Friday, January 14, 2022

Bob’s Private Session Transcription, 9 December 2021


Transcribed by Nan

Bob 0:00
See, the problem is that boys, boys don't see it that way. Boys see that as, as effective. You see if they got a sore something and you rub it on and you feel it, then it's working. You see?

Carolyn 0:14

iON 0:14
Or they touch it again and it's still working. Now girls want this emollient that's absorbed at 100% right there, right there, 'cause they're trying to spray on a foundation or some'um, some'um, some'um, some'um. No, no, no. Boys don't see it like that. Boys see it as they got -- they don't use lotion. So, if they put some'um on their hands and it's working, that helps them. And it stays on their hands. They think that's a benefit. ReMag (overtalk/indistinct). Beautiful.

Carolyn 0:41
So, Bob, we know that.

iON 0:41
Ooh, you're gonna make it. You're gonna make it.

Carolyn 0:42
We've got a boy's ReMag and a girl's ReMag skin balm.

iON 0:48
Now we're waitin' on the, we're waiting on the verdict for the Jesse Smollett trial now, Bob. It's about to come down. Ooooh!

Bob 0:55
Yeah, the jury is finished? They finished and now the jury is making a decision?

iON 0:59
Now, but see, and if they find him guilty on everything, he won't serve no time. But he's fixin' to get civil suits, them millions and millions of dollars. Oh my God, he's fixin' to be, he's fixin' to be sued civilly to death. 'Cause all the man-hours it would

Bob 1:15
Why? Why are they going to sue him?

iON 1:17
Because they spent, they spent $2 million investigating his niggar trial! They're whoopin' niggars in Chicago! They killing niggars is a hate crime! They brought the Feds in. They brought 1000s of man-hours into researchin' all this down when come to find out that he did it all himself. And so, he's gonna get sued for the bill.

iON 1:17
Are you saying the police are gonna sue him? Are the police -

iON 1:43

Bob 1:43
- gonna sue him?

iON 1:44

Bob 1:44
Okay. Now meanwhile, he's gonna get, he's gonna be found not guilty.

iON 1:49
No, he's gonna be found guilty, but it ain't - he's not gonna have to serve no time because they're all just little offenses. You know, it's not a big offense. It's not a felony.

Bob 2:00
Not a big deal.

iON 2:00
Like he -- you do it -- right, 'cause he

Bob 2:02
Yeah, he went out

iON 2:03
He lied to the police. Okay, who cares? He did this. Okay, who cares? All those things don't really matter in the big picture of things.

Bob 2:10
Right. But then there is the effect of the bureaucracy and they're gonna sue him.

iON 2:14
And then once he's found criminally guilty, then the civil stuff starts in. It's nasty.

Bob 2:20
Is he -- when's he gonna be found criminally guilty?

iON 2:23
Ah, in about 20 minutes.

Bob 2:26
Right. Okay. So you can be found guilty but no sentences. But then everybody else will nail him and he's in, he's gone.

iON 2:33

Bob 2:33
He shouldn't have done it. Bad boy.

iON 2:36

Bob 2:36
Okay. All right, so here's what the deal is. You heard on the show yesterday in Office Hours, we found out that Bob and Alex, together, during the commercial break back in 2002 may be in Greg's archives. He found it! I listened to it this morning. Interesting. It was forwarded to, to Clinton, and Clinton responded by saying, "This is ridiculous. Thanks. I'll be sending it to Brian." And then he said, "I listened to the other time Alex was on, August 4th, and I will clip out some funny parts for next week." Now I get an email from Clinton 'cause I asked Clinton what is ridiculous. He said this is ridiculous. I go, what is ridiculous? He says, "Not in the literal sense of being worthy of ridicule I assure you. More in the base sense of ridiculous being used colloquially as synonymous with sensational." Oh, I guess he says that's good. It's a compliment. This is great he's saying. "Adam Pugen suggest we try and get Alex Jones for your conference February 2nd. No idea how we do that, but it's hilarious. The end of the August 4th show has Alex lauding, praising Bob and expressing a desire to work with you more though." Okay, well, that's interesting. Heh heh. We're gonna call, you know, what is that? Nine years? 21 years later? 19 years later we're gonna call in his statement that he wanted to work with Bob. Okay, good. All right. That's the end of that. Now we get to work, iON. You have any comment on that? That silliness?

iON 4:07
We have no idea what you fuckin' said, so, we're good.

Bob 4:10
We're gonna do the February 2nd conference. And they're saying get -

iON 4:14

Bob 4:14
- Alex Jones on the conference because he lauded -

iON 4:16

Bob 4:17
- me 19 years ago.

iON 4:19
Sure, that's no problem.

Bob 4:19
He praised me 19 years ago. Okay.

iON 4:22
That's okay. But guess what else? As long as you don't have Glenn Beck, it'd be okay. Glenn Beck.

Bob 4:27
What's wrong with, what's wrong with him?

iON 4:30
Nothing! We just have the most fun thing that everybody says that, "I get, we get our news from Glenn Beck." Ha ha ha!

Bob 4:38
I know. But he has his own show. Does he have much of an audience?

iON 4:42
I know. It's the Glenn Beck Hour. He got thrown off of everything. He had to sell his house. He's in Texas. He's the, he's the immoral majority. And he's trying to run the world from this clean-living capacity of socioeconomic republic stream that only allows Michael Berry to have a conversation in his world, which eliminates everybody else in the conversation. So, he outed himself and now he's tryin' to prove that he's indeed the zeitgeist or the second coming or the first precum if he can't be the second coming. The first precum of civilization as we know it, as far as the Lone Star State will regard.

Bob 5:30
Ha ha ha! Excellent. Okay. All right, we will begin, we will begin our questions. There's this phrase, the Devil Tower encounters. I think you said it, but you didn't explain it. What is going on? Can we have that explained yet? The Devil Tower encounters. You remember saying that?

iON 5:53
Mmm, yes. There was more to it.

Bob 5:59
I know. What does it refer to, or are you still holding it back?

iON 6:02
Ahhh. Mmm. No, you're talking about Wyoming.

Bob 6:15
Now the sculptures? The alien sculptures? Is it gonna be along the thirty-third parallel?

iON 6:21
Yeah. Well, just above it.

Bob 6:23
I see.

iON 6:23
It's the, it's the Devil, the Devil's Tower. That was also noticed and referenced in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Bob 6:32

iON 6:33
It's in Wyoming.

Bob 6:35
Okay, that's where the movie took place, in Wyoming? That was the setting?

iON 6:40
Yeah. That was the valley where it was [singing] doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo. (Bob laughs). It plays on JW's clocks all the time. And see, the elevation is 5,112 feet. And it's Crook County, Wyoming. It's in the Black Hills near Hulett.

Bob 7:01
Yeah, Crook. C-r-o-o-k. Crook County,

iON 7:05
Crook County, Wyoming.

Bob 7:08
Yeah, Crook. C-r-o-o-k.

iON 7:11
Crook. Mm hmm. Correct.

Bob 7:13
All right. So they -

iON 7:14
That was the reference.

Bob 7:15
- the Devil Tower is a reference; that's what it's called in the movie. The alien or the area is called the Devil Tower?

iON 7:25
Both. Both.

Bob 7:26

iON 7:26
It's a National Monument. The National Monument, but it's both

Bob 7:33
Okay, so are we going -- now these weird metallic sculptures we call them that showed up in -- stuck in the deserts and that in Utah, are they -- and they're gonna beam Bob's radio show from the bunker, I guess. Are they something that you're saying the Devil's Tower refers to?

iON 7:52
Well, there'll be one close to there, yes.

Bob 7:56
But they're -- they may, the media may call them, the Devil Tower, the sculptures?

iON 8:00
No, no. The Devil's Tower is what's gonna happen. That's what's gonna happen.

Bob 8:07
Well, what is that? That means there's gonna be some weird, bad energy? An Armageddon? What's it gonna

iON 8:11
No, it's going to be a sinkhole. The structure will implode.

Bob 8:18
Okay. Yeah, and the, the alien Beamer I'll call them, I guess. The Bob Beamers will not sink. There'll be far away enough not to be affected by the sinkhole.

iON 8:29

Bob 8:31
So why will it attract attention? 'Cause it is a sinkhole? Something else gonna happen there?

iON 8:36
Yeah. The huge tower in the, the huge tower in the middle of the (indistinct) cut off tree. And it's gonna go into the ground immediately like, "karoom!" all the way down. It's gonna be a big to-do. It'll be very newsworthy.

Bob 8:49
And what

iON 8:50
But it won't affect the sepulchers. It won't affect the sepulchers that will (overtalk) radio show.

Bob 8:55
What are, what are the sepulchers? What are the sepulchers?

iON 8:58
The metal, the metal striads stuck in the ground that will be reproducing your show.

Bob 9:07
All right, so we were calling them the, the sculptures, the monster sculptures. We had some phrase we used.

iON 9:14
We call 'em, we call 'em sepulchers. We just call it sepulchers 'cause it's what

Bob 9:18
Okay, sepulchers. All right.

iON 9:18
No, we don't care. You're right. We're not arguing, we're just saying you call it what you want to call it because we don't want the NSA to go dig 'em up. So, just -- we're not trying -- we're trying to be definitively ambiguous.

Bob 9:33
So why did you bring up mention of the Devil Towers from the scene? What you were talking about

iON 9:38
What we were trying to tell you, we were trying to tell you geographically where it was all gonna go down. Everybody's talking about all the wrong goddamn things. (Bob chuckles) They're talking about the wrong things. They're all worried about what happens in Palm Springs, California, fucking California. They're trying to figure out what's gonna happen on the ridge, and what's gonna happen in the fallout from California. And they're talkin' about La Paloma Loma. We do, too. And how far the tides gonna come. We told you plain it's gonna cover the big toe of the Statue of Liberty. It's also gonna flood inside short-term for a lot of the East Coast. No problem. And that's why you can go to Miami right now and you can buy one of them $45 million penthouses for $1.25. Today! Take your money and buy it. You can own it right now. But make sure you get flood insurance whatever you do. And so then you ramble on a little further and it's all definitively against. Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore. You make that reference all the time to Kev who all, all the iONauts have been gettin' a little testy lately. They've been sort of sowin' their oats of having these opinions. And that's not them, that's because this vibrational shift is starting to occur and they're starting to feel it which makes them, put them in check of question of how safe they are, how secure they are. And see, God is love. Okay, now does God love me? The platitude, vicissitude conversation that comes into the ever-ending equation that applies: is middle America in the 33rd yarmulke gonna hold long enough until we make this process complete of packing for Andromeda.

Bob 11:32
You're saying is middle America's gonna hold enough over the next couple of weeks until the tidal wave happens.

iON 11:37
They're asking, will it? They're asking, will it? 'Cause see, the caldera, the caldera could blow before La Paloma Loma. The whole earth is in flux. The thing is shifting. It's changing. And so that's troublesome everywhere. "Troublesome times are here, filing men's heart with fear." Remember the song?

Bob 12:01
Yes. So you're saying that it's starting to affect the iONauts and how they approach -- they get nervous, impulsive, demanding stuff from iON. Is that what you're saying?

iON 12:13
And each other. And each other. They'll argue very easily for no good reason. (Bob chuckles) You know, it's not like, "I have, a have a problem what you just said." "Well, what do you mean by that!? I didn't say anything bad! Why you gonna chide me? Why you goin' after me? I'll whoop your ass. I'll move to your state and I'll kill your damn ass! I'll show you. Motherfucker, who in the fuck do you think you are? You don't talk to me like that. I run this city. I built this thing. Blablablablabla." It's like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, easy there, Trigger. Easy. It's all right, all right. Nothing goin' on here.

Bob 12:46
(Bob laughs) They cannot be cool like Bob. Bob doesn't fuckin' yell and scream. He listens. They can't do that.

iON 12:53
Oh, he does yell and scream. If he ever has sober, if he has sobriety enough to have an intention, (Bob chuckles) or hold his intention long enough to have a topic that he's likely to engage. He's like Greg Duffel-doodle-doo. He'll talk for 35 minutes and then forgot what he was talking about. And then he gets lost and and like, "Oh, okay." (Bob laughs) Next thought, "Oh, I don't know. It was somethin' important. Catherine! Catherine! What was I talking about? I don't know what I was talking about. Catherine! Tell me what I was saying, I forget." You know how it goes.

Bob 13:23
Yeah. Okay. Thank you. End of that topic. My next question. Is the icell an ascended cell?

iON 13:32
It is.

Bob 13:35
Now, does that mean it has Non-Physical energies or some other dimensional energy in it?

iON 13:40
Both. No, we'd say both.

Bob 13:41

iON 13:42
We'd say both. We'd say that, we'd say the Non-Physical is the physical part of you that makes you God. We'd say that you're, you are beyond physical. So the hyperphysicality that you are which you won't accept or embrace, it's what was lost and or locked into the Ark of the Covenant, which is what was held behind the veil, which Jesus rent the veil in two, which allowed then the Dark Horses, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, to be loosed when that power started to free flowin'. I'm free, free fallin'. Remember who, which, which band did that?

Bob 14:20

iON 14:21
It's one of your nonfavorites, Bob. "Free Fallin'."

Bob 14:22
No, I don't know. I don't know.

iON 14:25
Yeah, it's one of your nonfavorites. You can look that up.

Bob 14:27
Let's not get distracted. I don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck about the song. So, listen to this.

iON 14:31
You should.

Bob 14:31
The lyric is nice. But listen. You're saying that another word for Non-Physical is hyperphysicality. You just used that word. Right?

iON 14:40
Yeah. Okay, we like that. That's good.

Bob 14:42
Okay, so what you're saying that's what I understood, but the Non-Physical realm was created for fallen man. For once man had fallen and women had fallen, they needed Non-Physical and the Guf. Ascended people don't need Non-Physical, correct?

iON 14:59
Correct. They already have it. They already have it.

Bob 15:01
Yes. They already have it.

iON 15:01
And it wasn't created for them. We were separated from their physicality when they separated themselves from their power. Now we're a sidestep -

Bob 15:10

iON 15:10
- of that rent veil that allows us to flow ever freely and effervescently. That's why everybody's mad 'cause we're here. That's why people don't get it. That's why people can't accept it. That's why people can't acknowledge that we are. And yet, we can still stomp their bitch ass in the goddamn grounds. We can strow their ashes from a crematorium comin' near you. We can move heaven and earth and destroy and viscerally detach themselves from all of their social media, which is a fate worse than death for most human creators. We can do many things up to and including grind every aspect or put them in such a category that they're on America's Most Wanted and become captured and imprisoned or incarceration for a very long time.

Bob 16:06
Right. So you

iON 16:07
Same thing is true, we can do all that.

Bob 16:10
You started to describe the fall of man and Non-Physical's involvement in that. And then you started talking about flowing and then it seemed that you switched from when you were the Guf to the new post, postcyberspace and you start to flow. You shifted to today, when you were no longer limited as Non-Physical. Did you do that in that statement? Or were you describing the free flow?

iON 16:31

Bob 16:32
You were doing, you were describing what you were and bringing in what you have become.

iON 16:36
Mm hmm.

