Sunday, October 18, 2020

iON | Bob Will Not Ascend | A Discussion on Ascension


22 September 2020

Bert 0:01
Bob has been an anomaly. Everyone has heard Bob in the sessions and engaged Bob. But you said something last week and every time you bring it up like since lately that we've got this newsreel that we're going back to Andromeda and that Bob's from Alpha Centauri, and it has always been about Bob. But then we found out that Bob is not a human. Bob's not human. But when you said last week that Bob will not ascend, I heard that on the show, then I reheard it when I started relistening to the show, and I'm like, What? What the fuck is that? You said that Bob is like, one night in Bangkok. It's just a dull game and that—

iON 0:52
He's running the game. He's above it. He's controling it. And the queens they use would not excite you.

Bert 1:06
Okay, so my question is—okay, Bob's from Alpha Centauri and we've only heard what Alpha Centauri is but never had like that we have someone so is it because that people from Alpha Centauri are already ascended that Bob's not gonna ascend because he's already ascended? Is that why you say that Bob is not gonna ascend?

iON 1:28
No, no, we didn't do that. Fucked up John of Patmos, he done that. This is the Dark Soul. You got to have a Dark Soul reference point. He did it. He said it.

Bert 1:42
You're saying John of Patmos did that?

iON 1:46
No, we're talking about Bob. Bob is the Dark Soul. John of Patmos said that Bob was the Dark Soul. So that's why.

Bob 1:53
What did iON say a few minutes ago? What was the word, Carolyn? Oh, yeah, Queen something. We didn't get the sentence.

iON 2:07
Oh, the Queens that Bob uses would not excite you.

Bob 2:19
On a chessboard?

iON 2:20
On a chessboard, yes. One night in Bangkok, Murray Head.

Bob 2:25
Oh, I see. Okay, go ahead. Very interesting topic. Very interesting.

iON 2:31
Yeah, of course if it's Bob.

Bert 2:37
It's puzzling because—okay, you said John of Patmos said Bob is the Dark Soul. But Bob holds the keys to the kingdom. Bob is holding the keys together.

iON 2:50
No, stop that. Stop that, stop that. The only reason that he has access to that is because Jesus died. Well, one of them did. He died and he went to hell, purgatory, or City Island. They're all about the same place, actually, when you get right down to it. And Jesus got the keys to death hell and the grave. Okay, once that happened, what do you do with him? Jesus ascended. He didn't take them with him. And so the Dark Soul obfuscated. The Dark Soul retrieves it. The Dark Soul runs pentads on it until you want to go shoot yourself in the face. Or go start a riot so somebody will shoot you in the face. He becomes a conundrum. He stirs it. He'll join the crowd. Fuck em up. Tell them what's wrong, prove McLuhan and just when you get to the altar, and they're ready to pledge allegiance to the Herbert Marshall McLuhan or the Armstrong crowd—it was worth $30 million dollars, pretty good for a church of God, huh? Herbert W Armstrong worth $30 million, that's a pretty big hoot. Anyway, get you get to the altar, get you to praise Bob or praise McLuhan or praise Thompson—he'll say "No, no, no, it's not that at all, you're lost. No, no, it's not that at all. You're lost." And it's like "No, I didn't say that. If I did say it, I didn't mean it. If I did mean it, I didn't say it. I say a lot of things. Don't worry about what I say. It's been said." He'll pull it back to make you have to get it yourself. You got to get it youself. He'll tell you what to do, but you got to do it. He'll tell you what to do but you got to do it. And if you don't do it, he'll tell you what you didn't get. But you won't get it because you didn't get it. That's why he hates food to be spoke about. food is wasted. Food is nothing. Food is terrible. Food is what you have to go through. And if it has something that tastes pretty good, okay, good, but it's fleeting. But he won't have it discussed.

Bert 5:20

iON 5:21
So of course, we would take nine hours and talk about the perfect beychevelle sauce. We know just exactly what to do as long as we can get away with it. Because what it does is it makes a point counterpoint or balance. That's what this is about. And don't get all screwed up with all this because it ain't that serious. There's one way. Either ascend or don't. Either way, it's okay. That's the choice. And we'll talk about anything you want to talk about. Anyway you want to talk about it. But if it's not about that conversation, after a little while, it's gonna become a fleeting juxtaposable position. You see.

Bert 6:08
Yeah, I see that.

iON 6:12
What was that song Geezy sings? You don't own me?

Yeah, like that. Very significant.

