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Egyptian Book of the Dead Transcript, 9 November 2019


Transcribed by Nan


Carolyn 0:01
I'm gonna ask iON to start off by saying the names of the Gods of the Great Company because iON can pronounce them real good. So, iON, will you read that paragraph of names, please?

Bob 0:16
Of the Gods of the Great Company?

Carolyn 0:18
Yeah, there's like the actors in this book. Number one, iON.

Bob 0:24
Oh, I think I muted him. Okay, let's see. Here he is. There you are, iON. Thank you. Thank you for your patience.

Carolyn 0:31

iON 0:31
That was it. That's it. It was great, too. It was good.

Carolyn 0:41
Okay, we'll start over. "THE NAMES OF THE GODS OF THE GREAT COMPANY." iON, if you would delight us with the pronunciation of these words, we would appreciate -

Bob 0:50
The way they are heard, back then.

Carolyn 0:52

iON 0:54
Oh, you talkin' about Set-Tchesert?

Bob 0:56

Carolyn 0:57
If we start with "1. Ra Harmakhis,"

Bob 1:01
Ben Harnish. Ra. Number 1, iON.

iON 1:07
Ra Harmakhis, the Great God in his boat. Temu. Shu. Tefnut. Keb. Nut, the Lady of Heaven. You know, that's the bitch from earlier. And Isis. And Nepththys. We say Nephthys. It's, it's not quite that way, but it's the way to do it. Horus, the Great God. Hathor, Lady of Amentet.

Bob 1:35
Nice. And Hu. Hu!

Carolyn 1:38
And number 12 is Sa.

iON 1:40
Hu and Sa.

Bob 1:41
And is there is a reason they go for the mono syllabic in their pronouns?

iON 1:47
Yeah, it's kinda like the same way crazy - that crazy Hawaiian has waaaaaaay too many vowels.

Bob 1:54
Yes, this is the opposite -

iON 1:56
Same thing. Right.

Bob 1:57
- it's between Hawaii and Egypt, Carolyn.

Carolyn 2:00
Yeah, good point. Okay, so we are diving in. The title of this section is called "THE PRAYER OF ANI."

Bob 2:09
Okay, so it is Ani praying, or are we praying to Ani?

iON 2:15

Bob 2:18
Okay, what is it? What's the third option?

iON 2:22
No, no. This is the prayer of Ani. This is what Ani would pray. These are - look. You're weighing the heart of Ani. This is - remember we talked about a grimoire?

Bob 2:32

iON 2:31
The point of the grimoire. How the grimoire works? This is what that would work to do that.

Bob 2:40
It would work to do something with the grimoire. I don't know if you're saying -

Carolyn 2:44
(indistinct) to weigh the heart. Say these words.

iON 2:46
To - it would weigh, weigh the heart. This is how you do it.

Bob 2:50
Do you actually have a physical heart in your hands?

iON 2:54
Most of the time they did. They would be beating. That would be the whole point.

Bob 2:59
Didn't you say once -

Carolyn 3:01
Bob, this is not your section.

Bob 3:04
I know, but the, just as important. iON, I think, said -

iON 3:08
He's pre_____. He's pre_____

Bob 3:08
- those Aztecs and cultures that would rip the heart out, -

Carolyn 3:09

Bob 3:11
- the people who had the heart ripped out offered it up to show that they could survive without the heart. Didn't you say that once?

iON 3:21
That's right. That's right. And they did.

Bob 3:22
So, is this a case of that?

iON 3:23
They did.

Bob 3:25
They did. So, someone donated their heart?

iON 3:27
It's not a case of it. Yeah, it's not a case of it, it's an example of it.

Bob 3:33
This is, this is an example.

iON 3:34
They've been doing transplants for years soon as they got the heart lung machine, Bob. This is nothing new.

Bob 3:40
So, you see, Carolyn, it was important point I made there.

Carolyn 3:43
Yeah, very good. Very good.

Bob 3:44
Now you go.

iON 3:45

Carolyn 3:46
"THE PRAYER OF ANI:- My heart, my mother; my heart, my mother! My heart whereby I came into being! may nought stand up to oppose me at {my} judgment, may there be no opposition to me in the presence of the Chiefs" iON, do you want to say that word, the name of the Chiefs? Tchatchau?

iON 4:17
Ahh, the name of the Chiefs?

Carolyn 4:22
T-c-h, -

iON 4:24
Oh, Tchatchau. Tchatchau. Tchatchau. Tchatchau. Tchatchau.

Carolyn 4:29
"may there be no opposition to me in the presence of the Chiefs (Tchatchau); may there be no parting of thee from me in the presence of him that keepeth the Balance!" So, just to say here, if it is a ritual of the heart being given up to the blessing of eternal life, it sounds good. It sounds like they're trying to keep the balance etc. Is that right, iON?

iON 5:09
Well, it does that, but that's not why it does it. See, they're lookin' at it - you got to realize they're looking at this from a different perspective. Their perspective, is not that, their perspective is how to do it. Because at this point, they don't have eternal life. At this point, they're dealing with dead. See the rub? So, your words are sound and it does apply just like that; however, they don't know that yet. This is the thing that they'll use to get it right. To get it right.

Carolyn 5:41
Right. Very good. They're on the way. Continuing: "Thou art my KA, which dwelleth in my body:" Now KA, is that the soul? Is -

iON 5:55
The guts. The part that holds, that's the part that holds the stenographer.

Carolyn 6:02
Yeah, okay.

iON 6:05
You can't, you can have a soul, but you can't have a soul without a KA to hold it.

Carolyn 6:11
The shell. Like the shell.

Bob 6:13
That's not the silver cord of astral projection?

iON 6:19
Ah, no.

Bob 6:21
Is it part of the body?

Carolyn 6:25
The KA, yes, the body, the shell, the physical.

Bob 6:29
Is that what you're saying, iON? The KA holds the soul. The KA is the physical body. I would think it was something cellular, Carolyn, because the cell is more ground -

iON 6:41
Well, but see, you're grounding, and this is not what they're making reference to. You can say that the mucus around the heart was what they were tryin' to gin up. See the rub with that? So, it's okay. Just keep it simple and you'd be all right.

Bob 6:56
Well, what, what is the simple, what is the simple statement? Ka is what?

Carolyn 7:00
The simple statement is the KA is what holds the soul. You heard him.

iON 7:05
The stenographer.

Bob 7:05
Where is the soul contained?, iON?

Carolyn 7:08
In the KA.

iON 7:10
In the KA. Good, that's right. Ha ha ha.

Bob 7:14
And, the KA is -

Carolyn 7:15
Not you. Mute yourself.

Bob 7:17
- where? Where's the KA?

Carolyn 7:19
Bob, you're not -

iON 7:20
In the, in the hara.

Bob 7:20
Ahh! I was gonna say the hara, Carolyn. It's in the hara. It's around the stomach, Carolyn. Solar plexus. Right, iON? The solar plexus area.

iON 7:32
Your, your diaphragm.

Bob 7:34
Yeah, you see how we wouldn't get these details if we listened to the lady? The lady wants to stop before any probing.

iON 7:45
(laughing) Where's the lady? Show us the lady. Show us the lady. We want to see the lady. Show us the lady. That's what we want to see.

Carolyn 7:51
Continuing -

iON 7:53
Bring out the little girl. Now we'll get to it.

Carolyn 7:57
Yeah, start giggling, iON.

iON 8:00
That's right, we have to giggle.

Carolyn 8:03
"the god Khnemu who knitteth together and strengtheneth my limbs. Mayst thou come forth into the place of happiness whither we go. May the Sheniu officials, who make the conditions of the lives of men, not cause my name to stink, and may no lies be spoken against me in the presence of God." This business not cause my name to stink, is that they don't want their body to get rotten and stink, or is that too obvious?

iON 8:41
Well, it's a little obvious. It's like, wait a minute, there's - this smells. Meaning, it's odiferous. That doesn't mean you have to add to, or from, the point. But, that's not what they're saying. What they're saying is, is it's got to be conditioned. So, it could be if you're rotting, then that would be stench. But if it's not that, then it's the condition that goes with it. That their, their opinions are, are dingy.

Carolyn 9:11
Yeah. -

Bob 9:12
Hey, Carolyn -

Carolyn 9:13
- It could be physical, rotting or attack on a person's name. Correct?

Bob 9:19
Okay, here's the point. They understood the power of words. Your name was your Num. Your name was really important, more important than anything than maybe medieval honor. Your name had to be solid, protecting or viable. It's a terrible thing to have your name be unrighteous.

iON 9:40
Besmirched. Besmirched.

Bob 9:42
Besmirched. Yes, besmirched. So, that's the power - these people, tactile oral culture, they knew the power of words, Carolyn.

Carolyn 9:50

iON 9:51
And see, in the Egyptians, when they was done with you, if they was really, if you really, if you really pissed them off, then what would happen is is they would erase your name off all stone.

Bob 10:03
Yes. The worst thing. You'd be, you'd be dislodged from the archive. Deleted.

iON 10:10

Carolyn 10:10
Okay. Continuing -

iON 10:13

Carolyn 10:14
Deleted. "{Let it be satisfactory unto us, and let the Listener (Carolyn: capital "L) god be favourable unto us, and let there be joy of heart (to us) at the weighing of words." So there's Bob's words. Important. "Let not that which is false -

iON 10:35
See, that's the stenographer.

Carolyn 10:36
Uh huh. "Let not that which is false be uttered against me before the" gods, So, Bob was reading ahead; he interpreted the future, living ahead of himself.

iON 10:50

Carolyn 10:51
Vicariously and eating his pizza. "Let not that -

iON 10:55
Oh, yeah, it is Saturday night.

Carolyn 10:57
Yeah. "Let not that which is false be uttered against me before the Great God, (Carolyn: capital "G,G", the Lord (Carolyn: capital) of Amentet. Verily, how great shalt thou be when thou risest in triumph.}" So, yeah, they're doing the - puttin' the heart into the ritual and, and expecting it to risest in triumph. Very good. That's pretty straightforward.

iON 11:27
And those words, this is the thing that you would use to stir that action. And it lays out the different - they, they laid out - which we laughed, everybody laughed when he says, well, Biden's famous gaff: "You have to learn the difference between facts and truth."

Carolyn 11:50
Yeah, yeah.

iON 11:51
And here, this is what they're referencing where it actually sorts that a bit. Now, you gotta keep these straight now 'cuz there's a quiz. You got to keep these together of how this works. This would be a stabilizing prayer. You gonna pray to be a stabilizer; because, sometimes you need to stabilize before you just go walkin' in and start raising people or gettin' the wrong people 'cause they busted a cap in the ass of some of these negros and they needed to go. Others, they didn't need to, but thems the ones you need to bring back, you see. So, if that's true, you need to know. Sometimes you got to stabilize the conversation before you start ripping and tearing and bringing back. You see?

Carolyn 12:35

iON 12:35
That's what's bound on earth is bound in heaven. So, if you are gonna be in the Garden of Good and Evil 15 minutes each way, you got - this stabilizes the landscape, if that's a word. We don't know if it's a word anymore. Some things change in the Tiny Note. The Tiny Note will do you bad things if you be still long enough.

Carolyn 12:56
Okay, okay, okay. Good, good, good.

iON 12:57
So, it's a stabilizer. It's a stabilizer.

Carolyn 13:01
And they identified that because they used the word "balance" right in the prayer. Continuing. So, the next section, the title is: "THE SPEECH OF THOTH:" Our buddy, Thoth, T-h-o-t-h, Thoth. "Thoth, the judge of right and truth" So, that's what iON just brought up. Whether it's the facts or truth. "of the Great Company of the Gods who are in the presence of Osiris, saith: Hear ye this judgment. The heart of Osiris hath in very truth been weighed, and his Heart-soul hath borne testimony on his behalf;" So this is where iON's always said to us, "we are our own judge."

iON 13:56

Carolyn 13:58
And actually, it makes me think of Key number 9, which is the justice key.

iON 14:05
Yes, that's right, that's right. It looses the hounds of hell. Ah huh.

Carolyn 14:12
Well, the loosing, isn't that number 10, Key 10? Or -

iON 14:18
Well, but this, but that's "from" the judgment that you do to yourself, you see? Key 9.

Carolyn 14:24
Ahhh. Wow, got it. Nice. Love the Keys. Continuing, -

iON 14:33
It'll do you good. It'll make your, they make your bougainvillea bloom, did you know that?

Carolyn 14:41
Oh, it's got to be because patches where there wasn't, there is now. I mean it's -

iON 14:49

Carolyn 14:50
- _(indistinct) of purple pink all the way in front of us. Thank you.

iON 14:55
Do. You did it, not us. We didn't do it, we just work here. Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 15:02
So, his heart, which is Osiris, so, "his heart hath been found right by the trial in the Great Balance. (Carolyn: There we go: capital "G," capital "D.") There hath not been found any wickedness in him; he hath not wasted the offerings which have been made in the temples; he hath not committed any evil act; and he hath not set his mouth in motion with words of evil whilst he was upon earth." Now, this is interesting to me, iON, because it's like you would, would have said: "Well, a God can do anything. A God can do good and evil. There is no good, there is no evil." So, why the emphasis on the ev - making it look like he has to be a goody two shoes?

iON 15:54
'Cuz he's dead.

Carolyn 15:57
What does that matter? Ha ha.

iON 15:59
Well, because you're in the Book of the Dead. The whole point of this is that you - if you, if you're dead, then you got to judge. You judge your words, you judge your position, you judge your case. But, if you're not dead and you're ascended, then those words don't matter. Why? 'Cuz I said so. That's what Bob's been sayin' for years. Why do you feel that way? 'Cuz I said so. Okay. Because it's in my chart! Okay, whatever that means.

Carolyn 16:29
Okay, so the example of not committed an evil act. No, that's him judging himself to be a good guy.

iON 16:36
Because, because otherwise, why would you need to balance in the prayer of Ani? You wouldn't need to balance otherwise. Tear it up, rake it up, shake it out, do what you do. Then you come back on the next side to say: okay, now if you're, if you're not messed up or you're not overly judged or outboundedly segregated, boom, you proceed. You see?

Carolyn 17:05
Boom, you continue.

iON 17:07

Bob 17:09
Hey, Carolyn, it was: his heart - in the middle. His heart hath been found right by the trial in the Great Balance. You said "of" the Great Balance. It's "in" the Great Balance. Now, is this something Thoth says? Thoth says: "Hear ye this judgment." Right? Thoth is saying this.

Carolyn 17:26

Bob 17:27
Now you know who Thoth is, Carolyn?

Carolyn 17:30

Bob 17:31
That's right. iON said a few months ago that Thoth was Bob. Now, would that be Ophenel? Is this Ophenel in Egyptian culture?

iON 17:39
Before. Ophenel's before. So, see the Kohathites and that side, they didn't mix. They tried not to mix because the Egyptians didn't like the angel miscegenation. So, they were a bit biased by it. So, you had to set that aside.

Bob 17:56
No, there's many improper grammar there. Okay. Somebody didn't like somebody.

iON 18:02
Ehh, there are many -

Bob 18:02
First of all -

iON 18:03
- there are many improp- there are many improper grammar there. So, that's more proper? Ha ha ha.

Bob 18:08
Yeah, listen to this. Yeah, listen to this. So, you said Thoth - Ophenel is before, and then did you say Ophenel was a Kohathite?

iON 18:17
No, we said that the Kohathites did not get along with the Egyptians because there was miscegenation. So, Thoth is you, but not Ophenel Hobab.

Bob 18:32
Thoth is the Egyptian side of Ophenel?

iON 18:36
Yes, very good.

Bob 18:40
Ophenel infiltrated -

iON 18:42
That's why, that's why they can't - that's why they have to find Dobbstown container under the Sphinx left paw, instead of Ophenel, the works and wisdom of Ophenel Hobab.

Bob 18:55
See, there's the consistency, Carolyn. No mention of Ophenel allowed 'cuz they see Ophenel as part of the Kohathites, correct? Even though he was -

iON 19:04
Because he was a potential misceg - well, now wait a second. There was potential miscegenation. And Ophenel wouldn't argue the point. So, they didn't - you know, he didn't say.

Bob 19:16
Yeah, no, you're saying the Egyptian didn't like interacting -

iON 19:19
Do you have dirty blood? Do you have dirty blood? Do you have dirty blood in you, Bob? Do you have - are you pure? You have dirty blood in you? You didn't say. So, they don't know. So, they said, well -

Bob 19:28
Ha ha. I know!

iON 19:28
- we'll put it aside till he figures it out. You don't know.

Bob 19:31
Yeah, you're saying the Egyptians will not interact with the angels. They're against that -

iON 19:37
They're against that, terrible, because see, they're god. That's the whole point. They're god, so they don't have to deal with that. They won't have it. And if you start saying, "I'm an angel," they'll chop your head off. They don't like that because that, that superseded their connection or their place of Anui the place of power. See, mama Nut couldn't nut if there's some angel that could fuck that thing up. Do you see? You have to take (indistinct)

Bob 20:06
So, the Egyptians are gods. Kohathites are not so god as the Egyptians are.

iON 20:13
Well, so they said. See, they weren't god, they were just saying that they think the pharaoh is god, but ehh, not so much. It was their position, you see. Once you become pharaoh, then you get the big pointy hat like the Pisco (?) Pope.

Bob 20:28
Yeah. So the -

iON 20:31
(overtalk, indistinct) Pour Pope got Coronie.

Bob 20:32
- Kohathites were more ascended than the Egyptians. The Egyptians had fallen a bit and got into this ego game of their pharaoh was a god.

iON 20:41
Correct. Well, they spent all their time, they spent all their time tryin' to doctor the dead. That's how ascended they were. Spent all their time, everything they've done was to put an epitaph or memorialize the fleeting passing days of life.

Bob 20:59

iON 21:00
The whole world was based on that. See? That the false, the fallen side. It's kind of like Baltimore. Like Baltimore, Bob.

Bob 21:09
Yeah. "What's New in Baltimore?"

iON 21:12
There ain't much there.

Bob 21:12
Now, was this, was the world of the dead called the - may not have to be called the guf. Was it the guf back then?

iON 21:20
In mostly Baltimore, but yeah.