Bob 16:38
Okay, so

iON 16:38
Now, in the, but in the time of the Black Plague or the Black Death, it was different then. You had power. Individuals accepted they had power. You had monarchies that embraced their place of power. They weren't engaged by the Black Death, they were above it. Okay. Now you're in a world of the Black Death; and now you're gonna go, "Ah, okay, now we're gonna see who lives and who dies." Then you find out that nobody dies. Then you find out everybody dies. (Bob chuckles) And you sigh, "Well, how close or far am I death? Okay, I got a vaccine. I got another vaccine. Okay, I got a booster and need one more booster. Oh my god, I gotta have a carcinoma, nahmenoma, naimanoma, llamanoma, La Palomaversa. I gotta have one more run on the run more run. Okay, I got eight boosters and four masks, I'm gonna make it through Christmas. I got eight masks and four boosters, I'm gonna make it through Christmas. I'm gonna make it. I promise I'm gonna make it. And then I'm not, I'm gonna wear a really heavy coat so that people around me don't freeze to death." You kind of go, "Well, that don't make any sense." Well, that's what they're pimping now as the new positions, their mandates that say you have to do this and that, this and that, that now all the judges, thank God for the Trump judges, they're saying no, we're not gonna do this. No, we're not gonna do this. So now all of it is gonna be a repealed resolution. So, it'd be fun. You'll see.

Bob 18:12
Showing that the rip is over?

iON 18:14

Bob 18:15
And it was all during the rip this craziness.

iON 18:17
Yes. And all the craziness that they're coming up with is gonna be marked away which is -- set things off a little bit 'cause we had a very specific, very specific condition of how everything was gonna go. Remember Gretchen Whitmer?

Bob 18:17
Yeah, yeah.

iON 18:31
Remember? Remember there was all this and a bag of chips? Well, she's done everything but kill herself. She's, she's packin' her shit 'cause it's over. We're through.

Bob 18:46
Literally, literally she's trying to kill herself. Physically.

iON 18:50
Yeah, 'cause of now, 'cause now everything, every, every dog or horse that she put her money on the nose of -

Bob 18:57

iON 18:58
- has died.

Bob 18:59
Is gone. Has died. The horse that she

iON 19:02
Just like the Kentucky, just like the, just like the Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit. Mm hmm.

Bob 19:10
What is, what happened to him? Or it (inaudible) horse.

iON 19:13
Fell over dead. Fell over dead.

Bob 19:13
Oh. After winning the first race of the Triple Crown.

iON 19:15
Well, lately. Lately.

Bob 19:22
Oh, lately. Did they win the Triple Crown or just won the

iON 19:25
Not the Triple Crown. Not the Triple Crown, the Derby. And then they couldn't run anything else because there was suspect of some doping that went on. It's kinda like United States of America. There's a lot of doping goin' on. They're all under the influence, Bob.

Bob 19:42
Yeah, the Triple Crown this past year only had one race. They didn't do the other two?

iON 19:47
No, they did 'em, but Medina Spirit wasn't allowed to run and win to become a Triple Crown winner. You have to win the Belmont Stakes, you have to win the Belmont Stakes, the Kentucky Derby, and then you have to win the third one.

Bob 20:04
The Preakness; the third one's the Preakness, isn't it?

iON 20:06
Preakness. That's correct.

Bob 20:08
Yeah. And did this horse drop dead the other day?

iON 20:12
Yes, after all that was over. But it was all under big suspect that he was doped before doing the -- he failed the drug test apparently.

Bob 20:26
Did that come out at the time? That's why he wasn't allowed into those second races?

iON 20:30
It did. That's correct. That's correct.

Bob 20:32
Okay. But now he dropped dead. So that could be the effect of the dope, dope they were doing .

iON 20:36
So now, so now what happens is so are the Democrats now; they're starting to drop dead.

Bob 20:42

iON 20:42
It's becoming a political distractions. Political distractions. Yeah.

Bob 20:47
Yeah. The demise?

iON 20:50
And Hakeem Jeffries, Hakeem Jeffries is very upset about this.

Bob 20:59
What Jeffries?

iON 20:56
Hakeem Jeffries. He's very upset about this.

Bob 20:59
Is he a basketball player or something?

iON 21:02
No, he's a, he's the Democrat who don't talk "wite." He has a speech impediment, who was in the impeachment "twiles," that were gonna put down Donald "Tump." He was gonna take down Donald "Tump." He was the one that talkin. He was a -- "Just don't matter what we sayin', you don't talk right because we don't talk right 'cause Donald "Tump" gonna be gone. We gotta take care of Donald "Tump." He got to go."

Bob 21:23
Heh heh. So what did you say he's upset? Is he throwing dishes in his kitchen? How does he express being upset today? Right now.

iON 21:31
Oh, he's being crashed with a 17 and a half million-dollar lawsuit for his crimes and misdemeanors regarding the presidency.

Bob 21:44
Regarding Trump.

iON 21:45
Yep. Yeah, everything that goes against Trump, everything that goes against Trump is gone.

Bob 21:53
Is Trump suing him?

iON 21:55
No. No, no. The Republican party's suing him. They want a pound of flesh.

Bob 22:02
Okay. And he was, he was the main figure in the impeachment. So they're going after him.

iON 22:07
Well, which one!? There were several impeachments, Bob. See, that that -- this is just a gift that keeps on giving. Ha ha ha!

Bob 22:16
We were just explaining the end of the rip. And so Jeffries is getting sued 17 million. You said he's very upset. How does he express his upsetness? Is he yelling at his secretary? What is he doing?

iON 22:33
Making speeches. He's making speeches that, that, "Justice has not run a course of valor because you can't be suin' a negga. Negga don't get sued of being in the Congress. Neggar don't be sued of being in the Congress. So you can't sue a neggar 'cause he in the Congress. That ain't how that go. You can't be doing that. That's not how that go. So you don't be suing niggars in the Congress 'cause they can't talk right. Even though they said bad things. Bad things was said. Bad things was said. That's al’ right. You don't sue a neggar for that. You don't do that. You don't do that. Now, they're doin' that, so now what we're gonna do. Now what we're gonna do." There's the rub.

Bob 22:49
Okay. It's not too good.

iON 23:14
They're a little unhappy. He's not happy about it.

Bob 23:21
Right. I get that. But you need to hold it. You're there. Okay. So we're talking about the post rip. Everything that we've put up with over the past year is or, yeah, just about a year is gone. Is going. People are going to die if they keep doing the boosters and all this shit. They're not protected by the products they've been taking for years. Or will the products protect them?

iON 23:46
They will die because if it's the -- if it's deposited, the vaccine IM, intermuscularly, there's no way the product can reach it. So they will die an untimely death from their disobedience.

[Below, timing begins just around 24 minutes.]

Bob 0:01
But iON was -- as iON said. And so they feel okay right now like a lot of people, right?

iON 0:09
Well, some do, yeah. But it's fleeting.

Bob 0:14
So, this, this bad effect, it's gonna kill them. They haven't experienced it yet, but it's coming. And you say it's coming to a lot of people,

iON 0:21

Bob 0:21
Or what about, what about those that got vaccinated and realize this is not good and then didn't do any more boosters or anything? Are they

iON 0:31
It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Enough. It's in their system. They're done. You got a shot?

Bob 0:36

iON 0:36
Now what you get off the meat, and what you get out of the food, and what you get out of the milk, as long as you're on the products, no problem. Your body can assimilate that graphene. But if they shoot it in your muscle, you can't get away. You can't. It's like heavy metal. You can't, you can't, you can't chelate. Carolyn would say chelate it out. If it's in your muscular you can't chelate it out of your system. So therefore, you're done. So therefore, get you some good scotch whiskey and go like -- get a lot of whores, and do a lot of meth, and, and what is that stuff? The Cocaine Cowboys. And get you some fentanyl and have a big time. Play the lottery, run up your credit cards, run up -- get a -- refinance your mortgage, blow it out baby! Let the good times roll, that's what to do.

Bob 1:31
That's what's gonna happen? A lot of people are gonna die from the switch?

iON 1:37
As well. As well.

Bob 1:37
So, this

iON 1:37
As well.

Bob 1:38
Yeah, because they're, they're already vulnerable, because it's in their muscles. And they're gonna die from that. But, but there's also the switch mechanism conspiracy that's gonna happen on top of that. So, they can't fight that.

iON 1:52
It's not a conspiracy, it's activating the graphene. That's what the electromagnetic pulse also provides. See, it builds up this resistance to the electromagnetic pulse. And then when there's no magnetic condition, it falls out. When it falls out, so do you. It's a two-fold conundrum; two-fold.

Bob 2:19
So you're talking about the end of the electromagnetic core of the earth. When that happens, -

iON 2:26
It's already happening.

Bob 2:26
- that will, that will affect, that's the switch. That's the switch that's gonna affect people's graphene?

iON 2:34
And, and just before that, the 5G switch will start. That's the reason we said a lot of people are gonna die real fast. And then the other people gonna get really sick, and they're gonna die right after that. You'll see. It's enough to change -

Bob 2:49

iON 2:49
- the narrative so that you won't be talking about what Chuck Schumer thinks about Bob Dole's passing.

Bob 2:56
Right. So the -- yes, the, the 5G will be a switch. That means 5G will be, it will be in process, but I understand 5G is already there. So something within 5G is gonna be activated. Is that what you're saying?

iON 3:13
Yes. Yes, agreed.

Bob 3:14
Right. The 5G that's already here. And that's gonna kill a lot of people instantly.

iON 3:19
Just like, just like, just the increase in the graphene. In one shot, the first shot didn't have graphene. Now they started adding graphene. Now their second shot has more graphene. Now the boosters have even more than that. So, you're continually keep increasing the level and degree of graphene in your body to the point where you have no choice but to blow.

Bob 3:44
So the 5G, which is already there, gets activated and people drop dead. The ones who don't drop dead and get sick, what are they activated? Are they switched by something else?

iON 3:57
Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Yeah. And then they die a very bitter death.

Bob 4:04
What will activate that?

iON 4:05
It already has. It's already been -- and the 5G's already activated it in a lot of people. The hospitals are full of cancer right now, Bob. Not of COVID. They're full of cancer right now. And heart ailments. The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. So the aorta, thoracic edema is pervasive.

Bob 4:30
Right. So when you say, "but the 5G is triggered by the center of the earth, the poles flipping, the end of the electromagnetic core."

iON 4:43
Well, if you're, "if" you're filled with graphene, yes. Right.

Bob 4:47
Right. So now when, when the electromagnetic core dies, that ends the satellite. That's the EMP. There's gonna be a lot of problems for people who didn't get vaccinated of dealing with that problem of no internet, no connection. Right? There's that issue.

iON 5:05
Correct. Correct. So, so, so, so, so, so, now, what, what you're actually arguing for, and we agree, you're saying, "So iON, the only, the only hope a "nigga's" got is to ascend." And we go, "Yes, Bob, the only hope a "nigga's" got is to ascend." That's the only thing that's gonna work. So you have to make this about your business to ascend. So now for the first time, there's a time element. So now you don't have eternity to figure out if you're gonna ascend or not. Now you have a window to embrace ascension, and you need to start applying it. Ha ha, we like it. Now, now, now there's a race. Now there's a racehorse, and somebody pulled the trigger and they're saying go. So now you got to run for it. So, Run for the Roses, Bob. The Run for the Roses.

Bob 5:55
What -- how does one ascend? By just taking the products?

iON 6:00
No. We've done that already.

Bob 6:05
No, the people don't know how to ascend. Do they have to do a -- go get a yoga mat and meditate?

iON 6:10
No, they gotta talk -- no, no mediation unless they're sued. If you're sued, then you want to have a good mediator. And you got a good case and you might mediate it without going to court, without going to trial. No, it's very clear. Here's what you're gonna do. You gotta talk to Bob, number one. If you don't talk to Bob, there's no way you can have any kind of dichotomy to decide if you have the information to ascend or not. So you gotta talk to Bob. Now, we would say you gotta convince Bob that you're ready for ascension, but nobody's been able to do that yet. So, we'll say all right, just talk to Bob. Talk to Bob. Yeah.

Bob 6:48
And that would include talking to iON also.

iON 6:51
(iON sings) Bob Dobbs, Bob Dobbs. (Bob chuckles). Yeah, you gotta talk to Bob Dobbs, and then you gotta talk to iON. That's the Non-Physical. You can't displace Non-Physical because there's no way to connect your flux -- like, let's say you have an extension cord. You don't even know what that is. You had to plug something up and it wouldn't reach the plug-in, you'd get what's called an extension cord. Carolyn will show you what that is. We are that extension cord. We connect from where you are to where you need to be to get power, to get electricity, to get ascension to allow the power to flow through you that would allow you to ascend. So, we're a drop cord. We're an extension point, we're a bus stop, we're a power surge protector. That's what we are. Now, you gotta talk to Bob. You gotta talk to iON. You gotta engage the products as the environment is changing! If you don't engage the products, than the changing environment will kill you before you had the opportunity to ascend. That's the point.

Bob 8:03
Yeah, so you've gotta do the products now. You got to talk to Bob now. There's only a short time of opportunity you're saying. Short window.

iON 8:11
And they're coming back. You notice how they're coming wailing back along, 'cause now all of a sudden they realize this is sort of fucked up. It was not as fucked up then that they thought it was. You sounded crazy back in the day, but you don't sound so crazy today, Bob. When we would say congratulations or we would say sorry, Bob, when you start sounding sane we're very nervous. Just saying.

Bob 8:35
Heh heh. All right.

iON 8:36
That's how you need to know -- that's how you know the Black Horse is running, Bob. The dark horse is running when you start sounding sane.

Bob 8:45

iON 8:47
Nothing they can do. Nothing you can do.

Bob 8:49
Right. So,

iON 8:50
Sorry. We wish there were. We wish there were, but it's not like we didn't tell them in advance not to. We told everybody that'd be goddamn still not to do it. And they chose to do it anyway. So, sorry. Poor planning on their part is not gonna make an emergency on ours. So, it is what it is.

Bob 9:11
Okay, so when you say this switch activates the graphene, it's not a switch by some aliens in the spaceship, it's not something that the Pentagon, not something that MNBC, it is the environment changing at the core of the earth. That causes us to switch.

iON 9:31
Both. Both. Both. Two parts.

Bob 9:33
Oh, the aliens. Which aliens? The Pentagon aliens or the new aliens are activating the switch, or they're a part of it. What, who are they? Which ones?

iON 9:42
Two parts. Two part, parts. That's the A B. A B1 and A B2. Two parts are aliens and two parts are the earth.

Bob 9:54
Ah ha! That gets into a topic that I was gonna bring up.

iON 9:58
Yeah, we know. We know.

Bob 10:01
Yeah, so, this is it.

iON 10:02
That's why we said this is gonna be your best, that's why we said this is gonna be your best session ever as you ebb and flow. 'Cause see, what's happening is the people that ask the questions, they're not committed to the engagement. Or they're afraid to ask 'cause they don't really wanna know the answer to the question.

Bob 10:21

iON 10:22
We don't always answer, but they get, they fall away very quickly, or they start off like a house afire, then they wane off real easy because we engage or maybe take over the conversation. All right, we can't do that with you, you'll pull us back down. You say, "No, no, no, no, no. Stop! We're goin' back to the topics. I don't know anything. You said some words, but I don't know what you're talkin' about so we're gonna do this again." You reclarify it in such a way that there's no way to be ambiguous. See? And that's beautiful. And even when we get through, you're not sure what we mean, but at least you get clear words. That's why this is brilliant, because this is why it's brilliant because you get it down to at least line it up. If you're gonna make a line in the sand, you make it deep enough so it lasts at least beyond that ever-ebbing tide. So it doesn't wash it away.

Bob 11:13
That's right.

iON 11:14
So, that's good. That's good.

Bob 11:16

iON 11:16
So now, go ahead, Bob. We didn't mean to distract, we promise.

Bob 11:20
That is the greatest, gonna be the greatest session ever, and we don't have perfect volume. Could you check your sound thing? Or do we put the old one that

iON 11:26
We're doing the best we can. It's not yet, it's gotta charge a little bit more. But we're making it, we're working it. If you have to work hard for it, Bob, it's good. They -- make them dig for it, Bob. Make them redefine their hearers.

