Saturday, March 6, 2021

Egyptian Book of the Dead Transcript, 29 February 2020


Transcribed by Nan

iON 0:00
Did you say 32?

Carolyn 0:01
Page 32. Correct.

iON 0:01

Carolyn 0:03
Correct. Correct. Exactly.

iON 0:04
That's good. Go back, go back. Okay, now darlin', do one thing. Go back just a little bit.

Carolyn 0:07

iON 0:15
Before the RUBRIC, the tail end.

Carolyn 0:17

iON 0:17
With "Hail, ye gods." Start right there, because you gotta join the body and it's been so long, they're gonna forget. You got parts, and so, this was a great place to divide it 'cuz everybody's forgotten all about it now. They don't know. It's like when you don't gas off your meth. It's like when you don't gas off your red phosphorus when you're making meth. That bitch will blow up if you don't give it a little time. You gotta gas it off, you see, with the red phosphorus. So you got to make sure you get that done. So back it up just a little bit so you don't have a nice meth explosion.

Bob 0:59
You mean like the Chapter of not perishing and of being alive in Khert-Neter?

Carolyn 1:02
I'm not gonna do a whole chapter. But -

iON 1:05
No, no just one little paragraph. Hail, ye gods, the last paragraph of - the last paragraph of 31, right before the rubric. 'Cuz we got to get the part where you separate the pieces, and then when you hide it when you're not being held in bondage.

Carolyn 1:24
Right. Bob, are you ready?

Bob 1:27
I got the link. I'm gonna try to find rubric.

iON 1:30

Carolyn 1:30
Ah, but there's tons of them, Bob.

iON 1:32
The bottom of 31.

Bob 1:33
So, give me a word.

iON 1:34
The bottom of 31.

Bob 1:35
I don't have page numbers.

Carolyn 1:36
The word is -

iON 1:36
The bottom of page - yes, you do if you roll it up and down you have pages.

Carolyn 1:40
- not letting the soul. He doesn't know how to do that, iON. Not letting the soul of a man. (iON and Carolyn laugh). Not letting the soul. Bob knows how to search for things.

iON 1:53
He's now, He's now - yeah, now he's -

Bob 1:56
Captive. Not letting the soul of a man be held captive.

iON 1:56
- now he's on Pinterest trying to find Manolo Blahnik's website so if he could see of those peep-toed, sling back, do-me-like-a dog pumps are gonna suit him or not.

Carolyn 2:03
Ha ha ha. Where's my pizza? We didn't make any pizza yet. Sheez, what am I supposed to eat? (Carolyn laughs) How do I get through this?

iON 2:16
Eat? Eat?

Carolyn 2:10
It was so funny because I was sending websites with - of shoes. Germaine and I are gonna create costumes for me. So I sent her pictures of shoes that I like and so she's gonna make a costume to match the shoes. And she said she and Jack were just out buying shoes and now we're talking about putting Bob, Bob in peek-toe. It's so -

iON 2:36

Carolyn 2:37
- I mean look at this world, Bob, -

iON 2:39
It works.

Carolyn 2:39
- look how we're saving the world with shoes.

Bob 2:42
Well, it's, it's xenochrony. I'm boss. If I take over, lockdown Bob rules, xenochrony rules!

Carolyn 2:49

Bob 2:50
Yes. I predicted that.

iON 2:51
There's some new Italian, there's some new Italian designers that are really, really, hot. You got a few game changer things that we got to get ready because it's happening. It's gonna, it's gonna affect this thing. Carolyn, whether you know it or not, you're actually, actually, actually having to deal with some dead people. And they're a little bit waspish. They're a little bit waspish sometimes. But here's the trick: you have to keep a balance. You've heard that balance over and over and over and over with "Orkree" and all these different problems of balance. The issue is, is that if you're not careful, now, now we're not say compassionate, 'cuz you are. We didn't say caring, 'cuz you are. We didn't say coporeal, which you absolutely are. What we did say is that it's the position that allows you to come back to not be overcome, verklempt with the condition of dealing more with the dead. 'Cuz you see it's almost like at customer service. If you're not careful, you'll have a whole staff, a whole team that's doing nothing but petting on the dead. The bitches are dead! Why you gotta pet the dead. Don't pet the dead. Here's your sign. Here's you sign. Here's that - you should put this up in everybody's face in customer service. And rule number one: please do not pet the rattlesnakes.

Carolyn 4:21
Yeah. Mm hmm.

iON 4:21
You see, 'cuz what'll happen is you'll spend all your energy petting the rattlesnakes, and all you're gonna get is bit. And then you have to question the vicissitudes, not the platitudes, see, we know magnesium works. That's not the issue. The issue is will magnesium work for me? How do I find the balance for me with a substance that's changing - we discussed that - and a world and environment that's changing? You have so many variables there's no way to as Oakree so eloquently waxed and waned, keep her balance. Pretty good, pretty good segue Maude Aimee. Pretty good segue there, Maude Aimee. That's what you're bumping into. That's what you're bumping into. And see, if you're not careful, next thing you know you're having a goddamn board meeting about it over the silliest thing in the whole wide living world. But as long as you know that larger construct, here's what it does: two things. It softens the butter. You can kill a man with a stick of butter if it's hard enough. Remember?

Carolyn 5:36

iON 5:36
And you can drown a man with a stick of butter if you melt it enough. Now, we're not talkin' about Oleo, we're talkin' about cow butter, the difference. See the rub? And that's nothin' wrong with butter. What can you find wrong with butter for Pete's sake? Okay.

Carolyn 5:51
Right, right.

iON 5:54
Now, that solved that -

Carolyn 5:55
Yeah -

iON 5:55
- to set the stage. We set the stage for your work. 'Cuz some people hate this and some people really, really, really like this, if they apply it. What that means is, is if they condition the response to make it useful, it's very fruitful. That's like Bob not doing the Keys and the Aethyrs.

Carolyn 6:19
Heh heh. Yeah.

iON 6:19
See, if it served - all we gotta do is hide it in his trash, in his filing system, in the trash, and he'll have it forever.

Carolyn 6:27
Yes, yes, yes.

iON 6:28
No problem. Safe, safe in the trash.

Carolyn 6:32

iON 6:33
Okay, we digress.

