Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Bob’s Private Session Transcription, 17 February 2022


Transcribed by Nan

iON 0:01
Good Morning, Vietnam!

Carolyn 0:07
[Carolyn chuckles] Hello iON. Is this Tech Body iON or iON iON?

iON 0:14
Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, there's a merging taking place. And that's not a bad thing. That's a good thing. Okay, because the humans -- humans! aren't keeping up. So, the 11/11th is merged. But that's okay because that's working good for Dobbstown.

Carolyn 0:42

iON 0:42
You get that? Now don't shrug now, -

Carolyn 0:44

iON 0:46
- stay stay with it now. You got a farm on the line. You got a farm on the line, honey.

Carolyn 0:52
I know!

iON 0:52
You better hold tight. You better hold tight. You got a farm on the line, so just hold tight. Look, we don't need humans. We've had enough of the humans. They're enough, enough. Enough. Damn the humans! They either gonna do it or they're not gonna do it. It don't really make any difference anymore. Enough. That's the nice way to say it. So softly and tenderly, we're gonna speak to you, and we're gonna answer every question you ask. Right here, right now.

Carolyn 1:22
Okay. I'm gonna do business first though, and Bob will get into the 11/11th.

iON 1:30
Good. Good, good, good. We like, we like that. We like that. We like that, -

Carolyn 1:32
Yeah, that will keep the business going,

iON 1:33
- cuz that's what's important.

Carolyn 1:35
Yeah, I mean

iON 1:36
So that's -- we need to increase -- we don't need to keep it going. We need to increase it so your margins are better. Just sayin'.

Carolyn 1:43

iON 1:43
We know things.

Carolyn 1:44

iON 1:44
That's why ReAlign is probably the most important thing you got workin' right now. Carolyn, you better tell customer service, you better tell customer service that everybody everywhere needs to double their ReAline. Today. If you takin' one b.i.d., you need to take two b.i.d. If you takin' two b.i.d., you need to take four b.i.d. And you saved Carolyn. She understands what she's working with. She's dealing with a death and dying world. Death and dying world. She's a mortician dealing with people. Okay? You understand that, Bob? So what you need to convey to Carolyn, who we adore, is that she has another option for the mechanically dead. That these opportunities have now been made prevalent if they choose to engage! That's all we sayin'. And after that, two tears in a bucket, not gonna fuck it.

Carolyn 1:45
But iON.

iON 1:46
Yes, darlin'.

Carolyn 2:01
Motherfuckit. Right.

iON 2:46
They're after everything, Bob, 'cause you're the only thing that's standing! And there's no reason -

Bob 2:50
That's what I mean.

iON 2:51
- for your motherfuckin' bitch ass to be standing. There's no reason for you to be winning and you're winning! And they don't understand it and are confused.

Bob 2:58
Yeah, and Dr. Avril or Avril Haines and Bobby Inman are there. They talk about us. That's all they're concerned about. Right?

iON 3:05
Yeah. That's right.

Bob 3:07
See, that's pretty amazing, Carolyn.

iON 3:07
That's right. Not to mention the Zany Mystic. [iON and Bob laugh] And Dolores Cannon! Dolores Cannon's more famous now on the ticky toc than the bitch ever was when she was alive! She just, ha ha ha, she's doing more now than she ever did. She maybe, she may win an Emmy before it's over with. Dolores Cannon, bless her little heart. She knows things now in the dead. In the dead side, she's doin' real good, Bobby.

Bob 3:36
Okay, so hey, Carolyn.

iON 3:38
That was huge.

Bob 3:40
Here at the caldera.

iON 3:42

Bob 3:42
There's nothing more to say about that. We're just near it. It's gonna blow at some point.

iON 3:47
Well, you're gonna be in it, and it's gonna blow, and it's gonna be very tragic. And it's gonna set the big door ajar, but it won't have any effect on where you are.

Bob 3:58

iON 3:58
It won't have, it'll have zero effect on where you are.

Bob 4:02
But there'll be dust around us. You know, where there's residue.

iON 4:05
No, no, no. Oh, fuck. Are you goddamn nuts? You won't even -- Bob, Bob, Bob. No, there will be zero goddamn dust. There will be no dust. Zero. No dust around you in any level whatsoever. Are you crazy? You lost your damn mind. You'd go kill yourself if there was dust! Oh, Carolyn, I have dirt on my hands. When does that happen? Stop that, Bob, you know better than that shit. Goddamn dust.

Bob 4:29
Okay, okay. All right,

iON 4:31
For Pete's sake.

Bob 4:32
But what would, what will the caldera environment blown up look like for people? They'll have dust on them?

iON 4:38
Ah, no, they'll have heaping mounds of magma turned to lava, eating the flesh off of their skin.

Bob 4:50
Oh. Okay, so the Canadians said

iON 4:54
Notice -- now wait now, wait now. Wait now. Did you pick up on that? All we've ever said all the way through it says: [singsong voice] y'all come, y'all come. Come to the 33rd parallel if you will. Y'all come. Now here the caldera is in the middle of the 33rd parallel and it's gonna blow up and eat the flesh off their skin. We've led them all into the seat of perdition, you notice that? [Bob chuckles] We brought them all to the 33rd parallel. Now we're gonna blow up the whole goddamn -- Oh, what is that? What is that called? The wild, wild West. We're gonna blow up the wild, wild West. I'm gonna drag you by the wild, wild West and blow 'em up.

Bob 5:29
Are you saying -- am I talking to the Tech Body or iON, or JW? We can't tell the difference.

iON 5:36
We can't either now. Ask the question and maybe we'll figure it out.

Bob 5:38
Okay, what you're saying you've set everybody up, the humans, that go along the 33rd parallel. Now you're gonna kill them all.

iON 5:46
Not all of them. Not all of them. No. No, no, no, no, no, we didn't lie. We told 'em. I said it's your only chance. You got a chance now. This is your only chance and if you make it, good. If you don't, that was your only chance. 'Cause below the 33rd parallel you have zero chance. But above the 33rd parallel, you have a chance unless you're livin' in California or New York City or any of the boroughs of New York.

Bob 6:11

iON 6:11
If you're livin' in the boroughs of New York, you don't have a chance.

Bob 6:14
How far above, how far above the 33rd do you have a chance?

iON 6:18
Don't matter. We'll have to see.

Bob 6:20
Okay, okay. Except the caldera. Okay?

iON 6:22
Ahhhh. Texas is looking good. Texas looks all right. Oregon looks pretty good. Detroit might be all right. Detroit. And then you have these little problems on the Mississippi, but then, see, N'Orlins. We love N'Orlins, but they're too far below; they're not gonna make it. They're already underwater, but they're not gonna make it. And then a lot of Alabama's gonna be good. Tennessee is on the money. All of Tennessee is gonna make it. North Carolina, South Carolina. Oh, and the -- wait, wait, wait. Here, get this now. Watch this. The District of Washington is not gonna do so good, Bob.

Bob 6:35
Mmm. But iON, we don't play this stuff.

iON 7:02
Did you hear that?

Bob 7:08
Yeah, I heard that. We can play this.

iON 7:10
You're damned. You're damned. We don't care. Play it. Don't give a shit. Play it. Play it, don't play it. We don't care. We can't run you. We don't run you.

Bob 7:19
Yeah, because it squeezes everybody. They all get all -- you tell them stuff, they get confused. They're ridiculous.

iON 7:24
Oh goddamn, they're confused. Okay, give them some goddamn lithium or give them some goddamn opium or give them some goddamn fentanyl. Then kill theirself. We don't care. Do what you're gonna do. They're not confused. They're up, they're down, they're over. Ascend goddammit! You ascend, you can live anywhere in the 33rd parallel you want to. If you don't, it really won't make a difference what you goddamn think or what you goddamn want! We're tired of pettin' your bitch asses! Get on with it! It's time to get on with it or get out! Get happy or get out!

Bob 7:56
Well, they don't know what, they don't know what to do. If you tell them to ascend, there's no instructions. There's no manual.

iON 8:02
Okay. Okay, then. Yeah, yeah. Then, then, then eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow surely you may die.

Bob 8:09
No, again, you never tell them what to do. It doesn't mean anything this word ascend.

iON 8:13
We did. We did. We did. We have. We went through it, -

Bob 8:17

iON 8:17
- explained it, and said this is the clearest level of ascension that's ever been prescribed. Here we go. You gotta talk to Bob.

Bob 8:22
Yeah, what you told them -

iON 8:22
You gotta talk to Non-Physical, you gotta embrace the -

Bob 8:23
You told them take the products. Come on, iON. Stop going on -- if you're iON. Take, you say take the products and talk to Bob. Now, how do they talk to Bob one on one? They can't do that, there's too many of them.

iON 8:34
Oh. Yeah, they can. No, no, no, they do! They do often. They embrace it and you tell them how ridiculous they are. You tell them how they missed the point, you tell them how they don't know. You told them how they don't even know who Bob Carr is. You told them that they don't know what "God Men Con Men" mean. You told them that they don't know what the Willows were referring to and how that the Evergreens

Bob 8:34
Okay, it's just stupid. I don't tell them that.

iON 8:34
You most certainly do! You most certainly do.

Bob 8:44
I don't do any of that.

iON 8:52
Well, it's not stupid.

Bob 8:59
And you're saying -- what does it mean to talk to Bob? That they just hear Bob talk and I don't address individuals?

iON 9:05
No. No, no. No, no. They have to present themselves. And here we go. This is important. They have to, like Carolyn, they have to present themselves to Bob. Then Bob does an exegesis on what they say. And they go, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa," just like you do to us every single time we speak. You do it to us perfectly, and we adore it because you're the only one who matters enough to say, "I don't know what you mean. Tell us again." So when Bob gets it, everybody can get it. So when someone presents themselves, a sweet Susanna, she's so sweet. She presents herself and you say, "Susanna, you're full of shit. You don't know what the fuck you're talkin' about. This is the most crazy thing we've ever heard in our life. Explain yourself. What are you trying to say?" When they convey themselves in such a way that you embrace them and can know what they mean, they get it, Bob. That's right. That's the blessing. That's the ridiculousness that is you. That is the best part of you. You see? 'Cause you take, you take, you inundate the obvious. You inundate the obvious. They're tryin' to say big words and try to tell you somethin', and, oh, I'm well-schooled. Oh, I'm a gay beer salesman in Canada and I know things and yada, yada yada. Like, what does that mean? What does a gay beer salesman do? What is that? What is that? Tell us about that. And if they can explain in such a way they kinda like go, "Well, I'm gonna be a good gay beer salesman. I don't know. I don't know." You cut 'em down to the lowest common denominator. And that's a beautiful thing because now what happens is they have to come into the only level of power they've ever been able to attach to in the first place! You take out all the goddamn airs that they prop up against, trying to pretend that there's something that they're not! You don't care what they are! You could give a shit what they are! But be whoever you are, be that. We can work with that. You've cut out all that piety, all that bullshit. All that CBGB I'm a little better than you bullshit. You cut all that out. They have to come down to their essence. That's what's important. That's very key. Those are good words. You go play that. Ah huh.