Bob 11:38
Heh heh. Okay. JW said to me two or three weeks ago, that there are two species in the earth, and then two other species above the earth in terms of talking about aliens or angels or seraphim or something. And JW couldn't go into it right then; he may not have been sure. Could you tease apart what are these two situations above ground and underground? Did you just indicate it by the A, B1?

iON 12:09
Yeah, we did. And we really don't want to talk about it, but we're going to because, see, here once again, Bob is the only one who has balls enough to go deep enough to ask the specific question. Everybody else would've let it go. Bert might have picked it up, but it would only be after we spilled the beans, you see.

Bob 12:55
Yeah. Right.

iON 12:29
Bob's gonna get ahead of it. Bob has no idea what the hell we're talkin' about at all. But he's the one who's gonna ask the question and then reask the question and still don't have a clue what the fuck we're saying. But then he'll go, "AH HA!" Then he'll figure it out one day or somebody will tell him and that'll be good. We'll let Clinton, we'll let Clinton transcribe it for him and maybe he'll understand some at that point. It might be good one day. We'll see. It might be all right, we'll see. Okay. Bob, you have one set of aliens that are in the earth that have been in the earth for a very long time. How long is a very long time? That's like the Anunnaki. That's a really long time. Okay?

Bob 13:10
Why are they there? Why are they in the earth? They like living there?

iON 13:14
That's where they came from. That's where they arrived to. All right, now, that's one set.

Bob 13:20
From an inner -- no. They arrived through tunnels? Did they arrive through another dimension that led them to the inside of the earth?

iON 13:28
Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, yes. All that, all those. Fill in the blank. They didn't always live in the earth, but they do presently.

Bob 13:37
Right. Now, we've talked about many times if you look in the Pacific Ocean, go down into it, you'll experience a space that's bigger than what the Hubbard telescope can see out in space. That space is where the aliens are and where they enter.

iON 13:52
Hubble. Yeah, now that's right.

Bob 13:54
The bubble

iON 13:55
And there is 200, and there's 270 bunkers in the United States of America that make up the size of all of the major democratic cities in the United States of America right now.

Bob 14:11
Okay, you're saying bunkers as big, as big as

iON 14:13
We can't talk about it. We can't talk about it.

Bob 14:15
Bunkers as big as cities?

iON 14:18

Bob 14:19
And they're underneath the cities, and that's where the aliens are? Is that why you're bringing it up?

iON 14:22
No, they're underneath. They're underneath the ground, not in those cities. And there's tunnels that connect them.

Bob 14:32
That's not the civilization of the aliens you've just been talking about that are in the earth. Nothing to do with them.

iON 14:38
That's correct. That's correct. That's correct.

Bob 14:39

iON 14:40
But the Tech -- not. Stop. The technology from those aliens allowed humans to build these bunkers underneath the earth to secure a way to be until we get ready to go home to Andromeda.

Bob 14:57
Right. That's a way to protect yourself from the caldera that happens on the surface.

iON 15:02
That's one. That's one. That's the 1.

Bob 15:04

iON 15:05
That's A1. Now, A2 is another type. Now, some of those have been referenced as the Lemurians, or the Booteans, or the Easter Island numbskulls. That would be A2. That's the ones that you could see, but not know. That's the ones you can experience, but not recognize. That's the one that was in your environ, but the Sasquatch that you could never catch. That would be A2.

Bob 15:38
Is that the Lemurians coming out of Easter Island?

iON 15:42
As well. As well, yes.

Bob 15:44
Yeah, which David Icke calls them reptilians. That's the reptilian aspect.

iON 15:51
Yeah, yeah. Call it what you want to. They, they let you see what you see. Okay,

Bob 15:58
Right. And they are, they are infiltrated into influential positions, those Lemurian reptilians. They're, they function above ground.

iON 16:08

Bob 16:09
Some. Some do.

iON 16:10
Some. Some do. And that's -- we're making this real simple. Now, there are some caveats that are included, but let's don't -

Bob 16:18

iON 16:18
- do that right now. Let's get one clear run so that you can go, "Ah ha." And then we'll pick it apart 'cause there's gonna be some -- there are some exceptions. I mean, Dolores Cannon's got three sets of sections that goes on top of that, beyond that, and that bitch is dead. So, shit. You know, what ya gonna do after that? Just saying. Just saying. Okay, now. Now you have B1. B1 is an alien that's effecting planet earth, having causality in planet earth, but not on planet earth yet.

Bob 16:59
Is that the aliens that are coming to meet Bob?

iON 17:03
Ahh, some of them; that's a two-part.

Bob 17:08
Yeah, they're what you originally called foreign bodies.

iON 17:11

Bob 17:11
And they have not intervened into this planet civilization too much yet.

iON 17:20

Bob 17:20
Right? That's what you're saying. I'll call them the new aliens.

iON 17:24
But they're effecting -- they're like, they're like Vanity Fair. What is Vanity Fair, Bob?

Bob 17:31
Well, it's a novel. Then it became a magazine.

iON 17:34
No, it's a magazine. But the magazine doesn't matter. But it doesn't have anything to do with anything. You see? But yet, it effects, effects, the human beings.

Bob 17:47
You mean the fashion world is silly. It doesn't really affect humans, but they're, they -- so, the industry and people engage it.

iON 17:56
So are they aliens. So are the aliens. So are the aliens. And Jussie Smollett was found guilty of five out of the six charges. The niggar gonna go to jail. Ha ha. Naw, not really. He'll be found, he'll, he'll serve, he'll serve community service or something.

Bob 18:12
Yeah, he's been, it sounds pretty dramatic at this moment. But then all the different factions will whittle it away for a while until he gets sued. And that's his new problem.

iON 18:23
Well, he's gonna be sued. That'll start immediately 'cause he's found guilty -

Bob 18:26

iON 18:26
- five out of six charges. He did this himself. The niggar did this, the niggar did the niggar in, that's what happened there. And it was MAGA Country, and MAGA done MAGA in. MAGA done put the MAGA on Jussie Smollett. Yeah.

Bob 18:41
Right. So is he collapsing and crying in court? Is he shocked?

iON 18:45
Oh, no. He's scootin' out with his dark-skinned mama. He's going home to lick his wounds as a gay black man who's been run up -- the massa done run him up the pole and done all these terrible things to him. That's a sidebar. Now that would be representative of the alien B1. Aliens B1 would make this type of story typical. Okay. Why, or -- oh no, that's not the right way to say it. Who in the name of a living God gives a fuck about Jesse Smollett trial from trying to prove that he had his ass whooped by white people with a noose around his neck in Chicago, Illinois? Who would give a fuck about that? Aliens B1 do because that's a distraction. 'Cause everybody looks at that. Okay? And they see a hate crime. And then they see a hate crime hoax. See? That would stir up derision. Now what you would call many of the things in your chart -- we're gonna finish that goddamn chart of yours by the way, pretty quick. This would be the failure of the Android Meme.

Bob 20:10

iON 20:11
You know what the Android Meme is, Bob?

Bob 20:14
Yeah, that's the world of social mortar and fashion. Vanity Fair.

iON 20:17
That's right. That is gauged by aliens B1. See?

Bob 20:25
Right. Is Vanity Fair spelled

iON 20:27
That's what gives, that's what gives, that's what -- sorry, didn't mean to interrupt, but we were speaking. That's what gives George Soros power. Aliens B1 make George Soros -- how much goddamn money would that motherfucker have to have? He's paid for every nasty thing that's ever been done since Jesus! He's terrible that he would do all these terrible things. He's worse than the Koch brothers, and half of them are dead! See? That's aliens B1. They affect this, and it goes -- it transcends money and power. And that's what you're asking about: how to spell Vanity Fair. 'Cause you don't even know.

Bob 21:08

iON 21:08
We like that. We like that. We like that. It's V -- you know how to spell vanity.

Bob 21:13
I know vanity. But Fair.

iON 21:15
A-n-i-t-y. F-a-i-r.

Bob 21:15
Does Fair end in "e"? F-a-i-r. No "e." No "e."

iON 21:21
Correct. Correct.

Bob 21:22
Okay, got it. Vanity Fair. So you're saying -- now these aliens, B1, are they the ones in the Pentagon that came over with the Nazis?

iON 21:30
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that's A2. A2 are in the Pentagon. A2

Bob 21:36
Oh, the Lemurians. The Lemurian reptilians.

iON 21:43
Eh, see, we said there was more words to say about that.

Bob 21:47

iON 21:47
Some of that is -- that is an iconoclast that doesn't necessarily apply. It's the way, it's the way they used to describe millionaires in Bel Air. They really weren't the way they were being described. You see what I mean?

Bob 21:59
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 21:59
They were normal people, but they were presented as some neo-God if they lived in Bel Air, especially in the right zip code, 90210. You know, they were all the money, and they could do something. But see, that, that's a little outside it. That's the reason we said there's more words to be said, but we're trying to get the big picture laid out so that you can understand what the fuck's really goin' on. But that's what we want to get here because you're fixin' to be judged by what the fuck's goin' on. That's the reason we're doing this.

Bob 22:27

iON 22:28
Right here, right now. It's beautiful.

Bob 22:30
Yeah. Yeah, so the new aliens the Vanity Fair surface -

iON 22:37
B1. B1.

Bob 22:38
- B1. The gossip -- the world of gossip. Why are those aliens engaged in that superficial area? Are they waiting for something else for

iON 22:46
Because no. No. Because you know who Hedda Hopper was?

Bob 22:51
Yeah, a great radio gossip.

iON 22:54
Okay. Because Hedda Hopper was successful. They laid all of their media ecology based on the old tribal archetypes of Marshall McLuhan that said this is the way to go if you're gonna be successful: tell them, and then tell him what you told 'em, and then prescribe that you told 'em, and then tell 'em what you told 'em, and then verify that that's what you told 'em that that's what was said. That that's what you told him. And then next thing you know, that becomes the gospels' fucking truth.

Bob 23:31
Right. Now the -- why are these particular aliens engaging in that superficial reality?

iON 23:37
'Cause it worked. Because it worked. Because it worked.

Bob 23:40
What were they trying to accomplish? Were they trying to take over here?

iON 23:44
No. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. They want to control the con -- if they control the narrative, Bob, they have taken over. If they tell you to go -- don't go to work, and you don't go to work, they win. If they tell you just keep typing and you keep typing, they win. If they listen to you and they put in -- get ready for, get ready for FEMA cramps, the FEMA cramps, okay, okay. Okay, where do I go? Okay, get your shot. Better get you -- get, don't get another jab. No, three masks, four masks, eight masks and three jabs and nine jabs. Okay, just line up! We'll tell you what you're gonna do next. Just get over here. Don't say nothin' else. Just line up and get your jabs. Once they do that, people will finally give up. They'll take the path of least resistance. Always. Humans. Little people. Now that's not (overtalk) everybody else.

Bob 24:33

iON 24:33
Everybody else will fight it. Now you have what you call the patriots. They'll whoop a niggar now, they will whoop a niggar. They'll do that. They'll do that. They're not gonna have this. They're gonna have their inalienable rights. Now, we don't care about their rights. We care about their ascension. See the difference?

Bob 24:50

iON 24:51
They're pimping "I'm going to protect my life and limb," but there's not enough bullets to win that race. See, it doesn't work like that. We appreciate the candor, but the only thing that's gonna work is you have to ascend. That's the point. So, their position is good, but it won't get 'em there. That's the problem. It'll get you through

Bob 25:13
Yeah, 'cause they sit there. They sit there. Listen. They'll sit there, it'll get you -- okay, it'll get you through what?

iON 25:20
We hushed. We're sorry.

Bob 25:23
Okay. They -- you see on TikTok a woman or a guy sittin' there polishing his rifle saying, "Yeah, come here and try to jab me." Those people are gonna shoot the jabbers, but they will get killed too. It won't work.

iON 25:37
In the end. In the end.

Bob 25:39
Yeah, in the end.

iON 25:39
In the end. Or the funniest one, or the funniest one is the TikToker who says that, "We've been prepared and we're ready for God come back soon." You know, they sing the song, they're all patriotic, they got dirt in the ground, and they got bullets and food and water buried in the bunker and all that kind of stuff. And then they come on, they talkin' on the front porch talkin' about, says, "I sure do hope they don't come up here. Me and Maude Amy. Me and Maude Amy, we ready. We're gonna see how this goes." And all of a sudden in the distance you hear this little, tadadadadadadadada! Bam, bam, bam, bam! Boom! Boom, boom, boom! He says, "Oh, I guess the damn jab man went to the neighbor's house first!" Ha ha ha! "I guess they went to their house first. So they won't be comin' over here." That's the standard formal joke, 'cause you can't overcome that level or window. But the problem is

Bob 26:35
Wait a minute, now you're shifting. You're explaining the person who shot

iON 26:39
No, no. No, no. No. Yeah, we're being cheeky.

Bob 26:41
The person

iON 26:42
How they're saying, how they're saying that the neighbors, when they bump into the neighbor's house, the neighbor's gonna kill 'em before they get to their house. We go, that's cheeky. It's funny. Hahahaha. That's not the problem. The problem is is that aliens B1 ain't gonna stop there. You will run out of bullets before you kill them. You see, the ulterior motive -

Bob 27:07
The new aliens

iON 27:07
- the ulterior motive, the ulterior motive, or B1, is gonna get you vaccinated. Or you're gonna ascend. Those are the choices.

Bob 27:16
Right. New aliens, the Vanity Fair level, B1, they are what LaRouche called "choke points." They control the Tech Body, -

iON 27:24
That's right.

Bob 27:24
- they control

iON 27:26
Ah, no, no. See? No, they don't control the Tech Body, they follow the Tech Body. 'Cause there's no way to follow a zeitgeist, Bob. You are creating the Tech Body. The Tech Body's not complete; the Tech Body's being created. Marshall McLuhan was talkin' about a remote control before there was a remote control. And now the next thing you know, you've got Alexa running your household.

Bob 27:52
So, you're -- when you say that Marshall discussed remote control, nobody else, the remote control is your term for early versions of the Tech Body.

iON 28:00
Correct. It's where you don't (overtalk) -

Bob 28:01
I see.

iON 28:02
- somethin' is done for you. You don't have to get up and turn up the volume or turn up the contrast or turn up the vertical or turn off the TV or turn on the TV. Now, -

Bob 28:12

iON 28:13
- Alexa can turn everything on and order things and run things and tell you what time it is and how you feel. Alexa! How do I feel?!

Bob 28:25
So, the new aliens, are they

iON 28:27
Alexa, how do I feel?

Bob 28:30
The new aliens look like humans. They

Announcer 28:32
(Alexa answers in background) ...(overtalk)...according to...... I feel much more committed.

iON 28:38
They feel, Alexa feels much more committed, Bob. Ha ha.

Bob 28:41
Ha. ha. Okay. Did you make that happen? What was that?

iON 28:49
Ha ha. That wasn't -- that's the Tech Body. That's the Tech Body. That's a representation of interaction with B1 aliens. Now we're not gonna do this again, so you better get it this time. So we're not gonna go on and on and on. You'll get some good things, but we're not gonna -- you better get this 'cause there ain't gonna be no redo on this. This is the B1 aliens that it's allowing everything to happen. Do you understand you fucking Luddite, you, that you are absolutely surrounded by technology, and you can't live without technology right here, right now! You're a Luddite! -

Bob 29:25
I know that.

iON 29:25
- and you can't live without it. That's your function. Now, you can have everybody else do it, but you still have to contact them. You see? You still have to interact with them. You're not writing letters. You're not posting, you're not posting a script in the mail. So, you know, not waitin' three weeks on a reply on things anymore. So, that's what we're trying to talk about, that even you are effected by this causal, regressive effect. And that's alien B1 interaction.