Carolyn 6:34
Yes, the more, the more we know, the more we know everybody else's dead so that, that's more than obvious.

iON 6:43
Well, not necessarily.

Carolyn 6:44
Yes they are.

iON 6:48
Not necessarily. Not all of them. Well, but, we're not tryin' -

Carolyn 6:50
They are dead to knowing about themselves. They're dead.

iON 6:56
Fine, but what - we know, but we're trying to - you want them to survive. Okay?

Carolyn 7:03
I do. I do.

iON 7:03
Otherwise, kinda what - that's true. Then otherwise, what's the point? But then it kind of gets fruitless. It's like saving Canadians; you can save a lot of them but why?

Carolyn 7:12
Ha ha. Okay, okay. We're gonna do the Book of the Dead now. Is that okay with you, iON?

iON 7:19
Good. Perfect, darlin'. Let's go. That was your, that was your precursor 'cuz that's what makes sense: how to work with the dead.

Carolyn 7:27

Bob 7:28
This is part 12.

Carolyn 7:29
Ha ha. Part 12.

iON 7:31
Part 12.

Carolyn 7:31
Yeah, we begin with the words -

iON 7:33
Twelve of 1700 and five.

Carolyn 7:36
Yeah, we begin with the words: "Hail, ye gods who tow along the boat of the Lord of Millions of Years," And back then I said, Is this another time designation? And , iON, did you say yes? I didn't type that.

iON 7:55
Yeah, you did. It was - that's reason we had to go back to clean it up. And yes, -

Carolyn 7:59
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 7:59
- what it does, what it does is it sets, this sets up the modality of time. Now, isn't this interesting: the dead are judged more by time. Dead are judged more by time than the living. And yet, the living fighting time all the time 'cuz they're on time, or they're out of time, or there's not enough time, or too much time, or time they serve, or time - see, you can't figure it out. And yet the dead seem to be the ones that are actually judged by time. They are timeless, supposedly.

Carolyn 8:34
And are you saying that because time is mentioned so much in the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

iON 8:43
Yes, and that they are and it's the point. The dead have a timeline, the live do not; but they say the dead are eternal, but the live apparently are not.

Carolyn 8:59
Yes, yes.

iON 9:00
See how they flipped it? Flipped it. It's like Bernie Sanders; it's great idea, but you can't pay for it.

Carolyn 9:09
Awesome. Got it. And continuing -

iON 9:14
Okay, that was a great session. That was a great session. That was good, We'll see you next week. Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 9:22
For part 2300.

iON 9:23
For part 2300, that's right. Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 9:25
Hey, did you look at the - look at the times - time, time, time stamp today, February which is a two. 29, which adds up to 11, and then added up to another two, and 2020. Look at all that. All those two's. Awesome day.

iON 9:44

Carolyn 9:44
Okay, continuing after we said -

iON 9:48
Is this leap year? This is, today is leap year day, right? This is the day that wasn't? This one?

Carolyn 9:53
That's right. That's why I asked you to marry me. Okay.

iON 9:57
Nice. It's great. How nice. You asked Bob, too. You asked Bob, too.

Carolyn 10:03
Yeah, but that was 53 years ago.

iON 10:06
Oh, that's true.

Carolyn 10:07
Okay. "Hail ye gods who tow along the boat of the Lords of Millions of Years, who bring it over the sky of the Tuat, who make it to journey over Nent, who make Ba-souls to enter into their Spirit-bodies, whose hands hold the steering poles and guide it straight, who grasp tightly your paddles, destroy ye the Enemy; thus shall the Boat rejoice, and the Great God (Carolyn: both capitals) shall travel on his way in peace. Moreover, grant ye that the Ba-soul of the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth before the gods, may come forth with your navel chords in the eastern part of the sky," So, my question here is the eastern sky gate, all these words are, and Great God capitals, are all positive affirmations of getting close to their godself. You said, "Yep," to the representation that the godself presents. Anything more to add to that, iON?

iON 11:20
Just that you have the hooks, the lines and spaces. -

Carolyn 11:24

iON 11:24
-The hooks that pull it to one side or the other.

Carolyn 11:29
Ah ha. Now they talked, sort of, about a hook on what appears to be the umbilical cord. Is that what you're talking about?

iON 11:38
Yeah. That's another example of it. Yes. See, it keeps repeating and showing up. That's what's fun.

Carolyn 11:45
Yeah. Okay, good. Continuing. We're almost done with the finish of last time.

iON 11:56

Carolyn 11:57
Timing. "and that it may follow Ra to the place where he was yesterday, (Carolyn: time) and may set in peace, in peace in Amentet. May it gaze upon its earthly body, may it take up its abode and it's Spirit-body, may it neither perish nor be destroyed for ever and for ever." And that was the end of it. And then there's a RUBRIC, which gives us a direction that says: "These words shall be said over a model of the Ba-soul made of gold, and inlaid with precious stones, which shall be placed on the breast of the Osiris." So, it sounds like that's an effigy to represent the dead person and they put it on the breast of the dead person and call it Osiris. Is that right, iON?

iON 12:52
It is. We've made up a couple of them, but we didn't use gold, we decided to use platinum because right today Bob's got a little more platinum than he actually has gold to waste on something silly like this. So, the platinum is a little more durable, anyway. And they're gonna do the enameling, the special enameling, 'cuz he likes the vibrant - you know, being, being a Monet. Being from Monet, like he is, you know, how he always been a lover of Monet. We'll bring in the classic colorization; you know, the rose and the different colors that he so fond of.

Carolyn 12:59

iON 13:21
But we use that on that breastplate, but it's, it's so you can make an example of it. And the example then becomes the way you can touch it in this realm, but not have to be in that realm. See the difference?

Carolyn 13:44
Yeah, yeah. Great.

iON 13:47
So, you can fuck somebody out and fuck somebody up in Maui, and they don't have to be in the fifth gate.

Carolyn 13:54
Ah. Heh heh. Okay.

iON 13:57
That's some cools.

Carolyn 13:59
So that's where we ended.

iON 14:00
That's nice.

Carolyn 14:00
And then we're, we're on page 32 now. And the first question even before we start, I'm asking you now, iON, as I'm reading the book, are lives being restored? As we are saying these words, kind of like you told me, me saying the Keys, I'm causing all kinds of havoc; as we're reading the words from this book are lives being restored?

iON 14:36
We don't know your definition of restoration.

