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Egyptian Book of the Dead Transcript, 5 September 2020


Transcribed by Nan


Carolyn 0:01
It's called: "THE CHAPTER OF PROVIDING THE DECEASED WITH MEAT, MILK, ETC." Did they know etc back then? That's so funny.

iON 0:12
Of course, mostly etc.

Carolyn 0:15
Oh, yeah. So the words begin: "The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- Homage to thee O Ra, the Lord of Truth, the Only One, the Lord of Eternity and Maker of Everlastingness. (Carolyn: lots of caps in there, no little man left. Continuing.) I have come before thee, O my Lord Ra. I would make to flourish the Seven Cows and their Bull. (Carolyn: there's caps there) O ye who give cakes and ale to the Spirit-souls, grant ye that my soul may be with you. (Carolyn: so my soul is not capitalized) Let him be born on your thighs. Let him be like unto one of you for ever and for ever. Let the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, have glorious power in the Beautiful Amentet. (Carolyn: next section) The Names of the Seven Holy Cows and their Bull:" Oh, good god, look at these names. iON, please say these names. (iON and Carolyn laugh)

iON 1:30
Are you nuts? Are you nuts? This is nuts. You haven't even got to the four rudders yet. You haven't even got to the four rudders and you want help with that?

Bob 1:38
I'll do it. 1. Het-Kau Nebtertcher. 2. Akertklhentetasts. 3. Khebitetsahneter. 4. Urmertusteshertshenti. 5. Khnemtemankhanuit. 6. Sekhmetrensemabats. 7. Shenatpetuthestneter.

Carolyn 1:58
And the Bull's name?

iON 1:59
No, no, no, no, no. -tuthestneter. Shenatpetuthestneter.

Bob 2:07
All right. And the Bull is Kathaihemt.

Carolyn 2:12
Awesome. That's from reading Finnegans Wake.

Bob 2:15
Yeah, yeah.

Carolyn 2:15

Bob 2:16
I'll do it again. Net-Kau Nebtertcher. No, no, I'll do that - Het-Kau Nebtertcher. Akertkhentetasts. Khebitetsahneter. Urmertusteshertshenti. Five is Khnemtemankhanuit. Six is Sekhmetra - oop. Six is Sekhmetre -

iON 2:40
He did it perfect, he did it perfect in the first part. Now you're doin' it all crazy. Now he sounds like, he sounds like Curly on the "Three Stooges."

Bob 2:49
7. Shenatpetuthestneter. Bull, Kathaihemt.

Carolyn 2:59
Thank you, thank you.

Bob 3:00

iON 3:04
Yeah, oh, now we're to the four rudders. Okay, phew. Boy, we were gettin' nervous. Nervous in the servious.

Bob 3:10
Hail, thou Beautiful Power -

iON 3:11
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! You have an audience, Bob, of two.

Carolyn 3:15
Wait, wait, wait! (laughs)

iON 3:15
An audience of two. It's an audience of two. We get that. We get that. There's nobody here. We got that, but you got to keep up with the boards 'cuz you're not being attentive. You've lost music, we've almost lost the turbobridge, you've killed off half your damn audience, and the other half are mad 'cuz they're not dead. And then you promise them ascension and then take it away from them, you Dark Soul thang you. And then you rip the very grips of every wonderful thing that they could probably ever hold onto in their life already anyway, anyway, anyway. And so you, you have done this; so you, while we're working hard, you have got to watch the boards and make sure that people are engaged. Because they're used to not - they're not even drunk yet, Bob. They only have listened to some recorded, recorded, recorded, recorded, recorded. This is recorded, but, this is - oh, this is - oh, nevermind, this is recorded. Nevermind, this is recorded, too, so, I guess nevermind. We're good. But, we'll start the live show in what? A few minutes, Bob? What do you think?

Carolyn 4:14
Ha ha. Bob's muted, so you'll never know.

iON 4:19

Bob 4:19
That's right. I agree. No problem. It's just (overtalk)

iON 4:22
Okay, watch the board and make sure nobody's, make sure nobody's left.

Bob 4:25
- what the boards say.

Carolyn 4:27
No, make sure nobody falls overboard. Okay: "ADDRESSES TO THE FOUR RUDDERS OF HEAVEN. Hail, thou Beautiful Power, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven. Hail, thou who circlest, Guide of the Two Lands, Beautiful Rudder of the Western Heaven. Hail, Splendour, Dweller in the temple of the Ashemu gods, Beautiful Rudder of the Eastern Heaven. Hail, Dweller in the temple of the Red gods, Beautiful Rudder of the Southern Heaven." So there's all kinds of caps there. You know, we're doing good. We're sailing high.

iON 5:08
Is Bob suffering, is Bob suffering from tachycardia?

Carolyn 5:13
No, he's fine. Bob is always fine.

iON 5:16
He's heavin', he's heavin' into the phone pretty harshly.

Carolyn 5:22
I don't think so. Bob's muted.

iON 5:24
Something' heavin'.

Carolyn 5:26
Oh, Bob was breathin'. Uh oh. Bob was breathin'. Okay: "ADDRESSES TO THE FOUR COMPANIES OF THE GODS" Spelt wrong in my -

iON 5:37
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, did you - you're not even gonna ask about the rudders?

Carolyn 5:45
Okay, I guess I got distracted. I was looking at -

iON 5:49
No, no, no. The next section.

Carolyn 5:52
Western, Northern, what'd we got? The Eastern and the Southern. It sounds to me like an Indian ceremony, you know, the -

iON 6:03
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is bringing you up to this - this is the first part where they're starting to marry up, hook up with your four horsemen. These are the rudders that turn the bridle. The blood supposed to go to the bridle of 26 hands high. This is the bridle, the rudder that turns the four horsemen. But these are from the dead people's perspective 'cuz all this is going on while they're going on.

Wow. So a rudder is equated with the reins of a horse and bridle. Oh, my gosh.

The steerer. Yes, it's the steerer like a rudder on a ship. Unless it's a Rotterdam Jew, but that's not - a Rotterdam Jew is not quite a rudder. Yeah, and the udders on a cow. We did the cows before, but that doesn't really fit, either. So, we're stretching. We're reaching for you here, we're reaching for you. We were reaching for you.

Carolyn 7:00
Ignoring. Heh heh. Okay, so that's great. Rudder, bridle, good, good. And then, is this "ADDRESSES TO THE FOUR COMAPNIES OF THE GODS." Is that misspelling of COM-AP-NIES relevant in some way?

iON 7:18
Can be. Can be. You'll see.

Carolyn 7:23
Okay. "Hail, ye gods

iON 7:24
Ask Bob. He read Finnegans Wake.

Carolyn 7:28
I know. Comapnies instead of companies. It's - what do you call that when the word scribble around to mean something else, Bob?

Bob 7:39

iON 7:39
English. English. Syncope.

Bob 7:43

iON 7:44

Bob 7:44

Carolyn 7:44
Syncope. Ha ha. Okay, continuing: "Hail, ye gods who are above the earth, ye Guides of the Tuat. Hail, ye Mother-goddesses, who are above the earth in Khert-Neter, in the House of Osiris. Hail, ye gods who guide Ta-tchesert, who are above the earth and are guides of the Tuat. Hail, ye Followers of Ra, who follow in the train of Osiris." So we're addressing the gods of the Four Companies and the four directions. Correct?

iON 8:25
Mm hmm. Well, it's not, well, not the directions of how - now you got to follow a train. A train has to stay on the track or it derails. So now what do you need a rudder for on a train? You don't need a steering wheel on a train. See the difference?

Carolyn 8:47
Yeah, cool. All right. Yeah, I said about the four directions -

iON 8:53
That's gonna become key.

Carolyn 8:56
So what direction is this train going in?

iON 8:59
We're not, we're not telling. We don't - that's not been set yet.

Carolyn 9:04
Yeah. So, -

iON 9:06
See, one would say, one would say the dead - well, one would say if you're talking about the dead, they're in their own soup. Okay? Like, you make a pot of soup. You're not a big soup maker, but if you were, you'd make a big pot of soup. But Bob would never eat soup 'cuz he won't use a spoon, and so it's hard to eat with a straw. So, you take this out of the bowl of the pot and put it in a bowl. Well, Bob doesn't eat out of a bowl either. So Bob's just not, he's not a big soup, big soup hound. Ice cream! Oh, yeah, now he can eat them ice creams. Ain't no trouble with that. That's all right.

Carolyn 9:40
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 9:40
So, once you dip it into a bowl, it becomes separate from the pot, but it's still the same soup.

Carolyn 9:48
Mm hmm. Okay.

iON 9:50
So these different cars on the train are going the same way. Or are they?

Carolyn 9:57
Well, that's where I was saying about the the North, East, South, West in terms of the, the Four Rudders of Heaven. So they had the opportunity to go in four different directions, but now they're on a train.

iON 10:13

Carolyn 10:13
And we're going to find out where they're going. Got ya.

iON 10:16
Well, now, and so, so, let's look at this. Each bowl of soup can go where it may. Each bowl of soup can go where it may.

Carolyn 10:29
Mm hmm. Okay.

iON 10:31
'Cuz every - now wait a second, now. Look at, look at, look at, look at your work. Look at - let's bring this back. You have the Dead Bob Show on Monday night. Let's do it with - let's apply this to now. You deal with people and they have questions, right?

Carolyn 10:46
Yeah, yeah.

iON 10:48
Do they have the same questions?

Carolyn 10:51

iON 10:54
But they all come back with the same answer: magnesium cures it all!

Carolyn 10:58
Yes! Ha ha ha.

iON 10:58
So, if magnesium cures it all, every problem, where's the rudderless ship in this directive or condition? So what you're acknowledging is is that people can navigate. They're all the same, but they're different. They're like little houses made of ticky tacky. They're all just the same, but they're not. But there's a yellow one and a green one and a blue one. But they're not the same. But they are. In their houses made of ticky tacky. They're all the same, but they're not. So, the same way in this dead place, position condition. They're in different spots. And they find each, each customer - well, we don't, we used to say patient. Notice how we're - notice how we're shifting the modality, the customer from patient. Did you know that? Notice that? Notice that, notice that? We're easing away from that claim.

Carolyn 11:47
Heh heh. Yeah.

iON 11:47
So look at the condition now of the customer, that they're just the same, but yet they're different. And they want to be made to feel special or appropriate to THEIR condition. So this is the dead people have apparently, there's your people on the Dead Bob Show, have the same trouble. That they're in their - they want to be special in their own capacity, and they are in this soup position. So, the environment is crashing down around them, and they're trying to get out of that thing that's crashing. So they're trying to get out of the peaceful respite of dead and back to mix it up into the physical. See, they don't like the dead 'cuz there's nothing, it's just dead as a sack of hammers. There's just nothing. So it's nothing, it's like nothing, you know, like Dobbstown, just nothing. Just nothing. So now,

Carolyn 12:42
So, the dead, even though they've gone through a lot of, you know, traumas from a drama, whatever it's called, they still consider it a peaceful respite? Respite?

iON 12:56
Yeah. Yeah, they have to, they have to.

Carolyn 12:59

iON 12:59
Well, now, think about it. 'Cuz there's nothing they can do. They're stuck. And so stuck even in bad is still stuck. And so this is - we had to draw the parallel because it's making a big deal about everybody's in the same boat. Everybody's saying - and we would say, yes, they are. They're all death and dying and running, and we should've - we did this all wrong, Carolyn. We're gonna admit this finally. We did this all wrong. What we should have done is rather than tellin' everybody to ascend, we should've tell everybody to go on and kill themselves. Oh, wait, we did that already and they didn't. We did that already and they didn't. The point is is that we could say okay, like the religions, we don't want to say the church, but the religions said: follow me, yay, pray, get saved, sit in the church till Jesus comes. When Jesus comes we're gonna make you sweet by and by, land of the fair and dead, Jordan River, and God's own chariot, and all those things that's gonna take you out of this place, and there's nothing you can do. Well, that's just gibberish, because magnesium is a wonderful thing. But just, just listening, and ordering, and receiving, and having without engaging won't do you a goddamn licks bit of good. So maybe the news flash is don't order the product, don't get the product, don't listen, just take it. Maybe that's the secret. Do you see? And if there's a difference, then you'd, you'll know it worked because you'll be alive long enough to listen and complain about being alive. That the lumbago, the lumbago can kick back in, you know. So, darlin', what we're -

Carolyn 14:46
But like you say, just taking it, that's - what is it? Ascending by default. And you kicked that idea out a long time ago.

iON 14:55
Right. That's correct. That's great. Great. So we're trying to get the perspective of have we made it hard? Are we, are we being disrespectful to the dead by making them go through these processes that they have to go to? Okay, so now that we have to now go and reconnect on the Lily Tomlin switchboard, it's like the lines are there and we got to connect, pushing the cord to hook somebody else to the cord so their line is hooked up on the switchboard. It's almost like that. But the trick is, everybody's still on the call. But not - we're just trying to make a point of a point of a point so that everybody can understand. You've got several things going on. Okay? Once you dip the soup out of the same pot and put it in a bowl, the soup takes a life of its own. So therefore, you have rudders that navigate the bowl of soup. Now, once you get to this level, back to the land of the living, we could say, we could draw a real good parallel that little men are dead and live men are god. We could draw a parallel that the little man, little man condition seeing you as god is the same as the dead people trying to get to the live people trying to get to the god people.

Carolyn 16:16
Ah, right.

iON 16:17
You see the assemblage there? That's what Ulysses was trying to promote, Carolyn, is the stages and conditions of canonicaled living.

Carolyn 16:25
Mm hmm. Cool.

iON 16:28
That's one of the favorites, isn't it?

Carolyn 16:31
Ha ha. I don't know about that.

iON 16:32
Well, it's right up there with Thomas Pynchon. It's right up there with Thomas Pynchon, darlin' isn't it? It's right up there.

Carolyn 16:40
Ah, Pynchon.

iON 16:40
So, no, that's enough. Now, you got that? Now, you got the parallels.

Carolyn 16:44

iON 16:45
You got steering - now you got steering wheels on the train. Okay? You got individual cars that they're their own soup that are individual. Same outcome, ticky tacky in a row, no difference but yet they're all different but the same. And now you're trying to show these dead people by talking to the live people about how to get to the little people to become god people. Because god's the only thing that's gonna help you.

Carolyn 17:13
Ha ha ha. Yeah, cool.

iON 17:16
So that's good. Hey, this is gonna be great fun. When you and me get through, we'll have it wrapped up. We can go to the beach. This is good. Let them work it out. Let them hum to themselves. They could sing kumbaya. Oh, no, Bill don't allow that. Snail mail don't work anymore, so - you know, it's pretty terrible that President Trump would close the, close the pistol office just so Bob couldn't get his $12 paid so he can listen to a piece of music. But he's got all the music! He's got all the music, but he didn't know what to do with it.

Bob 17:22
Did they close the post office?

Carolyn 17:51
That's what the -

iON 17:50
It's over. -

Carolyn 17:52
- democrats saying, that Trump's gonna do is close the pistol office.

iON 17:56
All so your $12 can't get to Washington. All so your simple letter can't get to Washington. Ridiculous.

Carolyn 18:04
Yeah, that you did it, Bob. -

iON 18:06
It's the cabal.

Carolyn 18:06
- You start messin with the post office and then it goes all to heck.

Bob 18:11
Well, I started to explain -

iON 18:12
You said, "Oh, the people aren't working. You say, "Oh, well. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Thompson quadrant. Hope y'all are comfortable. Just get yourself a nice comfortable seat. You better get your feather bed 'cuz it's gonna get a rough - it's a rough and rocky road, Bob; it's a rough and rocky road. That's a fa so la song. You should post it.

Bob 18:30
All you ladies out there. iON was telling me that goddess word ain't acceptable. You are a god or not. No goddess bullshit. Goddess is folklore, and that's why we're not doing the Book of Gates that have been suggested. It's all about goddess, Nubian goddess propaganda. So, all you women, just talk as if you're god.

iON 18:55
Yeah, if she wouldn't get stuck in that and make a separation, we would support that. But she does. And so it becomes a nullifier. It's saying that the individual cup of soup is delineated by what spoon you're using to consume it. And so the goddess aspect is the spoon which has nothing to do with the conversation. So you know, it's kind of like, okay, we could say, "I have platinum blonde hair, god." What does that have to do with anything? Nothing. It just becomes a describer; the platinum blonde hair goddess. I'm a goddess god. Oh, okay, well then now you're just describing, you know, what kind of foundational garments you prefer. Nice bustiers are always in style, girl. Just sayin'. So anyhow, back to work, Carolyn.

Bob 19:43
Anyhow, let me say someum there. You're saying your body is just -

iON 19:46
Bob drove us off the chain.

Bob 19:47
- a vehicle like a glass. Doesn't matter what glass you drink from, it's still just a glass. Your body's just the glass container.

iON 19:55
You don't drink from glass - you just, you lick it off the counter. You know you do.

Carolyn 19:59
We're talking about a bowl of soup, Bob.

Bob 20:00
Heh heh heh. I'm speaking to you people, not about myself. What, Carolyn?

Carolyn 20:03
We're talking about bowls of soup, not glasses of soup. You don't drink soup from a glass.

Bob 20:07
You'll see. The glass will come up later. (Carolyn and iON laugh)

iON 20:18
Can I have a cup of water? I'd like to buy a cup of water. If you can please interrupt me and sell me a cup of water, I would like that very much. Not to do that.