Bob 30:02
Yeah, you said effect. E-f-f-e-c-t. Right?

iON 30:06
Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct.

Bob 30:08
Yeah. Now that voice, is that the Siri or whatever smart house in JW's residence that we heard?

iON 30:16
That's Alexa. Mm hmm.

Bob 30:18
Yeah. What -- is that in the, in his system in his home? Or is it in the phone?

iON 30:22
Yeah, it runs everything. It runs everything. No, the phone is Siri. Siri is a different conversation.

Bob 30:28
Yeah. Okay. All right. So the new aliens, B1, are they, are they human to "Time Magazine," or "Huffington Post"? Are they control agents on an anthropomorphic chemical body level? Or are they just ethereal Tech Body level?

iON 30:47
Okay, too many words. Too many words. Break, break it back down. You said, "Is it "Huffington Post"?" Okay. Now, the answer is

Bob 30:54
No. People. Employees. Editors. A day, -

iON 30:59

Bob 30:59
- are they actually aliens?

iON 31:01

Bob 31:01

iON 31:02
No. Don't, don't, don't say it like this. Let's clean up your words. Your words were great, but we got to clean it up. Who is Arianna Huffington?

Bob 31:14
Yeah, she, she created the "Huffington Post." I don't think she's there anymore.

iON 31:17
Okay. She's not. You know why? Because the alien B1s put her out of business. She was the entire Matt Drudge of "Drudge Report." But Matt Drudge got run out of "Drudge Report." See, that's what happens. They start this conversation and then it becomes a thing. So, the "Huffington Post" became a thing that was taken over by something. And the something that took it over you say was the zeitgeist, and we'd say it's B1 aliens.

Bob 31:50
Right. And did they just did this the past five years?

iON 31:53
That's right. That's right. That's right. Quietly, and ever so easy. You know when we were cast away when we weren't allowed to speak?

Bob 32:02

iON 32:03
That's when much of this was developed. That's when much of this -

Bob 32:06
Right. Now

iON 32:06
- was transpiring. Much of it.

Bob 32:09
That's right, so the -- when iON was on their breaks, 2011 to 2013, 2014. And then the next one was 2017 to 2019. These new aliens took advantage of your absence. That's what you're saying. Right? They took advantage and came in and took over the information machine. Is that what you're saying?

iON 32:33
Well, they started driving the machine. So much so, -

Bob 32:37

iON 32:37
- that we couldn't, we didn't get it -- we weren't allowed to have a say. But it was good because it made, it made the humans have the ability to embrace the words.

Bob 32:48

iON 32:49
See, some people took advantage of it. Jean took advantage of it. Okay?

Bob 32:55

iON 32:56
Genesee -- no, let's see. ReJoyce in the Genesee Valley, she took advantage of it. It's time for her to come back if she's not dead.

Bob 33:07
Right, but the -- these, these are a different -- these are not the old Pentagon, Nazi Paperclip aliens. They're not the new ones that are coming to see Bob. These are intermediary aliens from somewhere else.

iON 33:22
We don't, we're not really -- we don't really like your words, but we'll agree. We don't like your words.

Bob 33:29
Well, are these new aliens the ones, the B1s, are they, do they have any in their group from the coming Bob-meeting-aliens? The new aliens we call them.

iON 33:40
No, the ones that are gonna meet with you, Bob, those are gonna be the B2 aliens, Bob.

Bob 33:46
Right. So,

iON 33:47
They're the ones with -- the B1s, the B1 aliens have won. They're gonna keep you on TikTok. They're going to keep you in Putin's Russia. They're gonna keep you in the Uyghurs work camp. They're gonna keep you in the Taiwan's Meat Market. They're gonna keep you in Saudi Arabia's sand mines. They're gonna keep you in bondage.

Bob 34:16

iON 34:17
Just like Pharaohs ancient land. So, they won. They got you. You're a worker. You're a worker bee. This explains all this that you've been working on for all this time about the details about how humans are in bondage, and which one's gonna die, and the ones that don't die they go on about, "Who's gonna wash the clothes? I'm not washing no dishes. I'm a god. I'm not gonna do that, I'm gonna have my dishes washed." "Oh, Carolyn, who's gonna sweep the yard? I'm not gonna sweep the yard. If everybody dies, who's gonna sweep the yard? She's not gonna sweep the yard. The rumba cleans the floor, and I don't like that either. I'll have to raise my feet up. But Carolyn, who's gonna sweep the -- " "Well I guess I'll have to, Bob." "No, no, you're a god. You don't have to sweep the yard. We gotta get somebody." This explains those details, those, those telltale details. Those worker bees.

Bob 35:09
What? Are those the arrogant humans? Are you just quoting -- what? Worker bees.

iON 35:14
Worker bees.

Bob 35:14
Did you just quote arrogant iONnauts, humans, or another variety of aliens? Who were you quoting there saying, "I'm not gonna work."

iON 35:24
Well, we're gonna see; we're gonna see. And as a god, -

Bob 35:27

iON 35:28
- you're -- now wait now. Now listen now. As a god, your perspective shifts and changes. As a god, you're -- you, Bob, -- the human's perspective shifts and it changes. Now you're not trying to make sure that everybody's equal 'cause they're not. Fuck-offs.

Bob 35:47
Right. Okay, so what I've got so far

iON 35:49
See how that's a problem?

Bob 35:51
Yeah, -

iON 35:52
See how that's a problem?

Bob 35:52
- listen to this. I think so but let me lay this out. So, we were talking about the old aliens were the ones who came over with the Nazis. They heard Hitler on the radio, got involved with Nazi Germany, got out of that scene, didn't like the Nazis, came over with Wernher von Braun and were in the Pentagon. And are they also in Antarctica? That arrangement after 1958?

iON 36:14
Yes. Yeah.

Bob 36:16

iON 36:16
With Byrd. With Byrd. Don't forget Byrd.

Bob 36:19
Right. So you have the Pent -- we're calling them the new -- the old aliens or the ones in the, in the Pentagon. But there are two aspects.

iON 36:26

Bob 36:27
They're the underground bunker civilization are part of these A, the A world. And then there's the Pentagon aliens.

iON 36:35
A1s. And A2.

Bob 36:36
Yeah, A1 and A2. And the ones in the underground bunkers, they're aliens from somewheres else. They're foreign bodies, they come in.

iON 36:44
Bob. Yeah, here again, we hate putting the definitive label on it.

Bob 36:49

iON 36:49
It's kinda like a sticker on something and calling it organic. It's not really that organic.

Bob 36:54

iON 36:55
But it's okay if you need to put the organic sticker on it to segregate it, we'll go with that. But just know it's just a sticker. It's just a label. You remember, do you remember how, remember Bob Carr? Remember Bob Carr?

Bob 37:09

iON 37:10
Remember Bob Carr's perspective?

Bob 37:12

iON 37:12
He said perspective is all how you look at it.

Bob 37:16

iON 37:18
See the perspective.

Bob 37:18
He said it was all brain chemistry. He said it was brain chemistry.

iON 37:21
Indeed. Indeed. And it is, it is. But it's how you look at it. It's how you see it, how "you" present it, how "you" embrace it. It's kind of like good food is great, but it doesn't matter. It's how you digest it. That's the point.

Bob 37:35

iON 37:35
And if you don't digest it well, then it won't work. So, your words are fine, but you start -- now you're startin' to parse this out into dulcimers, into chords, into keys, into ramifications of how you have a perspective. Perceptive perspective. Now that's when we do the wire whisks. Okay, remember you got two eggbeaters and you hold them in your hand, -

Bob 38:03

iON 38:04
- and that's the journey you're looping through. And the station is in the middle. We did this a million years ago, Bob, but we did a million times. Bert's gonna start throwing up a little bit in his mouth. He's like, "Oh, God, here we go again." We told Bob this 1000 times. Now all of a sudden it clicks! Then Bob got it. But here's the new rub. Things have changed now, Bob. You're in the -- you know what the apocrypha is, Bob?

Bob 38:33

iON 38:34
What is the apocrypha?

Bob 38:37
The parts that the Nicene Council deleted from the bible. Excluded from the bible.

iON 38:45
No, got that, but -- understand, but what did the apocrypha say? That's the rub. What was the reason they were removed?

Bob 38:52
(thump is heard) They talked about ascension and all the stuff that iON talks about. The new secret mystery landscape.

iON 38:59
Yeah, okay. Okay, okay. Okay.

Bob 39:00
A bird just attacked! What's that bird? He stood up. He hit the window. He's standing looking at me.

iON 39:06
Yeah, that's right. It's like, "Let me in. I'm fixin' to take over. I'm a, I'm a, I'm a B1. I'm a, I'm gonna B4, I'm gonna B4 your B2. I'm gonna B4 your B2. Bam! There you go. And now watch Ben. Watch Ben come and eat it. Watch Ben jump over there and eat his ass. Ben's gonna eat his ass. .......there'll be. (overtalk)....none of those feathers

Bob 39:27
Ha ha ha. Is he kinda stunned? Is he an alien?

iON 39:30
Hell, yeah he's stunned! He's stunned. You're stunning, Bob. You're very stunning.

Bob 39:34
Ha ha ha. He's just standing there.

iON 39:38
Now that we got, we finally got Dr. Dean's attention, you become more and more stunning, Bob. Did you know that?

Bob 39:44
Ha ha ha. Yeah. Okay, so he's standing there stunned looking at me, and he doesn't fly away or anything. So, he's partly affected by the bumping into -

iON 39:54
It just that

Bob 39:55
- the -- listen! He's affected -

iON 39:56

Bob 39:56
- by bumping into the window, but he's standing up.

iON 39:58
He refuses to acknowledge reality, Bob. He refuses to acknowledge reality. Now that's why you cannot question the cult. Don't question the cult. That's what the B1 aliens are gonna cram down everybody's throat hole except you.

Bob 40:19
Ha ha ha. Is that you?

iON 40:21
You see, don't question.

Bob 40:21
Did you just say that's me? That's, that's me?

iON 40:23
Yeah. Don't question the cult. That's right.

Bob 40:26
Are they gonna push me down everybody's throat? Is that what you're just saying?

iON 40:29
They're gonna try. They're gonna try.

Bob 40:32
I'm gonna try with them.

iON 40:36
No, you don't do anything, Bob; you have other people do things for you. (Bob chuckles) So, they can't blame you with anything. If it's done, someone else will have done it. And if it's wrong, it'll be somebody else's fault. Don't you know that already? It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you place the blame, Bob, but you're well aware of this. Okay, that's not this conversation. Now,

Bob 40:56
Okay, so these new aliens that are gonna be the cult, they're the ones who are gonna change the history of the 60s to fit, to explain Bob's rise.

iON 41:04
They already have. They already have.

Bob 41:05

iON 41:06
They already have. That's already been done. They're now undoing Lenin. They're now undoing the Fab Four. They're now undoing now, now, now Princess Diana was the Queen of England. Now, see it goes on. They're redoing every aspect of the ramification of the condition of, of the third Reich. That's even been changed.

Bob 41:32

iON 41:32
Everything's being undone and changed and you kind of go, "This doesn't make any sense anymore. I keep talking about history, and now my history starts to sound like Lewis Carroll instead of Lewis Wyndham."

Bob 41:43
Yeah, Lewis Carroll. So, the, the new aliens --- okay, so the actual aliens that are coming to meet Bob, they're B2. So within the B world, you got the B1, the B2. The B1 are not the Pentagon aliens, they're not the new aliens to come meet Bob, they're in-between, they're another species who want to run the Android, the Android Meme and the Tech Body. They want to run the content. Would that be the Klaus Schwab coming out of the World Economic Forum? The fourth Industrial Revolution? Those guys?

iON 42:19
No, no. It is, it's the B1 aliens are the ones -

Bob 42:19

iON 42:22
- that can kill an actor with a gun in Alec Baldwin's hand in which he doesn't pull the trigger. Ha ha ha!

Bob 42:36
Right. In other words, they work for Trump.

iON 42:38
Do the math; do the math on this. Yeah, that's right. That's right. And see, Trump follows this like a bad habit. But he's aware of it because well, no, we can't

Bob 42:49
What'd you say it's like a bad habit? Trump does what as a bad habit?

iON 42:54
Trump knows this and he uses this like a bad habit. But this is because of his mother. Do you know Trump's mother?

Bob 43:03
Right. Right. No, I understand that. So, so when I was in New York in the 90s, Trump was a media figure on the "National Enquirer" level. That is in anticipation of the stupid social mortar Tech Body, pre-Tech Body kind of media, that the new aliens are consolidating, making more efficient, and Trump gets to ride that because he's always been in that level of social gossip media.

iON 43:26
Because, because his mother would get in her Rolls Royce automobile and drive to collect the quarters out of the laundrymat that she owned in the Bronx. She would drive her Rolls Royce to go collect the quarters out of the box 'cause them quarters were the life and death for the family. You see? See how ridiculous that is?

Bob 43:52
What? Why would they, why were they the life and death? They had real estate; they made a lot of money. Why did they need to do that?

iON 43:57
No! She didn't think they never had enough money. She came from hard times. "I'm gonna go get my goddamn quarters. Fuck you and your real estate. (Bob laughs) That ain't worth nothin'. I want my fucking money. Get the fuck away from me. I'll go do it myself." Well, we'll just send somebody. "They'll steal the quarters! No, we gotta do this ourselves. We gonna get them quarters." So she did her hair all dooded-up and drives her Rolls Royce to go open the boxes and get the quarters out, herself, so that not one quarter was lost! See the rub?

Bob 44:28
Right. So she -- her mind, her mind, she kept thinking being poor. She was white trash, and she got wealthier and wealthier and still thought in white trash terms. Okay.

iON 44:38
Correct. Correct. And that's why -- and now, and now B1 aliens are removing Thomas Jefferson's statue after 107 years.

Bob 44:51
You mean it's part of the the Black Lives Matter, the, the Woke crowd is part of the new aliens?

iON 44:57
That don't matter. Whatever that -- we don't even know what that means. That don't mean nothin', that's gonna be a fleeting -- that's fleeting.

Bob 45:01
Well, why are they removing the statue?

iON 45:03
Because they're trying to erase history. They're making a new history.

Bob 45:09
All right. So they're making

iON 45:10
They're trying to reimagine; they're trying to reimagine America. The same way they keep showing this East Room of the White House with a fireplace, without a fireplace, and with windows, and with no windows, and three windows, and in the Green Room on the other side, and then this palatial thing that you could put 10,000 people in this one room. You're like, goddamn, that's the biggest room in the whole wide world. And you look at any other shot, and there's no way in hell that you can get 100 people in the room, let alone 1000s that they kind of do with now.

Bob 45:43
Okay, we got that.

iON 45:44
Everybody looks at it, everybody looks at that and go, "Oh, well, that's just the White House." But it's not.

Bob 45:49
Right. So, so the new, the new aliens are the cult of the hologram, the global hologram. They're trying to control and design the hologram which is a part of the Tech Body. They run the information environment that surrounds us; the superficial information environment which is, which is the world of distraction.

iON 46:08
That no one, that's what we were going to say. That no one is watching. See? That's the thing. No one's watching this thing. No one's caring. Nobody's seeing these anomalies 'cause they're not looking at -- they just go by what's said, like: nobody watches "The View." They just hear what's said on "The View" because somebody regurgitate some ridiculous thing they said on "The View." See?