Bob 21:25
Right. Now that was you. That's your environment. You're the guf.

iON 21:30
True, all of it. Nexus.

Bob 21:32
So which, which, Sacred Scripture describes the creation of the guf?

iON 21:40
Oh, that's easy. You go all the way, all of Ezekiel. The whole Ezekiel sets that premise.

Bob 21:47

iON 21:48
All, and the books of Moses. The books of Moses tell you how to do it. But, there's this middle ground that has to be addressed. And, if you remember when we went back to with King David and his troubles, and pulling him through, and the psalms and how it applies, and all that cryin', wailing, bitching, moaning takin' it on.


And in the Song of Solomon that lays out the front side. You see, they always give the antiphonal corner of what the point is. So, the books of Moses is where it's laid out; the first five books of the Old Testament. The first five books lay it out, plain, how to get there. Okay. Then how to come back to it. And how they start - now, get Robin in here, they'll get it - get her in here. She'll explain how the Catholics played this middle place, purgatory, in-between them between the in-between and what they done to unaborted babies that didn't get baptized and killed or if they still killed, so, unaborted babies that weren't baptized before they killed them. Yeah, that's right. Somethin' like that. She could explain all that where they self-made that in-between place. Okay, the middle place. But now they're wise. In the New Testament then, the references are made when Jesus goes to death, hell, and the grave. When he ascends, he overcomes death. And that's that middle ground where he goes and unlocks the key. Remember the lock? We went through this to death. That's the same scripture references that acknowledge that there's a sidebar place of the dead side. The dead side, the dead Bob side, which we laid out to death. Everybody's tired of that. Even Roxy's tired of that mess. It's been done to death. So, -

Bob 23:33

iON 23:33
- now what happens, -

Bob 23:36
Yeah, go ahead. Now what happens?

iON 23:39
That's enough. Does it answer your question?

Bob 23:42
Well, you didn't say what happens. It's, now what happens. What?

iON 23:46
Oh, yeah, we didn't. You stopped us. So, it's over.

Bob 23:48
No. Ha ha. I didn't stop you.

Carolyn 23:51
Hey, did you know that someone attacked the baby Trump blown-up balloon in - where was it? Alabama?

Bob 24:00

Carolyn 24:01
In Alabama, they took a knife and they slashed the baby Trump so that it wouldn't offend Trump. Ha ha. So there.

iON 24:12
That's right.

Bob 24:12
But, see, now you're further distracted. So, now what happens? Yeah, you wonder what he was talking - remember what he was talking about, Carolyn? The guf or somethin', and the Catholic and the purgatory in the interval.

iON 24:23
Ha ha, He's sayin' little girl, the little girl saved it. The little girl saved it. It's so wonderful.

Bob 24:30
Hey, iON, so the Egypt - so the Kohathites weren't stuck in any media. The Egyptians get into oral tactile realities and they got their mythology from that.

iON 24:38
Well, they, they had, they recognize, their problem was they recognize "The Mechanical Bride." That was what was wrong with them. They recognized it. Had they not recognized it, there'd been no issue. Lot's wife -

Bob 24:51
And that's the Tech Body.

iON 24:51
- missed - Lot's -

Bob 24:53
That's the Tech Body.

iON 24:54
- wife, had she not. Lot's wife, had she not pined for Sadom and Gomorrah, she wouldn't have ended up in Carolyn's water bottle as a pillar of salt.

Bob 25:09
Heh heh. So, -

Carolyn 25:10
Okay, can I get -

Bob 25:11
No, no. So, you just said "Mechanical Bride." That's the Tech Body. Correct? You said that already. Okay, the Catholics -

iON 25:22
And these rules - hold it. Okay, but these rules that you're working with address the Tech Body. That's why we're doing it right now. That's why we didn't do it one minute before right now. Because before that, you had - you still working with the Chip Body and Chip and Barbie and Johnny and the, and the, and the hemorrhoid meme, and all those embarassing names -

Bob 25:46
Heh heh heh. Hemorrhoid meme.

iON 25:47
Those, those varicose veins that are running up and down "The Mechanical Bride."

Bob 25:52
Right, right. So the Catholics have a myth, a mythology of the guf that brings in effects of the writing of the phonetic alphabet.

iON 26:03
Now listen, now wait, now. Stop one second. Now, that's amazing because this really isn't the guf. See, this isn't the land of death. This is not that place. This is just death. This isn't getting souls back. This is dealing with meatsacks.

Bob 26:19
You mean, the dead zone of meatsacks?

iON 26:23
They didn't, they didn't embrace the afterlife like that. That's not what this is about. This is for dead people. But, you might say addressing the Laz - this would be the precursor to setting up the Lazarus project. (overtalk with Bob)

Bob 26:35
Right, Lazarus starts to bring them back. So, so you're saying -

iON 26:39
Well, he brought Lazarus back.

Bob 26:41
Book of the Dead is about corpses in the physical -

iON 26:44
Yeah. Cadavers.

Bob 26:46
- and what to do to them, or what to say around them.

iON 26:52
How to do them. How to do them.

Bob 26:54
So, when does the guf start happening?

iON 26:58
When this doesn't work.

Bob 27:11
And what culture would come up with that solution?

iON 27:11
Their culture because it didn't work, they couldn't make it. Then they didn't work, so then they were stupid and didn't do it right, or they (indistinct) or, or, or.

Bob 27:11
And then you said the Egyptians came up with the guf.

iON 27:16
That's what, that's what happens when it doesn't work. When this doesn't work, it's like, okay, we lost this one. There was, there was nonviable tissue -

Carolyn 27:23
Plan B. Plan B.

iON 27:25
- nonviable, nonviable tissue. We'll just have had to chunk it in a bucket. So, then it hits the, then it hits the bottom of the bucket, which is very purgatory-ish place.

Bob 27:37
Okay -

Carolyn 27:37
So, the guf, the, it was Plan B, but that was relegated by the angels, the angels.

iON 27:47
Yeah, but see, you're gonna do it in a minute. You're gonna do it in a minute with the Field of Offerings.

Carolyn 27:52
I'd love to. Okay, Bob?

Bob 27:54
Okay, no, no. So, the - you got these corpses, and if they fail to do somethin' which you haven't said what they're gonna do with them, bring them, not bring them back; I don't know, just meditate on them or get them orientated -

iON 28:06
No, no, no. These are rules that - of how to deal with them. You're settin' the precursors of what to do with your dead. Recently departed dead.

Bob 28:14
Well, what are they doing with the dead? I haven't heard any rules.

Carolyn 28:17
Bringing them back to life.

Bob 28:18
Oh, okay. They're bring them back to life, iON?

iON 28:20
Bringing them back. Do. Yep. That's the whole point.

Bob 28:23
Okay, so when they don't get brought back, the soul or the essence goes somewheres else which begins to build the guf.

iON 28:32
Correct. That's right. If they screw it up.

Bob 28:35
Yeah, the essence goes somewhere, not the soul.

iON 28:37
(interferrence) If they don't do it right, then the sack can't make. And if the sack can't make it, then it doesn't do. Then it doesn't do. And if it doesn't do, then you're done. -

Bob 28:49
I'm saying the soul stays -

iON 28:50
And if it doesn't do, then you're done.

Bob 28:50
- around the sack. The soul stays around the sack and the essence goes into the newly created guf.

iON 28:57
Yeah, we did that. Remember the outer, inner and middle kingdoms? -(indistinct overtalk)

Bob 29:00
No, we didn't. I don't remember.

iON 29:02
Yes you did. Yes you did.

Bob 29:04
Okay. So, the Catholics come into it later after the guf has been established. And the Catholics bring in the effect of writing, and that alters the whole idea of what happens in the guf.

iON 29:15

Bob 29:16
That brings in hell.

iON 29:19
Correct. And then Dante's version of it and all that, blah, blah, blah.

Bob 29:23
Yeah, he crystallizes it. Okay, see, that was important to finish, Carolyn. To complete.

Carolyn 29:28
No, you guys keep going. There's 23 new tweets on Trump's Twitter.

Bob 29:34
And you want to read it.

iON 29:35
Oh, what are they? What are they? Oh, that's fun. It'll fit right in. He'll tell you, he'll tell you how LSU winning is gonna help the governor's race work out in his favor. 'Cuz he's savin' Louisianer.

Bob 29:52
Yes, just like the Washington Nationals is another clue that Trump will win.

iON 29:57
He did that, too.

Bob 29:59
Okay. So, iON, what are the Tibetans and the Buddhists doing with their idea of the afterlife?

iON 30:06
Oh, they're trying to get Shambala to hook you up.

Bob 30:12
They want to get you to a paradise like retrieving the ascended continent, the yarmulke continent?.

iON 30:17
Well, okay. Yeah, but it's not the yarmulke continent, it's the perfect place that allows them to be. See, once they are allowed to be, then they are. Once they are, then it's validated. Once it's validated, then it makes it. Once it makes it, then it works out.

Bob 30:33
Yeah, they know there's no death. So, they're trying to find the perfect environment.

iON 30:39

Bob 30:40
And do they find it?

iON 30:41
Ahh, you'll find out. We can't spoil it. It's a spoiler. -

Bob 30:47
Okay. -

iON 30:47
- It's like the World Series. It's like the -

Bob 30:49
- meanwhile, -

iON 30:50
- Kentucky Derby! It's like the Kentucky Derby. We're not gonna give that up, Bob. (laughing)

Bob 30:55
Right. So, meanwhile, the Chinese come from another world and other places- I don't know if it's a foreign body world, but they come and is - are they the ones who come with that other world knowledge and think of the Shambala? That's because they're from another world?

iON 31:13
Mehh. Lots of them are. There's lots of stiring. You can't make that as an isolation thing. We could, but it'd be inappropriate. You got minglers everywhere. Remember?

Bob 31:26

Carolyn 31:28
Okay, Bob?

Bob 31:28
All right.

Carolyn 31:30
Continuing, the -

Bob 31:31
Oh, wait! I had a question.

Carolyn 31:33

Bob 31:33
So, The Speech of Thoth. This is me, trying to set the record straight that I wasn't as fucked up as people were saying I was.

iON 31:41
Correct, and you make space for people like Ginneybelle's mama.

Bob 31:45
Right. Because they say, "he hath not committed any evil act." It seems to be about Osiris, or Thoth is talking to himself.

iON 31:55
She - that's proven, that's proven, that's proven 'cuz Isis even agrees that for all these years you've never done anything, so you can't do anything wrong.

Bob 32:08
Heh heh heh. But, but the - Thoth is projecting it into Osiris. The way _(overtalk with iON)_ himself, Carolyn.

Carolyn 32:19
I know, Bob.

Bob 32:19
About me.

Carolyn 32:20
I know Bob.

Bob 32:21
Or Ophenel.

Carolyn 32:22
Know the knowing.

Bob 32:23

Carolyn 32:24
Knowing the known.

iON 32:26
The resonant node.

Carolyn 32:26
Key number 13.

Bob 32:27
Let's see how the reviews are coming in. Let's see how many "likes" we got. Nobody's really paying attention.

iON 32:32
People are "liking"?

Bob 32:34
Nobody's paying attention. They're off on other topics.

iON 32:37
They're talkin' about what color their hair is gonna be, and how (indistinct) their house -

Bob 32:43
Ha ha ha. Yeah, will I get invited to the prom dance?

Carolyn 32:46
Okay, I'm continuing -

iON 32:48
Yeah, Speech of the Dweller in the Balance Chamber with Anubis, and trying' to _(laughter and overtalk with Carolyn )_ page 9. And, they all tryin' to get Bill straightened out and how the Nicks are gonna do, how the Nicks are gonna do. You got a big crowd tonight, Bob. It's good for you.

Carolyn 33:09

Bob 33:15
Okay, why would they have someone's name in the brackets, Carolyn? What is that? Singling out Anubis, or is that the name of the place?

iON 33:21
No that's, that's whose house it was. That was his death chamber.

Bob 33:25

Carolyn 33:27

iON 33:27
What to do. You got to segregate this. 'Cuz y'all gotta be smart about using - the point of doing this stupid stuff is to use it. So, you should know how to use it from a reference point so you can send yourself an email and say: "Oh yeah, I'm tryin' to fuck somebody up. This is the fuck-them-up section." Okay, parentheses, Anubis, and then you type in Anubis in the search column and then it tells you what saying you want to fuck somebody up. Or, if you want somebody embalmed, it's how you do it. Go ahead. Pay good heed.

Carolyn 33:58
Proper grammar, Bob, would have been Speech of the Dweller in the Anubis Embalmment Chamber. Continuing. "Pay good heed O righteous Judge to the Balance to support {the testimony} thereof. Variant: Pay good heed to the weighing in the Balance of the heart of the Osiris, the singing-woman of Amen, Anhai, whose word is truth, and place thou her heart in the seat of truth in the presence of the Great God." So, this woman -

iON 34:38
See how that works?

Carolyn 34:40
Yeah, she's - they're doing Osiris and then they do Anhai.

iON 34:47
And Anhai comes to say, this is that point: that you better know what you're talkin' about if you're talkin' about it. Say what you want to say and make sure you know what you're sayin' 'cause that's how - this is how that appplies. So, now you got to place her(!) heart in the seat of truth in the presence of the Great God. So that means that the first one you ain't got their hearts, you can get her heart and do it from the variance side. You got to pay good heed though 'cause if you didn't make the Judge of Balance and you have to go get somebody else's heart to make it, better know what you're doin', 'cuz what you're gonna unearth is what you're gonna get. That's the whole point. That's why it's being done in the embalmment, cham-, embalmment, embalming chamber.

Carolyn 35:34
Right. So, you mean you, you have an option to grab another heart, this singing-woman's heart.

iON 35:42

Carolyn 35:43

iON 35:43

Carolyn 35:44
That's pretty cool.

iON 35:45
That's true. And that's the point 'cause sometimes the one you're tryin' to raise up don't have a heart. You know, Bob's been heartless for years. How would you bring him back? He don't got a heart. So, -

Carolyn 35:54

iON 35:55
- can't fix that, so you have to borrow one. So, that's good.

Carolyn 35:59
Very nice. Continuing: "THE SPEECH OF THE GODS:" is the next heading. "The Great Company of the Gods says to Thoth who dwelleth in Khemenu:"

iON 36:11
Khemenu. Yeah, Khemenu. Good for you.

Carolyn 36:15
"That which cometh forth from thy mouth shall be declared true." So, all of a sudden you're -

iON 36:23
Okay, now, wait wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, no, wait, wait, wait. Now, it says out of your mouth shall be declared true. Not unnecessarily a fact, but true. Remember, we divided that earlier? 'Cuz there's a little bit of room to play here 'cuz this is that so pointed supposition.

Carolyn 36:44
Yeah. Good. Continuing: The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is true,


- "is holy and righteous. He hath not committed any sin, and he hath done no evil against us. The devourer Am-mit shall not be permitted to prevail over him. Meat offerings and admittance into the presence of the god Osiris shall be granted unto him, together with an abiding habitation in the Field of Offerings (Sekhet-hetepet), as unto the Followers of Horus." So, he's gotten past the -

iON 0:32
Sekhet-hetepet. Sekhet-hetepet.

Carolyn 0:34
Yeah, I'm not going to say that. So, he's gotten -

iON 0:40
That's okay. That's good, that's good because that Field of Offerings is pretty nasty.

Carolyn 0:42
Ahh. So, he's gotten past the banquet.

iON 0:48

Carolyn 0:48
Seems to be repetition to me, but that's okay.

iON 0:51
It does, it repeats the condition. One, you got your own heart. One, you got somebody else's heart. Now, what are you going to do with it? So, these are your choices. Now, if you mess it up, no bueno. no bueno. If you get it, okay fine. But if you mess it up, yeah, here you go. You can work it out, you can work out your salvation.

Carolyn 1:16
Right. Continuing: "THE SPEECH OF HORUS TO OSIRIS IN INTRODUCING ANI TO HIM:" H-I-M. So, I mean we're distracted because Him to us means him, but is Him another god?

iON 1:32

Carolyn 1:34
Okay. "Horus, the son of Isis," I-s-i-s.

iON 1:42
(laughing at Carolyn's pronunciation of Isis) We've done it so many - you -

Carolyn 1:47
You did, yes.

iON 1:45
- can already pronounce it, It's second, it's second, it's second nature to Isis and Rhyee.

Carolyn 1:53
Yeah. So, "Horus the son of Isis, saith: I have come to thee O Un-Nefer, and I have brought unto thee the Osiris Ani. His heart is righteous, and it hath come forth from the Balance; it hath not sinned against any god or any goddess. Thoth hath weighed it according to the decree pronounced unto him by the Company of the Gods, and it is most true and righteous. Grant thou"

iON 2:26
Okay, now wait. No, wait, wait, wait. That's a little different. See now, this is truth and facts, you see, once that bumps. And this is the elders, the four and twenty elders in this now, this right now. But now that's not what they're - that's the fast forwarded version. But, this is then; but that where it would apply, that crew, would be the equivalent to your present day four and twenty elders. But then you're gonna get up to the lampstands if you're not careful. But that's a whole nother conversation. When we get you out of Laodicea, you're gonna be all right.

Carolyn 3:03
Yeah. Now I'm sorry, did you say Isis signified the four and twenty elders?

iON 3:11
No, the crew, the crew.

Carolyn 3:18
There's no crew here. Do you mean the Company of Gods means the elders? No?

iON 3:23
Yes. Yes. Ani to Him by the Company of the Gods. And "is most true and righteous." That would be the four and twenty elders.

Carolyn 3:35
Now, what's interesting about the lampstands is back in Key 14, you get to your elders -

iON 3:43

Carolyn 3:43
- vis-a-vis the lampstands. So, that's -

iON 3:46
Ah huh. That is, it is very well connected. And this is almost the point. Almost the end point, but we don't want to spoil it. We don't want to spoil it. We'll work it, we'll work it out.

Carolyn 4:04
Okay. Continuing, "Grant thou that cakes and ale may be given unto him, and let him appear in the presence of the god Osiris, and let him be like unto the Followers of Horus for ever and ever." So, we got through that. And then we continue on. Yes, Bob. You're muted.