Bert 6:27
Okay, I got you, iON. So you explained that Bob has a way of using words and applying words that like you said, it don't mean nothing, but it does give a point for someone to understand that they have to get it themselves—

iON 6:48
No, Bob is a tape recorder. Bob is the original reel to reel tape recorder. And he can never find it. "Go back. I missed that sentence. Or go forward. What was it again? I get it. No. Yeah. No, no, no, no. Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson said—get the tape. Get the Kroker tape." He runs and gets the Kroker tape. And he says "Yeah. There it is right there. Those are the words. There you go. It's a Quaker or Unitarian. No, it's not. No. Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Why is there Jefferson? Why was Jefferson involved? Is there religious freedom? Is it a victim? What happens when they do it to you? This injustice is so unjust. That's the problem with injustice—it's so unjust." And then he goes "Not in my world." Which is kind of fun. So basically, Bob becomes the standard of the litmus. Bob becomes the standard of the litmus. If you can pass the litmus test, then you can be a Bobite. Now that won't offend you, that doesn't offend you. And he'll hang around with you in the vestabule of the Church of the Subgenius until you get the altar call and you can come on in and ascend. But when you ascend, sometimes you just move on past it all together. And we like that. We think that's great. See it's less folks for us to hang out with. We like it. Yeah.

Bert 8:22
I follow what you're saying. But there's one key point, I mean, from my personal standpoint, as far as engaging Bob, gauging Bob's knowledge and engaging Bob, is that he helps the part of the ascension of it's not a thinking man's game.

iON 8:45
But he thinks more than everybody combined. Or maybe it's just the replay of the reel to reel. Maybe that's what it is.

Bert 9:03
When I first started engaging, iON and Dobbstown, there was some clip where Bob and you were speaking and you gave the thing that you have to use your mind on another level to engage your mind at a different level and that's what Bob does.

iON 9:25
You got to take up the autonomic because otherwise, you start living in the world of ifs and buts. You know what goes on with that. That's when Bob says, "Oh God, here we go with the glibe cliche" architect, the archetype, the architects of archetypes—is that what we do? If ifs and butts were candy and nutts, it would Christmas every day. And then it starts falling away again, but you know, it still applies. But you get that. That's where we hit the replay repeat button, because we're trying to drive it home so this applies. Okay, this is fun, y'all. This is easy. This is important, or not important or significant. But here's the point. The only thing to do here is to ascend. That's the only point. There is no other point. There's nothing else to get mad over or with. There's nothing to get forgiveness for or permission to do. Everything else is a dim and fleeting moment. And you got specific questions, then ask it. Okay, then let's go. But at some stage it's got to start applying, or not. You see. Yeah, no, we're good. You good? Good. Come on, let's go to the beach. Good.

Bert 10:55
Okay, iON, that's pretty heavy what you just laid out there because the the big question for people is how do you ascend?

iON 11:07
Okay, that's a good one. We set modalities for prossesses to engage, to start engaging a level of power. Some do, okay? We'll even help. Meaning, we'll even say, okay, I don't know—"iON I can't ascend. I listened to Bob and I wanted to kill myself. And I didn't." Well, that's the first step. If you didn't kill yourself. That's the first step. "I had to live that and ReMag tastes bad. Oh, my God, it don't taste good. I think I may just have to die. It don't taste good." Okay, go through that. Yeah, now I got to where I can't go without it. Each layer and tier that you come through, brings you to a place where you start absorbing and applying the practical—wait for it, Aperture Science. Things that you can see in a hypothesis that you've seemingly cannot prove until you do. And when you prove it, then you're gone. You ain't telling anybody else. Fuck them.

And that's the thing. It's like your favorite restaurant,—where's your favorite restaurant? You're not telling. "Oh, I can't remember the name of it. Its on Broad Street. You know, I don't know. I've only been here a little bit. I guess it's my favorite. But yeah, I don't know." You don't want that out there. Because if you tell everybody, they're gonna flock there and you won't be able to get your table. You want it for you not for all of them. You don't care if they eat or not. Probably can't afford it anyway. You just don't ruin their lives trying to make them pay for food that they can't afford to pay for. It's ridiculous. So the point of those tiered strategies—like pinochle, it has several hands occurring simultaneously. You can have the best melds, and if you don't save your melds, you've lost. You can have the best hand and have no meld, and you only gonna get 20 points. See, you only gonna save. So the point is, is that all this is built into it. And so what happens is, the place of power has to be applied at a certain level. We don't have to talk about moving heaven and earth anymore do we, Bertrand? You don't have to talk about that anymore. There's things that you know, that you know. Now, you fall a little bit, you kick a little bit now. Okay, okay. Okay. So we don't mind loaning power out. We don't mind it. But it's gotta get real for you. Otherwise, what happens is, it comes back to us and it increases. You see. Now, is that selfish? No. We just want you to get the power but if you don't—okay, okay, okay, okay, we got this, we got this. It's kind of like, okay, you're in pretty decent health. Are you aware that?

