Friday, March 11, 2022

What Youth? Transcription, 8 March 2022, Part 1

What Youth?

Transcribed by Nan

[First hour. Second hour coming.]

Music 0:00
[music and then silence until approx minute 19:28]

Bob 19:32
[after silence] I don't know after that who will be allowed in or will have questions. They may not have prepared, but we have to, you have to go through the archives and get back. In other words, we have arrived at what iON prophesied for a long time. And now we should look back and see what we missed and what iON would say to these topics that we all went through for years. So iON agreed with this. I mentioned this to iON. Also, there's gonna be some changes in Tailgate. So, I will see if Bert's there. Ah, let's see. You there, Bert? Maybe he's Poland. That you, Bert, comin' through Poland?

Bert 20:23
Hey, Bob.

Bob 20:24
Okay. You often come through Poland. You have anything from your archives?

Bert 20:28
[chuckles] Yeah, I could dive in.

Bob 20:35
Do you understand what I'm saying?

Bert 20:37
Yes. Yes.

Bob 20:39
Yeah. I mean, iON might talk about the future, but I'm not asking iON to tell me what's gonna happen next week or anything because it's just more we don't know if it's gonna happen or not. Talking to JW today, he said the things that iON said would happen are happening today. The starvation is starting today. All kinds of things like that. So we'll just see what happens. And we're in the middle of ascension! Remember, all this bad stuff is to help people ascend. Right? It's not -- we learned that much, Bert?

Bert 21:21
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Bob 21:25
Okay, let's see what you come up with.

Bert 21:27
Okay. Greetings, iON.

iON 21:35

Bert 21:36
Greetings. It'd be pretty easy for me to go into this new format. My question: is ascension still about carbon, getting carbon?

iON 21:52
Of course, of course.

Bob 21:59
So you would quote something like you usually do, Bert. Something that's been said.

Bert 22:06
But that's, that's the heading of a transcription I'm dealing with, Bob. iON says that ascension is about getting the carbon, so they just confirmed that. I mean, I, like I said, I'm not really prepared, but I can dig into things that, that iON has said, but I don't have highlights. I just have a description, so I'm just like reading titles that I have from transcriptions.

Bob 22:28
Yeah. What did you say about carbon?

Bert 22:30
Ascension is about getting the carbon.

Bob 22:33
Getting the carbon. iON said yes.

Bert 22:35
Getting the carbon. Yes.

Bob 22:38
Is that the new carbon? A different kind of carbon?

iON 22:45
Carbon's carbon, Bob. Carbon's carbon. Carbon is carbon.

Bob 22:49
Well, you talk about -- Bert, remember, he talked about new carbon?

Bert 22:53
Living carbon. So iON, is there a distinction still between carbon and living carbon at this point?

iON 23:05
We would confirm it, yes, there is a difference, but it's still carbon. That's kinda like a dead body and a live body is still a body. Right?

Bert 23:14

Bob 23:15
Yeah, but the live and dead involve spirit or something. It makes a difference. So what's the difference? That's the important part.

iON 23:25
Frequency, frequency, frequency. Or as the old joke goes, It'd be kidneys man, kidneys, as you tap your brain. [iON laughs]

Bob 23:33
Kidneys. And the other, the other word is capacity, or was it potentiality? What was the other word that goes with frequency lately?

iON 23:44
Potentiality. What the hell are you talkin' about? What is poten -- what is potentiality? What the hell is that?

Bob 23:49
Capacity. Capacity.

iON 23:50
You talkin' (indistinct) [iON laughs]

Bob 23:53
Don't let him ruin your session, Bert.

iON 23:55
Step away. Step away, Bob. Step away. You'll be all right.

Bert 23:59
So iON. Okay, so iON, I remember we've had numerous discussions about carbon, living carbon. With the AL2SO4 increasing, I mean, we -- you said a while ago that the AL2SO4 is like 75% with La Paloma. Does that change the percentage of living carbon in the environment?

iON 24:25
Rhyee. Yes, it would.

Bert 24:30
So for

iON 24:30
We're being cheeky. 'Cause that's about ready to, that's about ready to go again. Those, ah, those chunnels and shoots are just about full.