Bob 11:15
Okay. So listen to this. You know, Carolyn, the difference between environ and environment? That's why in the first sentence of "Finnegans Wake" it just says: Howth Castle and Environs. Not environment, Carolyn.

iON 11:27
That's right. That's exactly right. Not environment. Environment's what you're living through, environ is what you create to live in.

Bob 11:33
Yeah, so "Finnegans Wake," it's telling you what's coming in the book. You know, the environment is what's gonna unfold in the book. Get that, Carolyn? Are you listening, Carolyn?

iON 11:43
Well, defold, not unfold. Not unfold, defold.

Bob 11:46
Yeah, defold. Okay.

iON 11:48
Not unfold.

Bob 11:47
Got it. Yeah, I don't know what defold means. What's that mean, defold?

iON 11:49
Look it up. Look it up.

Bob 11:55
Defold. Okay. Okay. People aren't dying right now. What's that about? The calm before the storm as they say?

iON 12:07
Yeah, well, they are dying, they're just not reporting it. They're dying. They're just not reporting it.

Bob 12:13
Okay, so will they ever report it?

iON 12:17
Yeah, yeah, yeah. In a second. And they're gonna use that as the end of the world as we know it.

Bob 12:24
Right. So they're making people feel secure, it's post-mandates, COVID was a hoax, you know it was all bullshit, now we're going to hit the lid. And then everybody's dying though. And then when it gets more public that everybody's dying, then the cabal behind Biden and, say, the Pentagon aliens say, "See, we told you to stay vaccinated and to follow the mandates." That's their final "we told you so" this is coming. Right?

iON 12:50
No. No, no, no, no, no no no. You got it. You almost got it. We were listenin' to see if you could pull it off. No, no, no. You're gonna have, you got to forget. Remember in Revelations? You remember doin' that thing called Revelations Revealed?

Bob 13:02

iON 13:02
It was a long time ago. We're sure you probably forgot by now, -

Bob 13:05
Yeah, I remember.

iON 13:06
- it was a long time ago. Okay, they've got to have wars and rumors of wars. Right now you're havin' rumors of wars. We built a, we built a pontoon bridge. We're gonna take Kyiv, or is that Kyiv? Is it Kyiv, or Kyiv? We can't ever understand it why you call it some um and then you call it some um else. Kyiv or Kbay, Ebay, Kbay

Bob 13:26

iON 13:27
Kyiv. They got to take it. Okay, they're gonna take Ukraine! Ahhh shit.

Bob 13:32
Who? The Russians? No, who is!? The Russians?

iON 13:36
Yeah, the Russians are gonna take Kyiv. And then, and then the China Man, the China Man is watching that. So if they say okay, if Biden, if Bitchin', Bitchin' Back Biden don't do nothing with this, okay, then China says okay, we're gonna take Taiwan. And Taiwan's going, like, what? Uh oh. We got took. Now, now we're gonna have to beef. Now the US got to go to war. Well, the US ain't gonna work 'cause they're fucked up 'cause now all of a sudden, it's on like Donkey Kong. And then the dragon is in decline. Just for a second. Just for a second. And then rest around the

Bob 14:11
So what happens during that period?

iON 14:15
What happened in Revelation? The 10-horned Dragon with 10 crowns, takes and rules the world. Remember? You remember? And Ezekiel with the four faces of Ezekiel. You'll see. You remember. 122? Come on now. The color of the terrible crystal. You got this. So it lays it out that way. So it's just a little hiccup in the big picture. It's like Angela Lansbury in "Murder, She Wrote." It's that calm before the storm. You remember Angela Lansbury, Bob. From Vermont?

Bob 14:48
Yeah, but what's the calm? The beast, Leopold II, wins for a while; he takes over. Right?

iON 14:57

Bob 14:57
America's in captivity. Can we play this part? Should we play this part?

iON 15:02
Yes, you may. Yes, please. Yes, please. That -- yes, please, because, well, we're not

Bob 15:09
Okay. We can play it 'cause it will be obvious to people in two weeks. It's gonna be pretty obvious, pretty quickly.

iON 15:16
Yeah. That's correct. It'll carry 'em over. It will carry 'em over while we're settling the world's affairs in Washington at the end of the month. Ah, ha ha [iON laughs]

Bob 15:25
Can we say -- we don't -- can we say that sentence? We don't say that sentence.

iON 15:27
Hell, yeah! Hell, yeah. Why not? They don't care. Them that ascend, they'll appreciate it. And them that don't will be dead. It really don't matter, Bob. It's okay. Come on, now. You're singing psalms to dead people. Just go with it. Go with it. You're gettin' all tore up over nothing. Come on with it, y'all.

Bob 15:27
Heh heh. Y'all gettin' tore up over nothing.

iON 15:42
It's y'alls time to get on with it, get on with it or not. Get on with it or not. Your audience is fixin' to take a terrible turn for the worst, Bob. [iON and Bob laugh]

Bob 15:54
Why? What's gonna cause that?

iON 15:57
They gonna have to either do what you told them to do, or they're not. [Bob chuckles] If they not, it ain't gonna matter. If they do, it's gonna be a beautiful day. So we're celebrating! Sing a song of six pence, a Catcher in the Rye! Yeah. J.D. Salinger had it right all along.

Bob 16:11
[Bob chuckles] I'm fully in charge now, Carolyn. Oh, I'll get along with the beast. The beast will be honoring me as (indistinct)

iON 16:18
Now, we didn't say, we didn't say Carolyn, we didn't say that Carolyn supported that position. She just acknowledged it. [Bob chuckles] She didn't support it. She does not support it, but she is acknowledging it. [Bob laughs] So that's it. That's all you can count on today, Bob. That's all you can count on today.

Bob 16:35
So, so the Revelation's dire scenario is unfolding, but they didn't include Chapter 22. That's where stuff happens.

iON 16:43
You know the thing that pisses us off. You know the thing that pisses us off is we did that a long goddamn time ago, and how is it just now they're startin' to have the recollection that this may or not be occurring? [Bob chuckles] You know, it's kind of a slap in the goddamn face.

Bob 16:54

iON 16:57
We're supposed to suck up their dick, and lick their pussy, and lick their [Bob chuckles] toss their salad. We're supposed to love them up while they're tryin' to figure it out! We already goddamn laid it out just about as clear as you can lay it out! Just because they didn't get it don't mean it's our problem! Just sayin'. Hear it, don't hear it, or you goddamn apparently haven't been listening anyway! Apparently. [Bob chuckles] Or you would have heard it the nineteenth time we said it by the way.

Bob 17:22
Okay. Yeah.

iON 17:24
We're about done with this. We're about -- no, no, no, no, that's just getting clear. [Bob chuckles] We're about done with this vacation of what you gonna do and not gonna do, and get mad about, don't get mad about. Do what you -- just like Jesus said to Judas: Do what you're gonna do and do it quickly. We're good. Love you. Love you.

Bob 17:40
Yeah, my audience is Judas. My audience is a collective Judas. Okay, so

iON 17:46
Well, they argue, they argue for their own limitations and then wonder what to do. "Well, iON, how do I ascend? Well, I don't know. I was, I was rolling a fatty. I don't really know. I had 9 gallons of whiskey. I really wasn't paying attention that night. Well, I went to sleep. [Bob laughs] Well, I went to fuck. Well, I went to marry somebody. Well, I didn't marry somebody. Well, I got divorced. I had to move. I had to get this"-- goddamn!! What are you saying? You got all the time in the world to listen to everything you want to listen to. 1000s upon 1000s of hours, morning, noon or night it's available to you every way. [Bob laughs] Have a question? Does anybody have a question? "Oh, no, we're all good. We got every question answered. Every question's been answered. Okay, I've got it all secured. I've worked it all out. I know every detail; it's all good. It's all wonderful. Thank you so much, Bob. Thank you, I've just been listenin'."

Bob 18:29
And Carolyn, I'm the only one who's been asking questions. (overtalk)

iON 18:29
"I've been listenin'. I've been listenin'. I've listened to every show. I've listened to every show that's ever been. I haven't talked to you in 11 years, but I've listened to every show that ever was. I heard them all on (indistinct) [Bob laughs/overtalk] Thank you for your tireless effort tryin' to tell me something, but I don't know anything. I hope I do know something 'cause if I did, I'd have a question or I'd ask Bob. Bob I've been listenin' 11 years and I don't have a question. What's wrong with me?" Bob would tell you what was wrong with you; you'd straighten him right up. [Bob laughs] He'd let you know that the levels and degrees of apprehension. You don't even know who the five bodies are let alone how you apply to them. [Bob laughs] You thinkin' about the septad, and you don't even know what's up. Yeah, y'all, y'all got the wrong one now. This love you, love you, love you, love you. If you listen to what we're sayin', it ought to tell you somethin', honey.

Bob 19:08
Yeah. So, iON, they're not asking

iON 19:13
If you listen to how we're presenting it -- ah ah. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. If you listen to what we're saying, it ought to tell you something. What in the world would be so lambastes to say those words that way if it wasn't critical that you come on into your place of power? When we start saying we don't care if you do or you don't, you better come on. That's what we're saying. [Bob laughs] But now you please yourself. Do what you want to do. It won't -- hey, hey, come wash day, it will come out wash day. Don't worry about it. It'd be all right. It's all good. Love you. Now, Bob, we're sorry. Go ahead.