Carolyn 14:40
Uh huh. are dead people coming back to life?

iON 14:45
No, no, no, that's not what this is for. This is the balance to notice how to navigate the dead. You ain't got to that part yet.

Carolyn 14:55
Got it.

iON 14:53
This is how to keep it in condition. This is how to get your body in shape. Being dead is a pain in the butt; you got lots to do. Live is easy.

Carolyn 15:01

iON 15:04
They say life is hard, peace is when you die. No. Death is hard 'cuz you got to figure out everything. The rules and regulations and kingdoms to subdue.

Carolyn 15:14
Yeah. Okay.

iON 15:17
Yeah, Bert likes this because it takes him out of his mind. 'Cuz we say a lot of words and he gets all those words, like every single one. But he likes this because it takes it to a whole different level. He doesn't have to think about this. He has to think about everthing else. He's a little thinker that way. But this is good 'cuz it kind of gives him an ass pass to say, "Oh, okay, so this is, oh, okay. Oh, okay." Just kind of take it by rote, then that makes it easy - er.

Carolyn 15:46
Er. Next. And this is: "THE CHAPTER OF NOT LETTING THE SOUL OF A MAN BE HELD CAPTIVE IN KHERT-NETER. The Osiris Ani saith:- Hail, thou who art exalted! Hail, thou who art adored! Hail, Mighty One of Souls, thou divine Soul who inspirest great dread, who dost set the fear of thyself in the gods, who are enthroned upon thy mighty seat. Make thou a path for the Spirit-soul and the Ba-soul of the Osiris Ani. I am equipped with [words of power]. I am a Spirit-soul equipped with [words of power]. I have made my way to the place where are Ra and Hathor." And the RUBRIC of -

iON 16:39
Okay. Now. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Now, right there, see, this is that mortar condition that Bob's takin' on, and that stupid whatever his name was, the great, the last great erection of Marge Stewart, maybe whoever that was, was trying to give validity to conjunctive letters making up of words. 'Cuz, see, conjunctive letters should not have any power; and yet, the word "is." So, this is pointing that place of the power of words that seem to apply in both realms. But it's silly 'cuz you can, you know, "'cuz bird is the word." So we didn't know.

Carolyn 17:25
Okay. didn't make any much sense there. Can we do that again?

iON 17:30
Okay. Yeah. Words are power.

Carolyn 17:36

iON 17:36
And Marge Stewart wrote a lot about words, memes, conditions. Okay, they're important, but they're not important. They should not be important at all. And yet, they are important because they've been embraced and have been imbued with power.

Carolyn 18:00
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 18:01
See, that's how we step away. But here's what happened. Check this out, check this out. Because of these rules about words and power, now the Tech Body can use words to crush them like a bug. Okay, because, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, words are power. Didn't say only human words spoken by the human are power. No, it said words. So now a "me too" movement can destroy someone and eviscerate them.

Carolyn 18:34
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 18:35
See, the same thing that everybody else has done that now you do it, you're ground up into a fine powdery poke.

Carolyn 18:42
Mm hmm.

iON 18:43
I have to go share a jail cell with Jeffrey Epstein.

Carolyn 18:48
Say those words; missed them.

iON 18:51
Or you have to go share a jail cell with Jeffrey Epstein.

Carolyn 18:56
Got it.

iON 18:57
Epstein, the one who killed himself. The one who killed himself.

Carolyn 19:01
Oh yeah, I know.

iON 19:04
So, if he had a roommate, if he had a roommate, maybe he wouldn't have killed himself? Mmmm. Interesting.

Carolyn 19:09
His roommate was -

iON 19:10
Or the one who killed him.

Carolyn 19:11
- moved out just beforehand. I think I heard.

iON 19:15
Right. So, that's right. Because the guards, the guards didn't want the other dude to see who did the killing while they were turning off the cameras that didn't work. The cameras don't work, why you gotta turn them off? It don't make any sense.

Carolyn 19:32
Ha ha. Okay, continuing then they now give the directive RUBRIC saying: "If this Chapter be known by the deceased he shall be able to transform himself into a Sprit-soul who shall be equipped with [his soul and his shadow] in Khert-Neter, and he shall not be shut up inside any door in Amentet, when he is coming forth upon the Earth, or when he is going back into [Khert-Neter.]" Okay, so that's saying that if people have read the Egyptian Book of the Dead they can have the ability to come back. Correct?

iON 20:16
Yeah. It's like Bert's first love who died.

Carolyn 20:20

iON 20:20
She can come, she can come back 'cuz she knows these words.

Carolyn 20:25
Ah. Mm hmm.

iON 20:26
Isn't that nice?

Carolyn 20:29
Yeah. Okay, they can come back. Interesting. Crazy but interesting.

iON 20:41
All the great work and wonder. All the great work and wonder of Marge Stewart.

Carolyn 20:47
Yeah. So, well, I'll just leave it at that because it's like would a person be reading it with the intent of if they do succumb to death then they can come back by knowing these words, or can you just read it once and be able to come back?

iON 21:09
Once will do 'cuz if words are powerful, but that's not even the point. The point that comes back to it, it's like the Keys and the Aethyrs. You mean you can learn or have it be exposed to the Keys and the Aethyrs, and put yourself in such a position that you can control the entire run of the angels? Fuck! What kind of brain surgery do you have to study to figure that one out? Like, ah, yeah, okay. Yeah. You see, that's the rub.

Carolyn 21:37
Yeah. That is pretty powerful. I apologize.

iON 21:41
If you use it, if you use it.

Carolyn 21:47
Heh heh.Yep. Continuing.

iON 21:48
We got to start keeping you've gotten so easy with your work that it's kind of like, it's just by rote to you. Which is silly. You're gonna start logging, you gonna start logging, keeping up with your works and wonders. The Works and Wonders Campaign.

Carolyn 22:07
Yeah. Maybe.

iON 22:12
No, I'm serious. You're moving, you're moving crazy stuff. You're doing crazy stuff. And it's just so normal. You got to start writin' it down so you can go back and go: "Oh, yeah, I did that. Oh, yeah. Did that. Oh, yeah. I said, said, I found out who the Surgeon General of the United States is; nobody even knew."

