Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Egyptian Book of the Dead Transcript, 29 August 2020


Transcribed by Nan


Carolyn 0:01
Okay, so we're at page 60. Bob, are you there?

Bob 0:06
Oh no, no. Don't worry about me. (iON, Carolyn, Bob laugh)

Carolyn 0:14
Just wait.

iON 0:14
As he makes his way to the kitchen, as he makes his way to the kitchen to wash his nervous - to nervously wash his hands.

Carolyn 0:21
Yeah, I got the food all lined up there like, like little crumbs so Bob will be distracted from the Book. But you wait, in half an hour he'll start raging. "What's this mean? Where are we? What page are we on?" Okay, page 60. And the first title is "THE TEXTS IN THE FUNERAL CHAMBER." And there's another heading called "SPEECH OF ISIS."

iON 0:53
Now, wait, wait, wait. Before you get started, before you get started, look what's happenin' now. You have layers and tears of this dead business. Now this is in the funeral chamber. Which means somebody's dead. Which means there's a chamber. Which means where the dead lie. We got to set the stage. It's like Perry Mason. You remember Della Reese? Della?

Carolyn 1:17
I do.

iON 1:19
Yeah. Good. Della Street.

Carolyn 1:23
Heh heh. Della Street. Yeah, Della. Okay. "Isis saith:- I have come to be a protector unto thee. I waft unto thee air for thy nostrils," Oh, that sounds like the nurses breathing into Biden's nose. Right?

iON 1:43
Yeah. Yeah.

Carolyn 1:47
Continuing" and the north

Bob 1:50
So Biden is dead? (Carolyn laughs) Biden's dead. Oh, ho, ho, iON, you've been keeping that from us, right?

iON 1:58
Don't you see, don't you see that look? Don't you see that deer in the headlights look?

Bob 2:02
Biden is dead! The dead has taken over. It's like the old fear of vampires taken over. That's why he's hiding.

iON 2:10
Dodgin', dodgin', dodgin' Biden.

Bob 2:13
There it is already people. The two people here hearing this exclusive Biden is a representative of the dead, recently from the guf. Just checked in!

Carolyn 2:23
Yeah, with nurses breathing. He didn't realize who was breathing into his nostrils.

Bob 2:30
I'm not even listening and I figured out before Carolyn did. See? So,

Carolyn 2:33
I'm the one that said it.

Bob 2:35
You never said he's dead.

Carolyn 2:36
Bob, we work together. Haven't you realized that yet?

Bob 2:40
Yes, but you didn't pull your weight on this one. What did, what did you say?

iON 2:44

Bob 2:44
Did you say he was dead?

iON 2:45
Work? Where in the hell is Bob working now? There's not (overtalk)

Bob 2:50
Carolyn, did you say something about he was dead?

iON 2:52
He might be a party, you might be a party to one now in the work joby thing. I mean,

Carolyn 2:56
Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Bob 2:59
You hear me, Carolyn? Like -

Carolyn 3:00
No, Bob, I don't hear you.

Bob 3:01
- what did you say about dead? Did you say he was dead?

Carolyn 3:06
The line was, "I waft unto thee air for thy nostrils," and I said, "Oh, iON," not addressing you Bob. I said, "Oh, iON, that sounds like -

Bob 3:17
The nurse.

Carolyn 3:18
- breathe, the nurse's breathing into Biden's nostrils."

Bob 3:22
So you thought you meant by that that Biden was dead?

Carolyn 3:26
I must admit I did not.

Bob 3:28
Ah, okay, so, everybody ready? Yes. Play the kids. Yay. You know, Bob figured it out. And I wasn't even paying attention. Heh heh.

iON 3:37
Ha ha ha. Go get Ginneybelle. Yay!

Carolyn 3:44
And that's where I say yes, it's 50/50. I say the first statement and you say the second.

Bob 3:52
But let me give you some advice about that situation. When you're 50% embedded in the content, you miss the larger picture. This is the medium is the message effect. You know, you're presenting the content very carefully. You're efficient. People like you, you say the words, they use them, they understand them. So, but you -

Carolyn 4:11
Except when you tell me that I don't say them properly. Ha ha.

iON 4:14
Yeah, so -

Bob 4:15
Yeah, I forgot about that point. But anyway, you're doing pretty good.

iON 4:18
- so the frame around the artwork is more important than the artwork.

Bob 4:27
What are you - I'm talking. Sir, sir.

Carolyn 4:27
I'm talking. Ha ha.

Bob 4:28
Sir, this is not a participating part of the show yet.

iON 4:29
You're not saying anything. You're not saying anything.

Carolyn 4:31
Yeah, not saying anything.

Bob 4:33
Who's dead? All those dead, put up their hands. I'm going to start playing that. The next time I'm at the airport, I'm going to yell that out with a speakerphone.

iON 4:34
Hand signals, hand signals for the blind.

Bob 4:42
Ha ha. Good one, iON. And so, Carolyn, do you understand that this is what America and the West did? We got involved making technology efficient, and we ignored the effects. So we became professionals and specialists.

iON 4:59
What the hell does that mean?

Bob 4:59
The amateur. The clown looks at the form. You get that, Carolyn? So when the clown does the trapeze act, he falls off. He's showing the inevitable tetrad, the reversal function of dead people.

Carolyn 5:09
Ohhh, go and eat.

Bob 5:14
Yeah, I better go eat. Anyway, wasn't that profound - who's here? Where's Jack. Wasn't that profound, Jack? And by the way, Jack, why aren't you reading McLuhan regularly? You're not! You forgot! Okay. Back to the Hodge twins. That's Carolyn and iON.

iON 5:33
Ha ha ha. True dat, true dat. Now, now, that bitch, that bitch, that bitch Cardi B. That bitch Cardi B. She thinks she knows somethin'. She gonna run around, and she's gonna try to tell somebody somethin'. She don't know. That bitch don't know nothin'. She needs to go back, she's needs to go back to drugging them men and strippin'. She's scrippin', she's scrippin'. Taken her clothes off.

Carolyn 5:51
Oh, but they, they don't mind strippin'. The boys, they're Hodge twins, those boys they don't mind stripping. It's not that. It's she's stupid.

Bob 6:00
Who? Cardi B? And Doc Rivers.

iON 6:01
Robyn. Go back to the strippin' and druggin' them men, and druggin' them men and gettin' their money checks. Get all them money 'cuz that's what you do. That's right. That's what them, that's what them bitches know how to do.

Bob 6:15
Hey, Carolyn?

Carolyn 6:16
What, Bob?

iON 6:17
I went over to Paul (indistinct), a person who grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia; he's the head of the Toronto, the leftist clan. He, he posted that, well, he just said this. The picture of Doc Rivers delivering an emotional speech on Jacob Blake. And Paul says: "I don't follow basketball. I don't even know this very articulate coach's career, but I admire him. And what he's got to say is crystal clear." So I haven't posted there for a couple months but I just posted the Hodge twins making fun of Doc Rivers. So we'll see how Paul takes this. Will he be able to take this criticism from the Bob zone to his Toronto CBC drinking leftist grant-grabbing fucking idiots who stayed in Canada too long. They find Doc Rivers very touching.

Carolyn 7:16
Yeah. They go for the empathy and the tears, and it's very sad because that's not gonna get anybody anywhere.

Bob 7:25
Let me see if I can play that. Maybe they can hear it. Let me just put it up here.

Announcer 7:30
Here, here, here (echo)

Bob 7:36
Ahhhh, shit. Ahhh, fuck that shit. Okay, back to the devil book.

Carolyn 7:41
Okay. Let's start over.

Bob 7:43

Carolyn 7:45
Ed will know that this is the beginning.

iON 7:47
Wait. Isn't Doc Rivers, isn't he the one that was on Johnny Carson?

Carolyn 7:53
Ha ha ha. No, that's another Doc.

Bob 7:55
Yeah, that's a Doc - close.

Carolyn 7:58

Bob 7:59
Some name. The band leader.

Carolyn 8:00
Doc, Doc, Doc.

Bob 8:02
Doc Rivers. I think that's what he's called. I'll look it up, Carolyn, while you carry on.

Carolyn 8:07
Yeah, while I recover here. Okay. Beginning August 29, 2020. Page 60. "THE TEXTS IN THE FUNERAL CHAMBER. SPEECH OF ISIS. Isis saith:- I have come to be a protector unto thee. I waft unto thee air for thy nostrils, and the north wind which cometh forth from the god Tem unto thy nose. I have made whole for thee thy windpipe. I make thee to live like a god. Thine enemies have fallen under thy feet. I have made thy word to be true before Nut, and thou art mighty before the gods." So that's Isis' speech. And do you have anything to say about Isis' speech? I thought it was a very nice speech, iON. What do you think?

iON 9:06
Well, we did already. We were settin' the premise for what was about to go down. It was funeral chamber speaking. So you gotta set the stage for the recently undead.