Carolyn 20:28
Next section: "APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nu). RUBRIC: [These words] shall be said when Ra appeareth over [figures] of these gods written in colour upon a tablet, and thou shalt place offerings of tchefau food before them, cakes, ale, flesh, geese, and incense. They shall cause the deceased to enjoy the "offerings which come forth at the word [of command]" before Ra; and they shall give the deceased an abundance of food in Khert-Neter, and shall deliver him from every evil thing whatsoever. And thou shalt not recite this Book of Un-Nefer in the presence of anyone except thine own self. If this be done for the deceased Ra shall be a rudder for him, (Carolyn: ah, Ra shall be a rudder for him, iON.)

iON 21:31
You see. Yeah. Now that - now you're saying, "My cup of soup is special. Just like every other cup of soup came out of the same pot, but my cup of soup is different. It's being driven differently." And that's the segregation that applies. So we're saying ascension is for everybody, but fuck everybody, let's get you to it. If we get you to it, then you put your oxygen mask on first before you start helping everybody else.

Carolyn 21:59
Mm hmm. Thank you. Appreciate it. Continuing. So let me finish. Let me go back to the previous

iON 22:09
Just go "Ra shall be a rudder for him." Good. You're there.

Carolyn 22:14
Yeah, "for him, and shall be to him a strong protecting power, and he shall destroy all his enemies for him (Carolyn: Somehow this is bolded in my text, he shall destroy all his enemies for him) in Khert-Neter, and in heaven, and upon earth, and in every place whereinsoever he may enter, and he shall enjoy celestial food regularly and continually for ever." So it's all good.

iON 22:50
Do you see what's happening? No, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, slow up a second, slow up a second. Now do you see the merging? This is where you - this is the first time that you've gotten to this whole bunch of jibberish that you're starting to merge the body. This is the first place you've had the opportunity to maybe get at one up on the Tech Body. Maybe. What condition our condition was in, and we didn't say anything in the condition of our condition that's the condition. We're trying to get humans into their place of power. So does that mean we have to slap you around so vehemently that you have no choice but to ascend? Okay, if it'll work, but it hasn't so far. We can't be worse to you than you are to yourself. You cut your head off and then complain that you don't have the headache anymore that you used to enjoy. 'Cuz you cut your head off for Pete's sake. (background noise) Come on, mute, Bob. (background noise on purpose, Carolyn laughs)

Bob 23:51
l'm a god. I don't listen to little voices.

Carolyn 23:53
He's an unmuted god. Okay, so this business about the merging is expressed by heaven and earth, earth and all the places being wrapped up in one? Is that what you're saying?

iON 24:07
Yeah, it's like, it's like Bob's celestial food. You know the little, the little piece of bread that's wrapped up and it's almost like a cinnamon roll now, like in the swirl, the little flat one? That you don't have to cut up between these toast and put the butter on it. It's got more crooks and nannies to hold the butter? It's like that. It's like that sometimes.

Carolyn 24:30

iON 24:30
So they're merging, Carolyn. This dead in Christ shall rise. This whole position of coming into your place, it's starting to apply. And this is the one intersection part. One intersection part where you have the potential ability and capacity to actually overstep. Overstep Tech Body collusion. 'Cuz what you're fixin' to see is, well, it's already happening, that's why we're making a noted obvious position is it's already happening. You've got yourself in a position now where the Tech Body's telling you how you felt. Tech Body's telling you how you felt.

Carolyn 24:38
Yep, yeah. Mm hmm.

iON 25:07
"Now, I've been sittin' here watching the TV till I've got bedsores, Carolyn, what -" "Magnesium, magnesium, magnesium. Bedsores good for magnesium. Good for bedsores, but maybe might be good to get your damn ass up off of the place that you're laying on. Move around a little bit. Take your pea pod. You can watch porn on the go. It's porn, it's porn on the go. It's all good." But see, they look for the ancillary rather than the obvious. Ancillary versus the obvious. But this is hooking up the power, the strong protecting power, and then you can destroy all his enemies. 'Cuz see, Khert-Neter all the way through this has been your buddy. Yeah? Khert-Neter has been the thing that helps you out. Yeah?

Carolyn 26:01

iON 26:02
Khert-Neter has been the good dude. Right? Well, now all of a sudden, you got to get protection in Khert-Neter. Well, hell, if you got this fellatio-based relationship, y'all pretty chummy. You cuddle up, you spoon regularly. It's all good. But now all of a sudden, you got to go over - oh, come and whoop this thing. So now you're gonna find out about the recension. Now you're gonna find out about recension.

Carolyn 26:26
Well, recension means you're a revised edition, so, yeah, -

iON 26:32

Carolyn 26:32
- the next part looks like it's "(From the Saite (Carolyn: say-ite. Say it recension)

iON 26:41
Saite. Just saite. Saite.

Carolyn 26:42

iON 26:42
Like full. Like your belly's full. Your belly's full so you're saited. So it's a version of saite.

Carolyn 26:48
Ahh. Okay, so continuing. The chapter heading is: "THE BOOK OF MAKING PERFECT THE KHU (Carolyn: K-H-U) in the heart of Ra, of making him to have the mastery before Tem, of magnifying him before Osiris, of making him mighty before the Khent-Amentet, and of setting awe of him before the Company of the Gods. It shall be recited on the day of the New Moon, on the sixth day festival, on the fifteenth day festival, on the festival of Uak, on the festival of Thoth, on the Birthday of Osiris, on the festival of Menu, on the night of Heker, [during] the Mysteries of the Tuat, during the celebration of the Mysteries in Akertet, at the smiting of the emissions." Okay, there's a new word, emissions. Is that sperm, iON?

iON 27:52
No, no. You don't smite sperm unless you're, unless you're, unless you're at Dealey, unless you're, unless you're at Dealey Plaza. Then it's a different thing.

Carolyn 28:09
Mmm. So, what does emissions stand for?

iON 28:17
Conditions of the environ or atmosphere. It's atmosphere.

Carolyn 28:23

iON 28:26
Some would say it's like carbon. Some would say it's like carbon. Some would - the little people would say - well, see, the dead would say you're planting me in dirty dirt. You're planting me in dirty dirt. My dirt's dirty. So those are the emissions that they would feign against. Well, the little man are feigning against the environment in which their world is coming to despite their every, you know, it's like cock - how do you get rid of cockroaches? Well, obviously, you yell at them. That's what makes them go away, as you yell at them. When you see a cockroach you scream and it runs away. If you never see a cockroach, then you don't have them. Right? Good.

Carolyn 29:08
Oh ho, ho, ho. Okay, very cool. Okay, continuing: "at the passage of the Funerary Valley, [and] the Mysteries..... [The recital thereof] will make the heart of the Khu to flourish and will make long his strides, and will make him to advance, and will make his face bright, and will make it to penetrate to the God. Let no man witness [the recital] except the king (Carolyn: small "k") and the Kherheb priest, (Carolyn: small "p") but the servant who cometh to minister outside shall not see it. Of the Khu for whom this Book (Carolyn: capital "B") shall be recited, his soul shall come forth by day with the living, he shall have power among the gods, and it will make him irresistible for ever and ever." Irresistible, iON.

iON 30:11
Yeah. Yummy. It's like Bob.

Carolyn 30:15
What kind of protection is that?

iON 30:18
Oh, it's like Bob. It's when you - you've got it - you've done this, Carolyn, where you walk by him and just want to go lick him. You know, the one thing on earth that would curdle his milk more than any everything, is to -

Carolyn 30:29
Yeah! He won't let me lick him.

iON 30:32
- walk by him and just lick him. He'd go crazy! He'd go crazy. Well, that's the part of being irresistible. It's 'cuz he tastes so damn good. He does taste good. So, just that that licking, that's the one thing that would send him, phew, it'd be over with. Yeah, it'd be through. But that's the point. Irresistible. It's the thing that makes - so now anytime y'all get a meeting with Bob, just walk up to him and lick him. He'll like that. He'll like that very much. (Carolyn laughs) Don't shake hands, just lick him. Just lick him. He'll find that enjoyable. Mm hmm. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking, Carolyn.

Carolyn 31:06
Mm hmm. Continuing: "These gods shall go round about him, and shall acknowledge him. He shall be one of them. [This Book] (Carolyn: capital "B") shall make him to know how he came into being in the beginning. This Book is indeed a veritable mystery. Let no stranger anywhere have knowledge of it. Do not speak about it to any man. Do not repeat it. Let no [other] eye see it. Let no [other] ear hear it. Let no one see it except [thyself] and him who taught [it to thee]. Let not the multitude (Carolyn: And that's bolded) [know of it] except thyself and the beloved friend of thy heart. Thou shalt do this book (Carolyn: small "b") in the seh (Carolyn: s-e-h) chamber on a cloth painted with the stars in colour all over it. It is indeed a mystery. The dwellers in the swamps of the Delta (Carolyn: It says n-a-d there but it's probably a-n-d) and everywhere shall not know it. It shall provided the Khu with celestial food upon in Khert-Neter. It shall supply his Heart-soul with food upon earth. It shall make him to live for ever. No [evil] things shall have the master over him." So it's like we went back a step. Just cleaning things up here, iON?

Yeah. So, well, you've got the point; the point that if you don't have your power, you're screwed. And so you got to get some power. These are dead people. So you got to give them some power. Once you give them some power, then they can do it themselves. They can stir their own - steer their own train and stir their own pot of soup. You see?

Mm hmm. Steer and stir. Heh heh.

iON 33:17

Carolyn 33:17
Awesome. Yeah. Wow.

iON 33:20
And you know, it says: No thing shall have the master over him. And then parentetically, it's evil, like that there's a difference. See, we don't know the difference. We don't see that. Because what we say is heaven, people say it's hell. What we say is hell, people say it's heaven. It's a crazy thing. Like, you know, you know, the medical condition like cutters?

Carolyn 33:42

iON 33:43
You've treated cutters. Where they have this just - they only feel good when they're in pain. They only feel good when they're in pain. And we watch humans do all this crazy stuff. You know, they build a beautiful house and make a beautiful home and fill it full of beautiful things, and have people around them that they fuck and love and love to fuck and like to get around with, and they, they eat cookies and drink buttermilk and have beautiful days. And then they throw it all away. Just walk away from it and decide they can't do that anymore. You're just like, Wait a second. Why? How is it you decided to make this pot of soup if you weren't going to engage it? That's the thing. And it becomes a bit of a suffrage issue. It becomes a suffrage issue. 'Cuz then it's like, I'm so powerful, I can punish myself for not ascending. And so in awhile, we, we, that's why we kind of go on the risque. We go on the out-of-the-box and say nasty things. And we have been known to say "nigra" on occasion. Just rare, rare, rarest of occasion. We have said that just to point out the avant garde. See, we're pointing at the avant garde. That thing you can't do, well, now what?

Carolyn 35:09

iON 35:09
What's wrong with that? Then after a little while you go, Oh, that's just iON, don't worry. You know, he, he's some Herman Talmadge throwback. Don't worry about that. It's from a different time, a different space. When it's not that, it's not that at all, you see. You got to get this straightened out, because this is the same curse that Albert tried to put on you, and George V tried to put on you. And it's the same thing Queen Victoria was trying to suppress. They followed the rules. They followed the, the blue blood follow the rules better than y'all do. They keep it to themselves, they married to themselves, they control their wealth, fame and power to themselves. It's vulgar; you shouldn't be involved in the conversation. Who are you anyway? Not in our world will you reside. And now you see it becomes, you say uppity; but it's not uppity, it's them applying the very thing that's happening right here right here. They're saying, keep it to yourself. Get you right. Get you right. Quit worrying about everybody else. Get you right. If you love somebody, good. Love them, but get you right. 'Cuz if you don't get you right, they're not gonna last anyway. That's the rub. We didn't mean to jump quite that far off the boat, but we did want to make - bring this home now because you're running out of pages here pretty quickly. But do you see the clear delineation between now the dead ain't so dead no more?

Carolyn 36:43
Yeah. And what you -

iON 36:47

Carolyn 36:47
- yeah, thank you. I like that line. It clears up when the Queen says not in our world. But what they had been lopping off is, "will you reside. Not in our world will you reside." That is too cool for school.

iON 37:07
Yeah, and see, and you do that. You do that just superfluously 'cuz it doesn't matter. But you do that normally. That's normal. That doesn't fit, that doesn't fit into your condition. We'll show you. It's a John Kerry problem.

Carolyn 37:33
Shawn Cary problem.

iON 37:37
Yeah, dirty little secret.

Carolyn 37:40
Oh, Bob, Bob's reaching for his mute. It's a John Kerry; you mean the - our climate clown?

iON 37:50
Your climate clown. You're so cool. With them clowny daggers. You've got clowny, you've got clowny daggers, Carolyn. Yeah.

Carolyn 37:57
Yeah, yeah. Okay, cool. Continuing: "THE ADDRESSES OF THE FOUR RUDDERS." Okay. We're, we're circling back to the rudders, get those cleaned up. So, the words are: "Hail, Power of Heaven, Opener of the Disk, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven."

iON 38:19
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is the Disk? Littlest Disk. What is the Disk?

Carolyn 38:29
Sun. Sun.

iON 38:31
Perfect. Good. If we're gonna give addresses, let's go ahead and be clear.

Carolyn 38:36
Yeah, thank you. So, "Hail, Power of Heaven, Opener of the Disk, thou beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven, Hail Ra, Guide of the Two Lands, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Western Heaven. Hail, Khu, Dweller in the House of the Akhemu gods, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Eastern Heaven. Hail, Governor, Dweller in the House of the Tesheru Gods, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Southern Heaven." I could go back and look, but are these the same words as above, iON?

iON 39:13
Same conditions but not the same words because you've got hendiadys and the Two Lands and then Power of Heaven which is where god lives. And Opener, Opener of the Disk. Then the rest of it is just the doppelganger that's supposed to make you think you saw something.

Carolyn 39:32
Yeah, okay, hendiadys and Disk define this more.

iON 39:39
Mm hmm.

Carolyn 39:43
And continuing: "Grant ye cakes, and ale and tchefau food to the Osiris Auf-ankh, whose word is truth. Hail, Father of the Gods! Hail, Mother of the Gods in Khert-Neter! Deliver ye the Osiris from every evil thing, from every evil obstruction, from every dire attack of an enemy, and from that deadly snarer with knife-like words, and from men, and gods, and Spirit-souls, and the damned, on this day, on this night, on this present festival of the fifteenth day, and in this year, and from the things of evil thereof." So, so there goes evil; it's gone.

iON 40:33
And your clowny daggers, the knife-like words.

Carolyn 40:37
Oh, my gosh, yes. Oh, cool. Clowny daggers. Okay, got it. And continuing, a new header, it's called: "HYMN TO OSIRIS KHENTI-AMENTI UN-NEFER." The words are: "The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, praiseth Osiris Khenti-Amenti Un-Nefer, and saith:- Hail, my Lord, who dost hasten through eternity, whose existence is for ever," Now what's interesting, there's a lot of for evers and the word is separated. It's not forever. It's for ever. Does that hold some meaning, iON?

iON 41:37
Yeah, that's not forever, it's for the evers, for ever. It's for, it's who it's for, the object of the preposition, not the word forever.

Carolyn 41:49

iON 41:49
The condition, it divides it. Mm hmm.

Carolyn 41:51
Yeah, right. Cool. Continuing: "Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Sovereign, God of the Gods, who live in their shrines,....gods.... men." Okay, that's interesting. So, it's like gods to men. So, we've - we are gods here. And we look back at the men, the hendiadys, the mirror. Right, iON?

iON 42:00
Ahhh, we'd say yes, but - well, we'd like to say that, but that's not the case. See, that's what we were trying to get to the point. Yes, but that's not what happens. They look in the mirror and they see something very weird. They look and they see, they see a perfect human, a perfect human. And they see one eye is larger than another. One lip leaning to the left. The hair isn't just right; it grows funny or it's cow licked. And they have a perfect body, I mean, perfect. And they have a superfluous nipple. It's the craziest thing ever. They see what's wrong, never what's right.

Carolyn 43:06
Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Okay.

iON 43:08
It's a plastic surgeon's dream.

Carolyn 43:10
Ha ha ha. Never what's right, cool. Continuing: "Make thou for me a seat with those who are in Khert-Neter, who adore the forms of thy KA, (Carolyn: capital "K," capital "A") and who traverse millions of millions of years......." So, we've got the KA. I forget what we said the KA was before because two capitals -

iON 43:41
That was the author. That was the au-(?), that was the Ra's condition. The KA was the Ra condition, remember?

Carolyn 43:52
Okay. Yes, yes. Yes, right. Yeah, yeah. Ka Ra. And this traverse millions of millions of years. They're, they're trying to say that time is limitless, but they're still talking about time.

iON 44:09
Right. By making more of it makes it more, more obscure.

Carolyn 44:16
Yeah, yeah.

iON 44:17
But then eternity is time, too. So, we just don't know how long it is, yet.

Carolyn 44:23
Ah, yes, yes.

iON 44:26

Carolyn 44:26
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 44:26
Constructs are screwy. And put this in the annals, put this in the annals that we admit it for the very first time that all analogy sucks sooner or later.

Carolyn 44:37
I know. Got it. Continuing.

iON 44:44
Carolyn just lives for a good, she just lives for a good one.

Carolyn 44:48
Oh, my heart just clenches. You know, everything just clenches (indistinct) are hearing,

iON 44:54
For a good one. For a good one. She just wants a good one. Just one good one.