Bert 14:05
Yes, I am.

iON 14:07
Your meatsack's in pretty good shape. You can sort of function. You almost can get to the bathroom on your own, you can wash your face and clean yourself up. You can scramble an egg if it ain't too hard. You know, if it's not a bad day. You can function. You can get around a little bit, walk to the mailbox, maybe crawl back, if you can't get around. That's fine. You don't come along to that place and say, "Okay, okay. It's been good. I've been well for a good 20 years—30 years now—really good. So it's not fair. It's just not fair. There's so many sick people. There's so many bathrooms. I'm gonna be ike the next 10 years I'm gonna be sick so everybody else can feel better." It don't work like that. It don't matter how sick you get, that's not gonna make somebody else's wellness be increased. So you've got to find some way to take these cards that are being shuffled—the more you shuffle the cards you realize, the less random they become. You know this?

Bert 15:10

iON 15:12
Well, that's significant because the more you shuffle the cards, the less random they become. So much so that you can almost tell what the next card is, depending on the bridge, the shuffle. You see? You can know. That's the point. Now, we're not talking about the process of say, counting cards. We're not talking about it though, because in that case, you got to see what you can play. We're saying you can know, just know, what card is based on the bridge—the bridge—the art of bridging the cards to shuffle them. That's how that flies. Okay, so the point now becomes is, how to ascend is you start applying these different things that you pick up. Sometimes it's funny shit, sometimes it's stupid shit. Sometimes it's crazy piano, sometimes somebody says something, sometimes they get to beefing. Or sometimes they hit an anomaly, and all of a sudden, they become a water spirit driver. Next thing, you know, they're flooded. We're talking about Madeline, we just adore her. She's got it, and she's getting tastes of it. And we say, well, you're gonna do this, you're gonna do this, you're gonna do this, here's gonna what's happen, here's what's gonna happen. And all of a sudden, it does. And she doesn't even fight that. She's still going with it. But she's trying to learn how to taper or drive it, or control it. Or make it work for her. And so at that tiered level, that's an experience that she has had and continues to happen. So now we got to focus that again so that she can start applying that it's her place of power. It doesn't matter—you get it all. We've talked about it to death—something about the gifts of the Spirit. Have you ever heard about the whole armor of God, the whole armor of God? How that applies? It sort of means something where rather than just shits and giggles, you know, we don't know. I guess Bob's, right just go to the granny channel and knock yourself out. It's a real good thing. A good way to pass your time, I guess, if you can't read Thompson.

So what happens is, you start getting it little by little by little. Or maybe it's a big jolt at a time. You bring Califi in here, and she'll tell you exactly how the milk got in the coconut. Cuz she stopped. She kept it simple. And she applied. And then she shut the fuck up. Ain't nothing to talk about. She 'll tell you right quick, ain't nothing to talk about. You good? Yeah, you good? Yep. Good. Ain't nothing to talk about. I check in and see what's up, how's everybody feeling? Blah, blah, blah. And she still calls Carolyn Carol, but that's okay. Carolyn"s sweet. They call Carolyn lots of things. You can call her anything but a little girl. And we're probably the only one who can get away with that. And we get scared from time to time, even ourselves because that's not her most favorite one, basically. But the fun part is and she's very kind, Carolyn. And that's fine. But the application here is how you pin these things together. You don't have to have an ascended God and take them apart to see what made them God. It's not necessary. It's not that challenging. It's actually just letting you convince yourself that you're coming back to what you were supposed to be all alone. The service is this process where you engage at whatever level you do until you ascend.

