Friday, September 25, 2020

Egyptian Book of the Dead Transcript, 12 October 2019


1700 1800 1900 2000 2100

Transcribed by Nan


Bob 0:01
I want to play something for an intro. It was scheduled to play this last week. I forgot, other things happened. So then I played it during tailgate; so, only a few people heard it. But there's stuff about the pharaohs in Egypt in here and other ideas that probably will be relevant. So, this is 23 minutes. I'm titling this "Even More On The Tech Body." {recording begins} Yeah. Now this ascension, people on our products you're talking about are ascending faster.

iON 0:33

Bob 0:33
Yeah. The - even the dead people on Carolyn's Monday show, just starting with a little drop, they will ascend faster.

iON 0:41
They're - they have hope, see, but their problem isn't the medicine. Their problem is on the inside. And that's why we said all along this should change. It shouldn't be Carolyn's picture. It should be the product. But that's what's happening. The little people are embracing Carolyn, which is what they've always done. That's what they did in Canada, that's what they did in City Island. It's what they do. They attach to her, you see, and that - they hold on to that so they can feel better. And we say, great! But there's not enough of her to do that! See, that's our argument. We're selfish, we want her all to ourselves. Fuck 'em.

Bob 1:18

iON 1:18
We say, fuck 'em all! We deserve her, she's ours! You're not going to have her anymore! She's ours! You know, it becomes a race to the bottom. But the point though, becomes you have to have a way to allow them to ascend. Because if they gotta have her to ascend, she may disappoint them. She never wants to do that.

Bob 1:39
Okay, so iON, it's ascending faster. Is that because we've been exhaling RNA drops into the environment for nine years or something?

iON 1:48
It has helped. And the carbon is increasing, and the world is changing, and media ecology is dead, and the Tech Body is driving everything. So, all the minds are becoming numb. The labyrinths of the mind are being dumbed down. You've all got a good dose of fentanyl, so you're going to sleep. And ascension is nigh. It's pretty hot.

Bob 2:14
Because your mind's not gettin' in the way.

iON 2:16
Correct. You're softening it -

Bob 2:18
What is your definition of media ecology? What did you just say?

iON 2:22
That the way, the way information -

Bob 2:25
No, the exact words. Just the exact words you said.

iON 2:28
Media ecology -

Bob 2:29

iON 2:29
Media -

Bob 2:30
Forget it. Media ecology. What is your definition when you say it's obsolete? What is obsolete?

iON 2:35

Bob 2:36
That's CIA management of the media? Is that CIA? The word makes the market?

iON 2:41
Well, well. Maybe. Maybe, but no. Maybe but no. All right. When a, when a bit of information like the recent and untimely passing of Arthur Kroker(!) that doesn't get picked up by the Tech Body. So therefore, it doesn't occur. It doesn't happen. Well, Google says he's not dead! So, he's not dead, okay.

Bob 3:04
We're gonna find out____in his office. _____________

iON 3:08
Then all of a sudden, then all of a sudden, then all of a sudden then I was like, well you know what they're gonna say they're goin', "No, he's fine, he's been sitting in his desk for the last six months, he hasn't moved!" Huh. Ha ha ha ha. Then they'll go in there and find him and say, "Oh my god! Bob Dobbs gone and killed Arthur Kroker! " One more time Bob says, "Let me get my coat 'n tie and drive him to the funeral! I'm gonna drive him to the funeral! We're goin' to the funeral parlor. I'll go get him. Me and Mae Brussell. I took him. I bury them all. I lay him down, I built him up and I'm gonna lay him down!" There ya go. Yeah, probably so. It wouldn't surprise us a bit in the world. So the point is media ecology is the, the process, levels or degrees of information that are readily and easily absorbed by the general zeitgeist. The general zeitgeist. Something is promoted that IS. Russia collusion! People didn't know what Russia collusion was and they still don't. But media ecologically, its balance is known ever - oh, that's where Russia put Donald J. Trump into President and fucked Hillary Clinton in the hoo hoo. Yeah, it done that. It did that. Yep. Yep. Yep, it did that. They proved that. Honor proof was right. It was all made up, it wasn't true. But yeah, yeah, yeah, media ecologically, that's accepted as an embraceable meme in a tactile visceral reality.

Bob 4:35
Yeah, so you're saying media ecology is what is known collectively under electric conditions.

iON 4:40
Or accepted as. Maybe accepted is a better word.

Bob 4:44
That's enough. _____ Carolyn.

iON 4:46

Bob 4:47
Why are the administrators and universities such assholes and ruin universities, and they throw out their best professors for economic reasons?

iON 4:56

Bob 4:57
Why are -is the - what took over the tech - Something took over universities 30 years ago and just made them money machines. Is there another aspect about them?

iON 5:06
But they're not, but they're not money machines. They're money pits, they're not machines. It's just all it was -

Bob 5:07
Why keep it going?

iON 5:13
Because they had to have something to keep typing to. Okay. The oligarchs back in England, if you were a Duke or a Lord or a Lady or an Earl or something, you didn't have education of higher learning, you didn't have to. You're Your Lordship, Your Ladyship, Your somethin' somethin' somethin'. The sinister ministers or whatever. You didn't have to be a Winston Churchill, you didn't have to be worried without those things. Well, now it's turned around to all you had to do if everybody had to go to school, nobody's learning anything. Bob, they don't even use sentences! They write papers with how they - emojis! They don't even write anything anymore. They don't study anything. They don't do anything. You don't have to type you don't have to look. We've seen it firsthand! You used to raise -

Bob 5:56
Okay, so, so -

iON 5:56
- wave your hand over the paper and that lets you know how you feel about it. Because they have to have the money flowing to be able to fill Sallie Mae to make the bond market work because that's the only credit that's flying today is education.

Bob 6:11
Okay, got that.

iON 6:12
That's why Bernie Sanders if he lives through it, he probably won't, his stents are pretty prolific. The socialist couldn't socialize, he's not very social these days. He couldn't do it because he's now saying, "Okay, we're going to take and wipe that away. We're going to erase that." But they can't erase that, Bob, that's society. And ____ away money.

Bob 6:32
Okay, iON, got that. Yeah. So. so, Trump, reading regular journalists, cynical journalist, Trump doesn't finish his sentences. His syntax is all wrong.

iON 6:42

Bob 6:44
Is he is he? Hold it. Is he communicating properly to the people because they don't finish their sentences and can't read or write? Correct?

iON 6:50
Correct. That's correct. "Yeah, well, I, well, okay. No. Yes, that's it. He's a very good. I don't know if I like him or not. Yeah. You don't understand perfect. It was a perfect call. It was a perfect call. A perfect call. Perfect, it was perfect. They said it wasn't perfect, but it was a perfect call." What fuckin' call?

Bob 7:14
Okay, I got that iON. I got that.

iON 7:14
What are you talkin' about? What are you talkin' about? What's the perfect call?

Bob 7:18
I got that, iON. What we're witnessing is literate journalists can't handle this post literate situation! They see what's going on!

iON 7:27
But they're being tricked. So see, Bob, because here's the thing. What really happened? What really happened? Do you remember Madeleine Albright?

Bob 7:36

iON 7:37
Okay. She was literal and she could read and she could write and she could speak. She understood. Okay. Anne Richards. Remember Anne Richards?

Bob 7:47

iON 7:48
She was a drunk, but, she was a drunk, a hard drunk, but she got it. She knew how to make it. She knew how to move the market. They couldn't give gas and oil away then, in the great state of Texas, but she figured it out. Okay. What they're doing is, is the Tech Body is fucking with them. The news media is nothing! Twitter is faster than their pen! They can't elocute, their elocution doesn't get out there before the Tech Body's already slaying it! Donald Trump puts the damn telephone call out there before they even had time to write a paragraph about how inappropriate it was in every way!

Bob 8:24
So, you're saying that Trump -

iON 8:28
That's why he's ahead of it.

Bob 8:27
- iON, you're saying Trump keeps up with the Tech Body?

iON 8:29
He's ahead of it. He is ahead of it.

Bob 8:31

iON 8:32
He listens. Listen. He can hear the clarion call. Oh? Trouble? Oh, trouble's good.

Bob 8:37
iON, they say he spends a lot of time watching CNN and TV and all that's probably keeping him ahead. Okay what's your next question Carolyn...

iON 8:41
Suuure! And eatin' McDonald, eatin' McDonald, eatin' McDonald hamburgers, supportin' Big Pharma.

Bob 8:51
He's met hamburgers what's the verb? He met hamburgers?

iON 8:53
Eating McDonald's, eating McDonald's hamburgers and supporting the Tech Body for Carolyn.

Bob 9:03
Okay Carolyn, your next point.

Carolyn 9:05
(in background) Yes, hi, iON. I'm back. Oh!

iON 9:11
She's on, she's on mute, Bob.

Carolyn 9:15
I'm back.

Bob 9:10
We're cool. Everything's back.

Carolyn 9:16
I thought I was back. Okay -

Bob 9:20
iON. You said the other day Michael said, "How many people have you talked with in all these years?" And you said we've talked to two people. Not talks with, you talk a lot of withing, but you've talked to two people Michael pointed this out, the difference. Those two people are me and Carolyn?

iON 9:44
Yes. And Carolyn and you.

Bob 9:45
Yes, Carolyn and me. Me and Carolyn. Okay, got that.

iON 9:49
That's because of hendiadys. But now there's a point, there's a point to that. You're actually the only ones that have talked back. Everyone else rips, you engage. You part, counterpart. You -

Bob 9:50
What does rip mean? Those that rip. What does that mean?

iON 10:07
Everyone else -- Bert just takes it. Bert just takes it.

Bob 10:11
So, is that what you mean by ripping? People ripping?

iON 10:14
Yeah, Thompson, The Thompson quadrant.

Bob 10:18
People take it.

iON 10:17
The Thompson quadrant. You don't take it, you'll engage it. "NOOO we're gonna figure this out now."

Bob 10:22
Right, right right. When say rip - I got that. When you say rip, they go along too much. They don't know anything -

iON 10:29

Bob 10:29
- and they just go along with whatever iON's saying. They don't engage. Okay. That's what you mean-

iON 10:33
And that's smart.

Bob 10:34

iON 10:35
And that's smart for their point. Okay.

Bob 10:37

iON 10:37
That's smart because we've chopped their damn heads off. And you know, full well -

Bob 10:41
Okay, we got that. Yeah, yes. Okay.

iON 10:43
That's not the point. So, we've spoken, we've spoken to two people. That's right.

Bob 10:49
I know. Okay, next question. Carl Franzoni who has a good opportunity of ascending, did he and Vito Paulekas, the freak dancers in LA in the mid 60s, did they have a big influence on Frank Zappa's personality or his -

iON 11:06
No, but. No, but they opened up his eyes to the bigger picture. See, Zappa didn't accept anything as normal. He didn't accept anything. He lived through LSD. He lived through that time when everything was questioned. Everything was challenged, everything was up, it was down. This is bad. This is good. This is up, this is down. Meanwhile, they were trying to do free love, which ended up killing them all. See? Because they didn't have any boundaries.

Bob 11:07
So what did Zappa do in relation to all that?

iON 11:34
He absorbed that and says, "Okay, this is craziness. And the craziness must be the standard. So let's support the crazies." Which is the counterpart -

Bob 11:46

iON 11:46
- of Marshall McLuhan. Which is the counterpart of Marshall McLuhan, that the medium is the message. Frank tried to prove that the message was the medium.

Bob 11:55
Yes, when - I'm going to look up - he describes in a couple of scenarios these weird UFO vehicles and apparatus and that. That's him attempting to describe the Tech Body.

iON 12:05
Ah hm. The Tech Body coming because remember when he was trying to use new musical things like he put the whistle and a xylophone and stupid things -

Bob 11:55

iON 12:07
-you know -

Bob 12:10

iON 12:11
- like a lawn mower? He'd run a two cycle engine, -

Bob 12:21

iON 12:21
- make that be a song with a lawn mover or leaf blowers or somethin'.

