Saturday, November 21, 2020

Egyptian Book of the Dead Transcript, 16 November 2019


Transcribed by Nan


Bob 0:01
Okay, so Carolyn, what is the area we're going into? Did you mark it?

Carolyn 0:07
It's all those questions.

Bob 0:08
Yeah. Who is this? Who is this?

Carolyn 0:10
And we're at: Who are the gods? So, just type in who are the gods? And it begins with: They are the drops of blood. And Cheri's probably gonna put -

iON 0:25
Who are the gods, who are in the train of Horus, not that one?

Carolyn 0:28

Bob 0:31

Carolyn 0:32
Yep, maybe there are more words -

Bob 0:35
Just one. Just one. Give me some other words.

Carolyn 0:38
Below that is: What was this combat? Combat.

Bob 0:43
What was this combat? There it is. Then it says: It was the combat which took place on the day -

Carolyn 0:50
That's the one before that -

iON 0:51
When Horus was fighin' with Set.

Carolyn 0:54
Right. Okay, iON, I see that we've done - this is like the fifth time we've done the series; so, do you want - can - would - how about a summary of where we've been?

iON 1:14
Lots of deaths. Lot of dead people, lot of dead things. -

Carolyn 1:20
So, the Egyptians want -

iON 1:20
- dealing with the dead, it's the night of the dead.

Carolyn 1:22
Do they want to stay alive or after they die do they want to come back? What's their -

iON 1:27
No, it's not about, it's not about, it's not about that at all. It's navigating the juxtaposable position of the dead versus the living. They're recognizing that there's a two-part aspect; both apply. There's a world in a world in a world. A loop in a loop in a loop. Okay? And that's what they're trying to - that's what CERN was trying to prove. The more you know, they shut the fuck up. You won't hear shit out of them, no more. They must be gonna find something. Bob must be busy. But, before they spent all that money, you don't hear crap out of them. Man, it's like nothing and now it's like it's gone. It slipped through a portal, or lift, or lot or looped or somethin'. Where is it? Did it close up? Did it go? Did it leave? Did it move to California? Why don't they talk about that no more? Boy, you couldn't go take a piss without hearin' all what CERN has run into today. The matter of many matters, of matter, matter. Matter, matter. Then you got -

Carolyn 1:31
It doesn't matter.

iON 2:29
- Then it doesn't matter. Yeah, yes. Okay. Same thing about this. It applies when it does. Okay. The Egyptians recognize the two parts, and they're trying to recognize their gods; and those deities that play gods that are placeholders for when they become gods. In-between the obvious condition of what they call living, which some of those were dead; and the obvious condition of dead, which some of those were walking around. Okay? Some in-between both. Now, being the great physician that you are, you've seen many that were the walking dead, yourself. And you've had some cadavers that had a better complexion than some of your patients lately. See? So, it's kind of like, well, no, wait a second. We're kind of confused in this positional place. The Book of the Dead allows you to navigate the conditions between the two: the pitch and yaw of those degrees of exception. Exception means it's outside of the parts that you consider live or dead 'cuz they sometimes don't know. If you don't know, this becomes really good words that will allow you to have the ability and capacity to navigate that stream. Now, if you're not so luxuriously engaged enough to have access to such a wonderful thing, this is a wonderful way to where someone else, an outside third-placed party, can jump into an aspect of a condition to shine a light or crack a demeanor on a condition. See, that's right before Roy went to bed. He was a little stirred up about that. Bob was supposed to ask about that, but we're gonna do it anyway. The point is, is you're right. Don't bring them back. Let them lay where they lay. If the motherfucker owes you money, bring him back so he can pay you. That's a good reason to do it. See, Bob, you'd have a lot more money if you brought all the people that owed you money that you buried, back to get your money. Even Mary McLuhan owed you money, didn't she?

Bob 4:40
Yeah, yeah. $3,000

Carolyn 4:42
Okay, iON. So, the exception outside the alive or the dead. Does that mean there's a third position and is that third position: The god stands, the gods position. -

iON 4:58
It is. It is.

Carolyn 4:58
- yeah. 'Cuz the alive would be the little man and dead would certainly be little man. So, the third position is going to be god. Right?

iON 5:09
Correct. And if you make that part, then you don't have to worry about either. And so in that case then you're right. And there's, there might be a reason to bring somebody back because the cells, when you talk about cells and stuff like that, the cellular part of that, you don't really have to have the sustenance of a conscience to - or be conscious to engage that. And then, the good example is it's very, very difficult to expire in ICU. Are you aware of that?

Carolyn 5:12
Yeah, for sure.

iON 5:20
'Cuz they take over every aspect of the meatsack body, but you're dead as a sack of hammers and still breathing.

Carolyn 5:53
Oh, I know. I got into it, into it during my internship where, you know, on one overnight shift some doctor-on-call phoned up. Never saw her before, she phoned me up and said: "You're the intern on-call?" Yeah. "Well, I want you to go in and pull the plug on so-and-so. The family's there, you know, they've all signed off. Just go in and pull out the plug." And, of course, I refused. So, they didn't, they knew that they were just plugging in a meatsack and it didn't even mean anything. You know, to call up a stranger to go and pull the plug. You know, it's ridiculous.

iON 6:31
Right. Now see, what would have been fun, what would have been fun. That's why we're doing this. What would have been fun would be take the Egyptian Book of the Dead, go in there and pull the plug and bring them back, and then walk out with the family. Let's see what they got to say. Because they all signed of on it, you see? Now that, see? Some of that is kind of fun. But now we're not trying to be flippant, flippant about it. But, we are saying that there is that aspect to it of say what? You mean do what? Meaning applies to what? So, you have a little bit of that, too. The inside out or the outside in.

Carolyn 7:12
Okay, now if people have questions -

iON 7:16
Does that help? Does that help?

Carolyn 7:17
Oh, yeah. It helps me. I don't know about the, you know, -

iON 7:20
Well, you're the only one that matters, darlin'. Ha ha ha ha. Just don't tell Bob.

Carolyn 7:25
Okay, well, - no, no, no, he's, he's on his headphones so we can say anything. He can't get through.

iON 7:34
Hey, hey, hey. There you go.

Carolyn 7:37
Right. Okay. So then we have - gosh, I said it so many times. What are these gods? Somehow I lost those words. And then the words become: "They are the drops of blood which came forth from the phallus of Ra when he went

iON 8:03
That means pee pee, that means pee pee everybody.

Carolyn 8:06
It does, it does. You're right. "when he went forth to perform his own mutilation. These drops of blood sprang into being under the forms of the gods Hu and Sa, who are in the bodyguard of Ra, and who accompany the god Tem daily and every day. (Carolyn: there's a quote) "I, Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, have filled for thee the utchat (the Eye of Ra, or of Horus), when it had suffered extinction on the day of the combat of the Two Fighters, (Horus and Set)." So, they're talking about -

iON 8:50

Carolyn 8:51
- multilitating - Yeah. Oh.

iON 8:53
Well, now, you could go pretty hard into that. But, let me just clean up this whole thing. When it's over, and all of the DNA strands that lay back the perfect blood that comes back to the conditional response that allows you to be able to have the components, the something to put in the agar to grow out, do you need one good cell to make a perfect human? That's the reference. A drop of blood. And dick blood isn't necessarily necessary. It just means is comes from the life-giving aspect of the condition of Ra, you see. And they add to the, add to the - the same way they talk about the hara and other things, and the womb aspect. The other side of that same antiphonal chorus, but - for drama.