Carolyn 44:57
Yeah, one good one. Continuing: "May no delay arise for thee in Ta-mera. (Carolyn: Oh, that's my name, kind of) Let them come to thee, all of them, great as well as small. May this god give the power to enterin (Carolyn: it's spelled e-n-t-e-r-i-n. Do you think that's two words or)

iON 45:26
Mm hmm.

Carolyn 45:27
Two words?

iON 45:28
Yes, it's two words; make it two.

Carolyn 45:30
May this god, yeah, "May this god give the power to enter in and to come forth from Khert-Neter, without repulse, at any door of the Tuat, to the KA of the Osiris Ani." And then we come to the "APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Sutimes)" And the words in capitals are: "SUTIMES, THE LIBATIONER (Carolyn: Hmm. So is that the drinker? The libationer?)

iON 46:05
Uh huh. Uh huh. The sot.

Carolyn 46:05
The libationer. Right. "THE LIBATIONER AND PRESIDENT OF THE ALTAR CHAMBER OF THE APTS," A-P-T-S. Is that apartments in church-form?

iON 46:16
No, it's, no, it's, it's things on your black mirror that run things.

Carolyn 46:31
Ha ha. Apps! Oh, no. Shoot. Yeah, sure. Sure, iON.

iON 46:40
Yeah, see the rub.

Carolyn 46:45
"THE LIBATIONER AND PRESIDENT OF THE ALTAR CHAMBER OF THE APTS, DIRECTOR OF THE SCRIBES OF AMEN," So the scribes, that's the soul. So this is somehow the soul director? Soul train?

iON 46:47
The holder of it, yes. So, a "Soul Train." Bob used to like that show. When he had, that's when he wore an Afro, do you remember that?

Carolyn 47:09
Oh, yeah, he had one. It's true.

iON 47:12
It's great.

Carolyn 47:13

iON 47:23
The grits and gravy.

Carolyn 47:36
Yeah. "Homage to thee, O thou Holy God, thou mighty and beneficent being, thou Prince of Eternity, who dwellest in (Carolyn: So now we're at eternity from millions and millions, and now we're at eternity. Nice. Doesn't mean a thing though.)

iON 47:46
Telling them, telling them how messed up they are.

Carolyn 48:06
Mmm, mmm. Right. "thou Prince of Eternity, who dwellest in thy abode in the Sektet Boat, whose risings are manifold in the Atet Boat, unto whom praises are rendered in heaven and upon earth. Peoples and nations exalt thee, and the awe of thy terror is in the hearts of men, and Spirit-souls, and the dead. Thy soul dwelleth in Tetu, and the awe of thee is in Hensu. Thou settest the visible emblems of thyself in Anu, and the majesty of thy transformations in the holy place. I have come unto thee. Truth is in my heart, and in my breast there is neither craft nor guile. Grant thou that I may have my being among the living, and that I may sail up and down the river among those who are in thy following." Ma, I'm running out of brain power here. What is

iON 49:23
Yeah, no, it's as it lays, it's as it lays. It's saying there is something bigger, there is something better, there is something outside it, but you're too stupid to figure it out. And we're gonna tell you that one more time because it's unknown, and we're gonna say it one to Z. And then we're gonna get Hathor or the Lady of Amentet and see if we can clean this up a little bit or at least find which bowl your soup is in.

Carolyn 49:52
Uh huh. Now, what are our choices of which bowl you're soup is in?

iON 50:02
You'll see. 'Cuz that's the little, little houses made of ticky tacky. Which one you're gonna move into? You don't know. Whichever one they allow you to have. Whichever one they approve. Whichever one they permit. Who the fuck is they?

Carolyn 50:13

iON 50:14
We don't know. See? We don't know. And nobody knows. It's like oh, okay, well, well I'm gonna have good health. Based on whose edict?


iON 0:00
Based on whose prescription? Based on whose prescription?

Carolyn 0:05
Find out which bowl your soup is in, and it could be in the ascension bowl.

iON 0:10

Carolyn 0:11

iON 0:13

Carolyn 0:15
And the next section: "THE CHAPTER OF THE PRAISE OF HATHOR, LADY OF AMENTET. (Carolyn: yay) Hathor, Lady of Amentet, the Dweller in the Great Land, the Lady of Ta-Tchesert, (Carolyn: something like that) the Eye of Ra, the Dweller in his breast, the Beautiful Face in the Boat of Millions of Years, the Seat of Peace of the doer of truth, Dweller in the Boat of the favoured ones....." Ho, ho, ho. So we're separating the dead into favored or not favored, iON?

iON 0:54
Always. Always. They sort, they kind of sort, they, they actually kind of sort themselves. That's good.

Carolyn 1:01
Yeah. Yeah. Gotcha. I've seen that. Next is an "APPENDIX THE CHAPTER OF THE FOUR TORCHES." Look at this. Now. This is "(From the Papyrus of Nu, Sheets. 26 and 27)" So the four torches is that anything to do with the lampstands or the lamps?

iON 1:29
No, it's what those four directions hold.

Carolyn 1:33
Ah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

iON 1:36
Are you gonna make one more week out of this?

Carolyn 1:41
Probably. It's been -

iON 1:44
'Cuz you're almost out of, -

Carolyn 1:45
- an hour.

iON 1:45
- you're almost our of, you're almost out of words.

Carolyn 1:50
I know. I'm looking. I've got like four, four big pages. Bob, do you want us to continue?Bob wants us to continue. He's having a nice little nap there. Okay with you, iON?

iON 2:03
Oh, bless his little heart.

Bob 2:04
Do you know why we continue - we finish? We go to the end 'cuz it's September 5th. That's the polarity, day of polarity in '69; big day. It's the day they started creating the internet. It's also Dweezil Zappa's birthday.

Carolyn 2:19
Ho, ho, ho.

Bob 2:20
So we end on September 5th would be very appropriate.

Carolyn 2:24
Okay, let me just click down.

iON 2:27
Are you saying finish the whole thing? Oh, Carolyn will have a nervous bustup.

Bob 2:30
There's not much left.

iON 2:31

Carolyn 2:34
It's three, ah, yeah, it's three or four. Okay, I'll, I'll be quick. Okay, chapter heading: "THE CHAPTER OF THE FOUR LIGHTED LAMPS WHICH ARE MADE FOR THE SPIRIT-SOUL. Behold, thou

Bob 2:52
For the Spirit-soul.

Carolyn 2:54
Why don't you read it, Bob?

Bob 2:55
No. Made for the Spirit-soul. You started it, you finish it.

Carolyn 2:59
He, he. Behold thou shalt make mute yourself, you Spirit- soul, you -

iON 3:07
You heavy breather. You heavy breather, you -

Carolyn 3:09
(simultaneous with iON) - heavy breather.

Bob 3:12
Mouth breather is your term.

iON 3:14
Mouth breather.

Carolyn 3:16
Dark, dark, dark soul. He's a dark, dark, dark soul. He's no Spirit-soul.

iON 3:19
He is lickable though, he's very lickable. He's very lickable. You got to give him that.

Carolyn 3:24
And he smells good. Bob always smells

iON 3:27
Always. Except for that one time when he didn't bathe. That was bad. That was bad. We almost bought another house over that. That was the one time. He was

Carolyn 3:37
But that was like 30 years ago. It was only 30, 25, 30. Okay, what, Bob?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was

Bob 3:44
Did you know I was in charge of the Tech Body?

Carolyn 3:47

Bob 3:49
I'm in charge of it.

Carolyn 3:49

Bob 3:50
Yeah, it comes out later today, tonight, we'll hear about that.

Carolyn 3:54
Uh oh. Okay, continuing. This is "THE CHAPTER OF THE FOUR LIGHTED LAMPS WHICH ARE MADE FOR THE SPIRIT-SOUL. Behold, thou shalt make four rectangular troughs of clay wherein thou shalt scatter incense, and thou shalt fill them with the milk of a white cow, and by means of these thou shalt extinguish the lamps." Hmm. Why do we want to do that, iON? Don't we want to keep the lamps burning?

iON 4:26
You'll see.

Carolyn 4:27

iON 4:27
It's not those lamps. Remember? It's not those lamps. They're different lamps.

Carolyn 4:31
No, true, true. This is directional lamps. Gotcha. "The Osiris Nu, the steward of the oversteer of the seal, whose word is truth, saith:- The fire cometh to thy KA, O Osiris Khenti-Amenti! The fire cometh to thy KA, O Osiris Nu, whose word truth. The ordering of the night cometh after the day. [The fire cometh to thy KA, O Osiris, Governor of those who are in Amenti], and the two sisters of Ra come likewise." Uh oh, we haven't heard of the two sisters are they mirror images, iON?

iON 5:13
The split, that was the split; they were talking about the Two Lands.

Carolyn 5:18
Yeah, okay. Got it. And continuing: Behold it (the fire) riseth in Abtu, and it cometh; I cause it to come, the Eye of Horus. It is set in order upon thy brow, O Osiris Khenti-Amenti; it is set in thy shrine and riseth on thy brow; it is set on thy brow O Osiris Nu, it is set on thy brow. The Eye of Horus protecteth thee O Osiris Khenti-Amenti, and it keepeth thee in safety; it casteth down headlong all thine enemies for thee, and all thine enemies have fallen down headlong before thee. O Osiris Nu, the Eye of Horus protecteth thee, it keepeth thee in safety, and it casteth down headlong all thine enemies. Thine enemies have fallen down headlong before thy KA, O Osiris Khenti-Amenti. The Eye of Ra protecteth thee, it keepeth thee in safety, and it hath cast down headlong all thine enemies. Thine enemies have fallen down headlong before thy KA, O Osiris Nu, whose word is truth. The Eye of Horus protecteh thee, it keepth thee in safety, it hath cast down headlong for thee all thine enemies, and thine enemies have fallen down headlong before thee. The Eye of Horus cometh. It is sound and well, it sendeth forth light even as doth Ra in the horizon. It covereth the powers of Suti with darkness, it mastereth him, and it bringeth its flame against him by its own command. The Eye of Horus is sound and well. thou eatest the flesh thereof, thy body possesseth it. Thou acclaimest it. The Four Fires enter into thy KA, O Osiris Khenti-Amenti, the Four Fires enter into thy KA, O Osiris Nu, the steward of the overseer of the seal, whose word is truth." So that's all about the fires, people trying to snuff out the fires, people keeping the fires burning.

iON 7:49
Okay, okay. Okay, okay. Okay. Good, but not so much. You know, when Ginney comes up with some of these crazy ideas, just crazy over the top. It's like what? And it works out. That's how she's able to work it out. She meddles it through itself. Okay, it's not crocheting, it's knitting. Do you know the difference?

Carolyn 8:13
Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 8:16
Okay. It's not crocheting, it's knitting; but it's also not tatting. It's not making lace. It's not making knots. It's not tying knot. It's not that. It's like knitting where it's woven together. That she's able to do that, and that's how she gets away with it. 'Cuz anybody else, psst, no way in hell is that going through. And it does, but that's how she does it: from that separation and combining knit one, purl two.

Carolyn 8:44
Mm hmm. Yeah, I mean, knitting is more complex.

iON 8:49
That was synoptic, that was synoptic, wasn't it? Well, now, wait now. It doesn't have to be. Not wait a minute. You can crochet thread, now. You can do all kinds of things with crochet. It's just the, the, the pull is pulled to itself. Knitting is the overwrapping or interlacing of lines of thread, you see.

Carolyn 9:16
Right. And crochet just has the one hook and knitting has the two, so you've got more -

iON 9:21
Two lines. Well, if you can - if you're saying you can do more with knitting than crocheting then we're like, eh, not necessarily. You can do all kinds of fancy, fancy, fancy things with crocheting, too, also. Because it fills, because the, the knitting hooks just hold the lines so that you can pull the thread back through another line. See, it becomes the, it becomes the - it makes a grid. Think of knitting as a grid and crocheting as string theory.

Carolyn 9:50
Okay, so this one we, I, just read about the, the protecteth and keepeth, protecteth and keepeth. How does that relate to knitting and Ginney's brilliance?

iON 10:06
How she can pull it off. How she's able to knit through whatever the objection is. Look at all this yuck. The yuck, terrible yuck, enemies, death, destruction, fuck you, I don't like you, you don't like me, I'm gonna get you, no you're not, yes you are, I'm gonna (indistinct mumbles). How she navigates through that is by knitting, not crocheting.

Carolyn 10:28
Mm hmm. Cool that. Clue. Clue that.

iON 10:33
She can read the weave. She can - Ginneybelle can read the weave. She reads the weave.

Carolyn 10:41
Ah, there. Yeah, read the weave.

iON 10:45
And quite brilliantly, too. Now, we're not trying, we're not trying to pump her up. She hates that. She'd let us talk about GQ much more than her, but this is what that applies to. And otherwise she'd spend two pages talkin' about it. This just cleaned it up. (Indistinct) Oh, yeah, Ginney Almighty. Yeah, no big deal. Good. We go, okay, good.

Carolyn 11:04
Yeah, cool.

iON 11:06
We're on (indistinct) page.

Carolyn 11:07
Yeah. Thank you. Continuing: "Hail ye sons of Horus, Kesta, Hapi, Tuamutef, and Qebhsenuf, ye have

iON 11:20
They sound like rappers! They sound like rappers, don't they, Carolyn?

Carolyn 11:25
Yeah, that's true. Heh heh.

iON 11:25
Rich Homie Quan and Cardi B. Yeah.

Carolyn 11:29
Mm hmm. "ye have given your protection to your divine Father Osiris Khenti-Amenti, give ye your protection to the Osiris Nu, whose word is truth. Now therefore, inasmuch as ye have destroyed the Opponent of Osiris Khenti-Amenti, who liveth with the gods, having smitten Suti with his right hand and arm when dawn came upon the earth, and Horus hath become master [of Suti]," Now isn't Horus the Lady?

iON 12:12
No. Horus is the god of Death, remember?

Carolyn 12:17
Oh gosh, I'm gone. I'm - yeah, okay, the god of Death. Thank you. Heh, heh. Sorry, Horus. Continuing: "and hath avenged his divine Father himself; and inasmuch as your divine Father hath been made to flourish through the union of the KA of Osiris Khenti-Amenti, which ye effected, and the Eye of Horus hath avenged him, and hath protected him, and hath cast down headlong for him all his enemies, and all his enemies have fallen down before him, even so do ye destroy the Opponent (Carolyn: And that's a capital "O") of the Osiris Nu," Who's the Opponent, iON?

iON 13:09
The things that are - all of the things that say you can't ascend. The things they say you can't do it. The FDA; the, the, the, all of Bob's, all of Bob's disciples in the Church of Subgenius; and, you know, normal stuff.

Carolyn 13:29
Like that. Yeah. Did you want me, Bob?

Bob 13:34
Yeah, I said the Dark Soul.

iON 13:36
The Dark Soul, the first (indistinct).

Carolyn 13:37
Ha ha. No, you're helping, you're not.

iON 13:37
Pretty much. Pretty much, pretty much.

Carolyn 13:38
- You're helping, Bob. Continuing: "the steward of the overseer of the seal, whose word is truth. (Carolyn: So, yeah, that's fine.) Let him live with the gods, let him smite his enemy, let him destroy him, when light dawneth on the earth. Let Horus be master and avenge the Osiris Nu, and let the Osiris Nu flourish through his union with his KA which ye have effected. O Osiris Nu, the Eye of Horus hath avenged thee. It hath cast down headlong all thine enemies for thee, and all thine enemies have been cast down headlong before thee.

iON 14:32
The rub here, the rub here, the rub here is not the problem. The problem is not winning. The problem is trying to figure out who the enemy is. You are your own worst enemy. So that's why you can't, that's why sometimes you can't win. Or, the standard joke is, "I can't win for losing."

Carolyn 14:55
Yeah. Yeah, you have to, I mean -

iON 15:03
You don't know to whom -

Carolyn 15:09
- (overtalk) won.

iON 15:12

Carolyn 15:02
Right. Even in the first Key, it tells you you have to judge everything around you before you can go, get into your power. Even, you know, right at the beginning.

iON 15:12
Well, what you're gonna do is you just, you're just gonna, you become, you become powerful, but you become a flamethrower. So, all that means is that you burn down all the bad stuff, but you also - it's like antibiotics, it kills everything.

Carolyn 15:26
Ahhh. Oh, that is cool. So if you don't know who you are, or who the enemy is, you can use the first Key to just indiscriminately burn everything down.

iON 15:45
Yeah, it's kind of like the way people come up in this place of power; they're not sure. They got a good game goin'. Now, that's what Seth, well, no, we like Jane Roberts, but let's pick on Esther a little bit. Let's do that. Esther would say, "Oh, well, you have to find your vibrational condition, and then you have to follow that vibra -." Which is kinda like, oh God, we're gettin' in an oarless boat down a raging stream. She's trying to say that you have to hook it up vibrationally. Everything is vibration, but you've got to connect vibrationally to this woowoo place. Well, the woowoo place will let you down if you don't know who you are in your place of power. Just to have the vibration isn't enough. You have Kanye, who's powerful, but he, he shoots blanks. You have Okree, who's all this and a bag of chips, but the bitch can't even comb her hair no more. Have you seen her? It's scary. It's scary. And she puts on 200 pounds and she drops 200.