Bob 46:30

iON 46:31
So it's like, it's like there's no news anymore. Now the news is something happened. They're got a panel of six people to talk about what didn't happen. "Well, I don't (indistinct) -

Bob 46:41
Yeah, I get

iON 46:42
- understand what I can see with my own goddamn eyes. I don't need you to tell me what I saw. I saw what I saw." "No, you don't understand. There's another conversation that we're actually havin' here 'cause you gotta see what was behind the story here." Well, you're like, what are you talkin' about? This is crazy. So, that's the B1. Now, y'all -

Bob 47:01
Okay, so, so what

iON 47:02
- gettin' B2. B2 is the ones you're gonna be

Bob 47:03
Yeah, we're gonna get -- wait, wait a minute. Yeah, we're gonna get there, but, so B1 when the oligarch, the Queen's family, going back generations, they would call these strangers who were sometimes aliens and other times angels, -

iON 47:16

Bob 47:16
- they'd mix it up, call them angels. That would be -

iON 47:19

Bob 47:20
- what?

iON 47:22
Torchwood Institute.

Bob 47:24
Yeah, the B1. Those are the B1 aliens interacting with humans and not clarifying

iON 47:29
Well, Queen's -- no, no. No, no, just say it right 'cause it -- don't be sloppy 'cause you're not sloppy. Let's be precise. When's the last time you heard us say that, Bob? This is a new day! Ha ha. Queen Victoria -

Bob 47:40
(Bob chuckles) Yeah, yeah, I resemble that.

iON 47:45
- yeah. Queen Victoria when she was holding Prince Albert's Cullinan, not Culligan, that's different, Cullinan diamond that they kept recutting to get a perfect aperture; it provides an aperture. The reason that that diamond was so precious was because Queen Victoria said, "When these aliens come back, we'll be ready for them."

Bob 48:17

iON 48:18
All right. Now, wait now, this is important because they were here, and they left. She prepared and gave resources to prepare a cause to intercept this alien interactions. Okay, now fast forward to the end of Queen Elizabeth II reign, and she lost Buckingham Palace.

Bob 48:45

iON 48:46
So apparently, Torchwood, vis-a-vis Trafalgar, is not victorious. London Bridge is not down. Don't say

Bob 48:57
Is not, is not, it's not Queen Victoria? What did you say? Is not Queen Victoria?

iON 49:03
Queen Victoria apparently was not prepared for Queen Elizabeth II to be victorious.

Bob 49:15
Ah. So she was prepared for Queen Elizabeth II to be, to be -- lose. To lose.

iON 49:20
Eh, no one could ever admit that. No one would ever, could ever admit that. But yet, that seems to be the reality. Otherwise, how do you lose Buckingham Palace?

Bob 49:34

iON 49:35
And why isn't anybody talking about it? See, that's the rub! That's the crazy part. (Bob chuckles) Not a, not a fucking soul is talking about it! "Well, I went and had tea with the Queen. We weren't at Buckingham Palace, but we don't know where we were, but we weren't at Buckingham Palace. Well, the flag hasn't flown over Buckingham Palace over some time." And the BBC -- Lady Chatterley can't even get a word in edgewise. It's just crazy on the BBC1! This is crazy! (Bob chuckles) Nobody is even acknowledging it. They're acting like it's no big deal. "Oh, she's, she's at Westminster. Now, she's at West..." Westminster's a fucking church! It's not a place to live! (Bob laughs) What are you talking about? Come on now. You know, this is getting weird. And now that's B1 aliens that are changing the narrative. And anything that gets in a head of steam, now that's the ridiculous thing that you all were doing on "Fuck You University" last night, when you start railing against Lin Wood, when you start fucking with Sidney Powell, when you start talking, running your goddamn mouth of what you don't know want the fuck you're talking about. You're a bunch of sacrosanct idiots living lives of Democracy in a demographic fallen state of pleurisy(?). That's what we would say. But, but

Bob 50:57
Piracy? What's peracy? Piracy?

iON 50:59
No, no to an -- empirically. Where you're empirically superior to something, we don't know what you're superior to, -

Bob 51:07
(Bob chuckles) Yeah.

iON 51:07
- but you think you're superior to something. Anyway, they start railing against these things where words were said. And so, we're gonna judge this based on words that were said. So then one said. "I'm gonna play the Jesus Save Your Soul!" And everybody's heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. They're chuckling like they know somethin'. They don't have a clue what the reference is. They should know the reference, you see. 'Cause just because somebody can represent or acknowledge a larger position doesn't make them less than or inappropriate anymore then it makes you superior in your conversation. So until you know, then you gotta go with it. That's why you never push against anything. You're careful about that. You don't like anybody or hate anybody. You don't care. James Martinez and come on the show Saturday Night and you'd welcome him with open arms and have a nice, long conversation. It would be great fun. You'd be the greatest -- "Well, I sure have missed you! How's it been under the viaduct? (Bob chuckles) Hey, we've been looking for some new good levels of eight-balls. Is there good quality eight-ball you can suggest for us?" You'd have great fun. He'd be welcome. It'd be great fun, and he'd go, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." He'd laugh and be goofy and he'd laugh and it'd be great fun. That's B1 apprehension. The reason, the only reason you're successful the way you're successful, it's 'cause at no place are you judged by any of them. You don't embrace them or acknowledge them. You don't like them or dislike them. You don't hate them or love them. Not. You're kinda numb to it all. You like it all and you hate it all. So, it's all good. "Why, I never embrace that; I just pay for it." (Bob chuckles) " I just told Carolyn I don't know. I just send some money. I don't know what it's for. It's just some money. I don't know. Ask Carolyn. I don't know. It's some money. I don't know. I said don't, don't get me involved in this, this thing called life. I don't know anything about that." See how fun that is? Because that's one reason that you have it safe. Because you're not plus or minus. The A1, A2, B1, B2. The B2's the one you gotta worry about.

Bob 53:24
Right. So, where did the Seraphim, the things that are coming out of the draconian well.

iON 53:32
That's B2.

Bob 53:32
Where do they fit into these

iON 53:34
B2. That's B2.

Bob 53:36
Mmm. But it's not the new aliens?

iON 53:39
No, they're not. They're trapped inside the earth and because -- okay. Well, I guess you're gonna play this. We may have to -- well. Mmm. Mmm. There you go. Always, you always go to the aorta. (Bob chuckles) You don't, you can't get a vein. No, you gotta go to an artery. You want an arterial cut down every single time. If he hadn't opened the goddamn draconian well, you'd have a different conversation. Because now you have loosed the hounds of hell that were embedded in the earth in the draconian well.

Bob 54:15
Yeah, but they're not the A1 underground bunker occupants.

iON 54:20
Correct. They're A2.

Bob 54:25
What, say -- no, no, they're B2.

iON 54:28
No, they're not B2. B2's coming. B2's not here yet.

Bob 54:32
Yeah. Oh, okay. So you just said that the draconian well was B2. You're changing that to A2.

iON 54:39
Yeah, they come out of that well that are trapped in the earth. That's the people -

Bob 54:45

iON 54:45
- trapped in the earth. Now they're loose. Now this goes hand in hand (overtalk, indistinct)

Bob 54:50
But they're not the underground bunker occupants. There's these -- who built the underground bunkers? Who built the underground bunkers?

iON 54:58
That would be A1s. A1s did that.

Bob 55:01
Okay, they built it and they're in there, but they're not the condemned Seraphim, the hounds of hell people.

iON 55:07
But these, but these were trapped. These were trapped. These were trapped, just like the four angels that are under the Tigris and the Euphrates River. That when those rivers sunk, those angels were bound. That's what's -

Bob 55:08

iON 55:13
- being loosed. That's the thing that's being loosed.

Bob 55:22
Yeah. That's the draconian well -- are trapped. The underground bunker occupants -

iON 55:28

Bob 55:28
- are not trapped.

iON 55:29
Were. They were trapped, but they're not anymore. It's been opened.

Bob 55:32

iON 55:33
Now, we, can we support that? Maybe. We did tell him how deep to do it. We did tell him what size pump to do. We did tell him every detail about it, and he was very obedient and did exactly what we said. So, we can't really blame him. But yet, the hounds of hell are loosed.

Bob 55:49
Who's him? You mean, you mean Nik? You're talking about Nik?

iON 55:52
Yeah. Yeah.

Bob 55:53
Yeah. Okay. All right. So we've

iON 55:58
So, it's a nefarious run. Now, wait one second. Now, that's a good point to get into, because you need to straighten that part out. Now, you got all these things happening.

Bob 56:08
Wait. To straighten out what part? The Nik thing? The Nik thing needs to be straightened out?

iON 56:13

Bob 56:13

iON 56:14
Yeah, this is, this is the Alfred Hitchcock version where Alfred Hitchcock would write a storyline -

Bob 56:20

iON 56:20
- and it has "fill in the blanks" of what happened. Well, here's what's happening. All this shit is going down in the earth. On the earth. Can't believe billboards, can't believe the news, can't know anything and they tell you everything. TikTok, flip flop, dik dock. (Bob chuckles) All the things you can't know. You know, give a dog a bone. You can't know nothing. Your damn dog's bitin' you. You just can't know anything anymore. All right, that's great. Okay, we gonna change again. Sorry, they're going blip, blip, blip. Hold on one second. Hold on. Blip, blip, blip. Better or worse? Better or worse? Shit, we can't hear nothin' sometimes, Bob!

Bob 57:02
Me, I can hear, I can hear you. I can hear you.

iON 57:05
That's better? Now that better or worse?

Bob 57:08
Way better.

iON 57:09
Oh, because now we're back to the other one that you like. Okay.

Bob 57:13

iON 57:13
So, you had these things that were bound in the earth, in the terra firma, that now because of the Apocalypse and the Revelation started -- Revelation six. They start being loosed all the way up to eight, these things that are raging through the earth, of Babylon, that's fallen. That's what's happening now. That's why people are gettin' killed all over the place. That's why people just wake up and say, "I don't like you. Bam! I'm gonna kill your ass." And then shoot 'em in the face. And then they walk off. "Yeah, I killed 'em and I killed - the motherfucker needed killin'. Yeah, I did that, I did. I'll kill you too. Say something. I'll kill you too, I ain't scared." So, that's where all this ramped up murder and mayhem and all this bullshit's coming from. Because these spirits are being loosed. Spirits are different. All right? They're not angel.

Bob 57:25
All right. Right. They're not angels and they're not aliens, they're spirits.

iON 58:01

Bob 58:05
And their turmoil that they're unleashing coming out of the well is part of the causing of the volcanoes, right?

iON 58:12
That's, that's exactly that pressure. The pressure, -

Bob 58:22

iON 58:16
- under pressure. Queen. You love Queen, "Under pressure." It's under pressure. And that's what's happening is people are overcompensating and responding. That's why well, we can't, we don't wanna, we don't say words so you can't play this thing. That's why you're having a show changeup. Because of the pressure. Outside forces are causing pressure, so it puts things vulnerable. So rather than make them vulnerable, you change the format to make them sane, or to make them innocuous. And that's what you're doing. See?

Bob 58:22
Right. So we're

iON 58:27
We said that nice. We said that nice. Did you hear that?

Bob 58:44
Right. But, yeah, but what you're saying is Carolyn goes off and does other stuff. And Ginney and I and iON shift the show, and that's in responding to these new pressures.

iON 59:04
Correct. From a medical field point of view. Mm hmm.

Bob 59:07
Yes. And what -- do you think Debbie is going to take it?

iON 59:12

Bob 59:12
The person who owns the station.

iON 59:14

Bob 59:14
Debbie owns the station.

iON 59:16

Bob 59:16

iON 59:18

Bob 59:18
She has, she had no say in the matter. Okay.

iON 59:21
No, not at all. Let's see how long she owns it, but see, you can do your own for 30 seconds. I mean, I never have understood this just yet. But whatever y'all want to do, it don't really matter.

Bob 59:32

iON 59:32
You run around trying to pay somebody that's fussin' about what you payin' somebody, you can do your own thing for $12. It doesn't make any sense to us, but we don't care. Goddamn, it's all right. We don't want her, you can have her, she's too fat for us.

Bob 59:45
We have an audience there. We're hijacking Carolyn's audience so there is a, -

iON 59:49

Bob 59:49
- there's something there that can respond.

iON 59:52
We talk to dead people all the time. Dead people don't scare us. That's good. We talk to the dead. It's all right.

Bob 59:56
(Bob chuckles) Okay. Listen. Did you finish the Queen Victoria story? She didn't anticipate the alien thing so the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, her granddaughter, whatever, got nailed. What is the consequence of that?

iON 1:00:03
Great granddaughter. Great, great, great granddaughter. And she did not expect, she did not expect the -- Elizabeth II, to not prevail. That's the, that's the shocker.

Bob 1:00:21

iON 1:00:21
That's why the Queen, that's why the, the royal family has gone to the wind. That's why they're all checked out. That's why they live in Los Angeles and have talk shows, Bob. It's the goddamn royal family that's left the monarchy! "Well, I don't want to be royal anymore! Fuck you and your royals shit! I'm goin' to America where I can live in Los Angeles. I can live in a very small house that costs a lot of money." Do the math on that, Bob. Do the math on that.

Bob 1:00:50
I know, but are you saying that Meghan and Prince Harry, they saw the writing on the wall?

iON 1:00:57

Bob 1:00:57
They saw this ain't gonna last

iON 1:00:58
Yeah. That's right.

Bob 1:00:59
What did they, how did they see that?

iON 1:01:01
They said that -- they saw the jig is up. They saw the fall. They see how this kind of blew up into this thing that now all of a sudden's a thing. That it's not gonna last long enough to be a part of it. We got to make our own way right quick. Honey, this is over, the jig's up. We gotta do somethin' better.

Bob 1:01:17
Well, Megan, she was not a part of the hypnosis there, so she helped Harry see what was really goin' on.

iON 1:01:26

Bob 1:01:27
You don't like to give her any credit. You don't like to give her any credit.

iON 1:01:31
No, we would rather, we would rather, we would much rather give Diana credit for trying to pin the tail on the jackass.

Bob 1:01:38

iON 1:01:39
Because Diana was able to say, "See? See? See?" And you see how that -- and then you look to say, "Well, see how it worked out for her" So don't see too far.

Bob 1:01:51
Did the Queen Mother kill her?

iON 1:01:54
She did. The Queen Mother could - she'll sta-, she'll whoop your ass. And don't think that the, that, that little "Marco" won't make, won't go down too. That little bitch says one more thing and see how this works out. Don't -- you fucking with the wrong one now! Don't get too carried away with this. But the point is

Bob 1:02:12
So, the Queen Mother, is the Queen Mother gonna correct all this? This unforeseen tragedy. Her ending.

iON 1:02:19
Let's don't, let's don't, let's don't do that. We'll do that another day.

Bob 1:02:22

iON 1:02:23
Let's don't do that right now. 'Cause it's gonna set off a chain of events that you can't purport. We're trying to get you with the aliens. We're not trying to solve Trafalgar. Right? It's all right.

Bob 1:02:34
Heh heh. Right. Why are you calling -

iON 1:02:36
But we can.

Bob 1:02:37
- Queen Victoria Trafalgar? Is that her alien species alignment? That the Trafalgar gang?

iON 1:02:43
Hmmm. La Paloma Loma. Yes, Bob.

Bob 1:02:47
Yeah. All right, that, that would be -- are they A1, A2, B1, B2 or something different, the Trafalgar aliens.

iON 1:02:54
Well, we don't know. They're not B2. They're not B2.

Bob 1:02:58
Yeah, they're not part of the new; they're not part of the new. Okay, good.

iON 1:03:01
But don't think that B2 won't take advantage of it because that's where everybody is vulnerable.

Bob 1:03:08
Yeah, B2

iON 1:03:09
If you hear the, if the, if the -- okay. If London Bridge is down, you can watch out. For it's gonna be an ugly day. You know that. We hope it doesn't happen, but it could.

