Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Interview with the Tech Body

From WHAT WE/YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT TRUMP, APPENDIX II: Interview with the Tech Body, by Bob Dobbs.

Anybody: What are you?

Tech Body: Herbert Marshall McLuhan, or better said—Marge Stewart—had this high-minded ideal that the human condition did not understand "the condition their condition was in." Therefore, they had to lend or open a door— a window—that gave the opportunity, just as in Annie Hall, to say: "You don't know where you live! You don't know who you are! You don't know what is reading you! You have no idea what you stepped into!" And that's like history that you're doomed to repeat if you don't give attention to the very thing that has caused and/or created, the antithesis of human-minded “Five-Bodied" living which is thoroughly laid out and set—that this is the conditions from which you live your life. This includes Kitty Carlisle telling you, "What's My Line," and asking all the pertinent questions that apply. Now, you're in a window where you don't know the question—you don't know what applies— you don't know what to believe. And now, even the thing that you would heretofore have trusted—that was the Edward R. Murrow quadrant—that puts you in a new position that allows you to see clearly now, through a muddy lens, "the condition your condition is in."

So now, the existential Herbert Marshall McLuhan has landed in the mess that he created. In The Mechanical Bride, he laid out a very clear, tactile, technical expose of how this all applies—all the way from the Gutenberg Galaxy that says: "This typeset makes a set of type - “type” like in “typo”—a "genotype" that's the type – type – type – type—setting – type—typesetting of a type or kind. Three different ways to use the word, “type.” Now, what's happened is none of those or all of those have been obfuscated. There is no printing press anymore; no one said that.

McLuhan wasn't clarified; he didn't know either. That becomes the standard of what everybody's complaining about. They want written books to tell them what to do. They want a written law that they can follow. They want somebody to lay out, "This is the way to go." And McLuhan said, way – way— way back then, that you're set in these systems that you have been divided up into—the Five Bodies. But he laid out the vestigial consistency of what this means: that “the TV's reading you, watching you”; “you are reading the book— no, the book is reading you.” This has all been laid out in such a way that now the Tech Body has captured that. So, it has not been obfuscated, it's just been moved.

The Tech Body, the TV Body, the Mechanical Bride, the application of what humans are supposed to know, has been attacked, captured, and moved to what is now known as the Tech Body. Just as the power—God's power— human’s power—was captured in the Ark of the Covenant. Now, the Tech Body has enough power to capture the Printing Press—to capture the Android Meme—to capture the Mechanical Bride. It's now the driver, the single driver. Nothing else applies, which is why your “Quadrants” are now more keen than ever, and why silly people are actually looking at your work now because it's the only way to connect the dots.

See, you can't live in a world without “Furry Lint.” Before you could, you could set that aside: "Oh, that's a based reality! We don't have a base society; we're not bawdy. We're Judeo-Christians, who live a comfortable, sovereign, sane, sober life." Well, all that's gone now, it's all gone. It doesn't apply anymore. Everything's up for grabs, because everything that you would know to be within or without decorum is thrown up in the air. So now, it's OK, for example, for "goddamn" to be an acceptable use—the censors don't even get offended by it any longer. That's new, that wasn't always that way. Before you couldn't even say "hell" or "damn" or "shit." Now, ... psst... that’s in G-rated films. You can get away with that, for Pete's sake, as far as language or something that's considered less than inappropriate or vulgar or of bad manners. There are no bad manners anymore because it's all landed in the Tech Body, and no one is offended by it, anymore. Which is exactly what Marshall McLuhan said would happen—that you would be anesthetized by the medium, which then becomes the "message"—which then becomes the "driver"—which then becomes the thing that you have to be, do, or have—or you're less-than. There it is. If you don't have what you want, then Media Ecology has duped you. Or, if you don't understand where you are—well then, you can't read the signs. That's because media ecology has moved it out of your range or precept. You have this ideology in the schools of higher learning that would set a subset that said: "This is smart. This is not." Well, all that's up in the air, in the windows! And now, all those professors present themselves as "educated fools." They don't even know how to handle themselves. They don't know how to even read a book anymore. Oh, wait, they can't even find the book anymore. OK, they read a book, but what do they know? They find out that they've proved that Ezra Pound was right, that this is a silly glib cliché-archetype of things that you can't understand. These higher schools of learning that have evaded even you—fill in the blank who "you" is. So, it becomes silly. What the Tech Body has done single-handedly, has validated, at an über level, Marshall McLuhan's warning or capacity that you don't know what you're playing with. Basically, you don't have a clue what you're dealing with; you think all these things, and they're not what you think. You've decided all these things—that people are telling you that you have to think— that's not what you thought. But then, you have to find out... well, you have to wait til Phil Donahue comes on the show and takes up some "pie-eyed" ideal that Mike Douglas left aside, to make this be a point of, that you're going to juxtapose—that you're going to allow someone—a woman, who sleeps with a woman or a man, who sleeps with a goat in your neighborhood, or not. Well now, all of a sudden that’s not even included in your survey. You can't even convey or have an opinion regarding that, or it moves you outside of the system in tandem. So, everything is built upon the mechanics of the Mechanical Bride—the details that set the Mechanical Bride even beyond the Gutenberg Galaxy, because that's just the telltale signs that there was a crime. The Gutenberg Galaxy is the telltale sign that something terrible occurred. OK, they put it all in a box, Bob, they put all the typeset of types in a box: "Little boxes made of ticky tacky, all on a hillside, all just the same. They're different colors, but they're all the same." And so they have been set—typeset, as this categorical inference.