Bert 24:41

iON 24:41
You won't -- now notice! Now notice you don't hear spit, shit, shinola about that. It's like it never happened. Like it never happened. Like it never was.

Bert 24:53
Right. Right. Right.

iON 24:56

Bert 24:58
So iON can you give a ratio

iON 25:00
But you got prepared. You got prepared.

Bert 25:04
Yes, as much as we can prepare for that because that's gonna be a, a vital blow when the results

iON 25:13
It's gonna be a distraction. It's gonna be a distraction. That's what the Ukrainian thing is right now. On the way to Poland. We're going to Warsaw. We said that already, already.

Bert 25:25
Yeah. So iON, with the -- you said it increased -- the living carbon has to do with frequency.

iON 25:31

Bert 25:32
We also had a discussion about the radioactivity of C122. So could you give us a ratio of percentage of how much living carbon is now in the environment?

iON 25:45
No, because that would, you would have to extrapolate the degrad -- the degration, the degrading of the half-life, which is almost over. Hold on one second. Let's get you a better ear. Better ear. Hold on. [pause] Now, what about dat doh?

Bert 26:08
That's good door, or doh.

iON 26:10

Bert 26:11

iON 26:11
Better doh? That's better doh? Okay.

Bert 26:13
Better doh.

iON 26:14
Yeah, dat, dat doh. You know, dat doh. All right. Now, let's get into it. Whatd'ya wanna do? You're trying to figure out the capacity of a half-life. Okay. 'Cause remember, we did, we weren't really fond of Living Water which was mirroring or appearing to be deuterium!

Bert 26:32

iON 26:32
We weren't real fond of that outcome. So somethin' had to catch up. So your environment is havin' to catch up. So that you will become stable, it doesn't have a half-life. So therefore, it's no longer radioactive. Isn't it interesting how they talk about radioactivity has to, has to do with anything? What does it have to do with? What's the only thing that radioactivity has to deal with? Frequency! So here we go. Bubble, hubble bubble.

Bert 27:00
Boy, that leads into a question I had 'cause of an experience I've had this last two weeks, but iON, so

iON 27:06
We know. We know. We know. [Bert laughs] How many frequent flyer miles did you get last week or so big'un?

Bert 27:13
Ah, I don't know, iON, but -- hey, look.

iON 27:17
[laughs] We do.

Bert 27:21
Okay, but we don't need -- Okay, iON. Listen. I took a hike on Sunday. And it's a normal, little goofy six-mile hike. But I just -- it came to me last night. It was so fucking hard for me to walk. And this like reminded me I asked you about a hike I went, you know, like last year sometime in the Alps. But this wasn't the Alps. This is just right in my neighborhood. But it felt like I was like 11,000 feet. I mean, the last time I had this feeling, it was like five-hour hike around in my neighborhood, and I wasn't in like 11,000 feet, but I felt like it was. So my question is, is there radioactive dust in my environment?

iON 28:03

Bert 28:04
Too hot?

iON 28:11
Go at it, go at it differently. No, no, it's fine. But if it is, or it isn't, it doesn't make any difference. Develop it a little bit more. We'll help.

Bert 28:20
Okay. It was just the feel, I mean, the feeling. I mean, it was really strange. It was really more -- I mean, just in my, it was like I said, it was just in my neighborhood which is not so many meters high like in the mountains, but I

iON 28:37
Where the air is thin. Where the air is thin.

Bert 28:40
Yeah! Very thin air.

iON 28:40
So what you're saying is -- so, hey. Now watch. This is gonna get fun. Hey, just one second. Hey, Bob, you don't have to say anything, but listen to the lumbering giant describing his condition that his condition is in. Notice how he feels like he's 11, in 11,000 feet in thin air. And he's a, he's a, he's huge, and he's, he's a, he's a lumbering, tryin' to get through a simple little thing of like a little stroll, a little walk, little hike, a little walk. He does it all the time. He can do it on his hands. He can walk on his hands for five miles for Pete's sake.