Bob 4:27
Who is Him? Let Him be like -

Carolyn 4:29
Another god.

Bob 4:30

iON 4:30
Another god. Another god.

Bob 4:33
Is it the Him that is introduced? The Speech of Horus to Osiris in Introducing Ani to Him.

Carolyn 4:40

iON 4:40

Bob 4:41
Like, what are we doing here? We're lettin' Him be like under the Followers of Horus?

Carolyn 4:46
It's almost like this god Him is observing this ceremony. That's what I'm thinkin'.

Bob 4:52
Well, they're initiating -

iON 4:53
Right. It's a marker.

Carolyn 4:54
A marker.

iON 4:54
He's being introduced. He's being introduced.

Carolyn 4:58

Bob 4:58

iON 4:59
He'll be your new, he'll be your new embalmer.

Bob 5:05
He is going to be a new embalmer -

Carolyn 5:07

iON 5:07
- (overtalk)- embalmer.

Bob 5:08
- but not initiation. This is not initiation.

iON 5:11
- if he makes, if he makes the cut. We don't know yet. See, they don't tell you yet. The whole -

Carolyn 5:16
Bob, there's a weird popping on the line.

Bob 5:19
Yeah, that's - people have been complaining. Bill, that's Bill's department. I don't know if Bill can do anything about it.

Carolyn 5:28
Okay, continuing. The next section -

Bob 5:31
So, if iON has not agreed that it's initiation yet, could be coming, but not yet.

iON 5:37
Correct. But yet, you see, you've - not fair, you've been reading ahead.

Bob 5:42
No, I haven't. I haven't been reading ahead. I'm just behind -

iON 5:50
AHHHHH. Eat your damn pizza. Eat your damn pizza and wash them hands. Wash them hands.

Bob 5:56
What's that clicking iON? Do we need to get rid of that?

iON 5:59
Oh, that's the turbobridge. That's - no, honey, that's the turbobridge holding on for dear living life.

Bob 6:06
Heh heh heh. Okay.

iON 6:08
Ah, dearly. So, say one little thing. Say one thing, just one thing. Mm hmm.

Carolyn 6:19
Well, what can we do? Protection. So, we put what? Key number 15 to protect the turbobridge. Everybody recite -

iON 6:27

Carolyn 6:28
- Key 15 or -

iON 6:30
Okay, but don't give it to Shifty Schiff though. Don't give it to Shifty Schiff.

Carolyn 6:38
The guy's eyes are gonna blow up one of these days.

iON 6:41
They are! They're worse. They're worse, they're worse than, they're worst than that, that rendition of your old Attorney General. Your old Attorney General when they made him look like a 'possum. He's running for Congress, again, Senate again, Congress again.

Carolyn 7:01
Oh, you mean Jeff Sessions?

iON 7:03
Yeah. You know they made him like a - be like a 'possum on Saturday Night Live. An opossum.

Carolyn 7:09
Ahh. Okay, continuing. The next section title: "THE SPEECH OF ANI: And the Osiris Ani saith: Behold, I am in thy presence, O Lord of Amentet. There is no sin in my body. I have not spoken that which is not true knowingly, nor have I done anything with a false heart. Grant thou that I may be like unto those favoured ones who are in thy following, and that I may be an Osiris greatly favoured of the beautiful god, and beloved of the Lord of the Two Lands." Okay. So, beautiful god, there's no capital "G." Beloved, where did I put that? Shoot. Beloved of the Lord capital " L." Of the Two Lands, capital "T" and capital "L." So, iON, what are the Two Lands?

iON 8:07
The living and the dead.

Carolyn 8:11
Ah, ha ha ha. I ask that every time. Got it. Continuing - living and dead. "I who am a veritable royal scribe" So, now this person, the eyes, they met their soul. Why - they've depleted themselves or denied themselves.

iON 8:36
Well, veritable, veritable royal scribe is the one marking the space. It would be marking the time of this procedure. Because you got to realize -

Carolyn 8:48
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 8:48
- you got to realize at this time, at this point, you are actually in a soulless kind of a position because it depends on whether or not you make it through this autopsy or not. Ha ha ha ha. It's that rub. So, that's the venerable guide that will set the condition. You will see.

Carolyn 9:10
Very good. Okay, marking the time of this procedure. Okay. "I who am a veritable royal scribe who loveth thee, Ani, whose word is true before the god Osiris." And that's the end of that section. Continuing -

iON 9:28
Kind of plain. Now you see that, see how that just lays it out. That's a big thing now, 'cause it says this is how you're gonna mark it, so if it goes good, this is why. If it goes bad, this is why.

Carolyn 9:43
Got it. Next section title: "DESCRIPTION OF THE BEAST AM-MIT: Her forepart is like that of a crocodile, the middle of her body is like that of a lion, her hind quarters are like those of a hippopotamus."

iON 10:03
(singing) Oh, I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus - oh, that's another - a hippopotamus will do.

Carolyn 10:12
So, that's the beast, fine. Is the beast -

iON 10:17
That was the bad dude. That was the bad - Am-mit was the bad dude earlier. Am-mit is a baddy.

Carolyn 10:24

iON 10:24
From before.

Carolyn 10:25

iON 11:01

Carolyn 11:01

iON 11:10
Seh Hall.

Carolyn 11:10
SEH HALL, AND OF APPEARING AS A LIVING SOUL:" So, they're dissecting the soul -

iON 11:13
And OF, and of appearing as a living soul. Of appearing.

Bob 11:18
That's bringing someone back. That's the first Lazarus?

iON 11:20
Yeah. Yeah, of a - wellll, we say yeah, but it's "and of appearing as a living soul," so it gives you another choice, too. Bringing them back and makin' it look like they're back.

Carolyn 11:34
Ah. Yeah, it's like Nader said yesterday; he has to give the appearance of not being what Bob -

Bob 11:47

Carolyn 11:47
- harsh or biased. He has to give the appearance. Instead of saying, "No, I'm not biased." He says: "Well, I have to give the appearance of being biased." The guys are -

iON 11:57
You know, Ralph Nader, Ralph Nader, Ralph Nader did try to do the exact same thing in the 60s

Carolyn 12:06
About what?

iON 12:09
Tried to present himself as not being biased in the conversation.

Carolyn 12:15

Bob 12:17
Okay, so, Carolyn, in the previous description of the beast, the Am-mit -

Carolyn 12:21

Bob 12:22
- is that a parallel or background to the, the beast in, in Revelation? The eagle, the calf, the man -

iON 12:33
No no no no no no no no no no no no those faces are - it's not that. It's not that, but it is that beast aspect of this multi-leveled creature thingy thing that will eat you up.

Bob 12:55
Right. Can that be an empire? Since it's multi-level?

iON 13:01
Nahhh, let's say no. Let's say no because if we make it an empire, it will confuse them when we get down to the grits and glory of it.

Bob 13:08
Okay. All right.

Carolyn 13:10
Why would you ask if it's an empire?

Bob 13:12
Oh, that's based on my private session you're not allowed into. It's a secret initiation.

Carolyn 13:18
You mean the ones you send me every (indistinct)

iON 13:21
Well, they aren't very - yeah they aren't - they aren't very secret now, are they? Ha ha ha ha.

Carolyn 13:27
Ha ha ha. Yeah.

Bob 13:28
I find out first.

Carolyn 13:29
I know. You love doing that.

iON 13:31
Yeah. Yeah, but to be fair though, he replays them once you go to bed, Carolyn. That's when he plays them for everybody, once you finally give it up and go to bed.

Carolyn 13:39
Yeah, yeah, yeah. He does.

iON 13:41
100 hours.

Carolyn 13:44
Okay, continuing The Osiris the -

Bob 13:51
The small print.

Carolyn 13:53
Small print. Yeah. So we did that huge long title ending with: AND OF APPEARING AS A LIVING SOUL:" And then the small words are: "The Osiris the scribe Ani saith after he hath arrived in his -

iON 14:14
The Seh Hall, the Seh Hall, one reference that'll help make this go a little smoother. The Seh Hall is what some of the other religions later called Sheol. The same thing, and the Hebrews call that Sheol, too. The Seh Hall is also Sheol, Sheol.

Carolyn 14:33
And how do you spell that, iON?

iON 14:38

Carolyn 14:47
Oh, okay.

iON 14:40
And the Seh Hall, S-e-h H-a-l-l is the same thing.

Carolyn 14:58
Okay. Continuing: "The Osiris the scribe Ani saith after he hath arrived in his haven of rest- now it is good for {a man} to recite{ this work whilst he is} upon earth, for then all the words of Tem come to pass- "I am the god Tem in rising. I am the Only One. I came into existence in Nu. I am Ra who rose in the beginning, the ruler of this {creation}." So, that's like - what do they call that, Bob? An affirmation of your eter- of your rising from the dead.

iON 15:46
Right. Like Stewart Smiley on "Saturday Night Live." I am a good guy. Everybody likes me. You know, you gotta be cute, lookin' at a mirror doing your affirmations.

Carolyn 15:59
Shall we get iON to phone back in, Bob? Do you think it's his phone? It's when iON talks that it gets worse.

iON 16:11

Bob 16:11
Does Bill think it is? Anything to do with you, Bill? This clicking?

Carolyn 16:20
Okay. Continuing. Little sentence: "Who is this? "It is Ra when at the beginning he rose in the city of Hensu, crowned like a king for his coronation. (Carolyn: no capitals.) The Pillars (Carolyn: capital "P") of the god Shu were not as yet created, when he was upon the steps of him that dwelleth in Khemenu. (Carolyn: quote) "I am the Great God (Carolyn: two capital "G's") who created himself, even Nu, who made his names to become the Company of the Gods as gods." Small "g," but Company of the Gods capitalized. So, I'm the guy that created self. So, is that now the, the, the guy brings himself back to life, coordinates itself as a god and becomes an elder all in one swoop?

iON 17:26
Yeah. And becomes a part of the Company of elders as god, but look at the little "g." It's not proved out, but there's a seat. There's a seat, but it ain't proved out yet.

Carolyn 17:39
Ah ha. Very cool.

Bob 17:41
Who is saying, "Who is this?"

Carolyn 17:45
We are. And the words come again, Who is this? And there's a - it's like a refrain. "Who is this? "It is Ra, the creator of the names of his limbs, which came into being in the form of the gods (Carolyn: small "g") who are in the train of Ra. "I am he who cannot be repulsed among the gods." (Carolyn: again) "Who is this?" "It is Temu, the dweller in his disk, (Carolyn: black mirror) but others say that it is Ra when he riseth in the eastern horizon of the sky. "I am yesterday, I know To-day."

Bob 18:34
Okay, Carolyn, the disk would be those flying machines the Egyptians were known to have? The dweller in his disk.

Carolyn 18:43

iON 18:46
They unmuted us then, so, yeah. Both. It's not the Tech Body, it's the Chip Body. Those disks were chipped and it also was for flying saucers.

Bob 18:58
Right. And you have here: which came into being in the form of the gods. It is Ra, the creator of the names of his limbs, which came into being. Now, it comes into being in the form of the gods who are in the train of Ra. So, what does it mean to be in the train of Ra? In the bureaucracy of Ra?

iON 19:18
The connection. The connection. Like that - like the A train, like little men are trying to all connect to something, to be of something, to get into something, to be a part of something, -

Bob 19:30
Right. That's why they're little men.

iON 19:31
- to go to Kanye's, to go to Kanye's church so that they can be somebody. You know, the rub.

Bob 19:37

Carolyn 19:39
Okay. Let's see where we're at. Another: "Who is this?"

Bob 19:47
Now look at this, Carolyn, the quote Who is this? "It is Ra, creator of the names of his limbs, - that doesn't end. It's not bracketed. But it should - in the train of Ra. Then it should be quotes. And you have the second line in quotes. "I am he who cannot be repulsed among the gods." They left off the first bracketing quotes. You see, unless: I'm here cannot be repulsed among the gods, is a subplot.

iON 20:09
It's a continuation. It's a continuation.

Bob 20:14
So, they shouldn't have the quote marks at I, I am. They shouldn't be there?

iON 20:20
Ah, well, no, maybe. But, it's an inside inside quote. So, they didn't open the same quote. First quote, second quote, but they're inclusive. There's one big quote that ends at I am he who cannnot be repulsed among the gods is also an inside quote.

Bob 20:36

iON 20:37
So, it's correct. Because, see, there's the period at Ra. So, you should close that quote is what you're saying. But it's not, it actually increases.

Bob 20:47
I see what?

iON 20:48
In the train - it's actually inclusive. In the train of Ra has to be in: I am he who cannot be repulsed among the gods. That's the inside part. It's a good notation, though. You grammarian, you.

Bob 21:04

Carolyn 21:05
Continuing: "Who is this? "Yesterday is Osiris, and To-day is Ra, when he shall destroy the enemies of Neb-er-tcher (the lord to the -

iON 21:16

Carolyn 21:17
- the lord to the uttermost limit), (Carolyn: and the "l" is small "l") and when he shall establish as prince and ruler his son Horus. "Others, however, say that To-day is Ra, on the day when we commemorate the festival of the meaning of the dead Osiris with his father Ra, and when the battle of the gods was fought, in which Osiris, the Lord of Amentet, was the leader." I don't know if there's anything there except there - is like, Osiris the night god and, and Ra is the To-day god yesterday, today?

iON 22:01
Depending on, depends on your perspective. See, now they're adding - this is not really adding time, this is like saying they could have just said: this dimension is Osiris and another dimension is Ra. If they would have said that, you would have went Rhyee and had a big conversation about it. But, because they made it like yesterday, today, and day after yesterday -

Carolyn 22:28

iON 22:29
- is today.

Carolyn 22:30
Yeah, it dilutes it. Continuing -

iON 22:33
Got you.

Carolyn 22:33
- continuing: "What is this? "It is Amentet, {that is to say} the creation of the souls of the gods when Osiris was leader in (Carolyn: now there's - I've got a space here, but then it continues leader in) Set-Amentet. "Others however, -

iON 22:58
It's another page. That's a page break.

Carolyn 23:01
Got it. "Others, however

iON 23:06

Carolyn 23:06
"Others, however, say that it is the Amentet which Ra hath given unto me; when any god cometh he must rise up and fight for it. "I know the god who dwelleth therein." So, that's fighting for it. It's just fighting these words to try to grasp some meaning is what I'm saying. What -

iON 23:29
Kinda of. Because they're, they're referencing it from these people who are dead. How many, how many dead gods do you know? It doesn't quite play out the same way. Same right way. Or they're dead - when this guy - when do gods die?

Bob 23:51
Yeah, so what's being said here?

iON 23:54
That's why - so, Carolyn, Carolyn's sayin' that's why the word seems to obfuscate their whole condition. It's like the words are fighting for the words on the conditional repose. And we agree.

Bob 24:06
You're a little too low, iON. What did he say? The words are what? I missed that whole last sentence. You get it, Carolyn?

Carolyn 24:14
Yeah, the words are fighting for the words. It's like a position of death, so you have to fight your way out of it with the words.

Bob 24:23
So, what is Amentet? It is Amentet, that's the leader. The Lord of Amentet. Is Amentet something? Is that a something or is that a person?

iON 24:35
A person.

Bob 24:36
Yeah, okay.

Carolyn 24:39
Okay? And, continuing: "Who is this? "It is Osiris. Others, however, say that his name is Ra, and that the god who dwelleth in Amentet is the phallus of Ra, wherewith he had union with himself.

Bob 25:02
See, Osiris lost his phallus.

Carolyn 25:05
Right, right, right. "I am the Benu bird which is in Anu. I am the keeper of the volume of the book (the Tablet of Destiny) of the things which have been made, and of the things which shall be made." Tablet of Destiny. Is that a book we know: the little book, The Emerald Tablets, iON?

iON 25:05
It's inside, it's inside this Book.

Carolyn 25:17
Ah ha. Tablet of Destiny inside this Book. Good.

Bob 25:39
Why are they defining who's who? Seems to be a -

iON 25:43
They're trying to 'cuz they's lost. They're dead! They're trying to figure out who these things are that are gettin' them back, so you gotta know with whom you're speaking and addressing. From that side, these dead people, they could say anything. So, you have to question it. And, see, when they're in that realm, they have to be straightforward. They can't lie to you. What is your name? Can't lie about it to the spirit world.

Bob 26:06
Right, but is Ra and Osiris tryin' to raise people or they're trying to raise Osiris and Ra?

iON 26:12
They're being risen. They're being risen by those names. The names rises them.

Carolyn 26:17
Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah.

iON 26:19
You use these on other people. You use these words on other dead people, not on them.

Bob 26:25
Oh, okay.

Carolyn 26:26
And as they're rising, you say: Who are you? Are you sure you know who you are, etc.

Bob 26:32
Oh, that's what it's saying: Who is this? They've become conscious again. And they have to say -

iON 26:39
And if they say, if I'm Osiris, I'm Osiris. If I'm this one, if I'm that one, you find out who I am. So, then you'd have to say who you are. Then you know what you brought - then you get to see what you brought back.

Carolyn 26:52
Continuing: "Who is this? "It is Osiris. Others, however, say that it is the dead body of Osiris, and yet others say that it is the excrement of Osiris. The things which have been made, and the things which shall be made {refer to} the dead body of Osiris. Others again say that the things which have been made are Eternity, and the things which shall be made are Everlastingness, and that Eternity is the Day, and Everlastingness the Night. "I am the God Menu in his coming forth; may his two plumes be set on my head for me." Now that's new words. The God Menu and pluming. Tell us about those, iON.

iON 27:43
True. Well, the two hats, the two feathers.

Carolyn 27:46
Right. The two lions.

iON 27:49
The two lions between the lions. That's right. And this is the marking of look at the distance and how to make eternity and the things which shall be made are everlastingness. Why would they divide those different things? How could everlastingness be different than eternity?

Carolyn 28:09
Ah. One's on one side, and one's on the other.

iON 28:16
But both would preclude the day, or the night, or the night, or the day. See the rub? That's the difference. And this is a way to note, this is a way to note which side it's on. 'Cuz they gonna come at you from both ways. Meaning, they're gonna come at you from multi, multi sides.