Carolyn 22:29
Mm hmm. Okay. Thank you. Continuing: "THE CHAPTER OF OPENING THE TOMB TO THE BA-SOUL AND THE SHADOW, AND OF COMING FORTH BY DAY, AND OF HAVING MASERY OVER THE TWO LEGS." So, we're back to the legs. But the question here came to me: opening the tomb, where the disciples of Jesus reciting the Book of the Dead to open the tomb of Jesus, iON?

iON 22:56
Yep, yep. And the Keys to have the angel, and the Keys to have the angels roll back the stone.

Carolyn 23:04

iON 23:05
An angel did that. Remember?

Carolyn 23:08
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 23:10
Then that whore, then that whore, Mary Magdalene, come sniffing around. She was actually into necrophilia and she's gonna get her a piece of dead Jesus nooky and come to find out he was gone.

Carolyn 23:23
Yeah. Oh my, I don't - yeah. Okay, that's awesome! Except for the last part. Ha ha ha.

iON 23:35
(laughing) This is the part, this is the part where Ginney would say,this is the part where Ginneybelle would say, "O-kay." And move right on by. Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 23:43

iON 23:43
Keep it moving, keep it moving, keep it moving keep it - ha ha ha.

Carolyn 23:48
We're in the truck now. Let's go.

iON 23:51
How are we gonna? How are we gonna, how are we gonna excerpt, excerpt this one? How are we gonna take this one out?

Carolyn 23:58
I didn't type the words that's for sure. Okay. Continuing.

iON 24:01
Oh. Well. Good for you.

Carolyn 24:02
Yeah. "The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- The place which is closed is opened, the place which is shut (or sealed) is sealed. That which lieth down in the closed place is opened by the Ba-soul which is in it. By the Eye of Horus I am delivered. Ornaments are stablished on the brow of Ra. My stride is made long. I lift up my two thighs [in walking]. I have journeyed over a long road. My limbs are in a flourishing condition. I am Horus, the Avenger of his Father, and I bring the Urrt Crown [and set it on] its standard. The road of souls is opened. My twin soul seeth the Great God (Carolyn: capitals) in the of Boat of Ra, on the day of souls. My soul is in the front thereof with the counter of the years. (Carolyn: there's time again) Come, the Eye of Horus" So, I'm asking here, iON, the Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection or power in good health. So, is The Eye of Horus - tell me what that entails or means at this juncture.

iON 25:34
The connection. The connection. It's a connection.

Carolyn 25:39

iON 25:40
It's a connection. What that means is that Eye sees both ends; it sees where it is, and it's looking somewhere else.

Carolyn 25:49

iON 25:50
Okay? And it's seeing two ends, so that's why the eyes are the window to the soul. That's - they say here - then the eyes and the soul are, okay, so now if you got both ends, this is how you can connect.

Carolyn 26:02
Yeah. And both ends means you're beginning to see -

iON 26:07
This world, that world. This world, that world.

Carolyn 26:10
This world. Got it. Got it.

iON 26:12
And we don't even really - those worlds are not, those worlds are not far apart. They're not a long way away. They're, like, right here. They're stacked. They're layered. They're tiered. It's like tiramisu.

Carolyn 26:24

iON 26:26
Bob loves it when we talk about food. He loves it when we talk about food. And he loves it when the waiter comes and asks if he - with a full glass of water, asks if he wants another glass of water, and you go, "No, I don't want!" Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 26:39
No, he cannot -

iON 26:41
"No! Yes, see. Take this water. Take this water and bring me another glass of water." Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 26:47
Oh, he did that the last time! He seriously did that last time. "Don't fill that glass. Give me a new glass of water. If you're gonna get me a glass of water, get me a new glass of water, now!"

iON 26:58
"And when you bring it back, be sure and interrupt my conversation because I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. Damn, I lost my thought. What were we talking about?" Ha ha ha. That's good.

Carolyn 27:11
That's why Bob likes the pizza here.

iON 27:15
True, true. No one interrupts. No one will even talk to him here. It's great.

Carolyn 27:20
Ha ha ha. Continuing: "Come, the Eye of Horus hath delivered for me my soul, my ornaments are established on the brow of Ra. Light is on the faces of those who are in the members of Osiris." Now, in the members, I mean, are we to think that's his organ or his extremities?

iON 27:46
No. When the roll, when the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there. It's the members of the roll. Those that are counted in the "in crowd," the hipsters as it were.

Carolyn 28:01
Got it. Thank you.

iON 28:03
The Levites and the Hittites: the difference between the two shall never twain. Good.

Carolyn 28:10
Okay. Okay. "Light is on the faces of those who are in the members of Osiris. Ye shall not hold captive my soul. Ye shall not keep in durance my shadow. The way is open to my soul and to my shadow." So yeah, you have - I'm asking here then, iON, what is the context of shadow here? Part of the dead self?

iON 28:40
Nah, that's pretty good words, but it's more likely - remember when we had residue, the leftover part? It's how you tell the difference. It's how you negate the residue; Book of Shadows.

Carolyn 28:55
Yeah. Residue. Got it. Continuing: "It seeth the Great God (Carolyn: capitals) in the (Carolyn: shine) shrine on the day of counting souls."

iON 29:07
Shrine. Shrine.

Carolyn 29:09
Shrine. Yeah, got it. Well that's making me stop and ask. Now, is this scene the Great soul and the mentions of the Great soul several times that this is what you're aiming for?Looking for?

iON 29:25
It's the final, it's the final adjudication of what is the soul do? Count your unrealized creations, your unrealized dreams.

Carolyn 29:34

iON 29:35
This is that reckoning, the reconciliation. To reconcile what you did, you're supposed to do, didn't do, and what was realized and what was not realized. So, the Great one in that, in that shrine of counting souls, the souls that count, not like counting the number of souls, it's the souls that are counting. See, the abacus doesn't count. It keeps track of what's been counted. That's what the (indistinct) soul does, too.

Carolyn 30:04

iON 30:04
People would tangle that up if you weren't really astute.

