Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Obviously, nothing works anymore.

All institutions, memories, recreations, bodily functions have shown themselves to be completely inadequate in responding to the global events of the past two years.

Not many people are feeling fulfilled, happy, satisfied, or effective. Despondency and malaise are the results, of course.

But there is one guy who seems to be untouched by this situation. Can you guess who that is? A few lucky people know. They have met him. They know who we are talking about.

Bob Dobbs!

Bob has a few things going for him, naturally.

We have a few questions for him.

So Bob decided to make this monumental timing the occasion to participate in our ongoing interrogation… with the assistance of MANY.

Remember, Bob doesn’t think it’s all about him.

He’s interested in what you think is important.

Hopefully, you think SOME things are important.

We welcome being told about them.

So join us on that day… and perhaps the next day… and the next… as long as it takes to bug the PINKS.

And pretend you have something to express!

Contact, Questions, or Comments:

Please visit for more Information.


Anonymous said...

Ho Hum... yawn.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to another BoB extravanganza!

Brod Power The Rubberband Man said...

Praise BoB 💪 🥳 👌 ✅ 🧙‍♂️ ❤️ 🌎

Michael said...

If anyone doesn't have a worthy project to work on now, they aren't where their feet are.

Bob Dobbs said...

Correct, Michael.

Anonymous said...

At what time will the event take place? Looking forward to it!

Bob Dobbs said...

It will start at 4pm, EST.