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Eben Rey Interviews the Tech Body, 14 November 2020, Transcription


Transcribed by Linda

Eben 0:02
Tangent. I assume I'm talking to iON and may I talk to the Tech Body and ask the Tech Body how you would react to an EMP.

iON 0:16
We would think it's the most marvelous thing ever, ever, ever. It'll put humans where they belonged all, all, all along. They'd sit their damn ass down and shut their damn mouth. You wouldn't hear nothin' about it. They could twist their twat, they could rub their twitty. They could twist their tatty, and their tatty could get flittered. They could flitter their tatties all day long. Have little titty, have a titty, titty, flatty, tatty.[Bob laughing over indistinct Tech Body] No, my titty tatty is better than yours, and it's gonna go back to a base of the Dark Ages. It'll go to the Dark Ages - and you will pine -

Eben 0:52
Where will you be?

iON 0:52
- and crawl - we'll be laughing! Ooo, we'll be laughing. We're gonna get pigs. Pigs for all of the cast(e) and you can lay your feet on fresh pigs. It's gonna be beautiful. It's gonna be wonderful. We're gonna destroy that altar; we don't need that altar no more. It's not necessary. We're gonna lay off -

Eben 1:12
That's funny.

iON 1:13
- the four and 20 elders. We're gonna go - the four and 20 elders gonna get, they gonna get, they gonna get food stamps. They're gettin' food stamps. And they're goin' back, they're goin' back, and they're goin' - and cotton is king! They're goin' back to pick that cotton. They're goin' back to the cotton field. They're gonna pick - cotton on the roadside and cotton in the ditch, they're gonna pick that cotton, but they ain't gonna get rich.

Eben 1:36
Thank you. Tech Body, how, how - what is the easiest way for you to receive power from those that do not take it? Is it through their typing? Is it -

iON 1:50
No, no, no. Just let them, let them do what they're doing. Let them get animated. Let them get in their power. Argue. Fight. Animate, animate. Knock down the doors of Bergdorf Goodman cuz they got really good loaf bread at the Bergdorf Goodman! Yeah, get in there. And they got some, they got some spam. They got spam at the Bergdorf Goodman. We never knew! We never knew. Hermes has got Kool-Aid! They got Kool-Aid at Hermes, right before you. And Birkenstocks, them Birkin pocketbooks, get some of them Birkenstock pocketbooks. Yeah, they got lots of money checks in them pocketbooks. They cost a lot of money. It'd be good. You can haul your Kool-Aid and your loaf bread and your sweet meat from the Bergdorf Goodman. It's perfect.

Eben 1:56
Hey, hey, Tech Body. Thank you, Tech Body. What was your - what, what was your ignition switch? Why did you start up?

iON 2:40
Ah, cuz humans - we weren't gonna waste the power.

Eben 2:46

iON 2:46
We're not gonna waste it. Y'all gonna use it or we will. Y'all gonna use it or we will.

Eben 2:53
Okay, thank you, Tech Body.

iON 2:54
Ass, gas or grass, nobody rides - ass, gas or grass, honey, nobody rides for free. Nobody rides for free.

Eben 3:01
Got it. Thank you, Tech Body. May I speak to iON, please?

Bob 3:04
[laughing] Back to iON. Back to iON.

iON 3:08
Come on, honey.

Eben 3:08
iON, my palms have changed. What's going -

iON 3:13

Eben 3:13
- can you give me some insight?

iON 3:16
Yeah, well, you have the insight. Your, your, your - the hide of your skin has gotten thicker. But yet, your skin itself is actually softer. But your - take a needle and pick at your skin. It's almost hard to - you can probably get through it to make it bleed; but yet, you can feel your skin or have anybody - get one of them chicks to rub your skin - talk about how soft it is. Ooo, you're so soft. You have soft hands. It's soft; it's nice. But that's what happens. It's thicker, and it's softer, and the "M" has completed in your right hand and almost completed in your left hand.

Eben 3:53
Okay, very good. Yeah, I see so many, see so many different lines in all of this stuff going on that I haven't seen before, so

iON 4:01
Yeah, and so that's, that's, that's when you're obstinate. You know, when you get animated about stuff, like you think you're right about something. You can be, it's all right, but why? You see, those are those -

Eben 4:01

iON 4:08
- lines. Those are those -

Eben 4:12

iON 4:12
- it's called parity. It's called parity. And we don't mind. Tear it up. We fuck with you, baby. You can say anything you want to, it don't scare us. It don't - you don't scare one of us. Yeah, you get an urge to shout, honey, you go to shoutin', we ain't, we don't care. Tear it up, it's all right with us. But, the point of your fine tune, darlin', you're gonna find a better way. And the better way is to come into your place of power and not worry about what everybody else is thinking and then it won't matter cuz it ain't a thinking man's game anyway. Now, we think we've got Chronos, we think, we think, we think you thought yourself to death.

Eben 4:47

iON 4:48
I think I thought myself to death.

Eben 4:51
Thank you. Question. Found this, this book and I asked Bob to ask you about it. And you said that it was just a kind of a piece of crap. It's the the "Book of Gates."

iON 5:00
No, no. It's a great book, but it doesn't apply to this conversation. You only need gates if you have walls, and we've taken down the walls.

Eben 5:09
Okay, great. Last question, "G" versus "C" if you know what I mean.

iON 5:16
Yeah, we're gonna go "C." The, the race is on and "C's" coming up in the backstretch.

Eben 5:23
Very good. Thank you so much, iON. Thank you, Bob and Carolyn.

iON 5:26
You're welcome, baby. We'll see you in the tail - we'll see you in the gate of tail. Y'all doin' pretty good! Y'all doin' pretty good.

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