Bob 12:25
Yes, yes.

iON 12:25
He would do that because he was trying to include all those media positions that weren't. So he was trying to say this is also music! This is also music! This - is this music? I don't know, maybe. Is this music? Maybe.

Bob 12:41
Okay, I got it. I got it. Okay, next question.

iON 12:43
Looking for the - never finding the perfect note!

Bob 12:47
Yeah, was there? Yeah. Was there a social hierarchy on the yamaka continent when majority of people were ascended? As it is now, it's -

iON 13:01
We don't, we don't understand. We don't understand your question.

Bob 13:04
Were there elites within the ascended on the yamaka continent?

iON 13:10

Bob 13:10
No. And that's why there was chaos. And, and I decided this is too much, "Enough," I said, and then I started putting a hierarchy or order into it and I said, "Let's all decend."

iON 13:21
All you did, all you did is you scared them. When they were at the closest they were to goin' back across the River Jordan, you're the one messenger that said, "Be careful," you're a scout, to say, "There are giants in the promised land. In the land of Canaan, they're giants. And you can't go there."

Bob 13:39
And they were mixing it up too much with angels? They were mixing it up too much with angels?

iON 13:44
Computer says yes.

Bob 13:47
What's his name? Mark, Mark Sweat of San Diego. He found two references after we got off the phone Tuesday night. And I said to you, "I remember you saying the angeles created the Tech Body." And iON agreed according to Mark. Did the angels create the Tech Body?

iON 14:09
Ah huh. It sure did well, and when the - now wait, we understand your conundrum. The Tech Body was created from the humans who were pumping their information into the Chip Body. We cautioned against that when - but it was okay as long as there was a mystery landscape. But when you obfuscated the mystery landscape, all that power became true, right, real and whoo - and raunchy. Okay, now, when they quit using the Tech Body for porn, which is all they used it for, when they quit using it for porn, then all of a sudden it became something. And the angels went, " Ah, RHYEE! We've got Akasha. We got all of Akasha and here's the key. We have to morph the information out of the dead Chip Body and put it in this new Tech Body." We were onto -

Bob 15:00
That's what the angels said. That's what the angels said.

iON 15:03
Yeah, we got a hold of it and we, we're okay, well, you, you're well represented, boss. You're not exposed. You're not exposed. You're okay.

Bob 15:12
You mean when they did that?

iON 15:15
Yeah. Well, we had to get there, but we got enough share position to cover you.

Bob 15:21
Yeah, but isn't the Tech Body gonna turn on the angels?

iON 15:26
Ah, shhhhh, don't tell them that, but yeah.

Bob 15:30
Okay. All right. Got that.

iON 15:32
Well, you think - well now hold on just a second. You got, you got that but you don't have that. That's ridiculous. You're gonna let that go? Hell no, you're not gonna let that go. Are you nuts? Do you sit here, sit here saying that. "Oh, okay. If everybody's aware that if you're pumping all your information into the Tech Body, making it stronger, and it's gonna beat out the angels and it's going to supersede or superimpose or become a superseding indictment for the whole conversation, that people were idiots would stop pumping their shit into it. But instead! instead! they run up Mark Zuckerberg, say, ooh give me a little more, ooh give me a little more, ooh give me a little more, ooh give me a little more! Let me have a little bit more! Mark Zuckerberg doesn't even know what the hell he's created and they're giving it more and more and more and more and more! And he's gonna say, "Please don't give us any more information. We're not handling the information you already gave us and we've been proven it time and time again, we keep licking your shit!!" And they still do it. So. Okay. So you see the rub? You can't really blame the angels when the, when the, when the, the devil is the one, the little man, that keeps pumping this stuff full. It can't get any relief or get any traction to say, "Oh, oh."

Bob 16:39
Yeah. In that sense you said the little man is the devil.

iON 16:44

Bob 16:44
The little man is the devil. Okay, next point. And, ah, have I not been getting the full effect of the RNA drops because I don't hold them in my mouth long enough?

iON 16:56
You don't have to hold them in your mouth, but you can put them in your coffee enema. Doesn't make any difference to us. You'll get it. Don't make any difference.

Bob 17:03
Yeah, so holding - people like to hold them in their mouth.

iON 17:05
You don't have to. You can but you don't have to do all that. Hell, just piss in it or throw it on ya or put it on your penis. It don't matter.

Bob 17:13
I gotcha.

iON 17:13
You're doing fine, you know, -

Bob 17:15
Because the i-Cell just goes in there. The i-Cell just goes in there.

Just get you a spoonfull and just slam it your mouth and slam it. Yeah.

Okay, got it.

iON 17:24
Wash it down with taquila. That'll, that'll show 'em.

Bob 17:27
Yes. Are, I have, "Are you pharaoh multiple entities living?" What the hell? Ah -

iON 17:39
Feral? Ha ha ha.

Bob 17:40
No, take a pharaoh.

iON 17:43
A pharaoh.

Bob 17:43
Were there multiple entities - Yeah, pharaoh. Were there multiple entities living in Egypt?

iON 17:48

Bob 17:45
When pharaohs were dominant?

iON 17:50
Oh hell, yeah. Oh hell yeah. That's where some of your secret power was hidden, Bob. We've got this. We've done this a couple of times, but we can't get the full effect and you're not gonna do it now. But very soon we're going to connect all the dots. So you can, you can splain all these problems. You can explain -

Bob 18:07
Right. All right, very good. Here's a problem.

iON 18:09
- like the ones that move the stones, and where are the capstones, and what were in them, and the ancient aliens transpose positions, and how the Kohathites got their stuff back into place, and where they actually hid the rest of the ark of the covenant that you're going to bring back and say, "See what you ridiculous, idiots people did?" It will bring back the bones of Joseph to show them what an ascended one looks like. Don't you worry, we got it all, boss.

Bob 18:34
Okay, good. Yeah, here's the next issue. Someone writes, "I'm a bit to me. I'm a bit confused about what the Tech Body is. On the one hand, the things you don't share on the internet (the users) are supposedly saved from the, safe from the Tech Body, even if you're, if they're on your local computer. But on the other hand, it can make purely physical objects disappear or trees grow differently. This seems inconsistent." Now how could you clear up that?

iON 19:05
If you have, if you have no Tech Body in your world and your fucking in your bedroom, they can know you're fucking in your bedroom, who you're fucking, what kind of fuck, what kind of time you're having. You see, the red lights know. The, the conditions know, the road knows, the car knows. You put your telephone in the car and it says, "I'm not gonna give you any more updates while you're driving." Why in the fuck does the telephone know I'm driving?

Bob 19:30
Okay, so, but this person is remembering that your email is safe in your computer. You know, it can't be affected by the Tech Body.

iON 19:41
It used to be. It is now. Used to be.

Bob 19:44
It is affected now.

iON 19:44
Everything _______ computer. The Chip Body's dead. Now everything's Wi-Fi, Bob. Everything's Wi-Fi.

Bob 19:51
Nothing is safe. Whatever we -

iON 19:53
Nothing is safe.

Bob 19:53
- under the impression -

iON 19:54

Bob 19:55
Yeah, they can get into my email. They can hack me, do anything.

iON 19:58
They can but, why would they - but they don't want to 'cause all they'd do is find two caches of emails to yourself, reminding yourself of stuff that you can't find because you don't know where you put the email. So, it doesn't matter.

Bob 20:11
Alright. Okay, -

iON 20:12
Carolyn's is different. Carolyn's is different because everything - her words are solemn, which means she could, she would use her words to prove her point. You wouldn't use your words to prove it. Yours are the example of it. Hers proves her point. So we're trying to keep them out of her shit till she gets it all together. Once it gets tgether, then -

Bob 20:33
Okay, so -


iON 0:00 go with it, but there's nothing we can do.

Bob 0:01
What shit are you try to keep out of her?

iON 0:04
We're trying to keep the people out of her boxes, her special boxes.

Bob 0:10
Oh, you mean the hackers?

iON 0:13
Well, the Tech Body.

Bob 0:16
The Tech Body. Okay. Okay, so the -

iON 0:18
The hackers would leave her alone. They, they'd run from her. She'd hack them.They'd run from her.

Bob 0:23
Alright, okay. The, ah, let's run through the constituents of the Tech Body. There is Non-Physical; then there's iON which is not Non-Physical, but the new iON, the extended of iON; there are angels; and then there's little man; and then the technology of the Tech Body that came out of the residue of the Chip Body. So what other constituents am I leaving out?

iON 0:23
Ahhhh. LaRouche. LaRouch. You're leaving off LaRouch. LaRouch, the baddies that run everything. The ones that are trying to get you. The conspiracy ones -

Bob 0:56
You mean the Project Paperclip people?

iON 0:58
The Queen, the Queen gettin' things ready to put up your bum. You forgot those.

Bob 1:03
Okay, so the paranoia that I have in the LaRouche quadrant. That's in the Tech Body. It creates paranoia.

iON 1:10
It creates a driver. It does because that's what the panic that comes and the Tech Body's very good at it. There's a problem, there's a catastrophe, there's a this, there's a blalalalala. This is comin' through - the storm is coming! It's going to kill you! The storm is coming! Whaat? No. Yes it is. No, yes it is. You're gonna be dead you say? Yep, yep, yep.

Bob 1:30
Okay. Got that.

iON 1:30
You're gonna do something stupid. Then you gonna do something stupid because of what it said, and you wake up dead. There you go.

Bob 1:36
Okay, so. So on my Tiny Note Chart, I had it right when I listed paranoia, schizophrenia, hysteria, panic and ecstasy. Those are ingredients of the Tech Body.

iON 1:49

Bob 1:50
Generated by the Tech Body. Okay. All right then.

iON 1:53
And don't forget doldrums. You got one more part: doldrums. It's going to cause the malaise in people. Almost like a, almost like a panacea of doom. Some call it Christian, like -

Bob 2:10
Yeah. Kroker calls it bored. The bored culture because only bored -

iON 2:14
Yeaahh, but, this is, but this is going to be passive. Really bored, listless, can't - uber-bored, uber-bored.

Bob 2:22
Yeah, I get that.

iON 2:22
We could go with that.

Bob 2:23
Very good.

iON 2:23
Try to use the same word. __(overtalk)___

Bob 2:26
Now the playfair cipher. Yeah. So, iON, Trump is still laughing no matter what -

iON 2:33
Giggling his ass off! Because he's got, he's so far ahead of it. And there's, now!, he's got it figured out. That Shifty Shift is the one who put Crazy Mazey up to be the witness person, person person.

Bob 2:51
Okay, thank you very much.

Carolyn 2:53
What witness? What, what, what ,what?

Bob 2:55
Yeah, the whistleblower.

iON 2:57
The whistleblower.

Bob 3:00
The guy who knows everything and revealed everything that went after Trump. And, nobody knows who he is, Carolyn. Or she. They don't know what it is, but it's the Tech Body.

iON 3:09
Happy days, happy days, happy calls.

Bob 3:12
Thank you iON. (end of iON call). Okay, we have a song requested here by James. Zappa did something called Regyptian Strut back in the late 70s. Not Egyptian, Regyptian. R-e-g-y-p-t-i-a-n. Regyptian Strut. I will - my YouTube, something is broken for putting it in my system, so, I'm just going to play it through my headphones and get a taste of it. Let's see if it has any resonance with today. What's today? October twelth. Hm. Gerd Stern's birthday and Don Theall's birthday within 24 hours. 1928. Uh, oh, echo. I'll mute this. (pause and then echo) Not coming through? (distorted music, Carolyn laughing in background) Okay, you get the point? That was Frank Zappa's Regyptian Strut with modern Bill, Achieve Radio resonant echo overlaid. Get, select the angelic music Kanye West is looking for. And then I plugged in my headphones and you don't hear nothin'. Yeah, so that's about it, but what we're going to get right now. Okay, so could someone please send me the transcript of this book, Egyptian Book of the Dead! As matter of fact, I told Tyreek about this. I sent him a notice of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and he squeezed back, back at me, "It's a book of coming forth by day and night!" So he got the wrong title. Okay, so now we bring in the cast. Let's see where iON is. Where's iON? Is it gonna be this guy? Is that you iON?