Carolyn 16:46
I know, it just amazing.

iON 16:47
We know, but, we know, but, but, see, the kicker is, is that's the, that's the application. You can have power but if you can't wield it, you end up burning your own house down. And that's what becomes self-fulfilling. And that's what you say, you know, the definition of idiocy is doing exactly the same things over and over and over again expecting a different outcome.

Carolyn 16:55
Mm hmm. Yeah.

iON 17:07
Or maybe that's lunacy.

Carolyn 17:16

iON 17:14
"Luna Nera."

Carolyn 17:18
Yeah, but -

iON 17:20
Luna, "Luna Nera" will help you.

Carolyn 17:23
Mm hmm. Luna, moon, crazy moon.

iON 17:28
Nera. Yeah. Mm hmm. Sorry, we digress. Carry on. Plow through.

Carolyn 17:38
Plow through. "Luna Nera." Who knows what that is? It's a movie for Pete's sake.

iON 17:44
It's a show. It's a show. Yeah, it's a show to teach you. It teaches you about the differences between the two worlds, and how to actually use the power that you got. And it teaches you about tinctures and about the basic camaraderie of homeopathy. And it opens up the doors to show you how that things are misprescribed, and how the simplest thing is the most complex. Do you realize that this thing you're working on is the simplest thing in the world, and how for 1000s of years people have never figured it out. And who the fuck are you, walk in the door and got all the answers and just boom, boom, boom, boom, hittin' it on all cylinders. You make it look easy, Dr. Dean.

Carolyn 18:31
Thank you. Wow. Okay, continuing: "Hail, Osiris Khenti-Amenti, grant thou light and fire to the perfect Heart-soul which is in Hensu. And [O ye Sons of Horus], grant ye power unto the living heart-soul of the Osiris Nu by means of his fire. Let him not be repulsed, and let him not be driven back at the doors of Amentet! Let his offerings of bread and of linen garments be brought unto him among the lords of funeral oblations." Whoo.

iON 19:12

Carolyn 19:13
Funeral oblations; I mean, that's like you killed the funeral. That's a weird pairing of words.

iON 19:19
Mm hmm. Yep. You'll see. That's what they're doing.

Carolyn 19:24
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Who needs a funeral when you never die? Yeah, that's the other -

iON 19:31
And, and see, but you but, but, but, but, but, but wait. But if you don't go the rest of the steps, you spend the rest of eternity killing yourself. Ha! You spend the rest of eternity killing yourself. That's the whole point. You watched it. You watch people get in their soup. You cure them so they could - you make their body - you make them better so they can smoke more cigarettes.

Carolyn 19:47
Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Wow.

iON 19:57
But they feel better. So, hey, good. If that's what it does, then good. We ain't mad, now, we ain't mad. We don't care. Smoke em if you got em, we ain't saying that. We're just saying that you're, you're battling an inside outside esoteric condition. That's the rub.

Carolyn 20:15
Right. Right. Continuing: "O offer ye praises, as unto a god to the Osiris Nu, the destroyer of his Opponent in his form of Truth, and in his attributes of a god of truth. RUBRIC: [This Chapter] (Carolyn: So it's telling us, is it telling us what's coming or what we just did? I forget.)

iON 20:40
This is how to do. How to do.

Carolyn 20:43
How to do it. Right. "[This Chapter] shall be recited over four torches of atma cloth, which hath been anointed with the finest Thehennu unguent, and the torches shall be placed in the hands of four men who shall have the names of the pillars of Horus written upon their shoulders, and they shall burn the torches in the beautiful light of Ra, and this shall confer power and might upon the Spirit-soul of the deceased among the stars which never set. If this Chapter be recited for him he shall never, never perish, and he shall become a living soul for ever. These torches shall make the Spirit-soul to flourish like Osiris Khenti-Amenti, regularly and continually for ever. It is a struggle, Thou shalt not perform this ceremony before any human being except thine own self, or thy father, or thy son, because it is an exceedingly great mystery of the Amentet, and it is a type of the hidden things of the Tuat. When this ceremony hath been performed for the deceased, the gods, and the Spirit-souls, and the dead shall see him in the form of Khenti-Amenti, and he shall have power and dominion like this god." Well, that speaks for itself, iON. Ha ha.

iON 22:17
It does. It does. And that's why, that's why Robin, that's why Robin can bring her mom and daddy back if she wants to. Oh, sorry, that was a side question. She'll obfuscate it, don't worry, but we had to, we had to do what we do. Okay, keep on plowing honey, we got the subsoiler, Carolyn, we got the subsoiler out now. We're gonna bust some new ground.

Carolyn 22:41
New ground. Continuing to this new ground. "If thou shalt undertake to perform for the deceased that which is ordered in this "Chapter of the four blazing torches," each day, thou shalt cause the form of the deceased to come forth from every hall [in the Tuat], and from the Seven Halls of Osiris. And he shall live in the form of the God. He shall have power and dominion corresponding to those of the gods and the Spirit-souls for ever and ever. He shall enter in through the secret pylons and shall not be turned back in the presence of Osiris. And it shall come to pass, provided that the following things be done for him, that he shall enter in and come forth. He shall not be turned back. No boundary shall be set to his goings, and the sentence of the doom shall not be passed upon him on the Day of the Weighing of Words before Osiris- never, never." So they're,

iON 23:50
Never it, Neveritt. Never it, Neveritt. Go ahead.

Carolyn 23:52
Heh heh. "And thou shalt perform whatsoever [is written in] this book on behalf of the deceased, who shall thereby become perfect and pure. And thou shalt "open his mouth" with the instrument of iron." Okay, now that's interesting 'cuz, you know, we talked about iron as the shield for the, for the yarmulke continent. What else is iron doing?

iON 24:22
Just that. That's what that's talkin' about. Where it's just not perfect or pure yet. The Fe, the Fe has been, the Fe has been compromised.

Carolyn 24:34
Ah ha. Yes. But not perfect yet. Okay. Got it. Continuing: "And thou shalt

iON 24:42
Same way in your minerals.

Carolyn 24:44
Yeah, same way, yeah. We're perfecting them. Well, don't they get perfected in a perfect body?

iON 24:53
Well, if you had one, you would, yeah.

Carolyn 24:57

iON 24:57
But you got to get it better and better and better until you do, you do, you do. And then meanwhile, back at the ranch, we're gettin' them perfect so they can kill themselves more efficiently. Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 25:10
Yeah, ha ha ha.

iON 25:10
See, that's why it's a multi, that's why, that's why there're five bodies. Because you got to balance it. And that's why there's four quadrants, however ridiculous, however ridiculous. There's gonna be eight quadrants before it's over with, but we don't - y'all gotta live through the Thompson. Y'all gotta live through the Thompson quadrant first. You've made it a rule so now you're gonna - you want it? You asked for it, you got it, Toyota.

Carolyn 25:36
Mm hmm. Wow. Cool. Continuing: "And thou shalt write down these things in accordance with the instructions which are found in the books of Prince Harutataf, who discovered them in a secret coffer (now they were in the handwriting of the god [Thoth] himself and had been deposited in the Temple of the goddess Unnut, the Lady of Unu) during a journey which he was making in order to inspect the temples, and the temple-estates, and the sanctuaries of the gods. And thou shalt perform these ceremonies secretly in the Tuat-chamber of the tomb, for they are mysteries of the Tuat, and they are symbolic of the things which are done in Khert-Neter. And thou shalt say: I have come, I have advanced hastily. I cast light upon his (the deceased's) footsteps. I am hidden, but I cast light upon his hidden place. I stand up close to the Tet. I stand up close to the Tet of Ra, I turn back the slaughter, I am protecting thee, O Osiris." (Carolyn: Wow. And the "RUBRIC" of what we just read is) This Chapter shall be recited over a Tet of crystal, which shall be set upon a brick made of crude mud, whereupon this Chapter hath been inscribed. Thou shalt make a cavity in the west wall [of the tomb], and having turned the front of the Tet towards the east, thou shalt wall up the cavity with mud which hath been mixed with extract of cedar. This Tet shall drive away the enemies of Osiris who would set themselves at the east wall [of the tomb]. And thou shalt say: I have driven back thy foes. I keep watch over thee. He that is upon his mountain (Anpu) keepeth watch over thee ready for the moment when thy foes shall attack thee, and he shall repulse them for thee. I will drive back the Crocodile at the moment when it attacketh thee, and I will protect thee, O Osiris Nu." Wow.

iON 28:05
And don't, don't tell, don't tell Scott what color the crocodile is. So, go ahead.

Carolyn 28:11
Yeah, ha ha. Sorry, Scott. The "RUBRIC" here is that: "This Chapter shall be recited over a figure of Anpu made of crude mud mixed with incense. And a figure shall be set upon a brick made of crude mud, whereupon this Chapter hath been inscribed. Thou shalt make a cavity in the east wall, and having turned the face of the figure of Anpu towards the west wall [therein] thou shalt wall up the cavity. This figure shall repulse the enemies of Osiris, who would set themselves at the south wall. And thou shalt say: I am the belt of sand (Carolyn: Uh oh, brick dust, brick dust) (iON: Mm hmm) round about the hidden coffer. I turn back the force of the blazing fire of the funerary mountain. I traverse the roads, and I protect the Osiris Nu, the steward of the overseer of the seal, whose word is truth." More rubric. Bob has a question but he's too lazy to unmute.

Bob 29:26
What's the seal mean?

Carolyn 29:30
The seal, is

iON 29:31
The watcher of the mark. Those seals that are now being broken. 'Cuz before, this has been written forever and ever and ever, but nobody ever knew what to do. Now all of a sudden you know what to do. Pretty amazing.

Why do we know what to do?

Carolyn 29:41
Yeah, all this is telling us what to do.

iON 29:49
Carolyn, Carolyn just told you what to do.

Bob 29:53
What'd you - what did you say?

Carolyn 29:56
Ha ha ha. Lots of words, Bob. An hour and 20 minutes of words.

iON 30:01
She said, she said eat soup. She said eat soup. She said eat soup if you don't mind messing up a spoon.

Carolyn 30:08
Yeah, yeah. So, the seal is being broken. And, and, in order - the seal is being broken, but you have to protect the broken seal while you're completing the - what is it we're doing? The process, the rituals. Correct?

iON 30:33
The task. The task. Because the cedar oil won't have any good, and the Eastern wall won't be protected until you get your spirits bound. And a broken seal contains the essence of those spirits, which is how you feel better so you're able to kill yourself more effectively.

Carolyn 30:54
Heh heh heh. Yeah, and the spirits, the ghosts, they, they have to be bound.

iON 31:03
Well, now, wait, be careful. Be careful. Those words are right. Okay. But not empirically. Your words are true, but they're not empirically true. So now you got to come back and say, "Okay, if you know what they are." See, you may have the spirit that would bring you whatever you desire. 'Cuz that's what people really want. They don't want money, they want power. I don't want anything, I just want people to do what I say. Well, if people do what I say, I get what I want. Well, if I get what I want, I got what I want. Well, I got it already. I don't want pussy, I got it. Why would I want pussy? I have pussy. What do you need? See? Makes a whole different conversation. And that's the rub of it's kind of like, it's kind of like being comfortable, being okay, and having "fuck you" money. That's the difference.

Carolyn 31:53
Uh huh. Yeah. I'm perfectly happy where I am, but I want more.

iON 32:00
Ready for more. Mm hmm.

Carolyn 32:03
Okay, but you're bringing more

iON 32:04
That's the essence of the seal. That's what this, that's what the seal is, Neveritt.

Carolyn 32:09
Yeah. Yeah. Happy and ready for more. Continuing another "RUBRIC. This Chapter shall be recited over a brick (Carolyn: There's the brick dust) made of crude mud whereupon a copy of this Chapter hath been inscribed. And thou shall place a reed in the middle thereof, and thou shalt smear it with pitch, and set light thereto. Then thou shalt make a cavity in the south wall, and, having turned the front of the brick towards the north, thou shalt wall the brick up inside it. [It shall repulse the enemies of the Osiris Nu] who would assemble at the north wall. And thou shalt say: O thou who comest to set fire [to the tomb or mummy], I will not let thee do it. O thou who comest to cast fire [herein], I will not let thee do it. I will burn thee, and I will cast fire upon thee. I protect the Osiris Nu, the steward of the overseer of the seal, whose word is truth. (Carolyn: Another) RUBRIC. This Chapter shall be recited over brick of crude mud whereupon a copy of this Chapter hath been inscribed. [And thou shalt set upon it] a figure of the deceased made of palm wood, seven fingers in height. And now shalt perform on it the ceremony of "Opening the Mouth." Then thou shalt make a cavity in the north wall, and having [placed the brick and the figure inside it], and turned the face of the figure towards the south, thou shalt wall up the cavity. [It shall repulse the enemies of the Osiris Nu], who would assemble at the south wall. And behold, these things shall be done by a man who is washed clean, and is ceremonially pure,

iON 34:13
Like Bob.

Carolyn 34:14
Like Bob. Like Bob.

iON 34:14
Like Carolyn. So, ceremonially, ceremonially pure, the Dark Soul? Really? Yeah, good luck with that one. We're hoping, we're hoping that works out.

Carolyn 34:24
Okay, so Bob is

iON 34:24
We're hoping that works out good.

Carolyn 34:26
Yeah, Bob is the washed clean and I am ceremonially pure.

iON 34:33

Carolyn 34:33
"and who hath eaten neither meat nor fish, and who hath not [recently] had intercourse with women." Well, no, I haven't. Ha ha.

iON 34:43
(iON laughs) Well, there's still time! There's still time. There's always Bob's throwbacks in the granny, in the granny section, Carolyn. It'll be good, it'll be good. There's always leftovers.

Carolyn 34:52
"And behold, thou shalt make offerings of cakes and ale to these gods, and shalt burn incense on their fires. Every Spirit-soul for whom these things shall be done shall become like a holy god in Khert-Neter, and he shall not be turned back at any gate in Amentet, and he shall be in the following of Osiris, whithersoever he goeth, regularly and continually." The end.

Bob 35:23
To Polo Beach.

iON 35:25
Yep. To Polo Beach.

Bob 35:27
Regularly and continually to Polo Beach.

iON 35:29
To burn, to burn, to burn, to burn Frankincense on the fires of mine enemies. See, you have to pile up your enemies up and burn em. And burn incense on em day and night. Now you see why we tried to teach you the OA movements before we did this? This could get ugly, y'all.

Carolyn 35:47
Ha ha. Wow. Okay. We did it!

iON 35:51
We'd like to thank our kind sponsors, The Minister of Allowing, for this portion of our program.

Carolyn 35:57
Heh heh heh. Is the Minister of Allowing listening?

iON 36:04
Eh, not immediately, but comes and goes. Still trying to work out that Snuggle House thing, you know. It comes and goes.

Carolyn 36:13
Geesh. Crazy, crazy. Okay, iON and Bob. We're done. We're done.

Bob 36:19
Well done, Carolyn.

iON 36:20
Yay! Well done. Take a nice break. Come on, let's go - come on, Carolyn, let's me and you go to the beach. We got things to do. Let Bob run the show. He runs everything, let him run it.

Carolyn 36:32
Okay, Bob, you run it.

Bob 36:33
What is that line? What did we learn, Parker?

Carolyn 36:37

iON 36:38
Palmer. Palmer.

Carolyn 36:40
Oh, Palmer. Ha ha.

Bob 36:43
What have we learned? Is that what the question was? What have we learned, Palmer?

Carolyn 36:49
We've learned that people don't have to die. And people don't have to stay dead.

Bob 36:59
This is helping people who have died to become human again or alive or something?

Carolyn 37:05
Well, they're dead. I mean, it sounds, iON, like they have to wait for someone back on the earth to talk them over the River Styx.

iON 37:16
Well, but see, but the thing is, you don't know where that is. That's the rub. That's what you're trying to calculate.

Bob 37:26
Where the River Styx is?

iON 37:29
No, that this underworld, this underbelly where they supposedly live, is in your house, is in your pictures, is in your floor, is in your attic, is in your knife collection, is in your money, is in your divisive canter.

Bob 37:45
What is?

iON 37:45
The dead.

Carolyn 37:46
The River Stxy and the dead, uh ah.

Bob 37:54
What? We find out where they are, then we encourage them out?

iON 38:00
No, you can bring them back without even knowing where they are. You can just run it if you need to.

Bob 38:07
Just run it. What's that?

iON 38:13
Come on Bob, this is what we're doing.

Bob 38:15
Which one of these pages -

iON 38:16
We're trying to bring the dead back. We're trying to bring the dead back.

Bob 38:19
- are used to do it, Carolyn?

Carolyn 38:21
All the pages Bob, you have to read it all. You have to do all the tasks.

Bob 38:27
Oh yeah?

Carolyn 38:28
Which you would never do.

Bob 38:30

iON 38:30
You have to find out the condition. You got to find out the condition, run it, and once you find the condition, this is how to do it. But you don't want to bring back John, John Wayne Gacy. You don't wanna do that. You want to bring back something that's going to be - like Jayne Mansfield. You want to bring back something that has value.

Bob 38:53
Gacy would not have changed a little after he died?

iON 38:57
No, no, no, no. Bad. Bad to the bone, Bob. Bad to the bone.

Bob 39:04
Nobody changes when they (inaudible)?

iON 39:09
They haven't so far.

Bob 39:09
Hear that, Carolyn? No change. No change.

iON 39:14
They haven't so far 'cuz they're still, they're still are, they're still eternal. They're still eternal.

