Sunday, April 11, 2021

Bob Dobbs’ Revolution (“Lockdown BobRule”)

1. Monday (since 2014) - Phone conference with a Washington Lawyer and a Canadian Journalist, 11am-noon HT (Hawaii Time)

Monday (since 2013) - Participant in Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Edgelording Radio/Internet show, 1pm-3pm HT

2. Tuesday - Miscellaneous interviews, 10am-noon HT

Tuesday - WHAT YOUTH? Edgelording Radio/Internet show with iON, 3pm-5pm HT

Tuesday - Tailgating with WHAT YOUTH? callers in an unbroadcast space at, 5pm-11pm HT

3. Wednesday - OFFICE HOURS, a new Edgelording post-pandemic University without iON, but with Clinton Ignatov, Roxana Flores Larrainzar, Dave Newfeld, and Greg Duffell, 10am-3pm HT

Wednesday - Tailgating with OFFICE HOURS callers in an unbroadcast space at, 3pm-4pm HT

Wednesday - Dialogue with Cameron McEwen on my new book, WHAT WE/YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT TRUMP, Thursday, 2am-4:30am HT (my Wednesday night before retiring to bed)

4. Thursday - Recorded briefing with iON, 11am-3pm HT

5. Friday - Dialogue with Jack McClinton’s Edgelording Instagram show, every second Friday, 1:30 or 2pm-4:30pm HT

6. Saturday - PAYDAY Edgelording Radio/Internet show with iON at, 2pm-2am (Sunday) HT

Saturday - Tailgating with PAYDAY callers in an unbroadcast space at, 2am-8am (Sunday) HT

7. Sunday (since mid-2020) - Untapped Phone conference with JW and Sidney P.

Bob Dobbs

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