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Even More on the Tech Body, 5 October 2019, Transcription


Transcription by Roy.

Bob 0:01
I want to play something for an intro. It was scheduled to play this last week. I forgot, other things happened, so then I played it during tailgate. So, only a few people heard it. But there's stuff about the pharaohs in Egypt in here and other ideas that probably will be relevant. So, this is 23 minutes. I'm titling this "Even More On The Tech Body." {recording begins} Yeah. Now this ascension, people on our products you're talking about are ascending faster.

iON 0:33

Bob 0:33
Yeah. The - even the dead people on Carolyn's Monday show, just starting with a little drop, they will ascend faster.

iON 0:41
They're - they have hope, see, but their problem isn't the medicine. Their problem is on the inside. And that's why we said all along that it should change. It shouldn't be Carolyn's picture. It should be the product. But that's what's happening. The little people are embracing Carolyn, which is what they've always done. That's what they did in Canada, and that's what they did in City Island. It's what they do. They attach to her, you see, and that - they hold on to that so they can feel better. And we say, great! But there's not enough of her to do that! See, that's our argument. We're selfish, we want her all to ourselves. Fuck 'em.

Bob 1:18

iON 1:18
That's what we say, fuck 'em all! We deserve her, she's ours! You're not going to have her anymore! She's ours! You know, it becomes a race to the bottom. But the point though, becomes you have to have a way to allow them to ascend. Cuz if they gotta have her to ascend, she may disappoint them. She never wants to do that.

Bob 1:39
Okay, so iON, it's ascending faster. Is that because we've been exhaling RNA drops into the environment for nine years or something?

iON 1:48
It has helped. And the carbon is increasing, and the world is changing, and media ecology is dead, and the Tech Body is driving everything. So, all the minds are becoming numb. The labyrinths of the mind are being dumbed down. You've all got a good dose of fentanyl, so you're going to sleep. And ascension is nigh. It's pretty hot.

Bob 2:14
Because your mind's not gettin' in the way.

iON 2:16
Correct. You're softening it, just like (overtalk)

Bob 2:18
What is your definition of media ecology? What did you just say?

iON 2:23
The way, the way information -

Bob 2:25
No, the exact words. Just the exact words you said.

iON 2:28
Media ecology -

Bob 2:29

iON 2:29
Media -

Bob 2:30
Forget it. Media ecology. What is your definition when you say it's obsolete? What is obsolete?

iON 2:35

Bob 2:36
That's CIA management of the media? Is that CIA? The word makes the market?

iON 2:41
Well, well. Maybe. Maybe, but no. Maybe but no. All right. When a, when a bit of information like the recent and untimely passing of Arthur Kroker(!) that doesn't get picked up by the Tech Body. So, therefore, it doesn't occur. It doesn't happen. Well, Google says he's not dead! So, he's not dead, okay.

Bob 3:04
We're gonna find out and call his office.

iON 3:06
Then all of a sudden, then all of a sudden, then all of a sudden then I was like, well you know what they're gonna say they're goin', "No, he's fine, he's been sitting in his desk for the last six months, he hasn't moved!" Huh. Ha ha ha ha. Then they'll go in there and find him and say, "Oh my god! Bob Dobbs gone and killed Arthur Kroker! " One more time Bob says, "Let me get my coat 'n tie and drive him to the funeral! I'm gonna drive him to the funeral! We're goin' to the funeral parlor. I'll go get him. Me and Mae Brussell. I took him. I bury them all. I lay him down, I built him up and I'm gonna lay him down!" There ya go. Yeah, probably so. It wouldn't surprise us a bit in the world. So the point is media ecology is the, the process, levels or degrees of information that are readily and easily absorbed by the general zeitgeist. The general zeitgeist. Something is promoted that IS. Russia collusion! People didn't know what Russia collusion was and they still don't. But media ecologically, its balance is known ever - oh, that's where Russia put Donald J. Trump into President and fucked Hillary Clinton in the hoo hoo. Yeah, it done that. It did that. Yep. Yep. Yep, it did that. They proved that. Honor Proof (?) was right. It was all made up, it wasn't true. But yeah, yeah, yeah, media ecologically, that's accepted as an embraceable meme in a tactile visceral reality.

