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The Tech Body & Power, 13 July 2019, Transcription


Transcription by Roy.

Michel 0:01
What's your take on, on the current situation with the big tech companies? There's some reports - and I've had them anecdotally, just from, from folks I know. I also see a lot of it in the media. But this - that they're, they're messing with the algorithms now to try to distort a little bit of what the, what the search engines are returning.

iON 0:26
No, that's not what's happening at all. It's no longer run on an algorithm. The Tech Body has now replaced the Chip Body. It's in the Tiny Note. It's all clear, fully explained in the hexadic. What's happened is, is all the power that the humans are trying to get back and didn't, it's going into their little box. Originally, you did that in the Ark of the Covenant. Now you're doing it into your black mirror. You give it everything! You give it everything: the food you eat, where you go, who you're fucking, what you're doing, what you're smoking, what you're up to, where you're going, where you got seats to, the pictures of food you ate on your way to the concert, what the concert was like. Every aspect you put inside the Tech Body, and then you only get back what they want you to have. It's not the tech companies, it's left them already. It's the Tech Body itself. The more power you don't take yourself, the more powerful you're making that thing around you. That's why the zeitgeist has taken over. The Democrats are blaming Trump and Trump's just giggling his ass off; he could care less. He's like, ahhhh, you crazy, crazy fuckers. You don't even know what you're talking about. You're ridiculous. I run this 'cuz I'm a god. And I've got this, and I'm gonna do this, and there's nothing you can do about it. Not because I'm all powerful, but because all the power's flowing through me. And I'll whoop the man that says it isn't so. And once you come to that level and are willing to defend it, humph, they leave you alone. Now Trump's defending Pelosi; bless her heart.

Michel 0:47
You heard that? That was nice.

iON 0:50
It is. It was nice.

Michel 0:52
Yeah, I agree.

iON 1:31
It's great. 'Cuz he's got - when you're ain't 'scared of nothing, it's like, why not? You're good, let's go. He's like, she's a really old woman. Trump's 79, or 80, or 90 years, 100 years old, and he says, "She's really old. Be nice to the old lady." Ha ha ha ha

Michel 2:21
Ha ha. I agree.

iON 2:24
It's like, what a slam in the fuckin' face. It's like be - you're 100 and you're saying be nice to the old lady? Nice. That's rich, that's rich. I respect my elders. I respect my elders. Ha ha ha. So, the whole point of this becomes is the Tech Body itself. And the more the individual humans don't take their power, the more powerful the Tech Body's gonna come. And you can call it the algorithm, you can blame it on the rain. You can blame it on Ralph Nader if you want to. It really don't make a difference. Barry Goldwater did it; it was his damn fault. He started all this all along, and that's what the outcome of it was. Oh, no, the Thurn and Taxis did it. No, the Habsburg paid for it. No, Chateau Lafite, Chateau Lafite. The Rothschild raised it all up. No, honey, it ain't none of that, none of that applies. It's nothing other than humans not coming into their place of power, and that power going somewhere.

Michel 3:24
That's brilliant.

iON 3:24
And so it went into the Chip Body until it was overloaded. Now the Tech Body has come along that they're even referring to it. Trump at the symposium says, "Don't worry, the Tech Body is not gonna take over this country." Said it on everywhere. On TV. The Tech Body, imagine that.

Michel 3:42
Yeah, yeah, he had a thing at the White House a couple days ago with a bunch of folks. I don't know if you noticed that Diamond and Silk even were there. And -

Bob 3:53
He was quoting the summit, Michel, that's what he was just saying.

Michel 3:57

Bob 3:57
What Trump was saying.

Michel 3:58

Bob 3:59
We're not gonna be dominated by the Tech Body. At the summit.

Michel 4:02
Oh, he said it. Yeah. No, that's, that's, that's brilliant. And I guess he kind of has the antidote, right? And everybody else is like, they're busy, like, doing their tweets. And they're like, I'm not getting enough "follows." And he's kind of organized something for them so they can meet with all these guys and talk to them. And, but, Trump kind of has the antidote, I guess. Right?

iON 4:31

Bob 4:33
Are you talking about our products, Michel?

Michel 4:35
Well, yeah, there you go. That's a good point.

Bob 4:38
He has it personally. Did he have an antidote environmentally? Is that what you mean?

Michel 4:43
Yeah, environmentally. Exactly. Yeah.

Bob 4:48
Well, that's us.

Michel 4:50

Bob 4:50

Michel 4:52
Gotcha. Yeah, because - now, that's really interesting what you said about - 'cuz you remember, McLuhan said the sender is sent. Right?

Bob 5:05
Yes. Yeah.

Michel 5:07
And so what iON was saying about everything being sucked into this Tech Body; like all your coordinates, whether they're physical, emotional, maybe even spiritual getting sucked into the algorithm.

iON 5:24
Mind -

Michel 5:26
Mind -

iON 5:26
Mind, body, spirit.

Michel 5:28
Yeah. Yeah. And, and, but is it really happening, I guess, or is it the matrix?

iON 5:36
Yeah. It already has. You're just now noticing it. It already has.

Michel 5:40

iON 5:40
You're just now coming - you know, they've been drinking for hours. You just now noticing they're drunk.

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