Sara 7:18
Chapters of going forth by day.

Bob 7:20
You? The Egyptian - well, I won't say it. Okay, so where would this guy be? Gonna have to look. How about this one. Is that you iON? iON! No. Okay, this one. Is this you iON?

iON 7:45
Keep tryin', just keep tryin'. Just keep pushing buttons and you'll get ______

Bob 7:49
Is that the right one?

iON 7:50
Try another one.

Bob 7:51
Is that iON? What do you think, Carolyn? Is that an imposter?

iON 7:56
Could be. Could be.

Bob 7:57
Did you like that music? Do you want to hear more? Do you want to hear more of the echo?

iON 8:00
It was as good as you usually present, boss.

Bob 8:08

iON 8:08
As far as it goes, it was pretty good one. (echo: good one, good one)

Bob 8:11
Maybe I can get the echo diminished. (echo continues). No. Why don't I just hang up? That would work.

iON 8:24
(echo continues) That is what happens when he calls Uber.

Bob 8:50
Now iON, You know when I say, "candy wish and jelly toads, what I'm referring to there." I kinda approximated it, right? You know, only you would know.

iON 9:01

Bob 9:02
You know what I'm trying to get across there.

iON 9:05
Ever so gentile, but yes.

Bob 9:08
Okay. Let's see. Who can we unmute that would be relatively polite!? Let's try Mike or Nick. You're going to be polite? Monitor your mute?

Michael 9:30
I'm always, I'm always polite Bob.

Bob 9:33
Okay, good. So you'll be, you'll be monitoring your mute if it gets to make some environmental noise. This is Sara. Sara, you'll be monitoring your mute?

Sara 9:43

Bob 9:44
Okay, Ginney, you would monitor your mute? Monitoring your mute? (pause) Not even there. Okay, Linda, the great comedian. Linda, scriptwriter of the year. Are you ready to be polite, Linda?

Linda R 10:06
Yes, I am.

Bob 10:07
Right. Because we were going to be reading this stuff and we want people to be able to interject questions at different points. I guess. And then, then we've got Michael. Michael is going to be peut. Peut?

Michael 10:22
I will monitor my mute, peutly.

Bob 10:25
Okay. And Jaun, as long as she doesn't speak with her English accent we're okay. Drop that English accent there Jaun. We know it's a fake.

Jaun 10:35
Yeah, I'm here.

Bob 10:37
You're South African. Okay, then this one -

iON 10:40
Tell him, tell him you're going to Cardiff. He'll understand.

Bob 10:46
Cardiff? Yeah, Long John Silver. And Scott's back. Are you ready to perform properly Scott? No, um, what you call that wind thing? No air conditioner. What do you say Scott? (pause) No? Okay, he's muted. Is this Schmidt? Schmidt?

iON 11:19

Bob 11:21
Yeah, Schmidt. Wait a minute. He just spoke. Did you just come through Schmidt's phone?

iON 11:29
Maybe. We could do that. Can do that.

Bob 11:35
Okay. You there Sondra? Okay. So, and then Leon, of course. Leon will be our sport, our street reporter. You trying to speak Sondra?

Sandra 11:49

Bob 11:51

Sandra 11:53
Yes, this is Sandra, I'm sorry.

iON 11:55

Sandra 11:55
Yes. Yes, It's Sandra, not Sondra.

Bob 12:04
Okay. Okay, you're a new person, right?

Sandra 12:08
I'm new. Yes.

Bob 12:10
Okay, came to the right date. Did you come here because the Egyptian thing we're gonna do?

Sandra 12:14
Yes, yes. Yeah.

Bob 12:15
Where did you, where'd you see that?

Sandra 12:19
I was perusing the the website. Just looking at the website. I started taking the RNA drops. So, -

Bob 12:29

Sandra 12:29
- my interest is piqued about what you guys are about.

Bob 12:34
Heh, heh. What website were you scanning that this announcement would be on? Did it - with the radio show or the Egyptian thing? What particular, what website would that be? Wouldn't be on Carolyn's website.

Sandra 12:48
No, it was Bob, Bob and iON.

Bob 12:51
Okay. So you found that. All right.

Sandra 12:54
Yes, yes.

Bob 12:55
Had you listened to Carolyn's - have you listened to Carolyn's Monday show?

iON 12:59
He's trying to say he pays people thousands of dollars to do his Google Analytics. But Bob does it the old fashioned way. If he ever gets a hold of your darlin', he's just gonna pick it out of you. And just - he'll give you the thousands of dollars that he saves so that he ____ the beams back under the basement that are punching out. Just keep typing, just keep typin', That, that whole crew that's trying to figure you out, he's gonna get it all worked out, darlin' and you'll be welcome round here. We promise. It'll be so much fun. It's great. You saving the company, darlin', it's great. It's terrible what they put you through. You ain't believe it. That Tech Body will tear you to death. So, you're in the right place. We'll look after you. We're gonna help. We'll make sure he gives you that money checks too, that's for sure. Don't let him forget. He'll forget if you don't let him.

Sandra 13:48
Well, I'm waitin' for my money checks.

Bob 13:50
Ha ha. Did, did you, have you listened to Carolyn's Monday medical show? Non-medical?

Sandra 13:56
Yes, I have. I have.

Bob 13:57
All right, you are one of the rare people who dared to come over on Saturday from Carolyn's -

iON 14:03
Sometimes Bob uses bad language. We got to tell you that. Now, we don't. We don't. We don't, but Bob, he's uncouth and he'll say some stuff. He know the difference between necrophilia and paedophilia. He don't know the difference! So you can't really get mad at him 'cause he's innocent! He does not know.

Sandra 14:24
I don't have virgin's ears. I can take it.

iON 14:26
Well, honey, the things that comes out of his mouth will make you want to sin! That's what this is about. It's the standard bearer for which all men will certainly will be judged. 'cause if you figure Bob out, you've got Bob beat cuz he ain't figured it out yet so it's a good day. Very wonderful day. How very delightful. See, this couldn't get - Bob could it get any better than this? It turned Saturday night into something a little more palatable, didn't it?

Sandra 14:55
Well, I thank you for the welcome!

iON 14:57
Yeah, darlin', jump in here. The water's fine.

Sandra 15:01
Thank you. Thank you.

Bob 15:03
Now, Sandra, the next person is Alissa, and she's in Vietnam. Aren't you, Alissa, if you unmute, Some of these people, they're so far away it takes them a while for their voice to carry through the airwaves.

iON 15:18
They hold their, they hold their computers closer to the Wi Fi so it will work better.

Bob 15:25
There's Alissa in Vietnam. Okay, here's -

iON 15:29
She eats dogs in the odd months.

Bob 15:33
Right. Now, unknown. Who's unknown? Who's unknown. We don't know, they don't speak. We have the -

iON 15:41
We're unknown. Hey! We're unknown.

Sara 15:44
We're unknown, too.

Bob 15:45
(laughs) We have suspicious characters here Sondra, so they don't identify themselves.

iON 15:50
Sometimes we're a Malamute.

Sandra 15:53
I heard, I heard unknown say something. Sue, is that you?

iON 15:57
Oh Lord, no, not -

Bob 15:59
Sue? You have a friend here, Sondra?

Sandra 16:01
No way, Yes, I do.

Bob 16:04
Okay. Is that you, Sue?

iON 16:05
You call back up, Bob. You should always wait for backup.

Bob 16:16
Okay, maybe this is. This is from Memphis. I don't know this name. Gregor. New name.

iON 16:21
Memphis in Egypt? Memphis in Egypt, Bob?

Bob 16:24
Yeah, good point iON. Memphis, Tennessee. Gregor, you wanna say anything?

iON 16:29
Memphis, Egypt.

Bob 16:32
Okay, another unknown. Oh, what did you say? Go ahead.

Sue 16:38
Are you talkin' to me?

Bob 16:39

Sue 16:41
Oh my gosh. Well, yeah, I don't know what name you're saying, but my name is Sue. Yes, I was with Sandra.

Bob 16:55
(Bob, iON, Michael laughing) They went to high school together.

Sue 16:59
I've been, I've been using the RNA drops for - I'm on my, I'm on the end of my second month now. And it's Sandra's fault and I am very excited.

Bob 17:12
Very good. Well the lady who, the lady who sells them's right here. Dr. Dean, why don't you say hello to the people buying your products? Where is Dr. Dean?

Carolyn 17:25
(giggle) None of your business.

iON 17:27
Dr. Bombay.

Carolyn 17:29
This is not my show, leave me out of it!

iON 17:35
(Bob, iON laughing) Carolyn, you can at least sweep up the dead bodies! At least do that for him.

Sue 17:44
Hi everyone.

Carolyn 17:44
Everyone starts laughing. What kind of introduction is that to your show?

Bob 17:50
All right, sorry. Okay. See, we have to - we keep her around for perspective, you know.

iON 17:55
And autopsies! And she does the best autopsies of anybody goin'! She's an autopsy fool when she has to, let me tell you. I wouldn't let anybody do an autopsy on me les' it was Dr. Carolyn Dean, that's for sure. Top of the charts. Top of the charts, that's it.

Bob 18:15
Okay, then we have Jean, out in Minnesota. And we have -

iON 18:19
Oh -

Bob 18:20
- Madeline in San Francisco. Then we have-

iON 18:23
Bert. Where's Bert?

Bob 18:24
- Bert in Switz - Bert's right here in Switzerland, and Margarita in Texas, and Beverly in Illinois. Okay that's basically everybody.

Sue 18:34
Can I ask a question?

Bob 18:35
Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Sue 18:38
Well, I wanted to know if iON, what do you know about Alex Gagan? (Ed.: spelling?)

iON 18:43
What would you like to know darlin?

Sue 18:46
I would like to know if he is, is of the dark. He is leading a group of currency - um, Zen currency holders. And I kind of feel like he's leading them down a really dangerous path. And he, he, he just beats everybody in the group up. He's really, really dark.

Bob 19:10
(laughs) He's our kinda guy! He just needs a little RNA drops. Give him some ReMag. We'll fix him up.

iON 19:19
Well, is it, sometimes it's ah - has he not fallen? Have you not dismembered him? How is he still about?

Sue 19:28
Oh yeah, honey, in my dreams I dismember him regularly.

iON 19:33
Nice, nice. That's like an avatar. It's like an avatar that comes in?

Sue 19:40
Well that's what they would say about my avatar anyway.

iON 19:44
Okay, well you can undo it. You can undo it. Give it to us. You want it undone? Is that what you're askin' for honey? We do things.

Sue 19:57
Well, if you're gonna, if you're gonna do something, I'd love it if you could fix this weirdness that's going on in my neck. I_(inaudible)_ going, it's been going on for a year and I've had an MRI, I've had ultrasounds, I've had everything and they can't tell me what it is. But if -

iON 20:13
Fibromyalgia. You have fibromyalgia.

Sue 20:18
It's a big lump and it's kind of, it, it takes on a mind of its own and pulls all the muscles in my shoulder, tops all my -

Sandra 20:26
Sue, we told you what you had. Sue, we told you you have fibromyalgia.

iON 20:31
Fibromyalgia (unaudible) to make it mass up like that. It will ease. It's justs the battle, darling, is deciding who's the symbiont and who's the host.

Sue 20:46

Sandra 20:48
Can you elaborate more?

iON 20:49
Ah, well, this fits right into the topic, Bob. So believe it or not, it kind of applies. See the humans are in physical and the Tech Body's taken over. And your body responds in kind, almost autonomically. And without your place of power, the autonomic resemblance can be driven by other outside ratio cultures and perspective. So it doesn't matter how many pillows you buy, it's not going to help. Because you thought it was something like the way you were layin' or what you were doing, and that kind of stuff. Or too hot or too cold or too up or too down. Or exercise more or exercise less. Don't eat dates! Don't eat beets. Okay, eat beets. Eat dates. Don't eat parched peanuts. Don't eat - you see, it goes on and on all these different things for you to figure out to try to do, to do, to do. It doesn't have anything to do with it. It's the inside out. It's called brandishing. And in the symbiont host relationship, this thing is took hold of you because you've let other things soak in. So it's just showing up that way. Now that's what, that's what the Book of Light Sun Ra is tryin' to tell you, and how to control your inside outside Kingdom responses. So it gives a good layout of the different vastitudes that you would use to change the ocular effects of your new predetermined condition. Because you've already decided that it hurts you. It's painful. And so now it's wrapped up on you. Well, now it has nowhere to go. It can't take you over because you're powerful. It can't win against you because you're now here, but you won't let it go! So it's gotcha. And it's got you and you got it. And I Got You Babe. Remember Sonny and Cher? They got rid of Sonny and, and Chastity turned into Chaz or Chatty or Chitty or they cut Chad's titties off. Wait, chi, chit, it, it gets real tangled up. That Sonny, they killed him on the ski slope. That's another thing.