Bert 29:13

iON 29:14
Notice the heaviness, the fullness. Yep. Bob knows about that. Mm-hmm. Go ahead.

Bert 29:20
Okay, so, and then the next day, I mean, it made me feel like it was like, what is it -- I just finished a week of two of days in August playing football because my lower pyramid from my toes to my hips was in, I was insane in pain, along with my knee. But everything was just sort of like, Okay, what the fuck was it? And then last night, it dawned on me and I'm like this felt like I was walking -- 'cause I went to the top of Europe when I first got here in Switzerland, and it was really, it's just like that, because the air was really thin, it was 11,000-some feet above. And just the walk there, it was like, just the walk -- I remember it was like, well, 400 meters it like took me a lot of effort. And that's how I felt. I'm like, What the fuck is that? So iON,

iON 30:12
Yeah, it's like that hill, it's like that hill in Crystal City, isn't it?

Bert 30:17
Yeah. Damn. [iON laughs] So, iON, can we, I mean, is that the air? Is that the

iON 30:30
Yeah. No. No, it's not. It's not that. You could call it that, but I mean, you can blame it on the rain, but it's not what it is. You're in the girth of that -- hmm. Okay. They used to have converters where a diesel car could be converted and run on oil, like cooking oil, vegetable oil, -

Bert 30:56

iON 30:56
- or gasoline engine could be converted into something else with kerosene; there's things you can do to change them. But they're never quite as efficient in their not-current state. And so what your feeling now this level or degree, you could call it super-duper dust, you could call it AL2SO4, you could call it just normal radiation. You could say your body shifting and changing from a number one diesel to a number two diesel, that kind of thing. You eat food for fuel, but you're not hungry. But you got to eat. But you eat and have no energy. But you function. You feel happy when you get good food when you eat it. That's great, but it doesn't do you any good. And you can not eat and still gain five pounds.

Bert 31:45

iON 31:46

Bert 31:47
Yes. So is that, is that a sign of the new environment taking over? (inaudible).

iON 31:54
That's a sign of you coming into -- no, it's a sign of everybody -- well, we would say yeah, maybe everybody is feeling that. Maybe everybody is feeling that . You might be the exception; we'll have to see. But just ease off of that just a little bit. It's you are coming into that new environment. See? It's you coming into that new environment which is what we said all along. So this is very topical for what Bob was vetching about. We don't know what he was goin' on about. He was goin' on about something. You know Bob. He goes on and on about stuff. I don't know. Anyway, so it fits into the requiem of what you're trying to accomplish. You see, there's no new words that we can say when you haven't got the old words.

Bert 32:33
Right. Right.

iON 32:34
The new words will just, the new words -- iON, you said -- honey, we say a lot of things.

Bert 32:39
Right. Yeah. Yeah.

iON 32:39
We say a lot of things. We say a lot of things! So you got to play with this from a level or degree of starting, having -- it's a, it's a grade curve. It's a grade curve.

Bert 32:40

iON 32:40
Here's the -- go ahead. We're sorry. We're sorry, sorry.

Bert 32:54
No. You just opened up a whole lot. I mean, you just opened up a whole lot. Because I mean, I mean for let see, this is two, this is like for six years, I've been lazy. I might work out once, you know, for six years since the ReStructure, I might work out once or twice a week when I think about it. But man, man, man, in the last, well actually since we engaged on the 19th of April, I've been like, What the fuck? So I've been doing something every day. And the main thing I'm doing is stretching. So it reminded me. So is there an increase -- because I remember you laid out for someone that we have to stretch because our bodies are having more hydrogen in it and we have to -- I mean, I'm good now, but I tell you -- today is in my world Wednesday. Fucking Monday, I felt like the Tin Man on Wizard of Oz 'cause I was fuckin' stiff. I needed oil on all of my joints, but now I've been stretching with the half lotus. So is there something with like hydrogen in the hips?

iON 34:04
No, it's the -- you're converting those muscles, the tendons, into -- the muscles into tendons. You're starting that conversion. And the only way you can do it would be like snapping your Achilles tendon; it is not pretty.

Bert 34:22
Well, I

iON 34:22
You don't do it all at once.