Bob 4:35
Yeah, so you're saying media ecology is what is known collectively under electric conditions.

iON 4:40
Or accepted as. Maybe accepted is a better word.

Bob 4:44
That's enough. Bear on, Carolyn.

iON 4:46

Bob 4:47
Why are the administrators and universities such assholes and ruin universities, and they throw out their best professors for economic reasons, I guess? Why are - is the - what took over the Tech - something took over universities 30 years ago and just made them money machines. Is there another aspect about them?

iON 5:05
But they're not, but they're not money machines. They're money pits, they're not machines. It's just all it was -

Bob 5:12
Why keep it going?

iON 5:13
Because they had to have something to keep typing to. Okay. The oligarchs back in England, if you were a Duke or a Lord or a Lady or an Earl or something, you didn't have education of higher learning, you didn't have to. You're Your Lordship, Your Ladyship, Your somethin' somethin' somethin'. The sinister ministers or whatever. You didn't have to be a Winston Churchill; you didn't have to be worried without those things. Well, now it's turned around to all you had to do if everybody had to go to school, nobody's learning anything. Bob, they don't even use sentences! They write papers with how they - emojis! They don't even write anything anymore. They don't study anything. They don't do anything. You don't have to type, you don't have to look. We've seen it firsthand! You used to raise -

Bob 5:56
Okay, so, so -

iON 5:56
- wave your hand over the paper and that lets you know how you feel about it. Because they have to have the money flowing to be able to fill Sallie Mae to make the bond market work because that's the only credit that's flying today, is education.

Bob 6:11
Okay, got that.

iON 6:12
That's why Bernie Sanders if he lives through it, he probably won't, his stents are pretty prolific. The socialist couldn't socialize, he's not very social these days. He couldn't do it because he's now saying, "Okay, we're going to take and wipe that away. We're going to erase that." Well, they can't erase that, Bob, that's society. And they're taking away money.

Bob 6:33
Okay, iON, got that. Yeah. So, so, Trump, reading regular journalists, cynical journalist, Trump doesn't finish his sentences. His syntax is all wrong.

iON 6:46

Bob 6:44
Is he is he? Hold it. Is he communicating properly to the people because they don't finish their sentences and can't read or write? Correct?

iON 6:50
Correct. That's correct. "Yeah, well, I, well, okay. No. Yes, that's it. He's a very good. I don't know if I like him or not. Yeah. You don't understand. It's perfect. It was a perfect call. It was a perfect call. A perfect call. Perfect, it was perfect. They said it wasn't perfect, but it was a perfect call." What fuckin' call?

Bob 7:14
Okay, I got that iON. I got that.

iON 7:14
What are you talkin' about? What are you talkin' about? What's the perfect call?

Bob 7:18
I got that, iON. What we're witnessing is literate journalists can't handle this post literate situation! They see what's going on!

iON 7:27
But they're being tricked. So, see, Bob, because here's the thing. What really happened? What really happened. Do you remember Madeleine Albright?

Bob 7:36

iON 7:37
Okay. She was literal and she could read, and she could write, and she could speak. She understood. Okay? Anne Richards. Remember Anne Richards?

Bob 7:47

iON 7:48
She was a drunk, but - she was a drunk, a hard drunk, but she got it. She knew how to make it. She knew how to move the market. They couldn't give gas and oil away then in the great state of Texas, but she figured it out. Okay. What they're doing is, is the Tech Body is fucking with them. The news media is nothing! Twitter is faster than their pen! They can't elocute, their elocution doesn't get out there before the Tech Body's already slaying it! Donald Trump puts the damn telephone call out there before they even had time to write a paragraph about how inappropriate it was in every way!