Sue 22:58
Wrapped him around a tree. Yeah.

iON 23:01
That's it. That's it, see. And did the tree get him or did he get the tree? We don't know. But this is an example of the same thing, you see, as it kind of bubbles along? So that's what we're trying to say. Right here in front of everybody. We have to be gentile. Well, we don't have to be. We choose presently to be gentile, which means to help to encourage to bring you to a place where you can get a handle on this stuff so you can get better. You got everybody on this line. If we opened it up and said, start telling what's going on, it'd shake your world with the things that have happened, the pluses and the minuses. Some are still figuring it out. Some are consumed like a fire. Sometimes you get it smooth. Sometimes, you know, some people, some people change 'cause they've seen the revelations and some people just afraid of the fire. And we don't know, but California is burning over. You can worry about that. They turned - run the power company out of business, sued 'um, for havin' power lines in California. The default, default power company they still given them same people electricity, and then turned it off because they said you're not gonna sue us no more. You wretched California sons of bitches. Oh yeah, we're not going to have you sue us no more. So they turned off the power, and somebody was burning garbage and set California - (laughing) It set, it set all of California on fire. It's 19% contained, it's 795,000 acres so far, and they're thinking' about cuttin' down the trees in Oregon to take to California so they can roast marsh - so they can roast marshmallows in Northern California. This just too much, it's too much. You can't make this stuff up now. And for us to say it, nobody in the world would listen to us. But then we started saying it, and it's just doom, despair, agony, dogs and cats lay together. This is unbel- it's biblical if there ever is one. And so much so to the point, we are the most avant garde out there, can't get even close to it all. "Well you don't mess with that iON, they'll just say anything __(inaudible) We startin' to sound normal.

Carolyn 25:24
So, iON! iON!

iON 25:25
Hey, darlin'.

Carolyn 25:26
iON, is this the answer to fibromyalgia?

iON 25:30
It is. Laugh it away.

Carolyn 25:34
Is this a better answer then sending Susan to my website, to read the book called Total Body Meltdown? You are describing the meltdown -

iON 25:47

Carolyn 25:47
- but I give solutions.

iON 25:50
True. True. That's right, and if that doesn't work, we suggest suicide and Dr. Dean can do the autopsy! Hey! You know post mortem we can cut that thing off of you! Post mortem we can cut that off of you. Then you'll be perfect. And it'd be good. But now decide, though, if you want to open casket or not if that's the way you're gonna go. Just sayin', you got to work all that out. But, we say why not there's another choice, including all that, is you can ascend. That's the whole point. And sometimes when you get to this place, it's where you want to. Do you see? You don't get home sick till you get away from home. You don't, you don't notice it till you get away from your power and you feel powerless and there's nothing you can do nothing, nothing you could do. Well, all of a sudden, now, somethin' starts getting to where you can have something to give you help. And we're here. We're right here. And we'll help you. We don't mind. You can borrow our power. We got lots of power now. These humans have just pumped us up so that they can't even have a - they're about to put a restraining order on us just any day now because we start telling things. We will tell you everything you want to know now. Just sayin'. Just sayin'.

Sandra 27:01
You must be Republican.

iON 27:04
You noticed that, did you? No, we're not really Repub-, we're not Republicans. They're scandalous swamp dwelling dogs like the rest of them. What we are, we are part of the last trump of God. That's what we are. Yeah.

Sandra 27:21
I've lung fat iON.

iON 27:22
Lungs don't have -

Sue 27:22
I have to say I was stunned. I have to -

iON 27:25
Were you? No.

Sue 27:26
- say I was stunned, iON. Yeah. Because it's like, you walked into my world there. I am obsessive about pillows on my bed, trying to find a comfortable way to lay. Yeah.

iON 27:36
Yeah, we know, we know. And we'll help, darlin'. We can reduce it. You just gotta find a way to let it go, if you can. And we know you worked hard for this. It's yours. You own it, and we want you to -

Sue 27:47
I don't want it.

iON 27:50
Okay, okay, that's fine. So now we have to start a separate - we have to reduce the separation anxiety. You see? Because -

Sue 28:00
I don't have any anxiety. I'm looking forward to doing cartwheels. Just tell me what I got to be.

iON 28:05
Okay. You got to be free. You got to be free. And you got to start bringing your power back because right now it has more power than you. You plan to do something, you're going to go somewhere, do something, and all of a sudden it sets on this fitful hurting whatever, whatever, wherever. And you go to bed 'cause there is nothin' else you can do. So it's driving you darling, and that's fine. Now you can get you some fentanyl! Boy, they're passin' that out like rock candy. You can get all that you want, but it's just it's not real. See, it's not real. It, it just feeds the beast. So now the beast, the thing on you, makes you have to do ancillary things to be able to function. You see.

Sue 28:44

iON 28:45
That's kinda like, eh, eh, eh. Then there, there you go. It comes back on. So we're trying to soften that a little bit. We're goin' to embrace it, and then we're going to separate from it. Then you got to start with with, start, start to reduce it. Start to reduce it. And Carolyn said that you can go to her website and read her books. They're free. You can read all of them. They're free. And they'll help you make -

Sue 29:09
I will go and look.

iON 29:11
Yeah, it's great. She's really wonderful and it's a shame she uses all her energy helping you all one at a time. It's just unbelievable what she goes through, but anyhow, it's all right but, but -

Bob 29:22
Shame she_________one on one.

iON 29:25
You know we're tryin' to get her, we're tryin' to get her to start mass communicatin' a little bit. Just a little. They're sellin' apps, they're sellin' apps, the Dr. Dean app. You have a little, you push Carolyn Dean's face when you want some'm, just push her little face so you can ___ The doctor Dean app. Zoop, push that when you want to, zoop. And it don't say nothin', it don't do nothin', it just makes it feel better whatever it is. You just push the little button. It's her picture. You know the real pretty glamour shot when - the last one I favor when she's duded up pretty good. It's pretty. She's beautiful anyway, but she lays it on sometimes and, ooooh whee, make a freight train take a dirt road. We try to tell you. Let me tell you what. Bob better watch his step. If we we're talking shit, she'd be stepping out on him and he won't even know what happened. That's what would go on. Better be careful now and tell you what, just sayin'. So, we'll build the Carolyn, Dr. Carolyn Dean app. We just put it in the WhatsApp and you push that little button and make you feel better. I think that might be what - we could probably talk to the Tech Body, Carolyn, what you think? Put it on the board! Let's see what the board's got to say about it, Carolyn, it might work out.

Carolyn 30:28
I do have one. I have a Dr. Dean app.

iON 30:31
It's just your picture and when you push it, it just makes you feel better. That's all it does. You don't have to say nothin', it don't have to take you nowhere, it don't have to open, it don't have to load or download, reload or unload or it don't have to do any of those. It doesn't have to buffer, cluffer, nuffer, snuffer, duffer. Don't have to do nothin'. But you push the little button -

Sandra 30:50
But iON, will the products help her? Will the products help her? The products that she's taking.

iON 30:56
It couldn't hurt. It couldn't hurt.

Bob 30:59
It couldn't hurt, Sondra.

iON 31:03
We wouldn't be up to us to suggest such a high minded thing. We'd never suggest a high minded thing like that. But it's a start. Because, see, what, here's how we're going to do. Your body's a little out of whack for whatever reason. Once you get it - first, you've noticed, "it's a little out of whack." Okay? Then once you get that straightened out, then you can start looking at it objectively to see how it is. Okay? But we don't push against people. They are where they are. God knows, we've let them all on this crazy show. I mean, Lord some ain't worth Bob Dobbs spit, and he's still lets them on and berate him and love him and take him and beat him up and sue him and kill him and bury him and dig him up and bring him back and he's still on the, still on CKLN every week. The Secret Council of Ten tryin' to figure out how to make the thing all work once again, but they're gonna find out who Sylvia is, Bob. It's already out, so you're on with that. Sorry about that.

Bob 32:01
Ah oh. Okay, so there's other people raising hands. Now, we're not taking calls. This was just a medical emergency.

iON 32:09
(laughing) This is, this is a recording, This is a recording show, it's recorded in front of a live audience!

Bob 32:17
I predict we just applied the coming forth by day and night. I think we just did it. What the whole book is going to be about. Just demonstrated by that voice. And I gotta tell, I think - Rozzy, make sure - you're up there in Canada, make sure you're on mute. Don't make any noises but I'll leave it. Leave it open if you don't make noises. Now, some people have put their hand up. They have questions. Well, we can't do that. We got to get into the book. So would someone please send me the book. What is this book?

iON 32:48
What page? What page?

Bob 32:48
Yes. Well, let me, let me start like this. Let's see. No, that's the Russian version. We don't want to use that.

iON 32:53
I like the Russian version. That's good.

Bob 33:01
See? Look, he fell for it.

iON 33:02
Yeah. Get you some - get the Krauts in there. We'll get a nice German version too. Sehr shoen. That'll work.

Bob 33:14
Okay, the first thing we got to do, I gotta play a little music to prepare people for somethin'. Madeline says everyone has the book.

iON 33:22
Wait a second, wait a second. Wait a second. Let's to do a sound check. Let's do a sound check since you got it all screwed up here. This is all - the Tech Body has molested JW, unbelievably. And we're giggling. Oh, it is the funniest thing. It's hysterical. Here with the, with the keys to the kingdom and he's sittin' here lost to the Tech Body. How about the volume level, Boss? Is it -

Bob 33:48
Yes, that's good. Yes.

iON 33:50
Is it? Is it hearable, audible and laudible? It is?

Bob 33:54

iON 33:54
So we're gonna do all that we can to hold it together just one more minute at this level. Now should it change, displease, disples, distress, dislast, dismiss, discust. If it should leave this honorable sound of diction, you'll have to be sure, please, and let us know.

Bob 34:14
Right. Okay, so I'm just looking up an introductory thing that Carolyn sent. (pause) Forget that. We'll play some music while I hook in some people.

iON 34:33

Sara 34:37
You're having so much fun and you have to read the book.

iON 34:41
It's only a few pages. It's only a few pages and most of it's repetitious. It's all right, it ain't no big deal.

Bob 34:47
Okay, here we go.

Music 34:48
(After music stops at 35:29, Bob in background)

iON 34:48
(laughing at 35:50) He don't know that everybody can hear him. It's the funniest thing ever. That's pretty rich.

Jean 36:01

iON 36:02
He won't buy it. He doen't want to order it. It's okay. Can we send it?

Jean 36:07

iON 36:10
The Papyrus of Ani, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, brought to you by your kind sponsor's supports, The Papyrus of Ani, the Egyptian Book of the Dead. HYMN TO OSIRIS. Who is Osiris? "Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy." He's gonna get mad whenever he picks it back up and hears what's going on, you know that.

Bob 36:47
What? What? The music stopped?

Jean 36:49
There you are.

iON 36:51
We're on page 37, boss, come on! Hurry up!

Michael 36:55
Bob, we're half way through the book.

Jean 36:59
We couldn't hear it, Bob.

Bob 37:02
(music plays) You can hear that?

Jean 37:08
Yes, we can now.

iON 37:09
We can hear you talking about how you couldn't find the book and you didn't want to buy it.