Bert 34:24

iON 34:25
We know. We know.

Bert 34:26

iON 34:27
We know ain't no, ain't no fun. But what -- then that, you get that feelin' what we're talkin' about this feelin' that you're talking about, it's kind of like that. And so stretching does help it. It doesn't fix it, -

Bert 34:37

iON 34:38
- but it does make it bearable while you're enduring it. See, because if you don't, you'll just get -- you'll seize, it'll seized. So that's, that's normal. It's not inappropriate.

Bert 34:49
Okay, so then it reminded me of something you gave just recently gave us about the doing 1000 reps for the Vitruvian, and you said something about the pain part. And I'm through that pain part so I can actually do 1000 reps, but it actually helped my hips. For me, I guess because my mind was focusing on the pain that I experienced in the upper pyramid that the lower pyramid is relieved. But you know, I mean, an hour, two hours later it was fucking back to feeling like the Tin Man. So that's, that -- okay, let me correction, or clarify. Is that an increase in hydrogen in the body of what I'm going through?

iON 35:34
Yes, yes. And how your body processes hydrogen. There's a lot of hydrogen already. There's a lot of hydrogen already.

Bert 35:43

iON 35:43
But how you're processing the hydrogen. That's the difference.

Bert 35:48
Hey, iON, I also had to increase my magnesium to crazy. I mean, like, six teaspoons a day this past week.

iON 35:57
Yep, that's right.

Bert 36:00

iON 36:00
Now you got to have the interaction. When you start the interaction, now, when you start interacting with other people, then the next thing you know, you're gonna bump into somethin' and then you're gonna find out that you got a brand new pair of roller skates and we got a brand new key.

Bert 36:16
Okay, can we go into that?

iON 36:18
You're gonna have to put that together. Because somebody else is going through something different than what you're going through that's going through what they're going through with some portion of that comes through. And then it becomes very pleasant for that interaction. That's what your fucked-up Tailgate needs to be instead of your bitch sessions where you run around tryin' to figure out why you can't get it. We know why you can't get it; don't worry about what you can't get, get what you can get. So that interaction with others is a help for that strata. So you notice these anomalous conditions that will make it simpler for you to thrive. We want you to thrive. We're happy. We want you to be happy, too.

Bert 36:57
Why, I am.

iON 36:57
Not sure what happy is, but we're not sure what happy is, but if you were happy, that would be good. [laughs]

Bert 37:00
[chuckles] No, I am, I mean it was, you know, all this distraction.

iON 37:11
No, we were mask -- we were, we were masking. We -- that's what, that's what everything is now is a distraction. That's what the whole -

Bert 37:17

iON 37:17
- Ukrainia is. Who gives a crap about Ukraine? Who ever heard of Ukraine? Where's Czechoslovakia? Oh, we gonna get, we gonna get Czechoslovakia! There ain't no Czechoslovakia no more. Where did it go?

Bert 37:28
Right. Right.

iON 37:30
Did it just go? Well, what happened? What happened to Prussia? Where's Prussia when you need it? Oh, my god, is there Austria? Latvia, yeah, there's Latvia there. It's doing somethin', but we don't know. It's just the very simple thing. They're just maximizing this capacity as a distraction, so that you don't notice the weather, so that you don't notice you don't have any food, so that you don't notice you're payin' seven dollars -- you're fixin' to pay $7.35 a gallon for unleaded gasoline. Hehehe, a gallon.

Bert 38:00
Well, technically, in the world that I live in, it's, it's been $7 before it -- when you convert the liters to gallons and what we pay here, the gas was going up before this. So now I like didn't, I haven't [indistinct] yet, but I'll know this week. I mean, it might be like nine or 10 here by then because of the -

iON 38:21
Very easy.

Bert 38:21
- French franc, euro, and the liter and the gallon.

Bob 38:24
Bert, how did you get to the Ukraine topic?

Bert 38:32

iON 38:32
We got that from roller skates.

Bob 38:33
Did you ask something?

iON 38:34
Roller skates.

Bert 38:35

iON 38:35
Roller skates and brand new key.

