes. Sometimes he's a dictator, sometimes he just a dick.

Bob 39:05
We don't talk about that. We don't talk about my dick.

iON 39:08

Bob 39:08
And where it goes.

iON 39:09

Bob 39:10
We don't talk about where it goes.

iON 39:12
And where it hides. And where it hides.

Linda R 39:14
[laughs] Dictator.

iON 39:14
Yeah, where it hides. That's what you talk about sometimes, where it hides. Where it hides. Mm-hmm.

Bob 39:20
Okay, so we did that. Missing -- the mass die off. Okay, thank you, Linda. That was very good.

Linda R 39:28

Bob 39:30
Okay. Ricardo, you write out all these stupid questions. Why don't you come on and say somethin'? Questions might be interesting. I don't know, can't be bothered saying them. He should, he should come in and speak them. Okay, who's next? All right, you got any questions from the past, Susana?

Susana 40:05
Hi. Yes.

iON 40:07
Hey, darlin'.

Bob 40:08
Okay. Good.

Susana 40:09
Hi. Ascension. It seems like everyone wants to know what it's gonna be like, how it's going to feel before they experience it. So my question is, is it better to just embrace it all? Is it better to just embrace it blindly and just look forward to whatever it is and then experience it? Is that what the block is for most people, the wanting to know ahead of time?

iON 40:50
Yes, darlin' you understand what you just said makes zero sense at all in any way, level, or form? If we asked -- oh, let's do it like this. This is easy. Hold on one second. We got you. [Susana chuckles] You're on, you're on the, you're on the, you're on the, you're on the trolley. You're in the hot seat. You gotta be still a minute. Hey, Bob. Watch this. Watch this. Hey, Bobby.

Bob 41:12
Ah, he's not here.

iON 41:12
Bobbylon. Well, if you see him will you please -

Bob 41:15
Bob's using his dick, Bob's using his dick with results.

iON 41:17
- will you ask him, will, you ask him, will you ask him what she just said. That's a good question. Now that's a good question from the blast from the past. What exactly she just went on about. She was explaining something of something. So, it was that.

Bob 41:29
It was pretty straightforward, pretty straightforward.

iON 41:32
What? Then what was the question?

Bob 41:34
Question is, is the problem with people is that they worry too much trying to figure out what ascension is before they begin to feel it, or experience it, or get an experience that they feel, "Oh, this is ascension."

iON 41:47
But they do feel it. They do feel it, they do know it, and we've given them every little hint, clue, sign, billboard, newspaper release, TV show, Netflix, OA movements, JJ Abrams' finest, down to ambering their world.

Bob 42:07
They don't think that, they don't seem it see how it applies.

iON 42:11
But it does. Then they see it happen in their real life. They go, "Oh yeah, that's like what was on fill in the blank. And so they start -- it becomes remunerative. It starts bumping into itself.

Bob 42:24
Yeah, but Susana said, asked, if you just relax and allow about it. Don't try to figure it out.

iON 42:32
Ah, if that works, we said if that works, we say yes. But typically what happens is people start making value judgments about to how close or far away they are to the prize.

Bob 42:44
Yeah, that's what we're talking about. Don't think about it.

iON 42:45
You can never win. You can never win, and you can never win when you're afraid of losing. You can never win -

Susana 42:52
Right. And that's the block.

iON 42:52
- if you're afraid of losing. Right that's the block.

Susana 42:55
That's the obstacle.

Bob 42:58
Yeah, if they relax and allow and you see yeah, but they start thinking about it. Well, that's not relaxing on it. It's the, it's the big elephant in the room that you should never, never have brought up. You should never have talked about ascension.

Susana 43:13
But is it

Bob 43:13
Why did you? I'm talking to iON. I'm talking to iON, Susana. Shut up!

iON 43:18
We's tryin', we's tryin', we's tryin' to make, it was tryin' to make you look good, Bob, so we had to take the fall. We had to be the fall for the fallen. [Bob chuckles] We had to take the fall for the fallen.

Bob 43:19
But how does that make me look good? How does that make me look good?

iON 43:29
Cuz, cuz you get to call it out and say Non-Physical you all omnipotent being, you fucked up. There you go. See, and I told you.