Carolyn 9:46
Okay, so then the the mythologies, there was mythology about - I don't know if it was Ra or not, losing his phallus.

iON 9:57
Uh huh.

Carolyn 9:57
And, so, there's that story which doesn't have a clue about what we know about the DNA and the blood, the perfect blood. Correct?

iON 10:11
Correct. And see, and that's the reason, and that's the reason that like different blood- borne diseases are so prolific that they become to make you supposedly less than, but maybe not. Maybe not. Maybe those deficiencies in the immunity allow you to have a greater - to hold a greater, say, sCD4 that's through the roof. -

Carolyn 10:39

iON 10:39
- That can overcome or can embrace more well, it like the MERS stuff. It can allow you to give you - to be so exposed or so vulnerable and weak that you become a super antigen. Back in the day.

Carolyn 10:55
Yeah, yeah. And all the blood-borne diseases, even the autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases. Just because it's different they say it's bad. Being, being different is, is obviously, not obviously, but it's it's a good thing when it comes to being so different that you're a god.

iON 11:17
Okay, now that is an example of when it has suffered extinct - extinction. We can't even say it, we don't know why you want to do it. Suffered extinction on the day of the combat of the Two Fighters. Horus and Set are all the blood-borne lack of eases.

Carolyn 11:43
The blood-borne what?

iON 11:45
Diseases. The blood-borne uneases diseases. This is examples.

Carolyn 11:54

iON 11:56
It's all those communicable, all those - well, it's given an example of how that applies, because you got a lot of dead people that ain't dead yet, but they're dying. That's what the point's about. Or, those pitching which side of the River Styx your name's on, you see.

Carolyn 12:13
Okay, good, good, good. Okay, so then the next -

iON 12:15
There's a lot of words there. There's a lot of words there and they're pretty good. And there's probably more in-between the lions on purpose. But, that's - well, let's get a little further into even like what the combat - why don't we - we said some words. Now, what's the battle?

Carolyn 12:36
Yes. Next question: "What was this combat? It was the combat which took place on the day when Horus fought with Set, during which Set threw filth in the face of Horus, and Horus crushed

iON 12:52

Carolyn 12:54
Uh huh. Well, filth in the face of - you're talking there, too, about soil-base bacteria which can be necessary.

iON 13:06
That's right. That's right. But, they didn't see it that way. They saw that as an offense.

Carolyn 13:10
Yeah, offense. "and Horus crushed the genitals of Set. The filling of the utchat Thoth performed with his own fingers." Now, I don't know what filling of the utchat is.

iON 13:30
It's re - well it says: "I remove the thunder-cloud from the sky when there is a storm with thunder and lightning therein." The filling of the utchat is aligning the missing part of his crushed genitals.

Carolyn 13:47
Okay, um, Bob? What's the mythology where a phallus gets cut off and, and is put in a boat and goes out to sea and -

Bob 14:02
That's Osiris.

Carolyn 14:03
That's, so -

iON 14:06
Osiris. And broke, and broke, and broke dick syndrome. Yeah, broke dick syndrome, too. Serious Coronius disease. Coronius. Sometimes it gets occurred, Coronius disease.

Carolyn 14:16
Exactly. Bent dick, right. Okay. You already said Thoth performed with his own fingers and then there's a quote: "I remove the thunder-cloud from the sky when there is a storm with thunder and lightning therein." Removing the thunder-cloud from the sky. So, that sounds like Thoth is trying to stop the combat.

iON 14:47
Well, to settle it, you see. When you - the same fingers that filled the utchat are the same fingers that could take the thunder-cloud out of the lightning storm. It applies, it applies the power to a larger construct. Now, we're being very type-specific and there are some idiosyncrasies that you're gonna read in-between here. But, we're going with what we go with because you get what you get. It's like bare-backing at the whorehouse, you get what you get. This is gonna come into a larger dynamic, but we have to lay the chain because this applies to the scientific aspects that we're working with now. And y'all wanted Dr. Dean to do this. And so Dr. Dean's gonna do it. So, that's the way you're gonna get it. We think it's wonderful.

Carolyn 15:40
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. The blood and -

iON 15:43
Just sayin'. Say something! Say something!

Carolyn 15:45
Ha ha ha. Get that anatomy out there on the plate. Okay.

iON 15:50
Well, it lays it out to a point that it's a human condition that they're trying to just - that's what everybody's trying to figure out. They're, they're in this body and they have this issue, that issue, this works, that don't. This works really good, this works sorta good, this is changing, oh my god, iON, you may gave me a new body, you gave me a new life on that resurrection morning when all the dead in Christ shall rise. Now you have an aspect to know what that means, you see. It's one thing to say hum along, tap your feet, look to the eastern, just inside the east gate of the holy hills of heaven, and holly holly oxen free and all those things, that now you can say: "Oh! That applies to this." Y'all better learn what an antigen is. That's what you better do.

Carolyn 16:41

iON 16:41
Go ahead, darlin'.

Carolyn 16:43
Next question: "What is this? "This storm was the raging of Ra at the thunder-cloud which {Set} sent forth against the Right Eye of Ra (the Sun). Thoth removed the thunder-cloud from the Eye of Ra, and brought back the Eye living, healthy, sound, and with no defect in it to its owner. "Others, however, say that the thunder-cloud is caused by sickness in the Eye of Ra, which weepeth for its companion Eye (the Moon); at this time Thoth cleanseth the Right Eye of Ra. "I behold Ra who was born yesterday from the thighs of the goddess Mehurt; his strength is my strength, and my strength is his strength." So, yeah, it goes right into the sickness and the balance; and the sun and the moon; the giver and the taker. So, I -

iON 17:48
And that, see, the only reason the moon is involved here is the waxing and waning construct that goes on forever. I got it, now I don't got it. I was bad, now I'm better. And I'm better till I'm worse. And I love you till I hate you. You know, Bobdom 101. But, this lays into the details of seeing how they're applying these things to the eye. You know, it's like we were talking about the lady with the heart disease that had a thing like pinkeye but it wasn't. And then the infection of the chest bone which is like costochondritis. Bob's little friend from that foreign place that's bad.

Carolyn 18:27
Yeah, yeah. So, how there's - so, applying things to the eye. So, then, do we take that as being the visual literal book? The book literacy?

iON 18:39
Yeah, we wish you didn't have to, but, yeah, you kinda do. Because, because of what's gonna happen you're gonna right back into: "Well, who is this?" So, now you got to come into the Living Water and some of the conditions. So, you better - yes, you have to apply it to a transmedialogical event. Got that? Alissa's the only one that'll get that. A transmedialogical event. We can spell it if you need us to, just let us know. -

Carolyn 19:17
No. No. Too long.

iON 19:17
- It'd probably take the rest of the show, but - Ha ha ha ha.