Bert 38:37
iON brought this up.

iON 38:37
Yes you did. You most certainly did! No, hell, no. Nah ah ah, don't put that on us. No, no, no, no, no. You

Bert 38:44
I did not ask about Ukraine, iON. I did not ask about Ukraine.

Bob 38:48
What did you ask about?

iON 38:49
That was the answer. That was the answer to the question you asked.

Bob 38:53
What was your question, Bert?

Bert 38:54
Fuck, Bob. I don't know. It was

Bob 38:56
Your tendons?

iON 38:57
Distraction. Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Distraction. Distraction. Your distraction. It was about the distraction of [Bob laughs] how everybody's distracted. You said you felt distracted.

Bert 39:06

iON 39:06
That's what this is about. That everybody's -- that's what Ukraine is, is a distraction.

Bert 39:12
No, I was going into -- yeah, I brought up distraction, Bob, but not Ukraine.

iON 39:14
That's right.

Bert 39:14
But what I wanted to say was before iON jumped in with the Ukraine is that because of this pain or what I'm walking through, I had my own thing that I had to work for the distraction. I didn't really pay attention to other than, you know, hearing the people in my environment, you know, complain, bitch and moan or whatever the fuck. But I had enough just what I was walking through with my pain that I didn't give a shit. But it was a distraction. So, so, okay, iON, let's peel this back a little bit. Okay, we talked about carbon, hydrogen. So my body, the body is processing the environment and hydrogen. Okay, yeah, I know. Okay, iON, you said there's a lot of hydrogen. I notice that I can drink more than three liters of water, also. My need for water is increased. Is that also a symptom of what I'm walking through?

iON 40:10
Yeah. And you still, and you still get up in the morning and don't even have to pee. It's the craziest thing ever. You can, you do, but you don't got to; you don't got to.

Bert 40:18
Yeah. Well, I know. And I drink a liter and a half before I go to bed. And get up and it's like quick? and like, what?

iON 40:26

Bert 40:26
Okay, iON. That's -- okay, maybe that has to do with my frequent flyer miles. [chuckles] Because I drink water during the day and I urinate and it's you know, almost equal to what I consume. But at night I drink a liter and a half and get up in the morning, like okay, this is weird. But is that, is that tied also to the anomaly that I have that when I do cardio, like, I gain weight from this fucking hike that I did and I only ate, you know, but I didn't eat when -- I eat on the way walking and walked home but didn't eat and I gained weight. And I'm like, this is fucking physically, physic-wise, impossible that you do cardio and gain fucking weight.

iON 41:11
Right. That's right. That's right. That's right, that's right. But now, that's the body changing; that's the shift. And we'd say that's good. We've been waitin' on it to catch up. We've been talkin' about it all the way through, you see, but now it's catching up and you're startin' to notice. And you got no choice but to notice 'cause now you're fixin' to

Bob 41:29
What have you been talkin' -- what's he taking about iON, ah, Bert? What change?

iON 41:33
Change, change of his body.

Bert 41:35
Changing of a body. Processing the environment, and hydrogen, and okay. Okay, there's a question there, there's a question there. There's a question there.

iON 41:44
You know, you know tryin' to convince Bert to talk about his body.

Bob 41:47
Go back in, back in 2013, Bert, on May 14th, iON and you talked about your body. Refer to that.

Bert 41:58
Hey! Okay. Okay, iON. Yeah, there -- thank you, Bob. That was right there. ReStructure! Is that, is that what right now the body is processing? 'Cause I've heard just recently 'cause I'm in, I'm almost finished 2017, and man, there's something about -- are, is that what's taking place in the body right now? Does that I have to do with the ReStructure being ground down real fine now? 'Cause that is definitely

iON 42:26
Ah, mmm, well, okay. Generationally, it is being, it is being compounded. There's no question there. But that's not the issue. The issue is is that the mash that you're working with is becoming more, more satisfied.

Bert 42:49

iON 42:50
The mash is different.

Bert 42:52
The mash is different. So you said generation. So ReStructure also was generational just like the drops then. That's what you're saying.

iON 43:02
Of course. Well, that's how you get the drops.

