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MJ12 | A Majestic Message of Disclosure

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A Majestic Message of Disclosure

12 November 2018

Florida's Broward County and Palm Beach County play a critical role in one of the CIA's MAJESTIC operations that included the following aspects all intermingled into one operation (to maintain secrecy):

1/ Mind Control experiments were heavily funded at the federal level in Florida that resulted in many "sleeper cell" agents to be activated at specific events.

2/ Organized child procurement operations embedded deep within very large media corporations to provide supply to transnational CIA child trafficking trade.

3/ Public Space port of entry means federal funding is laundered through Florida essentially funding all of these operations.

4/ Victims in the State of Florida include citizens on rare occasions. Non-citizens are essential to this organization. They believe the non-citizen is consumable and disposable because they are not protected under our laws.

5/ The Floridian incumbent Senator is a dirty politician with skeletons deep inside his closet including providing protection to Broward County election corruption because of the implications actions would have on these unacknowledged CIA/Majestic operations.

6/ The Floridian defeated politician is deeply involved in these unacknowledged programs which include a perverted affinity towards young children, including pedophilia and sodomy as well as snuff murder.

7/ The Majestic Operations running domestically in Florida were being run to supply money, children, slaves, and political power to several DUMBs strategically placed within Broward County and Palm Beach County.

8/ The OLD GUARD is being systematically dismantled by the super elite Defense Intelligence Agency. A new future awaits America and it is one that includes disclosing Extraterrestrial life not only here on Earth but also on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and many more.

9/ A Stargate exists in Florida that transports hundreds of assets between off world bases.

10/ Many who are transferred are children being funneled through some of the major entertainment corporations of Florida who were Majestic appointees of the past.

11/ Florida is not an anomaly. You can dig deep in every state in the Union, however Florida is certainly a hub of some sorts.

12/ You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. You are watching the true IDENTITY of the "Deep State" / "Democratic Party". Not Democrats. The party corporation itself.

13/ This body is vastly responsible for the manufacturing of mainstream propaganda, entertainment of all types from childrens stories to porn with child themes to tv shows that are absolutely worthless to a militarized presence in Space filled with hostile aliens. No peace.

14/ This body is also vastly responsible for the manufacturing of compliant subordinates that is okay with their own children being abducted for these secret programs. Some of them are actually complicit. They know what happens and understand that they are a pawn and not personal.

15/ This body is also vasty responsible for news and political media coverage in the United States. For decades their strictly controlled pundits regularly visited Majestic Operations in Florida which included blackmail collection using children.

16/ It wasn't until the "good" side of the Military took control over Majestic 12 in a capacity capable of dismantling it did we start to see top US Intel officials become full time anchors for the largest news and politics media corporations. The ship is sinking. They know it.

17/ Florida is a major state to understand when it comes to the Deep State, the Bush Cartel, the Saudi's, and interplanetary child slave trading for religious consumption to continuously feed the occult magic connected to adrenochrome.

18/ Adrenochrome is traded intergalactically among many power hungry races. These other races trade knowledge and access to extreme power for long periods of time in exchange for constant feedings.

19/ Many rituals that occur, the cult members witness the "demon" (aka the extraterrestrial alien) consume the sacrifice and the members who join the Cabal must participate in order to prove their allegiance to this higher form of intelligence (from their own).

20/ When Time and Space are an illusion to you, and you have a ship capable of interplanetary travel, trading a few favors for "convenient events" in exchange for the sacrifices. These entities exist solely for this purpose and they too have very advanced technology.

21/ A lot of that technology has come out of Florida and the the systematic attack on youth and our childhood came out of both Florida and Hollywood; but probably more consequently, Florida. Educate yourselves.

22/ The programs operated out of Florida by the OLD GUARD were horrific crimes against humanity and admission into the Galactic Federation requires all world leaders to unite behind eradicating these enemies.

23/ Another alien "hot bed" and pedophilia rampant culture, France, just had an assassination attempt on 45. The destruction of the OLD GUARD is larger than just the United States. This requires a global GREAT AWAKENING.

24/ We honor and respect the service and dedication to our County that all Veterans of America have put forth. Freedom isnt free and some make the ultimate sacrifice. Many were betrayed, and for that we are committed to unifying the country once again through truth and disclosure.

25/ Finally, remember Billionaire pedophile Jeff Epstein who ran the Lolita Express where Bill Clinton regularly frequented was actually just an FBI operation being run under Comey. Those who know cannot sleep. PANIC IN DC. Trust the plan!

26/ Every major legal authority in Florida was corrupted by Operation Majestic Childhood. Jeffrey Epstein's case proved it. When he got off on real charges, the Cabal believed it got measurably stronger and more confident. More mistakes.

27/ The Majestic 12 on paper is not involved in any of this activity, however outside of insecure paper, ulterior motives corrupted early members of Majestic 12 where their actions alone where Majestic that make it very difficult to combat in the dark.

There are "daycares" in Broward County Florida that are CIA fronts for preselecting children to be procured "next" for Operation Majestic Childhood.

The Council of Foreign Relations is mandating this push onto "Fake News" CIA mockingbird media corporations because "integrity" in our election process undermines Operation Majestic Childhood. Elections were supposed to be thought of as "real" as "Fake News" is considered "real".


The Majestic 12 classification program still exists, however the original charter was to maintain absolute secrecy about off-world space exploration performed by the Military. Since joining the Galactic Federation, Majestic 12 has been "replaced" and "repurposed" for Disclosure.

It [Operation Majestic Childhood] is a proxy name used by the Majestic 12 for collecting children for the manufacturing of adrenochrome and transnational/interplanetary trading of slaves (many are children). The actual program names are compartmentalized within each branch of the Government.

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