Carolyn 19:23
So then, the next question is: "Who is this? "Mehurt is the great Celestial Water, (Carolyn: which is what you just said about Living Water) but others say that Mehurt is the image of the Eye of Ra at dawn at his birth daily. (Carolyn: Groundhog Day) "Others, however, say that} Mehurt is the utchat of Ra.

iON 19:50
Now, here we. Wait wait wait utchat - now we filled utchat of Thoth with the fingers. When we unfolded the scrotum with the fingers of Ra. Here it is again. Others say this is that. So, now it's the Water that falls out of the tee tee. So, come on. You finger full circle back.

Carolyn 20:14
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. It's everything. Water is ubiquitous.

iON 20:26
Well, that Water is. Yeah, notice it's Celestial Water. That's right.

Carolyn 20:30
Yeah. Got it. Water. "Now Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, is a very great one among the gods (Carolyn: small "g") who are in the following of Horus; they say that he is the prince who loveth his lord." Small "p," small "l." So, I mean that's why you -

iON 20:56
Playin'. Playin' in church. I love you till I hate you. Hate you till I love you. You know.

Carolyn 21:04
Okay, the next question comes up: "Who are the gods who are in the train of Horus?"{They are} Kesta, Hapi, Taumutef, and Qebhsenuf.

iON 21:20
Qebhsenuf. Qebhsenuf. Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 21:23
Ha ha That's what I said.

iON 21:29
Yeah, close to it.

Carolyn 21:30
Close, close. "Homage to you, O ye lords of right and truth, ye sovereign princes (Tchatcha) who {stand} round about Osiris, who do away utterly sins and offences, and who are in the following of the goddess Hetepsekhus,

iON 21:57
Hetepsekhus. Yes, Hetepsekhus.

Carolyn 22:01
"grant ye that I may come unto you. Destroy ye all the faults which are within me, even as ye did for the Seven Spirits who are among the followers of their lord Sepa. Anpu

iON 22:19

Carolyn 22:21
"(Anubis) appointed to them their places on the day {when he said unto them}, "Come ye hither." Now that's kind of over my head.


iON 0:00
That goes back to the Seven Wonders if you're in the, in the witchcraft world. See, the, the Egyptians follow that hard that, that power place, place. Well, we do, too. We're not against that. It's all appropriate. It's fine. But, this is the Seven Spirits of the Seven Wonders if you can become a Supreme ___.

Carolyn 0:27
So, are these gods in the train of Horus trying to evoke the Seven Spirits for their ritual?

iON 0:38
They're trying to get the power to be the Supreme without having to go through the ritual.

Carolyn 0:49
Okay, so they're trying to steal power from the Seven Spirits.

iON 0:54
Correct. That'll purify them to a point where they would be what is known as the Supreme. Now, there's a lot of the mythy, mythy, the - we can't say that either. Myth. Yeah, we can't say that. We don't know what it is. A lot of the TV shows talks all about it. Oh, they'll teach you about whodoo and voodoo and black magic. Oh, can't say black. Colored magic and white magic and wiki and Wiccans and wookoos and woo-woos and all those other things. S__?__ that thing, all kinds of terrible, nasty vile things from the bowels of hell. Ooh, yes. Lord. Hallelujah. That come forth, you see. This applies to all those.

Carolyn 1:47
Out with it, iON, out with it. Oh, all that stuff. Okay. Okay. Okay. Gotcha.

iON 1:52
All that stuff is the nastiness. It's the nastiness and yet still powerful, darlin'. That's what we're trying to say is, it's a lot of - see, remember, the rain falls, not the celestial rain, but the rain falls on the just and the unjust. So, therefore, everyone has access to this potential place of power, but it's how clean you are to embrace that. Now, thoroughly, you and I have gone through this and we know the difference of how before you start throwing your fiery darts, you make sure you have on your asbestos cloak. Remember. That's what this applies. Make sure your shit's cleaned up before you start slinging shit. Basically.

Carolyn 2:41
Wow. Got it.

iON 2:42
And that's not, and that's not Thompson's, that's not Thompson's, what's that stuff? Karma or dogma, or don't let your dogma run over your karma or something like that. You know, Thompson. Otherwise, you'll find yourself up shift's creek.

Carolyn 3:05
Heh heh. Okay, very good. Next question: "Who are the "lords of right and truth"? So, this is just what you, your interlude there was. Do you - is there a difference between truth and facts as Biden said? But, who are the lords of right and truth?

iON 3:26
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's hysterical. You can't write, you can't write this shit, darlin'. You just can't, you can't make this stuff up! When we said if someone just kind of listened to us and we laid all this out, you'd go, like: come on, now; come on, now. But, now, we start to sound normal! I mean, the Muppets sound normal after us for a little while. Just sayin'.

Carolyn 3:52
Yeah, it's fun. Okay, so, quoting: "The lords of right and truth are Thoth and Astes, the Lord of Amentet. "The Tchatcha round about Osiris are Kesta, Hapi, Tuamutef, and Qebhsenuf, " (Carolyn: the hard to pronounce one.)

iON 4:18

Carolyn 4:19
"and they are also round about the Constellation of the Thigh (the Great Bear), in the northern sky. "Those who do away utterly sins and offences, and who are in the following of the goddess

iON 4:43
You did it perfect last time, just like that.

Carolyn 4:46
Yes, I -

iON 4:50
Hetepsekhus. Hetepsekhus.

Carolyn 4:50
Hetepsekhus." Yeah, thank you. Bob's better at this. But anyway, -

iON 4:57
Naw, you're gettin' good. You're gettin' good. You're beating his time lately, honey. It's a good day.

Carolyn 5:02
Right I can go faster. I'm an action figure. "who are in the following of the goddess Hetepsekhus, are the god Sebek and his associates who dwell in the water." So, we've got -

iON 5:21
Not Celestial Water.

Carolyn 5:23
No, just plain water. So, we've got the constellations in there in the northern sky, which is not as important as the east, and we've got the water coming in. So. this is all, not all, but, this is sort of the nature pause. The sky, stars and water. Okay, and: "The goddess, Hetepsekhus, is the Eye of Ra. "Others, however, say that it is the flame which accompanieth Osiris to burn up the souls of his enemies. "As concerning all the faults which are in Osiris, the registrar of the offerings which are made unto all the gods, Ani, whose word is truth, {these are all the offences which he hath committed against the Lords of Eternity} (Carolyn: and that's capital "L," "E") since he came forth from his mother's womb." So, he is - it looks like someone is judging the offenses here, or are we back to we judge ourselves, iON?

iON 6:35
Well, you're noting it. See, you're noting it because, see, that - there's the rub. Because now you're saying: "Oh wait, there's an issue. Oh, no, you're not here for this. You're here to burn souls of his enemies. There's enemies?" See, you're acknowledging for the first time that there's even an enemy at the gate.

Carolyn 6:54
Hmm. Mmm. Yeah. Got it. Okay, and then continuing on: "As concerning the Seven Spirits who are Kesta, Hapi, Tuamutef, Qebhsenuf, Maa-atef, Kheribeqef and Heru-khenti-en-ariti, these did (Carolyn mumbled names).

iON 7:15
Oh, you got Heru-khenti-en-ariti; ariti, ariti. Heru-khenti-en-ariti.

Carolyn 7:22
Ha ha. Yeah. "these did Anubis appoint to be protectors of the dead body of Osiris." So, those are the Seven Spirits: 1,2,3,4,5,7.

iON 7:39
That's the Seven Wonders.