Carolyn 9:17
Yeah. Okay,

iON 9:18
So you don't have to call Beetlejuice for help.

Carolyn 9:20
Heh heh. And continuing. And other heavier heading: "SPEECH OF NEPHTHYS." N-e-p-h-t-h-y-s. Nephthys. "Nephthys saith unto

iON 9:38
Nephthys. Nephthys.

Bob 9:41
Ha ha, iON agrees with me. I said Nephthys.

Carolyn 9:43
Ha ha. Not "thighs"?

Bob 9:45
No. No, no, no.

Carolyn 9:48

iON 9:48
There may be some thighs, there may be some thighs inside, but your brain is in the gutter.

Carolyn 9:53
Yeah, I was hoping. So, "Nephthys saith unto the Osiris Ani whose word is truth:- I go round about thee to protect thee, O brother Osiris. I have come to be a protector unto thee. [My strength shall be near thee, my strenth shall be near thee, for ever. Ra hath heard thy cry, and the gods have made thy word to be truth. Thou art raised up. Thy word is truth in respect of what hath been done unto thee. Ptah hath overthrown thy foes, and thou art Horus, the son of Hathor.]" So that's that speech. And the next

iON 10:37
That's the other side of the coin, that's the other side of the coinage that Ra comes back to be in charge or Ra has been in charge all along. Back in the early days of explaining Ra, and how that works from Hathor.

Carolyn 10:53
Yeah. Ah ha. So are they all kind of fighting over the dead now to be in charge?

iON 11:00
Well, but not, not fighting over the dead. They're fighting over the position. Who can get them out wins.

Carolyn 11:10
Yeah, yeah.

iON 11:12
You don't remember? Only god can raise them from the dead. Rhyee.

Carolyn 11:19
Yeah. Got it. Interesting. Yeah. Okay, continuing another speech: "SPEECH OF THE TET. I have come quickly, and I have driven back the footsteps of the god whose face is hidden. I have illumined his sanctuary. I stand near the god Tet on the day of repelling disaster. I watch to protect thee, O Osiris." So, repelling disaster. So this - they're claiming to have different functions in the funerary?

iON 12:01
Whose god is it? The one that's, the one that's hidden. F-a-c-e.

Carolyn 12:08
Yeah, the god whose face is hidden. I have driven

iON 12:14
As opposed to, as opposed to every good boy does fine.

Carolyn 12:22
Okay, so tell me more. Yeah, you're just dropping bread crumbs.

iON 12:27
Frequency. This is about the frequency of how this repels or the frequency to set you in a bubble in the time of disaster. You don't even know what disaster means, but it's a representation of it.

Carolyn 12:43
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. So, just by seeing the word f-a-c-e, you equate that with the musical frequency.

iON 13:00
No, no, no, those are, those are notes that set frequency. Because the trick is it's a little god who's f-a-c-e is hidden. So this Tet has to illuminate, illumine, the sanctuary. 'Cuz you got to make the frequency be able to make a bubble to protect you 'cuz that's what Tet's doing, is protecting.

Carolyn 13:26
Ah ha. Okay, that's better. To protect. Awesome. Okay. Next speech. THE SPEECH OF KESTA (Mesta). I am Kesta, thy son, O Osiris Ani, whose word is truth. I come to protect thee. I will make thy house to flourish, permanently, even as Ptah hath commanded me, and as Ra himself hath commanded." So, there's your protection facet there. Next: "SPEECH OF HAPI. I am Hapi, thy son, O Osiris Ani, whose word is truth. I come to protect thee. I bind together thy head and the members of thy body. I smite down for thee thine enemies under thee. I give unto thee thy head for ever and for ever, O Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, whose word is truth in peace." So, is it, is that equated with our saying that we've got your forehead?

iON 14:45
Basically. It's saying whatever the frequency is, whatever the enemies come up with, we can absorb.

Carolyn 14:55

iON 14:55
Which is in essence what you're saying. It's what you're saying.

Carolyn 14:59
Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

iON 15:03
Hey, Bob. Hey, Bob, wait till - hey, Bob, wait till you see, wait till you see how the next speech is pronounced

Carolyn 15:10
Ah, ha ha. Don't, don't wake him up.

iON 15:14
Oh, that's true.

Carolyn 15:15
We got your forehead. Shoot, what was that - bind thy members - I smite down. Give thee thy forehead. Oh shoot, missed it. So we've got your forehead, whatever this for you, and your - oh, yeah. Sounds like Key 15, lot of protection going on. But see, that's external protection. 15 is self protection, right?

iON 15:38
Barriers. Barriers. That's right. That's right. It's barriers, not necessarily protection. Barriers.

Carolyn 15:44
Yeah. Got it.

iON 15:47
It's a, it's a roadblock. Doesn't protect you unless it keeps you out of the mess.

Carolyn 15:53
Mm hmm. Yeah, nice. Okay. Yeah, I see what you mean. 'SPEECH OF TUAMUTEF." Tuamutef. How's that?

iON 16:07
Okay we like it. We ain't mad.

Carolyn 16:12

iON 16:14
Tuamutef. Tuamutef.

Carolyn 16:15
Ha ha. Well, you left out the "a." You left out the "a."

iON 16:20
I know that. No, Tua is Tuamutef. Tuamutef.

Carolyn 16:25
Yeah. Got it. "Tuamutef saith:- I am thy son Horus, who loveth thee. I come to evenge thee, O my father Osiris, upon him that did evil unto thee. I have set him under thy feet for ever and for ever, permanently, permanently, O Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, whose word is truth." So now there's avenging going on, so someone got through the barrier.

iON 16:56
Yeah, Now that's after you got past the roadblock. And now you're in the soup.

Carolyn 16:59

iON 17:00
This is whats gotta come to hope, to hope a niggar out a little bit.

Carolyn 17:05
Heh heh. Got it. After the roadblock and in the soup. Oh, here's another one. "SPEECH OF QEBHSENUF."

iON 17:19
Qebhsenuf. Qebhsenuf.

Carolyn 17:21

iON 17:23
Qebhsenuf. Qebhsenuf.

Carolyn 17:25
Qebhsenuf. Okay, and this person saith: "I am thy son, O Osiris Ani, whose word is truth. I come to protect thee. I have collected thy bones (Carolyn: Oh ho. Gettin' down to the bones) and I have gathered together thy members. [I have brought thy heart, and I have placed it upon its throne within thy body. I make thy house to flourish after thee, O thou who livest for ever.]

iON 17:29
Said parenthetically. Said parenthetically.

Carolyn 18:04
Oh, ho ho. It's all parenthetical? No. Oh yeah. I have brought thy heart. Why, why parenthetically?

iON 18:13
Making the reference points, not what's being said. It's saying because I have collected the bones that I have gathered together 'cuz I brought thy heart and I have placed it upon the throne and it's within thy body, thy body. I make thy house to flourish after thee, O thou who livest forever. Meaning, I got a temple. I gotta get this shit straightened in the temple. If you're gonna live forever, you're gonna need a place to live.

Carolyn 18:39
Yeah, yeah. Wow.

iON 18:43
In essence. In essence.

Carolyn 18:49
Okay, next. Now we come to a list of speeches. First one with a heading, the heading is: "SPEECH OF THE FLAME. I protect thee with this flame. I drive him [the foe] away from the valley of the tomb. I cast the sand about [thy feet]. I embraced the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in peace." Now, why are they talking about the tomb when we're, we're, we're getting back

iON 19:26
We're at the funeral. The valley of the tomb is when the funeral is. They didn't have funeral parlors back then, Carolyn. They had the - they just did the funeral at the tomb.

Carolyn 19:38
So, that means it's kind of like Jesus and the tomb, and Jesus walks out of the tomb?

iON 19:46
Yeah, that was after three days when the stone was rolled away.

Carolyn 19:51

iON 19:52
It's always about them rocks ain't it, Carolyn? It's always about them rocks ain't it, Carolyn? It's always about them rocks ain't it, Carolyn?

Carolyn 19:59
Yeah. Yeah, and then whats - it always strikes me the, the thousand stones from one stone, and what the number 10, the, the battle is loosed. Those stones mean something.

iON 20:13
Yeah, 10 Downing Street. 10 Downing Street.

Carolyn 20:15
Yeah. Yeah. Wow. So did the people, those who wrote the Bible, did they take some of their words from the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

iON 20:30
Eh, Bob did a little bit, but not much. He's not very literate, you know. Bob's not very literate, you know.

Carolyn 20:38
No, no. He pretends. No, he's not.

iON 20:40
Not really. Just a little bit. He's almost, though. He can almost diagram a sentence, though. He's doing better than he did.

Carolyn 20:48
It's better with (indistinct) writing.

iON 20:50
It's all about the predicates. He's always - he's all about the predicates these days.