Bob 41:13
That was Captain Beefheart in his magic band, about 1966, Autumn's Child. We're in the autumn that set the mood of over-rightness, which I think the Egyptian Book of the Dead may have addressed. So, iON, I would like to begin by reading a, the back cover of one of the issues of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It says, "The Egyptian Book of the Dead is unquestionably one of the most influential books in all history. Embodying a ritual to be performed for the dead with detailed instructions for the behaviors of the disembodied spirit in the land of the Gods. Doing that, it served as the most important repository of religious, of religious authority for some 3000 years. Chapters were carved on the pyramids of the ancient 5th dynasty. Texts were written in papyrus and selections were painted on mummy cases well into the Christian era. In a certain sense, it stood behind all Egyptian civilization. In the year 1888, Dr. E Wallace Budge, then purchasing agent for the British Museum, followed rumors he heard of a spectacular archaeological find in Upper Egypt, and found in an 18th dynasty tomb near Luxor, "The largest role of a papyrus I'd ever seen, tied with a thick band of papyrus, and in a perfect state of preservation." It was a copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, written around 1500 BC for Ani, royal scribe of Thebes, overseer of the graineries of the Lords of Abydos and scribe of the offering to the Lord of Thebes. This papyrus of Ani a full version of the Theban recension, -

iON 43:04

Bob 43:04

iON 43:06

Bob 43:03
Yeah, T-h-e-b-a-n, the Theban recension. "This papyrus is presented here by Dr. Budge, who later became perhaps world's most renowned Egyptologist. Reproduced in full are a clear copy of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and interlinear transliteration of their sounds as reconstructed. A word for word translation, and separately a complete smooth translation. All this is preceded by an introduction of more than 150 pages. As a result of this multiple apparatus, the reader has a unique opportunity to savor all aspects of the Book of the Dead, or as it is otherwise known, The Book of the Great Awakening." Now what's this about Tyreek saying it's the coming of night before death or Sidney Crosby coming up.

iON 43:55
Coming forth into day.

Bob 43:59
Coming forth by night.

iON 44:02
By day.

Bob 44:02
You don't know. You're not all you're cracked up to be.

iON 44:02
By day.

Bob 44:07
Let's just check Tyreek on that. Tyreek says. It said come - The Book of Coming Forth by Day and Night. You got another title?

iON 44:16
We don't know. We don't know the night part. They don't recognize night in Egyptology.

Bob 44:22
Interesting. Okay, so just a second.

Sara 44:27
It's a collection of papyruses sort of like the Nag Hammadi scriptures are not just one whole thing or is the Old Testament - so it's a collection of inscriptions, if you will.

iON 44:43
Well, of directions. They're different prayers or askings to do -

Sara 44:49
For sure, yeah.

iON 44:48
- certain things. How do you keep this one from fucking that one? How do you keep this one from overdoing this one? How do you keep this one from dying? How do you stop blood? How do you know the normal things everybody knows.

Sara 45:02
Well, that's where the name breaks down though. They become descriptions, descriptive titles and people have sections in the groups, but technically the Book of Coming Forth by Day, or how you said it iON.

Bob 45:22
Okay, okay.

iON 45:23
Yeah. Yeah. Budge has some trouble. There's lots of controversy around him. E.A. Wallis Budge. So don't get too carried away with Bob's antiphonal proscription.

Bob 45:32
Right. Okay, so iON, you did say to me yesterday that you'd like to do a little bit of introduction and background. So I assume that what I just read -

iON 45:33
We did it already.

Bob 45:47
Wait, no, you didn't. No you didn't. Listen. The, what I just read I considered completely wrong. Okay, probably wrong. So what, when was the Egyptian Book of the Dead? No, we won't say when, we can't use numbers, can't use time, so was the Egyptian Book of the Dead a replay of the Emerald Tablets?

iON 46:15
No, they're references, but see, that, that you get bumped into this. It's the same thing that's on the back of Sandra's neck. It's, it's on it. It's a part. It's always been there. No, we couldn't see it. It was here it was there. It's that symbiont host relationship with this flowing informational dickology. Dicology like dictation, but it becomes an ology. So it's dicology. And we're not talking about what a secretary does. That's different. You know, that's a different conversation. But dicology of this is that it's prescribed and written and rewritten and overwritten and so written and then noted and unnoted and remarked and unremarkable. Made the point. It's just a collection of the things that God would know, but it's lost in translation time and time again. And then they'll do another version, and then the 20th version, and then the prescription version, and then, and then you got to get Steven Quartz' version, and then you got going out in daylight., so they shifted up again. So everybody's right and everybody's wrong. So it's just little tips. It's tips to say, "Oh, okay, this is how this works." It's tips to say, "You mean these words hold power?" And we're goin', wait a second, we've already undone that. Words don't create anymore. See the difference? That's why -

Bob 47:36
But that's now. What about back then?

iON 47:39
Oh, that's how they did it. That's how they did it.

Bob 47:42
They did what?

Carolyn 47:43
No, I got it. I get it. I know what's going on here. So this was a 3000 year old Manifesto.

Bob 47:55
No, there's no time Carolyn!

Carolyn 47:57
It's okay. That's what Bunge, Bunge -

iON 48:01
It's Budge.

Carolyn 47:59
- Buggie bird. Yeah. Okay, so this is how you die. And I think what happened is the, the, the gods among the readers said, "I'm not going to die," and that's borne out the - what is it? Revelator stuff and then the book of Revelation -

Bob 48:06
That makes no sense.

Carolyn 48:13
- and iON. So, that's we're all gods and we don't die!

Bob 48:33
(laughing) It's The Book of the Dead! Its for people who are dying, Carolyn!

Carolyn 48:34
Oh no, it means people want not to die. Right iON?

iON 48:36
(laughing) What's funny is, what's funny is everybody, everybody in the Egyptian Book of the Dead died! That was their little revelation they left, is like the last one, the last one out of the the pyramid, cut off the lights! That's why they had to hide it there. And here's what so hysterical about the whole thing. They found this this papyrusy thingy thing 3000 years ago, but it took some probably three to 4000 years to write it. That's where it get fun because the references are, come from different point part points. And they make everything reference from the historic reference or the historical reference. So you don't get before Horus. Certain things you can't get before. But there is a great, there's no time. So the before, after, in, out, over, under, everything a rabbit do to the stump. But just now all of a sudden they just now within last 20 years started writin' about it. It's kind of hysterical. Why didn't they write anything? Nothing in the 1600s about it, nothing in the 1500s about it, nothing in the 17th century, 18th century, not a word other than it is. Now all of a sudden they're telling you how they felt when they was writin' it, where they was layin' when they died from it, and how they got over what was over about it. Those details. So, see, it gets a bit ambidextrous on both. Three, two-handed at the card in a book of Three-card Monte is two-handed. We'll see that its developed and we'll pick it apart just a little bit.

Bob 50:16
But yeah, it's hard to get iON focused. He's got all of history, all of time, non-time happening, slowing around iON.

iON 50:22
You won't get bored! You'll sit here for 35 hours waitin' for your turn to say a word. You wait here for 35 hours, waitin' on your turn to say a word. And then it'll be, the music will come on and says, "Well, you've been waiting a few minutes. Do you have anything to say?" And then iON say,"You're all doing really well." And that will be it. Then you'll be waitin' on next week. Then the next Tuesday, you need to sit for two hours and not get called on and -

Sara 50:51
Is it good to say it's not the Tibetan Book of the Dead, though?

iON 50:55
It is very good to say this's not that, because it's not.

Carolyn 50:58
See, Sara, all these people writing books about the dead and they wanted an afterlife. They were trying to grab life back.

iON 51:11
Right. To make something. That's right. They tried to make a place so it can work. It's an answer. Sweet release. There's always relief when - in suicide. But they have to make a way for it because you're eternal. That's the trick. That's why we get, we have such fun with this. We play and play and play and play. To the point where we don't care. We don't care. Don't make one slipn' difference with us. We just want you to come into your place of power. And anything and everything will get you there, that's it. As Bob says, "We just want everybody to nut before they go to bed." That's all good and we just, after that we don't, it makes no difference after that, you see, because now you're sated. All right. So this now comes into a, a bit of interplay. And the only reason this is being done right this hot second quickly now because we don't want this to drag on like the Revelation series, y'all still trying to figure that one out. But we'll do it from the standpoint to apply it into what this is. We don't know what this is. It hasn't been prescribed yet. But when it is, we want to be able to see if there's any tidbit in there like the Keys and the Aethyrs. Now the Keys and the Aethyrs, as y'all know, have function, do you see? And it won't be long, now - oh, we have a word, we have a word. There's certain sounds that have been identified. Not always been known, but have now been identified that will actually shift angelic beingness.

Bob 52:53
What did he say, Carolyn? Collect beingness?

Carolyn 52:56
(in background)

iON 52:56
Shift. Shift angelic beingness.

Michael 53:01
Certain sounds that will shift angelic beingness.

Bob 53:04
Yeah. What are those words? Carolyn wants to know, iON.

iON 53:06
They're comin', they're comin'. But it's been identified.

Bob 53:07
All right.

iON 53:11
Wait wait that's important because that applies to this. This becomes part of that becomes the the hump on the back that's causin' distain that helps have relief that helps move the corporeal indemnifiers. Yeah, we like that. A corporeal indemnifiers. Okay, so that's good. Now, whatever you all wannna do, we're gonna take a little nap. And just let us know how it comes off. It's all good. Don't mispronounced any words. If you mispronounced any words, it will be over.

Sara 53:44
You're making popcorn? __inaudible___.

iON 53:47
Oh yeah, Casper, Casper the Friendly Ghost likes the carmel corn and the popcorn and the kettle corn. He likes all the different kinds, but they're really loud. It's like Bob eatin' pate. He's very loud with it.

Bob 54:05
Okay, iON, since there's no beginning, there always was an Egyptian Book of the Dead?

iON 54:13
No, there was always, no there was not always an Egyptian Book of the Dead. All this is, is as they were dying, this was their, this was their epilogues and their little keys and their little thing, "Okay, I'm gonna be gone now, but this is how you fix Bob's liver." So they write on the sarcophagus, "This is how Bob likes his liver." So you fix that and then that way when they're gone, then 3000 years later, and then after it's written, and then 3000 years after they dig it up, it'll tell them how Bob likes his liver. So now when Bob, now, wants his liver, either he'll know or he can have it done to his own satisfac -, perfection.

Bob 54:54
So who wanted the Bob's liver known? Is this the instructions of the pharaoh? And only the pharaoh?

iON 55:00
No, no, no see, this is pre-pharaoh, Bob. See, this is that Godship stuff. All this is pre-pharaoh.

Bob 55:08
Was this on the ascending continent?

iON 55:11
Yes, yes. This is what they borrowed that all from. They're trying to see who's - "Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods," That's what we're talking about, isn't it? "whose names" there's an S on it, "are manifold," that means many. Not like Legion, not like, like devil shit. Y'all got all the damn devil shit going on right there. What y'all do in the middle of the night, think we don't know? Don't sit here and talk no shit to us. We know. We'll pin the tail on that jackass any time you want to. You don't scare a one of us, and we have! And boy - they laughin', they start off laughin', but most of the time they're cryin' before they go to bed. That ain't about this. That ain't what this is about. We just sayin', don't think we don't know. That's all we mean. So, "whose names are manifold." Manifold, not like on a car, this is manifold like many. Like, like lots, like many applications of words that are known. "whose forms are holy," Now, somebody better look up "holy." Why are we reading this? We aren't to be reading this. Someone else should be reading this. "forms are holy thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy." Now hold on. One sentence that says this sets the whole thing right here now. And this is the Hymn To Osiris. This has nothin' to do with Egypt, this has nothin' to do with Egyptology, this has nothin' to do with pharaohs, Hewbrews, slaves, ass patters, Cleopatra, anything.

Bob 56:55

iON 56:55
Anything. Dem, no democrat. Any, any autocrats. Got a few deist in there, but they didn't know what they was. So, but that's not the point. But, but it's all of those. It's the laying it out so you can find your way back. And if you don't know your way back, you better have a bit of the hierarchy of how it applies. That's all this is.