Bob 1:03:09
Yeah, you're talking about the new aliens that meet with Bob. They could do some stuff over there. Here and there.

iON 1:03:31
They can make London Bridge fall. And if it falls, -

Bob 1:03:34

iON 1:03:34
- that's a bad day. Because

Bob 1:03:37
Is that the Bank of England? What is London Bridge? The Bank of England?

iON 1:03:40
Look it up. Look it up. We're not saying it.

Bob 1:03:43
Well, I know what London Bridge is. That's where the tower is.

iON 1:03:46
No, London -- yeah, no, the Tower Bridge, that's not what we're talking about. It's code for the Queen, Bob.

Bob 1:03:54
London Bridge.

iON 1:03:54
If London Bridge is down, that the, that's the code.

Bob 1:03:58
That's Prussia. That's the Prussia owners.

iON 1:04:00
No, Bob. Bob! Fuck! You gotta Googler, google it. Make a little note, write a little note. (indistinct) Tower Bridge.

Bob 1:04:03
I know, I know about London Bridge.

iON 1:04:09

Bob 1:04:09
London Bridge got dismantled and went to Texas or some place.

iON 1:04:10
It's code! It's code.

Bob 1:04:16
Yeah. Okay. For what?

iON 1:04:18
Look it up.

Bob 1:04:19
They're not gonna, they're not gonna tell me what it is code for in Wikipedia.

iON 1:04:23
Son of a fucking bitch. I guess we'll just have to goddamn do it ourselves. Okay, just hold on.

Bob 1:04:29
Yeah, you do it.

iON 1:04:30
You go, you go to Google. You go to -- say, "Google."

Bob 1:04:32

iON 1:04:33
"Hello, Google." Say, "Google,"

Bob 1:04:33
London Bridge. There it is. I'm at London Bridge and it says, "Several bridges named London Bridge have spanned the River Thames between the City of London and Southwark. The current crossing, which opened to traffic in 1973, is a box girder bridge built from concrete and steel. It replaced a 19th century stone-arch bridge, which in turn superseded a 600-year-old stone-built medieval structure. This was preceded by a succession of timber bridges, the first which was built by the Roman founders of London." Holy shit! It goes way back! It contains all history! "The current bridge stands at the western end of the Pool of London and is positioned 30 meters, or 98 feet, upstream from previous alignments." It goes on. Okay, "The approaches to the medieval bridge were marked by the Church of St. Magnus-the-Martyr on the northern bank and by Southwark Cathedral on the southern shore. Until Putney Bridge opened in 1729, London Bridge was the only road crossing of the Thames downstream of Kingston upon Thames. London Bridge has been depicted in its several forms, in art, literature, and songs, including the nursery rhyme "London Bridge Is Falling Down", and the epic poem The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot. The modern bridge is owned and maintained by Bridge House Estates, an independent charity of medieval origin" Ho ho, what's that? Knights Templars? "overseen by the City of London Corporation. It carries the A3 Road, which is maintained by the Greater London Authority. The crossing also delineates an area along the southern bank of the River Thames between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, that has been designated as a business improvement district." So, what I'm getting, iON, is just as Trafalgar Square is named after the weird Trafalgar civilization that was there a couple of years ago, so there's much density of history or experience in there, London Bridge is the archetypal fucking everything! It's been here for a thousand years.

iON 1:04:48
Olav II, the King of Norway, St. Olaf, destroyed London Bridge. Destroyed the London Bridge in the 11th century.

Bob 1:06:35
I see. And that's before Henry II took Dublin.

iON 1:06:42
Of course.

Bob 1:06:43
That maybe was a (indistinct overtalk)?

iON 1:06:44
The Dubliners. The Dubliners is an interesting conversation, isn't it?

Bob 1:06:49
Yeah, the Joyce stories.

iON 1:06:51
Mm hmm.

Bob 1:06:52
So, "The bridge area has twice been the target of terrorist acts -- once in 2017 and again in 2019." So, London Bridge is a, is an archetypal environment. Is it what James Joyce talks about: the wall? Balbus is building a wall back in, um, it's not a wall, it's a bridge, it's the gap, it's a means of transportation. So, but it has such archetypal witness. It witnessed everything.

iON 1:07:19
Mm hmm.

Bob 1:07:21
So, what is that? Are the aliens connected to it? Was something involved with the London Bridge and that's why you're talking about it?

iON 1:07:32
Okay, here's one more, here's one more thing for you to Google. You ready?

Bob 1:07:37

iON 1:07:39
Operation London Bridge.

Bob 1:07:43
Okay. (pause) Is the plan for what will happen in the United King - well, no. Yeah, "Operation London Bridge, known by its code phrase," oh, "London bridge is..."

iON 1:08:12
London Bridge is down, which is what we said.

Bob 1:08:16
Yes, it's "the plan for what will happen in the United Kingdom after the death of Queen Elizabeth. It includes planning for the announcement of her death, the period of official mourning, and the details of her state funeral." Now, I'm thinking right now if Prince Philip faked his death, she could fake her death. Right? "Some critical decisions relating to the plan have been made by the Queen herself, although some can only be made by her successor, Charles, after her death."

iON 1:08:43
Now what did we say? Now what did we say? What's the thing we said clearly all the way through: that Charles would never be the King of England. Remember?

Bob 1:08:52
Right. Right.

iON 1:08:54

Bob 1:08:54
So, he, he can't

iON 1:08:55
And so now it's a new, now we have a new rub because if, if London Bridge is down, he immediately becomes the King of England after 13 days of mourning. And then he will have a coronation and being throned or crowned King of England. And that bitch -- what's her name? Parker Bowles. Whatever her fucking name.

Bob 1:09:20
"Tamalla." "Tamala" Bowles. Camilla Bowles.

iON 1:09:22
Yeah, yeah. She -- that's, that's never gonna be. It's just not gonna, just can't happen. So he's gonna have to die first, or the Queen's gonna have to hang it out. So that's the rub. Now you're startin' to talk about

Bob 1:09:34
What's it mean for the Queen to hang it out? You mean the Queen survives? Is that what that phrase means: to hang it out means to survive?

iON 1:09:41
Yeah. Yeah, it does. To eke it out. To manage to live through it. But now that's going to have an effect on B2 aliens. And that's when you step into the picture, you see? That's why you had to fight so hard.

Bob 1:09:57
Right. So, the, the old aliens in the Pentagon attacked Buckingham Palace and took it over. But the new aliens, they have other purposes with the Queen in Buckingham Palace. Is that what you're saying?

iON 1:10:10

Bob 1:10:12
Right. So that would be -- they'd have a battle with the Pentagon aliens over what's done with Buckingham Palace and what, what's done with Philip and the Queen.

iON 1:10:22

Bob 1:10:26
So that will be part of the negotiations that I have.

iON 1:10:29
Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, we had to bring this up and set this in motion. Notice we didn't talk about it, you did. We made you look it up on purpose to --\

Bob 1:10:38

iON 1:10:39
- make sure that that was the position that had to be broached, because it's not looking good today.

Bob 1:10:45

iON 1:10:46
But now all is well, but it's not looking good today. That affects things, and that's why you have this very sober entendre tonight, trying to get everything straightened out so that you know exactly what you're looking at here.

Bob 1:11:03
Yeah, the entendre tonight is this session. That's what you meant by that phrase.

iON 1:11:08
Yeah. From Steve Parsons.

Bob 1:11:11
What's that, Steve Parsons? Have we already been on Mars? Since we didn't land on the moon, but did we -

iON 1:11:19
Oh, yeah.

Bob 1:11:19
- (indistinct) anybody American

iON 1:11:21
Yeah, that's simple.

Bob 1:11:21
NASA lands

iON 1:11:23
Yeah, NASA ain't done shit. You dropped in there through wormholes. Now what we were talking about with the eggbeaters, -

Bob 1:11:30

iON 1:11:30
- where you have one in each hand pointing left and right. Now take them out of each hand and touch the other ends together and you'll get Highclere Castle. Highclere Castle. And that sent them -

Bob 1:11:42
Is that a place?

iON 1:11:43
- off into Mars. Uh huh. Yeah, it's a place: Highclere.

Bob 1:11:45
You said they dropped in.

iON 1:11:47
You're, you're a historian. You're historian. You're historian -

Bob 1:11:50
Right. They dropped into a wormhole?

iON 1:11:50
- and you don't even know where Highclere Castle is?

Bob 1:11:52
Let's finish the thought. Finish the thought.

iON 1:11:54

Bob 1:11:54
You drop into a wormhole?

iON 1:11:56

Bob 1:11:56
And you talked about joining the, the curved end, not the bottom squared-off piece -

iON 1:12:02
Correct. Correct.

Bob 1:12:02
- of the wire whisk.

iON 1:12:03

Bob 1:12:03
Yeah, you

iON 1:12:04
Correct. So now you can jump -- instead of having to ride the roller coaster, you can jump off at the far end and jump onto another roller coaster and go to its far end. And so, you can drop into Mars instantly. That's where they got the idea in the first place. Highclere Castle.

Bob 1:12:22
Highclere Castle. Now did -- they say Obama as a young person went to Mars. Is that true? The President.

iON 1:12:28
Whatever. Who cares. He, he didn't even, he's not even black, Bob. He pretended to be black. How could you believe somebody that's 1/16 black? I mean, you can't believe nothing comes from that. Married to a big ol buck man. We like her. We like, we like Michael; he's a good dude. We like him.

Bob 1:12:48
What, wouldn't that be the weirdness of the Obama administration? That would be part of the new tech aliens, the B, the A, the B1 -- what are they, B1? B1!

iON 1:13:01
It would be, they would be B1, yeah.

Bob 1:13:04
Yeah, all the stories and whether he -- where he was born and all that. But so you're, you're just -- we were just talking before that the Highclere, the Wiki. Oh, so people in the, in the Pentagon know how to get to Mars through the wormholes. Are they connected to the aliens? The aliens showed them how to do it? It can be done?

iON 1:13:25
Did you say Hollywood? Did you say Hollywood?

Bob 1:13:28
No, no I didn't.

iON 1:13:29
What did you say? What did you say?

Bob 1:13:30
I said, I said the Vanity Fair B2 aliens that run the media content, the media gossip world as part of their takeover was symptomatic of -- was expressed by Obama because he was such a weird family. and he was killed and replaced by doubles. That's the kind of stuff that the new aliens, the B1, understand or play with.

iON 1:13:56
Yes, that's fine, but what does that have to do with Mars?

Bob 1:13:58
Oh, okay, now, yes. What did -- nothing do with Mars. Oh, Obama says people say he went to Mars as a kid.

iON 1:14:08
He didn't. He didn't. He didn't, but, but, but, but B1 aliens showed people how to drop through a wormhole to Mars and see it, be it, do it, and all that kind of stuff.

Bob 1:14:24
Be solid.

iON 1:14:25
Because of the Red Dragon. They call it the Red Dragon Syndicate.

Bob 1:14:32
Okay, not the Red Kingdom, nothing to do with that.

iON 1:14:35
No, that's different. That's Trumpland. That's what he's gonna be the Viceroy of: Red Kingdom. Yeah, that's the one. That's the one with the patriots -

Bob 1:14:44

iON 1:14:44
- when they take over and kill all the rest of 'em.

Bob 1:14:47
Right. So, we're talking

iON 1:14:49
Bob Dole. Hey, Bob. Bob. Bob Dole knows. Bob Dole knows. Yes, he does. Bob Dole knows.

Bob 1:14:55
He knew about the, the Mars, the, the avenue to Mars.

iON 1:15:00
Yes. Yeah, but no, we were being cheeky 'cause everything that came up, he always spoke to himself in the third person like he wasn't there. (Bob chuckles) He'd make a statement. He'd say, "Now Bob," and he'd hold that ink pen, 'cause you know he's crippled. His hand was all crippled up.

Bob 1:15:12

iON 1:15:12
He'd hold that ink pen and he'd say, "Now, Bob Dole knows. Bob Dole knows." (Bob chuckles) It's so funny. That was his famous saying. We love Elizabeth Dole. She was so sweet. From Kansas.

Bob 1:15:24
Okay, so anyway, the thing is, you could land, go to Mars, and it was solid. But you couldn't stand on the, one of the moons because it was plasma or something. You sunk there. Right?

iON 1:15:35
Our Moon. Our Moon is plasma. Now, the second moon you can stand on, but nobody's been there yet.

Bob 1:15:43
What about the third moon?

iON 1:15:45
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can. They just found that by the way. They just now acknowledged that, that it is.

Bob 1:15:51
Right. So, you could, you could go to the first moon, our Moon, by a wormhole? You could use that method?

iON 1:15:57
Yeah, but you'd be in a plasma field. You can't stand in a plasma field. So, it's like okay. So, you know, you're like, "Okay, I went to heaven and I was in a cloud. Whoo! Whoo, I was in a cloud! I was..." You know, that's about the same thing. You can't stand in a cloud. Well, you can stand on something in a cloud, but you can't stand on the cloud. Yeah, there you go.

Bob 1:16:18
That's right. So, I think iON said something landed on the moon. Some, you know, rover

iON 1:16:31
The second moon. Second moon.

Bob 1:16:33
Ah, so nothing ever got on the first moon. There's nothing there to land on.

iON 1:16:37
You can't land on nothing. It's a -- that's why, that's why the solar eclipses are so pro-, are so prolific. Because it's a shadow of a plasma field.

Bob 1:16:47

iON 1:16:47
So, it's not the earth getting between you and the sun 'cause how else would this work? Or, or, or, or let's say that's -- you say, iON, that bullshit. Okay, show us pictures of the dark side of the Moon. Why not do that? You got orbit of everything else. Show us pictures of the dark side of the moon. Now, you can slingshot. You can go to Saturn. You slingshot off the gravitational field of the moon. Well then show us the snapshot of Polaroid of the dark side of the moon. Why is that so hard? Google the dark side of the moon. Let's see some pictures. Come on now, let's fuck. You wanna fuck? Let's fuck. They can't show you none. Well, you can go to Mars, but you can't get a picture of the dark side of the moon? Okay. See, it becomes troublesome after -- if you're gonna apply any kind of logic to this conversation, it's very fleeting. You notice that?

Bob 1:16:47
Yes. So there's no dark side of the moon 'cause it's a plasma field.

iON 1:17:14
That's correct. And if you got that far, you'd see there's a whole nother moon or two more moons!

Bob 1:17:54

iON 1:17:55
You're like, "What's the fuck!"

Bob 1:17:58
If you get to that part of the plasma field which is the first moon, you would see the other two moons.

iON 1:18:03
And that's where you get the solar lunar eclipses from, is from the light from the second moon. That's what the --

Bob 1:18:10
All right.

iON 1:18:11
- pigmentation that you're seeing around it, that it eases into itself 'cause it is a -- flat earthers will tell you that that's how this rotation falls. See, you got to have a flat earth conundrum. Now that's -- I don't want to start a war, we don't want to start a war, we don't give a fuck, we don't care. (Bob chuckles) Flat earth, round earth, big earth, iron gate, non-iron gate. We ain't fightin' all that. Just don't fall off the end of it and you'll be all right. As long as you don't fall off the end of the earth, (Bob laughs) we don't really care how you perceive it. We're not -- that's not a battle we want to take on. We want to be lucid. We're trying to get Bob, that's our Bob. We're talkin' about Bob in the first person like he's not right here. That's pretty fun like Bob Dole. Bob Dole, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob Neveritt knows. Wait, where'd he go? Where did Bob Neveritt go? (Bob chuckles). Dobbstown. Dobbstown. Bob Marshall knew! Bob Marshall knew! Yeah, Bob Marshall knew. Yeah, for sure. Okay. (Bob laughs). We're tryin' to show Bob the segregation points so that he can understand how to interact between angels which Carolyn has all but mastered.