Carolyn 20:53
Uh oh, you know - you called him forth. No, Bob, no.

Bob 20:59
I study the effects of literacy. I don't read books. I study the effects of books. Ha ha.

iON 21:03
Ha ha. Clowny daggers. Clowny daggers. Clowny daggers. Clowny daggers.

Carolyn 21:10
Clowny daggers. Ha ha. And that's why he has two big libraries. Okay, the next header is called

iON 21:11
He's got three book. He's got three books now, Carolyn.

Carolyn 21:23
I know. I know. "SPEECH OF THE FLAME" was the previous one and this new one header is again "SPEECH OF THE FLAME." Who or what is the flame, iON?

iON 21:39
The "Fire." The Pointer Sisters, "Fire."

Carolyn 21:44
Ha ha. Well, okay, let's, you know, my reference points are the Keys these days, and

iON 21:54
The second. I know, but the second part - isn't the second part Speech of the Flame and Speech of the Flame. So do the second Speech of the Flame and then we're gonna attach it to the Key and an Aethyr in a second. But don't lose them because they're, they're, they're all listening. The three people on the show now are listening with bated breath.

Carolyn 22:10
Yeah. Right. Okay, "SPEECH OF THE FLAME." The second one. "I come to hew in pieces. I have not been hewn in pieces, and I will not permit thee to be hewn in pieces. I come to do violence [to thy foe], but I will not permit violence to be done unto thee. I protect thee." Okay, so

iON 22:36
The first one, the first one protects with the flame. The other one uses the flame to protect you. The in and the out.

Carolyn 22:47
Mm hmm. Yeah, so it's a general and then a specific.

iON 22:54
Well, one's outside in, and the other one is inside out.

Carolyn 22:59
Yeah, and that's how some of the wording that you said about the first Key was that it burns you up - it burns, burns down and then it burns you up. It burns the dross. I always like that.

iON 23:14
Good. Yeah, 'cuz your daddy was a welder.

Carolyn 23:17
Oh, yeah, that's right. My daddy was a welder. The next header, "A SOUL SAITH:- The Osiris, whose word is truth, praiseth Ra when he rolleth up into the sky in the eastern horizon of heaven." (Carolyn: And the second) "A soul saith:- The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in peace in Khert-Neter, praiseth Ra when he setteth in the western horizon of heaven, [and saith], "I am a perfect soul." So we got the east and the west. So we're we're covering the angles.

iON 24:01
Mm hmm. You'll stand in the west, looking to the - you'll stand in the west, looking to the east. One says, one says, I'm trying to work it out but I don't know what's gonna happen. But I'm waiting on the splitting of the eastern sky. And the second - this is the dead people. And then the second soul, what is this soul? It's the, it's the stenographer reporting that, that, that when he setteth in the western horizon of heaven, that it's a perfect soul. So, the second soul saith it's a perfect soul. Done. The first soul says we're coming to get you.

Carolyn 24:37
Wow. All those words from

iON 24:39
You did a whole page there, girl.

Carolyn 24:41
Ha ha. I'm gonna have to go back and transcribe those words. That was cool. Okay, what's the time. 2:57 here -

iON 24:52
You're doing good.

Carolyn 24:53
- in paradise. Ah, thank you. You make me look good, iON. Ha ha.

iON 24:58
We try what we can, honey. We're doin' right. We're doin' right. We do, we do the right, we do the right thing. Do the right thing.

Carolyn 25:06
The next header, "SPEECH OF ANI. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- I am a perfect soul dwelling in the divine egg of the Abtu Fish. I am the Great Cat which dwelleth in the Seat of Truth, wherein the god Shu riseth." So, cats and fish. That's pretty

iON 25:30
No, no, no, no, no. Not cats and fish. Eggs, eggs are roe, and cats are the protectors of the bad dudes. 'Cuz the bad dudes are comin'. The bad dudes, that's why they use cats to protect the - what do you call that?

Carolyn 25:53
The Pharaohs?

iON 25:56
Tombs. The dead tombs. Deadnesses.

Carolyn 26:02

iON 26:05
Yes, that's where they lay. That's where the bodies lay, but the pussycats, the gattos are not in there, they're just in the room. In the death chambers what they call it.

Carolyn 26:15
Right. So cats are protecting the dead in the tombs from (overtalk).

iON 26:23
Cats, spirits - spirits don't like cats. Spirits don't like cats.

Carolyn 26:30
Ah, yeah.

iON 26:31
Because they're, they're on them. They're on them.

Carolyn 26:34
Mm hmm. Got it. Okay, yeah, cats are pretty awesome, actually. Okay

iON 26:44
The best ones are the dead ones. The best ones are the dead ones.

Carolyn 26:47
Heh heh. The next heading: "SPEECH OF THE USHABTI FIGURE" How's that?

iON 27:00
Ushabti, Ushabti, Ushabti. U-s-h-a-b-t-i.


iON 0:01

Carolyn 0:01
"SPEECH OF THE USHABTI FIGURE [THE CHAPTER OF NOT DOING WORK (Carolyn: Hey, there's this - is for Bob. Bob listen.)

iON 0:08
This is Bob. Come on in, Bob. We got, we even got you a place in the script. We got Bob a place in the script, Carolyn. It's gonna be all right. Working can wait. This is paradise.

Carolyn 0:19
Yeah, looky here, looky here, "[THE CHAPTER OF NOT DOING WORK IN KHERT-NETER]. Illumine the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth. Hail, Shabti Figure! If the Osiris Ani be decreed to do any of the work which is to be done in Khert-Neter, let everything which standeth in the way be removed from him- whether it be to plough the fields, or to fill the channels with water, or to carry sand from [the East to the West]. The Shabti Figure replieth: I will do it, verily I am here [when] thou callest." So, that's Bob being, that's Bob being called, and then I do the work.

iON 1:07
Basically he's saying any work done, you need any work done, just call me. I'm not gonna do the work, but you be sure to let me know of work that might need to be done and I'll put somebody on it right away posthaste. It's a subscript, it's a subscript, it's a subscript, but posthaste I'll get somebody on it. Carolyn! Will you take care of lalalalalla. Yes, Bob. No, I will not! I will not! Stop makin' these jobs! I got more than I can do right now. Then she says I won't do it and it gets done. (laughing) That's how it works. As she, as she grabs that door to slam it really hard but then never does.

Bob 1:49
Ha ha ha. Yes, I'll get Carolyn to find someone to get right on it. (all three laugh) But it does say I usually have to correct someone's work.

iON 2:03
I can't make my Googler work, Carolyn. You come Google my Googler, then I can do it myself but until you do it once you're gonna do all that. Okay, Carolyn, you just go ahead then if you got it. You got, you got it, Carolyn? Yeah, okay, okay. It's just easier, Carolyn. It saves a lot of trouble if you just do it, you know?

Bob 2:22
That's right. Then I can correct it. So, I'm going to read this out loud and see where it leads to. (iON laughs) "Illumine the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth. Hail, Shabti Figure! If the Osiris Ani be decreed to do any of the work which is to be done in Khert-Neter, let everything which standeth in the way be removed from him- whether it be to plough the fields, or fill the channels with water, or to carry sand from [the East to West]." So they're saying if Bob has to do any work, remove all obstacles, make it really easy for him. Right?

iON 2:54
Maybe. Lay down so Carolyn don't get tripped up while she's toting the sand across the deserts bright.

Bob 3:00
Heh heh. And then the Shabti Figure, Carolyn replied, I will do it. I don't even have to do it. I just requested everybody remove all obstacles. Then Carolyn says, Oh, Bob would have to do some work if we remove the obstacles so Carolyn does - removes the obstacles and then does it herself. And it says right here. The Shabti Figure. That's what Carolyn is, a shabby figure. "replieth: I will do it, verily I am here [when] thou callest." See? Always here.

iON 3:28
Carolyn! Carolyn! (Bob and Carolyn laugh)

Bob 3:34
(mocking) Come look at the sunset - to quote Susana's immitation of me.

Carolyn 3:39
Okay, continuing. The next heading is "APPENDIX" and it's "(From the Papyrus of Nu and the Papyrus of Nebseni)"

iON 3:51
Nebseni. Nebseni. Run it together. Talk slow and speak Southern. Nebseni.

Carolyn 3:56
Ahh. The next words, continuing.

Bob 4:00
I actually thought of something. So -

Carolyn 4:03
You actually thought of something?

Bob 4:06
- all of the animals are non physical. Right?

Carolyn 4:08
The animals, yeah.

Bob 4:10
Yeah. So, -

iON 4:11
They are non physical, they're beasts, they're beasts. Yes.

Bob 4:15
No, they're non physical. That's what you said for years. They're non physical. -

iON 4:20

Bob 4:20
- The beasts are non physical. What?

iON 4:22
Yes, ah huh. Beasts.