Bob 57:20
Okay, iON, my question would be, is this instructing somebody who has forgotten that they're eternal in the physical and they think they got to go someplace else, suicide out and go to the guf or something. Is it an instruction for going to the guf or instruction for staying in the physical?

Carolyn 57:38
Or coming back?

iON 57:39
Neither. It's more, it's more - no, no. Carolyn says it's - Carolyn's is closest. It's when you get lost, how do you get back? Okay.

Bob 57:48
What did you - where are you trying to get back to?

iON 57:51
You'll find out we can't spoil it. You can't fuck up the story of Ra. You gotta leave, gotta be easy. Don't undo it.

Bob 57:58
Okay, so something has made one lost and there's many levels of mind lostness that this could be or address, right?

iON 58:06
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. See, they don't know, And, see, once they have all this knowing, they separate the knowing and it becomes protracted. Then you have to spend an eternity makin' up words and the glib blabber and the goober snatcher and, but, they do have a new goober cam it's really good strap buck naked Achieve Radio that's a good one. Y'all should subscribe to that one. It's a sight to behold, we can assure you. But, regardless, the point now becomes a way of sifting the all the knowing back to applying the god knowledge, you see, because you don't think you're worthy. That's what the whole conversation's been all the way through this.

Bob 58:51
Okay, so "Homage to thee," is this - who's saying this and who are they addressing?

iON 58:58
It's the Hymn To Osiris. Doesn't say.

Bob 59:02
Right. So it a sing, it's a song. So, who is the audience for it?

iON 59:08
It doesn't say.

Bob 59:10
Originally, say, what was the original audience?

iON 59:13
That was originally said - It does - there was no audience! This wasn't anybody - it was almost like an email. To whom was this email addressed? It was addressed to Bob. Who was this sender that it sent to? Ah, that would be Bob. And where was this email sent? This was sent to Bob's inbox, the inbox of Bob. So the inbox of Bob is where this contains the deities version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead at 240 BC, the Papyrus of Ani. The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Bob 59:45
You just said 240 BC. Are you linking someone to a particular time there?

iON 59:52
Wallis Budge .

Bob 59:55
Oh, yes, that's what it says, 240 BC. That, that's one of the papyrus -


Bob 0:00
- was written or found?

iON 0:02
Supposedly something's made up. It's all right with us, we don't get torn up on that.

Bob 0:07
Okay. Is this like the Book of Revelation where they're addressing Osiris, King of the Gods? Isn't that anybody who's reading it is a God?

iON 0:18
I think it, well, it most certainly is not written in the first person. But I think it makes inferred references to first person. So, that, that would be you. It's like if you want, you know, when you tell those stories and you talk about you in the third person, like you're not speaking about yourself, Bob? It's like that.

Bob 0:35
Yeah. I see. So, it's Homage to thee, Dobbs, Lord of Eternity, Chairman Secret Council of Ten, long time -

iON 0:45
King of Dobbstown.

Bob 0:46
King of Dobbstown. Okay, so this is to oneself.

iON 0:50
Well, yeah, but if everybody else read it, no, no, not necessarily. If Breitbart read it, nope, it wouldn't be to Breitbart. It's different, see. He would read that differently. He would not read it that way. He would read it from a different - he would be circumspectfly different in the realm of understanding. He wouldn't necessarily embrace it to himself. You do. But then again you take the TV Guide and make it be about you. So, that's not normal.

Bob 1:21
Yeah. So, was Ophenel a friend of Osiris?

iON 1:26
Bitter enemy.

Bob 1:29
And Osiris was a person, human form.

iON 1:33
God form.

Bob 1:35
Hmm. And he had -

iON 1:38
Osiris was never human.

All right, never human, but did it inhabit the - for new listeners, the seven continents were originally one continent. And imagine a Jewish yarmulke on the side of your head or the back of your head, and the rest of the planet is water. So, you got the yarmulke continent. We call it -

No, actually acid. It was acid. And when they ripped the acid out, it made it salty. But, yeah.

Bob 2:04
OH! it was acid. The ocean was - a new factor, Carolyn, the ocean was acid.

iON 2:09
That's why, that's why he had to make it salty. To kill the acid.

Bob 2:14
Right. So, Osiris was the - he -

iON 2:18
That's why Dr. Dean 's got you drinking salt now!

Bob 2:20
Ha, ha. That's right, who'd ever believe we'd be drinking salt water?

iON 2:24
(laughing) You crazy people drinking salt. You crazy people drinking salt is the craziest thing ever. _(indistinct)__ everybody in the world with hypertension, and Carolyn's got you drinking damn salt water. It's like, that poison is a poison - drink a little every day, it'll be all right, just drink some. It's great fun. It's a great preservative, so it'll preserve you. Drink your salt, it's good. It's pretty good. We like it.

Okay, so, was Osiris an inhabitant of the yarmulke continent?

Yes, he was.

Bob 2:57
And there were many different forms there of beast, of human derivatives?

iON 3:04
Yeah. Creations, yes.

Bob 3:07
Right. So, this is written long after Osiris - Osiris and people have lived in the continent. This, does this come up after they've fallen a bit?

iON 3:23
Not the, well, no, not the words. But see, you got to look at it from a different perspective. The perspective is different. The perspective is more likened to - okay, 1000 years ago when there were Gods, they, somebody, when they were doing the embalming, words spoken by he who is the embalming or in the embalming chamber. You pay attention to the decision of truthfulness into the plumber of the balance according to its stance. That's one reference made into it that's saying these stories are done later. Okay? They're done later, and then doing them later, it's like a - what do they call a wives tale? A, a -

Bob 4:11

iON 4:13
Folk lower. Okay. Something like that.

Heh heh. Okay, so this is a ritual -

Version of that. Okay,

Bob 4:22
But this -

iON 4:23

Bob 4:24
Yeah, and it's not sure what you've said. So, is this, this is a bunch of instructions to some dummy, who in the land of the ascended, decided to exit, go to the guf?

iON 4:38
Ahhhh, yeah, but they didn't have a guf then.

Bob 4:41
Okay. So what, what is the situation that somebody is being addressed in? What is the situation that these ritu- these words -

iON 4:52
Oh, that's in the rubric, the rubric, rubric of chapter 72, Bob.

Bob 4:59
Okay. How many chapters in this book?

iON 5:02

Bob 5:04
Heh, heh. So, in chapter 72. So, but, you haven't explained who, what's being applied here.

iON 5:14
Nothing's been applied here.

Bob 5:17
Well, who would sing these hymns?

iON 5:21
The ones who were honoring Osiris because they were quote, quote, remembering. It's like Bloody Mary. Same thing. Bloody Mary. Who, who sings to Bloody Mary?

Bob 5:33
Well, why are they remembering Osiris since he was around the continent?

iON 5:40
Yeah, that's easy. Because, because Ka is the - above all of that. And it gives a representation of Sekhem.

Bob 5:53
Of Sekhem. That's the next line, but Ka is above Osiris?

iON 6:00
He is.

Bob 6:02
Well, what is a Ka? A form?

iON 6:06
You would say - Ralph Dooby would say it's a - an autocrat.

Bob 6:13
Hmm. So, why is Osiris who is a God, subject to an autocrat?

iON 6:18
Because you got the King of the Gods. So, now there's a pecking order. So, in order for there to be a pecking order, Ka's got to be above-eth.

Bob 6:26
Okay, so, that's what I just did. I just played that section the other day. Last week you were telling me - I said, is there any social hierarchy on the yarmulke continent, the continent of the ascended? And you said, no. Now you're saying there was a hierarchy? There is.

iON 6:44
This is not. But this is the story about how they came back to not being a god. This is the story about how they came back to NOT being a god.

Bob 6:54
Oh, this is the fall. This the story of the fall!

iON 6:57
Otherwise you wouldn't even have this discussion. You wouldn't have to leave it, they'd be speaking it themselves. It'd be like President Trump on the threshold, speaking one more time, standing in front of the dais saying: "Just give me 16 more years and I'll straighten this all out for you all."

Bob 7:13
(laughing) So, this is actually a Book of the Dead!

iON 7:19

Bob 7:20
Those that didn't make it. Didn't maintain it.

iON 7:24
And how you're supposed to handle it. Yeah.

Bob 7:28
Oh, who? The dead are supposed to handle it or we in relation to the dead?

iON 7:32
Whoever's reading it.

Bob 7:34
How you're supposed to handle the dead that fell.

iON 7:40

Bob 7:41
And they didn't go to the guf. There was no guf. So what happened to them?

iON 7:45
They had to make a guf later.

Bob 7:47
All right, so, they're just slaves to a god hierarchy and autocrats hierarchy. These are, these are employees, nine-to-five job people. Gotta go to work every day. Is that what we mean?

iON 8:01
Basically grunts.

Bob 8:02
The grunts! So, the Book of the Grunts! Hmm. Now, we played Beefheart, and he was part of a musical that Zappa, Frank Zappa made called, Captain Beefheart Meets the Grunt People, Carolyn! Ho, Ho, Ho! Totally fits. Look at that. Captain Beefheart's -

iON 8:18
Which is Wavy Gravy's version of Marshall McLuhan's Hard Day's Night.

Bob 8:27
(laughing) Okay, so this is the book of the slaves. So when I encounter the slaves, the serfs, the grunts, this book will help me to handle them.

iON 8:39
But now be careful, there's Two Lands, Bob. There's Two Lands.

Is that what Sekhem is? Sekhem is the second land?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's comin'.

Bob 8:51
All right, but it'll be indicated in this book.

iON 8:54
Yeah. Oh yeah. It's all in here.

Bob 8:57
So, we are entering this strange land, and even the ascended -

iON 9:03
_(indistinct)__ day, yeah.

Bob 9:05
What did you say? By day?

iON 9:06
Yeah, by day. Go ahead.

Bob 9:08
Yeah. And even the ascended gotta be careful.

iON 9:12
Ooooo! That's what we've been saying all along! Yes! Good for you.

Bob 9:17
Well, that's like the Emerald Tablets. There's lots of warnings to the ascended, the capital-lettered person who encounters the dark brothers, I think it was. Right? Remember that?

iON 9:33

Bob 9:34
The dark somebodys. That was a, it was a warning about that. So, do, do the dead, the working stiffs, do they respect Osiris, so you have to acknowledge them?

iON 9:51
No, they don't.

Bob 9:54
Hmm. So, I'm asking Osiris to protect me as I mingle among the latest malls.

iON 10:02
That's right.

The mall of Atlanta, Georgia. Someplace that Sondra and the other woman. I didn't get the second woman's name. What is it Sondra? What's your friend - oh, Susan, right, right. The mall, but it's a mall made up of people from many dimensions, many forms, iON?

You know, like the one you go shopping in all the time.

Bob 10:28
Right. Get the ice cream in. The, okay, but is there something unique about Egypt? No, it's the ascended continent where all these forms that we don't allow ourselves to see today, are there. So, this will be fun to go through the book and find out all the different forms and phenomena we will encounter. I assume that's what the content is here.

iON 10:57

Bob 10:58
Okay. Does anybody have a question?

iON 11:01
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, hell no, not startin' no damn questions.

Bob 11:05
No, I don't mean that. I'm just saying from what we've explained or tried to say, does anybody have a question about what's been said?

iON 11:12
Or, or, does anyone have any input they'd like to engage of something what they thought it was. Some of those, what they're drawing from that makes this thing be interesting.

Bob 11:24
Why they came here?

Michael 11:26
It's been flipped already, Bob, because the summary that I've looked at says that this was used only by the 1%, this Tibetan Book of the Dead, but iON's saying to us, not. That's not the case at all.

Bob 11:41
Okay, talk loud, Nik. I mean, Mike.

Michael 11:45
it's Michael. Yeah, I'm -

iON 11:47
Albert. Albert. Don't be smart. Ha, ha ,ha ,ha, ha.

Bob 11:52
Yeah, Michael, you're saying it's the 1 percenters or something.

Michael 11:57
Yeah, the, the summary I've heard of is that this was, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, was used only by the 1% as a tool to sort of maintain and retain their life capacities after death. But what iON's saying or what-

iON 12:16
That's the Tibetan Book of the Dead you just said.