Bob 1:19:18

iON 1:19:19
Okay, Bert has also all but mastered. And that's good 'cause in a tight spot, we would want Dr. Carolyn Dean. Personally, as far as JW's concerned, he wants Bert and Dr. Dean fightin' on his, on his behalf.

Bob 1:19:35

iON 1:19:35
No contest 'cause either one, now, they will whoop a niggar now. They will do that. They will whoop a niggar now. They will do that. They will do that. So, we're saying we want, he wants them on his side whatever has to happen for that to work out. That's a good day.

Bob 1:19:52

iON 1:19:52
Because they both intrinsically understand angelic dynamics. That has nothing to do with alien interactions. They're different.

Bob 1:20:03
Yeah, my field is the alien interaction.

iON 1:20:06
That's exactly right. And that's why we're tryin' to keep you far abreast of that side because the A1 don't matter. A2, you don't care. B1, you've all but whooped. You don't even give them the time of day. I mean, they might as well be Ralph Duby. You don't even acknowledge 'em anymore. But -

Bob 1:20:26

iON 1:20:26
- who? Is Ava -- where's that -- Avaton? What's Avaton? Is Avaton -- Vicki! Oh, go get Vicki. Vicki was all right, but Avaton, what are we gonna do with that? You know. And what was his name? Albert Shirley? (iON laughs)

Bob 1:20:41
No, there was no Albert Shirley.

iON 1:20:43
What's his name. No, yes. You know you -- no, no, no. The one after Avaton before Dave Worchester. The goober show.

Bob 1:20:51
Paul Shockley. Paul Shockley.

iON 1:20:52
Paul Shockley! Paul Shockley! We can't even say his name! We just fall out laughing 'cause it was the most silliest thing in the whole wide world. There wasn't very much awareness in that Cosmic Awareness now was there? The Shockley world.

Bob 1:21:04

iON 1:21:04
Well, but anyway, anyway, anyway, set that aside. That's not important. What's important is what you're stepping into is the interactions with the B2 aliens.

Bob 1:21:15

iON 1:21:15
They don't give a fuck. They don't give a fuck about this earth, or the planet, or RnA ReSet, (Bob chuckles) or products, or minerals, or earth, or water, or -- they don't care about any of that. They're not interested in any of that. Neither are you! (Bob chuckles) Everybody else has a dog in the fight, but you don't have a dog in the fight. You can care less. Destroy the fuck -- Maui?! Fuck Maui! (Bob laughs) Maui's overrated. It's a bunch of naked people, ugly people. Why can't they be pretty naked people on Maui? No, hell no, the ugly people gotta take their clothes off and then come to Maui and get between me and the beach. This is ridiculous! Why do I gotta look at ugly people? Why can't I look -- so you're like, fuck Maui, let's burn it down. Let it go. I don't need Connecticut. I don't like New York. I don't like Canada. I don't like Canadians. I don't like people who live in Miami. I don't like any of that so get rid of it! Get rid of all of it, it's fine. You don't care either. Therefore, they would have your attention. Meaning you could see their point of view. You see?

Bob 1:22:21
Yes. Yes. I mean, that's why, that's why they're interested in me, 'cause I can see their point of view.

iON 1:22:28
Correct. That, and Art Linkletter is dead.

Bob 1:22:34
Right. Now I had an aside thing. You say the NASA rocket landed on the second moon.

iON 1:22:42

Bob 1:22:42
So the NASA rocket people with the influence of the Pentagon aliens from Wernher von Braun and Nazi Germany, they were, the NASA white guys, were told about "that's where you want to aim; for the other Moon."

iON 1:22:54
That's correct.

Bob 1:22:55
Second moon.

iON 1:22:55
That's correct. That's correct.

Bob 1:22:56
And so that

iON 1:22:56
And that was never discussed. And that's what's never discussed even in their old history cuz some of the old handwritten -- you know, when people had a quill and wrote notes, -

Bob 1:23:07

iON 1:23:07
- and wrote things down and scribes and such. That's why only the macabre even notes it.

Bob 1:23:16

iON 1:23:16
From the Kabbalah, the Kabbalah, they make reference to it. But then everybody says, "Oh, that's some Jew shit. I ain't listenin' to no Jew shit. Fuck that." You know. You know how the story goes. Oh, okay. There we go.

Bob 1:23:27
(Bob laughs) But listen to this, iON. Listen to this. iON had never listened to Art Bell or Coast to Coast, but I heard people talk about

iON 1:23:35
Somewhere in time. Mm hmm.

Bob 1:23:36
Yeah. And I heard that the, that the listeners of Art Bell and Coast to Coast were mad at NASA 'cause NASA withheld information too much. They didn't tell anybody anything.

iON 1:23:46

Bob 1:23:47
That's because they had all these Antarctica circles, the secrets, they had so many -

iON 1:23:50

Bob 1:23:50
- fucking secrets they couldn't talk about it. Right?

iON 1:23:53
Right. It was all here. The secrets are here, they're not in the moon! They're not in Mars, they're not in the solar system, (Bob chuckles) they're not in the Milky fucking Way. They're right here! They're right here in the bubble in Antarctica that opens all this up. That there's tunnels they're building all underneath there so you can go underground all the way across United States of America, not have any problem. It's all good for it melts the rock. Pretty fun.

Bob 1:24:15
Well those

iON 1:24:16
You talk to Bert. You should talk to Bert more. Bert's listening.

Bob 1:24:18
Yeah, listen, listen. Yeah. So, so you talk -- so you got people building bunker underground stuff and new bunker stuff. They don't understand that we're gonna leave and go to Andromeda!

iON 1:24:30
They understand that they have to prepare to live long enough to see how this plays out. They don't have the big picture, well, although, but that some of them have been listening to you 'cause since you've been talking bunkers, there weren't any bunkers 20 years ago, and now there're bunkers everywhere. So, some goddamn body's been listenin' to you about going to the bunker.

Bob 1:24:49

iON 1:24:49
Somebody's tryin' to get heads-up, we don't know what all that came from. But there used to be a one every 10 years and now they're building like five every few months. They have new technology that makes it easier to drill four miles into the ground.

Bob 1:25:04
Right. So we're going to the bunker's a metaphor for this underground civilization, underground structure.

iON 1:25:10
Just for a minute. Just for a minute.

Bob 1:25:12
For a minute.

iON 1:25:12
Just for a minute, not long. Not long 'cause you won't be happy.

Bob 1:25:14
But those people don't know about going to Andromeda, but they hear the story.

iON 1:25:17

Bob 1:25:18
So they've said, "Hmm, what's that about?" And they say, Well..."

iON 1:25:21
They look at science, they look at science and they go, "Oh my god! Global change is changing. AL2SO4? What is that? Cows are fartin'! They're fartin'! (Bob chuckles) Flatulence of cows is ruinin' the world! We got nowhere to go! We're screwed!" So, they go, "Carbon? Carbon's everywhere! They're burning California! Carbon is takin' over. It's carbon, it's gonna become a new environment. There's more radiation than there ever was. What are we gonna do when it's too much radiation? I don't know. What should we do? We better go underground. That's what they did in "The 100."" Ha ha ha ha ha.

Bob 1:25:56
Right, the TV show "The 100."

iON 1:26:00
Yeah. So they modeled it as a guide. And, and Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, they're all about it, too, so it's all good.

Bob 1:26:12
I've heard those names. Are they TV actors? Who are they?

iON 1:26:15
No, they own the Amway Corporation, Bob. Amway. Mm hmm.

Bob 1:26:22
And they know about us?

iON 1:26:26
Yeah. Oh, yeah, they like it. They like you.

Bob 1:26:28
Oh, okay.

iON 1:26:32
They want their virgins, too. They're mad 'cause you ain't givin' them their virgins yet.

Bob 1:26:37
Ha ha. Okay, just a second. I'm just preparing -- on my schedule here.

iON 1:26:44
Yeah, get on your schedule. Oh, you gotta hurry up. You're runnin' late, so get -- you ran over a little bit doing the bobo. So we'll give you a little extra time to get you cleaned up to make sure you got something to work with, Bobby.

Bob 1:26:56
What is the bobo? What's the bobo?

iON 1:26:57
The session you can't -- the session in the session that you can't goddamn play. That's the, that's the bobo.

Bob 1:27:03
Oh, yeah, yeah.

iON 1:27:04
The session that you can't play, so now you got no time. So, we got to give you a little extra time so you can make up for your idolatry that you presented earlier today.

Bob 1:27:13
Heh heh. Okay, Carolyn, is that, is there something that lives

iON 1:27:19
We love Carolyn.

Bob 1:27:19
There's something there. Okay. (iON and Bob laugh) Carolyn's censoring again. Is that something under there?

iON 1:27:20
Carolyn, was there something, Carolyn, was there something in that spoon right there? Where's that spoon? Was there something? Ha ha ha ha. Was there something in that spoon that I might touch? Yeah, is there something right there? Ha ha ha

Bob 1:27:32
Can I eat that? Can I eat that?

iON 1:27:43
Is that edible? Is that for me? "No, Bob, that's for me. Okay, I'm gonna eat -- we're gonna half and half. You're gonna eat your half and I'm gonna eat my half. And you eat your half and then you're gonna eat half of my half, but we'll call that a day. That's a good day." That's how that works.

Bob 1:28:03
Ha ha. Okay, so I started off the session: Have we already been on Mars? I think I brought that up.

iON 1:28:03
Uh huh.

Bob 1:28:08
Now, John McEntee does he have anything to do with what we're talking about today?

iON 1:28:14
Yes, but don't, don't -

Bob 1:28:16
Go through him?

iON 1:28:16
- don't give any energy. No, no, just don't give any -

Bob 1:28:20
All right.

iON 1:28:20
- yet, but, you can, but we're just sayin' don't give it a lot of energy because it will end up, it will end sadly 'cause it's, it's correct, but it's, it's a malnourished attempt of an educated hypothesis.

Bob 1:28:36

iON 1:28:37
A malnourished attempt at a hypothesis that won't hold water. It's true!, but it won't hold water.

Bob 1:28:47
Yeah, I just have here "largely unknown player in the Trump administration." So, it's not true that he was a -- that he was a big player in the Trump Administration?

iON 1:28:56
He is, but that's not the -- he is, but that's not the conversation. It's how or what made him a player. See? It's malnourished.

Bob 1:29:05
All right. Nuclear -- I have here nucleosynthesis, the cosmic formation of atoms more complex than the hydrogen atom.

iON 1:29:11

Bob 1:29:12
I don't think we haven't gone into that. Is that another day?

iON 1:29:14

Bob 1:29:15
That topic's another day?

iON 1:29:16
No, we can do it right now. We can say two sentences and clean it up. What it doesn't calculate is carbon.

Bob 1:29:22

iON 1:29:23
See, if you have hydrogen and carbon, then fine. Even, even Mr. Snerdley would agree with that because then that becomes the essence of your insulinose which is your hypothetic Super Sugar. You notice we said hypothetic 'cause -

Bob 1:29:39

iON 1:29:39
- we're waiting on this to occur, but it really has occurred. It's like everything else; it already is. We're just waiting on y'all to catch up. And mustard.

Bob 1:29:48

iON 1:29:48
We're gonna get y'all to catch up and mustard.

Bob 1:29:51
Okay, yeah, six months ago, someone called here and I called back and got the number. 206-089-4071. And I think I asked about it, but who called that time? 'Cause when I call it back, there's no answer. It's disconnected or something.

iON 1:30:08
Oh, okay. Yeah, that goes through McLean, Virginia. They were trying to infiltrate or make a hookup. That's called phishing. They were trying, it was a phishing attempt and it didn't work. And then when you called it back, it killed it, 'cause they're like, "Uh oh, we gotta to stop this." So, bam.

Bob 1:30:28
Right. Because they were, they called during a private session, and they were trying to get in.

iON 1:30:33

Bob 1:30:33
Right. All right, so I have here "human bodies that had reptilian souls." That was another topic we put off or wasn't significant. Do you have anything to say about that one?

iON 1:30:44
Mm hmm. That goes to your, that goes to you A1, A2, those shifts, because you still have the carnal souls. Remember the stenographer that keeps track of everything?

Bob 1:30:56

iON 1:30:56
You're still dealing with that. You're still dealing with that. So you got to work from that detail. And so you gotta give room for what the stenographer would represent. That has to do with the soul, the what you say are called soul aspect or ratio.

Bob 1:31:11

iON 1:31:12
Soul aspect or ratio.

Bob 1:31:12
Reptilian souls are the results of having sex with the A1 or A2?

iON 1:31:19
Well, yeah, we could say it that way, but it's more than that because, see, the aliens, they can ease into -- remember the symbiont host? We've done a lot on symbiont -

Bob 1:31:29

iON 1:31:29
- host conversation with the, with the kingdoms and inner and outer kingdoms and all that stuff. So, there are dichotomies that you can embrace through your five bodies that would have, you can say, I was affected by the Chip Body. Or I was affected by the Chemical body. Well, that would be the same type of conversation. And you could argue with that for hours and days and weeks and months, you see? So, if you say it like that, then you can go, "Oh, oh, oh, that representation is an acclaimed condition that has a transferase capacity." So what you're trying to say is that this, ah, ah, ah, what do you call it when somethin', a spirit takes over you -

Bob 1:32:09
A walk-in. A walk-in.

iON 1:32:09
- or you need an exorcist? Walk-in. Or somethin', you need an exorcist for?

Bob 1:32:15
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 1:32:15
Some evil spirit takes you over? Okay, that would be like an interaction with the Chip Body or the Chemical Body that takes over.

Bob 1:32:24
Or A1 or A2.

iON 1:32:27
Could potentially. We'd say yes, we'd say yes, but if we let you explain it from the five-body platform it's understandable.

Bob 1:32:35

iON 1:32:35
If we say it's like, "Oh, that's some goddamn alien shit where they come crawlin' up your asshole and they come make you be some demon buggerman, somethin' that death -- Flip Wilson, the devil made me do it. You become the devil of some bullshit. Ain't no devil, it was you." See, when we say it people lose track of the conversation. But when you explain it, they go, "Oh, it's the five body model. I see. I see. Drilled into the Android meme. Oh, okay. I understand that now." See, they can get it that way 'cause you're real smart, Bob. Did we mention that? You're real smart.

Bob 1:33:10
Yeah, yeah, we know that. Yeah. Let's see. I have here -- I'm just going through, just cleaning up before we end. Why does the next administration stop the previous admin? Yeah. Okay, so why did Biden's administration stop Trump's Space Force or that's over now, -

iON 1:33:28
He didn't.

Bob 1:33:28
- that was part of the -

iON 1:33:29
He didn't.

Bob 1:33:29
- yeah, that ain't gonna happen. That's not gonna happen.

iON 1:33:31
No, it didn't, it didn't, it didn't stop. It didn't stop.

Bob 1:33:35
And so, yeah, even the border closing you know, get -- remain in Mexico.

iON 1:33:40

Bob 1:33:40
All that shit under Biden is over.

iON 1:33:43
It's comin' back. It's comin' back. And now everything, and that's what all this is coming back around. And that's why we turned around and you were, you were already settin' it up say, "Well, iON, how are you gonna talk your way out of this shit? You said all these bunch of words, and now they're all, none of it come true, and it's all a bunch of shit, and you better hurry up and bring the aliens back (Bob chuckles) or you got some 'splainin' to do, Lucy. Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do.