Bob 19:57
So, so -- Yeah. So I wanted to say that, yes, they all backed off and didn't ask any questions, but I kept asking questions. That's the important point. I kept it going.

iON 20:08
Yeah. And you questioned, then you ask questions about the question that you questioned. Then you questioned -- "I don't know what I'm talkin' about. I don't even know I got an answer, but I don't know what the question was. iON answered me but I don't even know what I asked. That was a long time ago." That's our Bob. That's our Miss Brooks; we like that.

Bob 20:24
Yeah, yeah.

iON 20:24
Well, it's good because it's refreshing, and you're never taken aback. Bob is never taken aback. He has no clue what the fuck he's talkin' about, but he's never taken aback. [Bob laughs] He has no idea where he is or what he's doin', but he's never surprised. He's never, never ever surprised. That's right. [iON laughs]

Bob 20:46
Yeah, because I know what we're doing what already happened. We're doing what already happened.

iON 20:52
Kinda. Kinda. Okay, Bob, the next thing, next thing you deal with, you need to deal with this currency stuff. We got to engage the drops as the currency. So the, the -- what is it? Germanium, geranium, and, and Rastafarians, and what is it? NESARA and GESARA and Gasara and germania -

Bob 21:10

iON 21:11
- and Romania and all that. All that shit. All that gonna come up. Somebody's gonna work that shit out and make those details work out for no money, money. No money, money. I got no money so there's no money to be money. I don't understand how it all works, [Bob laughs] but it's gonna be beautiful! It's gonna be beautiful! Everybody's gonna enjoy no money, money. If I'm gonna have no money, I don't owe nothin', I don't have nothin', I ain't got nothin', I ain't gonna get nothin' 'cause there's nothin' to get 'cause I ain't got nothin', so okay. Whew. Okay, we got that off. Congratulations. So you got it. [Bob chuckles] I'll build me a mansion in the corner of Gloryland, I guess, is all we can say. Okay, so that's fine. So then the next tier comes the

Bob 21:50
Okay, hold it. Let me ask you something.

iON 21:53
All right.

Bob 21:53
So the book of -- Chapter 22, Book of Revelation is being acted out right now. But what wasn't told the people is Chapter 23 which is about the Bob effort after everybody's been blown up. Right? Chapter 23.

iON 22:09
The battle. Yeah, the outcome of the battle. The outcome of the battle. Yeah, see the outcome of the battle, not everybody dies; a lot of them do, but not everybody. So that's the point.

Bob 22:21

iON 22:21
That's the point. So you had to come into your place of power, and that's what we're gonna talk to you from here forward. We're gonna have the sunny side of life. Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side. [Bob chuckles] We're gonna keep on the happy side of it because those that are gonna make it are gonna make it. And those that don't, there's no reason to tell them they're not gonna make it. They're not gonna make it, so there's no reason to bring that up. That's all -- that is what it is. Sorry for their luck. You know, it just is what it is; it's fine, it's fine. It's all good. Unrealized creations abound.

Bob 22:49
Okay. Yes, we got all that. All right. Some questions. The norm, the normal kind of stuff. And why is Bill Gates buying up all this land I guess in America and maybe other places? What's he trying to achieve?

iON 23:08
Oh, he's not trying to achieve anything. China owns half of the world's supply of grain today. Okay?

Bob 23:18
Was that made by -- that's American land that makes that grain?

iON 23:23
Not necessarily. We said in storehouse. Remember Joseph and Egypt and the storehouse?

Bob 23:29

iON 23:30
China owns half of the world's supply of grain today. So, Bill Gates is not a non sequitur in this conversation 'cause here's the problem. Guess who makes all of the ammonia nitrate? That's the -- Carolyn knows what that is. Now, that's not the stuff that blew up the World -

Carolyn 23:50
(in background] Fertilizer.

iON 23:51
- Fertilizer. Not what they blew up the World Trade Center with, but the du-anner. Du-anner's what we call it. It's the fertilizer that America has to have to grow the corn. When you lay it by, remember we talked about laying it by? Well, du-anner is what your ammonia nitrates, what you have to have to grow corn. And what they use the most of the corn for is in the production of something called ethanol which is what they mix with the gasoline to make it more affordable. So now everything in your world that contains corn is fixin' to be not available. [iON laughs] Not available.

Bob 24:30
So Bill Gates knows that when he's buying up the land so he can make some corn that's not controlled by China.

iON 24:35
He can't. He can't, he can't raise anything. He don't got no du-anner. You got no, you got no ammonia nitrate, you can't grow shit.

Bob 24:44
Why is he buying up all the land? Why is he buying up all the land?

iON 24:47
Why not? Why not? I guess. I don't know. It's just ridiculous. I guess he's trying to prove a point. Sow it in, sow it in, sow it in peas, I guess. Maybe he's gonna eat Crowder peas, maybe, but not now.

Bob 24:59
Well, he's putting in some

iON 25:00
Once the land he's buy -- the land that he's buying ain't worth nothin' except for grazing. He bought Montana. What the fuck you grow in Montana? Nothin'. He didn't buy in Idaho.

Bob 25:11
Okay. So he - iON,

iON 25:00
He didn't buy -- ah ah - he didn't buy Idaho.

Bob 25:16
Well, you grow stuff in Idaho.

iON 25:19

Carolyn 25:20
(in background) Potatoes.

Bob 25:22
Yeah, so what he couldn't buy China owns, or he's buying from China? The stuff that China owns in Canada, in the States.

iON 25:31
Neither. Neither. Neither the -- we didn't say China owns anything. We said China controls half of the world's supply of grain. That's what we said. Already.

Bob 25:41
Okay. So is Bill Gates, is he -- Bill Gates is twiddling his thumbs doing futile efforts like buying land because he's not allowed into Dobbstown and he knows that. Right?

iON 25:53
Yeah, he's not gonna make it. He not gonna make it.

Bob 25:56
Yeah. Does he know that?

iON 25:58
Yeah. Oh, yeah. He very well with -- him and Whoopi's really upset about it. [iON laughs]

Bob 26:06
Okay, all right.

iON 26:09
Although, although Carolyn may let Joy Behar in. We're not sure, but now she's the only one [Carolyn yells "No!" in background] who's got any say in this. She's the only one that [Carolyn: No!] has any say in it. She might let Joy Behar in.

Bob 26:19

iON 26:19
Joy Behar might be a nice -- she might be a nice lesbian for it's over with. We have to see how it goes, but whatever Carolyn says we'll go with it.

Bob 26:29
Can we play that part? About her, Joy Behar?

iON 26:34
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Bob 26:35
So listen to this.

iON 26:36
That bitch. That bitch ain't gonna sue us, she's too scared. She ain't gonna sue nothin'. Her and the Hamptons is havin' a bad day. [iON laughs]

Bob 26:46
So listen to this, iON. They have what they call mainstream media, and they call it lamestream media. But what is -- the mainstream media might even say it's a legacy media: the Washington Post, New York Times, and all that. They aren't mainstream.

iON 26:59
What is the legacy? What is legacy? What is the legacy mean? You threw a word in there.

Bob 26:59
They've been around for a long time. They got authority; they've been around a long time. Listen to this.

iON 27:05
What does that mean? Okay, so has Emily Post! So has Emily Post, but that doesn't matter. What are you talkin' about?

Bob 27:12
Yeah. So this is my question. What they call the mainstream media is not in power anymore. It's not mainstream media. Joe Rogan is mainstream media. Would you agree with that?

iON 27:22
That's right. That's exactly right. He's made, he's got 11 million people that they pay $1 apiece, for him, $11 million a month -- huh! -- to show up.

Bob 27:31

iON 27:31
To show up 'cause he gets 11 million people. Whereas CNN has 500,000 people and they're not -- they're sleep, or drunk, or in a crack house somewhere. They don't play it nowhere. So, they've lost. So, people that would go to CNN ain't goin' there no more. So everybody goes to Joe Rogan to say, "Okay, what's up?" Joe Rogan says, "I don't know! I just talk to people. [Bob chuckles] They say shit. I don't know. I got a penis. I like to fuck. I don't know after that. I don't know who I'll fuck. I may fuck a lot of people. I don't know! How would I know? I'm just tryin' to tell you what's goin' on. This man said some shit. I don't know what he said. [Bob chuckles] I like some of the things he said, but I don't know! Tune in tomorrow. We'll see what somebody else has to say." [Bob laughs] And everybody goes, "Well now that's good journalism. That's good journalism. I don't know but that's good journalism." It's like goddamn, what the fuck are you talkin' about? You numbnut motherfucker. He goes on like that. You might as well have Dr. Mercola trying to run for the Pope or some um. He could be the good Pope.

Bob 28:30
[Bob laughs] So the -- okay. And Joe remains unaware of Dobbstown. Right? And iONdom. He continues

iON 28:41
Ah ah. That's not true. That's not true. That's not true.

Bob 28:45
Does he, does he listen to us to see what he doesn't know?

iON 28:49
Not all 33 -- 34,000 fucking hours of your bullshit! You have too many goddamn insipid Canadians on the show. [Bob chuckles] You get rid of some of them Canadians he might listen more 'cause they confuse themselves often as they confuse themselves. We need to ban Canadians. Just give them to China. [Bob laughs] Fucking, give them to Cuba or somethin'. Get it over with. Are you from China, you from China? No. Are you from Canada? Okay, go away. Step back, step back, step back. You get in line. Get in the cue, cue up. We'll get you later. We'll get to you later. That's what's fixin' to happen soon, Bobby.

Bob 29:21
So, Jeff Zucker, Jeff Zucker. He didn't get fired. He knew it was all over and just said I'm not hanging around this (indistinct) place. It's not mainstream media.

iON 29:28
He got fired. He got fired. He resigned. He got, he resigned because Cuomo was fixin' to turn him out. Cuomo got through the fuck, through the threshing mill. And he got through the cornhusker 'cause he's been to find out that he's -- other people are fucking him in the butt, and he didn't want to get that out, get him messed up because he's having this other affair with this other woman that was having another homosexual affair that Jeff Zucker was engaged in, and he didn't want anyone get turned out. So he quietly went away. So there is a merger, there's a merger taking place with CNN presently that's fixin' to clean that shit up. Oh, yeah. Ah huh.