Bob 28:37
Which si - which sentence is indicating that what you just said about finding out which side?

Carolyn 28:49
Eternity in the Day, and Everlastingness the Night.

iON 28:49
Others, others, Others again say that the things which have been made are Eternity, and the things which shall be made are Everlastingness. So, if you're not a god and you're becoming a god, then you're part of the Everlastingness. But you're not in Eternity yet because you're not a god yet. It's noting the - that sentence notes the deference between where you are in the Night where you are in the Day.

Carolyn 29:22
Are you ready to stop, Bob?

Bob 29:24

Carolyn 29:25
Okay, continuing: "Who is this? "Menu is Horus, the Advocate of his father {Osiris} and his coming forth mean his birth."

Bob 29:38
Does that mean the lawyer of his father"

iON 29:40
Ah, no. No. The speaker for.

Bob 29:48
Speaker for.

Carolyn 29:50
"The two plumes on his head are Isis and -

Bob 29:56

Carolyn 29:58
"Nephthys, when these goddesses go forth and set themselves thereon, and when they act as his protectors, and when they provide that which his head lacketh. "Others, however, say that the two plumes are the two exceedingly large uraei which are upon the head of their father Tem, (Carolyn: What's a u-r-a-e-i, iON?)

iON 30:28
It's like a, a halo, likened to a halo.

Carolyn 30:34
Right. Yeah. "which are upon the head of their father Tem, and there are yet others who say that the two plumes which are upon the head of Menu who are his two eyes. "The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is thru, the registar of all the offerings which are made to the gods, risseth up and cometh into his city." (Carolyn: So, that's fine. And the next question is) "What is this {city}? "It is the horizon (Carolyn: So, there's the horizon word) of his father Tem. "I have made an end of my shortcomings, and I have put away my faults." "What is this? "It is the cutting of the navel string of the body of the Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is true before all the gods, and all his faults are driven out."

Bob 31:42
The navel string. That was the thing that I thought was the astral cord.

iON 31:48
Umbilical cord. Umbilical cord.

Bob 31:51
But that's what it is, the umbilical cord?

iON 31:53
Yeah. Yeah.

Carolyn 31:56
Next question: "What is this? "It is the purification {of Osiris} on the day of his birth. "I am purified in my great double nest which is in Hensu on the day of the offerings of the followers of the Great God who dwelleth therein." And Great God is capitals.

Bob 32:17
You know, it's like, Carolyn, it's saying Hensu exists only on the day of the offerings to the followers of the Great God. It is Hensu on that day.

Carolyn 32:28
Well, yeah, they show up on that day. They don't have to be there after.

Bob 32:32
Yeah, it's not a location, or it's not a city. Would you agree, iON?

iON 32:33
No, it's not geographical.

Bob 32:43
Well, it is "in Hensu" a geography, but, but it's only "in Hensu" on that day? One day?

iON 32:53

Bob 32:53
So it is geography.

iON 32:55
But it's only a marker.

Carolyn 32:57
Okay. And the next question: "What is the "great double nest"? "The name of one nest is 'Millions of years,' and 'Great Green {Sea}' is the name of the other, that is to say 'Lake of Natron' and 'Lake of Salt.' "Others, however, say the name of the one is 'Guide of Mllions of Years,' and that 'Great Green Lake' is name of the other. Yet others say that 'Begetter of Millions of Years' is the name of one, and 'Great Green Lake' is the name of the other. Now, as concerning the Great God who dwelleth therein, it is Ra himself. "I pass over the way, I know the head of the Island of Maati." Now that's a bunch of words there, iON.

Bob 33:58
Would this referred to light and salt?

iON 34:02
It would, it would, but that's where they're trying to introduce time. They're trying to make death a timed element. It's like you're in death so you forfeit time so now they're bringing up your position as "less than" because you don't have time. So, now you gotta get to this side of it to clean it up.

Bob 34:23
So, it's not salt and light. It's a continuum for -

iON 34:27
Yeah, yeah, it is salt and light, but it's - but they're pointing out salt and light is: your dead. So, you, you're missing the millions of years.

Bob 34:36

Carolyn 34:39
Next question: "What is this? "It is Ra-stau, that is to say, it is the gate to the South of Nerutef, and it is the Northern Gate of the Domain (Tomb of the god). "Now, as concerning the Island of Maati, it is Abtu. "Others, however, say it is the way by which Father Tem travelleth when he goeth forth to Sekhet-Aaru, {the place} which produceth the food and sustenance of the gods who are {in} their shrines. "Now the Gate Tchesert is the Gate of the Pillars of Shu, that is to say, the Northern Gate of the Tuat. "Others, however, say that the Gate of Tchesert (Carolyn: Say that, Bob)

iON 35:44

Carolyn 35:46
Oh, Tchesert. "is the two leaves of the door through which the god Tem passeth when he goeth forth to the eastern horizon of the sky. "O ye gods who are in the presence {of Osiris}, grant to me your arms, for I am the god who shall come into being among you." I have nothing to say there. And you're muted.

iON 36:14
Remember those two markers on the door? On the gate? Those are (indistinct) to the signs that are hanging in your house. And -

Bob 36:23
They are the two signs hanging in people's houses?

iON 36:27
Your house, not people's houses. The Acanthus leaves.

Bob 36:30
We have two signs?

iON 36:33
The markers, yes, your clues, your -

Bob 36:37
You mean the sketch, the pattern on the wall?

iON 36:43
Yes. Acanthus leaves. Those are they.

Bob 36:46
What'd you say, campuses?

Carolyn 36:48
Acanthus leaves.

iON 36:49
Acanthus leaf.

Bob 36:51
Right. Now the - it looks like space has been created.

iON 36:56
But don't tell anybody, for sure.

Bob 36:59
Yeah, the're falling into time and they're falling into space. These are dimensions of space that's been created here?

iON 37:07
Yeah, to note the deference. Deference, not difference, deference.

Bob 37:14
Right, but this is the fall.

iON 37:17
Yeah, but you can't have deference if you don't have time, so without (indistinct) time so then you can defer from the time, but they're moving.

Bob 37:26
Right. So is this a failure to - or is this a complex revival? Very complex, complicated?

iON 37:35
Of course, for some people. Some people have a hard time with life, let alone death. So, you know.

Bob 37:43
So, this is a more complicated answer to "what is this?"

iON 37:49
Yeah, it's what Garrett Deane, it's what Garrett Deane would explain if he knew.

Bob 37:53
Heh heh. So, these - is this someone - this is being said to the recovering corpse, right, Carolyn? This is being said. And this requires all the space and time talk. What?

iON 38:08
It's being spoke over them. They're not acknowledging. They're not acknowledging, yet. We don't know if it's gonna take, yet.

Bob 38:16
Yeah, but I'm looking at the complexity, the bigger paragraph, this corpse requires that. Or, all these things are going to one corpse?

iON 38:27
Ah, now, depending on what you - what you're doin'. See, you got to figure out: do you remember who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Depending on who it is, that's how you address it. And it will show you -

Bob 38:38
Those are different people.

iON 38:38
- how to discern, how to discern what you're working with.

Bob 38:42
Yeah, those are different corpses. And they require different invocations for description.

iON 38:49

Bob 38:49
And this one, it's got a lot of complexity around it, placing itself on spaces and doors. Right?

iON 39:00
That's exactly correct. That's correct.

Bob 39:03

iON 39:04
It has panelled positions of being.

Bob 39:08
Yeah. Okay, Carolyn.

Carolyn 39:12
I think I'm done.

Bob 39:14
Well, let's see. I think there's just a little -

Carolyn 39:17
No, it goes on and on.

Bob 39:18
Oh, yeah, it goes on and on. Okay.

Carolyn 39:20
There's no break. So, we've been an hour at it, so that's good.

Bob 39:24
Okay, so we've gotten to -

iON 39:26
Mark your spot, mark your spot.

Bob 39:29
Yes, Ra-stau. And we just did Ra-stau. And, who are these gods? Ra-stau. Okay? It is Ra-stau. Okay, so now we open it for the interlocutors who are observing, and see what they have to say.

iON 39:45
Oh, that's a good word: interlocutor. Just like interlopers, but they're locutors. They're interlocings.

Carolyn 39:50
Now, we can fix this -

Bob 39:53

Carolyn 39:53
- iON, would you mind phoning back in? Because it's just driving people crazy, including me.

Bob 40:04
How do you know? Are people commenting on it? No, nobody's commenting.

Carolyn 40:07
But it's bad. It's so bad for the recording.

Bob 40:10
Why doesn't Bill answer? Bill? Does it got anything to do with you, Bill? Is it our thing? Oh, okay. Bill says that noise is coming - oh, okay.

Carolyn 40:18
From where?

Bob 40:18
It's coming from JW's phone, he says.

Carolyn 40:22
Okay, so JW hung up, or -

Bob 40:24
It's iON's phone, Bill. This is iON's phone, not JW's phone, Bill. All right. See the lack of belief in what we're doing here? Lack of belief of iON? Oph says: "Carolyn, thank you so much." And Cheri: "The sound is like someone trying to strike a match. You have a problem. Maybe iON." Let's - did he hang up? Let's see. Yes, iON did hang up, and this would be - now you're back, iON? That's you?

iON 41:07
Click Click Click Click Click No, Click Yes, Click Click Click.

Carolyn 41:11
Better. Better.

iON 41:12
Click Click. Here a click, there a click, everywhere a click click.

Carolyn 41:15
It was you. It was you.

Bob 41:17
Well, it was Tech Body interference. Okay, very good. iON's back, so I'll unmute.

Announcer 41:24
All participants are now unmuted.

Bob 41:28
(music starts) That's that weird Fairfax, Virginia, place so I just blocked it.

iON 41:33
Ahhhh! Ha ha ha ha! That's your buddy, Bob. That's your buddy. That's your buddy, Bob.

Bob 41:41
Yeah, yeah. Okay, so it's opened here for the nine or 10 people here who are listening. You can begin to ask questions, participate in any way you want to react. (pause)

Carolyn 41:48
Ha ha ha. We're a dud. We're a dud.

Bob 42:07
What's wrong with you people? Don't want to contribute anything? You got to come up with somethin'.

Carolyn 42:16
I didn't hear the unmute. Did you?

Bob 42:18
Yeah, there're unmuted. Everybody's muted.

Scott 42:20
It's, it's such a wierd way to - it's such a weird way to think about things that I sort of can't get into the - I can't get into the spirit of it. It's like -

Bob 42:37
Are you looking at the text, Scott, as we're doing it?

Scott 42:40
Yeah. Sort of, but -

Bob 42:44
Can't get into it. Okay, iON, what - you can see Scott, you know what Scott is. What do you - what is an opening assistance you could give Scott in identifying with this?

iON 42:58
He's not dead.

Bob 43:01
So, he's not gonna identify with it.

iON 43:02
No, no, no. If he were dead - now wait. If he were dead, he would; or he wish he could. See, that's the rub. That's the difference. But, it's probably good that he doesn't identify with it because now it would might make yet again another question that he has to be a PhD candidate regarding, you see? And he'd have to move spawn, heaven and earth to find the undulating answer to this query that decides life or death in the palm.

Bob 43:38
Okay, Scott, you're not dead. That's why this is of no interest to you.

iON 43:44
But it's good to engage because if you get dead, you'll know what they're doin' to you.

Bob 43:49
Ha ha ha. Will this be done to us by something?

iON 43:53
It could. It depends on which side you're on. You don't ascend, lots of things are up. It's up - what's up, Chuck?

Scott 44:04
Here's a -

Bob 44:05

Scott 44:05
- here's a question that occurred to me about the, the thing in general, particularly the lions that are -

iON 44:15
Between the lions.

Scott 44:15
- the lions. There are four of them; two are dead and two are not dead, or something like that.

iON 44:23

Scott 44:24
Is that related to the, the Schrodinger cat thing and, and, and you know -

iON 44:40
It bodes more toward hendiadys. The hendiadys position of how dead. If you're not dead, how dead? So, you got two versions on this side; and then if you're dead, well, I'm not very dead, or I'm sort of dead. See? So, you have hendiadys on two ends that would answer your four lions. Between the lions.

Scott 45:06
Okay. Thank you.

iON 45:16
You're welcome.

Bob 45:20
Okay, we got Roy, Greg and Ginney, if they're not asleep.

Roy S 45:27
Hi, Bob.

Bob 45:27
You have questions? Something to say, Roy?

Roy S 45:31
Not really, Bob. I don't have anything pressing.

Bob 45:36
Well say somethin'. Then you just want to use your imagination. Make up something.

iON 45:40
Something. Something. Something. We -

Bob 45:44
Make up a statement that you find ideas of Egypt. You got ideas about Egypt. Make something about that.

Roy S 45:52
Right. But, it doesn't come up from these texts. We know that -

Bob 45:55
It's all right. It's all right.

Roy S 45:56
- Bob is Thoth, yeah. So, who is Osiris? Because that's like a major figure in the Egyptian -

iON 46:05
The marker. Osiris is the marker, the place holder. The holder of the place. The, the standing in the bastion between this life and another life and sort of life and dim life and over life and overcomerness.

Bob 46:32
Not a gamekeeper. Not a gatekeeper. It's an impersonal marker between the worlds, the two lands?

Scott 46:44
So, so is that valence or valance?

iON 46:48
That would be valance.

Scott 46:50

Bob 46:52
Yeah, and that's the curtain. That's the curtain overlay. Valance, right?

iON 46:57
Correct. The cornice board.

Bob 47:02
Right, So it's a - part of the membrane between things.

iON 47:08
Oh, excellent. Ooh, that's insane in the p-brane, the mid-brain. That's good.

Bob 47:12
Right. So, it has nothin' to do with the personage of Osiris and the myth about that being.

iON 47:20

Bob 47:20
Hmm. That's interesting.

iON 47:22
Unless you come back and that's who you are. Then you - then it is. Then it's a different - but then we're having a different conversation.

Bob 47:30
Right. So -

iON 47:31
If that's the you that's you, then, yeah, and then we got to deal with it.

Bob 47:36
Right. Okay, does that lead to a question Roy?

Roy S 47:45
Are lots of these sort of named gods in the text not - they're just sort of not really people, they're just concepts, are they?

iON 47:55
Err, well, if you're in Egypt and if you're living it, no, they're real gods from that side. But, from your perspective, now, Shambala is a really groovy vacation spot if you can find your way to it. So, you're saying: "So, Shambala is some mythical thing that you can't see?" Well for you, yes, that'd be the case. But, Shambala is actually a place, geographically. See?

Roy S 48:09
Is it in China?

iON 48:28

Roy S 48:28

iON 48:33

Bob 48:38
Would you - you wouldn't say Shambala is in a geographical location. I remember -

iON 48:47
We just did.

Bob 48:47
- you describing it, iON, way back there. And you had a look at a certain angle to see it.

iON 48:54
That's right, but it's still a place. It's still a place that you can go to. But most people can't find it. They can't see the gate, they can't see the door, they can't see the spot. They can't see the impetus.

Bob 49:11
The what? The impotence, the imminent?

iON 49:14
Impetus. Impetus.

Bob 49:17
What's that, inpata?

Carolyn 49:20
(in background) Impetus.

iON 49:21

Bob 49:20
The force to ride in. The draft, the gravity.

iON 49:22

Bob 49:25
The propeller.

iON 49:31
The dross.

Bob 49:33
So, it's not near China. Not in China.

iON 49:40
Yeah, it's not, it's not like that.

Bob 49:45
Well, maybe Bert will save us. Bert may have some questions. He just came in.

Bert 49:52
Hey, Bob. Hey, iON.

iON 49:55
Hey, Bert.

Bert 49:56
iON, hey, iON, I was listening definitely tonight, which, what Carolyn was reading, what you were pulling in, but it's really a big-time perception exercise. So, my questions, I heard during this -

iON 50:13
What does that mean? What does it, what do your words mean? They're beautiful words. We like-

Bert 50:18
Perception exercise.

iON 50:19
- those words. They're like our most favorite words ever. What do they mean?

Bert 50:25
Well, I mean, okay for me, from - I went back and listened from the beginning and coming forward. They're all - there's a perception exercise because, I mean, you started a week or so ago talkin' about between the lines, between the Orion's belt and the Giza pyramid; and that's been right on the top of my head. And then listening tonight, it sounds like you're describing a space, but then sometimes you say there's no space and time. So, for me, I'm, I'm in a mixed bag of nuts of trying to perceive what's being outlined -

iON 51:03
Okay, soup to nuts. Okay, here, soup to nuts. If you find yourself dead, then you want some time. Okay? If you find yourself dead, you're gonna want some time. I will - oh, for five more minutes. Give me five more minutes. Five more minutes. I'm dead, I'm dead, give me five more minutes. I'll do everything I can if I had just five more minutes. You're looking for time because that's supposedly what you've been separated from, finally. Or, if you're a god, you've been separated from time; but, you don't care, for you have eternity. So, the condition is talking about what you do when you get caught dead. How do you address -

Bert 51:13
Okay, that's, that -

iON 51:35
- that this way.

Bert 51:52
Right.That's clear, but there was references in the early discussions of, like, what - what tripped my perception off is that someone's living looking in the dead world, and someone's dead looking in the live world. So, that -

iON 52:09

Bert 52:10
Okay, but that gives me perception. Does that mean that I could be walking down the street and I could see someone, and I'm looking at someone that's in the dead world?

iON 52:19
Bob sits right here, Bob sits right here every damn week and talks about Mae fucking Brussell like she was sittin' next door to Carolyn. Bob says every time he turns around and talks about how alive Bob Carr is, and every dead person in his world is more, more ventricularly ventricular than Bob Carr is. Interesting, isn't it? How Reverend Stang has some capacitation or relevance, other than making Bob JR Bob Dobbs infamously famous. Okay. And has responded as a live person. That Dave Worcester, oh yeah, Dave Worcester, Akasha's little pet play thing, Akasha's little play thing. Talks about him like he's on a billboard close to you, you see. And Joe Dunn Sloan and Paul Shockley and all those ridiculous people. They're long since gone.