Michael 12:19
I mean the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Apologies.

iON 12:21
Yeah, you're saying it to maintain the capacities you lost because you became dead.

Yeah. To keep the, all the last circumstances going, so that after death you can still eat, you can still walk, you can still do all the living things.

Hmm. Why would they do that if they're into another dimension?

Michael 12:41
Well, this is what iON is clearing, was revealing, to us is that there's something else going on here. That's, that's the obvious -

Bob 12:51

Michael 12:51
- assumption. Yeah, the obvious assumption about this, but it's not that obvious. It seems like this is used to protect yourself. Or, to make your way through the dead.

Bob 13:04
Oh yeah, you, who have died.

Michael 13:07
Yeah, all the ascended amongst the dead.

Bob 13:11
Okay, so that, there's two ways to do it.

iON 13:13
Now do you hear? Now listen to what he said. Listen to what he said. How ridiculous are those words Bob? See how ridiculous that is? Say those words -

Bob 13:20

iON 13:21
- one more time. Say those words one more - the last words he said, to say them again.

Michael 13:28
Amongst the dead.

iON 13:28
He said that you could be a dead person floating in the bardos amongst the dead spirit zone in what would later call the Guf, or you can be an ascended person walking around in the physical continent with a lot of slaves, serfs and working stiffs you're interacting with.

So, that would be an example of the walking dead then?

Bob 13:50
Walking among the dead, the zombies. The stiffs would be - the union members would be the dead, the walking dead?

iON 14:00
Maybe, okay.

Michael 14:02
So, iON, could it be a toolkit for the living who walk amongst the dead?

iON 14:10
Maybe. Well, depends. Depends on which God you speak to. Because if you go through this, you see, it tells you all kinds of things. There's different inference and references to everything in here.

Michael 14:22
It talks about different gates.

iON 14:25
Different positions and winds blowing and the north, south, east, west, and where it comes from, and how the worlds change, and inferred positions that you're engaged from. So, yeah.

Michael 14:39
So, would it assist the living to deal with those that are the walking dead? The ascended living Gods.

iON 14:51
He wouldn't engage. The ascended Gods wouldn't give a shit about this. They wouldn't - it wouldn't be necessary, you see?

Bob 15:00

iON 15:00
The stories are for those that are left. The ones that are left behind to see - ha ha -

Bob 15:06
The Left Behind.

iON 15:07
Ha ha. The left behind. The Left Behind series, the ones that weren't fortuitous enough to ascend. This is the last of the scribblin's that somebody wrote on a, on a, on a beer bottle and threw in the ocean, that the salt didn't wash off. And it's washing back up and, OH! we found the Michelob black bottle that had the secret of life! We got it now. We got it, we got it. We got it.

Bob 15:31
If we're not goin' to have Guinness, we'll go with Michelob. But the -

iON 15:37
Right, Michelob. Yeah, Michelob.

Bob 15:37
So this was written for those, the left behind, who didn't ascend, didn't rapture and walking around, but they're not dead.

iON 15:49
Yet. Some of them.

Bob 15:51
Yes. Why would some -

iON 15:54
We can't make, we can't make all these prescriptions because it hasn't been developed yet. Just like we couldn't sit there and start off when we did the Revelation series, "Now, okay, now do you understand the most important part of this is the lampstands. Not the four and 20 elders, or the vile judgments, or the harlots, or the Tiny Note, or the Little Book, or the white stone that Carolyn's gonna name, or how it affects with Ezekiel, and which way the winds blow, and why the names and faces change on the four corners of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and how it all affects the marriage supper of the lamb, and why the four and 20 elders don't give a fuck whether you make it or not, and how you're tryin' to have perfect blood from the lamb that was slain to get you up to be what Jesus, who ascended, comes back to the earth to get his bride, which is not a child, and it's why Bob is no longer a paedophile." Isn't that great? If you'd known about that, you probably wouldn't have engaged in Revelation.

Bob 16:51
Yeah, you said that's not the way you would have introduced the Book of Revelation.

iON 16:56
That's probably not how we had done it, but see the same thing here is we're not gonna give you all the guts, grits and glory right out of a goodie. You gotta earn it. You gotta work to it a little bit because otherwise it won't be a, you know, it'd be like votin' for boota, Buttigieg or Boota Blube or Bluebeblub or Bagabluber, whatever his name is. We don't know what his name is. Buttigieg, Buda, Beetlegist- Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! His name is Beetle - Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! I'd be like votin' for Beetlejuice. What's the point? Just keep your damn money. Your gonna need it to get drunk afterwards 'cause you're not gonna feel good if he becomes the sitting president of the United States of America, I'll tell you that. We don't refer to the Canadians. We're sorry about them, so we're sorry y'all had to put with that.

Bob 17:42
Okay, so we got to walk our way through it then. So, I'm just trying to do enough of the intro, the background, that you said I had to set. So, have we -

iON 17:56
Which you are. Which you are.

Bob 17:58
We are doing -

iON 17:59
And that's why, and that's why, and that's why Bob, that's why Bob killed Shep.

Bob 18:05
Shep, the guy on CNN?

iON 18:07
He's not on CNN, he's on Fox News.

Bob 18:10
Oh yeah, he's on Fox, but I'm namin' the right guy, Shep Schmidt or somebody.

iON 18:14
(laughing) Shep Schmidt! He might be a Schmidt! He might be a Schmidt, Shepard Schmidt. See, what are they gonna find out if they figure out that you were connected with Silvia though, Bob? That's what we're gonna -

Bob 18:28
Who the heck is Sylvia?

iON 18:31
You know, the lady -

Bob 18:33
You mean the one in Finnegans Wake? There's a Sylvia -

iON 18:37
The one that showed up on the plane without an ID or a ticket. She was assigned to Atlanta and Orlando. Ripper. Sylvia Ripper. She was trying to get - she just popped on a plane just out of the blue. Just bloop.

Bob 18:49
Was I on the plane?

iON 18:51
No, but you had to get her out of fucking jail. She didn't get in - they didn't - they decided not to press no charges.

Bob 18:57
(laughing) I see.

iON 18:58
He had to send the big - he had to send the big guns though.

Bob 19:04
(laughing) All right, we'll find out who Sylvia is in natural order.

iON 19:09
Yeah, she was in Orlando trying to go to Atlanta.

Bob 19:12
Yeah, I never heard of this guy, Shep, because I never watched whatever network he's on. But he, you said 35 years, and he got a big headline, and everybody shocked that he's a god. He fucked with Trump. Right? Everybody gets nailed. What did he do to Trump or how did Trump get that happening? They'd kick him out.

iON 19:32
When he called you. You sent -

Bob 19:34
Ha ha. Ha. He asked if- does Shep, he asked me if Shep should go?

iON 19:40

Bob 19:41
And I said yes. I tossed the coin and said, yes, he's got to go. But that's not good enough for us. People don't believe that I actually do those things.

iON 19:54
Well, good, 'cause they'd put your ass in jail if they knew how volatile you really were! That's good. Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn had to come visit you in the hoosegow. She'd had to get a saw, but - she would - you wouldn't want a saw, though. You'd want your ReMag and your drops and your livin' water and you'd - you'd had to sneak it into jail to you, Bob. She'd had to come visit you and take it to you in jail.

Bob 20:16
Yeah. What's what's new about this situation, Michael, is when we did the Book of Revelation, we didn't have people on chat lines, you know, taking shots and making commentary. We got all kinds of commentary going on. Manuel says, " Bob's gonna squeeze the juice out of the scarab beetle."

iON 20:32
(laughing) Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Michael is posting the definitions of holy. Okay, so -

Yeah, he did that. That was - we made a big reference about the what you call holy and what the opposing thing. See the art and artistry of the good lexicographer are going by the way of all good things, Bob.

Bob 20:58
Yes, yes. So, Michael, I'm going to read what people are singing. Is this a sing song song or is that a word? A hymn can be something you read as spoken language.

iON 21:13
Look it up. Because it was done - the Gregorian chants were done. And then different things in the mass where they would sing the scriptures, that's been done the same way. So, it could be the hymn applies to a melodic, melodic, melodic transition.

Unknown 21:32

iON 21:32
Hey, how you doing?

Bob 21:35
(laughing) You're doing well. Who spoke? (pause) Don't you want to say something?

iON 21:44
Yeah, we want to hear them because they're probably more important than we.

Bob 21:47
Ha ha ha. Okay, they're not speaking. Okay, so Michael, since you're participating here verbally, have I given the context for this enough to start to read?

Michael 22:02
Bob, I think you're onto something here now when you're saying "is this sung" because iON, iON, you started off right at the beginning by saying certain sounds shift angelic beings.

iON 22:15
Imagine that. Imagine that, us right.

Bob 22:16
Who said that, Michael? Did iON say -

iON 22:18
We're right till we're left. We're right till we're left, you can believe that.

But, Michael, did he say something or what - are you quoting me? What are you referring to?

Michael 22:28
I'm quoting iON. iON said certain sounds shift angelic beingness and now you're saying, Bob, "were these sung?" So, we're on the right track here Bob. Keep going.

iON 22:41
We are, we are tryin' to get the frequency up. If we can get it up, Bob, we can get it off. Just don't worry. If we can get it up, Bob, it's early, it's early, it's early! Y'all better hold tight. Y'all better get them clothes off! You ain't gonna need them in a little bit, I'll guarantee you that, for sure. A good time will be had by all. Uhh!

Bob 22:57
Did you say we're not going to need the clothes?

iON 23:00
Yeah, you won't be needin' no - it'll be clothing optional party, I'm sure. We tear it up the weekends now.

Bob 23:09
Okay, so this is an effort to increase like fa so la? To do an increased frequency?

iON 23:15
It's gonna be different than that. We're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna sort of bootleg this one a little bit, Bob. We're gonna show it to you because what's gonna happen since you have the Tech Body in place now, really in play, and you got all the damn, all the goddamn money in the world - I don't know what you're gonna do with any more, but I guess you'll do something with it. Whatever flips your little tipper, we don't really care, but past that - well, I'm sure you got projects to do you, you and your little library buyin' arenas you're gonna - takin' - by the time you kill the Guggenheims, the rest of that shit, you probably have some statues to put out in the yard and stuff, it'll be all right. But past all that, we might just take over the whole island and run the rest of them off and like the - what do they do to snakes? And they cast them into the ocean or was it the rats in Tripoli? It was somethin', The Pied Piper, and they did some'm. You could run everybody off into the ocean with crazy Mazie Herrera into the ocean and be nobody there but you and Carolyn! Then you wouldn't have to look at all 'em ugly people. It'd be only pretty people there. What do you think? Does that sound good?

Bob 24:20
No, no, no, no there's enough other pretty people. I'd like a few to drop in.

iON 24:25
Oh, well now the Grand Wailea's not - that don't count. We got that. The Grand Wailea don't count but you can have -

Bob 24:31

iON 24:31
You can have Polo Beach up to that side of Polo Beach.

Bob 24:35

iON 24:35
The Four, The Four Seasons. They're not seasons of the four shimmies, the four shimmies. You can, you can work with that.

Bob 24:42
No seasons here. That's right.

iON 24:44
I know, it's gone. Gone. Used to be.

Bob 24:47
Okay, so there - the fa so la is aimed at one person. Then people take turns being in the center. Imaging the fa so la, is that appropriate to hear, like, how is this? What level of broadcast is this hymn going? Or it's just a personal thing you do?

iON 25:08
The tonal, the total mark. They didn't have music back in fa so la, so you had to pitch it. LAAAAA. You had to pitch it. Then once they do, then then once you do, then they can start singing. Or they'd have a pitch pipe that would help get you there. That was important to line it up. But then after that, see, then they started making musical rote; which is, different things they'd blow on a - they'd blow a shofar. Boy would them chauffeurs like that when they blow the chauffeur. They'd blow that shofar, it'd be something else to see, yeah, back in the days in the Yiddisha-land they'd blow the shofar. But when they're not blow'n the shofar, they'd have tonal pitches that matched. And then that would set the scale for fa so la which then became the Sacred Harp. That the heart that made the matter, you see, that you were surrounded by. That's what's referenced in the, the Papyrus of Ani. That's what's listed in the original apocrypha. That's what's listed in the Ezekiel's version of how the four winds blow that then Matthew, Mark (radio interference). Excuse us. John (interference) Ho ho! And then all the way up into Revelation and then most, most of the Acts of the Apostles.