Carolyn 7:41

iON 7:44
And in most of the, well, we don't want to add a wrong connotation, but to the dark magic, if there is such a thing, we say power's power. What difference does it make? But, they segregate it. You see?

Carolyn 8:03

iON 8:04
So, it's kind of like - remember the woman in the "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," that she, at midnight, she did 15 minutes worth of good and 15 minutes worth of bad? She always had to balance it. You see, 15 and 15? That balance is the part.

Carolyn 8:24
Yeah, so they're talking about the Seven Spirits who are kind of the iffy ones. And then it goes on to say: "Others, however, say that he set them round about the holy place of Osiris." So, those are the holy guys. "Others say that the Seven Spirits {which were appointed by Anubis} were" And they listed a whole different list. So, what's that about?

iON 8:51
Yeah, well, that's the antiphonal. That's the antiphonal aspect. That's the antiphonal aspect of what you're talking about. Some, some people say that the HIV is the death curse from God from not behaving, 'cuz you're misbehaving. Like on "The Holy Gemstones." But, this ain't that, this is the other side of wait, this could be a purification process that if you can live through that less-thanness of being immunocompromised, it moves you to the head of the class when you start needing T cells to live.

Carolyn 9:30
Okay. Mm hmm.

iON 9:32
Now, that's a based example. But, we did that on purpose, you see.

Carolyn 9:38
You do everything on purpose. We know that.

iON 9:40
That's true, but, we were trying to rub it up to make it flow better 'cuz people listening and they go: "Oh, that was for effect." So, they could put that in the effects column. So, that's good.

Carolyn 9:51
Okay. Continuing: "The chief of the Tchatcha (sovereign princes) who is in Naarutef is Horus, the Advocate of his father. (Carolyn: so, capital "A") "As concerning the day wherein {Anubis said to the Seven Spirits}, 'Come ye hither,' {the illusion here} is to the words 'Come ye hither,' which Ra spake unto Osiris." (Carolyn: Come ye hither. So, and then the next words) "Verily may these same words be said unto me in Amentet. "I am the Divine Soul which dwelleth in the Divine Twin-gods." There's a lot of capitals there. So, have they gotten past the Seven Spirits and figured out which side they're gonna go on?

iON 10:48
No. No. They don't know that yet. They're acknowledging that there are two sides. So, there's the divinity condition and there's two issues that have to be overcome or undercome. Right? Nobody talks about undercoming something. They don't talk about it, but they do it often. Well, I have undercomed the condition they put before me. But now I'm trying to overcome that same condition. But, yet, because I haven't overcome it I must've undercome it. Okay, so now, this is that place where you're trying to note the divinity. All right? Both sides will work. Okay, and there's something else here that's important. Here's what you didn't know. Both sides are powerful.

Carolyn 11:34
Yeah, yeah. Okay.

iON 11:36
You're saying yeah, yeah. But, now all of a sudden, it's kinda like whoa, whoa, 'cuz now all of a sudden, the thing you're pitching you got to be able to stand. So, okay, you make a - you make a call during a grits. You know what grits are?

Carolyn 11:52
Yes, I don't like them. Go ahead.

iON 11:55
That's fine. When they get hot, when grits get hot, really, really hot, and you sling them on a human skin, they stick. And the burn just keeps burning and keeps burning and keeps burning. Okay, them hot grits are hot; and they'll scald the shit, dog shit, out of you. Okay? Now, if you throw that on your neighbor, it'll put the hurt on them. Third degree minimum, minimum, burns. All right, but those same grits, if you get them on you, would also burn you. That's on either side of the cauldron that your're on. You see, that's the application. The heatness of fire is systemic. Systemic. So, this power that you're playing with here, DO NOT - like we say don't talk to the angels in anger or you're, well, now we're gonna start saying do it and see what happens. Ha ha ha ha. You'll see. You won't, you won't like that! We promise you will NOT like that. So, this is kind of like that. We're trying to get where it's like, you know, it's kind of like: get your tee-tee wet before they chop it off. If you step into it slow, get a little taste for it, don't get all excited about you got all the power in the world. Wonder Twin Powers activate like the eminent "Justice League" in the cartoon - oh, no, those are taboo. Those are wrong. Those will hurt your feelings. They're not PC no more. It's like "Beauty and the Beast" is bad. So, (indistinct).

Carolyn 13:29
So, you're implying that, you're implying that if you go with the Seven Spirits, or you go with the Divine Soul or the truth, Advocate, that is the same outcome?

iON 13:45
Or, they're - no - they're both power.

Carolyn 13:50
Okay. Okay.

iON 13:52
See, you can't discount it like: Well, I'm a Paul. No, I'm a Peter. Weil, I'm a John. I'm more divine than you. No, see, it's not like that. It's not like that. And even if you come back -

Carolyn 14:04
So, they're the same power. So, they're the same power, and we haven't got to the outcome yet.

iON 14:12
That's true. But, you're startin' to notice that it's important because they're making all this discerned conditional response of which side are you on, but it seems like both sides mess it up and both sides fix it up and both sides get it up. You know, after about a second it's kinda like, okay, you know what, what's the point? Here's the point. If it happens to you, you got to know where you are, just like the OA movements. You got to know where you are in order to get you back to where you are. Back to where you are. To get you back to where you are. Yeah.

Carolyn 14:51
Okay, well, let's -

iON 14:52
Easy to go, hard to come back, So, before we do that, let's make sure you get the two sides of this condition of power. This is telling you that there's gas, live gas and electric in your house. Be aware there's electricity running in your house. Matter of fact, you're payin' to have somethin' that'll kill you run into your house. What about that dough? If you misuse it, it'll burn you up.

Carolyn 15:18
Don't misuse it. So, what I'm going to say now is try to give a current example. We've got these impeachment hearings, and we've got the, the Democrats and the Republicans both in some sort of power, and they're totally opposite. So, is one of them good? One the bad or they both good? Bad, good, bad?

iON 15:46
Well, they're both the swamp. Because there's no way - well, see, they're both the swamp and that's why they're all in a - they say that they're giving lip service to Trump. They don't support Trump. They hate Trump. You know why they hate Trump? Because he says: "You're crooked!" That's his brother. "You're wrong. You're tryin' to run this up, you're trying to just make this a big deal so there's a whole bunch of money checks and you're causing this problem so you can get paid, bitch!"