Bob 43:38
[chuckles] That's all I did this for. 12 years of settin' you up.

iON 43:41
That's right. Just for this, for this little moment now when we can't go back in time. [Bob chuckles] Oh my god, -

Susana 43:49
But iON

iON 43:50
- it's Art Bell Back in. It's "Art Bell Back in Time," Bob. Back to somewhere in time, Bob. Somewhere in time.

Susana 43:57
iON, is it important for one to be aware of it then and not just experience it?

iON 44:02
We don't care. [Susana laughs] We don't care. It doesn't

Bob 44:06
Yeah, so Linda, I mean Susana, if you are aware of it

iON 44:11
Judy, Judy, Judy. So Judy, Judy.

Bob 44:13
Yeah. If you're aware of it -- no, if you weren't aware of it, would it matter?

iON 44:18
Uh oh.

Bob 44:20
Usually people they start get aches and pains and they worry about it. Like there's a lot of people getting sore feet right now; I've been talking to them. And so we say, "Oh it's just ascension, don't, no problem." I don't know if that's a good thing to tell them or not, but [iON laughs] I mean, their feet might fall off, but they, we're basically telling them to avoid

iON 44:45
It's like: All you people, everybody is ascended. Everybody. That we call it the dropsy. We call it the dropsy. Your feet just drop right off your body. That's ascension. You're gonna be floatin'. You know you're gonna lose gravitation, so just listen to Vestal Goodman and go ahead and let your feet fall off. That's the best part of ascension. The best part of waking up.

Bob 45:02
Hey, hey, Susana, so, a lot of people, we tell them that they're ascending so not to worry about it. Do you like that strategy, Susana?

Susana 45:13

Bob 45:15
Not to go to the doctor.

Susana 45:18
Of course, yes, I do like that strategy. However, isn't the whole fallen state a lack of awareness of our, our, of our ascendedness of our power? So,

iON 45:30
Not awareness, not awareness. You know it, you know it, you know it. Everybody knows God. Everybody knows God, what God is, but you don't apply it. So it's a capacity.

Bob 45:45
Capacity. It's not applied yet when it's a capacity.

iON 45:48
Correct. Nice. That's good, Bob, Bob's actually paying attention tonight. I like your new format you're not following, Bob. It's really cool. [Susana chuckles]

Bob 45:56
Yeah. It's good. Well, you know, I'm not a member of any club that would have me.

iON 46:04
That's true. Or no, no, no, no, no. What you would say is, I would never join a club that would allow me to be a member. That's what you'd say. [laughs]

Bob 46:13
Yeah. Yeah. But, so Susana, that seems to be -- the problem is medicine. They're the high priests; they get in the way of everybody like old priests did. So you gotta sort of stop thinking about what you think you know about your body and what they say is goin' on.

Susana 46:34
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

iON 46:34
So, you think about turmeric. You should be thinking about turmeric.

Bob 46:39
Yeah. Now, now, Susana, we wouldn't say that if we didn't have our products.

Susana 46:45
Mm-hmm. Right.

Bob 46:45
Because the products are applying to not medicine, really. It helps those issues, but it's applying to adjusting you so that you can handle ascension, or the change in the frequencies, or that are happening in matter. So we're not even doing medicine.

Susana 47:01
Mm-hmm. And then, when you said, Bob,

Bob 47:08
We wouldn't say that. So we wouldn't say what we're saying if we didn't have the products.

Susana 47:12

iON 47:13
Right. We would just spend all of our time on our granny porn channel. That's Bob new forte.

Bob 47:18
Yeah. Yep.

Susana 47:21
So the capacity that you mentioned, Bob and iON, it's not, it's not applying the power because there's not enough capacity? Or what do you mean by that? I didn't get that.

iON 47:39
What's the difference? What's the difference? If there's not enough then it won't make it. If there is enough, if you go to a casino and you're, you're worried about losing, you'll never win. But if you go to the casino and you're just gonna play and just throw it around, you'll hit it every time. You win the, the progressive slots, you win all kinds of stuff. And then you'll be mad 'cause you have to tote the money home or hand you a W2 or a W9. And then you stand there and you get all mad 'cause you now you win $100,000 and now you're mad 'cause you're gonna have to pay taxes on it. Just mad as hell if they give you a 1099 or 1099R

Bob 48:15
Hey, Susana. Hey, Susana. But when I used to play hockey, you know, way back there, eventually I got good enough so that they would ask me to coach. And I told them I couldn't coach 'cause I didn't know what the rules were. [Susana and Bob chuckle]

iON 48:34
That's right. That's right. He's, he's, he's the most famous for his icing. That's what he's the most famous for, is his hockey play.