Bob 39:24
Oh, yeah, they couldn't change. If you just take a moment of their life. That's eternal. Right? That's why you said the Dealey Plaza. Dealey Plaza is still happening. Right?

iON 39:39

Bob 39:41
Yes. Then you have to say, well, the day before the Dealey Plaza is that still going? Day after? It blurs the historical, blurs the

iON 39:49
No, the grassy knoll. No. No, no, no, it doesn't blur, it's the grassy knoll. It's the grassy knoll. That's what's happening.

Bob 39:57
What is? You mean the archetype that comes out of it?

iON 40:01
The grassy knoll. There is no archetype, it's the grassy -

Bob 40:03
The archetype that comes out of the moment.

iON 40:05
No! It's a grassy mole. (Bob and iON laugh) It's a mole! It's a mole but very grassy. It's a grassy knoll, and the knoll is very glassy.

Bob 40:19
Well, what - and what is that that lasts forever?

iON 40:24
That's what, that is what's changing. That's what is becoming. That's what is.

Bob 40:31
Oh, something changes. You're talking about

iON 40:34
It's what you just said! There's this, there's Dealey Plaza continually. Is it the day before, is it the day after, and we said, "No, it's the grassy knoll. Or mole, depending on what we said.

Bob 40:44
We were helping to see that nothing changes. And if every moment is eternal, what are the boundaries of each moment?

iON 40:55
They're limitless, so far.

Bob 40:58
When the sun, when the sun goes down?

iON 41:02
So far. They're limitless, so far. That's what you

Bob 41:06
Is the boundary limitless?

iON 41:09
Yes, that's the boundary. Limitless.

Bob 41:14
You see how you can talk, Carolyn, (inaudible) making

iON 41:16
So, you have unlimited - you have unlimited - so, you have unlimited limitations. Ha ha ha. Unlimited limitation. These are the - Carolyn, these are the words, the battle. This is what, that's why you have to build those blocks. Get those bricks made out of crude mud. And it's almost sounds like they're making iblocks the way they describe it. And they lay the thing out to protect against the Dark Soul. The attacks, which is the Dark Soul here attacking at every level. You build those girders up so when Bob comes, he'll huff and he'll puff, but he can't blow your house down. 'Cuz "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down."

Bob 41:54
You see? See? Ha ha ha. See iON? They told you.

Carolyn 42:09
(in background) So is Ginney there?

Bob 42:13
Yeah, there's a whole bunch of people here.

iON 42:16

Bob 42:19
Will open the - everybody, we'll open it all except for Germaine 'cuz Jack's been penalized. Jack can't speak today. He did not stay at the tailgate on Tuesday. (Carolyn laughs in background)

iON 42:33
What happened? Oh, he fell asleep. He couldn't help it. He fell asleep for God's sake. It wasn't that

Announcer 42:40
All participants are now unmuted.

Bob 42:44
Ha ha ha. I just unmuted. He's like Jack of Torchwood. I unmuted everybody and iON went silent. He's the opposite. What happened to ya, iON?

iON 42:56
You muted us.

Ginney 43:00
Hey, Bob.

Bob 43:04

Ginney 43:05
Hey, Bob. Hey, iON, if, if Dealey Plaza is happening all the time, is George Bush at Dealey Plaza every time?

iON 43:20
Yes, so far.

Ginney 43:22

Bob 43:23
No, he, he was there but he didn't do anything.

Ginney 43:27
So? I'm just asking if he's still standing there.

iON 43:31
Yes, he is.

Ginney 43:34

Bob 43:35
What about the shooters? What about the shooters? Are they still shooting? Where are the shooters?

iON 43:40
There was - well - there was, there was, there was shooting? We don't know shooting. What do you mean? You mean drug users? They were shooting up? Yes. There's needles in Dealey Plaza.

Bob 43:49
Snipers. Stay on topic; snipers. (overtalk) office building.

iON 43:54
Snipers? My god, snipers? Who?

Bob 43:56
What's Lee Harvey Oswald doing?

iON 43:57
Now you've gone talking - having a fellatio-based relationship with Jack Ruby in his strip club with fan dancers.

Ginney 44:13
Are you asking who was doing that? iON, is that what you said? Who was doing that?

iON 44:18
No, no, we weren't asking. We were saying that's what happened.

Ginney 44:22
Ah, okay.

iON 44:22
Where was, where was Lee Harvey Oswald? (overtalk)

Ginney 44:28
Oh, he was with Jack - oh.

iON 44:30
- he was with Jack Ruby, engaging a fellatio-based relationship at Jack Ruby's fan dancin' strip club. Gentlemen's club.

Ginney 44:43
Very good. iON, you said last week at the beginning of Bob session, actually you're talking to Carolyn, that if Nancy Pelosi could actually come to Trump and say, you know, you're the greatest president and you're actually a god, and, and we want to be able to do what you do, that that could collapse the whole thing. And then from that position, is there a world where that's actually happened?

iON 45:17
Possible. Yeah, but right now they're still trying to politicize the pandemic. They're trying to juice the pandemic that makes it conditioned. You see, never let a good catastrophe go to waste. So they're arguing for the thing that they're arguing. Which was what we said before. And it's how you made the Book of the Dead. Did you hear that? You made the Book of the Dead. Did you hear that?

Ginney 45:43
Oh, yeah, I heard, I heard that. That was very cool. Thank you.

iON 45:47
Yeah. Very good. But it's how you do it.

Ginney 45:49
I'd love to be in the Book.

iON 45:50
But no, it's how you do it. See, that's the point. You didn't ask anybody. You didn't ask anybody. It's by rote. You've done these steps of these things, and this is the outcome. This is what to do. You wake up in the morning, you wash your face, and go pee, and get yourself together and get your clothes on, go down, have a cup of mud, and get things rollin'. These steps that you've done and you've gotten very good at, you see, because it's become normal. And that's what the Book of the Dead is tryin' to show you that that aspect is normal. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Tech Body is chasing you 99 ways to Sunday. See? Up and down the steps, up and down the steps, up and down the steps. Why do you gotta go up and down the steps? But the point is the place is running you. And that's what you're saying you have power over; and we say good. We say good. We're acknowledging congratulations. But not everybody else has it like that. So, just 'cuz you make it look easy, doesn't mean it's necessarily completely with ease and without deflection

Ginney 47:09
The - you said though that the, the anecdote to the Tech Body is the resonant node.

iON 47:19
It is.

Ginney 47:21
So the resonant node is the matter - is the, you know, the, the antidote or this equivalency or the super-super-equivalency, I guess it would be - so, it - from that place of being in that resonant node or with that resonant node, then you do have antidotal power against the Tech Body, right?

iON 47:52
Mmm, we say yes.

Carolyn 47:47
Hang on. Ginney, Ginney. Do you mean antidote or anecdote?

Ginney 47:58

Carolyn 48:02
Antidote. Okay.

Ginney 48:04
Yeah, antidote. Like, you know, the Tech Body, and then you've got the vaccine which is the resident node. And so, that's positioning you. I mean, iON, you said that you should, in your ascension, be ready to meet the event horizon. That should be your desire, your intention for your ascension. To be ready to meet the event horizon so if the Tech Body is the event horizon, then you're in the resonant node. Then you are ready to meet that and you are antidotally prepared.

iON 48:45
If, if your lamps are trimmed and burning, yes.

Ginney 48:53
Okay. All right. Very good. And the lamps trimmed and burning have to do with the amino acids, right?

iON 49:02
It does.

Ginney 49:04
Okay. And some of the

iON 49:06
Y'all listen to it, y'all listen, y'all listen to her. Y'all listen to her. See? This is how she does it. She'll quote scripture to God like he don't know what it is. She'll quote scripture - now God, you said so and so, so and so, so and so, so that's what we're going with. Just to be clear, she'll quote scripture to God like God don't know what they said. That's the place that transfers - the transdermal condition that transfers that place of, we would say, condition. 'Cuz we're trying to navigate what condition your condition is in. And everybody's in different places, obviously, as laid out in the Book of the Dead. So it's almost like we're taking the Book of the Dead to try to help little men become God. How cool is that?

Ginney 49:55
Now, they're talking about how you take God at God's Word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. The Word being the physical manifest presence of God. Yes?

iON 50:13
So far.

Ginney 50:14
The physical world, yeah. So far.

iON 50:16
So far, so far. We're gonna see what Bob does with it. He'd fuck up a wet dream, Ginneybelle.

Ginney 50:21
Well, Bob already, Bob already started - Bob declared it. Bob declared it on CKLN when he came on and said he was the Word in the electric environment. I mean, he already started the ball rolling.

iON 50:37
Meanwhile, making backdoor deals. Meanwhile, making backdoor deals with Otto von Habsburg to try to come over this whole thing. Meanwhile, meanwhile, meanwhile, that wasn't too long after the Trumps in Bavaria's Germany was comin' to take over. So there's a cabal, they're connected. Don't think for one second they're not. Mm hmm.

Ginney 51:13
Okay. So, this is like, for an example, in the - I came across this little piece of information the other day about this situation with this supercomputer that did a diagnosis of the COVID. And then came up with the cure for the COVID that is literally what Carolyn came up with. So the Tech Body cures the COVID. That's what the article is about, basically. The supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee, right?

iON 51:59
Mm hmm. Project Paperclip.

Ginney 52:00
And then, and then everything that it discovered is what Carolyn already knew. And then on top of that is saying that

iON 52:09
Well, honey, that's not fair. That's not fair. 'Cuz who's she talkin' to? She got that. She - yeah, no wonder she'd have the upper hand. They're agreeing with her, she's not agreeing with them.

Ginney 52:21
Right. And that's what I'm saying. So I'm just saying is that an example of the resonant node meeting and matching the Tech Body?

iON 52:33
Okay. Okay, your words are sound, but let's soften them just a little bit if we can. If you don't mind. It's based on whatever you like, but if you don't mind, we'd like to soften it just a little bit. Let's take Bert as an example, or Carolyn on her walk when she stomps them feet on the ground and actually moves the earth. Okay? That application is the condition that sets modalities. Now that's a bunch of gibberish words. So let's soften that again and say, okay, so if I do these steps of things, and I have this outcome, that I have capacity, or I have power or dominion over it. Like your household; you run your household. Now, you have help, but you run your household and you control it. And things happen, but you still are in charge of that. That waxing and waning becomes the Zagat, the Zagat role of your place of power of the resident node. So it becomes the mystery landscape in the environment that you control. Which is why we're very careful when we brag of how you control the Tech Body because that's your words. You said you know how to, you use it to your best advantage like Carolyn; and Carolyn does on that side. But there's such a fine, fine, fine line between the agony and ecstasy aspect, that it's great to have that as a condition. It's like hope; it's a great thing to have, but it's a terrible strategy. So you have to be very careful because at every step, at every line, there's that trip-you-up kind of conversation. So much so that you have to find yourself in a world where you have to lay brick dust to protect your world. Well why you gonna do that? You runnin' it, you drivin' it, you controlin' it, why you gonna do that? Because in the time of trouble, it's when you need to sustaining. See? It a prevent, rather than just an event, or a vent. Like, did you notice that, that the geyser starts to blow again, Old Faithful, who was not faithful? Did you know Old Faithful was not faithful? And now Old Faithful is faithful again.

Ginney 55:00

iON 55:01
It quit blowing for six years.

Ginney 55:06

iON 55:08
And now it's blowing again. So that - it's the intermittent pulse. So your words, you're asking the question, you know the answer and you're pushing the point. You're right. Every time. No conversation, you're right, except for when it isn't. So, the resident node is great until it becomes the resident unnode. And so the unnode has to speak to the condition, and all that is the rearview mirror proving where you were. It's the rearview mirror proving where you were. And you go, "Everytime I cut my head off my headache seems to get better." It's just does, it's a great cure for the headache. Cut your damn head off and the head won't hurt no more. Or if it does, you won't know it. So it's all good. Interesting, isn't it? 'Cuz a headache isn't pain, headache is pressure. You have no pain receptors in the brain or the head to know. That's why they have to watch you when you have a concussion 'cuz you got nothing to say that hurt other than pressure, or maybe swelling or edema; that kind of stuff. Corpus callosum we say. You're gettin' a lot of stuff there, darlin'. You'll have to, you'll have to sieve it a bit. You get a nice, good, fine sieve. It's good.

Ginney 56:35
Okay, very good. Very good. Excellent.

iON 56:38
What's up with all that - what's up with all that crazy mud they're making bricks with?Loose mud? Dirty mud? Clear as mud? We don't know. There's a lot of mud talking there, wasn't there, honey?

Ginney 56:51
Speaking of that, what do you think is the best recipe for grits? Do you think you should make it with water or you think you should make them with milk?

iON 57:00
Never. No, no, no, no, no, no, never. No, stop. No, no. First of all, you have to - neither. Well, you start with - you have to get water and put your water on to boil. Not all water, like if you're gonna use - ever how much you're going to use, half water. Okay, and get it salty like the sea. 'Cuz the trick to grits is not about cooking grits; cooked grits will cook itself. It's about getting the salt in the grits. 'Cuz if you don't salt them when you're gettin' the water salty, you'll never get them salty. You can't add enough salt, they won't do it. It doesn't penetrate and it's not salty. So you get your water salty. Then you start your grits; stir it, stir it, stir it, cook em low and slow. And then when you get down to the point where it's too bubbly, you know, where you have to cover it 'cuz it's gonna make a mess, then you add heavy cream. Not milk, heavy cream. And you may have to add more water as you're balancing it, but you would say, "I'm a purist. I like to know the exact prescription to make it correct." But it's kind of like your perfect mashed potatoes. Did you know no one makes mashed potatoes like you do?

Ginney 58:08
Mmm, I believe that.

iON 58:10
They're good. Oh, you do. They're, no, they're better than good because they're just right and they're not too harsh. Now, one thing you can do to your ingredients, to your mashed potatoes, you can add a splash, like a little bit, of horseradish. You never taste the horseradish, but it changes the whole complexity of the mashed potatoes.

Gregg 58:30
I get it, I get it, iON. That's awesome.

iON 58:32
A spoonfull, a teaspoon, like a teaspoon in a pot full when you're mashin' em. It's very - or a ricer; if you use a ricer that's okay, too. Whatever is easiest to get out. So the cream, the cream, the cream sets it.

Ginney 58:43
So, let me just make sure I heard you clearly. Let me make sure. Okay, let me make sure I hear you clearly, though. So if you were gonna start with a cup, you'd only use half a cup of water. Then you'd add the right amount of grits. Then you'd make sure your water salted, and I understand that. And then instead of adding the other half a cup of water, you're saying add the heavy cream. That's what you're saying to do?

iON 59:07
Yes, towards the end. That's (overtalk) -

Ginney 59:09
Okay, I just want to make sure.

iON 59:13
- after you got - 'cuz cream will break, so the grits got to be almost ready.

Ginney 59:18
Okay, very good. I never tried making grits, iON, so I'm going to take your example first. You know I've been in the South now for 10 years, so

iON 59:27
Okay, then what you do. All right, then we're gonna. And now here we go. Here's how you know they're gonna be good. Here's the reason to make grits. First of all, you use one to one. Okay? One to one when you're cooking it. It's a cup of grits. It's a cup of water, or some people do two cups of water. That's the reason we said do one. We do one to one, but you follow whatever you want to adjust. But that's not what this is for. What this is for, it's when you have a big pot of grits and you're through with the grits. You take


a baking pan, like a loaf pan. Okay? And you line it with Saran Wrap. You let the grits cool in the pan 'cuz you're never gonna eat the whole thing of grits. 'Cuz nobody can eat the whole thing of grits, for God's sake. And if not, then you're not making enough grits if you can eat them all at one setting. Once left over, you take those grits, and you spray it or oil the Saran Wrap a little bit, and you put those cold grits in the baking pan, loaf pan, and you smear it out to level and flat. Okay? Stick that in in the frigerator; let it set for a day or an afternoon or a long time. And then take it out of the frigerator and lift it out with the Saran Wrap. And it's gonna be like a cake, if you can believe it. It's gonna be like a cake.

Ginney 0:49
Oh, wow. Okay, all right, very good.

iON 0:51
Then you take dental floss, then you take dental floss, and you take and -

Ginney 0:56

iON 0:56
- cut that. You take and cut that like you would cheese, and make it like, you know, like the size of french toast sticks. That size.

Ginney 0:56

iON 1:05
And you take those grits, little sticks, and you flour them or put em in panko. Or you flour them, basically put a dusting on em, and fry them. You can either deep fry them or pan fry them. (Gregg's indistinct comment, Ginney laughs). Child of God, let me tell you, there never be a day, there won't be a grit bowl at your house, honey. But that's the reason you have grits. That's the reason you (overtalk)

Ginney 1:28
All right, very good.

Gregg 1:28
Awesome, iON.

iON 1:28
(overtalk) if you want to, but it changes everything. It's like the most decadent, creamy french fry you could ever eat in your whole life. Like the best french fry ever, ever, ever, ever. But it's a grit. And it's crunchy, and you put it in your mouth and it just explodes. Especially if you make it that way. So, it's very amazing. And they're addictive though; they are addictive, just so you know. And then, now, there won't be any of those left over if you make a, if you make the house full. Make no difference ever how many there are, they'll get et.