Bob 8:24
So, you're saying that Trump -

iON 8:25
That's why he's ahead of it.

Bob 8:26
- iON, you're saying Trump keeps up with the Tech Body?

iON 8:29
He's ahead of it. He is ahead of it.

Bob 8:31

iON 8:32
He listens. Listen. He can hear the clarion call. Oh? Is there trouble? Oh, trouble's good.

Bob 8:37
iON, they say he spends a lot of time watching CNN and TV and all that. That's part of his job, keeping ahead. Okay, what's your next question, Carolyn?

iON 8:45
Suuure! And eatin' McDonald, eatin' McDonald, eatin' McDonald hamburgers, supportin' Big Pharma.

Bob 8:51
He's met hamburgers what's the verb? He met hamburgers?

iON 8:54
Eating McDonald's, eating McDonald's hamburgers and supporting the Tech Body for Carolyn.

Bob 9:03
All right. Got ahead, Carolyn, your next point.

Carolyn 9:08
(in background) Yes, hi, iON. I'm back. Oh!

iON 9:11
She's on, she's on mute, Bob.

Carolyn 9:15
I'm back.

Bob 9:16
We're cool. Everything's back.

Carolyn 9:17
I thought I was back. Okay -

Bob 9:20
iON. You said the other day Michael said, "How many people have you talked with in all these years?" And you said we've talked to two people. Not talks with, you talk a lot of withing, but you've talked to two people. Michael pointed this out, the difference. Those two people are me and Carolyn?

iON 9:44
Yes. And Carolyn and you.

Bob 9:47
Yes, Carolyn and me. Me and Carolyn. Okay, got that.

iON 9:49
That's because of hendiadys. But now there's a point, there's a point to that. You're actually the only ones that have talked back. Everyone else rips, you engage. You part, counterpart. You, because of Thompson,

Bob 9:50
What does rip mean? Those that rip. What does that mean?

iON 9:56
Everyone else -- Bert just takes it. Bert just takes it.

Bob 10:11
So, is that what you mean by ripping? People ripping?

iON 10:14
Yeah, Thompson, The Thompson quadrant.

Bob 10:16
People take it.

iON 10:17
The Thompson quadrant. You don't take it, you'll engage it. "NOOO we're gonna figure this out now."

Bob 10:22
Right, right, right. When say rip - I got that. When you say rip, they go along too much. They don't know anything -

iON 10:29

Bob 10:29
- and they just go along with whatever iON's saying. They don't engage. Okay. That's what you mean-

iON 10:33
And that's smart.

Bob 10:34

iON 10:35
And that's smart for their point. Okay.

Bob 10:37

iON 10:37
That's smart because we've chopped their damn heads off. And you know, full well -

Bob 10:41
Okay, we got that. Yeah, yes. Okay.

iON 10:43
That's not the point. So, we've spoken, we've spoken to two people. That's right.

Bob 10:49
I know. Okay, next question. Carl Franzoni who has a good opportunity of ascending, did he and Vito Paulekas, the freak dancers in LA in the mid 60's, did they have a big influence on Frank Zappa's personality or his -

iON 11:06
No, but. No, but they opened up his eyes to the bigger picture. See, Zappa didn't accept anything as normal. He didn't accept anything. He lived through LSD. He lived through that time when everything was questioned. Everything was challenged, everything was up, it was down. This is bad. This is good. This is up, this is down. Meanwhile, they were trying to do free love, which ended up killing them all. See? Cuz they didn't have any boundaries.

Bob 11:31
So, what did Zappa do in relation to all that?

iON 11:34
He absorbed that and says, "Okay, this is craziness. And the craziness must be the standard. So, let's support the crazies." Which is the counterpart -

Bob 11:46
Okay, I got that.

iON 11:46
- of Marshall McLuhan. Which is the counterpart of Marshall McLuhan, that the medium is the message. Frank tried to prove that the message was the medium.