Carolyn 16:16

iON 16:17
And that's to the Republicans, you see. This is the aspect of draining the swamp. They fixin' to be appeasing - Trump knows this, and he says: "Oh, you're good. Oh, okay. Yeah, I like you real good. You've been my friend. Oh, no, he hates me. He's no good. He's no good." Just like this, we'll give you that working example since you brought it up. This new woman Ambassador that got fired. The reason she got fired is that she caused, was trying to cause, the coup against the new president in Ukraine. That's why the bitch got fired. Because she was havin' a dinner party tryin' to hold the opposition up so that they could have a coup and throw him, the new, good, president, out. And Rudy Giuliani, who we said was going to undo all this, was over there, before, gettin' ALL the dirty dirt, you see. So, see here, this bitch gets fired and she moves to Georgetown Law, never misses a paycheck. She ain't missed a stitch. Basically, lays down and now gets paid to do two classes that she doesn't teach, ever. So, now I get paid $300,000 to not show up to school that I don't teach. Oh, that's nice. Boy, that's a real penalty phase. And I'm so hurt that the President said bad things when he fired me. Plainly spoken. Okay. Trump's got it, the power part of which aspect is, and he's able to see it. Now, the baddest thing you could ever do is impeach the president. Right? Okay. Then why in the name of a living God would the President do everything he could do to keep the impeachment process alive, and well, and kickin'? He is pushing it hard. He understands how there's power, so much so that he is stupid enough to tweet during the day - they're accusing him of running over this bitch, and he gets in there and tweets during her damn deposition in front of Congress that whereever she ends up is death, destruction and terror. She was here and here, and it was bad. And she's here; how did that work out?How did Benghazi work out? What difference does it really make at this point? So much so, so much so, that it's pushed the envelope. You'd have to say: "President, if you tryin' not to get impeached, you really shouldn't be doing the things that are going to become another article of impeachment against you!" "Oh, Yes, I've been bad. I've been really bad." And they say now what's the problem here? "Mr. President, you can't go to another country and have the other country do political op ed research on you for your gain from another country in this United States." He said: "Oh, oh, you mean like when they went and got the dossier; made it up; got a FISA warrant; with the Russians, set it up with the Russians and run this back through? That's exactly what they did to me. That's what you can't do? Oh, okay." So, then he gets on the national live television and says: "China, China, if y'all got any dirt on the Bidens, go ahead and send it to the State Department. We can sure use it." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Carolyn 19:46
Give it to my buddy, Rudy.

iON 19:49
And Nasty, Nasty Pelosi, has a little giz gazzam and says: "There's another list. There's a one. We're going to have 9000 Articles of Impeachment before this thing is over." The impeachments gonna be after the inauguration! After the inauguration. That's why Clinon had just been reelected. Nixon had just been reelected. So, it's exactly what will happen, it's no problem, whatsoever. After the election, then they'll finish all the Articles of Impeachment and he'll do just fine. It'll be great. Sixteen more years. He'll be okay.

Carolyn 20:29
Okay. Thank you, thank you.

iON 20:31
See, 'cuz otherwise he wouldn't use that power. It's a great example because we're looking at this and going: what the hell is this? What will - first of all, the Democrats, why are you so stupid? You keep falling for this. It's kinda like, up here. So, here's the clockwork mouse. Oh, here's the clockwork mouse. Oh, here's the clockwork mouse. And every time they go through it, they get slapped in the face. Poor Shifty Schiff, Nasty - poor Shifty. Poor - he's shift out of luck now 'cuz let me tell you, he's in a bad way. Them bows and arrows. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen, because he bites every time. He bites every time. "Oh, well, I've got proof."

Carolyn 21:09
iON, why did they change the wording from quid pro quo to bribery? Somebody said it because public doesn't know what quid pro quo means.

iON 21:20
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that, no, no, really, here's what really happened. The Democrats did surveys, did, did cross-section surveys and asked people which one was more offensive to them; quid pro quo, which is bribery, or bribery. So now immediately the Democrats decided that quid pro quo isn't working; obstruction, they don't know what that means. What was the first one? Collusion. They don't know what that means. Obstruction, they don't know what that - everything they've done so far, so far, so far, it hasn't had any effect. So, they, people knew what bribery - so now, Nancy, Nasty Pelosi swingin' them arms, swingin' them arms with her tissue stuck up her arms. We told you it was gonna be bad until she got her face back on. It took that long to get her face put back - applied. It looks so much better now. It's almost even, it's much better. Now everything is bribery, bribery, yes, an Article over - an Article of Impeachment on bribery because we can go with that. And, meanwhile, everybody just kind of laughin'. Stockmarket 28,000. We said 30,000, but boy, it's in a hurry. What? By the end of the year? No, that's not possible, is it? Heh heh heh heh heh.

Carolyn 22:45
Okay. So, we continue on.

iON 22:50
We probably, we probably wouldn't short the Dow Jones indexes lately.

Carolyn 22:56
No, you leave it alone. You leave it alone, iON. You stop yourself.

iON 23:00
Yeah, let it go. It's good.

Carolyn 23:02
Next question: "Who is this Divine Soul? "It is Osiris. {When} he goeth into Tetu, and findeth there the Soul of Ra, the one god embraceth the other, and two Divine Souls spring into being within the Divine Twin-gods." So, he's picking up a soul.

iON 23:24
So, that's exactly - well, this, this is exactly what we're sayin'. Trump is taking the nasty part that they're doing to him, supporting it, pushing it to such a degree that it becomes such a nasty thing that's gonna use it to consume his enemies. He is absorbing that horribleness. But, the horribleness is not horrible enough, yet. So what did he do? He entices it. (laughing)

Carolyn 23:54
He encourages it.

iON 23:54
He makes it worse. Yeah. Then, then Kellyanne Conway's husband to go on MSLSD to go against Kellyanne Conway so Wolf Blitzer can jump on her and she can rail him to the end of time. Like, what did you just say? What did you just say? No, no no. What, no. What did you - what, no, I didn't want to bring that up. No, but what did you say? This is what CNN - and just literally, just rip the guts out of poor Wolf. And he's supposed to be the good one on the CNN. The one that we lost to, two listeners to the CNN, but that's how low it's gotten. Almost to the bottom of the barrel, Pappy

Carolyn 24:32
Okey dokey. I didn't quite get the - I mean, I know Kellyanne Conway is his counselor in the house and her husband is so anti-Trump. He just, you know, he's-

iON 24:43
He's now on TV. He's now on TV like Kellyanne Conway on MSLSD, railing against Trump; where she's on every channel, railing for Trump. And Wolf Blitzer brings up on CNN, on the thing, that he knows that she's having marital trouble and didn't want to bring it up. And she stops, stops the interview and says: "What did you just say?" Ha ha ha ha.

Carolyn 25:10
Oh, really?

iON 25:11
And lays him out! I mean, they did a lateral, large intestine bisection right there. Seventeen feet of gut, of entrails laid right there on the table. It was fabulous! It was a nice bowel resection for Wolf. Yeah, it was rich 'cuz she just stopped the thing. And, of course, it made it up because, you know, you know how that goes.

Carolyn 25:41
Yeah. So, Wolf Blitzer and Kelly. Okay, funny. Okay, now we come to an appendix already. And this APPENDIX, I guess, this is an add-on that they (indistinct).

iON 26:00
Well, these are Papyruses. Do you remember, you remember, well, you seen some of JW's Papyri from actual Egypt, the stack - well, Bob has, for sure, that lay out some of the different constructs that when they saved all the crap before Egypt fell. He has some of those Appendices which are other Papyrus that were done that are available that, that you can see having a point. It's almost like finding extra quatrains of Nostradamus. Now, they don't all apply, darlin', but they're all of the standard. They don't all apply, but they are as a standard. So, you have to judge them that way and when you apply them. And, basically, as the thing has a different repose, sometimes the appendix seize control of the narrative; and that's what it's for. And that's what this does, too.