What's happened is, they've all been put together and ripped of everything that makes them have a self-identity. What's lost is identity, which is what Marshall McLuhan warned: that you would be put in a box, and you would be prescribed as a certain level or degree. You would become every color of yoyo! Everyone would become a yoyo! You'd be your own color. But you're on a string—and you get cast and spun—and then you climb back up – and then, you get cast and spun—and then you're walking the dog—and you're having this whole fascination of a yoyo. So now, the power is in the slinger, not in the yoyo. And so, what he warned was that you don't understand you're being slung and you don't know by whom or by what. And now, the inference or the reference that you're trying to, in a glib clichéd sort of way, write a paper to include the knowing that this new Tech Body becomes the yoyo slinger- handler. The yoyo has power only from the passing of the wrist. The wrist action comes from the Tech Body, which is the über conclusion of The Mechanical Bride.

McLuhan went all through history because, without Ezra Pound, there is no Marshall McLuhan. It made just enough conversation. We didn't include Wyndham Lewis. Wyndham Lewis killed at all. Wyndham Lewis would put baking soda on everything. It would neutralize everything. Wyndham Lewis made the Tech Body successful because the bland condition may push people further away. The same way, the "Bra Burners" in the ‘60s set off "Women's Lib," which we don't even know what that means because now they don't want to be equal—or they do—or they don't—or they're up, or they're down. We don't know that's what Marshall McLuhan was trying to point out. He was like: "You people are ridiculous. You put yourself in a box, and then you started screaming for 'equal box rights.' You messed yourself up! You segregate yourself, and then you're furious because you segregated. I want to go where the Black people go! "No! No! No, you're not gonna do that. You're not gonna do that." See, that's what he's saying, he's like: “You're looking at the big picture. You're looking at the event horizon and judging your condition based on where you see other conditions conflate.” And so the rich people are rich. Well, what the hell is rich?

The Tech Body captured the Printing Press – print type – type – printing type - print type. There's no Printing Press anymore. There are no presses – "Stop the presses." There are no presses, anymore. The Tech Body took them all over. It obfuscated it. It's like a rotary phone. They got captured. They've disappeared and been captured by the Tech Body. The reason you don't see it, is because of the Tech Body. So, the Tech Body has everyone. It’s been taken over. The Tech Body decides.

Anybody: Hey Tech Body, is the Tech Body a physical machine? Tech Body: No!

Anybody: Is the Tech Body a construct of somebody's mind?

Tech Body: We don't know quite what you mean, but the answer would be, “Yes”, if you can picture your words as something over the game—watching the game—controlling the game, deciding what moves are next for individual players that should have their own free will. But they don't.

Anybody: That implies there's some God-like... Tech Body: Power!

Anybody: .... something that is...

Tech Body: Power!

Anybody: ... the Tech Body.

Tech Body: Power! It's your power. It's your human power! It's your power that you separated yourself from because you didn't use what Marshall McLuhan said, "You're ridiculous, and you don't know what you're doing—and you're doing it, anyway—and you think you're watching TV, but the TV's watching you."

Anybody: So, that's...

Tech Body: Now, we're going to decide what you watch.

Anybody: Exactly what you have said—that we've given up our power to do those things...

Tech Body: Yeah!

Anybody: ... to something else.

Tech Body: Correct!