Bob 4:24
Yeah. So is the cat the shaman of them all? You're saying the cat -

iON 4:29

Bob 4:29
- is onto the other non physicals.

iON 4:32
No, the cat just hates the spirits. The stenographers just hate the cat 'cuz the cats are always in the way, always in the mess, always in the problem.

Bob 4:43
Oh, I thought you said the cat was always onto them.

iON 4:47
Yeah, that's what we said.

Bob 4:49
So they get in the way.

iON 4:51
Yeah, the cat's always in their business. They can't run around and do their shit 'cuz the cat's gonna be right there on them like a bad habit.

Bob 4:59
That's right, 'cuz the cat is aware of them. The cat is the most - is the more aware end of the spectrum of non physical?

iON 5:08
It's aloof. Yes, aloof. Aloof.

Bob 5:12
Okay, what would be at the other end of the non physical? The non-cat -

iON 5:15
A dog. A dog.

Bob 5:18
A dog. Ha ha. A dog is the dumbest of non physical.

iON 5:21
You gotta make a big noise, make a big problem, make a big stink so the dog can notice you and start barking. Otherwise they sleep.

Bob 5:29
And, are insects in the spectrum of non physical?

iON 5:35
Well, they're non physical. The little zika, the zika babies, yeah.

Bob 5:40
They are non physical.

iON 5:41

Bob 5:42
Most of nature is non physical. What part of nature is not non physical? Humans?

iON 5:52
We'll get back to you on that.

Bob 5:54
Ah, see. There's a deep question, Carolyn, because we aren't necessarily part of the

iON 6:01
It's the Belarusian, the Belarusian problem, Bob.

Bob 6:06
Oh, you mean the Russian ballet people in, in Paris in 1922?

iON 6:12
Not ballet, but Belarusian, though. Mm hmm.

Bob 6:17
Oh, the place Belarus. Right?

iON 6:23

Bob 6:23
The Belarusian problem. Yes, Hitler had a big deal with them. He did. He used a lot of them. They, they became Nazis willingly.

iON 6:23
Also, also in Minsk, also in Minsk. Minsk, Bob.

Bob 6:38
Yeah, Minsk. That's where they sent Lee Harvey Oswald to Minsk, Carolyn, through his contracts there.

Carolyn 6:44
So, how does the insect intersect with Belarus and Minsk?

Bob 6:53
Yeah, what was the parallel, the metaphor?

iON 6:57
We'll tell you later on another day.

Bob 6:59

iON 7:00
In a land far, far, away.

Carolyn 7:01
Ahhh, okay. Continuing.

Bob 7:04
All right.

Carolyn 7:04
Bob, mute yourself. "The Speech of Anpu: Anubis the dweller in the mummy chamber, Governor of the Divine house, layeth his hands upon the lord of life, (Carolyn: no capitals) the scribe, (Carolyn: so that's the soul) the draughtsman of Ptah, Nebseni, the lord of fealty, begotten of the scribe and mason Thena, born of the lady of the house Mut-rest, whose word is truth, and devoting himself to him as his guardian saith:-" Oh my gosh. So that was a huge introduction of somebody or other, iON. -

iON 7:04

Carolyn 7:14
- Who is this somebody? Heh heh. Who is that?

iON 8:00
You'll see in a minute.

Carolyn 8:02
Yeah. Good, continuing. So there - that person saith: "Homage to thee, thou happy one, lord. (Carolyn: no cap) Thou seest the Utchat. Ptah-Seker hath bound thee up. Anpu hath exalted thee. Shu hath raised thee up O Beautiful Face. thou governor of eternity. Thou hast thine eye, O scribe Nebseni, lord of fealty, and it is beautiful. Thy right eye is like the Sektet Boat, thy left eye is like the Atet Boat." Okay, so we're on both sides of it now, iON, right in the one boat.

iON 8:51
Right. Correct.

Carolyn 8:53
Okay. Mm hmm. Okay, continuing: "Thine eyebrows are fair to see in the presence of the Company of the Gods (Carolyn: and Company and Gods are capitalized. So we're getting somewhere.) Thy brow is under the protection of Anpu, and thy head and face, O beautiful one, are before the holy Hawk." Now I'm just going to stop here. It's the first time I've even heard the word beautiful in this rendition. Right, iON?

iON 9:28
Yeah. Yeah. They finally got to the, to the fairer sex.

Carolyn 9:34
Ah, ha ha. Finally. And this Hawk, holy Hawk with a capital "H." So would that reference the eyes and the eyebrows 'cuz the hawk can see so, so well?

iON 9:50
Yes, so vehemently. Yes.

Carolyn 9:53
Okay. Okay, so hawk and eye. And continuing: "Thy fingers have been stablished by thy scribe's craft in the presence of the Lord of Khemenu, Thoth, who hath (Carolyn: so, is that an aka for Thoth? Khemenu?

iON 10:24
Nah, the counterpart, the counterpart of Thoth.

Carolyn 10:29
Ah ha. Okay, counterpart.

iON 10:32
Both are representative of themselves.

Carolyn 10:35

iON 10:36

Carolyn 10:38
Yes. "Thy fingers have been stablished by thy scribe's craft in the presence of the Lord of Khemenu, Thoth, who hath bestowed upon thee the knowledge of the speech of the holy books. Thy beard is beautiful in the sight of Ptah-Seker, and thou, O scribe Nebseni, thou lord of fealty, art beautiful before the Great Company of the Gods. (Carolyn: three capital words there: Great Company of the Gods) The Great God, (Carolyn: two capitals) looketh upon thee, and he leadeth thee along the path of happiness. Sepulchral meals are bestowed upon thee, and he overthroweth for thee thine enemies, setting them under thy feet in the presence of the Great Company of the Gods who dwell in the House of the Great Aged One which is in Anu." Now the great Aged One -

iON 11:44
Yeah, the sepulchral, the sepulchral, the sepulchral meals, that's the offerings that they leave like the honey that lasts forever, and the wheat, and the different things that they put in the burial chamber.

Carolyn 11:57
Right. And who is the Great Aged One? That, I mean, we're talking about time here for

iON 12:03
That's Bob. That's Bob. That's Bob.

Carolyn 12:07
Mm hmm. Got it. Bob's giggling in the kitchen as he scarfs down his Saturday market treats. Ha ha.

iON 12:19
Yeah. Wash them hands you nasty devil, you.

Carolyn 12:24
He is. What's the matter, Bob? What? Ants? Oh, I bought a little play heart. I'm going to use it in my next Instagram. Decorate the room. Heh heh. Okay, big long chapter heading here. "[HERE] BEGIN THE CHAPTERS OF SEKHET-HETEPET, " (Carolyn: Hetepet)

iON 12:53
Hetepet. Mm hmm.

Carolyn 12:56
Hetepet. Ha ha. Don't choke, Bob. Bob's got to choke on his laughter and he can't, he can't do two things at once.

iON 13:12
It's true.

Carolyn 13:12

iON 13:29
No, this is, this is - no, these are the gases. These are the gassy bitches. These are the gassy bitches, Carolyn, not you.

Carolyn 13:49
Ah, okay. Okay, so the gassy bitches with a lot of wind, okay.

iON 13:57
Mm hmm. You'll see. 'Cuz it's gotta be something. This is the modality that they start to notice. Remember what starts off the vial judgments for the humans? Well, they have the same representation otherwise.

Carolyn 14:11
Hmm. So it's like announcing the - this section of the vial judgments?

iON 14:19
Yeah, it's that Mary MacLeod.

Carolyn 14:24
Don't know that. You don't mean Mary McLuhan?

iON 14:28
No, no MacLeod. Fred's wife.

Carolyn 14:34
Hmm. I know there was a Mary MacLeod in my ancestry, but that doesn't mean anything. Okay.

iON 14:40
Uh oh. Was she married to Fred Trump?

Carolyn 14:45
Oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Okay, continuing: "[The Osiris Ani,

iON 14:51
That'd be quite, that'd be quite a zeitgeist if you're related to the Trump's, darlin'. That would explain your drive. That would, that would proscribe your drive and tenacity to grind the motherfuckers into a fine, powdery, pulp.

Carolyn 15:06
Fine, fine, pulp. Exactly. "[The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:-] Let me be master there. Let me be a khu (Carolyn: k-h-u) there. Let me plough there. Let me reap there. Let me eat there. Let me drink there. [Let me beget there]. Let me do

iON 15:11
Ooo, ooo. Begettin'? Ooo, they got begettin' goin' on. You better run! You better run! They're gonna kill you. They're gonna beget over there. Beget the son and heir.

Carolyn 15:40
Yeah, yeah, because that means their sperm is even alive. Right, iON?

iON 15:47
Do. Do.

Carolyn 15:49
Okay continuing: "Let me do there all the things which one doeth upon earth. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- Horus vanquished Set when [he] looked at the building of Sekhet-Hetepet. [He] spread air

iON 16:12
Hetepet. Hetepet. Hetepet.