Carolyn 27:02
Yeah, that didn't make much sense.

iON 27:05
Oh, it's easy. There's extra things in papyruses, there's extra things that go along with this Book of the Dead that wasn't included in the Book of the Dead that affects the narrative as the narrative changes. We just made a big deal about Kellyanne Conway. If she wasn't alive, it would be a different aspect that would affect those words. So, therefore, a papyrus might meet that obstruction.

Carolyn 27:30
So, there's a papyrus that someone sketched onto - into the - with heiroglyphs. And then when and where and who and why and all the degrees of separation did this appendix get applied to that papyrus?

iON 27:48
Well, this one's from Nebseni.

Carolyn 27:51
Yeah, so: "(Fom the Papyrus of Nebseni, British Museum No. 9900, Sheet 14, II. 16ff.) Who did - who wrote this appendix?

iON 28:09
They don't know. See, that's the whole rub. They don't know.

Carolyn 28:14
And how do they know it applies to the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

iON 28:19
Well, they read it. They looked at it.

Carolyn 28:23
And the words of this appendix are: "As concerning the Divine Twin-gods they are Heru-netch-her-tefer and

iON 28:35

Carolyn 28:40
"and Heru-khent-en-Ariti"

iON 28:43

Carolyn 28:45
"(Horus, the Advocate of his father {Osiris}, and Horus the sightless." Oh, he lost his eyes.

iON 28:51
Remember, well, that's right. Remember? Because the cloud was in his eye.

Carolyn 28:56
Ah ha. Right. "Others say that the double Divine Soul which dwelleth in the Divine Twin-gods is the Soul of Ra and the soul of Osiris," So, does everybody who goes through this embalming process to be eternal come out with Twin-souls?

iON 29:17
They don't come out with it. They have it already because of hendiadys. And, we're sad that this has to be used to prove that it's hendiadys, but, okay.

Carolyn 29:31
One by means of two. Two worlds, two realms.

iON 29:34
Mm hmm. Two each.

Carolyn 29:39
And then it continues this appendix, which does sound like what we just read. So, somehow they found some other heiroglyphs that were appended to the Book at this section. So, the continued words are: "and yet others say that it is the Soul which dwelleth in Shu, and the Sould which dwelleth in Tefnut, and that these two Souls form the double Divine Soul which dwelleth in Tetu. "I am the Cat (Carolyn: capital "C") which fought near the Persea Tree in Anu on the night when the foes of Neb-er-tcher were destroyed." And it looks like the appendix continues. "Who is this Cat?" And, the words are -

iON 30:36
Yeah, that's slang. That's slang in the 50's, you know, when they talk about "cool cat." Who is this cat? Who is this cat? Yeah, that's the one.

Carolyn 30:46
Yeah. Who is this Cat? Um -

iON 30:48
You were just a girl.

Carolyn 30:50
Yeah, I thought. "This male Cat is Ra himself, and he was called 'Mau' because of the speech of the god Sa, who said concerning him: 'He is like (mau) unto that which he hath made; therefore, did the name of Ra become 'Mau.'" So, is that his name after he comes back from the dead; he changes his name?

iON 31:17
Nah ah. It's not about that. You'll see.

Carolyn 31:21
Okay. Okay, not about that. "Others, however, say that the male Cat is the god Shu, who made over the possessions of Keb to Osiris. "As concerning the fight which took place near the Persea Tree in Anu {these words have reference to the slaughter} of the children of rebellion, when righteous retribution was meted out to them for {the evil} which they had done."

iON 31:52
Now, now that's what - now see, that's what we were talkin' about. It's not about the name change or the references when they start dealin' out the nasty. That's - you got to make sure you're clean. You make sure you're clean, but thennnn, you bring on the slaughter.

Carolyn 32:12
Okay. "As concerning the 'night of the battle,' {these words refer to} the invasion of the eastern portion of the (Carolyn: East is very important.)

iON 32:21
Oh, ho. Eastern gate.

Carolyn 32:24
That's where everything happens: "the invasion of the eastern portion of the heaven by the children of rebellion, whereupon a great battle arose in heaven and in all the earth. "O thou who art in thine egg (Ra), who showest from thy Disk, who risest.

iON 32:44
Tech Body.

Carolyn 32:47
Tech body. "who risest on thy horizon, and dost shine with golden beams in the height of heaven, like unto whom there is none among the gods, who sailest above the Pillars of Shu, who sendest forth blasts of fire from thy mouth,

iON 33:08
That's Bob.

Carolyn 33:13
"{who illuminest the Two Lands with thy splendour, deliver} thou Nebseni, the lord of fealty {to Osiris}, from the god whose form is hidden, and whose eyebrows are like unto the two arms of the Balance on the night when the sentences of doom are promulgated."

iON 33:37
Promulgated. Promulgated. It's chromosome 14.

Carolyn 33:42
Ah! Really?

iON 33:46

Carolyn 33:48
We're making chromosome 14 with all those words?

iON 33:51
No, we're dividing the opening - opening the arms of the Balance on the night when the sentences of doom are promulgated,

Carolyn 34:01
Oh, my goodness.

iON 34:03
Because the eastern gate is split, the open - there's a war in heaven. We said that since itch. There's a war right here with Alexandria Casio Cortez, who now is pregnant with Bernie Sanders' lovechild, we're glad about that, and probably took an egg from Pocahontas to get there. So, (laughing). Oh, oh, oh, wait, you talk about, talk about a slide from the abyss. She's decided that the billionaires she's pissed off, at first all, if any one of them leave, there's not $52 trillion to pay for her campaign that will happen by her third year, but now she's gonna change it. Now she's just said: "They'll get whatever insurance you want." So, a $52 trillion deal, now it's gone. So, that's why she's gone again. So, but, but badge, but badge, but badge. Buddha badge, boota boota boota but. Let's see. Boota boota but. No. Wait.

Carolyn 35:13
Stop it!

iON 35:13
Buddha. Judge a butt. Judge a butt may win after all. Ha ha ha ha.

Carolyn 35:20
Okay, so, chromosome 14. Yeah, the arms and the rings of chromosome 14. So, the Eastern gates are split. So, all these words in the Egyptian Book of the Dead we've heard in Revelations already. So, what came first?

iON 35:40
This changes though. No, no, it's not about that. Not about that. They're both becoming. No, no, they're both becoming. The Egyptian Book of the Dead was a long time before these words were written lately. Some guber snatch, whatever his name is. It's kind of like words from McLuhan where - before Marge wrote them. Ha ha ha ha. So, it's all becoming. You can't, you can't come to that. It's a nice construct, but there was the chicken or the egg, you don't know.

Carolyn 36:11
It's all becoming. Bob, can I stop now? Bob wants me to go a little bit, He's still trying to find out where we are. Isn't Cheri putting it on chat, Bob? He's not following this. Okay the next question: "Who is this invisible god?" Small "g." Well, invisible god is everybody who's not a god. Right, iON?

iON 36:44
Well, it would be, but you got to wait. You got to take those, like, who sailest above the Pillars of Shu. You have there in the degrees. There are degrees. Okay, let's take Bert. Bert's ascending nicely. Okay, but there's two to three places where we could pinpoint a place where he'd be considered as a little god. See? And we could point those out, and then guess what he'd do? Instantaneously, he would address those things at that level. So, you have that condition that you're embracing that you're allowing to become. See, that you don't even know aren't there sometimes maybe. You see?