Bob 48:41
[laughs] I just -- anytime we got the puck no matter where it was, I just drive it at the net. [Bob, iON, Susana laugh]

iON 48:45
The opposite way. Whichever it was, it was opposite way. (overtalk)

Bob 48:51
Yeah, I had to hit it, I had to get it into that net.

iON 48:54

Susana 48:55
So in effect you're saying if you worry or try too hard to do it, then it obfuscates it.

Bob 49:03
No, you try hard, but you don't have a reason for trying hard. Just have the energy.

Susana 49:07
But you can try -- what exactly -- it would be your good -- you don't have a, like

Bob 49:12
But just have an energy.

Susana 49:14
Yes, yes, I see what you're saying. And so it's like (indistinct/overtalk)

Bob 49:17
I just ran around. I just would do anything where you're allowed to run around. Okay? [iON and Bob laugh] Oh, we could run here? Okay, I'm gonna run for a while.

Susana 49:18
Just like when, when I would play pool, I really didn't care.

iON 49:20
See, see, when Bob, when Bob gets in the garage, when Bob gets in the garage and he finds his (indistinct) Bob gets in the library. He's in the library and he takes his clothes off, he changes his clothes, he's got to recognize that he had clothes on to change. Otherwise, he went out without them and out the house strap buck naked and wouldn't have noticed. [Susana chuckles] Right?

Susana 49:54
Mm-hmm. Right. And it's like when I sometimes play pool and I was just messing around and didn't care, I would play the best pool. But then when we got into a serious game and then the stakes were higher and I started to go, "Gosh I've got to do well." My game would just go kaput, it wouldn't work.

iON 50:15
Mm-hmm. Excellent.

Susana 50:16
So it's just staying in the zone there. So, yeah. Got it.

iON 50:23
Yeah, I don't know what that means, but yeah, it's pretty words though.

Susana 50:25
[laughs] Well, okay, I think I just, iON, hmm.

iON 50:32

Susana 50:36
Also, I wanted to ask about an incident that I had happen while I was walking my dog. My dog was attacked by another dog. And -

iON 50:51

Susana 50:52
- it was, it was strange. I mean, the dog should have done a lot more damage to my dog than what happened. And I surprised myself with how I reacted. That, and then somehow my dog got out of her harness and leash and then I was using that as a whip to get the other dog. So it was just [pause] it was all of a sudden how to get out of her harness, and then spared her from being, you know, really mauled. Was that an angel going after me?

iON 51:36

Susana 51:39
Could I have handled the situation better?

iON 51:43

Susana 51:47
Mmm. Yeah. So did I, did I -- how do I phrase this? Did I fall to little man stance in how I reacted?

Carolyn 52:24
(in background) It's off, the programing.

Bob 52:27
Off programing?

iON 52:27
La la la la la.

Susana 52:29

iON 52:31

Bob 52:34
Did you hear what she said, iON?

iON 52:37
No. We don't listen.

Bob 52:40
Heh heh, they don't listen, Susana. Look at that.

Susana 52:45

Bob 52:46
Who are you talking to? Why did you even call in?

Susana 52:51
[Susana and iON chuckle] Do you not want to answer that iON?

iON 52:56
Ask it a better way. We might, we might. Got a chance. You got a better chance than you got right now.

Susana 53:01
Heh heh. Mmm. I was surprised at my reaction. And I had first thought that I was controlling the situation. And then, second, but afterwards, felt like I could have just avoided it if had I been more in my power.

iON 53:31

Susana 53:31
So is that, would you agree?

iON 53:34
Not necessarily, 'cause you're hard enough on yourself for all that stuff. You take, back that off a little bit. See what we're saying? We're not trying to make you a martyr. You do that pretty good, but, we're not tryin' to sell that to Vogue.