Bert 43:04
Okay, but is that the same

iON 43:05
That's where you get the drops from

Bert 43:07
Okay, but is the ReStructure on the same level of drops as the drops are as far as like, was it 2014 they were like a

iON 43:14
It's in everything. It's in everything.

Bert 43:16
It's in everything.

iON 43:17
It's in everything. Ask Dr. Dean.

Carolyn 43:19
Yeah, there is the RNA powder. Hi, iON. Thank you. The RNA powder is in ReStructure.

Bert 43:27
Yeah, I know.

Carolyn 43:27
So over, over the generations, then that's what's changing. Yeah, that's why.

Bert 43:33
Yes. Okay.

iON 43:34
Beforehand, you couldn't grind it down. You had a little icells. You couldn't break them down. Carolyn, what was that thing you were gonna have to buy? It was the size of a tractor trailer. A pulverizer? It literally was the size of a tractor trailer. It was what? Two billion dollars or somethin' crazy.

Carolyn 43:51
No, it was a, it was a diamond drill, iON. We were running it with a diamond drill.

iON 44:01
That's what it was! That's right, that's exactly -- and it still wouldn't break down. It wouldn't break down and people were like, "There's grit. There's grit in the ReStructure! There's grit in the ReStructure." And there's nothin' you could do; you couldn't spin it down. Even with Carolyn's handy dandy grinder finder thing she couldn't. But nobody could spin it down. And so as its matriculated, now it breaks down into a much finer -- it's -- we didn't call it powder. You know, it was little icells. And then it broke down and the environment has changed. So there -- this morfa, mortification, the morphing, the shifting, the change is startin' to come together. And it's all happening despite you all. [laughs]

Bert 44:35
Well, you've always said that, iON. You've always said that. Ascension's gonna happen

iON 44:42
Yeah, we, well -- now, now you're fixin' to feel it. You're fixin' to feel it.

Bert 44:44

iON 44:44
We're gonna do it the easy way or the fun way. It don't bother us. It'll be good. [laughs]

Bert 44:49
No, no, no hold it home skillet. I heard your words. I heard your words this week. You said it's coming. You warned me I believe it was in -- you started warning me I want to say the end of 2016 or 2017, before you took a break, that it's gonna be a little bit uncomfortable. Or uncomfortable, essentially, it's gonna be uncomfortable. And I really felt that this week. I mean, it was like what the f?

iON 45:19
Because, because, because people don't know what they like, they like what they know. [Bert chuckles] See? Where do you think pedophiles come from? Where do they come from? You don't wake up and say, "Oh, I think I'm gonna go play with little kids." That's not where it comes from. And that, that, you reinforced that. Okay. Now we not talkin' about total fucked-up biology. We're not doing that. But that's where they, that's what they use as their sign, signage, to try to convince you how inappropriate you are or why you're inappropriate. That's the killer. It doesn't tell you why you're well, it tells you why you're messed up. So these are the sidebar, sidebar. So what happens is, is this now gets you in a position to where you have to find your way or capacity. And this allows you the ability to do that, that you can now have a different experience, which is the better experience all along. But no, you don't know what Kabuchi [sic] tastes like 'cause it's disgusting, and nobody should drink that mess. But if you knew Kabuchi and liked Kabuchi, then it would be all right. You would long for that. But if you never had it, you don't pine for it, you see? Correct?

Bert 46:33
Oh, thank you for pulling that back. Yes. Thank you for pulling that back. Because I'm like we went from pedophile but now, okay. So this, what I'm going through or everyone is about to go through or what going through is you got to find, you gotta work through this. Okay, cuz that explains it because iON, the last hour of this hike was so fucking painful. I mean, I had to go.

iON 46:58
It's not like you were carrying a 600-pound pack! You were just walking!

Bert 47:02
Right! [laughs] Yes! I mean I was, I mean the -- I felt the sciatic in my ass, my knees wasn't but it was just like, What the fuck? And I was, I had to really walk just like a turtle. I walked, I was literally walking like a turtle. And that's not funny or fun when you're, you know, I mean, we did have to walk some hills and walk down the hill. So I was like, What the fuck? But I'm like, okay, just shut the mind off and just push through. Okay, so that's an ongoing process to find that capacity within the

iON 47:37
You're now becoming, you're now becoming high noble. That's the process.