Carolyn 16:16
Hetepet. Hetepet. "[He] spread air over the Divine Soul in its Egg, in its day. He delivered the interior of the body of Horus [from the Akeru Gods]. I have crowned him in the House of Shu. His house is the stars. (Carolyn: where am I?) Behold, I take up my place in its nomes." N-o-m-e-s. What's - I don't know nomes. What's - what is that, iON?

iON 16:54
Oh, it's that - like nombre, like the binomial nomenclature. It's what it's known by.

Carolyn 17:03
Yeah, yeah. Nomenclature. Yeah. Got it. "He hath guided the hearts of the Company of the Firstborn Gods. He hath reconciled

iON 17:16
That's Bob. That goes back to Bob's paw-paw.

Bob 17:18
(in background) (indistinct)

Carolyn 17:23
He hath guided the hearts of the Company of the Firstborn Gods, so iON is saying that's Bob's daddy.

iON 17:34
Pa-pa. Pa-pa-pee-pee. That's what he called him.

Carolyn 17:39
Sure. Ha ha. He would. He - oh, okay, is Bob's dad - is that the Bob who was -what's your other? Yeah. Is that Ophenel's daddy?

iON 17:55
Pa-pa, his granddaddy, yeah. The original Kohathite crowd. It's how he got the title. Well, it's either him or Dick. Dick, Dick got it, or he did. It's kind of like they're pitching and catching all the time, Carolyn. They can't keep their roles straight anymore. They're too powerful, so they don't even know what they're doin' now.

Carolyn 18:16
Yeah, it's terrible, just terrible. Good apples. Yay, Bob's happy with the apples. Continuing.

iON 18:25
Well that means, all that means, all that means is they'll be gone before night. That's all that means.

Carolyn 18:31
It does, indeed. "He hath reconciled the Two Fighters (Horus and Set), the guardians of life. He hath done what is fair, bringing an offering. He hath reconciled the Two Fighters (Carolyn: Now, two fighters, Horus and Set, they're capitalized and I suppose they should be.) He hath reconciled the Fwo Fighters with him that belongeth to them. He hath cut off the hairy scalp of the Two Fighters. He hath destroyed the revolts of [their] children. I have done away all the evil which attacked their souls. I am master in [Sekhet-Hetepet]. I know it. I have sailed over its lakes that I might arrive at the cities thereof. I have made strong my mouth. The Spirit-souls are ready [to fight], but they shall not gain the mastery over me. I am equipped in thy Fields, (Carolyn: capital "F") O god Hetep. What thou wishest thou shalt do [saith this god]." What thou wishest thou shalt do, [saith this god]. Hmm. A lot of words there, iON.

iON 19:50
Yeah, it's the guardians of life. The guardians of life. And that's the battle.

Carolyn 20:00
Yeah, yeah. So, we're still battling. I mean, good grief. Well, I suppose that's what humans do. They just, they're always ready for a fight.

iON 20:12
Mm hmm.

Carolyn 20:13
Okay, then we have the next "APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nebseni, Sheet 17." And a huge title, which is that the words are all in capitals. "HERE BEGIN THE CHAPTERS OF SEKHET-HETEPET, AND THE CHAPTERS OF COMING FORTH BY DAY; OF GOING INTO (Carolyn: this sounds like the summary. Is this a summary, summation?)

iON 20:38
Well, it's the, it's gonna - it's not a summation, it's the application.

Carolyn 20:44
Oh, yeah, yeah.

iON 20:45
Application. 'Cuz now you know something. Now you got details. Now you got goo. Now what does goo mean? Goo means you gotta do somethin'. Otherwise, what's the point?

Carolyn 20:56

iON 21:58
I set free, I set free Horus. I set free Horus.

Carolyn 22:03
Yeah, but that first sentence. Set, S-e-t

iON 22:07
Set. No, no. Set

Carolyn 22:09
Oh, this Set guy, the guy. Got you.

iON 22:13
Set vanquished Horus.

Carolyn 22:14
Not set down. Yeah, because then it goes: I set free. So, Set the guy vanquished Horus who was looking at the building in Sekhet-Hetepet. "I set free Horus from Set. Set opened the paths of the Two Eyes (the Sun and Moon) in the sky."

iON 22:35
Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait a second, wait a second. Now, they're not talking about the anomaly with the dark side of the moon. It's a big deal about the dark side of the moon, that's coming, that you're gonna find out about pretty - but don't tell anybody 'cuz they'll get all weirded out if you do that. So don't talk about that. That has nothing to do with the dark side of the moon, but there's three moons. But the first moon, the dark side of the first moon is what they're going to use to trigger - let's see, how do you say, slingshot, ricochet? But we're going to develop it a little bit later, but, see, that's the only safe place on the earth is the dark side of the moon.

Carolyn 23:20

Bob 23:21
How is it on the earth? How is it on the earth?

iON 23:25
You'll see.

Bob 23:27
The dark side of the moon. Is this part of the leaping over the barrier on the way to Andromeda? We get slingshot over the barrier?

iON 23:36
Ask Bert.

Bob 23:37
Or we get slingshot into the sun. Heh heh heh.

iON 23:41
Ask Bert.

Bob 23:41
We get thrown into the sun?

iON 23:43
Ask Bert.

Bob 23:43
Bert doesn't know nothing.

iON 23:46
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. You gotta have something

Bob 23:51
I'm a fan of Steely Dan. I'm a fan of Steely Dan. Ha ha ha.

iON 23:56
Da da da. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Yeah. Can't do that. That cost you point 037 cents right there. Sorry, Bill. (Bob laughs)

Carolyn 24:09
Am I continuing? Continuing.

iON 24:12
Yeah, but that's good about the dark side of the moon. You gonna - there's a quiz later y'all. Better - this is where we're gonna see if they payin' attention or not, Carolyn.

Carolyn 24:21
Painted what?

iON 24:24
See if they're paying attention.

Carolyn 24:27
Ha ha. Quiz later. Got ya. Continuing: "Set ejected water with air upon the soul of his Eye, which dwelt in the town of Mert; he delivered the interior of the body of Horus from the hands of the Akeru Gods. Behold me! I paddle this great boat over the Lake of the god Hetep; I seized upon it in the mansion of Shu. The mansion of his stars reneweth youth, reneweth youth. I paddle over the Lakes thereof so that I may arrive at the towns thereof. I sail up to the town of the god Hetep....Behold, I am at peace with his times, and with his guidance, and with his will, and with the Company of the Gods, who are his firstborn. He maketh the Two Fighters (Horus and Set) to be at peace [with each other], and to keep ward over the living whom he hath created in fair form, and he bringeth peace; he maketh the Two Fighters to be at peace with those who watch over them. He cutteth off the hair from their divine fighters, he driveth away storm from the children. He guardeth from attack the Spirits. I have gained power therein. I know it. I have sailed over its Lakes so that I might arrive at its towns. My mouth is strong. I am equipped against the

iON 26:08
Spirits. Spirits.

Carolyn 26:11
They shall -

iON 26:12

Carolyn 26:12
- against - oh my gosh, how they said that. I'm getting ready to quit Bob. So, "My mouth is strong. I am equipped against the Spirits. They shall not gain the mastery over me." So is it - I am equipped against the Spirits, well that, that means I have enough cats.

iON 26:31
Now let, now let, no, wait, wait, wait. Listen to what you said. Look, listen to what you said. You equated Spirits with god. So do they.

Carolyn 26:41
I did. Funny.

iON 26:43
So do they. So do they. So do they. So do they. And that's reason that - now wait, now. The Spirits not the god, although it access the god. Now in Pentecost, they wanted the fire, the Holy Spirit, to come down on them and imbue them with power. But it was fleeting. So here again, this is the other representation. You did exactly what everybody else does. They tangle up, interchange Spirit with god. And neither the betwixt shall between.

Carolyn 27:16
Mm hmm.

Bob 27:17
So when you say they, the writers mix it up?

iON 27:20
No, the people who read it.

Carolyn 27:21
No. When I read it, Bob, I read it wrong.

Bob 27:25

Carolyn 27:25
And just

Bob 27:27
You said they did it, too.

iON 27:28
You read it perfect. You read it perfect. You read it perfect, because the other people look at it, and they interchange them indiscriminately. And we go, but they're not. They're not at all. But other people do the same thing. And so that's why we say do the right thing. And so if you know that then all of a sudden you're like, "Oh, crap, okay, that's very different. Got you."

Bob 27:50
Who were they? The people who did it?

iON 27:52
The people who read this, that look at it. They're trying to figure out the dead people. They try to figure out the destiny. They try to figure out the corporeal impetus. Corporeal impetus. Yeah, figure that one out.