Bob 30:08
A merger with what? What are they merging with?

iON 30:11
Discovery and Nat Geo. You'll see.

Bob 30:14
Oh, okay.

iON 30:14
Don't you know things, Bob? Don't you know things, Bob?

Bob 30:17
The point is -- yeah. Yeah, so the mainstream media, maybe they're merging, they're not mainstream anymore.

iON 30:25
Ah huh.

Bob 30:26
What are they going to arrive at? Can they get back to be the mainstream?

iON 30:30
Nothing. Nothing. Well now, listen. Turn on -- okay. Go somewhere. I don't even know how you would do that 'cause you don't do things, and too many cookies where you live. You live in a -- you're a cookie monster that don't have no cookies. [Bob chuckles] That's the craziest thing we've ever seen. You got the sun, moon, and stars you control, but won't take one goddamn cookie. It's the craziest thing we've ever seen. So you go to CNN and you tune in. Now Carolyn can watch it. She can watch it. And you listen for five minutes and Carolyn's like, "What is this shit?" And she turned it off. It's the most ridiculous thing ever. They don't make no sense. They don't use good senses. They're tryin' to talk about the, the bright lights of the sun, shinning the light tides of the this, that, or some um happenin', and Trump was a bad dude. "Trumps" was a bad dude. [Bob laughs] Foreign policy is not my friend, and Trump was a bad dude. And Carolyn's like, "This is crazy. They're not saying anything! They're just talkin' about stuff that they've talkin' about. It doesn't mean anything. It's ridiculous. It's worse than Drudge." Huh huh huh huh huh.

Bob 31:23
Yeah, what's your point? We already knew that. What's your point there? That new point are you trying to

iON 31:27
That everybody sees it the way -- now sees it the way Carolyn sees it. There's no refuge. There's no island in the storm. There's no place for those that believe that way to go there because they're not even saying that anymore. See what I mean? They're fixin' to turn on Hillbillary. They're fixin' to turn on Hillbillary. So they're gonna come back full circle to try to make themselves be something, but it likely it's too late. It's like Vanity Fair. It's seen its better days. You know?

Bob 31:57
Yeah. The The New York Times did an article the other day debunking the Durham Report that everybody in the right wing and Fox News worlds said, "Oh, Hillary's doomed. They've proved that Hillary spied on Trump." Well, the New York Times wrote an article saying no, that's not what he said. And I won't go into the article, but you should be aware of it. You're probably aware of it.

iON 32:20

Bob 32:20
So, that New York Times article is not accurate at all? Or people don't care.

iON 32:24
That's correct. That's -- No, no, it's not accurate at all because what the, what they didn't forgot to say was "and there are superseding indictments regarding it." That's what the Times forgot to say. There are superseding indictments regarding it. That's what they forgot to mention in this process.

Bob 32:30
And is that led by Sidney Powell, those indictments?

iON 32:48
No, we're not gonna talk about that. Don't get her in trouble. She's hot right now. Leave it alone.

Bob 32:52
All right.

iON 32:53
Yes. The answer's yes, but don't do that. Don't do that. We don't want her -- she's got all the bubblegum she can chew right now, baby. Just sayin'.

Bob 33:00
Okay, we got that. Okay, next question.

iON 33:01
Even, even in the spot. It's too much. It's too much for the spot, even.

Bob 33:05
Yeah, we got it! So there's something called Generation Alpha, they're about 10 years old, and 11, 12 right now. Generation Alpha. What is the death rate among generation Alpha?

iON 33:17
Mmm, 43%.

Bob 33:21
In other words, there's a lot of deaths happening to them, most of them won't get to see adulthood. That what you're saying?

iON 33:26
Mm-mmm. From suicide, -

Bob 33:29
You went, mm-mmm?

iON 33:30
- genocide. We said aha, we said aha. We said genocide, suicide, algaecide, every kind of cide. If there's a cide, they're gonna be involved with. Yep. Don't, don't -- hey, try to buy an insurance, try to buy life insurance on the Alpha project.

Bob 33:49
So these kids, they're 10 to 12. They know they're doomed, so that's why they can kill themselves. They can see that they're not, they don't have a role to grow up to.

iON 33:57
Or try to. Or try to. Or try to. Carolyn -

Bob 33:59

iON 33:59
- Carolyn would help them. Carolyn -- now listen. Carolyn can help them 'cause she'd make them feel special and comfortable and bring out the best part of them. Okay? Explain to them eatin' radishes, however, they're not tasty, but they're good for you, so you should eat the radishes. She could convince them that that's a good thing to do. But they're not havin' it because they have no otherwise they have no other support group to lean to or to embrace to.

Bob 34:26
No, what you're saying: they will not listen, they know that Carolyn might help them, but they don't want to listen to Carolyn because they don't have a support group?

iON 34:33
They can't.

Bob 34:34
What does that mean?

iON 34:34
They can't. They can't listen to Carolyn 'cause they can't get to her. She's, she's not after the Alphas. She's a fucking Gemini. She's a fucking Gemini. She don't need no all of that.

Bob 34:48
So, she's not trying to reach them, and they can't hear her; she has no show. So they'd miss out. If they did hear her, they would heed her?

iON 34:55
Well, they not -- it's not about a show. Not about a show. She would do it one at a time. She'd do it one at a time. If they sent her an email said, "I'm gonna kill myself Dr. Carolyn Dean. Do you have any, any good ways to do it?" She'd say, "Yes, I have a lot of good ways. [Bob chuckles] Have you tried have you tried fentanyl? Fentanyl is a great way to die. You just go out really easy. It's great. But if you wanna do something different, we got some different thoughts that you might engage. And she'd love 'em up to decide that they could be president of the United States. There's a glass ceiling that they could break on, on -- there's a glass ceiling that you could break on Hillary Rodham, Rodham Clinton. It'd be beautiful. She'd enjoy it. The shards of glass ripping through her flesh. It'd be great. So yeah, she could do that. But past that, it's like okay,

Bob 35:37
So Hillary is the glass ceiling. And now she's over.

iON 35:42

Bob 35:42
It was the glass ceiling.

iON 35:44
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Slow up now. There's some news, there's some news, there's some news comin' now. Don't worry about it. She's not gonna, she's not gonna take this laying down. Hey, that girl knows how to fuck; she'd fuck you to death. She's mean. They're gonna pick at her; she's gonna pick back. We're gonna let her, we're gonna, we're gonna see how high her petard can be hoisted by herself.

Bob 36:05
Okay, good. All right. Um, some other questions. Was HL Hunt of Texas, father of

iON 36:14
Talkin' about the, talkin' about the Hunt brother's that the silver, the silver conundrum? HL Hunt?

Bob 36:18
Yeah, that family. Were they in any way involved in the JFK assassination? Did they know JFK is gonna get assassinated?

iON 36:26
Yeah. Yes.

Bob 36:28
They did know. How come they didn't get nailed over it?

iON 36:32
And Lubbock -- because of, because of Paul Janssen in Lubbock, Texas. Paul Janssen in Lubbock, Texas. He covered it 'cause they had position to cover it up, the connection. Lubbock.

Bob 36:51
Were they part, were they part of the meeting at the HL Hunt, the father, was he at the meeting at Clint Murchison's ranch the night before the assassination? LBJ was there. And Mae Bru... used to make, Mae Brussell made a lot out of that meeting. Are they -- weren't, they weren't the people that (overtalk)

iON 37:07
Yeah but he was a sidebar. Yeah, yeah, he was a sidebar. He was a sidebar. That meeting was not about that. Mae Brussell was right. Now, we're not bitchin' with Mae Brussell. She's all right. She's all right. Okay, she's all right. But that meeting was not about the assassination. The meeting was about what are we gonna do with the country after the assassination? For them the assassination had already occurred. They're trying to pick up the pieces.

Bob 37:34
Right. Because they had to deal with the Queen. And that had to deal with what the Queen got from it.

iON 37:39
Oh, no comment. No fucking comment on that shit. God damn, that's bullshit. No, no, no.

Bob 37:44
Okay. Can we not -- shall I delete that part? Delete the Queen part?

iON 37:47
No, no. Just you can just -- the part when we said, "Oh Fuck, no, not that shit." You can play that part. We not doing that. You got the wrong one homie. You got the wrong one. You're gonna get somethin' stirred up. You got the hematophytes, the hematophytes gonna get after you now, Bob. Them boys that don't know they're girls, and girls that don't know they're boys. Then you're gonna get into it.

Bob 38:05

iON 38:06
All right, don't worry about it. Come on, move on. Hurry up. You got things to do.

Bob 38:09
So we can we can broadcast that part that you just did on the Queen.

iON 38:13
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hell, yeah. Rule, Britannia.

Bob 38:16
Okay. So they, so they, the people around Hunt, they knew it was coming because they knew LBJ. LBG [sic] knew, LBJ knew what was happening. He was involved in it.

iON 38:27
Lady Bird. No, you're sayin' it, you're sayin' it all wrong. Lyndon Baines Johnson didn't know which end -- he needed trousers with some ball room. He didn't even know what the fuck he was talkin' about. Lady Bird Johnson knew every step of everything and told everybody what they need to goddamn know. [Bob chuckles] He didn't know shit. He didn't even know he was President; he didn't have a clue. He didn't know, he didn't know the difference between a nigger and a Jew, but he was tryin' to run for them. He didn't know what they were. He had no idea. Lady Bird Johnson knew exactly what was goin' on and laid it exactly -- how in the world -- now here's the proof. How in the world would she have the absolute most perfect dress on on the airplane when her husband was named sitting President of the United States of America with fucking Jackie Bouvier Kennedy with goddamn blood on her dress standing there right there, numb as a -- well, anesthetized, I guess is the right way to say it. Standing there with blood on her dress. Mm-hmm.

Bob 38:34
Was she anesthetized; you mean she had taken some drugs? Some medication?

iON 39:33
Yeah, yeah, yeah. She didn't even know where she was.

Carolyn 39:35
(in background) Drunk.

Bob 39:35
What, Carolyn?

Carolyn 39:36
(in background) Drunk.