Bert 47:44
Oh, I have some notes on that. Do we? We are. Okay.

iON 47:47
Yeah. You sure do.

Bert 47:49
High noble. High noble.

iON 47:50
Since you brought it, since you brought it up.

Bert 47:54
So that's, that's relating to the bone then. Correct?

iON 47:58
Of course, of course. That's the only thing that's gonna be strong and it's gonna be the, the, the marrow, has to be changed to hold up the structure to close your epidermis, for Pete's sake.

Bert 48:13
Hey, that's another

iON 48:13
The largest organ in your body has got to change. And so it's not enough to hold it up. You know why they put the spacesuits on the people? Because the pressure's so great, it would crush them. Well, how does that suit, does that suit have an inside pressure out? No. How does that balance? It doesn't balance, it just keeps you at the layer that protects you from the fill in the blank. Whatever it is; radiation or space pressure or la la la la la la la. It puts you in a, in a, in a closed canon. And that's what you're going back to now is a closed canon.

Bert 48:52
Yeah, you -- that's, that's, that was a question that I had, but I'm like, iON's already explained this. 'Cause my back itches in the weirdest places where I can't, I mean, I have to lean on, like the cow in the field, go against the fence post and scratch 'cause it's like a place where I cannot reach because of my oafness in my back.

iON 49:11
Mm-hmm. You're not, you're no longer limber. You can go to the house of ill repute. They're pretty good at that, too, Bertrand.

Bert 49:19
Yeah, okay. Yeah, okay. Thanks for that. [iON laughs] Okay, iON. Okay. Okay. And this is -- I've been

Bob 49:28
Okay, Bert, that ends it. No new topics. We gotta go on to someone else.

Bert 49:32
All right. Great. Okay, thank you, iON, thanks, Bob. And Carolyn.

Bob 49:35

iON 49:35
Did that help? Bob! Did that help?

Bert 49:38
Yes! Yes! Yes.

Bob 49:40
I wasn't listening. I don't know.

Bert 49:41
I'm walking on sunshine if you're asking me.

iON 49:44
Walking on sunshine. Nice. I like that.

Bert 49:47
Yeah, I like that song, too. "Walking on Sunshine," Eddy Grant.

Bob 49:51
Okay, Ginney you're on. Or Gregg, whoever's here put their hand up.

Ginney 49:55
It's Ginney. Hi, iON.

Bob 49:58
Hey, sugar love. What's up?

Ginney 50:01
In July 29, 2011, you did a session called RNA Drops Explained. And in that session, you talked about some of the aspects of the RNA drops, the electromagnetic field, and the lipid tuning forks. And I'd like to ask those questions again.

iON 50:19
Excellent, excellent. Now, you have the frequency. Remember?

Ginney 50:25

iON 50:27
And that shifting, it was, it would if you actually made, well, and only GQ would do this, get something that made that sound, in those days it would not be very refreshing. But now since the shifting has begun or is more handily becoming ever present, it's now much more soothing. Before it would be like fingernails on a chalkboard. But as the closer you get to this change in your meatsack body which you're experiencing just like everybody else, but we don't talk about it 'cause you know how that goes. We got it, we understand. But now all of a sudden, it becomes more melodious. It's more melodious. You can enjoy, you get to enjoy -- you work hard, but you get to enjoy life. And now -

Ginney 51:14

iON 51:14
- there's no burden to go with it. So that

Bob 51:16
What's more melodious, Ginney?

Ginney 51:19
The 6.944-megahertz frequency of the Perfected cell, which is the completion of ascension.

Bob 51:28
What's that got to do with the drops?

iON 51:29
It's what, that's what you're trying to get used to.