Carolyn 30:08
Okay. Good. And continuing: "It repeateth the words of Osiris. Those whose seats are invisible, who fetter the members of Osiris, who fetter Heart-souls and Spirit-souls, who set a seal upon the dead, and who would do evil to me, shall do no evil to me. Haste on the way to me. Thy heart is with thee. My Heart-soul and my Spirit-soul are equipped; they guide thee. I sit down at the head of the great ones (Carolyn: not capitals) who are chiefs of their abodes. The wardens of the members of Osiris shall not hold thee captive, though they keep ward over souls, and set a seal on the shadow which is dead. Heaven shall not shut thee in." I think that's pretty straightforward. Anything to add there, iON?

iON 31:02
It is. Just that these are the conditions where the humans figure out the place. And the place isn't necessarily what they're, what they're negated to. Negated to from that inside out place. That these different sides of the members that connect are connected in this one goes here, this goes there. It's not like shuffling or bridging cards that you pull back around and do something different with once you shuffle them. Because the more you shuffle a deck of cards, the less random they actually become. The same way with these soul body, and soul body, and all those Spirit-souls and Heart-souls and -

Carolyn 31:43
Heart-souls, Spirit-souls, mm hmm.

iON 31:44
- the members. Now because,see, the Heart-souls - remember the pericardium and how that connects?

Carolyn 31:49

iON 31:50
You have that all worked out because that's the sack holds the organ in the body. That the heart of matter is the matter of the heart. Because when they get sick, it'll tell on other aspects of the body: the other conditions. You're talking about organs before. In the human side, that does take care of those organ aspect or issues; meaning, the different parts of the liver, and the gall bladder, and the small intestine, and what's another nasty part? Oh, yeah, the kidney.

Carolyn 32:27

iON 32:30
Yeah, yeah. And then, and then you can, then you can, it'll make you, it'll make you eat, it'll make you eat hummus - no, what's the stuff that they cook it in a calf stomach? Oh yeah.

Carolyn 32:44
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Haggis!

iON 32:46
Haggis! Haggis. That's true. They'll make you eat haggis.

Carolyn 32:50
(in Scottish accent) Ha ha. It's a lot squashy shit crap. Okay. "RUBRIC: If this Chapter be known by the deceased he shall come forth by day, and his soul shall not be kept captive." So, that's good. We've taken care of the physical body, now we've taken care of the soul, the stenographer. We got that -

iON 33:12
Wel, no, no, no, no, no, you haven't taken of, -

Carolyn 33:13

iON 33:14
- you didn't take care of it. You didn't take care of it. You got it where it doesn't have to be bound. No, no the trick is the bound part. The bound is what' good.

Carolyn 33:22
Ah ha.

iON 33:22
'Cuz once it's free, then you can make a different choice. Didn't say it was a good choice, but you can make a different choice. It's almost like if you know you gotta die, wouldn't you, wouldn't you be more, more happy to choose how you die than to not get to choose how you're - if you're gonna die, wouldn't you want to choose it? Just sayin'.

Carolyn 33:41

iON 33:42
So, that becomes at least more powerful than otherwise. So, that's why this is important and people go, "Why are you talkin' about this dead stuff? We're eternal, we're not gonna die. Dadada." Okay, let's see how that works for you. Let's see how that works out for you. Good to know.

Carolyn 33:57
Okay, okay. So -

iON 33:59
Better to have, better to have than to want.

Carolyn 34:04
Right. Good. Appendix. Now these are the words of the APPENDIX. It's "(From the Papryus of Neseni, Sheet 6)." Saying:

iON 34:15

Carolyn 34:16
"That which was shut hath been opened [that is] the dead. That which was shut fast hath been opened by the command of the Eye of Horus, which hath delivered me."

iON 34:27
That's both sides. Remember the both sides?

Carolyn 34:31

iON 34:31
Remember the both sides of the Eye? This is that connection point that pulls you to or from.

Carolyn 34:37

iON 34:38
To or from. To and fro, as it were.

Carolyn 34:40
Two realms.

iON 34:41
Okay, good, we're sorry.

Carolyn 34:43
Awesome. Continuing: "Established are the beauties on the forehead of Ra. My steps are long. My legs are lifted up. I have performed the journey, my members are mighty and are sound. I am Horus, the Avenger of his Father. I am he who bringeth along his father, and his mother, by means of his staff. The way shall be opened to him that hath power over his feet, and he shall see the Great God in the Boat of Ra, when souls are counted therein at the bows, and when the years also are counted up." So, there's the timing element there that is still with the dead. Correct? Or the time element, I should say, of the dead.

iON 35:36
Yes. Good.

Carolyn 35:38
Yeah. And continuing: "Grant that the Eye of Horus, which maketh the adornments of splendor to be firm on the forehead of Ra, may deliver my soul for me, and let darkness cover your faces. O ye who would imprison Osiris." Now, this imprisoning of Osiris, is that someone trying to mess up this process, iON?

iON 36:10
It's trying to bind it. So you can bind Osiris, now you got no access to any relief. 'Cuz remember, all the relief comes from the milk of Osiris.

Carolyn 36:23
Ah. Ah ha. Now who is trying to bind? Is that -

iON 36:28
Way making.

Carolyn 36:29
- ourselves trying to screw up the process?

iON 36:34
Well, if you're dead and don't know it, then of course.

Carolyn 36:40
Yeah. Okay.

iON 36:43
You could do it yourself and not know it, you see.

Carolyn 36:45
Yeah, yeah.

iON 36:47
In essence.

Carolyn 36:49

iON 36:50
So the answer, we didn't really answer the question. The question isn't from where you are; where you're to. That depends - that suspends the condition. What that means is if you don't know, it's going to judge you until you do know; and when you do know, then you have to shift it.

Carolyn 37:08
Mm hmm. Great. Yeah, there's so many echoes of the Keys here; you know, the judgment.

iON 37:18
Well that's, that's why you're doing it. And we're trying to fine tune it a little bit so you won't completely destroy what's left of Zimbabwe.

Carolyn 37:27
I know, I apologize.

iON 37:30
No you don't. You love it, you powerful god, you. Ha ha. Yeah. (Carolyn laughs) You giggle and you giggle and you make the Dark Soul laugh. He's like, "I'm the Dark Soul and Carolyn's killin' everybody! How's this supposed to work? And yet, she killed more people than I did. She's ahead of me again. And happy anniversary, and damn it, I can't figure this out, and who needs to know anyways."