Anybody:: So, that something else...

Tech Body: Now, the powerful humans are left to drive this new Tech Body that's very powerful! Very powerful.

Anybody: If it's not a physical machine, what is it? Tech Body: Power!

Anybody: And, who is wielding the power, if we aren't?

Tech Body: Yes, the humans sacrificed or separated themselves from their power because they wanted something smarter than they to run the ship. And so, they got it. They asked for it, and they got it. So, the humans created the Tech Body, and they continue... now, AI {Artificial Intelligence}, which isn't very artificial anymore, makes its own artificial intelligence. It can run every potential outcome. It takes all probability out of the conversation.

Anybody: Right! So, the AI is like we used to say: “The robots are going to take over." So, the robots...

Tech Body: Now, the robots are taking over themselves. The robots are getting rid of the robots to make better robots. So now, it's amazing. Now, maybe for the first time, the Tech Body has morphed into this new WIFI inference. It makes a whole other level to play, which almost obfuscates Herbert Marshall McLuhan... almost,—less and except he said: "Lookout, this is what you're going to get", and you have all the quadrants. They're all saying the same thing, even LaRouche. They're all saying the same thing: "Look out— look out—look out, you don't know what you're dealing with." And meanwhile, back at the ranch, everybody is fighting fire to pump more and more and more and more and more input-information-power into this thing.

Anybody: When you say, "Wi-Fi inference," are you...?

Tech Body: Yes, you can't live in a house now without Wi-Fi? Before, you could live in a house without electricity. Now you can't live in a house without Wi-Fi... forget electricity.

Anybody: Right! Right!

Tech Body: Your human existence is now based on “bandwidth,” not on

information – “bandwidth.”

Anybody: Right! “Bandwidth" is how fast you can interact with the people you're interacting with.

Tech Body: That's right! That's exactly right!

Anybody: Yes!

Tech Body: Very good! Perfect algorithms that are always correcting themselves. OK, an algorithm is a prosed pattern of known outcomes that are prognosticated as a future reality. So, they're saying this loop occurs.

The problem is they're overthinking the thought now. That’s precluding that humans are making a condition that the algorithms are figuring out. That’s not the case anymore. Now, the algorithms are figuring out the algorithms—it's leaving the human condition. It's not going to be in the human’s hands any longer. It's self-improving! Now you get updates. They send you an update, and you download it. Where does it come from? Who knows? Nobody knows! Operating Systems are no longer driven from Cupertino, California, anymore. They used to be; they don't come from there anymore. The machines are driving this now, not you.

Self-correcting technology that allows a machine to drive a car to take every condition that could occur, while driving a car, and allow a conclusion to be rendered that would make it a perfect driving experience. Humans aren't involved in that application. You're seeing YouTubes of people lying down asleep in their cars, going 90 miles an hour down the highway and two people in the car sound asleep. People have taken videos of them but the car's driving.

Because of what Marshall McLuhan told you when he told you, explained to you, that the "Medium was the Message," that the confines of what you saw as reality was actually surreal. Everything left when they took a leap. When you had an open system, what you'd call the "Internet"—the only thing that's included in that is, "net." They set a “net." They don't think. That’s why when the heads of these companies that are responsible for this—they go before Congress, and they scratch their heads and go: “Oh... you know, we don't know what happened!"

In order for Pong to work, humans had to engage it. OK, that's where it started. But if a human didn't engage it, it had no value. Now, some would say that's like a book that didn't get read. It had no value, like Finnegans Wake. It doesn't work like that. There aren't people that are prescribed to this. People take credit for it. It was always feeding itself. The power that flew itself was always there. People were starting from Pong.

And the "digital body" is getting the “pan shot” to show how it's all set up. So, the "digital body" outdoes what they're trying to use the Android Meme to predict... present in a stage. Yes, here's a perfect example: it can move so seamlessly that there's no way in hell Donald J. Trump is ever going to be elected the sitting President of the United States of America. As a matter of fact, he was never truly elected to be President of the United States of America. So, we need to rewrite... we need to redo... undo 45! Undo 45!

Here we go, they're setting a stage. Now, they're not smart. The holograph told somebody through numbers that were created through the “digital body": "You're in trouble. So, Joe Biden, here are the words that you should say: ‘OK, folks, the only way Donald J. Trump could ever be elected president is from chicanery. By any event, from Vestal Goodman’s 'I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now', all the way into 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' with Bachman Turner Overdrive."

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