Bob 11:55
Yes, when - I'm going to look up - he describes in a couple of scenarios these weird UFO vehicles and apparatus and that. That's him attempting to describe the Tech Body.

iON 12:05
Mm hmm. The Tech Body coming. Because remember when he was trying to use new musical things? Like, he put the whistle and a xylophone and stupid things -

Bob 12:17

iON 12:17
- you know -

Bob 12:17

iON 12:17
- like a lawn mower? He'd run a two-cycle engine, -

Bob 12:21

iON 12:21
- make that be a song with a lawn mower or leaf blowers or somethin'.

Bob 12:25
Yes, yes.

iON 12:25
He would do that because he was trying to include all those media positions that weren't. So, he was trying to say this is also music! This is also music! This - is this music? I don't know, maybe. Is this music? Maybe.

Bob 12:41
Okay, I got it. I got it. Okay, next question.

iON 12:43
Looking for the - never finding the perfect note!

Bob 12:47
Yeah, was there? Yeah. Was there a social hierarchy on the yarmulka continent when majority of people were ascended? As it is now, it's -

iON 13:01
We don't, we don't understand. We don't understand your question.

Bob 13:04
Were there elites within the ascended on the yarmulka continent?

iON 13:10

Bob 13:10
No. And that's why there was chaos. And, and I decided this is too much, "Enough," I said, and then I started putting a hierarchy or order into it and I said, "Let's all descend."

iON 13:20
All you did, all you did, all you did is you scared them. When they were at the closest they were to goin' back across the River Jordan, you're the one messenger that said, "Be careful," you're a scout, to say, "There are giants in the promised land. In the land of Canaan, there're giants. And you can't go there."

Bob 13:40
And they were mixing it up too much with angels? They were mixing it up too much with angels?

iON 13:44
Computer says yes.

Bob 13:47
What's his name? Mark, Mark Sweat of San Diego. He found two references after we got off the phone Tuesday night. And I said to you, "I remember you saying the angels created the Tech Body." And iON agreed according to Mark. Did the angels create the Tech Body?

iON 14:09
Uh huh. It sure did. Well, and when the - now wait, we understand your conundrum. The Tech Body was created from the humans who were pumping their information into the Chip Body. We cautioned against that when - but it was okay as long as there was a mystery landscape. But when you obfuscated the mystery landscape, all that power became true, right, real and, and raunchy. Okay, now, when they quit using the Tech Body for porn, which is all they used it for, when they quit using it for porn, then all of a sudden it became something. And the angels went, "Ah, RHYEE! We've got Akasha. We got all of Akasha and here's the key. We have to morph the information out of the dead Chip Body and put it in this new Tech Body." We were onto -

Bob 14:23
That's what the angels said. That's what the angels said.

iON 15:03
Yeah, we got a hold of it and we, we're okay, well, you, you're well represented, boss. You're not exposed. You're not exposed. You're okay.

Bob 15:12
You mean when they did that?

iON 15:15
Yeah. Well, we had to get there, but we got enough share position to cover you.

Bob 15:21
Yeah, but isn't the Tech Body gonna turn on the angels?

iON 15:26
Ah, shhhhh, don't tell them that, but yeah.

Bob 15:30
Okay. All right. Got that.

iON 15:32
Well, you think - well now hold on just a second. You got, you got that, but you don't have that. That's ridiculous. You're gonna let that go? Hell no, you're not gonna let that go. Are you nuts? Do you sit here, sit here saying that, "Oh, okay. If everybody's aware that if you're pumping all your information into the Tech Body, making it stronger, and it's gonna beat out the angels and it's going to supersede or superimpose or become a superseding indictment for the whole conversation, that people were idiots would stop pumping their shit into it. But instead! instead! they run up Mark Zuckerberg, say, ooh give me a little more, ooh give me a little more, ooh give me a little more, ooh give me a little more! Let me have a little bit more! Mark Zuckerberg doesn't even know what the hell he's created and they're giving it more and more and more and more and more! And he's gonna say, "Please don't give us any more information. We're not handling the information you already gave us, and we've been proven this time and time again, we keep licking your shit!!" And they still do it. So. Okay. So, you see the rub? You can't really blame the angels when the, when the, when the, the devil is the one, the little man, that keeps pumping this stuff full. It can't get any relief or get any traction to say, "Uh, oh."