Carolyn 37:54
You just woke him up. That was very helpful.

iON 37:56
Uh oh. That'll do it. That'll do it.

Carolyn 37:58
Continuing. Yeah. Continuing the appendix: "O keep not captive my soul. O keep not ward over my shadow, but let a way be opened for my soul and my shadow, and let them see the Great God (Carolyn: capitals) in the shrine on the day of the counting of souls, and let them hold converse with Osiris," My question here, iON, is does this mean a conversation, converse with Osiris? Is that the first notification of words being said?

iON 38:34
Ahh, we'd like to say likely, but not exactly. 'Cuz see, so much of this hasn't even occurred yet. They wrote it way back then for way up there for way over here. And so in the land that your grandchildren knew, you haven't quite arrived there yet. That's the rub, if there was a rub.

Carolyn 38:56
Got it. Understood. Continuing: "whose habitations are hidden, and those who guard the members of Osiris, and who keep ward over the Spirit-souls, and who hold captive the shadows of the dead, and who would work evil against me, so that they shall [not] work evil against me. A way shall be for KA (Carolyn: capital "K," capital "A") with thee, and thy soul shall be prepared by those who keep ward over the members of Osiris, and who hold captive the shadows of the dead. Heaven shall not keep thee fast, the earth shall not hold thee captive. Thou shalt not live with the beings who slay, but thou shall be master of thy legs, and thou shalt advance to thy body straightway in the earth, [and to] those who belong to the shrine of Osiris and guard his members." So, we've got our legs back, iON. Correct?

iON 40:01
That's right. Yeah it's right. It's your faith, it's so you're faith now has feet.

Carolyn 40:07
Ha ha. Awesome. Ginney will love that.

iON 40:14

Carolyn 40:16
Okay, then we're on another chapter already: "THE CHAPTER OF

iON 40:21

Carolyn 40:21
LIFTING UP THE FEET, AND OF COMING FORTH ON THE EARTH." Awesome. "The Osiris Ani saith:- Perform thy work, O Seker, (Carolyn: S-e-k-e-r) perform thy work, O Seker," So, I'm asking it's spelled Seker, but does this word mean s-e-e-k-e-r, iON?

iON 40:42
No, it's like a seccor (??). Like a sepulcher. The box that holds.

Carolyn 40:50

iON 40:52
Like a sepulcher. The Seker is like a, you know in the old Bible when they couldn't make "u's"? It'd be (indistinct).

Carolyn 41:01
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 41:03
Like the succor (?).

Carolyn 41:05
Succor(?). Yeah. Okay, so I'm just looking up the spelling as sepulcher. But it's just like that. It's not that. Okay, continuing on.

iON 41:21

Carolyn 41:21
"O thou who dwellest in thy circle, and who dwellest in my feet in Khert-Neter. I am he who sendeth forth light over the Thigh of heaven. (Carolyn: capital "T") I come forth in heaven. I sit down by the Light-god (Khu). O I am helpless. O I am helpless. I would walk. I am helpless. I am helpless in the regions of those who plunder in Khert-Neter, I the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in peace." So, I'm asking -

iON 41:58
I'm ascened! I'm not ascended! I am ascending. -

Carolyn 42:01
I know!

iON 42:01
- I don't know what ascended is! How do I ascend? I don't know! I'm a sinner! No, I'm saved! No, I'm not a sinner! I don't need saving, -

Carolyn 42:07
Help me! Help me!

iON 42:07
- I didn't do anything wrong! I didn't do it. Help me, but I got it all. I'm the most powerful creature in the whole wide world, but I need a little bit of help. I'm ascended. No, I'm not. I give up. I don't know. Yes I am. No, I'm not. Yes, you are. I'm powerful. Then why am I sick? If you're so powerful, then why are you sick? I don't know, but I don't know what I know. But I know. I know everybody else is doing better than I am, and I'm better off than they are. How does that work? Right. Comparison.

Carolyn 42:31
Right. And the the question you just answered was - that I was asking is this helpless lamination of ruse, because by now the individual should be much stronger. So yeah, it's they're falling back into the helplessness. Okay.

iON 42:50
Well, most of the time what that, what that really is, and well, you know, the psychosomatic condition of the human body is it responds in kind. The body responds in kind -

Carolyn 43:03
I get it.

iON 43:03
- whether you like it or not, or don't like it or not, or do it or not, or not. See? You can push it away, and avoid it, and still eat you for lunch. You see?

Carolyn 43:12

iON 43:13
'Cuz you're talking about you're fighting microbial conditions that you don't know what are. So, it's very challenging to stage the gauge of Khert-Neter if you don't know what the fuck is going on. See the issue?

Carolyn 43:27

iON 43:28
You don't have a clue what we're talking about. And yet, you're supposed to be confounded in a proper 5G "anomaly-less" condition.

Carolyn 43:40
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 43:45
Ha ha ha. Up to 650 megahertz.

Carolyn 43:49
Oh, man. And our bodies vibrated, like, eight megahertz and we're dealing with that. That's pretty amazing.

iON 43:58
Do. It's pretty fun. It's fun.

Carolyn 44:02
Yeah, adapt, adopt and survive or die! Next chapter: "THE CHAPTER OF FORCING A WAY INTO AMENTET [AND OF COMING FORTH] BY DAY." So, force - this is a new word. Did they have the strength now to force the way, iON?

iON 44:20
They do. They sure do. Marge, Marge made the way.

Carolyn 44:27
Heh heh. Continuing: "The Osiris Ani -

iON 44:30
But actually, it was Krishna - it was Krishnamurti, actually, but don't tell Bob.

Carolyn 44:36
No. Continuing: "The Osiris Ani saith:- The town of Unu is opened. My head is sealed up, Thoth." So, I'm asking; does head being sealed up referred to the mind or the pineal, iON?

iON 44:53
Thinking. It's the thinking.

Carolyn 44:56
It's not a thinking man's game!

iON 44:59
Correct. And so this takes care of that position.

Carolyn 45:03
Ah, it stops that silly thinking.

iON 45:09
Yeah, so you can't - now you can no longer overthink it.