Bob 39:39
No, he says she had meds. They stuck her with meds. That's why she was numb. He just said that, Carolyn. [Carolyn/inaudible] What?

iON 39:45
Yeah, otherwise, [Carolyn/inaudible] otherwise she would be, otherwise she would be verklempt.

Bob 39:51
Yeah, okay. So, I'm bringing this up for what reason? So the HL Hunt, they knew, but they were not the mechanics of the assassination. That was someone else. Correct? Yeah, actual snipers and the people who did it was another crew that, that maybe the HL Hunt and those people with the Murchison meeting didn't know. They didn't know I'm assuming, or did they know who didn't it, actually did the, the sniping?

iON 40:20
You'd have to call Clara Hall Kiker. She might know.

Bob 40:24
How did William Torbett who did the Torbett Document and was considered pretty good in 1970. And he was a lawyer in Texas. How did he know what he knew? Was he an insider or part of the LBJ world?

iON 40:37
He was. He was, he was an insider out of Dallas, out of Fort Worth. The Dallas, Fort Worth area. He was an insider at the Cattleman's Club. They had great rein on what was goin' on, 'cause they were riggers and they was cattlemen, but some of the cattlemen got into oil business, blah, blah, blah. He was high up in the Cattleman's Association for the Cattleman's Club, so there was rumors in the chattel, chattel, that's holdings, that are bigger than you: chattel. He was, had information regarding those chattels. And that's where he got that information. And you -- we were being, we're being demonstratively vague there on purpose, Bobby.

Bob 40:48
Right. Why did he reveal it? Why did he write the manuscript? Why did he expose

iON 41:23
'Cause it was a, 'cause it was toast at that, it was toast at that point. He was tryin' to make, he was tryin' to make brownie points.

Bob 41:35
On the other side to be -- he didn't want to be included in the ones who had done it. Okay.

iON 41:41
Correct. Correct. So he was havin' to shake the hands. So, so, so, so, so like in Texas, my dick's bigger than your dick, and I'll show you. So he had to show 'em how big his dick was. Well, it wasn't that big. Well, our dick's bigger than your dick. Well, all right. Well, everything's bigger in Texas. Okay, we agree. Both of ours are bigger than theirs. And so that's how it ended, in a draw.

Bob 42:01

iON 42:01
Win, lose or draw. Right, Bob?

Bob 42:03
I got that. Heh heh heh. Okay, next point. Was John of Patmos who did the book of Revelation, was he a disciple of Jesus?

iON 42:11
Mm-mm [no].

Bob 42:16
He was not.

iON 42:16

Bob 42:17
Did you ever meet, did you ever meet the third Jesus?

iON 42:20
Hell no. Hell, no. He was stone cold crazy, Bob. They'd run him off. That's how he ended up in the cave of Patmos. He was crazy.

Bob 42:30

iON 42:30
He was an asylum, he was an asylum seeker who got pushed away.

Bob 42:35
Right. The Coronavirus came out of -

iON 42:41
Which one?

Bob 42:42
- the manipulation -

iON 42:42
Which one?

Bob 42:43
Well, that's what I'm gonna say. The Coronavirus whatever it is, came out of the HID [sic] manipulations that Fauci was part of, or was it here before?

iON 42:58
HIV. HIV, not HID.

Bob 43:01
What? I said HIV as in Victor. What are you saying?

iON 43:04
Oh, you said, you said HID, and we said no, no, it's HIV. [Bob chuckles] The HIV. HIV.

Bob 43:09
Yeah, V as in Victor. Yeah.

iON 43:12

Bob 43:13
So what -- did Fauci and the cabal intend to wipe out people with the HIV? It didn't work, but

iON 43:20
Leave the damn, leave the damn cabal out of it. Why are you gonna bring that in? You're just stirring shit up. Don't say that. Just say Fauci. It ain't no cabal, just say Fauci.

Bob 43:29
Heh heh. The Fauci did it.

iON 43:29
You ain't gonna have some conspiratorial bullshit about some um 'cause otherwise you're not gonna get a clear answer. Come on now. You don't -- yeah.

Bob 43:33
Yeah. So Fauci

iON 43:38
Fauci, Fauci did research on the HIV. And the next thing you know, people started comin' down with HIV. All right. And then that turned into AIDS which ruined the candy. Remember when they used to have the Ayds candy that you ate to lose weight? You'd eat the Adys candy people, they ate candy things. The appetite suppressant. Ruined their business. The Adys turned into AIDS. [Bob chuckles] Ayds candy, that's terrible. And nobody remembers that, but nobody remembers that but Carolyn. Carolyn remembers the little Adys things. You eat the Adys thing you can lose weight. Now it turned into AIDS. Now the AIDS patients lost a lot of weight, so I guess it's how it really worked out, I'm guessing. [Bob chuckles] So the, the transferase, the transferase inhibitors were blocked. And that's what MIR -- no, we're not givin' that about all this shit. Carolyn knows. [Bob chuckles] Never mind. Goddamn, we can't even talk about that.

Bob 43:46
I have a MIR question. I have a MIR question.

iON 44:28
Ahh, okay. Fuck.

Bob 44:34
Okay, but anyways, the agenda of Fauci was to depopulate the planet with HIV?

iON 44:41
Yeah. Still is. Still is.

Bob 44:44

iON 44:45
And that's what, and that's what this is. And that's why the people taking the amino, anti amino, anti some um, some um, some um, the HIV drugs, the people that are takin' it are doing great with SARS 'cause they're already immune to it. They're already ahead of it. The anti amino, antiretroviral blog lag lag lag. Carolyn knows everything. [Bob and iON laugh] Notice, notice -- hey, look, Bob. Notice how we played - hey, Bob. You notice how we played that? You could play that to anybody and they'd go, "I don't know what the hell iON's talkin' about. That's some crazy shit." But Carolyn knows. Carolyn knows. That's all good. In plain sight, Bob. Clear as mud, Bob. Clear as mud. [Bob chuckles] There you go. You got 'em by the tail now.

Bob 45:36
Okay. So, is there a Coronavirus today?

iON 45:43

Bob 45:45
What is it?

Carolyn 45:50
(in background) Carolyn knows.

Bob 45:51
Is it the thing that causes the cold?

iON 45:54
A trans, a transferase inhibitor. It's a transferase inhibitor that causes the -- what do ya call it when it causes the blood to clot, Carolyn? You throw a blood clot.

Bob 46:09
Coagulant. Coagulant.

iON 46:11
It's a coagulant, but it's thrombosis. Thrombosis.

Bob 46:16
What? Is coagulant the right word?

iON 46:19
No thrombosis. That's the outcome. Thrombosis is the problem 'cause what happens is is it thickens the blood to a point -- and this is also a part of ascension too, so we're not mad. Fauci's working for you, Bob. Anthony Fauci's working for you. [Bob chuckles] The point is, is that you got the position where their blood is thickening, so they have to have a way to have the arterial lining, the basal -- hmm. We have to be careful how we say this so you don't get in trouble with the CDC or the FDA or the ABC or some um. It's some alphabet things we don't know. You need a vaso, you need a vasodilator or something to change the way the veins, not the arteries, arterial cut downs don't matter. The veins, you have to have a vasodilator to open that thing up so it can take a higher level of pressure. The pressure is not the problem, it's that your viscosity is increased in the blood! That's the whole point: that the red blood cells increase to the point that they shift and change. You don't really have to have white blood cells anymore because there's no infection that can outlast or out profound the system as we know it. It becomes a closed conduit as nothing to the closing of the dermis. Goddamn, Bob. Where did that come from?

Bob 47:42
Does that make sense to you, Carolyn? Is that new information, Carolyn?

Carolyn 47:50
I get distracted cuz I'm, I'm swallowing the first capsule of my new -- ReTransform -

Bob 47:57
Yeah, yeah. Stop bragging.

Carolyn 47:59
- formula.

Bob 47:59
Stop bragging.

Carolyn 48:00
Here it goes!

iON 48:01
AHHH! [Bob, iON laugh] Drink -- listen. Drink some, drink some juice. Drink some, don't drink water, drink some bubbly water, some juice. Drink some um with it -

Carolyn 48:01
Too late! Too late.

iON 48:05
- cuz it'll be rough on -- I know, but drink a little some um. Drink a little some um like juice.

Bob 48:16
That was new. That sounded like new information. Right, Carolyn?

Carolyn 48:20
I didn't hear it. I was too busy making my last capsule.

Bob 48:25
Okay, okay. So anyways, iON, you laid out some stuff there very nice. So the people who say that Coronavirus is a hoax, that's not true. There is something going on in our environment and in our bodies.

iON 48:37
We don't care what they say. Bob, people say a lot of things. Bob, people say a lot of things. Don't worry about what people say. Fuck. They say what they say. Put it on TikTok, put it on -- these little numb nut motherfuckers on TikTok are gettin' bigger, more hits than goddamn CNN. It really doesn't matter. Who buys the New York Times anymore? [Bob chuckles] Oh, I'm gonna, I'm gonna order -- I know! I'm gonna order the Washington Compost, but they don't deliver anymore. They don't print the shit anymore. Well I got the -- oh, well -- we're, okay, [Bob laughs] I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Emily Post is not feeling very good these days. Emily Post is not -- okay.

Bob 48:42
So what is

iON 48:43
So the thing of it is, the thing of it is is the zeitgeist has left the building. Everybody that's saying these things they are saying are just, are just shadow banning the shadow [Bob laughs] banning reality that they have subjugated. They're shadow banning a subjugated reality that they have embraced or not! Because some of them are creating their reality by pushing against it. "That Fauci's going to hell! I know where hell is! I live in hell. I burn in hell. Then go you, goddamn, this is paradise. What are you talkin' about? "No, I live in hell; hell is terrible. Hell is terrible. I live with people don't even like people. No, this is hell. I live in hell. I live just north of nigger town. I'm in nigger town! I live in nigger town! I got nigger-loving Jews that don't even like me! [Bob laughs] Who knows a nigger-loving Jew that don't like white people?! How does this work?! It doesn't make sense anymore." So, we had to bring it back around full circle to the point of going, yeah this is pretty fucked up. [Bob and iON laugh] Short version. This is pretty fucked up. That's a, you got it right, Bob. Okay, we yield, Bob. Never mind. Never mind, Bob. Never mind.