Bob 16:39
Yeah. In that sense you said the little man is the devil.

iON 16:44

Bob 16:44
The little man is the devil. Okay, next point. And, ah, have I not been getting the full effect of the RNA drops because I don't hold them in my mouth long enough?

iON 16:56
You don't have to hold them in your mouth, but you can put them in your coffee enema. Doesn't make any difference to us. You'll get it. Don't make any difference.

Bob 17:03
Yeah, so holding - people like to hold them in their mouth.

iON 17:05
You don't have to. You can, but you don't have to do all that. Hell, just piss in it or throw it on ya or put it on your penis. It don't matter.

Bob 17:07
All right, I gotcha.

iON 17:13
You're doing fine, you know, -

Bob 17:15
Because the iCell just goes in there. The iCell just goes in there.

iON 17:17
Just get you a spoonful and just slam it your mouth and slam it. Yeah.

Bob 17:23
Okay, got it.

iON 17:24
Wash it down with tequila. That'll, that'll show 'em.

Bob 17:27
Yes. Are, I have, "Are you pharaoh multiple entities living?" What the hell? Ah -

iON 17:39
Feral? Ha ha ha.

Bob 17:40
No, take a pharaoh.

iON 17:43
A pharaoh.

Bob 17:43
Were there multiple entities - Yeah, pharaoh. Were there multiple entities living in Egypt?

iON 17:48

Bob 17:45
When pharaohs were dominant?

iON 17:50
Oh, hell, yeah. Oh, hell, yeah. That's where some of your secret power was hidden, Bob. We've got this. We've done this a couple of times, but we can't get the full effect and you're not gonna do it now. But very soon we're going to connect all the dots so you can, you can 'splain all these problems. You can explain -

Bob 18:07
Right. All right, very good. Here's a problem.

iON 18:09
- like the ones that move the stones, and where are the capstones, and what were in them, and the ancient aliens transpose positions, and how the Kohathites got their stuff back into place, and where they actually hid the rest of the ark of the covenant that you're going to bring back and say, "See what you ridiculous, idiots people did?" It will bring back the bones of Joseph to show them what an ascended one looks like. Don't you worry, we got it all, boss.

Bob 18:34
Okay, good. Yeah, here's the next issue. Someone writes, "I'm a bit to me. I'm a bit confused about what the Tech Body is. On the one hand, the things you don't share on the internet (the users) are supposedly saved from the, safe from the Tech Body, even if you're, if they're on your local computer. But on the other hand, it can make purely physical objects disappear or trees grow differently. This seems inconsistent." Now, how could you clear up that?

iON 19:05
If you have, if you have no Tech Body in your world and your fucking in your bedroom, they can know you're fucking in your bedroom, who you're fucking, what kind of fuck, what kind of time you're having. You see, the red lights know. The, the conditions know, the road knows, the car knows. You put your telephone in the car and it says, "I'm not gonna give you any more updates while you're driving." Why in the fuck does the telephone know I'm driving?

Bob 19:30
Okay, so, but this person is remembering that your email is safe in your computer. You know, it can't be affected by the Tech Body.

iON 19:41
It used to be. It is now. Used to be.

Bob 19:44
It is affected now.

iON 19:44
Everything's in your computer. The Chip Body's dead. Now everything's Wi-Fi, Bob. Everything's Wi-Fi.

Bob 19:51
Nothing is safe. Whatever we -

iON 19:53
Nothing is safe.

Bob 19:53
- under the impression -

iON 19:54

Bob 19:55
Yeah, they can get into my email. They can hack me, do anything.

iON 19:58
They can but, why would they - but they don't want to cuz all they'd do is find two caches of emails to yourself, reminding yourself of stuff that you can't find cuz you don't know where you put the email. So, it doesn't matter.