Bob 1:34:08

iON 1:34:07
And we're coming and going, "You've lost, you've lost your damn mind. This ain't no way this could be. None of this is!" It's like a step, and we shake ourselves, and we take a step and we shake ourselves, and it's like no, no, no, no, no. Now what's happening is it's like a slingshot. Slingshot is pulling itself right back. A boomerang effect, and that people are having these -- now they're back to these moments of lucidity where they're going, "Democrats? Who the fuck's gonna vote for a democrat?" (Bob Chuckles) "Get rid of -- kill him! No, kill him, kill him, kill him. I know why we -- Margie, I know why we planted them oak trees now. Black lives matter. They matter so much, we're gonna hang them up on the big branches of the oak tree. Oh yeah, we got a big old tightrope. We gonna - they matter. We're gonna prove how much they matter. We're gonna bring back crucifixion. We won't burn the crosses, we'll just hang 'em on the cross and we'll give homage to Jesus. Praise Jesus while they're hanging on the cross. That's what we'll do." What was it? Vlad the Impaler, he did a good job, too.

Bob 1:34:08

iON 1:34:09
He understood his role, or biscuit. Or he understood his biscuit.

Bob 1:35:13
Was he, okay, did he, was he -- have help from some, one of the aliens? A1, A2?

iON 1:35:17

Bob 1:35:17
B1, B2?

iON 1:35:18
Oh yeah. Yes, yes.

Bob 1:35:19
He did?

iON 1:35:20
Not not B2, not B2.

Bob 1:35:22
No, no.

iON 1:35:22
See, they're all intrinsically, they all intrinsically interloop. They're interlopers. 'Cause you're talking about them like eras of -- era, and not Eira. Eras of time.

Bob 1:35:33

iON 1:35:34
And there is no time.

Bob 1:35:35
Yeah, they've already

iON 1:35:36
You see they're rewriting they're rewriting history right here, right now. So, they're gonna change it so the Mongols won't have won soon. What?

Bob 1:35:45
Right. In the

iON 1:35:46
Or, or, or the South was when the Civil War. What?

Bob 1:35:51
Yeah, Ophenel

iON 1:35:52
Grant took Richmond. No, Grant didn't take Richmond.

Bob 1:35:55
(Bob chuckles) Okay,

iON 1:35:57
We can change that real easy. Heh heh heh.

Bob 1:36:00
Heh heh heh. Okay, so Napoleon, he never fucking died! He whooped Wellington!

iON 1:36:09
Well, of course he did! Of course he did, and we got his death set right here. We're lookin' at it.

Bob 1:36:13

iON 1:36:13
And some damn Faberge eggs that he licked on. He loved them Faberge eggs and put snuff -- he put Bruton Scotch Snuff in them damn eggs. He sniffed them all the time. It was a good day. Course. Right, Bob.

Bob 1:36:25
Okay, Noah -- Ophenel, Ophenel got pissed off at the miscegenation going on, and so he got -

iON 1:36:27

Bob 1:36:29
- Noah to flood the world. Was part of what Ophenel -

iON 1:36:34

Bob 1:36:34
- was cleaning out was not just angels, but fucking aliens!

iON 1:36:39
No, no, no, you're wrong. No, Noah didn't flood nothing. There was no rain. Noah was obedient. Noah was a drunk. And he was obedient. 'Cause God told Noah he says it's never rained. He says it's fixin to rain. It's gonna rain so much, I'm gonna flood the earth because the giants have took over. They're miscegenated. Dogs and cats are layin' together, and they're making these abominations. This is the Ragnarök. That's the kings. That's the giants. That's the Odin religion bullshit. That's -- all those tie into it. So, it has gotten so bad, the only solution was wash 'em all out. Flood it, flood it out. And so he got Noah who was obedient, he didn't have to be, Noah was obedient. And Ham, Shem and Japheth got tangled up in some shit. And they created a new world after the floods 'cause that's the first time it rained. And then it started raining and it's been raining ever since. But that was the problem. He was just obedient. And that was God's way of washing it all out.

Bob 1:37:42
It didn't, it didn't -- did you say God? You said the word God?

iON 1:37:46
Yeah. God. Yes. God did, God flooded the earth not Noah.

Bob 1:37:51
Yes. And it's through rain. It was the first time it rained, is that what you said?

iON 1:37:54
First time it ever rained. Right. It had never rained up until then. That's why it was so crazy. That's why it was so crazy. And everybody well, Noah, Noah's sittin' there building a boat. And they said, "Noah, you've lost your damn mind. What the hell (Bob laughs) you doin?" He said, "I just had me a drink and I went and got me some gopher wood. I got me some gopher wood and I'm gonna make me a house that's gonna float. Float. It's gonna float. It's gonna be a good house, I don't know. I'm gonna build a house with a lot of rooms. I'm gonna put some varmints I'm gonna put some varmints in the boat, too. Don't worry about me and bring me somethin' to drink. I'm drunk. I need a little somethin' to drink. Give me somethin' to drink." Like Foster Brooks.

Bob 1:38:28
Okay, okay. We got that. We got that. So part of the flood though, God was flooding out the angel interaction and the A1, A2, B1 interactions. Aliens were included in the mix.

iON 1:38:42
Well, they took, they took, he took them out of the wax. They were forced under. See, when the earth inhaled, the earth breathed. And we weren't gonna talk about this tonight, but you brought it up. The earth breathes. And what you're fixin' to see happen when the oxygen becomes less and less and less, the earth is fixin' to inhale. And all the water of the earth is going to go inside.

Bob 1:39:10
Got it. Okay, so

iON 1:39:17
That, that may be the hugest thing we said, Bob, but just so you know.

Bob 1:39:21
Okay, good. What is the holy grail in light of this new information?

iON 1:39:26
Oh, the cup. The Potiphar's cup. Potiphar's cup. C-u-p. Potiphar's cup. Mm hmm.

Bob 1:39:36
What did one do with it?

iON 1:39:39
Drink living water from it.

Bob 1:39:43
Okay. The stone in Lucifer's crown. Any significance to that?

iON 1:39:48
Yes. Don't want to talk about it right now. That's another day. It's very significant because it concentrates energy. But you don't want to get too far down the

Bob 1:39:58
How come, how come Senator McCarthy who brought in the anti-communist atmosphere in the early 50s in the United States, and his buddy, Roy Cohn, who mentored Trump, how come they knew about the UFO Antarctica stuff?

iON 1:40:11
'Cause of Fred. 'Cause of Fred. Fred was on the inside. Who was Fred? Fred was a nothing. Fred was a nothing. How did Fred, how did she get a damn Rolls Royce car in the first place for God's sake? There wasn't no real estate; there wasn't no money in fucking real estate then. Who in the hell lived on the Upper East Side in those days for Pete's sake?

Bob 1:40:32
And so that's why his brother was in on this and got, took over the Tesla archives.

iON 1:40:38
And that was in -- and then the other one was so drunk, he was a bad drinker. He drunk himself to death 'cause he couldn't take this knowing. You know, it's the Kennedy -- we call it the Kennedy conundrum. They just can't take what they know.

Bob 1:40:53
All right. So, there's a man named Fred Krisman, K-r-i-s-m-a-n.

iON 1:40:58

Bob 1:40:59
So, I found out about him a few years ago. He hung out with Servants of Awareness or David Worcester scene in '67, '68. He was out in that area. I think he taught in Tacoma, and he wrote a book about, a novel about the death of Tacoma. But it turned out that when Clay Shaw got charged by Jim Garrison, the first person Clay Shaw called was Fred Krisman up there in Seattle -

iON 1:41:22

Bob 1:41:22
- area who was, who was with Dave Worcester in that scene.

iON 1:41:25
That's right.

Bob 1:41:25
Fred Krisman turned out to be the guy 20 years before who looked at the first UFO scenes, accidents, at Maury Island and then later at Roswell. But Krisman was involved with the, with the Maury Island. So, he was involved with the insiders about the UFO. And it looks like Jim Garrison found out that all these NASA guys like Clay, all these guys like Clay Shaw -

iON 1:41:50
Yeah, but

Bob 1:41:51
- where involved with Boeing.

iON 1:41:53
You're saying NASA, I know. And McDonnell Douglas. And all that -

Bob 1:41:58

iON 1:41:59
- that are all connected, but you're all making that be about NASA. Very little of that was about NASA. NASA was a front for Paperclip. That's why you're in Hollywood right now, Bob. Come on now.

Bob 1:42:10
Ah, okay, Hollywood's the key. And Oak Ridge. What's the place? Huntsville. That's Huntsville, Alabama. That's it. So, so Fred Krisman, did -- okay, so Dave Worcester thinks that he had an affair with Clay Shaw when he was in the gay world in New Orleans in the 50s when he was a draftsman. They went down to New Orleans. 'Cause he recognized him when he was on the news, you know, 12 years later, or so.

iON 1:42:36

Bob 1:42:36
Now, Fred Krisman, was he assigned to check out Worcester and Servants of Awareness 'cause that was leading in the (overtalk) scene?

iON 1:42:41
That was, that was before all that but no, David Worcester was just a whore, Bob. He'd sleep with anything.

Bob 1:42:47

iON 1:42:47
He didn't remember even who he slept with. He didn't know. He was either strung out on LSD or coke or some ridiculous some'um. Or, or, yeah, he would. Yeah, he, yeah. He didn't have any regard of who he's sleepin' with.

Bob 1:43:00
Why was Fred Krisman hanging out? My theory would be instant, unfounded theory is Fred Krisman said, "Okay, there's this Cosmic Awareness. Bob's gonna get involved with that. We must track Bob."

iON 1:43:10

Bob 1:43:10
"We must insist. Let's check out what this is gonna be." Is that what was going on there?

iON 1:43:14
Yeah. It was.

Bob 1:43:15

iON 1:43:15
And that's the same thing, that's the same thing that Bob Marshall was trying to do: is to keep track of you, too.

Bob 1:43:23
Right. Okay.

iON 1:43:24
The Secret Council of Ten.

Bob 1:43:25
Yes. All right, so let's see. We're pretty well winding up. These are, these are fast ground. Why was Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell looking into what they call the hot zone, the Caribbean, Bimini, Atlantis rumors? Why would they -- he took even Hawking down there. What were they into?

iON 1:43:43
Disney, Disney Island. That's where all the children started really disappearing. They have their own island where the children go. So that was the connection to secure Disney Island. Have another island where they could sweep, do a sweep to fetch the children. 'Cause there's a lot of children that are like underprivileged or whatever, don't have nothing. And they would love that. They would love it. It's like, my God, this is like the best thing ever, ever, ever.

Bob 1:44:09

iON 1:44:10
Even if I'm molested, I'm still good. Shit.

Bob 1:44:13

iON 1:44:01
Come molest me. Hey, hey, hey, molest me. (Bob chuckles) (indistinct) you want to molest me? Come on, molest me, too. I need some molestation. Because it was so wonderful based on what they had otherwise. As Oakrey Winfrey said it best: If you molest them right, they don't even know they're molested, you see.

Bob 1:44:29
Right. So, so Disney, this island was named after Disney because the Disney Corporation was involved with pederast?

iON 1:44:31
No. Disney owned it. Disney owned it.

Bob 1:44:37
Oh. And Epstein was trying to -- his gang was trying to buy it out from the

iON 1:44:43
They were using it. They didn't have to buy it. They were using it. That's why Disney is a

Bob 1:44:48

iON 1:44:47
No, Disney was in -- they were ass deep in it. Yes. Eisner

Bob 1:44:49
Disney himself?

iON 1:44:53
Even before Eisner. Of course! Walt Disney. Yes, Walt Disney. That's right.

Bob 1:44:58
Did Walt get murdered? Did Walt get murdered in '66?

iON 1:45:03
Mmm, no comment.

Bob 1:45:06
Oh, okay. Too hot.

iON 1:45:08
Removed. He wasn't, he wasn't murdered. He was removed. Good. That's (indistinct).

Bob 1:45:13
Okay, so, so the that weird secret network of, quote corruption going on since the World War II, if you got into the CIA and these inner secrets, you'd bump into that world and Clay Shaw knew that world.

iON 1:45:28
Yeah. It's that, that Solay. It's that Solay crap, what the Opus Dei was trying to pimp up, and all this hierarchy that went through that, that inner sanctum of the Boris Balkan and the world of orgies and all that kind of foolishness. The, what you call the worship of the devil of the, well, we don't want to get into that.

Bob 1:45:55
No, no, we got that. We got that. I got that. So the, so did Bill Gates make billions from the plandemic the past year or two? Is he making a lot of money from this vaccination world?

iON 1:46:07
Yes. And all it's buying him is a lot of farmland.

Bob 1:46:12
Right. Is Fauci making a lot of money and he's building his own empire.

iON 1:46:16
He's fixing to be in a very shallow grave.

Bob 1:46:20
Right. But, was he, has he been promoting all this vaccination because he had an investment in making profit from the Big Pharma industries do it.

iON 1:46:28
Indirectly. Indirectly. He's a clown. It's Captain Kangaroo so, yeah, it doesn't matter.

Bob 1:46:36
So what happened

iON 1:46:37
He's the front, he's the frontman. He supposed to be around for 30 years, and why ain't nobody fucking heard of him? At least we knew who C. Everett Koop was, you know. Who knows who this dude is?

Bob 1:46:48
What happened to Fred Krisman? I think he died in the 70s. Did he accomplish anything?

iON 1:46:53
No. It was all for naught.

Bob 1:46:57
He petered out. Because he -- only a certain elite could interact with the being, the A2 Pentagon aliens, an elite, maybe that guy. I forget his name right now. Anyways, the elite, more intelligent of CIA people. They were allowed to interact and know about the aliens. And so they didn't get fucked up.

iON 1:47:24
It's what, it's what Nixon, it's what Nixon picked up Jackie Gleason and drove him to see.

Bob 1:47:29

iON 1:47:30
Those were the B1 aliens. Changed Jackie Gleason forever.

Bob 1:47:37
And Nixon knew about them. He understood them.

iON 1:47:39
Oh, yeah. That's why he had to go. Yes. He knew.

Bob 1:47:42

iON 1:47:42
He was ready to go, too.

Bob 1:47:43
Did he, did he learn about that because Eisenhower had contact and knew as vice president, so Eisenhower had told him?

iON 1:47:49
Ehhh, yeah, but don't forget about Pat Dixon. So, yeah.

Bob 1:48:00
Yeah, Jeane Dixon. Jeane knew all this stuff.

iON 1:48:04
Yeah, we call her Pat. But yes.

Bob 1:48:06
Okay. All right. Now, the wrap up.

iON 1:48:09
She got it through Pat. She got it through Pat Nixon, the wife. Patricia.

Bob 1:48:17
Well, Pat Nixon got her knowledge from Jeane Dixon.

iON 1:48:21
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. That's right. That's right.

Bob 1:48:23
Yeah. So the name I was trying to think of is Bobby Inman. He might have been an admiral, Bobby Inman. I talked about him with the, through the Evergreens. He, he was an insider; he got a nice Congressional medal or something. Those guys that were serious, you know, drone killers before there were drones, running the CIA cabal's empire, but they knew about the alien thing. So, they were special.

iON 1:48:46

Bob 1:48:46
They were smart. They were smart. And so Bobby Inman

iON 1:48:50
Well, some people had, some people had access to the certified files which document everything down to the men who fuck goats and all that bullshit. (Bob chuckles) You know, the MKUltra and all that shit.

Bob 1:48:54
Was this stuff, was this stuff in the book of the secrets that every President sees?

iON 1:49:06
Yeah, and most of it, and most of that crap came from the aliens interaction anyway, you see. But you know that already.

Bob 1:49:12
Right. Yeah, so Trump tells Judge Napolitano that, "I can't tell you who killed Kennedy. It's too fucking horrible."

iON 1:49:20

Bob 1:49:20
Is it, is Trump reacting to the alien factor?

iON 1:49:23
Yeah, yeah, he's very clever. He's very clever and pretty smart. You're gonna see. It's all fun. Boy, he's raising it now.

Bob 1:49:32
All right, so let's end.

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