Bert 53:29
Okay, -

iON 53:30
He refers to them as though they are. Well, Marshall fuckin' McLuhan! There you go. Is he alive or dead? You talk about him like he's in your rectum right now. They cut out Ra's dick and fucked you with it. So, there you go, that's what it said. That's what he said.

Bert 53:36
Okay, iON, so then -

iON 53:50
So, suit yourself.

Bert 53:52
- what you're describing then with the Egyptian Book of the Dead, now, that's showing the emptying of the guf? I mean, so, it seems like that -

iON 53:59

Bert 53:59
- you're saying navigate this world -

iON 54:00
No, no, wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is preguf. Your, your words are -

Bert 54:07

iON 54:07
- well Thoth. Preguf. This is - you aren't in the guf. It depends on how they, it depends on how the autopsy goes as to whether or not the guf - the stenographer's right there. How's this gonna go? We'll start the process. Get the heart. They don't have a heart. They eat, somebody has eat the man's heart! Okay, get the bitch's heart. Get, get, get some of Nut's some'um, get 'em another heart, hold it up, in your hand, still-beating heart, and then do that ceremony, that process or that prayer, that conversation and ask who it is. And once you get to those levels of who it is, then you decide what you're gonna do with it. This is talkin' about dead people. That's why it seems a bit foreign and inane. Pardon the Ani reference. A bit inane because it doesn't affect you, you see. So, it's no wonder it would be odd.

Bert 55:03
Yes, but you have shared words. I mean, -

iON 55:07
You sit with dead people every day you go to work. You know the white woman who sits up that's a little bit heavyset? That woman has been stone cold dead for years, and you see her every single time.

Bert 55:19

iON 55:20
Every time -

Bert 55:21

iON 55:21
- she's stone cold dead. And you're sayin': "Do you mean we walk around and we can see dead people?" Yes, darling, you do.

Bob 55:30
You know who he's talking about, Bert?

Bert 55:32
Yes, I do! I, yes, I do! Damn! The dead! -

Bob 55:39
Ha ha ha! So, lets -

Bert 55:39
- That answers some questions. That answers some questions there, iON. You answered the question, big question.

iON 55:45

Bob 55:46
Hey, Bert.

Bert 55:48

Bob 55:48
This is, this is, that - this is the, the Egyptian Book of the Dead is their chart. They're the same. This is the LaRouche quadrant. This is what happens here. Then they go to McLuhan. This is McLuhan.

iON 55:59
And then, and then, no, no, no and no and no and here comes Bert, here comes Bert sayin', he's like: "No, this has to be the Thompson quadrant." And, it's like, NO, it doesn't fit, it doesn't apply. That's not what this even is conversing with. You can't have the Thompson quadrant when you're talkin' about dead people. They can't believe, you can't believe that. Well, we can't either. Well, Thompson said this. You mean that the Thomson quadrant doesn't validate Marshall McLuhan? NO! It's the antiphonal side of the Kroker quadrant! Everybody knows that. Ha ha ha.

Bob 56:39
Ha ha ha ha. So, these dead people with Kroker, Thompson, McLuhan that I refer to, they're doing the same thing here. But they're actually telling you what to do with the dead people. We just talk about the dead people as if they're still alive, and they have something to say, contribute. That's the difference, Carolyn.

iON 56:56
And that's the four sides. And that's the, that's the two sides. That's the two sides of the lion on this side, and two in the Mae Brussell side of the lion on the other side. And yet, you validate their words better than some of your new, gooder ones.

Bob 57:12
Yeah, that's right, Bert. There's two on each quadrant: Mae and LaRouche. Zappa and McLuhan. And they're on different sides. They are!

iON 57:20

Bob 57:21
That, that brings it - no wonder I made the chart. No wonder I made this Book. It was all Bob-organized. I'm the Logas. I organize knowledge. Been doin' it for a long span.

iON 57:37
For seven of the long - for seven of the longest minutes of his life.

Bob 57:40
Ha ha ha. But, no, that's interesting if you look at it that way, Carolyn, that - yep -

iON 57:50
Yeah, Carolyn. Yeah, Carolyn.

Bob 57:52
Ha ha ha. This is the education of Dr. Dean as she quits medicine. We're moving into a new profession.

iON 58:02
There you go. That's right, that's right. We gave you - Hey, with this medicine, you given it a good run, Carolyn. We'll give you that, now, you given it a good run. That's good. Ha ha ha. That's pretty good.

Bob 58:19
There was in there in the text, I was gonna ask about it. Somethin' about limits. When they use the word "limits," what are they talking about? It is the limits -

iON 58:28
How long, how long is the, how long is the, how long is the corpse viable?

Bob 58:34
Ah. So, Bert. So, you didn't know what is the School of Perception. We've always claimed that the Tiny Note, the quadrants, the Holy Offices are Schools of Perception. So, you cheated on that point and iON caught you bullshitin', but it does refer to your -

Bert 58:52
No, no, no, no-

iON 58:54
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bob 58:58
Ha ha ha. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bert 59:01
iON, there are words, there are words that you have said during this, this whole exercise. I mean, like, you told Carolyn: "I'm looking for the note, and when." But you said, like, that you would be offered to rule in both worlds. So, for me, that's -

iON 59:16
You can go to the dead - you can - a lot of people do that. Yeah, we're post-Mary McLuhan, now. Fuck, yeah, you can do that if you want to. You could. Hey, yeah. It's done, it's done, it's done. You know, hey, it's okay because -

Bob 59:33
This is great.

iON 59:33
- the shift now, the shift now falls, you see. The curtains have all been took off the rung; so, you don't have to worry about drawing the drapes. All the curtains are off. You can't tell the difference. You can't tell the difference now.

Bert 59:48
That, okay, then that answers -

iON 59:50
When they're awakening, everybody's runnin' around, everybody's runnin' around here saying: "Oh, he's woke. He's woke. Oh, he's woke. That wokeness comes directly


iON 0:00
- to Book of the Dead. The dead people are gonna walk as though they are woke. You gonna (overtalk)

Bob 0:07
(laughing) Again, we are at the center of everything.

iON 0:09
They're gonna be drawn up. That's exactly what Revelation talks about. It's exactly what all the fucked-up religions talk about; how the dead people gonna bust hell wide open and come back on this earth and the dogs and the cats are laying together, and the Valley of Megiddo will be opened up, and then that's what they have: All Hallows Eve when the Spirits can come back. Well, honey, darlin', babylove, they about to bust this wide open. You're not going to tell one from another. That's why people runnin' around killin' each other now. They can't tell the difference. There's no difference in those who have woke. Carolyn says people sittin' around completely, morbidly, obese. Just sittin' around, don't even move. Or, they're emaciated 'cuz they won't even get off their damn sofa to go get somethin' to eat! They won't even go get food, so they're emaciated, or they're morbidly obese 'cuz they're runnin' around here not doing a thing! They're runnin' around here tryin' to figure out somethin' or give me something or pay my bill or get my beer or get my phone. Give me some candy. Give me some sugar! (overtalk laughing) have my sugar. I want my, I want my ninety-nine dollar coffee! I don't need any food, I need some Starbucks! I need to have (overtalk laughing) frappa, likka, nikkachino, and here's nine dollars of money that I don't have. The good ones (overtalk laughing) going to be great. And I'm gonna have fifty-four trillion dollars worth of medical bills I'm going to get paid for by y'all. The billionaires. Damn the billionaires.

Bert 1:41
iON, -

Bob 1:43
Hey, wait. Hey, Bert, I gotta say this. Can you imagine iON on Crossfire and he'd say: "We're publishing a book! We're publishing McLuhan now! Come on, get engaged, get woke! We're post-Mary McLuhan." And then Andrew McLuhan's watching. "He just mentioned my aunt. What do you mean we're post-Mary McLuhan? He didn't say this the other day. What?" (laughing)

iON 2:03
"Slept with Walter Winchell? Who slept with Walter Winchell?" (laughing) So, it becomes the point: Dorothy, you better get your little dog, Tutu, 'cuz Tutu's coming.

Bert 2:26
iON, are you telling me that -

iON 2:30
You mean to tell me!

Bert 2:36
- ha ha ha. I'm interacting with dead people every day? I had this question when you first started -

iON 2:41
Every day. Every day. Every day, because you look at 'em and then sometimes they'll answer a question and you're lookin' to go: "Where the fuck did you get that? Who, where, what land are you from to think it's the answer to the question? How are you doing today? Well" - (overtalk)

Bert 2:57
That happened last week!

iON 2:58
- color." Well, what does that have to do with anything? What is the - what does that have to do with anything? The end engagement, the interaction. Sometimes even on Carolyn's show they'll come on - now, it's not so like that - we're just gonna go ahead and lay it out. Carolyn's just gonna fall apart and go: "What the hell is this? I can't help you, honey. You apparently are - really, let's just go ahead and schedule the autopsy and see if you live. If you make it through the autopsy, I'll be able to tell you what's wrong with you. Because I told you everything to do and that hasn't been done yet to see if it's gona work, but because of your compromised" - some people are so compromised their compromise is compromised, and they can't even they're allergic to air! "I'm allergic to air! Every time I breathe air I get sick. I get sick every time I breathe air." Okay, well, quit breathing air! That's somethin' we can say. Take some magnesium. Maybe you'll feel better and the air won't be quite so overcoming to you, you see. So, the rub becomes you're dealing with that at that level. And then good people, live people, see this action and they're startin' to think that the democrats make sense, you see. After a while, it starts to make it sound logical.

Bob 4:22
Live people think that democrats make sense. Is that what you just said?

iON 4:33
Sometimes they see it from a rote position. Well, nobody works, Well, nobody has to - well, everybody's got money.I don't know where they got the money, but everybody's got money. Nobody works, nobody does anything. Everybody lives like Bob and they all doin' just fine, everybody's doin' good, (indistinct) and they don't know. They don't know, well, and they're gonna foreclose on the house, but they don't know who they owe the money to. Okay. The people who own the house don't know either. They gotta get a title but they don't know where the title is - call Bert and tell him to run the numbers and see who's got it! We don't know. Oh god, -

Bob 5:07
Heh heh heh. Run the numbers.

iON 5:08
- it's ABN AMRO. It was ABN AMRO. Nope, they not known or they known, it was ABN AMRO. Next thing you know, they're gone. They got busted up. "Okay, you stay here until they let you know what to do." "Okay, I'll sit right here and I'm gonna just keep typin', I'm gonna keep typin'. That's good, -

Bert 5:25
iON, iON.

iON 5:26
- I'll keep typin'."

Bob 5:27
Hey, Bert. What happened last week that he's referring to with the white lady? What's that?

Bert 5:32
The lady, the lady - the lady asked me a question that was really off the wall. I mean, -

Bob 5:38

Bert 5:38
- the Wednesday. Wednesday she asked, and I'm like: Where? What? Why did she ask me that question? And why -

iON 5:47
Wait, wait, wait, here's the question. If you had that as a question, why do you think I, me, Bert, would know the answer to it? Right?

Bert 6:00
Ha ha. Okay. Right.

iON 6:01
How did you get chosen out of all the people to be choosing. Do I have a sign that says please ask me; I can probably get your questioned questions answered while you wait.

Bert 6:11
Okay, but I just took it because I sit by her. I mean, I sit across from her. So, I took it okay. She, you know, she asked me because I just came in and she wanted to ask the question, I mean, -

Carolyn 6:25
(in background) What was the question?

Bob 6:25
What was the question, Bert? Got anything to do with work? Anything to do with work?

Bert 6:29
No, it had something to do with work, but it had somethin' to do with me because I took a day off last week and she asked me - strange, you know, like: "Did everything go well for you?" And I was like, well, why? How'd she know -

Bob 6:44
Heh heh heh. Too intimate. Too concerned.

Bert 6:46
Yes. Yes. Too concerned. It was over-phatic. Because, I mean, I took it a day off -

Bob 6:53

Bert 6:54
Yeah, yeah. So, iON -

Carolyn 6:56
Someone heard you'd gone for your autopsy. That's what happened.

iON 7:04
You don't - how did your, how did your scheduled autopsy go last Wednesday? Was it good? Did you enjoy it? Was it (overtalk laughing)?

Bert 7:13
iON, this, I mean, I haven't even started on my questions on the Book of the Dead. This was, like, impromptu questions you brought up, but question: did this - okay, so the veil has totally thinned. Did this start -

iON 7:27
No, no, no, no. Stop! The veil has not thinned. The veil was rent in two. All the power from the Ark of the Covenant was released. Livin' in a box, in a cardboard box. Livin' in a box. Okay. It went all the way up, all the way up to that Cuban junior and probably, well, "Perfect Imperfection." Yeah, that's probably about what it said to Mr. Gates.

Bert 8:03
Okay, and so -

iON 8:04
- Something like that. To that level. And then, once that was split, once the power was released, everybody had all the power. That's why: I've got the power! Da ta da, da da, da, da. And then, Tiesto. Then all these different things showed up. And then somebody had to do nothing and next thing you know they're a zillionaire. They didn't do nothin'. They got the power! They got the power! Debra Messing can ruin your life because she's got the power. They got, I got the power. No, you got the power. No, the power's in me! Then, what do you do with it? You're pumping it into the Tech Body. You made the capture for the piston of the power. And now you pitched all your power in the piper and you want it back. And, so, you get the hookah, or you get the vapor, and you try to suck it back into you. But it doesn't work now. Now it hurts you. It hurts you. You separated. It doesn't come back like that. And so, what you're bumping into or noting or making notice of, is the very idea or notion that you have your power and you have separated yourself from your power. So, now, you see, all these other people running around here doing crazy, stupid, bitch-ass things. And it's normal. It's normal. So, now it's normal. And so -

Bob 8:04
From Bert's point of view, or whose' point of view is it normal?

Bert 8:04
Ha ha. Thank you, Bob.

iON 9:34
Every point of view. We sit here and watch you continue - we laugh and we laugh and we talk about it. We talk about it here and we go: Okay, now, the Epstein cover-p has been exposed. You're not gonna believe it. The Epstein cover - like, who didn't know that? Who didn't know that? But it's been now, just now. The cover-up has been exposed. They got a hot mic. A hot mic just told all about it. They had it. ABC and NBC and CBC and they leaked it and then they came back. And then the CBS employee was fired because of the ABC News leak. And that sounds funny, but that's actually what they're doin! And Megan Kelly's havin' a little giz gazzam over it because Ashley Bianco doesn't know what she's going to do now! Ridiculous. Those are the points that start making sense. When you go: "Oh, well, yeah. That's just they're having a little, they're having a little spat. They're having a little conversation." You're like: "What the hell is this? You can't get there from here." And that becomes - and so, you're witnessing that as an ascending god, this fodder that makes no logical, progressive sense. And you're engaging it so much so that you have to acknowledge it. So much that Scott thinks we're some, some Tasmanian devil that comes killin' the world and undoin' the world, and has the documentable, viable proof that can validate all the points of the constellation that run the - and that we're like, Wait a second, you're startin' to sound like us! Be careful. Be careful. If you're right too often, they'll put you away. You can't be right too often. But, the point - because you overthink it. Because it's not a thinkin' man's game. And then, you're in this environ that validates a position that makes something be valid. You see? And it's not.

Bob 11:39
We're in an environment of endless thinking. The central nervous system has been extended. We live at the speed of thought. We are surrounded by thinking. It's like the last veil, iON.

iON 11:51

Bob 11:53
It's the last principality that Rhyee organized. You're in an environment where everybody's thinking.

iON 11:59
Is that for the live? Is that for the live or for the dead?

Bob 12:04
It's for the dead.

iON 12:06
Okay, now see there, now see, that's which side of the of the lions, going between the lions, this is which side he's referring to. So, you have to qualify it. And that's why we always have great fun to say: "Oh, well, that's pre-Mary McLuhan." So, we have to deal with this, the zeitgeist. Well, now we're post-Mary McLuhan, so, that can go over the dead Bob show. The dead Bob zone.

Bob 12:26

iON 12:27
See, that sets it apart. Which now can - it let's you ask different questions, Bert, because that's why we say we got to talk to you. And then for the rest of the sec - because you got a big section, you got a big section coming up. We're drivin' this one. We're gonna play with you, but we got this, yeah, we got this shit. Think you're gonna get by. Oh, no. Aqui no hai? No hai.

Bert 12:49
No, I'm not trying to get by, iON. I'm trying to overlay. Overlay.

iON 12:54
We know. Then, then do that. Do that. Do that though. But, you have to be careful when you get overlaid. You'll get like Roxy. She gets overlaid, too.

Bob 13:06
By the jinn.

iON 13:06
By the jinn. She's got her own jinn. What about dat dough?

Bert 13:15
Okay, iON, I'm -

Bob 13:16
Ha ha ha. Hey, hey, Bert. Listening to last week's show, iON is explaining the bloodline of the House of Stuart and how it goes back to Adam.

Bert 13:29

Bob 13:30
And Roxy comes in and says: "Well, that's Francis the First who invited Mary Stuart over, and the de' Medicis" and all that iON's talking about, she nailed last week because she's been studying and discovered Chambord back in 2016. You have to give her credit what she was wandering around doing. We went over to Paris, went around the castles with her. She's, she's tracking the path of these people who are sorting out their bloodline. And, at one point iON said: "Well, it goes deeper than Francis I," but she didn't pick up on it. She's only just do it her own monologue. But, I will pursue that in my private session. How is it deeper? But, you have to give her credit. She's won round. Everybody's gettin' pissed off. They can't understand her accent. What the fuck is she talking about? And she led right - she's all - she's the expert of what we just discovered last week about this House of Stuart.

Bert 14:24

iON 14:24
Yes, and.

Bob 14:24
So, I said to myself, I'm going to check with Bert on this. What do you think of that Bert? That's pretty impressive.

iON 14:29
Yes, and. Yes, and.

Bert 14:30
Yes it was.

iON 14:32
Yes, and.

Bob 14:34
Yes. What were you going to say, Bert?