Bob 20:11
All right. Okay, -

iON 20:12
Carolyn's is different. Carolyn's is different because everything - her words are solemn, which means she could, she would use her words to prove her point. You wouldn't use your words to prove it. Yours are the example of it. Hers proves her point. So, we're trying to keep them out of her shit till she gets it all together. Once it gets together, then -

Bob 20:33
Okay, so –

iON 0:00 go with it, but there's nothing we can do.

Bob 0:01
What shit are you try to keep out of her?

iON 0:04
We're trying to keep the people out of her boxes, her special boxes.

Bob 0:10
Oh, you mean the hackers?

iON 0:13
Well, the Tech Body.

Bob 0:16
The Tech Body. Okay. Okay, so the -

iON 0:18
The hackers would leave her alone. They, they'd run from her. She'd hack them. They'd run from her.

Bob 0:23
All right, okay. The, ah, let's run through the constituents of the Tech Body. There is Non-Physical; then there's iON which is not Non-Physical, but the new iON, the extended of iON; there are angels; and then there's little man; and then the technology of the Tech Body that came out of the residue of the Chip Body. So, what other constituents am I leaving out?

iON 0:23
Ahhhh. LaRouche. LaRouche. You're leaving off LaRouche. LaRouche, the baddies that run everything. The ones that are trying to get you. The conspiracy ones -

Bob 0:53
You mean the Project Paperclip people?

iON 0:58
The Queen, the Queen gettin' things ready to put up your bum. You forgot those.

Bob 1:03
Okay, so the paranoia that I have in the LaRouche quadrant. That's in the Tech Body. It creates paranoia.

iON 1:10
It creates a driver. It does because that's what the panic that comes and the Tech Body's very good at it. There's a problem, there's a catastrophe, there's a this, there's a blalalalala. This is comin' through - the storm is coming! It's going to kill you! The storm is coming! Whaat? No. Yes it is. No, yes it is. You're gonna be dead, you see? Yep, yep, yep.

Bob 1:30
Okay, I got that.

iON 1:30
You're gonna do something stupid. Then you gonna do something stupid because of what it said, and you wake up dead. There you go.

Bob 1:36
Okay, so. So, on my Tiny Note Chart, I had it right when I listed paranoia, schizophrenia, hysteria, panic, and ecstasy. Those are ingredients of the Tech Body.

iON 1:49

Bob 1:50
They're generated by the Tech Body. Okay. All right then.

iON 1:54
And don't forget doldrums. You got one more part: doldrums. It's gonna cause the malaise in people. Almost like a, almost like a panacea of gloom. Some call it depression, like clinical depression.

Bob 2:10
Yeah. Kroker calls it bored. The bored culture. People are gonna be bored, sort of.

iON 2:14
Yeaahh, but this is, but this is gonna be passive. Really bored, listless, can't - uber-bored, uber-bored.

Bob 2:22
Yeah, I got that.

iON 2:22
We could go with that.

Bob 2:23
Very good.

iON 2:23
Try to use the same words. So they'll just confuse everybody.

Bob 2:26
Now the Playfair cipher. Yeah. So, iON, but Trump is still laughing no matter what hysteria is projected.

iON 2:33
Giggling his ass off! Because he's got, he's so far ahead of it. And there's - now! he's got it figured out. That Shifty Shift is the one who put Crazy Mazey up to be the witness person, person person.

Bob 2:51
Okay, thank you very much.

Carolyn 2:53
What witness? What, what, what, what?

Bob 2:55
You know, the whistleblower.

iON 2:57
The whistleblower.

Bob 3:00
The guy who knows everything and revealed everything that went after Trump. And nobody knows who he is, Carolyn. Or she. They don't know what it is, but it's the Tech Body.

iON 3:09
Happy days, happy days, happy calls.

Bob 3:12
Thank you, iON.

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