Bob 28:08
Well, if they're, if they're trying to figure out something foreboding, a horrible moment, then they already know what it is. So they're looking for some

iON 28:19
Ra knows. Ra knows what it is. They're trying to figure out a solution because they're already dead, Bob. That's why they have the Book of the Dead, 'cuz they're already dead.

Bob 28:28
Yeah, but they're looking to figure out something.

Carolyn 28:31
We're already past

iON 28:32
And get out of there.

Bob 28:33
And they couldn't, and they couldn't experience what they're foreboding about unless they already knew it.

iON 28:44
Well, we don't know what they don't know. They know, they know, they know something, they just don't know what they know. You know?

Bob 28:51
Mmm. Okay.

Carolyn 28:55
And we've gone past most of that foreboding. Now we're just sort of

iON 29:01
Now we're applying it. This is where the grits and the gravy hits the plate.

Carolyn 29:06

Bob 29:07
You're applying foreboading? How do you do that?

Carolyn 29:09
No, we're over foreboding, we're applying what we learned from the Book.

Bob 29:15
And what are we doing with it?

iON 29:17
Foreboding was something we experienced before. We're putting it into action. Action. Into positive canontated verbs. Canontated verbs.

Bob 29:19
We're pretending we're doing something well?

iON 29:35
Whatever. We don't care.

Carolyn 29:36
No, we're just doing. We're just doing. Okay, mute yourself. What are you doing push ups on your desk for?

Bob 29:44
Reeling in the years. Reeling in the years.

Carolyn 29:48
Okay, mute.

iON 29:49
His abolition. He's doing his ablutions. (sp?)

Carolyn 29:52
Ha ha, ablutions, abolitions. Continuing. "They shall not gain the mastery over me. I am rewarded [with] these thy Fields, O god Hetep. What thou wishest that do thou, O lord of the winds. (Carolyn: Hmm. What thou wishest that do thou, O lord of the winds.) I shall be a spirit therein. I shall eat therein. I shall drink therein. I shall plough therein. I shall reap the grain therein. I shall be strong therein. I shall make love therein. My words shall be strong therein. I shall not be in subjection therein. I shall be a man of might therein. Thou hast made strong the mouth and throat. Hetep Qettbu

iON 30:40
Mm hmm. Qettbu.

Carolyn 30:40
"is its name. (Carolyn: yay) [It is] stablished upon the pillars of Shu, and is linked with the pleasant things of Ra. He is the divider of years, the hidden of mouth; silent is his mouth, hidden is what he uttereth, he fulfilleth eternity, he taketh possession of everlastingness of existence as Hetep, Neb-Hetep. Horus maketh himself strong like unto a hawk which is one thousand cubits in length, and two thousand cubits in life." Wow, that's interesting what's going on there, iON?

iON 31:32
It's a (indistinct). It's the x and y looking for the z axis that Scott's been pining about.

Carolyn 31:41
Yeah. Got it.

iON 31:43
Lays out the barriers and the girders for which you juxtapose your position of how close or far you are to debt. Lot of dead people reading this, Carolyn; lot of dead people. They don't know they're dead. It's gonna help them, it's gonna help out the dead people. We ain't settin' up with the dead no more, Carolyn, 'cuz the dead startin' to sit up.

Carolyn 32:04
Yeah. Mm hmm. "He that equipments with him, he journeyeth on, he commeth to the place where his heart would be, among the Lakes which are in its towns. He begetteth in the birth-chamber of the god of the town, he is satisfied with the food of the god of the town; he doth what ought to be done there, in the Field of Smas-er-Khet....everything of the

iON 32:37
Smas-er-Khet. Smas-er-Khet.

Carolyn 32:40
Heh heh. Smas-er-Khet. Oh my god. "in the Field of Smas-er-Khet....everything of the birth-chamber of the god of the town. Now [when he] setteth in the [land of] life like crystal" Okay there's something. The crystal, is that, is that our - the icell?

iON 33:05
No, that's the color of the terrible crystal that Ezekiel prescribes in 122. It's like crystal, like the color of the terrible crystal.

Carolyn 33:21
It's the words - are right there, Bob. It says the - you have to unmute.

Bob 33:30
He's describing Ezekiel. What does that crystal refer to? Do you remember?

Carolyn 33:34
The terrible crystal of Bob.

Bob 33:36
Yeah, that's Coldplay. Correct iON?

iON 33:40
Correct. It is here, it is here, too. It is here as well.

Bob 33:45

Carolyn 33:45
Wow. Okay,

Bob 33:50
Sounds like there's only a few key inventions, Carolyn. People - little man just makes ridiculous inventions. But there's this all - there's this core inventions like Coldplay.

iON 34:01
Little men, little men makes, little men makes Tik Tok. Little men make the Twatters. Makes Twatters, Twatters that tweet. You can make a Twatter that would tweet what would the tweeter twat if it could twit? Twat, twit, twat, twit, oh yeah that's right. We're lost again. Sorry. Get on the facial book, get on the facial book.

Bob 34:18
My point is is that the key, the key inventions are in all the scriptures of all the religions.

iON 34:25
Strips. You're mispronouncing it, Bob. You're mispronouncing. It's striptures. It's when you take your clothes off.

Bob 34:30
Striptures, yeah.

iON 34:32
Striptures you're taking your clothes off. It's in the striptures.

Bob 34:34
I got that. Yep, I know that.

Carolyn 34:37
Okay, backing up and continuing. "Now [when he] setteth in the [land of] life like crystal he performeth everything therein [which things are] like unto the things done in the Lake Neserser, wherein there is none that rejoiceth, and wherein are evil things of all kinds. The god Hetep goeth in and cometh out, and marcheth hither and thither in the Field of Smas-er-Khet, the Lady of the birth-chamber of the god of the town." Uh oh. So where's this lady coming from, iON?

iON 35:20
The, the two harlots in Revelation.

Carolyn 35:24

iON 35:26
That part.

Bob 35:28
What is the crystal in this case? Just back there.

iON 35:33
Same crystal. The one we've been talking about. Coldplay.

Bob 35:36
That would be - that's Coldplay he's talking about here. Mmm.

iON 35:40
Yeah. They're trying to get the power and the power is in the blood. They ain't got no blood 'cuz they're dead. What was wrong with them? They're dead.

Bob 35:48
And they think Coldplay is the power.

iON 35:52
Well, it is.

Bob 35:54
That's mistaken. It's not the blood power.

iON 35:58
Well, that's what powers the blood, Bob.

Bob 36:02
Coldplay does?

iON 36:04
It will.

Bob 36:06
Wow. That's a good one.

iON 36:08
But don't, but don't tell any, but don't tell anybody because Ginney is just now getting it all figured out.

Bob 36:16
Who just got it figured out?

iON 36:18
Ginneybelle, our Gineybelle.

Bob 36:22
Has almost figured it out?

iON 36:23
Not yours, not yours, our Ginneybelle.

Bob 36:26
Heh, heh. Has almost got what figured out?

iON 36:32
That the Coldplay power and the blood changing power is a representation of the Christian faith representation of the power in the blood. The lamb's blood. The perfect blood of the lamb that was slain for you. Well, not for you, but for many. But not you, Bob. For many.

Bob 36:54
Is magnesium in the blood, Carolyn?

Carolyn 36:57

iON 36:58
Used in the blood. The (indistinct) magnesium is used in the blood but it doesn't stay. It leeches out. That's why you have to keep taking more. If it was in the blood, it would be a corporeal part and would always be there. That's why you don't have to eat red blood cells to make whole plasma, you see.

Carolyn 37:17
Mm hmm. Got it.

iON 37:19
If the bones are good, the rest don't matter, Bob.

Carolyn 37:25
Continuing: "[Let me] live with the god Hetep, clothed, and not despoiled by the Lords of the North, and may the Lord of things bring food unto me. May he make me to go forward. May I come forth. May he bring to me my Power (Carolyn: Uh oh, capital "P." Now you don't want somebody to give you power. You want to have your own power. So what's going on there?)

iON 37:53
Well, but they're crying out. They're crying out for the color of the terrible crystal. They are, they are acknowledging by this, by rote, that they don't have it.

Carolyn 38:03

iON 38:04
You see, that's what they're looking for. 'Cuz what was wrong with them? They was dead.

Carolyn 38:09
Ah huh. Yeah. Wow.

iON 38:11
There was three little monkeys; they were sitting on a limb. One fell off. Why did he fell off the limb, Carolyn?

Carolyn 38:19
I don't know.

iON 38:21
'Cuz he was dead. He was dead. The second one sat there a little bit and he fell off. What was - what happened to him? Why did he fall off the limb?

Carolyn 38:30
He must have been dead, too.

iON 38:33
He was dead. The third one fell off the limb. Why did the third one fall off? Why did the third one fall off the limb?

Carolyn 38:39
He was dead.

iON 38:41
No, it was peer pressure.

