Thursday, December 21, 2023

Cameron McEwen & Bob Dobbs Discuss Bob’s New Book

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McLuhan’s “Drama of Cognition”


Michael said...

Enjoyed the conversation. Interesting questions to ponder about the individual and collective experience. Bob's gives his reflection on Analogical Mirrors. Enjoyed Cameron McEwan's take on Media Ecology as being Chemistry. This engagement felt like a probe. Bring on Part II! Let's hear what comes back.

Bob Dobbs said...

Thanks, Michael.

Michael said...

This continues to be the most interesting conversation on the internet and a welcome relief from having to hear more garbage about Covid or American politics. Thank you Bob and Cameron for giving a use to the brain beyond it being just a drain.

Aletheia said...

Where's the book?

Bob Dobbs said...

Thanks again, Michael.

The "book" is not a book per se. It is here:

Michael said...

Thank you again Bob and Cameron! This conversation continues to be enthralling. I have listened to a good amount of McLuhan talks and interviews and sometimes, especially in this latest dialogue, it sounds like I am listening to the closest thing we could come to a current conversation between Bob Dobbs and Marshall McLuhan. There are moments which feel like Cameron fully embodies Marshall's perspective to a point of channeling him. Even his delivery begins to sound like McLuhan. Bob evokes. And, this conversation is just in its beginning stages; we haven't even really started addressing Bob's book yet. Bob's stated intent in writing 'What You Didn't Know About Trump' was to update McLuhan. By having this conversation with Cameron, Bob is delivering and evoking words that are accomplishing exactly this. This conversation is Essential McLuhan Curriculum for anyone curious about what Marshall would say about everything that is happening now. With the massive amount of content iONdom is currently generating, don't let this fireside chat with Bob and Cameron be overlooked. Thank you for posting these Ed!

Bob Dobbs said...

Excellent commentary, Michael!

I agree with you about the significance of our dialogue.

Brod Power The Rubberband Man said...
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Brod Power The Rubberband Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brod Power The Rubberband Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brod Power The Rubberband Man said...

Welcome to the Cul De Sac and thank you Bob and Cameron for the amazing commentary, this should be passed on to anyone clambering their way out of the rabbit hole. A remedy for the agitation caused by an undefinable environment, dignity brought forward to a fairly unseemly subject. It’s invaluable what you have done I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The medium is the massage and Dobbs the happy ending..
Holograms.. AI .. Can we purge ourselves into idiocracy or is there hope for harmonic resonance..Oops shouldn’t of mentioned that.. encore lol
I guess I’m just happy knowing Bob for the time being, it’s like a pirate ship for pioneers.. McLuhans treasure hunt and a piece of a map.. Praise Bob! I love your work Captain.

Ps toward the end of the Jul 29 recording there you mention to Cameron that you often wonder what we get out of this.. we get a hell of a lot more than you realise perhaps.. I’ve improved the communication within my own environment and with my family and I attribute most of that to yourself.. I’m glad I came in through the back door,it’s given me more room to move, what a journey still proud to be SubGenius..

Michael said...

Cameron: You take dialogue more seriously than almost anybody else...
Bob: Right.
Cameron: You say someone is dead, okay I can dialogue with that, somebody is crazy, okay I can dialogue with that...the universe...I can dialogue with that...
Bob: The only person I could not dialogue with back then in 99, 2000, was you!
Lol! This brilliant dialogue continues...

Bob Dobbs said...


Email me at

Bob Dobbs said...

I responded to your email, Jo.

Check your spam/junk box.

Anonymous said...

because the world has gone so crazy it seems it would be difficult to look at a people's based on them in quantity or en masse, or through use of language that uses quantitative terminology and hidden comparison - or else that just joins the rank of the insane really.

I love this show. Great content. For real.

From Stephanie

MC said...

Bob is on the cutting edge! Cameron is providing an interesting perspective as well!

Bob Dobbs said...

Thanks, MC.

Anybody interested in talking to Jo, above (Jan.6/24)?

MC said...

Hi Bob,
Yeah, I'd be interested.
You can share my email address.

Matthew (MC)

Bob Dobbs said...

MC, email me at