Carolyn 37:31

iON 37:31
One time Bob thought he was right. Bob, one time thought that he had made a - was wrong, but then he realized he was mistaken.

Carolyn 37:41
That's right. That's our Bob. I keep tellin' him. And you know, the way you prop him up I, you know, takes me days and days to knock him back down and he's getting a little bit testy.

iON 37:54
It's true. It is, it is. And it just feeds and see, the power feeds itself. Because now he's got full protection. He's vetted. Now he has enough power that he's actually vetted, that he can be obstinate about things. It's ridiculous.

Carolyn 38:09
Oh, yeah. I'm here. I know, but I can handle it.

iON 38:14
You're doin' a great job. You're doin' a great job with the limited resources for which you've made available to yourself. Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 38:22
Ha ha. Continuing: "It is An-a-f (he who brings his arm.)." Oh, oh. Arms.

iON 38:35
Just one.

Carolyn 38:35
The arms and rings. Arms and rings, no?

iON 38:39
Just one arm.

Carolyn 38:42
His arm, right. "As concerning 'the night when the sentences of doom are promulgated,' it is the night of the burning of the damned, and of the overthrow of the wicked at the Block, (Carolyn: capital "B") and of the slaughter of souls." So, we're still slashing away at each other.

iON 39:03
Yeah, that's the - see, this is when they start fighting over the I-block, Carolyn. It's great.

Carolyn 39:08
Yeah, the block. Amazing. Ha ha.

iON 39:12
Mm hmm. And then they start slaughtering souls. When the souls start slaughtering, now, that's where you have this Walking Dead component. Because, now you got people without souls. Even if they don't get slaughtered, they're eternal. That's what Roy before he went to bed was trying to say: "This is kind of silly. Why are we doing this? It seems counterintuitive." That's why, because you don't have to be dead to lose your soul, apparently.

Carolyn 39:38
Okay, so that's a good question. Are people losing their souls to the black mirror?

iON 39:44
Yeah. They certainly are. They certainly are.

Carolyn 39:48
Okay, yeah, because if their souls are the stenographer, they are allowing the black mirror to be their stenographer. Wow. Right?

iON 39:59
It's like. It's like the little boy from Tishiminga. The boy from Tishiminga. He's from Tishiminga on "Brother Where Art Thou?" and he was pickin' the guitar. And he turned around he said they said that he sold his soul to the devil. And everybody was aghast because he sold his soul to the devil. And he said: "Why for you sell your soul to the devil?" He said, "Well, I wasn't usin' it." Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 40:20
I wasn't using it. Exactly. And that's why they are soulless. Oh my gosh, look at the sunset. Wow.

iON 40:31
Ta da.

Carolyn 40:32
It' so awesome. What time is it? 5:40. The sun is going down, iON. We better get movin'.

iON 40:40
Okay. Time for Bobby to get rowin'.

Carolyn 40:43
Oh oh.

iON 40:44
It's popcorn weekend, too. You gotta get the popcorn goin', too.

Carolyn 40:46
No, no. Popcorn, it's been gone for years, iON. It's pizza night.

iON 40:51
You gotta have, you gotta have pepper popcorn, or it's just a lost cause now. Don't they have some keto carb - keto, don't they have keto pop - keto, we can't even say it.

Carolyn 41:02
You have no idea. Let me tell you popcorn carbs. We're looking it up right now, me and the Tech Body. It's 21 grams of carbs for one ounce of popcorn. Do you know how many ounces of popcorn we were eating? A lot. So, 21 carbs.

iON 41:24
Pounds, I mean (indistinct). You had almost an ounce of red pepper in the oil to make it good and tasty.

Carolyn 41:30
So, if you're on a keto diet and you're - just want to stay at 20 grams of carbs, you'll blow it all with one ounce of popcorn. Okay, back to the decks. "Who is this {slaughterer of souls}? "It is Shesmu, the headsman of Osiris." So, the headsman of Osiris, does that mean that, that's his brain parts or what -

iON 41:58
Ah, no, no. It's the, it's the - not seeing part. The not seeing part.

Carolyn 42:03
Right. Okay. And I mean, can we say that that's his inner kingdom?

iON 42:12
Ah, not yet. You will be able to, but you can't just yet.

Carolyn 42:17
Oh, okay. And continuing: "{Concerning the invisible god} some say that he is Aapep when he riseth up with a head bearing upon it {the feather of} Maat (Truth). But others say that he is Horus when he riseth up with two heads, whereon one beareth {the feather of} Maat, and the other {the symbol of} wickedness."

iON 42:47
See the difference? That's why - see why you can't say it's one way or the other? Because it can be both, you see.

Carolyn 42:53
Yeah. Yeah. Back and forth, back and forth.

iON 42:56
I love you till I hate you, and I hate you till I love you.

Carolyn 43:01
Heh, heh. "He bestoweth wickedness on him that worketh wickedness, and right and truth upon him that followeth righteousness and truth. "Others say that he is Heru-ur (the old Horus), who dwelleth in Sekhem; others say that he is Thoth; others say he is Nefer-Tem; and others say that he is Sept who doth bring to nought the acts of the foes of Nebertcher. "Deliver thou the scribe Nebseni, whose word is truth, from the Watchers, (Carolyn: capital "W") who carry murderous knives, who possess cruel fingers, and who would slay those who are in the following of Osiris." May these Watchers never gain the mastery over me, and may I never fall under their knives!" So, well then, they do ask as I'm asking you, iON: Who are these Watchers?

iON 44:11
It's in the next section.

Carolyn 44:14
Okay. "Who are these Watchers? "They are Anubis and Horus, {the latter being} in the form of Horus the sightless. Others, however, say that they are the Tchatcha (sovereign princes of Osiris), who bring to nought the operations of their knives; and others say that they are the chiefs of the Sheniuin chamber. "May their knives never gain the mastery over me. May I never fall under the knives wherewith they inflict cruel tortures. For I know their names, and I know the being, Matchet, who is among them in the House of Osiris. He shooteth forth rays of light from his eye, being himself invisible, and he goeth round about heaven robed in the flames which come from his mouth, commanding Hapi, but remaining invisible himself. May I be strong on earth before Ra, may I arrive safely in the presence of Osiris. O ye who preside over your altars, let not your offerings to me be wanting, for I am one of those who follow after Nebertcher, according to the writings of Khepera. Let me fly like a hawk, let me cackle like a goose, let me lay always like the serpent-goddess Neheb-ka." Oh my gosh, what a lot of words: Knives and Watchers. That didn't answer me: who's the Watchers, iON?

iON 46:06
Oh, okay. Those are the ones that are the conditioned response that aren't ascending, aren't ascended, and yet are. Placeholders, they are. Would the elders be Watchers? Well, not really, but they would be the same function. They're just not positive or negative. And here, typically Watchers aren't positive or negative, but in this case, they have the component or the capitular capacity, half of them, to lop your damn head off. Doesn't say all.

Carolyn 46:50
Ah huh. Okay, the ones with the conditioned response not ascending, but are. Are they ascending by default?

iON 47:01
The Watchers aren't. No. They just are.