And it's open. It's wide open. Hit it where you hit it. There's always something to talk about. There's always something else you can prove there's always something as you can move or take or bake or shake. And that becomes the process. If nothing else, you can just listen to Bob brag about what he didn't know about, how much he didn't have to do and what he gets from not doing anything. You're like, "Well God damn if I could just do like Bob, I got this. I could lay up and have people bring French pigs to lay my feet on and fill a counter full of food that I go up and lick off the counter every day.You know it's easy. I can go to the beach and see who I wanna see and and get rid of everybody else off of the Prison Island, off Fantasy Island, because there's only five people left. So. It's all it's down to so it's all good." He's not real fond of those five people, we're gonna have to rotate them out somehow. Get rid of them and get him some decent ones that he likes to engage. He don't like too much in the world, by the way. But that's easy. So the aspect of how to ascend is this process and these spark starts. You hit a spark. We'll loan you a light. We don't mind we got a lot of matches. We'll give you a light. Smoke em if you got them. It's all right, whatever. But we'll give you a light so that that spark comes along, and then you can start applying it. See? Carolyn got it when she started applying, she applies everything. Well, that's not true. She takes things at a time and applies them completely. She's not gonna take on 30 things. She's gonna take on one thing and get it good. Get that down, and you're gonna take up another thing and do it good. And then next thing you know, she's got it. Bam. Bam. She can tell Sun Ra some stuff now straighten their ass out, now. She knows things now.

Bert 21:13

iON 21:14
So the point is that's what she does, and she's very perfect at it. To the point that she can help you. Because she's not going to tell you to do the keys and the airs if she doesn't know it. She's also not gonna give you a blood pressure medicine unless she's willing to take it or has taken it. Oh, now wait a minute. Now. There's nothing about her.

Bert 21:40
That's big. I don't know any of the doctors to do that. I don't know any doctor that would do what Dr Dean has done.

iON 21:49
That's correct. And that's the point and you can't fight it either. You can disagree. But you can't fight it. What am I gonna say you shouldn't do that? Wait, what? Wait, what? Yeah, no, no, I'm not going to give you a drug that makes you sick. And then I have to be the doctor to save you. I'm not going to give you something that I need to come bring back Narcan to bring you back from it. So that's, that's that side of it. She's a practical applier. And doing very well, because that power look what happened. All of a sudden we're there. Now, she would say yeah, it's been a 40 year journey real slow. We say no, no, no, no, no, really, really, really fast. It's gone really fast as a blade flies. Yeah, it's going really quick. And that's good. But that's because it's practical and it has to be applicable. It's got to be something useful or otherwise, if it's just whoo-whoo crap, she could care less about that. That don't make any difference. Let's do something. Let's build something. Let's make something. Let's burn something up so we can build something else. That's good. See, that's fun, because that's how she's driven. And she don't ever want to get done. She's not interested in through. She wants to make another thing and then another thing. You turn right around and look at how many products have hit the shelves. Bam, just like that. You'd have to wait years to get that work. Click, click, click, click, click, click, Yep, no. No, almost perfect. Look. Bam, okay, good. Then if we need to adjust it later then we'll adjust it. Take the pig to market. Let's go. You can't do that. Can't do it. Pretty amazing. So the focus and drive singers and standards are the only thing you're trying to sort out now. And who's shuffling the cards. Shuffling. You gotta shuffle faster or more. The more you shuffle them, the less random they become. So if they're too random, then you're not shuffling enough. Okay, so then you'd have more Bob time. Okay, now if you've got too much Bob time, then you know every card and when it's gonna come. It's like we'll start saying something Bob says "Nah, we've heard that before." We say Bob knows. Bob knows. He already even knows how to just send us into a rant anymore. Just because he knows that however cliche, he knows all the catch words. His problem is he knows too much. But if you ask him, he knows he doesn't know anything. "That's what I know. I know for sure, I don't know anything, long. You know, I'm gonna say a lot of things." Because he never gets caught or trapped. That's why he's all but the perfect foil. "I'm never going to get called in engaging a proving of myself." As he would say. So now what happens is, he becomes almost the standard if that's what you want to call it or say.

Bert 25:04

iON 25:04
Okay, and so now the good news is, is that you are working with the big picture. So we're talking about ascension—"Hey, iON, how do I ascend?" Okay, we've just laid it out like a pinnacle game. Okay, now we laid out about how to do much not enough to balance within the show of engagement. And then, looking for a spark. When you get the spark, then you get a light, then you get a fire and then you start applying it. And you said, "You mean I can do that?" And then you have a perfect world. Or you have a perfect thing or all of a sudden, you don't have to beg for fucking money no more. "You mean I can do that?" And then next thing you know it's normal. It's normal.

Bert 25:52

iON 25:53
Because a fool and his money are soon partying.