Bert 14:36
She was burning up to talk. She was really burning up to talk when she heard that because when you brought her in, she wanted to talk and I was like, it confirmed everything that she went through three years ago. -

Bob 14:45

Bert 14:45
- The thing that she brought up from the beginning of Chambord, all the way.

iON 14:50
Three years ago? Hell, she's doin' it right now!

Bob 14:53
Heh heh heh. Yeah, but here's the thing. She missed the point when iON said it's deeper than that. She blocks, and so she didn't catch that part which should have been gone into right then. How is, what's the deeper part? And it'll get to these other realms that we're dealing with in The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

iON 15:13
And the de' Medicis. And how the de' 'Medicis are financing the whole thing all the way through. All the way up to the Habsburgs.

Bob 15:21
Yeah, so yeah, iON mentioned the Habsburgs when we were talking about Hitler and the ARAMCO history that Daniel Sheehan was doin'. The Habsburgs; that's the Thurn and Taxis, right, iON?

iON 15:34
Robyn, Robyn. Yeah, it is. Robyn was having a blast. It sort of chips into her world in that side of it. So, she got gas out of that. It's pretty fun. She's very smart in that way. Did you know that? Did you know -

Bob 15:48

Bert 15:48
Bob, you went deeper in a private session.

Bob 15:49
Did I know - what did iON just say? What's smart?

iON 15:53
Robyn is very smart. Did you know that?

Bob 15:56
No, she hasn't contributed enough. We have nothing to guage. -

iON 16:00
No, but she's very smart.

Bob 16:00
- She just sits back and if she spoke more, I'd have more evidence of her smartness.

iON 16:06
Oh, well, but then she - then you would accuse her of taking over. Ha ha ha.

Bob 16:11
No, I wouldn't. No, I wouldn't. And, I don't mind people taking over periodically. -

iON 16:15

Bob 16:15
- I like when Bert comes on and takes over. What?

iON 16:19
Yeah. That's just so you can take a nap. That's all. Just so you can take a nap. (laughs)

Bob 16:22
Yeah, so I can take a fuckin' nap so I can get refreshed and come back in and knock you guys out of the microphone space. And I take over. Then we talk about Dave Worchester, Bob Carr! We go back to the dead people! And McLuhan!

iON 16:33
Yeah. And then he wakes up and says: "Okay, now gotta knock the little man out of the boat." Down we go, here we go.

Bob 16:44
Ha ha ha. Okay, back to you Bert. What did you want to say in the moment before I just sidebar'd here?

Bert 16:51
I forgot, Bob, but I have plenty to talk. I forgot -

Bob 16:55
Okay, but, about The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Did you like that sequence of the Kohathite religion guf, and the Egyptian religion guf, and then the Catholic religion guf, and then the Buddaha's Shambala, not guf?

Bert 17:11

Bob 17:12
Did you hear that part? That was good.

Bert 17:14
Yes, I did. Yes. There are a lot. There's a lot. I mean, there's a lot embedded in these sessions. I mean, it's, -

Bob 17:21

Bert 17:21
- and it's interesting to come on right after you, you all speak, to engage some of the points. And, I, - it's so - but, iON, this is what I'm saying about - this is what I said when I brought up the perception. Because, you've told us the guf hasn't emptied. You're talking about the Egyptian Book of the Dead which is pre-guf. -

iON 17:40

Bert 17:40
- But it's pertinent to what we're dealing with right now. So, -

iON 17:46
Because the dead people are coming back. Because the dead people are coming back now. You got to deal with them every day. Now. You didn't, but now you do.

Bert 17:56
Okay, but that goes back to my question I had earlier when did this start? And you're saying now. So, my question originally was, did this start when you started the Book of the Dead where I'm dealing with dead people, or I've been dealing with dead people for the last 10 years?

iON 18:10
You've been dealing with them forever. You just didn't know it.

Bert 18:15

iON 18:16
But you turn around and look at the world - well, stop. You turn around and look at the world today and you're like: I don't even know where this is. This is the craziest thing I've ever seen. This is not logical. You can't get there from here. You mean I got to do this and they'll give me that? And I do this, and that's that. Okay, okay. Ha! Okay, that's good. Let's do this then, okay, fine. It's pretty fun.

Bert 18:42
Okay, so, so it's more a -

iON 18:49

Bert 18:50
- we're interacting with - more esoteric

iON 18:53
Esoterically driven.

Bert 18:54
Esoterically driven.

iON 18:55
And, you gotta engage it. You gotta learn the difference between the lions. That's the reason we're doing The Egyptian Book of the Dead now! Because now it's where it applies.

Bert 19:06
Okay, the lions, iON, you said something about the lions that -

iON 19:10

Bert 19:11
- between the lines, and they are coming. Like, are we going to engage these lions? Are they actually an experience as far as seeing them and engaging them? Because you said they are coming, the lions are coming.

iON 19:24
What if you spelled, what if you spelled, what if you spelled lines, l-i-n-e-s? Lines. What if we spelt them that way? Would that change your perspective?

Bert 19:39
Yes, it would.

iON 19:39
Maybe? Okay.

Bert 19:41

iON 19:42
Look at it that way then. Between the lions. They're obvious. Because the distance and the spaces you can't get to. When past - when you get rid of time - so, here, The Egyptian Book of the Dead is tryin' to validate and bring back time because those dead people don't have any time. They'd give anything to get time! See? You're still all eternal. You are trying to stop time.

Bert 20:08

iON 20:09
They're trying to get time back. Between the lions. You see?

Bert 20:15

iON 20:15
So, and they're trying to have another five - just for five more minutes and do anything to get five more minutes. And you're trying to get rid of time all together. We go, okay, good. Okay, good. Okay, good. And then you got, you start bumping into stuff and it's like: Oh, no, wait a minute now, it's not. Wait, oh, that's not quite well, no, yeah, no. I have no idea now, you see. So, it becomes -

Bert 20:38

iON 20:38
- perspective. The perspective. It's like we talked with Carolyn who was very clever in how she laid it all out, is: which side are you looking from? Not where are you. You don't know where you are. What are you looking? What are you observing? Which side are you seeing? But then, then you'll gauge which side you're on. Well, I'm in Goshen and I'm looking at Goshen. Well, I'm at the River Thames and I'm looking at the, over the River Styx. Wait. Those are different rivers. Which side are you on? Rive Gauche, Rive Gauche, Rive Gauche, Rive Gauche. Okay, okay, okay. Now you know where you are based on what you're seeing.

Bert 21:19
Hey, iON, that reminds me something Bob said years ago that, you know, Bob says things that stick with me as well much like you do when you say things. Bob said something, I don't remember when but I do remember what he said is that, that other world is just like right beside you.

iON 21:35
When you say it, when you say it, Bob, when you say it, Bob, will tell you when he said it. He knows exactly. He juxtaposes it how close or far away it's from Blooms Day.

Bert 21:44
No, no, no, but he said something, like, he gave me the perception when he said that, okay, that other word is just like right there, right beside you. You just, like, flip into it. Right, you're right there, and then you might flip back. And that's what's happening right now. Is that what you're saying?

iON 21:57
It's like, it's like "Fringe." Walter and "Fringe."

Bert 22:04
That's, that's, hmm. That's the game changer, folks.

iON 22:12
For God's sakes, don't tell anybody.

Bob 22:15
Yeah, Bert.

Bert 22:16
Okay, iON.

Bob 22:17
Hey, Bert, let me - hold your thought there. Nobody - I did 64 hours with the Evergreens. I did many hours with Cosmic Awareness and other people. I don't know of anybody who would spend so much time talking to the dead as myself and then broadcast it.

iON 22:41
And then, and then, wait, wait. No, don't stop there. And then talk to live people and kill the motherfuckers, drive them to their wake and then go back and talk to them! Michael Blake Read (overtalk laughing) stone cold dead -

Bob 22:41
(laughing) Zappa.

iON 22:41
- and then he comes back and talks to him. And the Mental Doodle. You missed the Mental Doodle. What time is it? Mental Doodle, Mental Doodle it's gone. You've passed it. It's lost. It's lost. You got to get the Mental Doodle. Time is changing. Time marches on. The Mental Doodle. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there you go. See? That's the thing; he knows. He's acting like, well, nobody's spoken like us. He killed most of them he's talking to! That's the rest of the story.

Bob 23:22
I couldn't tell who was alive or dead. I killed them to see if they'd end up on the other side! Oh, you were alive? Okay, sorry.

iON 23:30
Send him a voicemail; he won't answer it, you'll be dead. If you ever send him a voicemail, you leave Bob a voicemail, you're on your way to the grave. That's what you do. Don't leave a voicemail whatever you do. Don't do it. If he don't answer, let it go. Let it go. Don't leave a voicemail.

Bob 23:46
So, Bert, that's why Thoth, me, I'm in this Book. This is about books - Bob's life! This Egyptian Book, it's Bob's Book of the Dead because I've been talking to dead people. Ha ha. And so, when I quote somebody, people say: was that before Marshall died or after he died!? Ha Ha. I have to give him the (overtalk) -

iON 24:08
No, Marshall - yeah, Marshall had to (unclear) had to call Marge and ask her if (overtalk laughing) dead.

Bob 24:15
Nobody talks about dead people and quotes them as much as I do today in the 21st century.

iON 24:22
Right, right.

Bob 24:23
So, this is, this is about me. Once again, we're getting close to realizing that it's another Bob book! Ha ha ha.

iON 24:28
Once again, once again. You're gonna find out that Bob is the damn whistleblower against Trump. That's what we're gonna find out. They're gonna drag him up, they're gonna drag him up and he's gonna say: "No, he's my favorite. We like Trump. The last Trump of god shall stand. I'm with Trump. I'm with him. I'm blowing the whistle and I'm sure y'all better duck 'cuz he's fixin' to come get y'all's ass, that's what he told he'd do. Right now. The only question we have for you, sir, if you want an open casket or a closed casket layin' in there with (overtalk laughing).

Bob 25:17
(laughing) The only question we have for you, sir, is do you want an open casket?

Bert 25:20
Wow. Ah, hmm. Okay, iON, you mentioned about the Orion's belt and Giza. I'm going back to that. Like I said, i'm -

Bob 25:31
Are you still doing the Book of the Dead, Bert?

Bert 25:34
Yes, yes, I am, Bob. I'm going to dip into my questions -

iON 25:38
Yes he is. He's actually been, he's actually been engaging. This is pretty, pretty fun. (overtalk and muffled).

Bob 25:42
Yeah. So, Bert, when you read - you said to us today, you relistened to the Book of the Dead last week. What was it like? A lot clearer relistening to it?

Bert 25:52
Yes, but there was one, I mean, the first parts were very clear. I went back because I do notes on my iPhone So, you know, in-between working and making notes, I was actually able to go back and add more notes because I went back from the very beginning and listened. But, I relistened to last week's the first 20 minutes. Because it was that's where my perception was really a - frazzled. should I say, where I - because iON, iON's - the whole thing that iON said last week is that we don't know where we are. And that's something that they've said to me a number of times when they came back about being in another world, so I really listened to that. And I still got to go back and listen, because there's a lot in, in that first 20 minutes that -

Bob 26:41
Yeah, I know what you're gettin' at, Bert. When we talk about going to parallel worlds, we never think of it as going to the guf zone, to the dead zone.

Bert 26:48

Bob 26:49
But, The Egyptian Book of the Dead is part of your experiences. You're going over to the other dead zone. You're like a caveman, you can't tell the difference being alive or dead. -

iON 26:56
And now, because now -

Bob 26:56
- That's a new aspect of parallel worlding, Carolyn. You gettin' that, Carolyn?

Carolyn 27:01
(in background) Yes, Bob, yes.

iON 27:01
And the new, and the new new aspect is the dead people are coming to see you, too, now.

Bob 27:08
Right. Yeah. Okay, here's something. iON, when I was with Germaine and Jack here in this other house, not our house, Germane kept seeing what she thought was a ghost walking back and forth in front of the door -

Bert 27:25

Bob 27:25
- inside the house. In front of the front door. Who or what was she seeing? He was pacing back and forth like he was a bodyguard.

iON 27:33
Albert, Albert. Albert.

Bob 27:37
Is that just someone who lives in that house?

iON 27:42
No, he's a guard.

Bob 27:44
And he was protecting. He works only there and guards people, us, in that house?

iON 27:53
Ah, well, you keep dragging these foreigners in there, we gotta, somebody's gotta watch out after it.

Bob 27:58
So, they're watching to see if Germaine and Jack turn on me? He's protecting me.

iON 28:04
No, not just them, not just them. Anybody.

Bob 28:06
Anybody. Okay, so we got guards there. Does Albert come up to our house?

iON 28:12
He does.

Bob 28:13
All right. So that was interesting, Bert. That was a -

iON 28:16
He runs the, he runs the, he runs that fat man away from the swimming pool when Carolyn goes to swim.

Bob 28:16
Did you hear that, Carolyn?

iON 28:16
He's too fat. He's too fat -

Bob 28:24
He runs away the fat man at the pool when you go to swim. You know the fat man is? She says no. Well, he's always run away by the time you get there. So, is - but, Albert is from, is from the dead zone? Where is Albert from?

Bert 28:39
Yes, that's what I was gonna ask. I was gonna ask that.

Bob 28:44
Is he, is he a ghost, iON or some kind of somebody coming over from the dead zone, the guf zone, the post-guf, the Mary McLuhan zone? What is he? Where is he from?

iON 28:57
Not Nova Scotia.

Bob 28:59
Ha ha. So, he's not necessarily from the guf?

iON 29:04
Ah, you have to see, it's all closed, so -

Bob 29:11
She's what?

iON 29:12
We'll just have to, we'll have to, we'll have to let you know.

Bob 29:15
All right.

Bert 29:16
The guf is closed? Did you say the guf is closed, iON?

iON 29:20
Yeah, that's why the womb is closing. People aren't having babies anymore.

Bob 29:26
Yeah, what did he - I miss - I keep missing what you and iON are saying. What's that?He's got clothes on? What are you saying, Bert?

Bert 29:34
No, he said it was closed. He said - you mentioned something about is he from the guf, and iON said it's closed.

Bob 29:40
Oh, yeah, yeah. The guf is closed. So, he can't be from the guf. Is he from purgatory?

iON 29:48
Well, time will tell.

Bob 29:50
Okay, so he's from a world that we can't see yet, though Germaine can see him.

iON 29:59
Now, okay, there you go. And the reason Germaine can see them is because of our walks.

Bob 30:06
___ walks?

iON 30:08
Our walks.

Bert 30:11
Gemaine walk

Bob 30:12
Our walk. What's that, Carolyn?

Carolyn 30:15
(in background) She's been walking.

Bob 30:17
Oh, she, she picked that up from her walking, ION. You said "our" walks. You're walking with Germaine?

iON 30:24
She walks with, she walks with us. We don't walk with her. She walks with us.

Bob 30:29
When she goes walking in this neighborhood or all every day, no matter where she is?

iON 30:35
No matter where - she doesn't walk every day, but when she does walk, she walks with us.

Bob 30:40
And she picks up the ability to see these people from other worlds, other areas.

iON 30:45
Oh no, but no, she was able to do that. She did that. Because, if you remember, she was actually good at L'Ermitage.

Bob 30:52

Bert 30:52
Yeah, that's right.

iON 30:54
Not everybody else could do that, but she did it seamlessly.

Bob 30:58
So, why did you mention yourself in the context of why she could see it, you said: "Well, it's because of our walks." What do you do on the walks that allows her to see Albert?

iON 31:09
You take the blinders off so that there's -

Bob 31:12

iON 31:12
- no more bias. Her problem and those damn sisters is they have this incredible bias about everything. They're bias about this, they're bias about that. They prefer this over that. And if everything is not the way they see, it is inappropriate in every way. Well, that's a fine cable knit sweater, but I would never wear such a garment nor have it anywhere in my environment. I'm sure it's a wonderful sweater for some -

Bob 31:40
Ha ha ha. Are the Kardashians like that, iON?

iON 31:42
No. They can't make anything, so, no. The Kardashians have to - someone has to tell the Kardashians what something is.

Bob 31:46

iON 31:51
See, they don't have any, they have no mind. -

Bob 31:55
All right, now -

iON 31:55
- They have no mind, which we say is good, but they don't have any even impetus. They're only are - they're dressed and that's what they have. And they're wonderful because they were dressed.

Bob 32:06
Okay, now. I know the dynamic between Roxy and her three or four sisters is similar to -because they're all like - they make things in different walks of life. Are they like the Renner sisters, very opinionated and bias about -

iON 32:21
But, Roxy, Roxy would never wear Jessica McClintock. She would never wear that. So, -

Bob 32:27
Yeah, see, they - and just like Germaine would never wear something.

iON 32:32
Yeah, she wouldn't - she actually, yeah, she might wear McClintock, maybe, but not like.

Bob 32:36
Ha ha ha. Hey, Carolyn, do you know what McClintock -

Carolyn 32:39
(in background) Oh my god, that's Jack's label.

Bob 32:42
Oh, ho ho ho! It's Jack's label! Okay, so Roxy would never wear Jack's stuff. I thought it was some fashion -

iON 32:51
No, no, no. Jessica McClintock, you can look it up.

Carolyn 32:54
(in background) Ha ha (unclear)

Bob 32:58
Oh, okay, it's actually someone else. All right. So now we've juxtaposed the Renners with the Lorraine czars and the Kardashians. What is Carolyn's fashion sense? She basically goes around and buys baby clothes in our secondhand stores. Ha ha ha.

iON 33:17
It's like, it's like, it's like Laura Ashley meets little Laura on Little House on the Prairie.

Bob 33:24
Ha ha ha. You hear that, Carolyn? You're Laura Ashley meets little Laura on House on the Prairie. That's your fashion statement.

Carolyn 33:29
Are you kidding? I do Tori Richards and Tina Stevens. I do brand names. I have come a long way since the Salvation Army.