Gregg 2:09
Of course of course, iON. And hello, by the way. Quickly, when you said you added the cream, is that - is there any more cooking going on after you add the cream or -

iON 2:21

Gregg 2:21
- you've already done your cooking (indistinct) cream?

iON 2:23
Yeah, a little bit more. Yes, you have to add a little bit, just don't do it - otherwise, it'd say mix it all at once. But if you take water -

Gregg 2:32
Of course.

iON 2:31
- and mix it with the cream, you just might as well use milk, you're just making milk.

Gregg 2:35
Yeah, leave until the end, of course.

iON 2:36
We're trying to get, we're trying to get the butterfat into the grits without breaking the cream.

Gregg 2:43
Of course.

iON 2:44
That's the thing. Now, you gotta figure out -

Gregg 2:44
So you're testing the grits three quarters of the way through their cooking process?

iON 2:50
Yeah, yeah, yeah. About that, about that. But now that depends on the stamina of the stirrer. Grits - 'cuz you can't rush a grit, but you can stir it till - it'll speed up the process. So you have to get it a pretty rolling boil and then stir it, stir it, stir it, stir it, and then turn it way down. And then stir it here and then stir it there. But you can control that.

Gregg 3:09
Got it. Got it. Okay.

iON 3:10
People like it different; they like the distance different. You have to perfect your water ratio. Some people like a grit runny. Some people like to -

Gregg 3:20
Yes, of course. Yeah, yeah.

iON 3:19
- eat grits from a bowl. Some people like to eat grits from a bowl. And if you do it right, you should slop grits on a plate and they should stand up like tapioca.

Gregg 3:20
Firm, firm. Of course, I get that.

iON 3:33
But that depends on your, that depends on your water ratio. -

Gregg 3:37
I get that, too.

iON 3:37
The cream at the end, not milk, not milk. Milk makes it creamy like a, like a sweet, like a sweet grit, or like a shrimp and grits, like an etouffee kind of consistency if you're doing it that way. But the cream changes all that. It puts a whole nother depth of layer or the butterfat that's in a different level. So it actually clings to the grit itself. So it's not like it's floating in butter, which is nothing wrong with that.

Gregg 4:08
Yeah, yeah. I got it.

iON 4:09
It's too greasy, too greasy, too greasy, too greasy. The butterfat -

Gregg 4:12
You hit it at the right time, and the two are attracted to each other.

iON 4:17
And get that whisk, now. You're gonna need that whisk 'cuz that cream will break, and then once you get it down that last little bit, it's like finishing. It's like adding your cornstarch toward the end if you were going to.

Gregg 4:30
Yeah, yeah, but it's all about low heat at the very end; really low heat.

iON 4:34
That's right. Well, you gotta balance it. You gotta balance it because you're trying to bring up the grit into something else. It's like the way they make hominy, like hominy. With the potash. It's the same thing.

Bob 4:51
Ginney, what was the topic before mud? Was that the COVID theory?

Ginney 4:59

Bob 4:59
After Bob and Trump.

Ginney 5:01

Bob 5:02
Okay, so I'm looking at this theory -

iON 5:05
CKLN. CKLN. CKLN. Don't forget that. That was huge.

Bob 5:07
The bradykinin hypothesis, what's that got to do with Carolyn? How is Carolyn in this description here?

Ginney 5:14
Oh, well, she, she knew that it was the thingy - hold on just a second, I'll tell you. Well, first of all, she's in there because of the - what they discovered was gonna be the after they went through and analyzed all those samples; 40,000 or something different cases with the supercomputer. And then they came up to the very basic common sense thing that Carolyn already knew. And what she knew from the beginning was that, and she talked about it on the radio show, was the ACE2 inhibitor receptors, and that the problem with those. And that, also, she knew about the ACE2 inhibitor receptors being compromised because people who are - about the COVID - are on statins and other kinds of drugs. And so they've, they've got additional compromise. And then she knew that what was going to ultimately help a person more than anything, including the zinc that comes into play, was the vitamin D because of the way that it works as the, in their lungs to protect the inflammation in the lungs. And also keeps the bradykinin storm from actually forming because of the way it protects the body. So, she knew all that. She said it like in the first, you know, March 23 or April 6, or some crazy stuff like that. So, I mean, they had the supercomputer do the analysis, but Carolyn already knew, and that's why

Bob 6:56
And what is it that Carolyn knew? What is Carolyn explaining?

Ginney 7:00
I just explained it to you, Bob. I told you about the ACE receptors, -

Bob 7:05
I don't know what that is.

Ginney 7:05
- I told you about vitamin D.

Bob 7:07
I don't know what that is. Just say -

Ginney 7:08
Okay, well, it's just Carolyn does.

Bob 7:11
- in simple language. What does the hypothesis say that Carolyn said. What's so great about this hypothesis? What do they say? They explain what about the COVID?

Ginney 7:22
They explain how

iON 7:23
That Carolyn's right. They explain that Carolyn's right.

Ginney 7:25
There you go. They explain that Carolyn's right.

Bob 7:28
And what is it that Carolyn said?

iON 7:31
How To Cure COVID-19 that she doesn't say is the cure.

Bob 7:37
She doesn't say it?

iON 7:40
Can't say it. You say it, you become like Jim Bakker sovereign silver. They'll throw you in the hoosegow. They'll put you in the pokey. You'll do the hokey pokey if you say you got a cure for something. You got to say, "I have no cure. That motherfucker. Burn motherfucker, let the motherfucker burn." And then they like you. Then it's okay. 'Cuz then you're (overtalk) their misnomer of reality.

Bob 8:04
So, they talk, they talk about his bizarre symptoms in this article. What are the bizarre symptoms of COVID-19?

iON 8:15
The most bizarre ones in a respirator is -

Bob 8:18
No, I'm asking Ginney. -

iON 8:19
Oh, we're sorry, We're sorry.

Bob 8:19
- I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah, you stay out of this.

iON 8:21
We're sorry. We'll go back to gritland. We'll put on a big pot of grits right now.

Bob 8:26
What are the bizarre symptoms of the COVID-19, Ginney?

Ginney 8:32
I don't know, Bob, I guess the most bizarre symptoms are that it's vexing and unprecedented in many ways, according to the article. But I think really what it is, is what they think is bizarre about it is since they've never been able to acknowledge that people get side effects from, side effects from drugs. Since they've never been able to acknowledge that, they weren't prepared to acknowledge that what was really going on was a lot of people lived on a lot of drugs, were immune compromised, and susceptible to this virus. And that's what Carolyn (inaudible).

Bob 9:05
And that's Carolyn's point? People who were immune compromised died, others didn't.

Ginney 9:12
Yes, you could say that.

Bob 9:15
And it says here, entering cells and other places where ACET is also present. What is the ACET receptors got to do with anything?

Ginney 9:26
Those ACE2 receptors. ACE2 receptors regulate the performance of the cells. You could ask Carolyn, she's right there. Isn't she?

Bob 9:39
No, we're asking you. So, - 'cuz you made the statement that Carolyn was already saying it, so I wanted to hear for you what you thought Carolyn said. So, this is why people wear masks, Carolyn? It enters through the nose?

Carolyn 9:58
Yeah, yeah, the mucus membranes of the nasal passages are susceptible to picking up crap if your mucous membranes aren't healthy enough to resist.

Bob 10:12
So the supercomputer found

iON 10:14
No, it's your black mirror. It's coming from the black mirror.

Bob 10:21
What did the supercomputer discover?

iON 10:24
That Carolyn's right.

Ginney 10:26
That Carolyn's right.

Bob 10:28
And Carolyn said your immune system is weak.

iON 10:33
No, that's not what she said. That's not what she said. She said this is the condition, this is the condition by which you build up an immune system that won't be troubled by COVID-19. She always pulls that from the homeopathy (indistinct).

Bob 10:49
What is the condition, what's the condition that you do something to build up?

iON 10:56
Too many words, we have no idea. It's all - it's lost. You should just (overtalk) and die.

Bob 10:59
What's he, what's he trying to say, Carolyn? This is the condition.

Carolyn 11:02
There are layers, there're layers. What the CDC even admits, and they had from the close to the beginning is there're comorbidities. And those are

Bob 11:17
Now, what's that word mean? I hear that.

Carolyn 11:18
Those are health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. But they, what they will never admit is all those conditions mean you're on a whole passel of drugs that are probably the real reason why you are susceptible to the virus. And they even said recently, oh my gosh, the CDC said that 94% of the people who died had these comorbidities, which meant only 6% of healthy people get sick. So then everybody thinks, oh my gosh, we can all go back to work and all that because it's only sick people that get sick. But then when you, when you look at the statistics, you find out that, yeah, 70% of the population is sick. So we brought ourselves to a level of the perfect storm, which is

Bob 12:22
People don't know they're sick. That's what you're saying. People don't know they're sick.

Carolyn 12:28
Well, they've been told they're sick. But they've also been told that the drugs will keep them from having symptoms of their sickness. So, they never imagined that they were sick, sick. But it's put them into this like I was trying to say before you interrupted me

Bob 12:42
The drugs make them vulnerable. The drug drugs made them vulnerable.

Carolyn 12:45

Bob 12:46
They don't say that. They don't say the drugs make you vulnerable. They say the drugs protect you.

Carolyn 12:51
Right. And then the perfect storm of all these vulnerable people, people whose mucous membranes are all irritated because of the drugs and the yeast overgrowth. Sinus infections: 97% of sinus infections, according to the Mayo Clinic, are fungal related, which means all this fungus is irritating the mucous membranes making them leaky and susceptible to inhaling viruses.

Bob 13:21
So how is the Tech Body in this situation that I'm looking at this article?

Carolyn 13:28
I don't know. I haven't read the article.

Bob 13:29
No, the article is the Tech Body. They had to come up with this week's theory. This is the real disease; people need new content. So this article is about nothing or it's saying the same thing and leaving out your point, like all articles did for last 40 years. Right? All articles have left that is what you're saying.

iON 13:52
Left, left, left, left.

Bob 13:55
Turn left?

iON 13:57
No, you're saying right? We said left.

Roy 13:59
Is it right?

iON 14:00
You said right? And we said left.

Bob 14:00
Right. So, Carolyn has -

iON 14:04
No, left!

Bob 14:06
- Ginney could say that Carolyn said the correct response before anybody else over the last 30 years to every situation that came up. So how are you going to get the Tech Body to give it up and recognize what you're saying?

iON 14:23
What we were saying - that's exactly what we've been saying. From how Ginney quotes scripture to us or even to God like God don't know the scriptures. That's how you do it. You push the point. You make their words stand. -

Bob 14:37
That's how you do what? See, that's how you do it

iON 14:38
- She validates the pow- God damn Bob, what are you talkin' about?

Bob 14:42
Now, now you calm down. You don't have your little tantrum. That you explain that's how you do it. What? You yell at God and tell God? And then God says, "I already knew that" like you're doing right now.

iON 14:53
You take Bob's, you take Bob's words, and you cram em back down Bob's throat hole so that he can't deny those were his words. And that vindicates and validates the position because Bob's proving that Bob's right no matter what. Those are the words. So, Bob, you did say you were right and superior to everyone in every way.

Bob 15:13

iON 15:13
So therefore, it's an undisputed condition that that's the case. So, if that's indeed the case, and there's no other outcome other than you ruling and reigning forever, so therefore, any time that kabuchi ain't in the frigerator, it's your fault.

Bob 15:31
(Carolyn laughs in background) You fucking liar. You fucking liar, iON. (iON laughs) Trying to use me as the scapegoat. Always trying to use me as a scapegoat. And you shut up, you little asshole. You little idiot. (Carolyn continued laughing) You're making me - I never forced it out of my mouth. It came with the exhalation. You're making me force it. I never forced it.

iON 15:55
Okay, now, are you bragging or complaining? Are you bragging or complaining? That's what we're trying to figure out now. Your word stands true, Bob, no matter what.

Bob 16:02
Yeah. Okay.

iON 16:03
That's how you do it. (singing) This is how we do it.

Bob 16:07
No, no, no, I'm trying to stay to the topic. I'm trying to figure out why they think this is a new theory. So what is it, Carolyn? They cannot admit that the pharmaceutical things weaken the immune system and all issues.

Carolyn 16:20
No, that is one thing they cannot admit because the drug companies rule the world.

Bob 16:27
Now, iON says the drug companies have collapsed. How are they - do they need this theory to get through another couple of weeks, iON? The drug companies.

iON 16:36
Well, it's not the drug companies that are making it - the only ones that are making it at all are the ones doing imitation, imitation. slapstick COVID-19. What'd ya call that?

Bob 16:55
Is that remdesivir? Are you talking about remdesivir?

iON 16:58
Not remdesivir. That's one, but that's not it. It's trying to make, it's trying to set - they're trying to set it so that you don't have to have the, the theorem where everybody's got to get it and get over it to overcome it. Carolyn calls it something - (overtalk) theory or (overtalk) theory.

Bob 17:19
They're making a theorem. They don't want to say that you have to get it to overcome it.

iON 17:24
No, they're saying you HAVE to get it to overcome it. You have to get it to survive it.

Bob 17:29
And everybody did get it.

iON 17:31
Not everybody.

Bob 17:34
Well, a lot of people overcame it. And Carolyn's saying they're still vulnerable because they're on drugs. On pharmaceuticals.

iON 17:40
Yeah. And they're banned because of the, and because of the end of time and the end of the swine flu and yeah, there's lots of issues. So, it's actually, it's actually, we're gonna be able to defend Big Pharma in a little bit because mens condition here on this earth are but to die. So, it really doesn't matter

Bob 18:03
Did you just say you would defend Big Pharma? Is that what you just said?

iON 18:04
Yeah, hell yeah, we love Big Pharma. Carolyn's working for them right now.

Bob 18:07
You would defend them from what? Defend them from what?

iON 18:11
Carolyn Dean is working for em. For making those idiots that are dying anyway make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Bob 18:17
Oh, okay.

iON 18:18
Taking the crooked way straight. But yet, but yet, you'll let people with Joe, you'll let people with damn Bob Carr take goddamn LSD and that's perfectly all right. Dropping this, dropping their brown tabs like it's going out of style. Perfectly fine. No problem. It's all good. No, issue, no issue, no issue. Well, not wait a second. Now, what in the hell? How does this work? You see.

Bob 18:43
So the next virus, 'cuz we're talking about the recently deceased virus, COVID-19, that's not doing anything anymore. Right? That's pretty weak now or not working?

iON 18:57
Doesn't matter, it's a non sequitur. We're done with it now. It's over.

Bob 19:01
Yeah, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. So the new thing

iON 19:03
As Ginneybelle says, "that's in the books." Let's do that "was in the books." Let's do the next one. The next, next, next

Bob 19:08
And the next one comes along, the pig thing. And Dr. Dean will say, "Oh, you guys are taking pharmaceuticals. You've got a weak immune system. And that's why the pig meat is killing you."

Carolyn 19:19
No, this one, you remember, is if, if people take the vaccine, they make themselves susceptible to the next one. So, it is still along the venue of taking drugs and making yourself sick.

Bob 19:34
Yeah, the vaccination will do you in. So it's always the death by modern medicine. Right? It's always death by modern medicine is what you say.

Carolyn 19:45

Bob 19:46
So, are you speaking up when that happens? The next phase?

Carolyn 19:52
No, no, we just talk more 'cuz

iON 19:53
No, no, no, no, no. She's going to tell them that herd immunity is endemic.

Bob 20:04
Herd immunity, Carolyn, that's people immune through drugs?

Carolyn 20:08
No, no, no, that's a natural immunity where enough people get it and, I guess, it kind of weakens the virus. And then as it goes along, it's less, it's weaker, so less people get sick with it and enough people have immunity that it just, it doesn't affect them.

Bob 20:28
All right. So what did iON just say about herd immunity?

Carolyn 20:31
Is endemic.

iON 20:32
When that happens, when that happens, that's when the swine flu -

Bob 20:36
What? That'll happen with the pig virus? Is that what you're talking about?

iON 20:39
Yes, the pig virus will kill all those with herd immunity. Everybody in the herd is gonna die. Ha ha ha.

Bob 20:46
And you call that endemic? What's that mean, Carolyn?

Carolyn 20:49

iON 20:49
It's everywhere, everywhere.

Bob 20:51
Okay, so the herd immunity won't work this time. We're talking about herd immunity work.

iON 20:56
Herd immunity, yes. No, no. You're not, you're two different conversations now. Come on hendiadys, stay with us, Bob. Dark Soul, come on back. Come back to the live Carol Ann.

Bob 20:57
Shut up!

iON 21:01
Come on back, Bob. Now, what we're talking about here is herd immunity is gonna affect everybody everywhere. And those that have this particular herd immunity when the swine divine swine finds its way into this pandemicable position, those that have heard about the herd immunity that are inside the herd are gonna be dead.

Bob 21:36
Right. So before, the herd immunity was a desirable thing, Carolyn, with COVID-19. People got immune and got the, got the stuff. But they're immune to any further developments of it. This time,

iON 21:52
Bob, you have five bodies. Bob, you have five bodies, you have no antibodies. And the only way this thing works is if you have antibodies. And the antibodies are what over - tries to overtake the five bodies. Or we did that, too. But in the hexad(vertisement) coming to a community into the Jack Paar show near you, you'll be able to hear and see it firsthand. What ever happend to Mike Douglas?

Bob 22:21
So the herd immunity

Ginney 22:21
Can't Bob - Bob, can't you just make one of the - can't you just make an antibody right now? Come on. We can do the octad, one of the bodies. I'm asking

Bob 22:33
I'm the antibody I'm the antibody. I don't have to make anything. I've always been the antibody.