Bert 26:00
You say a fool and his money are still partying?

iON 26:04
A fool and his money are soon not parting—they're soon partying. They'll have a party. Because they're from the standpoint of that it's fleeting. But then all of a sudden, you change that around a little bit and the next thing that opens up and you're going, wait a second. Oh. And then you look and you can't believe how much money there is there. And you don't know. Same way that some humans look at caloric intake, eat food. And some people eat like a bird and they're morbidly obese. And people eat like you and they're pretty damn svelte. And you can't say it's because of all the work you do because you getting like Bob now, you don't got to do all that work. You thought you did.

Bert 27:01

iON 27:01
You thought your actions are what set your triceps. Now you found out that it ain't quite that way.

Bert 27:11
Okay, that's interesting, iON, there's something that you've said last weekend, and it stuck with me about obsolescing and retrieving. And that's part of this process, from my process of ascension is obsolescening retrieving, because now, when I go back to things that I know that I learned that I studied and spent a lot of time doing, meaning exercising, practicing martial arts and Qigong. When I go back to that, it's not the same thing as it used to be. And I don't have to do as much at all to get the same results when I spent a lot of time with it. And that's freaky for me, because like you said, I always thought I had to do a lot of things. And like I said, most of my life is just being a former athlete, a jock, you know, you got to work hard, you've got to do this, you got to do all these sets, you got to do train and stuff like that, and I do fucking nothing. And maybe three times a week, I will do some cardio and some push ups and my body responds instantly. I mean, it's, it's, it's crazy, but I'm used to it, but I mean, I'm, you know, it's against the laws of physics, what was happening to me, as far as my body, it's against the laws of physics, because I'm extremely heavy. And when I do cardio, I actually gained weight. And that's not, you know, as far as the old rule books—I mean, I'm 225, iON, and in the last four days I've done some cardio moving around, not really doing you know, muscle stuff, but I'm gaining weight and I'm not fat, but I'm gaining weight. And I'm the heaviest I've ever been at this moment. Y

iON 29:17
Yep. And as svelte as you've ever been.

Bert 29:20
Right. Right. And you know, and that's what helps, going back to Bob, Bob said something that struck me about being an athlete that it is stupid being an athlete. As far as training hard, you got to do it when you enjoy it and now instead of training rigidly, I just do it when I feel like it and I get the instant results. So that obsolesce and retrieving helps. But then at the same point, going back to Bob when looking at the world—like I had like a Bob vaccination. When we were working on this project for Bob, and it changed me, but—

iON 30:05
Some people call that an infection, Bert.

Bert 30:08
No, no, no, no, no. Okay. But this is the thing I told Bob that and he, you know, he laughed, but I don't know if he understood but I said, My brain is becoming like a muscle, because like the first five hours, the first day that we engaged, I mean, literally, my brain hurt my head hurt when I got off the phone with Bob the first day because the perspective that I got from him from all the things that we covering and going over McLuhan, but then McLuhan was just like a fork in Bob's drawer that he was using, and I was listening to it and, and listening to it and reading when he was laying it out. And it was like my perspective changed. As far as engaging every day, you know, because the technology, like in this tech body world, the technology is not going away. So you're going to need some type of perspective. And Bob helped me with that. And then the next day, it helped in the next day and then actually going through finishing the project and relisting to the words that Bob said, my brain is now a muscle.

iON 31:30
And the memory. It's something that applies, but you don't think about it. That's good, They call call him a meathead. That's what Archie Bunker used to call his son in law was meathead, because he was supposed to be the educated one, but not so much. But the rub then becomes this is how you do this, is you start doing, just the natural doing. There's nothing to learn. It's by rote. Either that or to get yourself so fucked up that it's only thing that works anyway, so either way it works out. If it don't, it'll be over for you soon anyway, so it's no reason to get too excited about it. So you know, burn it down. How does the song go—the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. Burn motherfucker. Let the motherfucker burn. Oh, yo, good.