Bob 33:41
Yeah, that's just a couple years since you became a capitalist.

iON 33:44
We do like, we do like, we do like, we do like the Mohammed Ali shirt. We think you should wear the Mohammen Ali shirt all the time

Bob 33:55
Ha ha ha. I mean all I know, Carolyn just wears different kinds of T-shirts. That's what I know. Most of them have "Mg" on them.

iON 34:02

Bob 34:03
For magnesium. But, but Carolyn does a different kind of - she's - people like what she does but it's usually, well, now that she's buying brands, but for decades she'd make up shit from thrift stores. Right, Carolyn?

iON 34:19
Yeah. How does it feel, Carolyn? How does it feel Carolyn? How does it feel Carolyn to become that very thing you despised all your life?

Carolyn 34:28
I don't despise myself.

Bob 34:30
No, no. The fashion thing.

iON 34:32
How does it feel? How does it feel to become the thing you have despised all your life? It's great. It's liberating.

I do not despise - well no, -

You despise big Pharma, sugar, fashion, clothes.

Rich people. Rich people.

Carolyn 34:47
No, he's talking about how I hated - I hated billionaires. Well, the billionaires I know aren't doing good research on, on their products. -

iON 34:57
Of course, they may not even have products.

Carolyn 34:57
- They're not doing the outreach I'm doing. They'll make their billions on killing people and they'll, oh, maybe I'll throw a little bit into charity. They're not buying tractors for the farmers. No, no, no, no.

Bob 35:14
Yeah. You have a high opinion of yourself.

Carolyn 35:16
I have a very high opinion of myself.

Bob 35:21
Ha ha ha. Very high opinion of herself.

iON 35:22
Ha ha. If there was a petard, it would be thoroughly hoisted, then. Is that what you're sayin? (laughter)

Carolyn 35:28
Don't you come after me.

iON 35:31
No, no, we're saying it's wonderful. We're saying it's wonderful.

Carolyn 35:34
Oh, yeah, a backward compliment. I know one when I hear it.

Bob 35:36
Ha ha. Yeah, we're saying it wonderful.

iON 35:38
No, no, no, no, no, no, the becoming the becoming is to have the ability and the capacity to engage at that level. That's a new realm. That's a new spot. That's a new thing. And that, that -

Carolyn 35:54
I've always been who I've been. I've been saying the things that I'm doing now because I have the money to do it. I've been saying the things I'm doing now for 40 years, and now I have the money to do it. That's all.

Bob 36:08
You mean you would have done it if you had some money.

Carolyn 36:11

iON 36:14
Well, good.

Carolyn 36:15
Move on, move on. Nothing to see here.

Bob 36:18
And when you didn't have money, you didn't want money. And your lifestyle wasn't geared towards that.

Carolyn 36:30
I always had enough money, but it is nice to have more money to do more things. That's what's so cool.

iON 36:36
Broader perspectives, broader perspectives. Good.

Bob 36:40
No, she's saying she would have done all this 40 years ago if she had a lot extra money.

Carolyn 36:46
Yeah, and I was offered - see, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur, capitalist, commercial person. I was offered right from year one to work with supplement companies 'cuz they'd use my name to sell their supplements. And I wasn't ready or in that position where I'd say: " No, if I'm going to have a supplement company, I have to run it."

Bob 37:12
And you weren't in the mood to running something in that point. You were still learning how to help people physically.

Carolyn 37:18
Yeah. It took having a distributor who ripped me off for half a million dollars for me to get (indistinct).

Bob 37:24
Heh heh Yeah, she didn't even run it when she had it.

Carolyn 37:27

iON 37:28
It is a little more, is a little, is a little more than that.

Bob 37:31
A little more than that.

Carolyn 37:31
Ha ha ha. A million and one dollars.

iON 37:38
At least, yeah, at least.

Carolyn 37:40
Okay, so yes, it's fun. I mean, I really enjoy where I am now. And I guess I'm railing because I don't want to be put in the position of the billionaire that Elizabeth Warren is going to tax to death so that I can't continue hiring 20 people, giving them great jobs where they're saving lives, doing research, giving all those jobs. It's crazy what, what we are up against!

Bob 38:09
Heh heh heh. And all those years I was raking in millions at CKLN and she wouldn't take any of it because it was dirty, fucking money! It was M2! Bob, no M2 in my life! So, -

Carolyn 38:23
Ha ha. I had standards.

Bob 38:23
- So, I just bought libraries. Fuck that. You know, I wasn't interested in anything else.

iON 38:33
Right. Books!? Books!? Oh, my god, don't be tellin' nobody that. Next thing you know they're gonna say you're a pedophiling book collector, Bob. That's no good. You be careful. And then you'll admit to it and that'll be bad.

Bob 38:45
A guy who likes to work in the library of kindergarden schools.

iON 38:50
Right. Bob gives Epstein a job. Bob gives Jeffrey Epstein a job. Sitting in his little mansion up there so he can run his business of blackmailing people.-

Bob 39:03
Ha ha ha. Epstein worked for Bob. That's a big secret. No one's got that out yet.

iON 39:07
Boor Bob, No one's got that out. Yeah, don't worry. Prince Harry knows all about it. He'll tell you everything you want to know about it. Ha ha ha.

Bob 39:16
That's right, yeah. He could, he deciphered the code in my memo to Prince Charles where I was warning them that I knew. I was the J. Edgar Hoover of the 90s. I had everything on everybody.

iON 39:26
He did. He was the Walter, he was the Walter Winchell of the day.

Bob 39:29
Ha ha. Yeah, and you go listen to my Evergreen sessions, you'll see I've been gathering information on everybody. Nobody else had the fucking guts to use the Evergreens. I did; I moved ahead.

iON 39:43
And see, and see? And that was Jeffrey Epstein's claim to fame too. He had dirt on everybody.

Bob 39:49
Yeah, yeah, 'cuz I would give him it.

iON 39:53
I see. There you go. There's our Bob.

Bob 39:57
Right there inthe middle of everything.

iON 39:58
Back to the, back to the, back to the Book of the Dead. Come on (laughing) Bob will throw us off and start playing bad music if we don't keep this thing going. Keep the balloon up; if it hits the ground it will bust.

Bob 40:11
Ha ha. Okay that leads to - let's see if anybody else has - anybody else got something to fuckin' say? I think they're all unmuted. Lets see what we got here. (pause)

iON 40:28
(starts mimicking "Bonanza" theme)

Bob 40:30
Are you reading Germaine? She said: "Jessica McClintock. I might wear it if I change it up." Is that after you mentioned it?

iON 40:36
Yes. Yes. She'd redo the designer. She'd redo, redo the designer. She, she'd take the Yves St. Laurent and remake it, and then she might wear it. Yeah, that's exactly what we were sayin'. It's exactly what we were sayin'.

Bob 40:54
Okay, so, we we have Chris but, um, I think we want to do -

Chris 40:58

Bob 40:58
- if you can hold on Chris. Before we get to your issues. I don't want to -

Chris 41:01

Bob 41:01
- interrupt this section. So, you're okay, Chris? You'll wait?

Chris 41:05
Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

Bob 41:07
Okay, so we're -

iON 41:08
We're okay if you're okay.

Bob 41:11
I think that's Martha. We got here Leon. We've got Juan. -

iON 41:16
Hey, Leon.

Bob 41:17
- Ginney and Greg. We have Scott, anonymous, -

iON 41:20
Hey, Ginney and Greg.

Bob 41:20
- any of you people have any to say about the -

iON 41:25
Bob, you just called off more than 11 people. You can't be tellin' these people that all these people are here when there's only 11 people! You need to stop.

Bob 41:34
There's only 11? Actually, there's only 11. I'll count them right here. There's 11.

iON 41:38
Okay. Okay.

Bob 41:38
Germaine just made the 11th. You got questions that are relevant, Germaine?

Jaun 41:42
Hi, Bob.

Bob 41:44
Oh, there's someone talking. Is that Jaun?

Unknown 41:50
I'm muted.

Bob 41:50
Okay, Jaun, you got something about the Book Dead?

iON 41:52
Book Dead.

Jaun 41:55
Yes. Can it be about the previous sessions we had about it?

Bob 42:00
Hey, make your voice deeper. You're retreating into childhood. Ha ha ha. Someone's got to be honest with you, Jaun.

iON 42:09
Ha ha ha. And when you're filling out, when you're filling out a government form, be sure to remember to print slowly.

Jaun 42:18
Right. Let's try this.

Bob 42:19
That's better. Put some masculine (overtalk).

iON 42:23
Yeah, print slowly. Put a little chutzpah, put a little chutzhpah in it.

Bob 42:28
Okay, so go ahead.

Jaun 42:29
Okay, iON. You said this Book is gonna help us with details in both of particulars to allow us to: 1) if we don't want to use it, or 2) power to consume it and know how to do it safely.

iON 42:51

Jaun 42:52
So, does that mean if you - okay, obviously not using it is an option -

iON 43:01
Yeah, we don't suggest it. You're gonna have to, you're gonna have to deal with dead people. So, it's better to get good at it to know how to work with it. But you don't have to use it. Or, you can just become straight god and say fuck 'em and don't have to deal with it all. But, a lot of people aren't going to be so fortuitous to have that complete segue into their experience. Some, it's gonna be step, step, step, swish.

Jaun 43:30
Okay, so we do more want to go towards the power to consume it. That's the - that's not using the -

iON 43:37
Well, not if you have to do the - if you have to do the quick step with someone dead, it's better to know The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Jaun 43:46
Okay. Brilliant. And then also some very good things on retribution because I was going to ask you about The Bible saying that you will be judged by the measure you used. -

iON 44:05

Jaun 44:05
- And you, you said retribution when you spoke to Dr. Dean. And that is not karma. Does that relate to the same statement of the measure you use?

iON 44:21
It is because karma is not - karma, karma says you get what you, you, you get back what you give. And we say no, no, no, no, that's not true. You give up a seed and you get a whole harvest. You get more back than what you sowed, see? So, karma is not like that because it doesn't give the, the benefit of the harvest. Now, if you listen to Mr. Hurtado, he'll tell you how to tithe; he just doesn't tell you why. But, you get more back than what you give in your thick sack or slick sack or sack of slick or slick of sack, or something; something you have to do, to do, to do. But, settin' that aside, what happens is you have an ability or capacity to flow with what you know. Okay? Then you build on that genre and you become a larger thing. Carolyn, that's why we were poking at her, it was great fun because we were poking at it, because it's delightful how she's engaged. You see? It's marvelous.

Jaun 45:25
Yeah, I love the examples she uses.

iON 45:27
And she's so thankful; and she's thankful beyond words, continually. It's wonderful. And it's not even for a selfless position. It's that "no one else can do it better or should do it better than I" as she said it. And we're saying great, wonderful. So, acknowledge that, and so she does. Perfectly, see? So, no issue. That's the point of that segue. You see, because her perspective now is different. The point of that conversation was to point out how her perspective on this side of the lions is different than it was before. You see? She still has her opinion of people as they are, but now it's not so heavily rigid regarding that position. See? It's softer now because now it's like, oh, okay. Now she refers to herself as a capitalist. Ooo, go to the, go to the, go to the epilogue and look that one up in the bookmark and see what you come up with. You ain't heard that before. As a capitalist. It's a wonderful thing. And use the benefits of that hierarchy. It's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. And so, that's an example of what this conversation was regarding and your questioning dealing with the Book of the Dead as engaging or not. As your perspective increases and changes, then yes, it will be great to engage to that level because it will be very fortuitous to you because you'll have insight into how it works so you can make sure you don't act like the billionaires that you hated. You see?

Jaun 47:04
Yeah. How brilliant. Thank you.

iON 47:09
Very good. Nice segue on our - it was a nice segue on our part. Thanks for settin' it up for us. It was really great of you.

Jaun 47:20
And thanks to you. And that's all for Book of the Dead questions for now.

iON 47:27
Thank you.That was great.

Jaun 47:30
Thank you.

iON 47:30
Glad you got to catch up. Sometimes we don't fault you for not being live or catching up. Because sometimes people find it easier when it's all said and done to go at it. We laugh, we say this show is done live in front of a taped studio audience on purpose because most time people come back and they listen and they go: "iON, you said stuff on the tape while I was listening and I know you didn't say it, no way in the world you said it, no way you could have said it. It was goin' pretty fast, but I took it down, I slowed it down. Jean said she transcribed every word of it and it was not there, and now all of a sudden it's in the tape! How does that work out?" We go, okay, put the flag; put the Dixie, put, put the Confederate flag back on the General Lee and we'll talk.

Bob 48:13
Ha ha ha. Okay, Germaine, you're on.

Germaine 48:19
Hi, iON.

iON 48:21
Hi, darlin'.

Germaine 48:24
Thanks for the walk talk that you just talked about.

iON 48:28
You're welcome. We liked it.

Germaine 48:31
Yeah, I love that. It sounds like the dead are not really dead. So, what would be a better word to call them because they're still around, and the Book of the Dead is kind of like showing that they're, they're around. So, what would be a better word than calling them the dead?

iON 48:49
Ah, recently, not alive?

Germaine 48:53
What if they've been dead for a really long time, though, and they're still around?

iON 48:57
Because you find out quickly like they do; there's no time.

Bob 49:02
Yeah, iON, you use the phrase. "the recently undead" or something.

iON 49:08
Mm hmm.

Bob 49:09
The recently dead? Or the recently undead?

Germaine 49:11
The recently not alive?

iON 49:13
Recently undead.

Bob 49:15

Germaine 49:16
Recently undead.

Bob 49:19
That would be people who came back over.

iON 49:23
Some, and sometimes now in, in history and some of those ridiculous dead people that Bob talks to them, they call them earthbound spirits. But, that's Bob's world more than ours. That's more of that Jane Roberts, Jane -

Germaine 49:39
What is the difference?

iON 49:39
- Nothing. Bob's word, the Jane Roberts crap. You know, (indistinct).

Germaine 49:47
Are there earthbound spirits? Does that mean they're, they're here, they can't go anywhere else like another dimension or realm or -

Bob 49:55
That's the limitation that Seth and, yeah, mainly Seth and maybe Cosmic Awareness put on the scenario here.

iON 50:04
That's right, That's right because they wouldn't acknowledge a different plane of essence. And yet, that's all they talked about was raising to the plane of essence from Rhyee and blehablehable and don't forget blooglybloogly, and logga logga logga and the red stone and the red color and the big crystal and from the black stone in the black. Wait, that's a, that's a, that's a trading platform. No, no, no the white stone, no the red stone. Lick all of them and you'll be all right. See? Those were the limitations.

Bob 50:38
Okay, iON. Do you know the phrase, lan Vitale, or lan Vitale? That Bert sent an email?

iON 50:44
Lan Vitale.

Bob 50:49
Yeah, they, that's sort of about spirit or something. Scott's on about that now. What do you say about lan Vitale, is that what you were - is that like the blue stone, the red stone?

iON 50:59
Yeah, they're all references. They're all references that don't apply. They're just examples. They're like what can a coon do in a tree? Well, they can climb it. Well, okay. So, it can ascend. Okay. And it can go down and so it can decend. Okay, can it jump out of the tree? Yes. So, it can fall. Can it swing from the tree? Yes. So, it has capacity to hang on. So, you keep going on and on and on and on and on about what a coon, a raccoon, can do to a tree. And that same thing would apply to this conversation that you're trying to create a moniker regarding -

Bob 51:37
Lan Vitale. So, the lan Vitale is racoon

iON 51:38
What can a coon - lan Vitale is what can a coon do to a tree?

Bob 51:46

iON 51:48
And that was good. That was pretty good segue there for - all analogies stuck sooner or later, but that one was pretty good.

Bob 51:55
All right. Maybe Scott will add more questions about it, but do you have some more things, Germaine, about the Book?

iON 52:01
We just can't wait. Ha ha ha.

Germaine 52:02

Bob 52:06
Don't discourage him, iON. We only have 11 now.

iON 52:07
No, no. We adore, we adore him. Hey, we didn't lose him to CNN. It's a good day. We appreciate all of them we keep, for sure.

Bob 52:23
Yeah. So, you have nothing else about the Book, Germaine?

Germaine 52:30
No, no, I'm good right now. Thank you.

Bob 52:33
Okay, so I'll run through it again. Roy, do you have anything to say? Bisbee, Arizona, do you have anything to say? Leon? Greg, Greg and Ginney?

Leon 52:45

Bob 52:48
Yes, Leon, you have something to say. Go ahead.

Leon 52:52
Do you hear me clearly?

Bob 52:53

Leon 52:55
Okay. Um, I noticed there was a - two terms for the land of the living and the dead and (indistinct) is eternal and then, there's other words, it was just tonight's reading.

Bob 53:11
Yeah. There were two lands.

Leon 53:15
But there seems to be still like, kind of reference the, I guess, the eternity of component of you're still existing regardless whatever you have (traffice noise) in the meatsack body or if you're dead.

Bob 53:32
Okay, he's addressing that to you, iON.

iON 53:37
Great. What the hell did he say?

Bob 53:40
Try it again. Maybe speak a little louder. Leon.

iON 53:45
No, it's not louder. We heard the words, we're just trying to figure out if he's talking about the two sides of the lions and the two sides of both sides of the dead. If you're talking about the comparison or the interplay between the two sides on this side from your perspective where you're looking to, or if you happen to find yourself with the recently undead, which side you're looking to from there. Is that your reference point of asking?

Leon 54:18
Hmm. Direct question (muffled)

iON 54:19
That's what it is. There's two parts.

Bob 54:22
Yeah. Is that your reference point? One of those, Leon?

Leon 54:26

iON 54:29

Bob 54:30
Then what would your question be about it?

Leon 54:33
More about the - hmm. (pause)

iON 54:47
Mary Pickford was a famous silent - she did silence, non-speaking. She was, she didn't speak. That was when no talk and then -

Bob 54:57
Yeah, as a teen.

iON 54:57
- when she starred in, yes, she starred in "Pasion's Plaything." It was a great success, a great hit. She was a movie star who never said a word, but she could speak.

Bob 55:11
So, what's your question, Leon? Get precise.

Leon 55:17
Ah, hmm.

Bob 55:19
Why did you bring up the two things? The two lands, the two, whatever they are. What's your question about them?

Leon 55:27
In the two terms that were used, it seemed like this one was eternal, otherwards, infinity, or in that matter of, like, it's continuous. But the question is, as you, I guess, shift back and forth? Hmm.