Bob 50:24
Listen. Listen. Clinton's guest on Office Hours, JB, at the bar, he was -- when I brought in the 5G interacting with the graphene, he said, "AH, that's the stupidest thing I ever heard!" He was wrong, right? The 5G is gonna affect (overtalk)

iON 50:38
Ah, he was ridiculous. He was still tryin' to say -- he was more upset with the people blowin' their horns in Ottawa, Bob! [iON and Bob laugh]

Bob 50:47

iON 50:49
He was more upset about that. We're like -- you -- and of course, of course, when Greg Duffle starts to sound like the medium normal tone in the room, somethin' is wrong. When Duffy starts to sound normal, run! It's a bad day. It's a bad day. He was arguing the point like -

Bob 51:07
Okay we got that.

iON 51:08
- what are you, what are you tryin' to say? He's like, "I don't know, but they were blowing their horns and get your vaccination." Get nine vaccinations, get 100 vaccinations and quit crying. Take your vaccination. Let's go.

Bob 51:19
Okay. The - has the Coronavirus as you describe it been detected and understood by anybody?

iON 51:28
No, not yet.

Bob 51:30

iON 51:30
Still becoming.

Bob 51:31
So if they heard what you just said, -

iON 51:31
Still becoming.

Bob 51:32
- I can convince them. What?

iON 51:37
Still becoming. Still becoming.

Bob 51:40
So that means it's an environ, not an environment. It's an environ.

iON 51:44

Bob 51:45
It's still becoming.

iON 51:45
Congratulations. Look at you. Look at you.

Bob 51:47
Yeah. Look at me.

iON 51:47
Oh! Bob wins a prize. Bob wins a prize. He's no longer Canadian. He wins. He knows things. Bob knows things. Bob knows things.

Bob 51:51
I'm no longer Canadian. Ha ha ha.

iON 51:52
He's no longer Canadian, he's officially human Lady Astor. They knows things now. [Bob laughs] You know, the new money. You know, the last of the new money, Bob. The last of the new money. You know. [iON and Bob laugh]

Bob 52:19
Okay. Come on. Calm down. Get serious here.

iON 52:21
Calm down! Carolyn, calm him down! He's just goin' off the rails. He just lost himself here. Come on, Bob. Get back to work. Let's get somethin' done here meaningful.

Bob 52:29
Bill's not gonna let -- Bill's gonna kicked us off the air. We have to be (overtalk)

iON 52:32
Oh, hell, give him a cheeseburger and $20 and he'll do it. He's not gonna to do it anymore for a quarter. But give him, give him a quarter and he'll do it twice. That's right. That's for him, Bob.

Bob 52:45
Carolyn made a capsule. You want me to eat that, Carolyn?

Carolyn 52:48
Ask iON what he thinks of my new capsules.

iON 52:51
They're beautiful. They're big. They're big. So we like that.

Bob 52:56
Ha ha. They're beige. Beige.

Carolyn 53:00
Beige and big.

iON 53:00
Big. Big.

Carolyn 53:02
I'm gonna give Bob one, but I'll give it to him with Perrier?

iON 53:06
Or, or some of those juicy things. Give him some of that juice with the little -

Bob 53:11

iON 53:11
- for the flavor. No, what we're tryin' to say, he's too acidic. Bob is very acidic, Carolyn. Bob is very acidic.

Bob 53:18
Heh heh heh. You gotta be acidic today. You're supposed to be acidic. Right, Carolyn?

iON 53:21
I know but you're -- I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you're too acidic. And this is gonna change your -- we're trying to lower your core. We can't lower your core by adding acid to acid. We gotta bring it down. So if you got some juice of some kind, it doesn't have to have sugar. (overtalk) sugar-free. Well then, -

Bob 53:22
I had it on February 17th -

iON 53:33
- it don't matter. Do what you do.

Bob 53:42
- at 1:06 Hawaiian time. Bob was mutated by Carolyn's new output. 1:06 pm, February 17th, 2022, Bob ate

iON 53:54
And his body core, his body core, his body core is dropping as we speak. Yeah.

Bob 53:59
[Bob laughs] Bob's always the first to take Carolyn's nut bars concoction. It's been goin' on for 50 years.

iON 53:59
No, no, she takes -- no, she takes it first. We just gonna see if you live through it. She takes it first, but we're gonna see if you live through it.

Bob 54:14
Did you take it, Carolyn? [Carolyn in background: Yes!] Oh, you already did it. Well, that's her rule. She doesn't give it out to anybody till she tries it. Okay, so

iON 54:21
Of course, yes, Carolyn, she wouldn't (overtalk) She takes it like a -- unlike you, Bob, she takes it like a man.

Bob 54:28
That's right. So listen to this. So you laid out some stuff about what the Coronavirus is that nobody knows. If they listen to that, the Fauci gang, they might get somewheres, right? They might learn something?

iON 54:40
Yeah, but it's okay. It's okay. They're in it for the money. They're not trying to figure out anything, Bob. They know what they doin'. [Bob laughs] They just followed you're -

Bob 54:41

iON 54:43
- they followed, they followed your prescip -- Bob, they just followed your prescription. That's all they did.

Bob 54:53

iON 54:53
You know, everybody talkin' about George Soros. You the one they ought to be worried about. Actually, you need to be public enemy Number One. Bob needs to be the enemy, not George.

Bob 55:03
[Bob laughs] That's right.

iON 55:03
George Soros should run for President. He should run for President. He actually makes good sense. You're the goddamn trouble, Bob! You are the issue here that we're dealing with, by the way.

Bob 55:15

iON 55:15
But that's a sidebar.

Bob 55:17
Okay. Next point. The next point. Are Carolyn's RNA ReSet products in the angel diagram?

iON 55:25
Yes, they are. Seventh ring.

Bob 55:28
Which -- seventh. In the seventh, the vortex ring.

iON 55:33
Yeah, we told you that. We told you that originally.

Bob 55:35
Okay. All right.

iON 55:38
Isn't that cool how we knew how to answer the question before you asked the question? That was pretty fun. Huh?

Bob 55:43
You mean years ago you answered.

iON 55:45
No, I mean, just now. Just now.

Bob 55:48
Yeah, you answered it. What's significant about that?

iON 55:50
Yeah. You hadn't asked yet.

Bob 55:55
Okay, well, I hadn't asked and then I asked. Oh, you you didn't say it. I asked it and you answered.

iON 56:01
We answered before you asked it. Crazy bat. [iON laughs]

Bob 56:05
You did? He did, Carolyn? What do you mean he answered it?

Carolyn 56:10
(in background) Never mind.

iON 56:10
We can't, we can't take him anywhere. We can't take him anywhere, Carolyn. [Bob laughs] We can't take him anywhere

Bob 56:16
He can't take me anywhere. Ha ha ha. He doesn't get the joke? He doesn't know, ha ha, he has no clue what's goin' on.

iON 56:23
Carolyn, get a bunch of $100 bills and we'll take him to supper and buy him several glasses of water. It'd be great. Let's go.

Bob 56:34
So Carolyn, he's saying before I asked about, before I finished the question, RNA ReSet, are we in the diagram, he said yes before I got to the end. That's what he means, Carolyn?

iON 56:43
No. We answered which, we answered which ring is it in. We answered the ring before you asked which ring of the the angel diagram it was!

Bob 56:50
Oh, yeah. good point. Yeah, yeah. Okay, yeah. That's true. Okay.

iON 56:54
Our Miss Brooks. [singing] The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. Go ahead, Bob.

Bob 57:00
Yeah. Hey, iON, the -- Glen and other people are noticing UFOs over Maui. And so they get to see what Bob's not allowed to see. And I haven't seen Glen

iON 57:14
Carolyn, Carolyn's got pictures. She's got the light comin' across the reflection

Bob 57:18
Yeah, Carolyn can, but Bob doesn't get to see them live. Anyways, the -- Glen, I haven't seen Glen in a week or two. Are they still, well, I get the impression there's no UFOs happening the past week or so.

iON 57:32

Bob 57:32
Have they retreated a bit? Why has

iON 57:35
Carolyn has pictures day before yesterday of the light comin' across -

Bob 57:39
Did you, Carolyn?

iON 57:39
- the water where there was no fucking sun. She can show it to you. Crazy man. You lost your damn mind.

Bob 57:45
But she didn't notice that. You didn't notice the UFO and that, Carolyn.

iON 57:47
She most certainly did in the cloud right behind it with a light comin' from no sun, comin' across the water for God's sake, come on now. You're talkin' about the wrong one. Fuck this.

Bob 57:58
Carolyn, did you know that was a UFO? She didn't know that but

Carolyn 58:01
No, I thought that part was the cloud on top of

Bob 58:05
The mountains. You thought that was a UFO?

Carolyn 58:06

Bob 58:07
Well, what is UFOs? Cloud or the sun?

iON 58:09
Yeah, but there was no sun! There was no sun! The light was comin' across the water but there was no sun! But it was shootin' across the water.

Bob 58:17
What was shootin' across the water? The cloud?

iON 58:19
Well, the moon doesn't cast the light like that. Goddamn. The light.

Carolyn 58:22
No. But I thought it was from the moon.

Bob 58:24
Is it -- is from what? What's it from?

iON 58:27
Tell us, tell us where the moon lights the, lights the water like that. It doesn't.

Bob 58:34
Well, the moon's always lighting the water, you know, on certain points. It's always over (overtalk).

iON 58:38
Not in a straight line. Not not a (indistinct). No, no, no, no, no. Carolyn, I guess we need to send -

Bob 58:42
Okay. So what is making the sun?

iON 58:44
Carolyn, do we need to send 'em back to you?

Bob 58:46
Yeah, we got that. What in the pictures' making the light?

iON 58:50
The UFO.

Bob 58:50
Where is it?

iON 58:50
The UFO.

Bob 58:51
Do we see it? Do we see the UFO?

iON 58:53
Yes, Bob, if you open -- yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bob 58:57
What? Is it right down by the water's edge, water's horizon? Where is the UFO? Not the sun, not the moon, not the cloud. It's somewheres else in the picture. Right, iON?

iON 59:11
We're gonna resend it to Dr. Carolyn Dean again. Now, Carolyn, you show that picture to Bob. And you show him that cloud, and how the light hits the water like that to make a stream like that that's not comin' from the sun. It's coming from the UFO.