Bert 32:29
Being a jock, I didn't engage my mind as much. I was just, you know, give me a ball, whatever and I could do anything. But now I'm on the other side of that where I don't have to think about things I can just do it. Just figure it out as I go. And there's no thought involved. And that's really strange. But that's something that you said to me—obsolescing and retrieving. Basically, in the last nine years, everything that I've known has been obsolesced. But now that I'm going back, or not really going back, but just going and doing things that I know, retrieving things, it's really different. And that has everything to do with you. The non physical part of engaging you.

iON 33:21
Let's apply this just a little bit. Now some people are already sideways that you're the only one and bla bla bla bla bla. We play with that till we're blue in the face because you don't give a fuck. You don't care. It's like happy days, I'm good. I want this for me. If I get me right, God bless y'all. Bless your heart. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll piss on you and you can get healed or something. It'll be good. It'll be fine if you want that kind of a party it might be fun. Let's see how it goes. Let's see how it goes. I like you pretty good. We'll look at, we'll see. Now what happens is you come back to a position where—that you can go to bed, go places, come back home, be hydrated and have all kinds of these notions that are outside of what you normally would say is in bed.

Bert 34:31
Well, the quick answer—not to make a long story short—that's becoming the fun part to figure that out, iON.

iON 34:42

Bert 34:45
That's the fun part is trying to figure that out. Because it is different. And every day is different. The whole day is different, but the whole night is different. That's the fun part that I'm trying to figure out every moment.

iON 35:06
Good. But you take those parts, the things that you're not sure about and you engage them and actually after a little while you get good at it. Then it's something as that you put in the reticule.

Bert 35:19
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 35:21
Oh yeah. I know how to do that. Oh, yeah, no. Okay. So and so, what's happening is okay. You do that to Carolyn and she says "Okay, okay, what's the situation?" And you tell her. "Okay. Key six, air four." BAM. She lines it up. Stomps around that godforsaken Island quoting the scriptures to God, like he don't know em.

It is the word.

Bert 35:54
Yes. The keys and airs are very important.

iON 35:58
They can be they are not a deal breaker. But see, some people won't do that. Some people won't have that. Some people won't do the OA movements. Some people want this, they want that, they're running around like a chicken with their head cut off wondering why they're mad. Okay, well get mad. Blow, yourself. Shoot yourself. Blow yourself up, do what you do. Knock yourself up. But some people can't even do that.

Bert 36:35
Yeah, but the keys and airs are very, very important. And I took that to heart.

iON 36:40
What it does, it's an aligner. It's an aligner. It aligns things. Because you got forces that are doing anything and everything they can do to keep you young, dumb and full of cum. And the smarter you are, the less able you are to grasp it. Typically. Typically.

Bert 37:06
Yeah, that's true. That's where I credit my exposure to listening to Bob and doing the reading because like I said, at the end of my Bob vaccination, I knew that I know nothing.

iON 37:28
Bob is the happy author, and he sings that song louder than any key. He can sing that song in any key. "Don't go by what I know, I know a lot of stuff. But I unknow about as much as I know, though, just so you know."

Bert 37:45
But by turning that switch on in your brain or wherever that switch is, then you start to be able to know things by rote as you say, when a problem comes up, or what you would think normally used to be a problem. The solution shows up.

iON 38:05
See people do it a different way. They say, "Okay, iON, how do I ascend? Okay, learn to play the piano and then you're ascending. Okay, then they can go figure that out and go play, but you're not playing well. Okay, you're playing the right kind of music. Well, see—there's always something else, something else. So it's not like that. It's not a process thing that you have to show up at. It's the whole condition of all of it put together, you got to be able to overcome Thompson. You are never gonna ascend unless you learn to overcome Thompson. But every time everybody goes to reading Thompson, y'all put the whole world in the upside down. Because you're wielding that power. You're playing those trump cards. Pardon the pun. You're playing those cards. And if you don't have a hand to beat that, then it's going to Trump you. And then you lose your melds, they get your point. So the condition is to bring you up enough that you can recognize what's going on, and then apply the ventricle application and go oh, yeah, oh, yeah. And then you can play the piano as you're ascending but you don't have to play the piano to ascend. You get that?

Bert 39:27
Yes. And thank you for that little reminder of the ventricle, because there's a lot there. There's a whole lot of things that you've thrown at me in the last month, or six weeks.

iON 39:47
We didn't throw it just to you. We threw it to everybody.

Bert 39:51
That's true. That's true.

iON 39:54
There aren't any secrets. There aren't any secrets. Because it's not fair. It's not fair. To the chagrin of many. They get pissy when we start telling, but we try to apply it in such a way that you got to be right on it. And that's the standard joke, now. We can say we want to and Bert is the only one who will catch it.

Bert 0:23
Yes. That's part of the fun part, also engaging you. I mean, it's probably weird for some folks. But I've been listening to your words for nine years and actually be able to talk to you—

iON 0:39
Do you get tired of it?