Carolyn 38:44
Ahh, funny. Okay, continuing.

iON 38:49
A lot of people are dead. A lot of people are dead because of peer pressure. It's the thing to do. A lot of mates die less than a year after their mates die because of peer pressure. That shouldn't be. Peer pressure. It's powerful.

Carolyn 39:09
Yeah, but you say it's shifting? It's shifting?

iON 39:13
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Carolyn 39:16
'Cuz people don't think they have peers anymore.

iON 39:20
Well, they don't. They don't. They're only, they're only as good as their last twit. No, twat, twat? No. Twat? No. Twit? We don't know. One of those

Carolyn 39:30
Okay, continuing. Bob, we're ending soon. iON is going off the rails.

iON 39:36
Ah, we're railed. We're being derailed! Carolyn's being derailed!

Carolyn 39:41
Heh heh heh. Continuing: "there, may I receive it, and may I be rewarded by the god Hetep. May I be master of the great and mighty word in my body in this my place. Make me to remember it. Let me [not] forget it. Let me go forward, let me plough. I am at peace with the god of the town. I know the water, the towns, the nomes, and the lakes which are in Sekhet-Hetepet. I live therein. I am strong therein. I shine therein. I eat therein. I..... therein. (Carolyn: and I blank therein, whatever that means. Continuing) I reap the harvest therein, I plough therein. I beget children therein. I am at peace therein with the god Hetep. Behold I sow seed therein. I sail about on the lakes thereof, and I arrive at its towns, O god Hetep."

iON 40:45
O god. O god. We like that. O god.

Carolyn 40:52
Heh heh heh. Mm hmm. "Behold my mouth is equipped, it possesseth horns."

iON 41:01
Like Bob's.

Carolyn 41:03
Yeah, he's a horny guy.

iON 41:06
Damn it, man. You bragging or complaining?

Carolyn 41:10
Heh heh heh. "Give unto me the abundance of the KAU (Doubles)" (Carolyn: and now the K-A-U is all capitalized and then in brackets it has Doubles, so that's the double down, doubling down.)

iON 41:27
Resembles - it's the, it's even in the dead they have hendiadys.

Carolyn 41:33
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 41:36
Or they call it Soul-spirits.

Carolyn 41:41
Okay, yes, and the next words are: "the KAU (Doubles) and Spirit-souls. He who counteth me is Shu. I know him not. I come to its towns. I sail over its lakes. I walk about in Sekhet-Hetepet. Behold, it is Ra who is in heaven. Behold, it is Hetep [who is] its double offering of peace. I have advanced to its territory. I have put on my apparel. I have come forth. I have given what it was upon me to give. I have made glad in [my] heart. I have conquered. I am strong. I have given directions to Hetep." And can we finish there? Bob's asleep so we've, we've

iON 42:34
You only got just a little bit. You only got just a little bit more and you'll be finished, the whole thing. And it tells what's going on because now you're startin' to find out what the power does. It's kind of a crux of the matter that'd be a good place to not end yet.

Carolyn 42:49
Got it. Continuing. "[Hail], Unen-em-hetep, I have come to thee."

iON 43:00

Carolyn 43:01
Haha. "My soul followeth me. The god Hu is on my hands. [Hail], Nebt-taui, in whom I remember and forget, I have become alive. I have attacked none, let none attack me. I have given

iON 43:20
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Something happened. Something happened. What happened? The soul's catching up, coming back in, jumping in the river, and now I've become alive because I remember and forget. Interesting. Good. See, that's why we said we wanted to go a little bit further 'cuz it's kind of like, O god you got to get the next part. Okay, and "I have attacked none, let none attack me." C'est la vie, c'est la guerre. C'est la guerre? No, long live the war. That's not good. C'est la vie. Live and let live. So it is. Okay.

Carolyn 43:55
"I have given, give thou to me gladness. Make thou me to be at peace, bind thou up my veins, let [me] receive air." So this person is alive and now they're talking about all the alive things.

iON 44:16

Carolyn 44:16
"[Hail], Unen-em-hetep, the Lord of Winds." Now, we have the Lord of Winds. We had a Lady of Wind.

iON 44:21
Yeah. That's the vial judgments.

Carolyn 44:25
Ohhh, wow. We're still doing that, eh?

iON 44:32
Well, that's what, that's who ushers them in. See, the, the nightmares are one thing. But once that's ushered, this is the representation This is when you have the zombie apocalypse; it's during the vial judgments, Carolyn. So these are they.

Carolyn 44:52
Got it. Wow. Continuing: "I have come there. I have opened my head. Ra sleepeth. I watch not,

iON 45:00
See Bob, see Bob's sleepeth. Bob sleepeth.

Carolyn 45:03
He is, he is totally. I'll have to throw something at him.

iON 45:09
No, you have to wait. Wait just yet and then kick the chair.

Carolyn 45:14
I just throw towels at him.

iON 45:15
Or just - hey, I know what to do. No, you don't even have to do, but this is when you get your little thing done, just drop the mic. He loves it when you drop the mic. That's his favorite thing. But then he's at his - that point he's unabridged, Bob is.

Carolyn 45:30
Unabridged Bob. Okay, continuing. Going back and continuing: "I have come there. I have opened my head. Ra sleepeth. I watch not, [for] the goddess Hetemet is at the door of heaven by night. Obstacles have been before, but I have collected his emissions." Uh oh. Uh oh. So, is that sperm or the gas?

iON 45:58
Well, we'll see. It's a little of both, but it's the essence. Let's just say it like that.

Carolyn 46:05
Ah, essence. Yeah. Okay continuing: "I am in my city. O Nut-urt (Great City), I have come into thee. I have counted up my abundant stores. I advance on my way to Uakh." What?

iON 46:26

Carolyn 46:26

iON 46:27
Uakh, Uahk.

Carolyn 46:27
I am the - go ahead. Yeah, fine. "I am the Bull which is tied with a rope of lapis-lazuli, the lord of the Field of the Bull, the lord of the words of the god, the goddess Septet (Sothis) at her hours. O Uakh, I have come into thee. I have eaten my food. I am master of choice pieces of the flesh of oxen and of feathered fowl, and the birds of Shu have been given unto me. I follow the gods, and I come [after the Doubles]. O Tcheft, I have come into thee. I array myself in apparel, and I gird about myself the sat garment of Ra. Behold the Court of the sky, and the followers of Ra who dwell in heaven. O Un-em-hetep, the lord of the Two Lands, I have come into thee. I have plunged into the Lakes of Tchesert; behold, impurity of every kind hath removed from me. The divine Great One flourisheth therein. Behold, I have found [him]. I have netted geese, and have fed full upon the finest of them. O Qenqentet, I have come into thee. I have seen the Osiris [my father]. I have saluted my mother. I have begotten children. I have snared the serpents, and I am delivered. I know the name of the god who (Carolyn: So I am delivered. Is that it? Is that the end of it? Have we finished?)

iON 48:24
No, well, no, but the deliverance is nigh. Just 'cuz you name them and you know the name of the goddess who's with the goddess Tchesert doesn't mean that you got straight hair. It may, but it doesn't prove it.

Carolyn 48:38
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now we're proving it. "I know the name of the god who is with the goddess Tchesert, and who hath straight hair, and is equipped with horns [ready to gore]. He reapeth, and I both plough and reap. O Hetemet, I have entered into thee. I have approached the lapis-lazuli. I have followed the winds of the Company of the Gods. The Great God hath given my head unto me. He who hath bound my head on my body for me is the Mighty One, with eyes of lapis-lazuli, namely. Ari-en-ab-f ("He doeth as he pleaseth"). O Usert, I have come into thee, to the house wherein food is brought unto me. O Smam, I have come into thee. My heart watcheth, my head is equipped with the White Crown." Oh, there's something. The White Crown is that the white stone?

iON 49:46
No, just a representation of the placeholder of power. Remember?

Carolyn 49:52
Ah ha. Wow. Yeah. Power.

iON 49:55
That's the argument: is the power

Carolyn 49:59
Right. Continuing: "I act as the guide of the celestial beings. I make to flourish terrestrial beings. (Carolyn: whoo) There is joy of heart for the Bull, and for the celestial beings, and for the Company of the Gods. I am the god, the Bull, the Lord of the gods, who maketh his way over the turquoise." Mmm. Well, lapid-lazuli is kind of turquoise. Is that a reference to lapis?

iON 50:29
No, no, no, no, no. The turquoise is from the Indian thing is a special gem. It marks between the heaven and the earth, of the live and the dead, of the spirit realm and the earth realm. That's why they wear turquoise: to bridge the gap.

Carolyn 50:47
Wow. Got it. Nice. Never knew that. Continuing: "O wheat and barley (Carolyn: so there's barley, that's our bread. Just one second.) " O wheat and barley of the nome of the god, I have come into thee. I have come forward. I have lifted [you] up, following the best offerings of the Company of the Gods. I have moored my boat to the tying-up post in the lakes of the celestial beings. I have pulled up the typing-up post (Carolyn: t-y-p-i-n-g?)

iON 51:33

Carolyn 51:35
They talk about keep typing?

iON 51:38
Yeah. Hell, yeah. Hell yeah.