Bob 51:36
The drops are getting you use to this.

iON 51:39
The generation after generation after generation as they get better and better and better. If you did the drops you have now in the beginning, folks would've fell over dead, and you would've had what is it, Herbalife? [laughing] Or what is that stuff where people were taken the diet shit and dying or whatever? They'd be dying all over. But you had to go low and slow. Low and slow so that you didn't become a company of death and destruction. [laughs] (indistinct).

Bob 52:04
So where are we now, Ginney?

Ginney 52:08
Where we're at now is iON said that as you ascend, that frequency, 6.944-megahertz, which is a radio wave frequency, is something that you could listen to that sound and instead of turning you off, it would tune you up so to speak.

iON 52:25
Mm-hmm. And then, and then, and how, what it affects in that perfect cell's redistribution, 'cause you gotta change it all. You're gonna be running on jet fuel, you're not gonna be running on diesel. It's gonna put -- put you some jet fuel in that lawn mower and see what happens. It'll get hot! It'll get hot. That's what the, that's what the ReCore is supposed to do is to lower your core so that you can more easily make that transition or that shift. And it will change your weight, it'll do this and nips, skips, lip, dips, slip. It will do all kinds of things. You just let it do what it do. We'll, you know, we don't know. Don't bother with it. It won't, it won't be, it won't matter, don't bother. You might engage it, but naw, don't hurry, it's all right, no big deal. So then what happens is it changes your limbic system. And when that starts shifting, then all of a sudden, like Bert, your body's gonna start speaking on -- it's gonna, it's gonna stand up there and talk to you just a little bit. And you might even get a little flushing, a little flutter in your heart. And you might, you might come to a place where you have this -- find that you don't have to think about things but yet you know things, the way you process things. It's almost like, I wanted to go somewhere but I don't remember exact the best way that we went. And not even using Waze to get you there. But you see what's happening is the body is being replaced or helped with the Tech Body that's a benefit. So you don't have to think about it anymore. That's the point. So now what happens is, but after a little while you learn it, you know it. You know it. You know it. You know it. So when it pops up then and they say that the police is point five miles away, you don't question it anymore, you say -- they'll ask you if it's there or still there as you climb up to it. But about two tenths of a mile, you should be able to see if it's not hidden. They'll even tell you that it's hidden. But now you have advanced knowing in your mind so you can make a simple adjustment in your condition of your environ that could potentially have a negative effect on your driving record. You see? Now how handy is that? Now that's outside in. Ascension allows that procurement of this non-knowing information. Non-knowing information. Is that not cool?

Ginney 54:47
Okay, that's very cool. You said

iON 54:50
And you can override it. You can override it 'cause you can say it's still there or not there. You can control it. So now you're controlling this thing that's telling you what's goin' on. And yet you're not controlling it. And yet you are controlling it. And what happens, the next step, everything that you're dealing with now is a distraction. You gotta know that; you gotta get used to it. If somebody says it, that means it ain't true. So just don't worry, you know, just don't, don't even, don't even second-guess it 'cause it's like question everything. Don't worry about it. Question everything. You're gonna have to now 'cause now you got, you got too many, you got too many vagabonds in the woodshed. There's too much going to distract, to change your mind, to show you -- twirling you into the spin cycle of the, of the very high-efficient front loader with the -- to spin all the water out. It will put you in the spin cycle. You have to get prepared to go through that and not worry about it so you still come out wet. You gotta come, you gotta stay wet in this process, especially when you start changing cellular strata. And that's why it's very important the amino acids now that's gonna make everything much easier. 'Cause then you can -- basically, it's like a jumpstart. It's like a what do you call it when you had to jump the cables and you did a little jump? A little jump, get you a little jump. That's gonna give your body the other steps that its gonna need to make that cure. It's a curative. Amino acids and those protein, simulated proteins, are accumulations of how the, the limbic system is going to basically embrace the new cell. That's the way it's on the perfect cell. Or we would say maybe say perfecting cell. We like that. We don't care. We don't want to get, we don't want to get you in a word game where you're tangled up and say, "iON, you said..." Well, no, no, don't worry about that. We're talking about the shifts and steps in your body. They're gonna change and we're gonna try to make it as comfortable as we can without havin' to load you up with viscous lidocaine.

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