Bert 0:43
No, it's actually speeding upwards. Like I said, 90% of my time is doing homework. No matter what else I'm doing. Even if I'm doing something, something is running through my processor of what you've thrown out. No, it's fun. It's fun to put these pieces together because this is the biggest thing that's ever happened.

iON 1:11
Are you better off now than you were or worse off now?

Bert 1:14
Fucking A. I'm better off.

iON 1:21
Used to you had to create everything. Now things are created in your stead. See how that works?

Bert 1:31
Yes, but it's keeping at it because this is big. For me it's always been big to listen to your words of what you're talking about. It goes back to what I said earlier about the environment changing and like, you know, okay, yes, you can use the old scientific knowledge to try find out what that means. But when you're talking about oxygen going away that's fuckin huge. That's huge. Oh, by the way, I have a question. I have a ton of questions. I cannot say the new environment by heart. Okay, but I do know it when I hear it. This is the thing my whole concept of time is been disintegrated. I don't understand it, but I heard this, okay, this is March 12. So this may have been back in May or June. Then I heard you on March 12. I was listening to a transcript. And when you said the new environment formula when you got the KR—can I read the whole thing?

iON 3:11
We don't care.

Bert 3:16
Okay. The normal formula is AL2 open parentheses SO4 closed parentheses 3 dot NH2O NASO4 dot KMG4 open parentheses, HE6 NE2 open parentheses XE5, close parentheses close parentheses RN3 open parentheses KR6 GE1 open parentheses TH3 ZR1 TI5 close parentheses close parentheses SIDO2. And I went back yesterday, and that's from rewrite 39 October 26 2011 part one starts at three minutes and 28 seconds. Okay. So that's one that I've heard and as many times as I've heard you say it in me listening to rewrite 39 but on March 12 2016, you said all of those letters, but then when you got to the KR, it was KR3.

iON 4:37
Yeah, it changed.

Yeah. Because KR3, you can't have life with that, but now you can.

Bert 4:49
So the reduction of the three atoms—that took place within four years?

iON 4:58

Bert 4:58
Four years and two months. The Krypton reduced to three atoms.

iON 5:04
Yep. And you can swallow it. And it can go down in your tiny note.

Bert 4:58
Wow. For me it's a game or fun to go listen to you in the archive of everything. But when I heard that I had no one to call up. So I said, Okay, I gotta ask iON that question. That's been burning for four months, five months. I don't remember when I heard that.

So far. You can ask Bob and he'll say "What formula I don't know nothing about no formula. It's not ice cream. And hell they fucking closed Lapperts. Carolyn did that too. The only thing that gave me pleasure in this world was Lapperts ice cream and Carolyn, shut that down too. So now I can't even go sneek my $20 and 15 cents. Yeah, it's terrible."

Bert 6:02
So that change that you noted in 2016, you adjusted that, so that that allows the environment to come forth more and we can tolerate it because if we had the six atoms of the krypton—you're saying that would be the deal breaker as far as being able to to survive the environment. That adjustment?

iON 6:29
So far.

Bert 6:33
Wow. So three atoms of Krypton now. Are there any other elements in the new environment that may change? Or is it set now?

iON 6:50
Yes, but all the half lives are going to change. See everything that's radioactive is no longer gonna have a half life. They'll all become stable. That's why ain't nobody tripping about nuclear anymore. It's all become stable. So therefore, everything that's radioactive is going to change. But that's because the petri dish that the radioactive elements are in are balancers now. They'll all be balanced. That's the difference.

Bert 7:44
When I listen to your words, I don't know if it's an inflection I hear in your words, but when you say things, it kind of like rings an internal bell and I'm like, Okay, let me go back and listen to that. When the RNA drops were first released, there was always this thing about a "Yeah, go off them and see it what feels like." I remember it was almost a whole show in 2014. We were joking about when Matthew fucked his shit up, people running out of drops, and everybody got a taste of what it's like to not engage drops, how you start to feel weird. And I had that experience also. But there's something that you said last weekend, you said, "Yeah, try to go with day without restructure." I'm like, Okay, what is that? So does that mean that restructure is taking on a role a function? Like the RNA drops that you should consume it every day?

iON 8:46
You don't have to, but you sure will want to. If you skip a day, all of a sudden something will be bad, wrong. You're like, wait a minute, what happened? Well, what's off, something's off. It's, not that you have to, but you'll choose to. See, that's the thing. Bob asked that early on with the bread of living water. He don't even know what that is.