Ginney 22:38
You're the antibody. Okay. Very good.

Bob 22:40
Yeah. I brought in iON. That's the first antibody.

Ginney 22:45
But iON just said you didn't have any body's antibodies. I'm just saying.

Bob 22:50
I don't know what he said.

iON 22:51
(indistinct) five bodies he didn't have none.

Bob 22:59
(overtalk) figure out herd immunity.

iON 22:55
Oh, (overtalk) Mike. He doesn't even know about Mike Douglas. He never watched the Mike Douglas show, Ginneybelle.

Bob 23:00
I watched a Zappa You Tube. I watched it once when Zappa was on it. Zappa was on it was on and I watched it. 1976.

iON 23:07
Oh, John Lennon, John Lennon. Well, it was '61. '61 was when you need to be worried about it.

Bob 23:10
Ha ha. Lennon wasn't around in '61. So, Carolyn, everybody uses the term herd immunity as a good thing. Oh, boy, we're all part of herd immunity. Right, Carolyn?

Carolyn 23:21

Bob 23:21
Like, like I heard some girls, young ladies, talking about herd immunity on the walkway as a gang, or they were celebrating that they had herd immunity. Okay, so it slipped now. For the next one, you don't what herd immunity.

Carolyn 23:36
Yes, it sounds like.

Bob 23:38
Is that what you're saying, iON?

iON 23:41
No, that would be like David Frost. That's different.

Bob 23:45
Right. So, herd immunity is everybody thinks they got the antibodies. But this time the antibodies aren't gonna help you because when the vaccination gets in you, the antibodies react to that and kill you. So, so the - so the herd immunity we got from COVID-19 is gonna set you up for a bad effect from the vaccination. Right, Carolyn?

Carolyn 24:09
Right. And, iON, it sounds like you're saying that anybody who had COVID and survived and has the antibodies, they're also susceptible to the next virus.

Bob 24:22
No, to the vaccination.

iON 24:24
It's like, it's like Hollywood Squares.

Bob 24:27
No, it isn't.

Carolyn 24:28
No, I didn't hear your answer.

iON 24:30
Yes, it is.

Carolyn 24:30
Are people who had COVID and have antibodies susceptible to the next virus? Shut up, Bob.

Bob 24:37

iON 24:38
Only if they get the, only if they get the vaccine.

Carolyn 24:43
A vaccine.

Bob 24:45
Yeah, the vaccination is the fact.

iON 24:47
The vaccine, the vaccine is what lines everybody up. It's what hooks em all together. Because what you don't know is that there are degrees of COVIDity and COVID-19. That's why some people don't have the heavy respiratory. And that some people have no taste, and that some people have no goddamn symptoms at all, and that some people are compromised. The compromised seemed to doin' better than everybody damn else. It's just people falling over dead. They get in their house 'cuz they're stuck 'cuz they can't get to porn anymore and the whorehouses are closed and they can't live any more.

Bob 25:18
Did he say COVIDity, Carolyn?

Carolyn 25:20

Bob 25:20
Not co-morbidities, COVIDities.

iON 25:24

Bob 25:24
What's that?

iON 25:25
They're different. The COVID-19 is multi-things.

Bob 25:30
Yeah. So you're calling them COVIDities, different features. The different reactions to it I guess you're saying.

iON 25:37
And that's what they have not identified yet. They only have the test for this issue. Not that there are details like kinds of cold or flu symptoms. Not everybody has the same issue.

Bob 25:48
Okay. So, is there a tetrad happening here? The effect of the COVID, they didn't have a solution for it other than hydroxychloroquine and the secret stuff. So it flipped out of place

iON 26:05
No, Bob. Goddamn, that's the Joey Bishop show. What are you talkin' about now? That's a whole nother thing.

Bob 26:11
Uh oh, we have a TV addiction here. iON's into TV land.

iON 26:14
That's a whole nother thing. That's a whole nother thing.

Bob 26:18
Okay, but listen. So then the COVID, it does the viral thing. Where does the bacterial come in? Where's that coming from?

iON 26:27
From the swine.

Bob 26:28
Ah! That's the mixture -

iON 26:28
'Cuz you put the feces (?) on you like a fresh pig. The fresh pig -

Bob 26:29
- that's the mixture with the viral. Right? Okay?

iON 26:35
- the fresh pig. The fresh pig. Yeah. The fresh pig, that you got to put your feet on. That's what comes from - that's why it's viral.

Bob 26:39
So is that the COVID, is that the viral flipping into bacteria? No, they come together.

iON 26:43

Bob 26:45
Then they flip into somethin' new that reacts badly to the vaccination.

iON 26:53
Well, we don't know what's badly. They're gonna die. Is that bad?

Bob 26:56
Yeah, is the combination of bacterial and viral, which is I think you said was new, never happened before, that is what the vaccination is naively unable to deal with and causes the opposite effect? You agree with that? The COVID - the bacterial and the viral, the vaccination protocols that they think they're inventing, actually are up against a new problem. The viral and the bacterial; and it'll kill the person.

iON 27:28
Yes. Yeah. Why what -

Bob 27:30
Get that, Carolyn?

iON 27:31
- the problem with polio was.

Bob 27:33

iON 27:33
What the problem with polio was is there wasn't one strain of polio. There wasn't one kind of polio, they had to reach it to have something that encompassed every type or form of polio of how it cripples up the body. That's the point. And if you figure that out, then you make a vaccine that works and you can eradicate all polio. This is what they weren't able to do with AIDS, HIV AIDS. This was what they were not able to do -

Bob 28:01
Did they do it with polio?

iON 28:01
- with SARS. They did! They don't - how many polio doctors are there? Ain't none. Ain't none, maybe two, but there ain't none.

Bob 28:08
Okay, so you're saying they've got to make a vaccination that deals with the bacterial viral combination?

iON 28:16

Bob 28:17
(Carolyn in background, inaudible) Carolyn says they can't do that. You agree, iON?

iON 28:21
Well, we'll see. We'll see. (singing) Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. -

Bob 28:26
Yeah. So, -

iON 28:27
- You gotta have something -

Bob 28:28
- is it a coincidence that vaccination

iON 28:31
- Oh, that's seventy-seven cents! .037 cents. .037 cents. Mark it off, Bill.

Bob 28:34
Hey, is it a coincidence that the vaccination interacts with a combination of bacterial and viral to kill somebody? Is that an unforeseen new effect of the substance of a vaccination?

iON 28:47
We're gonna see. We're not pimping this part, Bob, 'cuz people won't. Well, if we've pimped this and everybody listens to it, then they're not gonna take the vaccine. Then there, everybody's gonna live; and it's gonna make a whole nother mess 'cuz now you got to feed em and you gotta do another goddamn round of stimulus. -

Bob 29:01
Ha ha. See where we got? See Ginney? See the new insight? The new joy of revelation we got?

iON 29:07
Another round of stimulus. -

Bob 29:07
You get that Ginney?

iON 29:07
- We got the thing down. We got the thing down now to where -

Bob 29:11
See the Bob technique?

iON 29:11
- we only have a little bit to do. We only have a little bit to do. -

Bob 29:11
Got that Ginney?

iON 29:26
- They'll be dead and you don't have -

Bob 29:38
Have you learned? Have you learned how it works? The way you do science.

iON 29:18
- to feed them. No, you want to keep them alive. Then you got to feed them all. Then there ain't enough tractors to plow the ground. Then Carolyn has to buy another farm to raise food that people can't eat. For God's sake. They can't get to the farm and they can't eat the food 'cuz they got a mask on. And then the mask on keeps them from protecting them from the food that's gonna kill them anyway 'cuz the pig is divine. And that's why Tyson is building all these hospitals right outside all of their meatpacking plants.

Bob 29:45
In Iowa and Kansas.

iON 29:48
Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, (overtalk)

Bob 29:52
So Ginney, what do you think of that? We go beyond interpreting someum Carolyn knows, which is just the old cliche. (Carolyn in background: Ah!) You can't get anything new from Carolyn's thinking. But my ignorance, exploring ignorance or discovery, discovers a new pattern: that we want to kill people!

It's incredible, Bob. I mean, it's so impressive. I'm just, yeah, that's amazing.


Ginney 30:22
It's amazing.

Bob 30:23
We let Carolyn run around. She's the little kid. Everybody watches the little kid dance in the living room while Bob, the old Dark Soul, sits in the corner, waits till everybody's fully exhausted by Carolyn's cliche dancing as a little kid. And then Bob cuts in with, "Well, look what the little kid does." See? That's how you raise a family. That's how you raise a family.

iON 30:44
This is, this is the Merv Griffin. He flipped into Merv Griffin, now. Yeah, you've done that.

Bob 30:49
Ha ha. I went from Joey Bishop to Doug, Mike Douglas, and Merv Griffin, -

iON 30:56
Joey Bishop, Joey Bishop -

Bob 30:57
- and Jack Paar. You started off with Jack Paar.

iON 30:59
And Paul Lynde. And Paul Lynde. Don't forget Paul Lynde. He's the gay guy. Sometimes you're the gay guy.

Bob 31:05
Ha ha. Okay, let's now - do you want to say something, Gregg? Did you finish your point?

iON 31:13
He talked about grits.

Bob 31:15
Oh, yeah, we did that. Yeah, we don't want any more food recipes. So, so the Brady Cannon look at this ridiculous disease by the Tech Body. Nice, wonderful article. Roy posted it. Element magazine, a supercomputer analyzed COVID-19. An interesting new theory has emerged. Heh heh. No new theory. And then Carolyn's here and she can't even tell them what she's got for it. We're the, we're in a new kind of lab, we make inventions and then refused to release them. Or even tell you what we did! Think of that. Is that gonna threaten your identity, your purpose, sense of purpose, all you employees of iONdom?

iON 32:02
No. No.

Bob 32:05
It won't? It won't? Okay, so there's a lot of words here, Carolyn. Look at this sentence. In fact, Jacobson and his team note in their paper that, "The virus acts pharmacologically as an ACE inhibitor -- almost directly mirroring the actions of the drugs." Look at that sentence! So the virus is the drug and they think it's something separate. And they call it a mirror of the drug. What a bunch of bullshit. And so all these little kids who can't go to university, if they did, they'd go learn this crap and get fooled and walk around being super confident and then get Jesus and become an asshole and never heard of Frank Zappa. And if they did, they wouldn't like him.

iON 32:49

Bob 32:50
That's what we're growing.

iON 32:51

Bob 32:51
We're growing people who, as Blavatsky predicted, are subhuman. Okay, so

iON 32:57

Bob 32:59
None of your business.

iON 32:59
Oh, you mean, you mean Beefheart. Oh, the mothers of contrition. Yeah. The mothers of contrition, that's right. That was a good band. That was a good band.

Bob 33:05
Jane Fonda dated Rick Perry something like 2009 to 2017. And Rick Perry was the first producer of Captain Beefheart's first album, "Safe as Milk," 1965, '66.

iON 33:19
And she was a, she was a whore.

Bob 33:21
And I'm harassed every fucking day by this guy who was - worked with Rick Perry with some kind of, I don't know, maybe they started health restaurants in California in LA in the 70's. They did some big thing. And I have to deal with this side effect of Beefheart every fucking day. Y'all line up, you know, Ginney, now. There's only, there's only five couples walking at the time I come home from Polo beach, and they're all fuckin' on that ReMag. And they all think I'm a god and I gotta fucking respond to their little compliments every fucking day! It interrupts my meditation. My access to the

iON 34:00
Mediation? Are you go to court? Are you going to court?

Bob 34:03
I'm goin' to court. I'm gonna band these people from walking that time of day.

iON 34:08
You want us to - well, see, we can smote em but now they've got, now you've got the wrong - now see, this is where there should be a rule. Only beautiful people should be allowed to take ReMag. You get these ugly, stankin', old people on this shit and now Bob has to endure ugly. He is propagating ugly.

Bob 34:27
Ha ha. That's right! You got it.

iON 34:28
But they don't get pretty. There is no ugly people, there's only poor people. If you give them enough money, all that goes away. Just, poof, just like that. They get hair, they get smooth, they - ugliness

Bob 34:37
What goes away? If you got enough money, what goes away?

iON 34:40
You got enough money, ugliness. Ugliness.

Bob 34:43
Yeah, so there are a couple of ugly couples I don't talk to; I ignore them. Every fucking day we walk by each other within three feet and I don't look at them. I don't look at their eyes, I'm not talking to ugly people.

iON 34:52
Socialism. Socialism distancing -

Bob 34:55
I don't know if they're socialists.

iON 34:55
- would have you more than three feet away. Socialism distancing would have you more than, more than three feet. Supposed to be six feet. Supposed to be six feet.

Bob 35:04
It's amazing -

iON 35:04

Bob 35:05
- as I walk along, -

iON 35:06

Bob 35:07
-nobody knows I'm part fascist, part communist, part Marxist and part monarchist. Nobody knows that!

iON 35:15
He's a Low Low, he's a Low Low and a practicing pedophilia that's into necrophilia -

Bob 35:21
Ha ha. A sesquipedalian.

iON 35:22
- and he's been delivered, then been delivered from being a practicing sesquipedalian, yes.

Bob 35:29
Now let's just see who's saying what on the chat lines. Anybody (overtalk) come in?

iON 35:35
You don't keep up. You don't keep up. You don't keep up.

Bob 35:38
I know.

iON 35:38
They're scared. They tithe and tithe and tithe.

Bob 35:38
No subgeniuses showed up yet, just the regular people. Germaine's singing a song. "There is no ugly people, there's only poor people." New lyrics she'll put on her next mask. Okay, so

iON 35:52
Oh, "Right plus body equals Dottie." That's Dottie Rambo. Buck fucking Dottie.

Carolyn 35:59
(in background) (overtalk) magnesium rapper song.

Bob 36:01
We can't play it.

Carolyn 36:02
(in background) No, the words.

iON 36:03
We can't play it.

Carolyn 36:05
There's a magnesium rapper song that Germaine

Bob 36:09
Everybody here knows, Carolyn. They all go to my Facebook page every day: Roy, Phil, the regular people. (Carolyn in background: Akkk) They see what I post. They all like what I post. And then they read those on the list.

iON 36:22
Look at all the ugly people.

Bob 36:23
Big shot. Ha ha. Big Sean. I forget the name of the song. "Lucky Me." Yeah, "Lucky Me." Okay, so we got - I was gonna go

iON 36:34
Michael got it wrong. He doesn't know the difference between a herd of cows and he heard it through the grapevine. He's calling it "heard" immunity. That's cute. Heard immunity.

Bob 36:43
Heh heh. So,

iON 36:44
Did you heard? Have you heard? Have you heard that the bird is a word?

Bob 36:49
Yeah. So I think that's it, Ginney. Bob and Trump, bradykinin hypothesis, mud, recipe for grits. And then did Gregg - no, that was the last topic. Okay, so now we're gonna bring someone new and

iON 37:04
And how to compost cadavers. Don't forget that. We spent an hour on that shit. How to compost cadavers. Come on, Bob. Pay attention.

Bob 37:12
Yeah, we did that. Okay, who's this? Is this little Sara?

iON 37:17
Now listen. Listen, one thing. One thing. Listen. You got - here's one more change. One more thing you got to clean up. Let's do it this way. You can take two cups of water, one cup of milk, and one cup of heavy cream. And put the milk with the water and one cup of grits, salted, cook them and then add the heavy cream at the end. Yeah, that'll make it bombin'. Try that. This will get your consistency right.

Bob 37:45
Yeah, that will go in the grits. Then I'll say recipes were given. I'll say Bob makes another - makes his usual breakthrough. That'll be the note: makes his usual breakthrough that nobody's expected. Let's see.

iON 37:59
Did you tell him? Did you tell em your secret ReStructure recipe yet, Bob? Did you tell em, Bob, that? That'll make their dick, that'll make their dick hard. That'll make their dick hard. Did you tell em that?

Bob 38:08
Heh heh heh. No, I didn't.

iON 38:11
Did you tell em?

Bob 38:11
Bob makes his usual breakthrough -

iON 38:13
You better not.

Bob 38:13
- for everybody. For everybody that nobody suspected.

iON 38:18
He taking one. He's taking, he's taking a dick for the team one more time.

Bob 38:24
Ha ha ha. Okay, so is that little, little Sara?

iON 38:28
Little SarasiON? Little SarasiON? What?

Bob 38:32
Is that little Sara right there?

iON 38:36
Little Sara, come in little Sara.

Bob 38:38
Well, this guy hasn't been paying attention, in the sense of participating, -

iON 38:44
Oh God.

Bob 38:44
- for months, but he's back. What, what happened?

iON 38:46

Bob 38:46
Did you suddenly realize we were telling some facts, Darius, that he thought we had gone to, that you objected to? Now you realize we went to the right place? Because you end up in the wrong place. That's what you'd say, Darius?

Darius 39:01
(overtalk, indistinct, muffled)

iON 39:01
Put Heather on. Put Heather on.

Bob 39:05
Is Heather on there? I don't see Heather's name. But yeah, go ahead. What are you saying, Darius? Speak loud. You see how clear Ginney's phone was? Try to approximate that.

Darius 39:15
I've been trying to read the damn "Panic Encyclopedia," and I'm, like, halfway through it.

Bob 39:19
Oh, that's excellent. That's excellent. We don't need to talk to iON about that. Let's you and I talk. Tell me some points about it.

iON 39:26
Yay. The grits will be done in a minute. We'll be stirin' em.