Carolyn 45:13
Yeah, got it. Awesome. Yeah, and like you said, you know, when people start thinking: Well, I'm sick, and I'm not supposed to be sick; so why am I sick? And trying to think it through. Okay, next. Continuing: "Perfect is the Eye of Horus. I have delivered the Eye of Horus which shineth with splendours on the brow of Ra, the Father of the gods, [I am] that self-same Osiris, [the dweller in] Amentet. Osiris knoweth his day, and he knoweth that he shall live through his period of life; I shall have by being with him. I am the Moon-god Aah,

iON 46:11

Carolyn 46:11
(Carolyn: A-a-h) the dweller among the gods. I shall not come to an end. Stand up therefore, O Horus, for thou art counted among the gods." So, yeah, I keep mixing up Osiris and Horus. How do they differ, iON?

iON 46:28
Well, you can't - the reason you - they don't really. 'Cuz that's what you're just learning here like the Eye of, the Eye of Horus, is now moved to the forehead of Ra. On the brow of Ra. So now that Eye can move to place to place so it could be Osiris as which is Horus. Which, you remember, Horus is supposed to be the driver of the dead. Bring out your dead. That kind of stuff.

Carolyn 46:55
Mm hmm. Cool. So they're all melding. And the question is here -

iON 47:03
The big drink of water like Iris, and like a big drink of water like Tyrus.

Carolyn 47:05
Tyrus. Ha ha. On Greg Gutfeld's.

iON 47:13
He's on, he's on our porn channel. Yeah, he's a big ole biggen, ain't he?

Carolyn 47:17
He's a big ole biggen. The question was, does "Stand up therefore, O Horus, for thou art counted among the gods" refer to the person getting his life back and becoming a god.

iON 47:32
Nah, not their life back, their life, their life exhumed. Not getting their life back, it's getting their life exhumed.

Carolyn 47:41
Oh yeah, I'm sorry. Ah ha.

iON 47:44
No, no, no, no, it's easy because your words are sound, but we had to be clear because there are things way on down the line in the 40's. You're gonna find a whole dissertation of how to shift, shift that around. Its like, "You said that it was over there. It can't be..."

Carolyn 48:01
Ah ha ha.

iON 48:02
We're just, we're just cleaning it up now so we don't have to hear their bitching and complaining later.

Carolyn 48:09
Yeah. Heh heh. Got it.

iON 48:09
For those that actually listen. For those that actually listen and aren't playing Fortnite any longer.

Carolyn 48:15
I know. Bob, I wonder if people are on the chat listening to this or chatting. But I don't care. Appendix. (iON laughs) The APPENDIX is just saying that it's from "Naville, op, cit., 1, B1. X" So, you can look that up.

iON 48:39
Yeah, the citation, the citation is those different marks, papyruses, from where - they're given a bibliography, so you can show where it came from.

Carolyn 48:52
A bible. Okay, next chapter: "THE CHAPTER OF FORCING A WAY INTO THE TUAT. The Am Khent priest Nefer-uben-f,

iON 49:08
uben. uben.

Carolyn 49:11
What about the "f"? uben. Yeah. uben-f.

iON 49:14

Carolyn 49:14
Heh heh heh. "whose word is truth saith:- Hail, Soul, thou mighty one of terror. Behold, I have come unto thee. I see thee. I forced a way through the Tuat. I see my father Osiris. I drive away the darkness. I love him. I have come. I see my father Osiris. He hath counted the heart of Set. I have made offerings

iON 49:41
Look here. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Now see? Now we're right back into the heart of the matter. We're right back into the sea, we're right back into who's who and who's moving to whom, and how who gets to hooha, and whose hooha is better than who's who.

Carolyn 49:57
Good Yeah, the heart. Yeah. When we hear about the heart, we hark back to the pericardium. Okay, -

iON 50:05

Carolyn 50:06
- continuing: "I have made offerings for my father Osiris. I have opened all the ways in heaven and on earth. I love him. I have come. I have become a Spirit-body and a Spirit-soul, who is equipped. Hail, every god and every Spirit-soul, I have made the ways. I am Thoth...." So, iON, I am Thoth. Is that reinforcing the life of the new god or what is what, what? What's going on with Thoth jumping in here?

iON 50:36
Well, it's, yeah, yeah, yeah. It sets up the difference between a spirit, a soul, and a Spirit-soul. It's that merging. The merging that's known. See, when Thoth enters into it, remember the - all that crap from the Emerald Tablets? This is what all sets into that motion. That's what that does. Except, it's unlike Thoreau, it didn't have to go live in the woods.

Carolyn 51:04
So, it's, it's kind of marrying the Emerald Tablets to the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

iON 51:13
They're all connected. They're all connected. Of course.

Carolyn 51:16
Yeah. Okay. Emerald Tablets to the Book. Got it. Book of Bob. Gotta keep Bob in the game here. And then it just -

iON 51:32
Why couldn't he get the pizzas on?

Carolyn 51:33
(whispering) I'll make it, I'll make it, Don't worry, I can do everything. Ha ha.

iON 51:38
Oh, okay. Phew, (indistinct)

Carolyn 51:41
The next is another chapter - I've got everything set up! It'll take 15 minutes, well, 20 minutes - if Bob can last that long.

iON 51:50
20 minutes. Good. Preheat it.

Carolyn 51:52
I haven't eaten for two days, myself, so, you know, think about that. Yeah.

iON 51:57
You'll be ready. You'll be ready for, you'll be in the mood for food.

Carolyn 52:02
Yes. Next,

iON 52:04
Did you try the grapefruit juice yet? Did you try the grapefruit juice yet?

Carolyn 52:08
No, I haven't been to the store.

iON 52:11
Gotta try it.

Carolyn 52:11
It's hard to come by that grapefruit juice. I have to travel to -

iON 52:15
It's hard to come by, it's hard to come by -

Carolyn 52:17
(indistinct) around.

iON 52:17
Yes, it's the same way here. And white grapefruit juice is even worse. You have to order it from Ocean Spray. It's unbelieveable. Nobody sells it. They got that Ruby Red crap but not white grapefruit juice, and that's what you need.

Carolyn 52:31
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe I'll have to -

iON 52:32
It's a little more acrid.

Carolyn 52:35
Right, I'll have to get it from Amazon, maybe. They have everything, you know.

iON 52:39
Yeah, they have everything, that's true.