Carolyn 47:04
Yeah. So, they're Watchers. That's what - that's all. They're just Watchers.

iON 47:09
And half of them will chop your head off.

Carolyn 47:13
Ahh, so they're more than - well, that means they're more than Watchers. They can take action.

iON 47:19
They've added, well, see, you're talkin - ah ha. You never had Watchers described for the dead.

Carolyn 47:28
You've never had what described? You blurred -

iON 47:32
For the dead. These people are the dead.

Carolyn 47:35
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah.

iON 47:38
So, the Watchers for the dead cut their heads off.

Carolyn 47:42
Yeah. Sheeze. Okay. And on that note, -

iON 47:47
See the difference?

Carolyn 47:47
- I am done.

iON 47:50
Yeah, and we'll pick up right there, right there with: "Who are those who preside over their altars?" So you'll remember it. On page 15 or so.

Carolyn 48:04
Is that all we've done? Page 15?

iON 48:07
Of page 69, of 69 pages.

Carolyn 48:11
Ohhhh, my god. Okay, -

iON 48:13
But you're doing very - very good.

Carolyn 48:16
Thank you. So, we'll turn it over to Bob, and -

Bob 48:20
That was very good, Carolyn.

Carolyn 48:21
Sheeze. Thank you.

iON 48:23
She did a great job. Hey, how about fried butter? You can have fried butter. Can't you, Carolyn?

Carolyn 48:30
Heh heh heh. I'm gonna go make the pizza now, Bob. Thank you, iON.

iON 48:36
You're welcome, darlin'.

Bob 48:37
Okay, so several people - several people were complimenting you.

iON 48:42
Oh, but don't give her the big head 'cuz she says you're taking over; that you're overlording and showing your power and being visceral and tactile in your godship lately, Bob.

Bob 48:54
Who? Who's doing that?

iON 48:56
Carolyn was telling on you.

Bob 48:58
Is she? Okay.

iON 48:59
I had to report it. You're the boss, so I had to report in.

Bob 49:03
Yeah. Okay, Sky Goddess asks iON: "Explain why these names in the document are so long and convoluted."

iON 49:12
Because of Marge Stewart.

Bob 49:16
What she had to do with it?

iON 49:19
She wrote all the gobbledygook for Marshall McLuhan and it made - had to make all these extra consonants and vowelables to make it all work out so you can keep track of who's pitching and who's catching.

Bob 49:33
Are they vibrational, these names?

iON 49:37
And, everything is. We were gonna say no, but then we'd say no to everything is.

Bob 49:43
Everything's vibrational.

iON 49:46

Bob 49:47
Why did Alissa go: "iON, damn! (@Bert)?" What was that about? And then a little "smiley."

iON 49:54
Because we were- we made, we made a big condition of Bert. See, we talked about Bert even when Bert's not in. Normally, somebody has to be around for us to talk about them, but we don't have to do that with Bert. We got him. He's different.

Bob 50:09
Right. So, why did Alissa go: "Damn"?

iON 50:15
Because we made it - she's trying to figure out how to get connected into the soup of the loop of ascension; what she has to do to get there. Okay? And what you have to do to get there is what Bert's doing. And so she was interested in that. And so when we said our words that we said about Bert, she went damn that that was something she would also like to do, be, enjoy some'em.

Bob 50:42
Yeah. Cheri says: "Note: Connie stops reading on page 14." How many pages are there, Carolyn?

Carolyn 50:50
(in background) 69.

iON 50:51

Bob 50:51
69, that's McLuhan's number. So, yes, you could have Marge as part of this.

iON 50:59

Bob 50:59
Hmm. So, um, okay. So, I guess we'll have a little break, eh?

iON 51:12
How was your world, Bob? Was your world good today?

Bob 51:16
Yep. I'm glad I don't have to do the document. I'm glad Carolyn's into it and doing it herself.

iON 51:22
Carolyn's doing it- she's doing great job, yeah.

Bob 51:27
Okay, let's, let's take a break here.

Music 51:33
(music plays)

iON 51:33
What about some good colored music?

Announcer 54:39
Just to give you a brief overview on this in the last few minutes before we start having some questions and going back and forth here is that the, the Secretary of State of the United States under Benjamin Harrison in, in 1893 was a fellow was the fella by the name of John W. Foster. John W. Foster is the Secretary of State who oversaw the overthrow of the Hawaiian Islands and the seizing of them by the United States in Guam and the Marshall Islands; that they, they overthrew all of these islands in the Pacific and established the United States to ____ over them. And it was the Secretary of State. It was involved in planning the overthrow of the island of Cuba, which was effectuated in 1898, just five years later. But, he was the Secretary of State in 1893. And his grandson was born in 1893, Allen Dulles; and his brother, John Foster Dulles, had been born earlier. And at that point, John W. Foster retired, went and bought a retreat center up on one of the Great Lakes up in northern New York; and, in fact, began tutoring Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles on this Imperialist worldview. And he was, he was accompanied by his son-in-law who married the eldest daughter of John W. Foster. Robert, Robert Lansing his name was, who became the Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson. And, and the, these two boys, John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, were raised by these two guys taking them out on boats fishing out on the, on the lakes; you know, spewing all day long at them this Imperialist worldview and training them in the, in the Imperialist worldview. And the fact is, Allen Dulles when he was eight years old, wrote an essay in support of the Boers in South Africa, the Dutch colonialists. And he wrote an essay when he was eight years old supporting them in taking over South Africa. And the, John W. Foster was so proud of this, he got it published and used to carry copies of it around with him, giving it to all of his friends, promoting Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles while they were still children; to get them to eventually be John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of State of the of the United States, as his grandfather had been, as his uncle had been. And then he was. And Allen Dulles became the first civilian Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, running covert operations around the world. But, prior to that time, both John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles at the end of World War One, we'll go into a lot of these details, but at the end of World War One, you've all heard about, I believe, the Versailles Treaty. The Versailles Treaty was entered into at the end of World War One, and there were provisions put into the Treaty of Versailles, which imposed reparations requirements on Germany. Those you've heard about nodding up and down. Yes. Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles drafted those provisions. They were at the Versailles Treaty negotiations, handpicked by their uncle, Robert Lansing, who was the Secretary of State, put them into those sessions. They drafted the reparations and imposing the reparations requirements on Germany. And then, Allen Dulles was appointed to be the lawyer for Germany, who would negotiate the loans that would be given to them to pay the reparations. It turns out at the same time, he was the senior partner in the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell. They represented the financial private investment house of Brown Brothers Harriman. And Brown Brothers Harriman were the company in which the corporations existed, who were owed the reparations. And the people that gave the loans to Germany to pay the reparations were other clients of Brown Brothers Harriman. And, and here's Allen Dulles, the senior partner for the law firm representing Brown Brothers Harriman; you know, negotiating the loans to go to the German government to pay other clients of Brown Brothers Harriman, and in building up the German war machine between 1924 and 1934. And something you will never be told anywhere else, that on January 3rd of 1933, sitting in the meeting in Germany was John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, authorizing Adolph Hitler, who was in the meeting, to become the Chancellor of Germany as soon as he agreed to recognize the loans that had been given to Germany and would agree to pay them. So, it was John Foster Dulles.

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