Bob 59:32
That's the moon. It's in the night. That's the moon. Right, Carolyn? There's no sun involved.

iON 59:36
That is not the moon. That is not the moon.

Bob 59:38
Did he just send this? And is that -- where's the UFO, the little light in the horizon?

iON 59:43
The moon doesn't shine like that. No, no, no. The cloud. The cloud. The cloud. It looks like a Gila monster climbing over Haleakala.

Bob 59:51
Yes. The cloud is the UFO. Okay, the cloud is the UFO. All right.

iON 59:55
Yeah. Can you see that big strip of light? That big strip of light don't come from the goddamn moon!

Bob 1:00:00
I gotcha. I see that. Okay, so then, -

iON 1:00:03

Bob 1:00:04
- Uri Geller warned that aliens were going to invade us a month ago or so.

iON 1:00:10

Bob 1:00:10
What was he citing? How did he know, or did he know? Or was he just trying to jump on the bandwagon?

iON 1:00:15
Oh, jumpin' on the bandwagon in one part. But then the other part was very simple. He was just tryin' to say that this world is not your home and that the people that are living here are not human. And the more we watch the news, the more that we can validate that the world that we're living in now are not human. So yeah, the invasion doth ensue.

Bob 1:00:37
He's saying there the people living on the planet are not human. They're not from -- it doesn't mean that they're from Andromeda. He means they're from other places.

iON 1:00:46

Bob 1:00:48
So how did he know that?

iON 1:00:51
It's obvious. If you watch anything, you notice this. You start to notice it really fast.

Bob 1:00:59
Well, he had supposedly a psychic -- did he use his psychic abilities to know this?

iON 1:01:03
Nah, nah, nah. Any country song will tell you that God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy. Any country song will tell you that, Bob. That's not hard.

Bob 1:01:15
Yeah, so who's crazy, Carolyn? In the lyrics?

iON 1:01:19
People. People. People are crazy.

Carolyn 1:01:22
(in background) In the lyrics.

Bob 1:01:22
I know lyrics. What did -- did he say God was crazy in the lyrics he just said?

iON 1:01:26
No, God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy. You can look it up, Bob. Carolyn will look it up. She'll look it up on YouTube for you, Bob. You can play it Saturday night.

Bob 1:01:36
And they're crazy. And they're crazy following the theme, because they're from other worlds, not Andromeda or the human world. Okay. So he

iON 1:01:46
As well. As well, as well! As well. It's not just one limited dimension. It's a multi-dimensional thing, because people are sane and then they go crazy. And then they're crazy, and then they're sane. Then they got a piece of paper saying they're, saying their card-carrying crazy! [Bob laughs] So, you see, it's nebulous -

Bob 1:02:05

iON 1:02:05
- when you start applying -- nebulous -

Bob 1:02:07
So you're not

iON 1:02:08
- until up until the application.

Bob 1:02:10
Yeah. What's the word? Resident? Resident up till the application?

iON 1:02:15
Nebulous. Nebulous -

Carolyn 1:02:15
(in background) Nebulous

iON 1:02:16
- until the application.

Bob 1:02:18
Heh heh. Okay.

iON 1:02:20
Till the application.

Bob 1:02:20
Are you -- I'm surprised you didn't say that Uri Geller was listening to us and he got it, he got it from us. You're not saying that in this case.

iON 1:02:28
We don't care. We don't care. We don't care. Who is Uri Geller? Fuck him. He ain't sayin' nothing. He ain't said two sentences that made no sense in 44 years. So why in the hell would we quote him listenin' to us? It'd be -- if he's listenin' to us, he's not listenin' very well. That's what we would say. If he's listenin' to us, he's missin' most of the good sentences. So yeah, it's not been notable, quotable.

Bob 1:02:49
Okay. There was a big, bright star over the eastern mountain a couple of weeks ago on a Monday night. And I thought, is that a UFO? But it wasn't. It wasn't. It was -

iON 1:02:56
No, it wasn't.

Bob 1:03:01
- Venus or something.

iON 1:03:02
It wasn't.

Bob 1:03:02

iON 1:03:03
Yeah. Correct. You're right.

Bob 1:03:05
Okay. Yeah. And I keep seeing that bright star in the sky at night. So, that's the star, it's not a UFO watching me. Okay.

iON 1:03:13
Correct. Now watch it when it splits. Now, here we go. You want to fuck, let's fuck. When it splits and becomes two or turns orange, then look at it a little more careful. Then you wake up Carolyn and say, Carolyn, take a snapshot of that with your digital camera. She'll do that 'cause she fucks with you. Don't wake her up. If she's asleep, don't wake her up. She'll, she'll beat you to death. If she's awake, wake her up.

Bob 1:03:37
Yeah, yeah. What's it mean to split? You mean the light beside it is a UFO?

iON 1:03:44
Becomes two. Becomes two.

Bob 1:03:45
It becomes two.

iON 1:03:45
And then take a picture.

Bob 1:03:46
Two what? Two stars? Becomes two stars?

iON 1:03:48
Stars. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 1:03:51
And what's the significance of that?

iON 1:03:54
That's when it's a UFO.

Bob 1:03:55
In other words, we don't see Venus anymore, we see the UFO and it's split. It's a split phenomena I see, -

iON 1:04:02

Bob 1:04:02
- and that's a UFO.

iON 1:04:04

Bob 1:04:05

iON 1:04:05

Bob 1:04:07
Why did iON use the term positioned? Somewheres along there a few weeks ago, you were saying it's a position. And maybe you were juxtaposing it dialectically with something. You talked about position I think with Carolyn. What is that?

iON 1:04:20
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a gauge, its periphery. It's the gauge of periphery. The position is the periphery.

Bob 1:04:29
The border.

iON 1:04:29

Bob 1:04:30
It's the border.

iON 1:04:30
The edge. The edge. The edge. Don't say border, say edge.

Bob 1:04:34
So the position

iON 1:04:35
It is the border. Now, it is a border. It is a border. It is a border but say the edge. Because anything outside the edge you can't keep. Good.

Bob 1:04:45
So when you talk about if we hear you use the word position, you don't mean any place it is, you mean particularly it's on the edge of a phenomenon.

iON 1:04:56
Indeed. 'Cause we're literal. Literally that's what the word means, so we are always literal. We agree.

Bob 1:05:03
Are humans in the position? On the edge? Are humans on the edge?

iON 1:05:12
Computer says yes. [whispering] Hey, Bob. Hey, Bob. Hey, Bob. Hey, Bob. If they're not, we're gonna move 'em to the edge.

Bob 1:05:22

iON 1:05:23
If they're not on the cusp, they're not on the leading edge of creation, we're gonna move 'em to the leading edge of creation because that's the only place they come into a position, position to embrace the capacity. I have to ascend or I'm gonna die. This is this. I'm on the edge of the building.

Bob 1:05:42
Oh, they come into a position they are using it. They come into, they come into the edge.

iON 1:05:49
Yeah. Yeah, there's, there's nothing left! As Beverly would say, "Oh, I got the cancer! It's gonna kill me! I'm gonna die! I gotta ascend." Now, now there's a dog in the fight. Before that, it was like, it was just some dogma. It was just something, words, some blalablalala. When it comes into the real time, when it's prime time, The Prime Time Players, now all of the sudden, it's like okay, this is serious. I got to ascend. Bam! And you gotta come on with it. Mm-hmm. So that's the edge.

Bob 1:06:26
Okay. Okay, thank you.

iON 1:06:26
It's the Age, the Age of Aquarius, Bob.

Bob 1:06:31
I looked up Borth y Gest. B-o-r-t-h y G-e-s-t. And I think it was in Wales. Was it the duchy that the Queen has to be careful about? Borth y Gest? Is that something she owns?

iON 1:06:47
No. Okay, yes, she owns it, but that's not the duchy.

Bob 1:06:55
Okay, so you have to look at the duchy position.

iON 1:06:56
You're doing it wrong. You're doing It wrong! It's the duchy coming. We have to have a duchy. You can't have a King. Who's going to be the duchy? Do you know what the duchy means, Bob?

Bob 1:07:09

iON 1:07:11
Look it up. Then come back and explain and talk to everybody.

Bob 1:07:14
Is that the, is that what Trump, the Viceroy's a duchy?

iON 1:07:20
Well, who controls the potential King's or Queen's affairs? That would be the duchy, wouldn't it?

Bob 1:07:29
The territory of a Duke or Duchess. A Dukedom.

iON 1:07:33
Duchess. Duchess. A Dukedom. The duchy -- No, no, no, no. The duchy handles the King's affairs when they're not King yet. Come on now, Bob. Fuck, you know this. You were raised in this shit.

Bob 1:07:47
So who, so who -- wait a minute. Yes. But is this handling Prince William? He's not a King yet.

iON 1:07:54
Yes. Very good.

Bob 1:07:56
And has Borth y Gest got something to do with the duchy that they're making for to handle?

iON 1:08:01
No, no, no, no, no, no.

Bob 1:08:03
Why did you bring up Borth y Gest?

iON 1:08:07
That's a different conversation.

Bob 1:08:10
Yeah. What was the topic? There was no apparent topic it was connected to.

iON 1:08:21
Creed of relevance, creed of relevance. It had to do with the position that you were trying to mark to, to tell you what was goin' on then that is now, but it's not yet. So it's, in this particular occasion, it doesn't apply. That's not the duchy that you're referring to. You're lost. Go ahead and try something else.

Bob 1:08:41
Right. So what is the -- why, what is Borth y Gest's role? What's its role?

iON 1:08:48
Could be the duchy if you were Queen Victoria.

Bob 1:08:54
Hmm. The duchy coming if you were Queen Victoria?

iON 1:08:58
Yes, excellent.

Bob 1:08:59
It would be a duchy for Queen Victoria. It'd be a duchy for Queen Victoria.

iON 1:09:04
Correct. Correct. And would apply.

Bob 1:09:05

iON 1:09:06
If it did apply. Good.