Carolyn 52:42
Next: "ANOTHER CHAPTER OF THE TUAT AND OF COMING FORTH BY DAY. Open is the land of Unu. Shut is the head of Thoth." Okay. I would like to think that the head of a god should not be shut. So, but you've already mentioned that that's thinking. Yeah.

iON 53:04
Yeah. And it overts the condition. It removes the con - it takes the problem out of the situation. It takes the problem out of the situation. Good.

Carolyn 53:16
Yeah. Yeah. So, but, is Thoth known more as a thinker and has to be shut, shut off?

iON 53:29
Ah, maybe, but that thinking also controls the autonomic systems. You see? So you shut the whole thing down, you shut it all down. You see? Respiration, it's not something you want to cease.

Carolyn 53:46
Yeah. So, we just shut off the head just represents the thinking. Shut off the thinking. Got it. Okay. Continuing: "Perfect is the Eye of Horus. I have delivered the Eye of Horus, the shining one, the ornament of the Eye of Ra, the Father of the Gods. I am that same Osiris who dwelleth in Amentet. Osiris knoweth his day, which cometh to an end. I am Set, the Father of the Gods. I shall never come to an end." So, this indicates eternity, correct, iON?

iON 54:32

Carolyn 54:33
Do. Heh heh. Now, surprisingly, this is, as far as I've come with questions, Bob, is that enough or shall I just stumble along? Bob wants me to go further. So, this is the next chapter and it says: THE CHAPTER OF COMING FORTH BY DAY AND OF LIVING AFTER DEATH. The siris Ani saith:- Hail, thou One, who shinest from the moon. Hail, thou One, who shinest from the moon." Is this the first time the moon's come up, iON? It's kind of surprises me there.

iON 55:16
It references from celestial bodies. Yes.

Carolyn 55:22
Okay. And why are we referencing celestial bodies?

iON 55:28
Because you just found a new moon and we thought we'd include it.

Carolyn 55:32
Ah ha ha, yes. There's a new moon that they found that, what? It's as big as a car you said or somebody said?

iON 55:42

Carolyn 55:42
So funny.

iON 55:43

Carolyn 55:44
Yeah. Okay. Continuing: Grant that this Osiris Ani may come forth among thy multitudes who are at the portal." So, that kind of signifies to me that we're ready to get out. Is that true, iON?

iON 56:06
Then let's go home. Yeah, let's go, let's go home.

Carolyn 56:10

iON 56:10
Let's go home. Leave, leave, leave, leave Bob bitch ass there to take care of all these problems. He can work out all the problems. He might be the last one, Bob, when you leave out, be sure and turn out the light but don't touch that dry switch.

Carolyn 56:29
And if you come in Bob, I'm gonna stop, so hold that mute. Continuing.

iON 56:34
Hold that mute. (mimics the song, "Hold That Tiger") Hold that mute. Hold that mute. Hold that mute.

Carolyn 56:43
"Let him be with the Light-God." Now, is that referencing the lampstands, the lamps, iON?

iON 56:51
No, not yet. It's what the lamps would be if you are on this side of the Eye of Ra, but you aren't.

Carolyn 56:59

iON 57:01
The light they have to borrow. Brian has actually solved the lampstand things three times; he just doesn't know it.

Carolyn 57:10
Ah, cool. Yeah the lamps are so, you know, the Keys gave me that reference where you fill your lamps with oil, your lamps burn bright, you change your frequencies such that you attract the elders who then are in a position to support you; not necessarily coming to you to help, but they're a point of support that we all wish we had.

iON 57:41
It's like a natural, it's like a natural resource. You have it, you just gotta know how to use it. So, you keep your, you keep your lamps, you keep your lamps trimmed and burning. 'Cuz if you don't trim the wicks, they weren't, they won't burn bright. You'll have a sticky wicket.

Carolyn 58:00
Awesome. Okay the timing of that I have to go back and get those words. Got it. Continuing: "Let the Tuat be opened to him. Behold, the Osiris Ani shall come forth by day to perform everything which he wisheth upon the earth among those who are living [thereon]." Fine. The next is an "APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nu, Sheet 13)" saying, "Hail, thou god Tem, who comest forth from the Great Deep, who shinest gloriously under the form of the twin Lion-gods, send forth with might thy words unto those who are in thy presence, and let the Osiris Nu enter into their assembly. He hath performed the decree which hath been spoken to the mariners at eventide, and the Osiris Nu, whose word is truth, shall live after his death, even as doth Ra every day. Behold, most certainly Ra was born yesterday, and the Osiris Nu was born yesterday. And every god shall rejoice in the life of the Osiris Nu, even as they rejoice in the life of Ptah, when he appeareth from the Great House of the Aged One which is in Anu." Now, those are a lot of words, iON, and, and they imply when they say Osiris Nu, is that the new body, the new god?

iON 1:00:04
The reference, yes. And the main part that's necessary to know in this whole thing is what says eventide. Eventide is not up or down, it's not waxing or waning. It's when it's parallel. That's when hendiadys - that's the only time you can't tell that hendiadys applies.

Carolyn 1:00:24

iON 1:00:26
For when eventide, it's all, it's all even. So you can't tell which is which. Which is not necessarily a problem, just know you can't. What you know you can't, then you don't worry about it. So now we're back to business. That's the short version.

Carolyn 1:00:41
Right. Okay, and then there's the next chapter. I'm gonna stop there, Bob.

iON 1:00:49
That's a, that's a good, that's a good place. Top of 30, well, almost top of 34.

Carolyn 1:00:55
Oh, we did two pages! Oh, I can't believe it. Okay, there you go.

iON 1:01:00
That's good, That was excellent. That was good.

Carolyn 1:01:02
Yeah, very fine. I enjoy it. Bob.

iON 1:01:06
That's not true, you're just -

Unknown 1:01:10
(recording) meditating on the Kundalini -

Carolyn 1:01:15

iON 1:01:15
Kundalini? Yeah, I've got some Kundalini. I've got some Kundalini. I got a little Kundalini. One time I got some Kundalini stuck in my teeth.

Music 1:01:24
Zappa's "What's New in Baltimore" starts.

Carolyn 1:01:21
Yeah, stuck in your teeth? Oh boy. (Carolyn sings along).

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