Thursday, September 14, 2023

Bob Dobbs & Alex Kuskis, Why Can’t We Be Friends

Below posted by Bob Dobbs on his Facebook page:

Alex Kuskis typed the following to me in a private message on Nov.30/20 at 12:38pm:

Alex Kuskis
You are beginning to seriously piss me off. Do NOT post your Trump offal on my page or I will have to Unfriend you. And in the MM Group, do not post your Trump admiration BS or anything else about that Scheisskopf. Somebody complained to me about your so-called "book" asking how anybody could imply a connection between MM and Trump by mentioning them in the same piece, especially with expressed admiration for the latter. Beats me, I said. I've had other complaints about you and I have to say that you do not do credit to the Group. Quite the contrary. I was going to delete your Trump-McLuhan piece, but decided to leave it, for now, because I suspect few will read it and the sane people who do won't like it. You promised to post the McLuhan letters you have, which you have lapsed from doing for some time. You don't have to post 4 per week, 1 or 2 will suffice. Especially if you are more judicious in selecting letters that have some importance. Some of your letters have been of little interest and mostly irrelevant. Heed my comments.

Bob Dobbs
I've been waiting for you to express your biased delusions.

You're a fucking idiot.

So go fuck yourself.

All future letters by McLuhan in my possession (13,000 of them) will be published in secret.

Alex Kuskis
The pot calling the kettle back.

Bob Dobbs
You dumbass—you spelt "black" wrong.

Alex Kuskis
Big deal. I'm glad that you're showing your true face. You are as corrupt, ignorant, narcissistic, and brainless as your hero Rump (intentionally modified spelling to underline his biggest physical characteristic). Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Bob Dobbs
I see you do not understand McLuhan after all your years of inadequate study.

So, I'm off to the beach and you're not.

I'm in Paradise and you're not.

Better pay attention to iON.

I just posted some of our exchanges today.

Scott Talkington responded immediately. I don't think you can see it so I thought you should be kept up-to-date:

Scott Talkington When he complained about me on the grounds that I was a Russian sympathizer based on my having identified "Invalidsky" as my birth place I know this was not only a guy with bad judgment, but probably a liar as well. He isn't even genuinely Latvian, but is borrowing their authenticity to promote his ideological nonsense. In a way I understand why Ted Koczynski was so incensed by academia and technology, although it's a shame that he was so badly miseducated by Harvard, and never understand what technology is.

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