Susana 53:49
I guess it's a question of applying power. So I'm wondering if I applied power there, was that an application of my power or did I succumb to little man conditioning?

Bob 54:06
Well, if you, I guess iON would say if you're questioning it, then you didn't. 'Cause if you applied your power, you'd know you did it.

iON 54:14
Ta da. There you go and we didn't even answer it.

Bob 54:17
Ta da. That's it. Bingo! [Susana laughs] You have to leave now, Susana. Goodbye, Susana. Goodbye.

iON 54:24
You did good. You did good. You did good, darlin'.

Bob 54:25
You did great, Susana.

iON 54:29
Your mama sends, send mama kisses.

Susana 54:33
I will. Thank you, iON. Thank you, Bob.

Bob 54:36
You're welcome. Okay, we'll see if you get one more person in here. Is this Michael or Nik?

Michael 54:46
It is Michael, Bob.

Bob 54:48
Go ahead, Michael.

Michael 54:50
Hey, iON.

iON 54:52

Michael 54:54
iON, you've said that this is not the first time through with Bob. I think you said 11 times or something like that in this process. And I was wondering

Bob 55:06
No, five. Five times, Michael. Five times.

Michael 55:08
Five times. Five times. What I was wondering, iON, was is what from your perspective is different this time around?

Carolyn 55:20
(in background) Carolyn!

Bob 55:20
Carolyn yelled out Carolyn. Carolyn thinks she's the difference.

iON 55:24
Maybe. She might.

Bob 55:27
Maybe? She only got a maybe. Ha ha ha.

iON 55:29
A chance.

Michael 55:33
Well, did, did we have products the last time, the last passes through?

Bob 55:41
You know the five? We went through the five. You know about them, Michael?

Michael 55:46
Not specifically, Bob.

Bob 55:48
Yeah, there was Lilith first. I screwed up with Lilith. And then, then in Egypt. Moses or some um went on in Egypt. And then Nero's

iON 56:03
Yeah, Moses, Moses, Moses was fucking with the Chupacabra. Mm-hmm.

Bob 56:07
Yeah and then Rome. I you know, I would attempt -- we never got to making a rocket, but we were turning the earth into a rocket but I would attempt to do something to collective ascension or something. And I'd end up with a Nero fiddling while Rome burned. [laughs] Okay. (Carolyn in background/indistinct) Yeah. And I know we get to Iran Contra. That's four. So what did I leave out? There was Lilith, Moses, Rome, Iran Contra. But there was another one. What was that, iON, or anybody? No?

iON 56:49
Go ahead.

Bob 56:50
Bob's five failures I'll write in here. I'll just see. I'll unmute Linda, see if she knows. What did I leave out, Linda?

Linda R 57:04
Yeah, I'm looking at up.

Bob 57:10
So Michael, are images of what we thought I was doing are nowhere near once we get these statements. Which was a couple of months ago.

Michael 57:18
Right. I have heard this; I do recall these.

Bob 57:22

Michael 57:22
Can I ask another question, Bob, while you're looking at this?

Bob 57:24
No, no, let's deal with this. So Linda's looking up for the fifth one. Oh, the Tower of Babel. That's what that is.

Michael 57:33

Bob 57:33
So it went -- some um happened. I guess it was Lilith way back there and then -- or way ahead, and then Egypt, and then the Tower of Babel, then Nero, then Iran Contra. That's like 2000 years later.

iON 57:37

Bob 57:39
And, and now we're here in the sixth thing. So, but your question is what are we doing differently? Pursue that. Why is this a better

Michael 57:56
What's what, what [computer beeps] time around, iON?

iON 57:59
Mmm. This and that. This and that.

Michael 58:03
Are the, are the products the way we're getting them, unique this time around to us? Or did we take the same formulas and things in a different format previously?

Bob 58:22
Was the poles flipping in those previous times, iON? I don't think so.

iON 58:30

Bob 58:32
Poles are flipping during Iran Contra?

iON 58:36
Couldn't hurt.

Michael 58:38
So iON, if the Tech Body takes all the power from humans, does it have a reason for an existence then?

iON 58:49
Happy day. You made it, Bob, you made it. I can't believe it.

Bob 58:53
I made it.

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