Saturday, January 29, 2022

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 22 January 2022

NOTE: Times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaii Time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time, so there is an extra hour difference during DST.

Hawaii Time + 2 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)
[Daylight Saving Time] Hawaii Time + 3 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)

gregg and ginney his latest problem the Crown Inc. ("the City") has fallen Bob reads the relevant passage (pp.572-576) from "Finnegans Wake" solar bankers bob is the last communicator kamala harris carolyn’s new product ion explains the diet of the Ascended 4:01 linda eighth lampstand inflation and taxes bob’s products are the new currency deuteronomy back to bob and carolyn ion is the howard cosell of Living Water Pottifer’s Cup (Bob’s word becomes true) “A Discovery of Witches” TV show Angels vs. Aliens travelling-through-dimensions theorist st. augustine vatican gold RNA Drops were the Holy Spirit (“immortality enzyme”) ("tar babies and the rose of sharon” are the ascension completers) (“the lost amino acids recovered”) the mind product is almost ready and is not lethal 6:02 germaine angels are an extension (“bad weave”) of us "song of moses” “song of the lamb” 7:05 dimitriy the five tones (frequencies) in the pentatonic scale the RIP (Thompson) and the Rift (“bad of hell”) 7:18 eira swedish conspiracy theory lars ericsson (“alien help”) (cradle point and tesla) flouride impedes cognitive expression blackrock (eight subsets) 7:29 loy robert breaker specific gravity of living water vs. specific gravity of blood her husband needs more protein her earrings 8:10 dimitriy neuropathic strands/fields pure carbon building the cloud bob’s birthday 8:29 lisa going to andromeda 9:25 eira little man’s “death” today tonal repose the ascension pain is “normal” 12:25 susan flourinated “Living Water” is only 50,000 gallons canada vs. USA Jean Dixon Nostradamus’ predictions end in 2020 12:29 eira first 2 Jesuses are still traveling third Jesus went to India and didn’t ascend for 33 years bob’s diseases 13:11 susana her brother 13:48 nik fate of the levis bob meets aliens who weren’t dressed description of the monoliths 13:59 sue many types of carbon Living Carbon diamonds pure gold 14:10 nik the crop circles the poorest/richest country is Africa 14:15 phil monoliths 14:17 eira monkey joke 14:20 nik montblanc pens 14:39 jean camera for sally sea of mercury under the Giza Pyramids Aliens are not Angels 14:50

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