Do they have to have it. No, they don't have to, but they'll want it. You'll desire it.

Bert 9:24
But that's really heavy, because that was before—I mean, I noticed that, now that I'm recollecting. When we had one time, I think it was the beginning of this year, where the stock went out, and I didn't have drops, but it didn't have the same effect of—I mean, because it really feels like the walls are closing in on you when the RNA drops, you started engaging them and you maybe ran out due to that thing that happened with with Matthew and I felt really like the walls were closing, like what is this. But when it happened this year, I didn't have that same effect. I wasn't freaking out because I was engaging the restructure. So the restructure is helping our bodies adapt to the new environment as well. And that is taking on the same function as the RNA drops. So that's what you're saying?

iON 10:20
The restructure is key, because it's what blows up the protein.

Carolyn told a lie. She told a lie about how much protein is in that joint. But I guess that's all she could say. So I guess it's all right.

Bert 10:39
Yeah, but you told me in 2016 that it was 400 grams, and everybody laughed. But that's big. 400 grams.

iON 10:46
I know. But see, that's the filler. How can something so liquidy be so actually filling. It's not heavy but it's filling. Eat that much tuna fish and see how you feel. Eat 400 grams of protein in tuna fish and see how you feel.

Bert 11:10
Yeah, but I don't have enough time to go into it. I'll come to that later. Because there's a there's a really a complex—and maybe go back to what you were saying about the radioactivity, because when a highly radioactive environment, and for ourselves to adapt, the protein seems to be helping us adapt. But you're talking about 400 grams in a scoop of restructure, but at the same time, you said eat meat and all different types of meat. So that's pretty wild. That's pretty wild. Hey, iON, you said something about super sugar and the super sugar—this is another angle because we've already established super sugar is something that hasn't been but will be and it's really monstrous as far as the atomic weight.

iON 12:03
We say it is, ya'll just obfuscate it. There's nothing new under the sun, you're just catching up to it. So it's okay.

Bert 12:13
Okay, but you said, a God takes a super sugar and it works off of it, and it does everything in it, and it doesn't have to store it to be an energy source. And then you said, so you're not constantly hungry. And that's what we were speaking about a few weeks ago when I said "Hey, iON, you said I should eat more. And I'm like, I'm not hungry but I'm eating more."

iON 12:38
Well, you're satisfied, but it just becomes eating. You're just eating.

Bert 12:44
Yes. Yes.

iON 12:45
But it's not you go, "Oh my god. I want Eggs Benedict. Oh, if i could just have Eggs Benedict or blueberry waffles. Blueberry waffles. Yes, I gotta have blueberry waffles or I gotta have a damn Monaco steak. Or Foie gras. Nine pounds of Foie gras or whatever it is."

Bert 13:10
But the big question mark is that is he saying that super sugar doesn't have to be stored to be an energy source but it is an energy source. But aren't the RNA drops helping us accumulate super sugar in our body?

iON 13:24
Our computer says yes.

Bert 13:35
But it's an energy source. But you're saying it doesn't have to be stored to be an energy source.

iON 13:43
Doesn't work that way. Fat's a stored energy source, Bert. You don't need that anymore. Have you ever seen a fat bee?

Bert 13:58

iON 14:00
All they eat is sugar.

Bert 14:03
Okay. That's different. That's really different on the other side of everything we've ever known. But what's going on with super sugar then? That opens up more questions.

iON 14:27
It's all about metabolization. How you metabolize it. And that's why we're seeing the changes and that's why the synovial glans with the synovial fluid and synovial glands become super key. Because that's your base point. We'll have to do a scratch test to prove ascension for you numb nutt motherfuckers that just won't have it. It's all right with us. We don't care. Knock yourselves out. We hope this helps another bit. And we want this to be good and pleasant and enjoyable. And as long as it is engage. And the second it's not, hit the dirt. We're good. It's okay. We're here for shits and giggles and fun. Hope you are too. It's all fine. It's not that serious. And if it is, then it's too serious. The point is, come on into your power. If you're doing that, knock it down. You'll be so happy about it. It'll be your nut, not somebody else's nutt. We want you to nutt. If you're nutting, then you're good. You ain't, then you're backed up. And you're gonna find everything in the world to complain and bitch and moan and gripe and how you're less than in every way every single time without fail or exception. So thank you for opportunity to share. We're glad for glad to be able to speak with you.

Bert 15:48
Thank you, iON.

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