Bob 1:09:08
Okay, so Prince Andrew has been stripped; he's nothing. Is the same gonna happen to Prince Harry and his tell-all book and all that? Is that gonna lead to big problems for him and his wife?

iON 1:09:17
Oh my god! That Merkle [sic] that Merkle [sic] on goddamn "Fringe." She was on "Fringe," Bob. She was a nothing. She's a, she's a, she's a, she's a, she's a half-breed. She's a gypsy, a tramp and a thief.

Bob 1:09:32
She was not in "Fringe," she was in "Suits." She was on "Suits."

iON 1:09:35
No, she was on "Fringe." Markle, Merkle, Marco was in "Fringe." She most certainly goddam was. You can look it up. Look it up.

Bob 1:09:42
Okay. I'm asking about Harry. I know. Prince Harry, is he in trouble for what his book, tell-all books -- is he gonna get nailed more than Prince Andrew?

iON 1:09:55
No. No, no, no, not more. Not more. They almost don't care. They've almost like said that he is a -- you know, in Italy, in Italy when people, somebody says that he's dead to me? That mean they're -- that doesn't mean they're dead in the ground. That means he's dead to me, I don't regard them. So, it's almost, he's almost building into a level like the Italians. Like, well, I don't know he's dead to me. So I don't know what he wrote. I didn't read what he wrote, what he wrote doesn't have anything to do with me. I don't know anything about him. Dead to me. So, he's becoming that 'cause he's just tryin' to make some money 'cause it takes a lot of money to live in Los Angeles.

Bob 1:10:40
Right. So is he going to be successful in these various media endeavors to get the money to live there?

iON 1:10:47
No, cuz there's no money, and he doesn't have any drops. And you're not selling him any drops, Bobby.

Bob 1:10:54
Good. Now you didn't finish this drops topic. We were talking about money, and you were yelling and screaming. And you said that the drops are the money to -

iON 1:11:01
Yeah, we do that sometimes.

Bob 1:11:01
- make the money.

iON 1:11:02
Sometimes we do that.

Bob 1:11:03
Yeah, what? Let's finish that topic. The drops are coming in as the currency?

iON 1:11:08
Okay. Okay. Yeah, it's what the current -- No, no, it's what the currency is going to be pegged on. Remember how we're waitin' on the yuan to be pegged against something?

Bob 1:11:19

iON 1:11:19
And it's not. So therefore, it didn't have any value. Well, what they -- they're changing the way the Federal Reserve works now. The Board of Governors has come to the laudable conclusion that there is no way to handle the central bank for the United States of America anymore. Therefore, they're gonna leave it up to a crypto position which they can't control, and the IRS can't collect taxes thereof. But GESARA and NESARA outdoes and undoes the IRS anyway. So it kind of leaves this void, this vague but nebulous, void. And so that the very easily this quote new currency pegged against the drops could gauge it. You'll see, we got this.

Bob 1:12:09
Who's thinking about the drops and applying it? Anybody in the Federal Reserve world?

iON 1:12:13
The only thing standing, the only thing standing, Bob.

Bob 1:12:18
So they, one of these elites

iON 1:12:19
You know, you know, you know, you know, you know Ralph Stanley, the song, one drop of water, the rich man cried from hell. Yeah, one sandwich [?] shall pay for one drop of water, Bob, in about a minute. You'll see. It's gonna be great fun.

Bob 1:12:33
Who are these people in the Federal Reserve world who believed in the drops? They know the -

iON 1:12:39

Bob 1:12:39
- drops are -

iON 1:12:40

Bob 1:12:41
Beg your pardon?

iON 1:12:41

Bob 1:12:42
He knows? Is he on the drops?

iON 1:12:44
Powell. Yeah.

Bob 1:12:44
Does he take the drops?

iON 1:12:47
He has. I don't know if he's out right now, but he has taken them. Ben Bernanke is a great believer, the motherfucker. And he needs to have his goddamn head chopped off, but that's another conversation. That's in, that's in Augusta, Augusta, Georgia. But he needs his head chopped off, but he's still, he's a big believer. Janet Yellen. Absolutely has it in the highest regard. That's why she's doin' as well as she is, however sad. She looks (indistinct) but she's doing, she's alive.

Bob 1:13:19
Who is - yeah. Who do you give credit to for informing these bad people? How did they find out about it? Why did they take it?

iON 1:13:29
We're not saying that. Ginny Belle gets mad. Ginney Belle says we can't talk about that shit. People on it, not on it, she says we can't give that information out. The next thing, you'll want their goddamn email addresses of where they ordered. Next thing you'll know their credit card information of where they bought it! We not givin' you all that. [Bob laughs] We can't do all that, Bob. Carolyn will chop your damn head off. No, you're not doin' all that. You need to call -- hey, Bob, I know what you need to do. You need to call damn customer service. You talk to Leon. Leon, he can help you with that. That's what you should do. You should call Leon, see if he can help you with that. That's a bunch of bullshit. Think we're gonna turn over corporate secrets. Fuck that shit. Don't get - Carolyn, he's tryin' to get some shit. He's tryin' to get some shit.

Bob 1:14:11
Okay, so would you, would you turn up your phone a little bit? You need to turn it up slightly. It's a little low.

iON 1:14:15
We can't. We've run out, we've run out of "Jews." We've run out of "Jews," Bob.

Bob 1:14:18
Okay. Okay. All right.

iON 1:14:19
That's all there is. Hurry up. Gotta go.

Bob 1:14:22
All right, so then, so where did they get the idea

iON 1:14:28
It's up as high as it will go. It's up as high as it will go. It's up as high as it will go.

Bob 1:14:31
Yeah. Where did they get the idea to tag the RNA drops, have the new currency tag to the drops? Did they get it from listening to us? Or they figured it out themselves?

iON 1:14:41
No, it's the only thing left. It's the only thing left. Everything else inherently loses or falls away. We certainly not gonna take the bitcoin even though -

Bob 1:14:50
So they got that idea

iON 1:14:52
- even though it's going to zero.

Bob 1:14:55
Right. They, they individually were taking the drops, and then they started talking to each other saying this stuff's pretty good. Hmm. Could we build a new civilization on it? Is that the way their thought processes went?

iON 1:15:07
Ehhh, yes. Okay.

Bob 1:15:14
For now, for now. Yes.

iON 1:15:15
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Bob 1:15:16
Okay. Okay, we were talking about Pauline's Zalitzki. And she hallucinated seeing Atlantis on the west end of Cuba. But you look up her name and it says: Cuban underwater formation is a site thought by some to be a submerged granite structural complex off the coast of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in the Pinar del Rio province of Cuba. Sonar images interpreted as being symmetrical geometric stone structures -- Sonar images interpretive being symmetrical, and geometric stone structures resembling an urban complex were first recorded early 2001 covering an area of two square kilometers at depths of between 600 meters and 750 meters. The discovery was reported by Pauline Zalitzki. Now you said she saw nothing, she hallucinated, -

iON 1:16:03

Bob 1:15:31
- so why are they saying here -

iON 1:16:07
She didn't see anything.

Bob 1:16:04
- that there are images. What is this entry in the Wikipedia talking about, this Cuban underwater formation? What is that based on if there's nothing there?

iON 1:16:22
It's what, it was, it was the thing she thought she saw.

Bob 1:16:27
But what did she think she saw?

iON 1:16:29
It was the things she thought she saw. The pictures that are in the Wikipedia for Pete's sake, they drew them.

Bob 1:16:34
Okay, so, so they didn't get photos. They drew what they thought they saw.

iON 1:16:40
Correct. They were captured, or they were -- those images were what you call digitized. Yeah.

Bob 1:16:48
From what?

iON 1:16:48
You know when Roxy would make a, when Roxy would make a video of some of your macerations?

Bob 1:16:54

iON 1:16:54
Like that, just like that.

Bob 1:16:57
What? She made -- so they digitized -- they made up some images of what she thought she saw.

iON 1:17:03
Correct. Mm-hmm.

Bob 1:17:06
Does, is that what she reported? Why was she arrested in Mexico, and all these hassles that happened in her life, and she basically went underground back in Canada.

iON 1:17:14
It wasn't true. 'Cause all the bullshit that she was saying wasn't true and she got caught and they was like, well, what the fuck? But it wasn't true. Yes, it was. No, it wasn't. Yes, it was. Okay. You're going to jail. Okay, then I'm gonna run. So, I ran.

Bob 1:17:27

iON 1:17:28
So, there it is. You know, you know. It's, it's conspiracy 202, Bob. You know this. Okay, what else? Let's go. Let's do somethin'. Let's go.

Bob 1:17:33
Yeah, okay, we, where is my stuff? Just a second. Okay, I got to bring this up.

iON 1:17:47
We adore, we love Carolyn. She's so hot. She's so hot. Isn't she?

Bob 1:17:50

iON 1:17:51
Let's talk about how hot Carolyn is.

Bob 1:17:53

iON 1:17:54
That's good. Carolyn is hot. She's hot.

Bob 1:17:56
Okay. What -- did the Zimbabwe inventor come up with anything? He created an electric car. Did he come up with anything significant?

iON 1:18:06
Yeah, but if he had of, if he had of used strontium 90, he would have. But he didn't, so no, he didn't.

Bob 1:18:13
Did you say had he

iON 1:18:14
Used strontium 90. Strontium

Carolyn 1:18:16
(in background) If

iON 1:18:17
He had he used

Bob 1:18:18
If he used.

iON 1:18:19
Strontium 90, he would have come up with something. But because he didn't, it didn't work. It's not enough.

Bob 1:18:30
Here's another story.

iON 1:18:33

Bob 1:18:35
Astronomers -- this is reported on January 27. Astronomer spots spooky object never seen before sending mysterious signals. Is that connected to Bob? Is that our people, the new aliens?

iON 1:18:49
Everything is, Bob. You know that shit. Come on now.

Bob 1:18:53
Okay, so that they found a mysterious object in space that shines bright and then quickly disappears in a way that's not been seen before. That is some alien, a new alien A2, no, B2 vehicle.

iON 1:19:07
B2 vehicle. Well, say, say appendage. A B2 appendage. You can't call it a vehicle, you don't know that. You don't know enough to know that.

Bob 1:19:17
Yeah. Very good.

iON 1:19:19
Thank you.

Bob 1:19:20

iON 1:19:21

Bob 1:19:21
We're gettin' somewheres here.

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