Bob 39:31
Let's hear about Kroker, Darius. Tell us how do you process it?

iON 39:38
Are you sure this is not after-party, after-party talk with Clinton? He's our gay beer salesman. We like him.

Bob 39:44
Heh heh heh. You know, let's just see for a minute. I mean, I've banned Jack 'cuz he won't talk about McLuhan, so let's see If Darius deserves to be - to have access to iON. Tell us a bit about your reading, Darius.

Darius 40:00
So last one part I read is about - it's all alphabetized panic, N through X. (?) I took a couple of notes, I guess, somewhere.

Bob 40:08
Can you talk a little louder?

Darius 40:11
Let me switch. Hold on. I'm in my headphones. Is that better?

Bob 40:17
Yes, that's better.

Darius 40:18

Bob 40:19
Okay, say that sentence again.

Darius 40:22
So, I said I'm about halfway through the alphabetized section. What are you doing?

iON 40:30
Nothin' honey. Nothin' honey, we're ain't doin' nothin'. What do you want? What do you want us to do?

Darius 40:35
Ah, I got distracted (overtalk)

iON 40:36
Who the fuck are you talking to, that's what we need to know.

Bob 40:40
He's got a little baby there. He's got a little kid.

Darius 40:43
I didn't even say anything before my daughter was born.

Bob 40:45
Now here's the problem, Darius. You're loud but you're blurry.

Darius 40:48

Bob 40:48
So maybe check to see if you can make the distance with your mouth

iON 40:51
Ha ha ha! (singing) I'm blurry face and I care what you think.

Bob 40:55
Blurry face, Darius. You're blurry face.

iON 40:58
That's another point, another point three seven cents, Bob.

Bob 41:00
Ha ha. Okay, go ahead, Darius. Try it again.

Darius 41:06
All right. So, in the "Panic Encyclopaedia," the last part I was reading is about a woman's response to some dude leaving a bunch of weird voice messages like about him masturbating and whatnot. But it's, ah,

Bob 41:20
What's the title? Panic what? Panic what?

Darius 41:22
The title is panic obscenities.

Bob 41:32
Panic obscenities. Okay, so he's leaving voicemails and what happened? What's the syndrome or what does he say about it?

Darius 41:41
So, the woman responding to the voicemails and the writing saying all kinds of things like how (indistinct sentence)

Bob 41:53
You're hardly hearable, Darius. It's so ridiculous. You people with the stupid phones. We can't even make it - blurry. I don't know what you're saying.

Darius 42:07
Basically, it's her response to it. And she just basically - she's saying that a - the guy doesn't even actually want to sexualize her. He's - something about the "Mechanical Bride."

Bob 42:20
Heh heh. Okay, well read the words.

Darius 42:25
Let me see if I can find it. (clears throat)

iON 42:33
Boy, that was clear.

Darius 42:34
Heh heh. I'm trying to find the part where it mentions "The Mechanical Bride."

iON 42:43
While he's trying to find, while he's trying to find out if there's this something that he thought he was reading, it was really reading him, we can give you a little Cardi B. We can give you a little Cardi B. Brrrrrr. We can give you a little Cardi B. Brrrrrr. If you do that after every -

Bob 42:47
What was that? Why did she do that, iON? Why does she do that?

iON 42:59
It's a rapper. It's a rapper thing. If you let Germaine talk, she can tell you. Brrrrr.

Bob 43:04
Oh, okay.

iON 43:04
She can tell you. That's what they do. Brrrrr. That's what they do. That's a rapper thing. It's what you do. It mesmerizes you to make you want to take your clothes off and have someone drug you and give your money to someone. (Bob: heh heh heh) Brrrrr. It'll make you do that. And if you do that -

Bob 43:04
All right.

iON 43:08
- like tequilla. Tequilla makes your clothes fall off.

Bob 43:16
Are you proud of your culture, Darius? Are you proud of your black brothers culture?

Darius 43:29
It's a little odd to me most times; more often than not.

Bob 43:35
Yeah. You're becoming white under Bob's tutelage. Ha ha.

iON 43:40
Nooo. And white - and Bob, Bob, and Bob, and Bob, and that's how we know Bob as the Dark Soul. Yeah, that's right. That's right.

Bob 43:51
Yeah the black soul. Okay, come on now, you didn't find it, Darius?

Darius 43:57
No, still looking for it.

iON 43:58
He's never read it, Bob. He's never read it. He's never read it one time. You pump these things up, you're not talking about Bob. This is not gonna last long, I can tell you that right now.

Bob 44:11
Well, go to

iON 44:12
Going south 'tis.

Bob 44:15
Yeah, Darius. Talk about the book differently.

iON 44:20
See, here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

Bob 44:24
Yeah, here we go.

Darius 44:27
I find a lot of it confusing. Well, it makes it a little hard to read.

Bob 44:30
Okay. So, what's confusing?

iON 44:31
Well, say that. That's where Bob can help you. That's where Bob can help you.

Bob 44:34
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Confusing because it's got a couple of perceptions that you can't get. You can't see. You don't know what he means by body drift, say, or some kind of flesh data merger. These words he, he puts together.

Darius 44:52
Yeah, he's uses a lot of phrases I'm not familiar with. And then I find a hard time trying to get the point he's trying to get out with each chapter. For each panic object.

Bob 45:06
Yep. And you're probably too lazy to look the words up. The definitions. Right?

iON 45:11
Ha ha ha. So, what he's tryin' to say is, Darius, is that you're having problems maintaining and achieving an erection. And so Bob is gonna help you with that so that you won't no longer suffer from Peroni disease. You have it all straightened out.

Bob 45:26
Ha ha. But really, you have to look up some of the words.

Darius 45:34
I've looked up a few of the words, but I need to be more on top of it, with it, so I can understand more.

iON 45:40
Now, don't argue for your limitations. You just now got Bob's attention. My god, people - do you realize how many people have sucked Bob's dick tryin' to get as close to him as you are right now? This is unbelievable, and you're just kind of throwing it all away. Come on. You don't send me flowers. You don't sing me love songs. You don't even come when I come home at the end of the day. You don't even care that I was away. Come on. You gotta, you gotta remember when, you got to remember when Dobbstown ruled the world.

Bob 46:08
Heh heh. So, why don't you just grab -

iON 46:11
A little Barbra. That was Streisand.

Bob 46:12
- a random topic and -

iON 46:14
That was Streisand.

Bob 46:15
- read out loud. Come on, iON. We're fucking interviewing this guy. Okay?

iON 46:20
Oh, I forgot.

Bob 46:21
Darius. Open the page 58 and read the panic title. You know, every every topic has the word panic in front of it. Just read what it says.

Darius 46:32
All right. 58 is under "panic babies."

Bob 46:36
Oh, that's a good one 'cuz you just said your baby is - sounds like in the background, right?

Darius 46:40
Yeah, she's trying to get into bed. So, the top of 58 starts: TV screen, it beamed, cooed, and gave every sign of mother recognition. However, when the TV reporter substituted herself for the mother, the baby's eyes beamed just as much. And then it's laughing noises and clapping hands gave every sign that it wasn't perhaps the mommy image which was the object of fascination, but any electrode vibrating image being released, sorry, being blasted out of that big TV screen. It seemed that the baby was responding less to the video face of its mother than to any magnified human face which appeared on the TV screen. This was, after all, a postmodern baby who like everyone else might have might just have loved television. And they're not just babies. (end) Go ahead.

Bob 47:34
Yeah, he's making McLuhan's point. Kroker wrote a book on McLuhan. So he's saying the medium, not the environment of TV and all the services and companies that go with it, the repair shops, but the the form itself is what the kid, the kid's responding to. The glow. And doesn't matter who's on there, right? And it's enlarged as part of the form. So he's saying the medium is the message. He's using McLuhan to explain it with new terms, like panic babies. Now, but I interrupted you.

Darius 48:09

Bob 48:09
Ah, insight. He's healed! We have a healing. Ha ha. We have a healing when they get that reset -

iON 48:16
(singing) Praise Bob from whom all blessings flow.

Bob 48:18
- Yes, we just heard it here. Ha ha. No, really. So read the next if there's any more sentences. Remember, you said

Darius 48:28
Yeah, there is one.

Bob 48:29

Darius 48:31
Next sentence said: And not just babies either. But if the wave of media hysteria and audience fascination with Ollie and Gorby is any indication, any hyped-up image passing through the TV ether zone streaks now through the cold mass of the audience superconductor moving at hyperspeeds all while and, all the while and meeting absolutely no resistance. (end) That's the next paragraph.

Bob 48:57
Yeah. And that's really great 'cuz I've always remembered that paragraph. Kroker talks about the superconducting audience or the reception of the superconducting ether space, and it's indifferent. He had the phrase, you'll find it in some other book, indifferent rivulets of experience. That's what people are getting when they're watching TV. They're experiencing indifferent rivulets. The person is kind of indifferent, he implied that; it just goes right through them. That's why people can't remember what they watched on TV. But it's interesting that you picked the sentence that I remember a lot more than others from his book. You want to read it again so people can get the significance? That last section.

Darius 49:45
Yeah. And it goes: And not just babies either. But if the wave of media hysteria and audience fascination with Ollie and Gorby is any indication, any hyped up image passing through the TV ether zone streaks now through the cold mass of the audience superconductor moving at hyperspeeds all the while and meeting absolutely no resistance.

Bob 50:08
Right. No resistance, hyperspeeds, cold math, and Ollie. Ollie is Ollie North, and Gorbachev is the Russian guy, you know, when the wall went down. So, it's a very good description of television when it's obsolesce by satellites, fiber optics and later computerized virtual technologies. See, that probably isn't, wasn't so prominent in the 50's and 60's, the cold mass indifference; everybody was just drinking in the TV thing. But this is several decades later. So this is where Kroker's adding to McLuhan. McLuhan wasn't as wordy; McLuhan was pretty simple. The people didn't understand the basic points and thought McLuhan was difficult. But Kroker comes along and he adds more poetic factors in the experience. See? So you're learning modern poetry when you read Kroker. You don't need to read Longfellow, or Ginsburg or Elliot, just read Kroker. He's the poet of the 90's or late 80's. See, so now that you know - you know what it means a little more than you did. It's quite beautiful to read it right? It's what your neighbors are doing. They're a cold mass of indifference. Now, that's 30 years ago. Now you got the interactive texting world; that's a completely different world that Kroker doesn't talk about. But he's talking about the pre-internet world. What it was like in the 80's, the apathy of the 80's.

Darius 51:42

Bob 51:46
So, you've been healed. Is there anything else you want to talk about? Do you want to talk to iON? You got a question for iON?

Darius 51:53
I don't have any questions prepared.

Bob 51:57
Well, how about a question that comes up from what we're talking about?

Darius 52:02
Ah, (short pause). Oh, she's talking to baby. What's up?

Bob 52:13

Darius 52:19
Oh, oh, I'm sorry. My girlfriend is talking to me.

Bob 52:26
Is she the mother of your baby?

iON 52:26
(signing) Praise Bob, praise Bob, (continues over and with other audience singing voice)

Darius 52:30

Bob 52:30
Is it your baby?

Darius 52:31
Yes, it is.

Bob 52:34
How old's the baby?

Darius 52:37
She's (overtalk) 2 months.

Bob 52:38
(overtalk) 2 months?

Darius 52:43
She's almost 2 months.

Bob 52:44
Hey, come on, iON. I'm trying to hear what he's saying. You fucking immature astral. So, this is why we haven't heard from you, Darius. You've been busy with the new baby, right?

Darius 52:56
Yeah, we've been trying to get on a schedule.

Bob 53:01
On a schedule so you can be part of the show?

Darius 53:04
So that, yeah, she's - when she's sleeping when I'm tryin' to get things done.

Bob 53:09
Does she listen to the show? She know anything about us?

Darius 53:13
I play it sometimes when I'm just hanging out with the baby. Sam is - she listened to the show before but she doesn't really keep up with it.

Bob 53:21
What did you say? What's the first part? She's, she's heard it. What does she think of what she hears? Or she just cold mass audience like TV and it just drifts through her?

Darius 53:31
What do you think of the show Sam? She says she thinks it's pretty interesting. And she wants to ask iON a question.

Bob 53:44
Oh, tell her to go ahead.

Darius 53:47
Yeah, hold on.

Bob 53:48
Get ready, iON. It's your turn.

Darius 53:50
(to Sam in background) Dude. (to Bob) She's shy now, I guess.

Bob 53:55
Ha ha. He called his girfriend dude! Dude!

iON 53:57
Bob. Bob. Bob. That's the plainest talkin' baby, that's the plainest talkin' baby we've ever seen. It's magic, it's magic!

Bob 54:05
Yeah. Darius is the new family, the new Americans, the next generation or as Beefheart says, the new batch. Yeah, translate your question Darius. Have her say it to you, and then you pass it on.

Darius 54:21
What's your question? She wanted to ask what's wrong with her, but I think she's wanted the, wanted the specifically the topic. She wants to know what's her issue with her postpartum feeling.

Bob 54:44
Oh, okay.

iON 54:46
Oh, oh. Magnesium deficiency.

Bob 54:50

Darius 54:50
Magnesium deficiency.

iON 54:54
Yeah, 'cuz your body is still thinking that it's partum, partum, so it can't over switch back. Its why breast feeding mothers can eat 10,000 calories a day and they don't gain a pound.

Bob 55:14
That's after they gave birth, iON.

iON 55:18
That's right. Postpartum.

Bob 55:19
Yeah. Okay, so she's got this normal depression. And would you agree it's magnesium deficiency, Carolyn?

Carolyn 55:21
(in background) Yeah, and zinc and B vitamins.

iON 55:33
You're on mute.

Bob 55:28
So, Darius. Darius, you should

Darius 55:33
What did Carolyn say?

Bob 55:35
B vitamins, zinc. Carolyn's ReAlign. Get the ReAlign, Pico-Zinc and the, and the ReMag. Three products.

Darius 55:49
I need more ReAlign but I got all the other things.

Bob 55:54
Now Darius, you've been listening

iON 55:55
Now, now, we add one more thing. We add one more thing. Just want to excuse us, Bob.

Bob 56:00

iON 56:00
We were speaking, Just one second. And another, and Carolyn's D, vitamin D is great, but we say another D is involved there. And you gotta have vitamin dick. Gotta have more dick. That'll help, too. Vitamin dick will help that better than all. You gotta keep that goin'.

Bob 56:17
Darius', Darius is dick. D squared.

iON 56:22
That's up to her. That's up to her.

Bob 56:24
Yeah, that's up to her. Maybe, maybe Don next door would be the dick.

iON 56:29
Maybe. Could be. We don't know, we don't know.

Bob 56:30
But, Darius, here's the thing. You're somehow not remembering stuff. All you have to do is remember what Carolyn said. It always applies. So, she's feeling bad and you tell her to take the stuff. That's what you have to do, Darius. She should have known this.

Darius 56:33
Yeah, I should have told her to take this stuff. She probably wouldn't listened if I told her anyway.

Bob 56:58
Yeah, that's the problem. You guys gotta believe each other a little bit.

iON 57:02
You're living with a woman, you're living with a woman that could go insane and kill you all in your sleep. So, you play with that if you want to. You can play with that, you can play with that all day long if you want to. We'll see how that goes. Then we'll see, we'll see the rapidity of this denommer. The rapidity of this denommer. We'll see how that fits in a little bit. So yeah, go ahead with that. You'll like that.

Bob 57:30
She say something, Darius, to us?

Darius 57:32
She was just telling me about her condition, you know.

Bob 57:37
What? Louder. What did you say?

Darius 57:40
She was just telling me about her bleeding.

Bob 57:43
Oh, now she's got bleeding. Ha ha.

iON 57:47
That's what happens. It cycles. That's what happens, Bob.

Bob 57:52
Whole C ReSet Carolyn said it is, Darius.

Darius 57:56
Whole C ReSet?

Bob 57:54
It's a vitamin C issue. You see, you guys, you got scurvy. She's getting scurvy. Now, Darius. Here's where you guys have five bodies or more. And this chemical body's a nuisance. And you guys don't even talk about it, her chemical body problems. And you got to focus on your chemical body on Mondays when - take the five bodies; Tuesday, the astral body we're on. Wednesday's the TV body, Thursday's your chip body, and then Friday's the mystery body. And Saturday is all the bodies on this show. But on Monday, you, your partner there should be listening to Carolyn. And if they can't understand the access or the advantage of knowing about us, they need a good thrashing. You need to tell her. And then she can tell you I listened to Malcolm X, fuck that Bob shit. Malcolm X is where it's at, or Kanye West or some Reverend guy who pretends he's black. You know, who, whoever she's influenced by. She's got to balance it off. And you guys got to talk this out. You have lots to talk about there, Darius. I know it's horrible being a father. I'd never have a kid. You know, it's a horrible situation you got yourself in, but you're in it! Fake it for about seven years, then the kid will be on it's own. By seven or eight, the kid will be able to run around on its own. So it's good to put up with this seven years of, you know, compensation. Repentance for your sins of actual pregnancy. Are you there, Darius?

Darius 57:56
I am. Yes, I'm here.

Bob 58:33
You got to read. You should read every panic chapter, at least one page. There's many topics in the book. Every day do a topic with her; read it to her and then take her questions and try to explain it.

Darius 59:52

Bob 59:52
Anyway, this is the modern - I'm the Dr. Bob Spock. Bob Spock for the young.

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