Bob 55:50
You're saying there was eternity then there was the limited?

Leon 55:55
Is that the terms or the words that were used?

Bob 55:58
I don't know. We'd have to look it up. I'm not, I can't find the thing.

iON 56:03
Everlastingness. Everlastingness.

Bob 56:04
Yeah, everlastingness. Yeah,

Leon 56:06
Yes. There you go.

Bob 56:11
Okay, so what about it? What's your question?

Leon 56:14
Hmm. How, or is there a way that one can recognize that they're in either - which realm?

iON 56:24
Yes. Schedule an autopsy. And if you survive it, you're doing great. If you don't, you know where you landed.

Leon 56:36

iON 56:38
Now wait, that's cheeky, the answer to that is cheeky. You understand cheeky?

Leon 56:44
In some degree, yes. (Indistinct)

iON 56:47
Because it's about perspective. It's about, no no, no wait, we're gonna we're gonna save it. We weren't being sharp or terse, we were saying that that brings up the conversation that you're asking about is perspective. You're not asking that question. You're asking about perspective. That's all you're addressing. And we go, okay, that's a radical way to gain a tactile, visceral, engaging, however glib, clicheable archetype of liveness is to survive an autopsy. Okay? Ha. So there's a softer, easier way of doing that from a perspective standpoint, and that's what we're bringing up, however sharply in that example given. So now the ratio or basis of between where you are and where you are is based on your perspective. Okay, perspective is what you're trying to gain the beast over or to acknowledge that you are indeed alive or not dead or ascended or ascending, you see.

Bob 58:06
Too much for you, Leon?

Leon 58:10
I'll say. Yeah. I'm still thinking of a follow up, but -

Bob 58:14
Is it because you kind of live that way? You live in the fucking netherland worlds between worlds. You're allowing yourself to be open to that.

iON 58:24
"Finding Nemo."

Bob 58:28
So, listen to this Leon. Germaine was talking to somebody that you guys both worked with at that company years ago. And she was just gossiping with Germaine and all sudden she says: "Boy, that Leon, he got so involved with iON, he just disappeared." What do you think of that? They're talking about you back in your last working place.

iON 58:53
Back in the day.

Bob 58:55
And they think that they've - Gemaine was surprised that this woman knew about iON. Right, Germaine?

Germaine 59:04
Yeah, because of Leon she did. And she said that it was iON's fault that Leon went crazy.

Multiple voices 59:14

iON 59:14
Yay, that's great! We love it. That's the best news ever. That's great. It was really Bob. It was really Bob. It wasn't us, it was really Bob, but we'll take it.

Bob 59:27
Ha ha. I'll just drive him to his funeral. iON saved Leon.

iON 59:34
Yeah, we'll take it like a man, honey, don't worry, we'll take it like a man. It's all right with us. Yeah.

Germaine 59:42
She said Leon became obsessed with that thing, iON, (overtalk laughing)

iON 59:50
That thing. That's like, that's like Cousin It on "The Addams Family." Come here, thing. That's what - Bob, that's what we


iON 0:00
It's runnin' around doing all kinds of stuff; writin' all these checks, and stirin' up all them formulas, and puttin' all that stuff in this, and a little of this, and a little of that, runnin' this up, and invitin' your President to Atlanta.

Bob 0:19
Hey, so, so guys, so, Scott says iON's come to erase humanity; wipe out humanity. And Bob's the Dark Soul. Bob's the main assassin. So, I do it one by one. So, my first victim was Leon who just disappeared. (laughing from Bob and the group)

iON 0:38
And so, and so, guess what happened? And guess what happened? Carolyn starts the Egyptian Book of the Dead and we bring his ass back!

Bob 0:47
Yeah, we brought Leon back! Ha ha ha. We gotta tell him that. Leon's back.

iON 0:58
Carolyn, tell them, - tell them Carolyn saved another one. She made iON bring him back, yeah.

Bob 1:07
So, that's the drama. I kill people, Carolyn brings them back. That's the duo.

iON 1:10
There you go, there you go.

Bob 1:12
Yeah. Bob and Connie.

iON 1:13
That's why Isis's tryin' to fuck up Rhyee - why Isis's tryin' to fuck up Rhyee since the beginning.

Bob 1:17
Ha ha ha. That's right. Isis's trying to control Rhyee. I'm Rhyee. So, Leon, did that clarify issues for you? Can you now state your question?

Leon 1:38
Yeah, it clarifies it, or clarified it, but I have a pinpoint question right now. It's not developing.

Bob 1:49
What's not developing?

iON 1:50
He's decked - he's decked off. He's decked off.

Bob 1:57
What's that? A drink?

iON 2:00
Decked off. It's a developing solution.

Bob 2:02
Ha ha. Watch it, Carolyn.

iON 2:09
Careful, Carolyn. Wash them hands, Bob.

Bob 2:11
Yeah, watch she'll drop it on me. So, Leon, when you hang up are you gonna go: "Jesus Christ, I can't think of anything when I'm talking to iON and then I got all these things I could have said." Are you gonna be like that?

Leon 2:26
Well, no, 'cuz I was picking up on the Book of the Dead. But the question I was thinking of, well, that was: what was Cher, I think that's her name, Cher's most influential outfit?

Bob 2:44
Yeah, I can't make out your words.

iON 2:46
No no no no no no no. No no no no no, no. She wore Halston. Halston did most all her stuff. Halston. Old Halston.

Bob 3:00
Who did who?

iON 3:01
Indian - Cher's. He was Cher's designer.

Bob 3:05
Oh, and so, why is Leon bringing up Cher?

iON 3:10
Because he wanted to know who was her designer. Who was her designer when she (overtalk).

Bob 3:13
Oh, okay. All right. Yeah. Okay -

iON 3:19
That was long before, that was long before Perry Ellis and long before fucked-up Tom Ford. His little, ridiculous, peanut gallery stick figure. He used to draw stuff for, for, for Waldo; you know, stick figure people that are just - you have to be the size of Bob's leg and then you can wear Tom Ford. He doesn't - Tom Ford doesn't even wear Tom Ford. He's too obese. He's too obese to wear it. There you go.

Bob 3:52
So, is that it Leon? You got a few chuckles. "I had an audience with Bob and I got a few laughs." Put that on your T-shirt.

iON 3:52
And all I got was, all I got was this fucked up Mg T-shirt.

Bob 4:09
Ha ha. Yeah, M-g-t is management, not magnesium.

iON 4:16
That's true. M-g-t is management.

Bob 4:22
Is that it, Leon?

iON 4:24
You can have the - he could say, he could have the, he could have the Tories versus the Whigs. That'd be fun.

Bob 4:33
I'm such a great talk show host. There's no talk show who sits around saying: "So, is that it?" We wait around for the person to pick up something. You never hear that on a regular talk show. You got to fuckin' get your shit in, and then you get deleted.

iON 4:45
Mike Douglas, Mike Douglas used to do that years ago. You learned that from him.

Bob 4:49
No he didn't. Mike Douglas did not do that.

iON 4:52
Mike Douglas, he most certainly did. That was before you're Margo Thomas, Danny Thomas' daughter. That was before her husband got good at it.

Bob 5:04
Phil Donahue.

iON 5:06
Mr. Donahue.

Bob 5:08
Yeah. Okay, so -

iON 5:12
And, you did think Sally Jessy Raphael, you did think Sally Jessy Raphael was hot with her damn red glasses.

Bob 5:19
No, you keep saying that. I was not that aware of the TV shows in that period.

iON 5:29
Ha ha ha ha. Well, you quote the bitch that's all we know. "Sally Jessy Raphael said:"

Bob 5:34
I never quoted her. She's the one who wore glasses, right, Carolyn?

iON 5:39
It's in your chart. It's in your chart.

Bob 5:39
Blonde with glasses. Sort of a matronly management-level kind of person.

iON 5:45
It's in your chart. It's in your chart.

Bob 5:48
No. She's not in there. That's the other chart. Let's see, non physical.

iON 5:51
Oh, yes, she is. Hexad(vetisement). Hexad(vertisement).

Bob 5:55
Hexsad(vertisement), all right.

iON 5:59
Just before that, just sayin'.

Bob 6:00
Okay, guys, -

iON 6:01
You don't even - now Bob's denying his own damn chart y'all! You see? You see? We do The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Now he's gonna say: "There is no Lyndon LaRouche in my world. There was never Lyndon LaRouche. Never LaRouche. It was never. There's never been anything up my bum besides coffee enemas, and a little tequilla. We've been adding tequila to the coffee enema. It's amazing!" Yeah, it's amazing. What a little, little bit of tequila - sweeten, sweeten the coffee enema with a little bit of tequila. It will do you good.

Bob 6:36
Okay, so one last stab, Bert. Did you think something else about The Book before we close?

Bert 6:44
Yes, Bob. Yes.

iON 6:47
Of course.

Bert 6:47
iON, this is a weird question, but I'm going to ask it. Is there a distance between Orion's belt and Giza pyramids?

iON 6:58

Bert 7:01
Is it a continuum?

iON 7:05
You don't know what a continuum means, so -

Bert 7:10
Yes, I do. You gave me - I have a definition that you gave me.

iON 7:15
Then what's the definition?

Bert 7:18
The definition: It's a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other that exist between different possibilities.

iON 7:27
Okay, so if that's true, then yes.

Bert 7:34
So, there is a continuum based on the definition that you gave me. Yes?

iON 7:39

Bob 7:40
So, Bert, that means the Giza and the Orion are touching each other?

Bert 7:48
iON, are they touching?

iON 7:51
11 inches away.

Bob 7:55
You mean that's the gap of the touch, or that's what the touch has to overcome, 11 inches?

iON 8:01
Yes, the interval.

Bob 8:04
Between the two objects. That's interesting, Bert.

Bert 8:10
Yes. So iON, the - you were talking about the living looking into the dead realm and the dead looking into the live realm. Is that what is the distance between Orion's belt and Giza? Is that what's in-between -

iON 8:26
Mm hmm.

Bert 8:26
- that distances? Those - wow.

Bob 8:29
They said yes?

iON 8:30
Perception. That's perception.

Bert 8:31
Yes. That's perception.

Bob 8:36
So, one's in the other world, in the dead world; one's in the live world.

iON 8:40
Um, yes.

Bob 8:43
Yeah. So, Orion would be in the live world. And pyramids haven't grown yet, so they're the dead world. Or, is life potential, so it'd be reversed. The Orion is light from millions of years ago; so, we're not seeing the present. So, they're in the past; so, they're the dead world?

iON 9:03
Relative. Relative.

Bob 9:07

iON 9:09
No, just relative.

Bob 9:12
It's a relative of the dead world?

iON 9:15
No, it's relative, not a relative. It's relative. Junction function what's your function?

Bob 9:21
So, the pyramid is live. The pyramid's in the live part of our perspective.

iON 9:28
Ah, now, that won't hold forever, but right now, yes. 'Cuz when you get deeper into The Book of the Dead, you're gonna start seeing how to get the other side. Because, they're gonna tell you how the dead people get the live people before it's over with.

Bob 9:42

Bert 9:43

iON 9:44

Bert 9:44

iON 9:45
Yeah, that's coming. So, that dead bitch you're talkin' to, if she don't like you, she can get you. The Book will tell them how to do it. If she's listenin' to the show.

Bert 9:58
Heh heh. Okay, iON. So, okay, let's get back to the Tech Body. Okay, Bob had some beautiful words last week about the Tech Body, and The Egyptian -

iON 10:07
Oh, lord.

Bert 10:07
- Book of the Dead deals with the Tech Body. Okay, but no, but iON said, I mean, Bob said that you can't put the Tech Body into sensory level, because it interacts with non physical. But, the Tech Body is something more than, is more than the ultimate tactile extensions that we've made. So, the Tech Body is interacting in-between the space or did not interact and -

iON 10:33
It's not interact, stop. It's not interacting. It's interactive.

Bert 10:40

Bob 10:46
That sounds like something we described earlier tonight. Something in the gap.

Bert 10:51
Yeah, I remember hearing the gap.

Bob 10:54
Yeah. What were we talking about? Something was in - I don't know.

iON 10:57
The interval.

The interval. Right.

Bert 11:00
Oh, yeah.

Bob 11:01
We applied it to something, I think, in the descriptions in The Book.

iON 11:11
To Nellie Orr.

Bob 11:14
That was - that's in what we read? To Nellie Orr?

iON 11:18
No, no. Nellie Orr, one of the requested GOP witnesses.

Bob 11:25
Oh yeah. In the Ukraine world. Russia collusion stuff. Orr.

iON 11:30
And, ah, Shifty, Shifty Schiff. Fusion, Fusion GPS.

Bob 11:34
All right. So, you're saying Nellie, who's presented to us as a human, is a phenomenon of the Tech Body is what you just said. Right?

iON 11:44
That's correct. That's why we said it.

Bert 11:46
Mmmm. Mmmm.

Bob 11:46
Hear that people? Everybody in the news, like Schiff, is a phenomena of the Tech Body, not the human being. That's probably why they looks so nuts.

iON 11:58
That's why they're presented so, that's why they're presented butt-fucking crazy.

Bob 12:04
Yeah, they look acting crazy.

Bert 12:06
Ha ha ha ha. Wow.

Bob 12:07
And did you see? Carolyn, did you see this stadium for the LSU? It's like 100,000 people for Trump!

iON 12:16

Bob 12:18
Or, maybe for the game, but they were given a big ovation. How do the democrats even think they're even going to be allowed in the election? They're not on the same plane as Trump.

iON 12:29
"Well, wow. You don't understand. You just don't understand. We're going to impeach him. That's what we're gonna do. We're gonna impeach him. We can't beat him, we can't get around him, and he's gonna put us all in jail. He's draining our god damn swamp, and we're really pissed about it. And, we're gonna make out eyes be really, really, really big. And we're gonna shake her head and we're going to say, yeah, it's all bad. Not good. That's not good and up's not down and, yeah, we're gonna have an election in 10 months, eleven days and 16 minutes from now, but it's okay because, because we can impeach him any way we want to, because we're the legislative branch and we can do what we want to." Now wait. Donald Trump is being impeached because he said the Second Amendment says he can do anything he wants. So, Congress is now saying we're gonna impeach you for any reason we want just because you have the power to do anything you want. So, by god, we're gonna show you. Meanwhile, they're already lightin' cigars in the Senate to say: "Yep, boys, this is gonna give us the House back." Now, what you gonna do when you get the House, the Senate and the presidency and you can't pass a god damn bill? What you gonna do then? Uh oh. Y'all better be careful because - the Trump ain't neither. He's a swamp drainer. If you're a part of the swamp, it's not good. Swamp drainer.

Bob 13:55
Ha ha ha. Hey, you know what, Bert? Trump is from both worlds that we're talking about, we call the Tech Body. The Tech Body covers both sides. Right, iON? He's like the, the virtualization of Otto von Habsburg, you know, paying all sides.

iON 14:11
When he lost the - when they paid off when they pay, okay, when Trump made a deal with Trump's Taj Mahal to save and revive Atlantic City, and when he developed the what's left to the Upper East Side, and he made a loan agreement so egregious, that in order for the banks to foreclose, they'd have to become insolvent, that's brilliant.

Bob 14:41
So you're, and he - but, you said the other day that he decided to run and change the Constitution when he, when the Taj Mahal deal failed.

iON 14:54
That's when he figured out how to do it.

Bob 14:58
And you just said how he did it. What you just said, right?; explained how he did it.

iON 15:02

Bob 15:03
Did you say the phrase, "and with common stock"? Did I hear that right?

iON 15:08
No, no, no, no. He crafted a loan agreement so perfectly that in order for the people to foreclose on his deal, the people who foreclose would have to declare themselves as insolvent. So, they would never foreclose.

Bob 15:26
Right. He - I saw a quote, somewhere. He is, someone's showing him saying: "No one knows as much about taxes." He's listing off all he knows the most of everything. You would say he is at the top of knowing all these things because of his position on what he knows now as President, and he can validate that, right? It's not bullshit, what he's saying.

iON 15:47
And the rest, and the rest he learned from you and the archives of CKLN.

Bob 15:52
Ha ha ha.That's right. He realized that I will fuck you. No, what is it? Okay, I will fuck with you and you will fuck with me, and then we'll fuck and we'll get paid for it.

iON 16:07
And somebody else will pay the bill.

Bob 16:09
Yeah. Ha ha ha ha. Okay, so final announcement. Okay, so we're finishing the thing. Thank you, Burt, for the final point. And Trump is the Tech Body. Schiff, those guys are watching the Tech Body do a drama right inside us. Not in front of us, inside us or beside us.

iON 16:34
How very LaRoucheian. How very LaRoucheian of you, Bob.

Bob 16:38
Yep. What's his phrase? The punctum, the punctum, the punctum saliens or something in history, the punctum point. Anyways, yeah, we emphasize the punctum. So, now that we finished, we pause, and then I make this announcement. I finally got around to asking iON how many hours have we done now. You know, a few years ago it was 18,000 hours. And iON said 21,600 n'something hours. So, it was over 500, so that makes it another - you put it up to the next thousand. So, 22,000 hours we've arrived at. 22,000 hours recorded iON. So, there it is boys and not the girls. We're taking the vote away from the girls in the constitutional crisis. When we have the convention, no more voting from stupid women anymore. (laughter) It's only gonna be landowners, and there's just gonna be 28 of them. So, you know, it's gonna be a nice -

iON 17:21
And, and, and only beautiful, and only beautiful people on Maui from now on.

Bob 17:42

iON 17:45
All the ugly people need not - ugly people need not apply.

Bob 17:50
Ha. That's right. I agree with those sentiments. I've had to deal with the decline of visual space for the last 10 years.

iON 18:00
Things sagging all over the place and droopy things. It's ridiculous!

Bob 18:05
Yep. And -

iON 18:08
Pour Nasty's face fell off. She paid top dollar for that, and her damn face fell off.

Bob 18:15
Ha ha ha. We paid top dollar for that. What is top dollar, Carolyn?

iON 18:23
The republic is saved. The republic, the republic is saved for a few days till she gets her face back on.

Bob 18:28
Ha ha.

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