Carolyn 51:41

iON 51:41
I have recited words and I have ascribed praises unto Bob who dwell in Sekhet-Hetepet.

Carolyn 51:51
Wow, it's too bad Bob's asleep and missed that. Let me throw a towel at him.

iON 51:56
Yeah, choke him. Choke him, choke him if he can't take a fuck. And then what you can say is, "That was - you did great Bob. It's THE CHAPTER OF PROVIDING THE DECEASED WITH MEAT, MILK, ETC. You did again Bob, you won the day. It's all about Bob. Praise Bob from whom all blessings flow. Okay. We're good. We'll see you next week. We'll see you next week.

Bob 52:19
Wait a minute.

Carolyn 52:20
Ha ha. He just woke up. Bob, Bob.

Bob 52:24
Look, there's one more paragraph. Then you get to a major section, so I think you should do the next paragraph.

Carolyn 52:28
No, I'm not.

iON 52:29
That is it.

Bob 52:30
I'll do it.

iON 52:30
That is it. No, that is it.

Carolyn 52:32
But did you see "I have pulled up the typing-up post"? Did you see that Bob?

Bob 52:37
The what?

Carolyn 52:38
"I have pulled up the -

iON 52:39

Carolyn 52:40
- typing-up post." That's your "keep typing." You slept through it.

Bob 52:45
Oh, "I have pulled up the typing-up post."

Carolyn 52:48

Bob 52:49
Well, that's the, that's the end of ascension when you realize you're Bob. You have pulled up the typing-up post. Ha ha ha.

iON 52:54
These are dead people. These aren't ascended people, these are dead people, Bob. You're mixing them up, you're mixing up the, you're mixing up the memes. You mean mixer. Don't you pull no goddamn Mary McLeod around here; she's dead. There's no meme mixin'. There's no meme mixin' here.

Bob 53:11
Well, this is the ghost. He's looking around at the humans that he wants to become; and the highest attainment is me. And he notices I keep telling everybody to keep typing. Ha ha. So the guy says, "I'm typing! I'm typing! Am I alive? Bob?" Ha ha. "I have recited words. I've ascribed praises unto the gods who dwell in Dobbsville. I've done all that Bob asks." And Bob's not listening.

iON 53:41
We were singing, we were singing praise -

Bob 53:43
Oh, you did get down to the line, Carolyn.

iON 53:45
- We were. Yes, she did. And, and -

Bob 53:49
I slept through that part.

iON 53:50
- you were more, you were more interesting when you were asleep. You were more interesting when you were asleep.

Carolyn 53:55
I know, it's so funny. We now know Bob doesn't work, and Bob misses the good bits. And then takes advantage of them. Ha ha.

Bob 54:05
Well, I miss the good bits and everybody else missed them, too. But I find out what we've missed. And I dominate all knowledge with that advantage.

Carolyn 54:16
Yep, praise Bob.

iON 54:17
Bits is bits. Bits is bits is bits.

Bob 54:21
So where are we? We got one

iON 54:24
Bits is bits and magnesium tastes bad.

Bob 54:30
The Texts in the Funeral Chamber. That's what we just did. Right? Look at this long one: Here begin the chapters of Sekhet-Hetepet, and the chapters of coming forward by day. And he lists them all. And you did those?

Carolyn 54:45
(in background) Yes, Bob.

Bob 54:46
They were - I don't see any titles.

iON 54:48
She did some of them. She did some of them. She did some of them twice, Bob, while you were napping. (Carolyn laughs)

Bob 54:54
Right. No, they weren't done as titled things themselves. Right? They're just listed here, and then there's just too big long paragraphs.

Carolyn 55:04
Don't know what you're talking about, Bob, we're done.

Bob 55:07
Look. Look at all these names. Becoming a Spirit-soul of ploughing, of reaping, of eating there, of drinking there.

Carolyn 55:12
Everything. All those words were said.

Bob 55:15
Oh, they actually were in here drinking there.

Carolyn 55:19

Bob 55:20

Carolyn 55:20
We're done.

iON 55:21
And fucking. They had fucking. They had fucking in there, too, Bob. You missed that part. With their essence -

Carolyn 55:26
Yeah, you did.

iON 55:27
- and their juicy parts. And their little juicy bits. And the hara, and the, and the wet ass pussy. They had wet ass pussy in there, too. It was all, it was all there, too.

Carolyn 55:37
Wap, wap, wap.

iON 55:38
Wap, wap, wap.

Bob 55:39
I'm in the tradition of Marcel Duchamp, who said he was very careful not to get anybody pregnant. (Carolyn laughs in background) He did; he said that. Okay. So I look at the time. Oh, wow. You went about an hour and a half, almost.

iON 55:57
Yeah, you had a nice little nap, so that's all we could do. We would have went a little further if we knew you needed some more rest, but we figured it'd be all right if you'd get started.

Bob 56:06
Why is why is Ted (?) going "Holy KAU. K-A-U? Is that in the

iON 56:11
'Cuz that's, that's all in the, that's all in the - there's this thing we've been working on, Bob, for several weeks now. It's called the Egyptian Book of the Dead. And KAU is referenced in the Book of the Dead. Yep, it is.

Bob 56:25
Hey, - Scott, he's taking in my point. He goes, "You're right. It's typing-up posts when you realize you're Bob." Ha ha. (iON laughs) He got the insights from - he's the only one listening. He's typing his scriptures, too. I'm so tempted to start a song, but I'll control myself.

iON 56:45
He's outset, he's outset his instance. He's outset his instance. Mm hmm. Good.

Bob 56:51
Yes. Now let's see if there's been anybody here.

iON 56:52
What are we drinking? What are we drinking tonight, Bob? We finished our work; we're through. We're gonna see you next week, but what are we drinking Bob? Is it tea tonight, or is it fizzy drinks?

Bob 57:03
It's apple juice.

iON 57:04
Is it fizzy drinks?

Bob 57:05
Is it apple juice?

iON 57:05
Who drinks goddamn apple juice? No, no, no. Wait, let's see. Let's go over what the choices are. Wait, now. We have ginger ale. Now, that's got sugar in it, but not much. And it's - oh wait. Here we go. It's ginger ale, -

Bob 57:21
Ha ha. But not much.

iON 57:22
- it's ginger ale, it's ginger ale and lemonade. Mm hmm. That's good. And there is straight lemonade. And then there's tea, but that's too sweet. And then there's the jasmine tea. That's amazing. That's always a standby. And then you have - wait, here's some more stuff. Waitin' it. We have cranberry juice. We have cranberry pineapple juice. We have guava. I don't even know what that is, guava. That's way too much sugar, we're sure. And grapefruit juice, the The Ocean Spray. That's bitter, but it tastes good. And you got Coca Cola Zero.

Bob 58:01
He's in there looking in a kitchen cupboard. (Carolyn laughs in background)

iON 58:03
Coca Cola Zero. We're tryin' to figure out - we're asking Bob, we're asking Bob what we're drinking tonight. Everybody else is - everybody, Carolyn, everybody else is drinking - everybody else is drinking scotch, and we've tried to find a nice tea to drink for the boat that'll keep us wet. Since we can't -

Bob 58:23
Okay, we're ready.

iON 58:23
- pee for 19 more hours.

Bob 58:25
My time. Here we go. You got your drink?

iON 58:29
He's claiming his time. No, we don't. We got to choose. You didn't tell us what to drink. Oh, and there's tomato juice.

Bob 58:35
Jasmine tea. I told you. I said jasmine tea.

iON 58:38
Oh, jasmine. Okay, good. Let me get some ice.

Bob 58:40
That's what you always drink. All right, so -

iON 58:43
It is what we always drink. It is. It's good. (sound of ice cubes) Always. How did you like that? You could hear us gettin' ice. You wanted to hear it so we showed you someum. What are you doing now?

Bob 58:56
I'm checking Ed Long's website.

iON 58:59
Oh, we love Ed Long. We love Ed Long.

Bob 59:04
I think I found a mistake.

iON 59:06
Oh my god. Kill that bastard! Kill him. Kill him! The heretic! Run him forth.

Bob 59:14
Yeah, looking at the August 22 notes, Bob's notes. Now note, Ed, I have at the beginning of the notes for August 22, 2020: Bob plays first hour of his private session. Then commentary by Bob, Carolyn, and iON. And then Carolyn's Book of the Dead. I forgot to put in Part 22. If you put that in Ed, let's see if Ed hears this. Carolyn's Book of the Dead. And then it says 325 right in front of the 325 you put Part 22. But it has to be written exactly the way I write it, which is capital P, small a-r-t; capital T and then small Twenty-two. Okay? All right.

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