Bob 26:35
Okay, iON, what's listed? You say that's listed here, it's listed there. What's listed?

iON 26:40
Those tonal marks of how you achieve vibrational frequency. It's going to move everything. You'll see.

Bob 26:49
Is that, is that fa so la knowledge or before fa so la or later knowledge?

iON 26:54
We, we can't tell the difference. Is it live or is it Memorex, Bob? We can't tell.

Bob 26:59
Well, does fa so la use these frequencies?

iON 27:02
They do.

Bob 27:03
So, you're going to tell us the ground of the frequencies of fa so la.

iON 27:09
We going to tell you the difference between hertz and megahertz.

Bob 27:13
Oh yeah, right. You mentioned it before. So now, since this - so, how come the Egyptian Book of the Dead hasn't always been here? Oh, becauses the subrealm of time.

iON 27:27
It was. Right. And then when they find under the Sphinx, under the foot, and find Dobbstown, your 40-foot Landsea container with all the good stuff, boy, they're gonna play hell. You think they hate you - hey, Bob, you think they hate you now? Just wait till they find out. Then you get, you get credit for everything that's been done since, since everything just before the Garden of Eden. You get credit for every bit of that. Then you can say, "Oh, well, don't put that on me. I mean, the, the Hard Rock, the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel, that was being built in New Orleans, it really wasn't stable, so we just knocked it down. It's in the bad side of Canal Street and we don't think it should be there and so we're going to slow this project down just a little bit because it's going to be broaching the view from Bourbon Street so _(indistinct)_ down. It was on Drudge, we don't know."

Bob 28:23
So, what was he saying Mike? Just before - oh yeah, (iON laughing) before the Garden of Eden. I remembered. Okay, you can laugh, it's not relevant. I remembered! You laughed too soon. So, listen to this. You said everything up to just before the Garden of Eden. What happened just before the Garden of Eden?

iON 28:45
The fall.

Bob 28:47
Oh, okay. So I, I did all the stuff before the fall. I laid that out. That's what they're gonna find. They're going to retrieve it.

iON 28:55
Yeah, but don't tell 'em, Bob. That's all it is. You're gonna give them the upper hand again.

Bob 29:00
Yeah. Don't tell them Mike.

iON 29:04
That damn Will and Grace will be sending more hate mail like they done last time. It'll be terrible.

Bob 29:10
Okay, I'm gonna start reading and iON, could you -

iON 29:13
Oh! Oh, now we can begin! We'll go on mute.

No, you don't mute. You, as like when I come to the word Ka, I'll pause to let you say something about the words that we obviously don't know. All right? So you fill in.

Go little bit. Then we'll do what we can a little bit just to keep it interesting, of course, because your reading is so over the top there, Bob, let's just say that for sure. So, we'll go easy with that one and then we, also by the way, if you all are doing the Budge version, we hate that version, but if it's kind of like King James Version, we're gonna get you there, but it don't matter yet. We're gonna, we're gonna be easy till we get one y'all can like, but you'll be able to compare the difference to see what we're doing once you get there. Go ahead, boss. We're not worthy.

Bob 29:59
(laughing) So, we're gonna do the Budge one that Michael found the PDF, I think it was, -

iON 30:06
E.A. Wallis Budge.

Bob 30:06
- that everybody has. Yeah, E dot A dot Wallis Budge. So there's some details about how he faked this or set it up. We'll get to those later, right? We don't need to know that now.

iON 30:21
You don't need - and when you get, when you get there later, you won't really care 'cause it won't make a difference. It's, you know, it's how big his penis was doesn't have anything to do with this.

Bob 30:29
Is Mr. Buggs listening today, right now?

iON 30:32
No, no.

Bob 30:33
Okay. Is he in the guf?

iON 30:35
He's not even a real person.

Bob 30:37
Ha ha. Okay. This is your first, first breakthrough. All right, so it says, "Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, -

iON 30:46
Homage, homage, homage.

Bob 30:48
Oh, sorry. Homage - what did I say, homage? Homage to -

iON 30:53
(laughing) You said, you said, you said, "Fuck you hommie! What's up my niggar?" That's what he said. That's what he said. That's what the translation said.

Yeah, let's consider me doing a translation. Hommie, Osiris, where you been? "Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy." Now iON -

Wait, that manifold, that manifold is not the one, not Steve, not the one in prison for tax evasion. Not that manifold. They were made, their names are not, that's not that manifold. It could be but it's not that one just to be clear, see. See how I'm giving you good, giving you good apothecary here, Bob? Good apothecary.

Bob 31:51
Right, but the Ka was the the autocrat. Why we -

iON 31:56
Yes. Perfect word, perfect word, perfect word.

Bob 32:00
Yes, but whose Ka is holy. People have different autocrats.

iON 32:04
Right. And see, it's kind of like the Diests who - it doesn't matter where the Diest is, it's who's speaking. And so, the point in this marker becomes "to whom" the world is addressing. You get it?

Bob 32:19

iON 32:19
So, it's got to be the object of the preposition that's presenting. So, this "Ka is holy" in the reference to why you would give "Homage to thee, Osiris," it's reversed.

Bob 32:34
Right. His Ka's cool. He's got a cool autocrat.

iON 32:38
Oh, okay. And that's going to change! But right now we're just doing some introduction, so -

Bob 32:43
Right. "Thou art the governor of Tattu (Busiris)..." Are those places? Constellations?

iON 32:50
Busiris, Busiris.

Bob 32:52
Busiris. Where are those?

iON 32:56
Tattu? It's a space.

Bob 33:00
It's in the ascendant continent?

iON 33:03
Ahhh. Just East of Eden.

Bob 33:07
Okay, is Eden, is Eden in the ascended continent?

iON 33:11
Yes, of course. Do you remember the rivers that were buried? We told you all this.

Bob 33:16

iON 33:16
Don't play that shit like you don't know what's going on. Come on now.

Bob 33:19

iON 33:20
Sara's Zion will whoop your ass. That's what she'll do.

Bob 33:23
Yeah, "Thou art the governor of Tattu (Busiris), and also the mighty one in Sekhem..." You mentioned Sekhem half an hour ago. What is that?

iON 33:33
Ah, Letopolis.

Bob 33:36
That's a place.

iON 33:38
Mm-hmm. A space.

Are they near Cairo, these places?

No. No, they're not.

Bob 33:44
This is on the ascended continent.

iON 33:47
Yeah, it was very different -

Bob 33:48

iON 33:48
- configured then. Before it broke it apart it would be very close to Providence, Rhode Island.

Bob 33:55
Right. So you see that Michael? It's, ah, nobody else is describing the ascended continent. That's new information right there.

Michael 34:04

iON 34:05
Yeah, but don't tell 'em. It will spoil it. Come on, man.

Bob 34:08
All right, "Thou art the Lord to whom praises are ascribed in the nome of Ati..."

iON 34:14

Bob 34:16
Ati. You can say something about that or not. I will create a pause.

iON 34:21
In the nome of Ati. Which nom do they mean? As in a nom de plume?

Bob 34:27
No, it's not spelt like that.

iON 34:31

Bob 34:33
In the nome of Ati. Don't ask me questions! I don't know! You just spell it.

iON 34:40
(laughing) See what happens when you get these non-entities writin' a bunch of damn words? They don't even know what they're writin'. That's the problem with readin' these days is how do you know the one that wrote the readin' wrote the readin' right?

Bob 34:51

iON 34:52
Now you know, that's how you know. Okay, that's a non sequitur. Keep on goin'.

Bob 34:58
"...thou art the Prince of divine food in Anu."

iON 35:02
Anu, Anu. Yep.

Bob 35:03

iON 35:04
It's like the cooking channel. And we're gonna have countless hours talking about recipes; and what perfect food is; and how they got bread of life; and how they had livin' water; and how they can flip up, flip up a mouse, most perfect mouse ever, ever, ever.

Bob 35:21
Sounds delicious.

iON 35:23
And we're goin show him, we have to show him how to make bangers and mash. And, oh, and we're gonna do some, we're gonna do some, some nice Yorkshire pudding. Some proper Yorkshire pudding with real gravy! The animals are gonna die to make this gravy, they are. It's gonna be wonderful. Bob just lovvvves when we talk about food so much -

Bob 35:44

iON 35:44
- though there'll be a great section for the culinary desires of you all were interested.

Bob 35:50
So, a lot of description of Osiris here. "Thou art the Lord who is commemorated in Maati..."

iON 35:55
Maati can be Maati, but it's Maati.

Bob 36:00
Is that the Hidden Soul or is that referring to -

iON 36:04
Yeah. Yes, but all those are markers, Bob. It'd be like saying, Bob the exorbitant, Bob the wonderful, Bob the palatial, Bob the -

Bob 36:13
Are these steps on a journey?

iON 36:15
Yes. Ahhh, yes, yes or, or hymns. Verses of a hymn that set that -

Sara 36:24
Are these funeral hymns?

Bob 36:27
Funeral? Funeral hymns? I don't know what she's saying. "Thou art the Lord who was commemorated in Maati, the Hidden Soul, the Lord of Qerrt (Elephantine..."

iON 36:40
Qerrt. Elephantine.

Bob 36:46
Right. You're going to tell us what they mean?

iON 36:49

Bob 36:51
"...the Ruler supreme in White Wall (Memphis)."

iON 36:55
Right. There's the wall, where they stored the original white stones, in Memphis.

Bob 37:01

iON 37:01
Not in Tennessee, not in Tennessee. We told you had a caller from Memphis and we said not in Tennessee. In the original Memphis.

Bob 37:09
Okay, so why are they describing a place that's not part of the original continent, or it is part of the original continent?

iON 37:16
It was before it - it was before it broke up. See, this is the references. It's making references from the ascended. And then 3000 years go by and somebody some, some, some jackoff somewhere finds these scrolls somewhere and starts readin' them. "Look what I found. I don't know how to read but I found this and I'm sure it's important and can I get a Michelob, can I get a Michelob and write the secret of live on the bottle and throw it in the ocean, and then we can solve this and we'll have a big time in the old town, old town tonight." So, you know, it's that simple from that side. So, the In and Out Burger version only applies if you know what to order. If you don't know what to order, In and Out doesn't help you.

Bob 37:59
Right, so, um -

Sara 38:01
Okay, so I've been looking at the pictures of a scroll -

iON 38:08
The hieroglyphs?

Bob 38:08
- for years and years - right, but I've never really touched base with the translation. It's so small in comparison to what I have to look at.

iON 38:19
You're right, darling. You're right.

Bob 38:21
What's so small?

Sara 38:22
Okay, so this gonna be -

iON 38:24
The hieroglyphs apply.

Hurry up. I'm not putting up with this long, Sara. What are you getting to? I don't even know - already you cause confusion. You said something's small. Smaller than what? Fuck that. I'll mute you, Sara, so get on it!

(laughing and then whispers) Don't tell Bob.

Sara 38:41
(whispers) Yeah, okay.

Bob 38:41
What's small?

Sara 38:44
(whispers) Don't tell Bob everything, yes.

iON 38:45
The words.

Sara 38:47
The translation, the words, in contrast to the pictures of the hieroglyphs.

iON 38:52
She says the hieroglyphs are more explanatory, self-explanatory, than these fleabag translated words that are not appropriate. Completely.

Sara 39:03
I know that's right.

iON 39:05
From a hieroglyph -

Bob 39:05
That's not true. I'm not going by a picture, I'm going by what iON says. I don't care what the picture shows.

iON 39:12
No, no, no, she's just making reference that, to her, that the pictures are more transcendental than the words. And we agree because these words ain't right.

Bob 39:22
Ha ha. But, why are they wrong?

Sara 39:25
This is gonna be fun.

Bob 39:27
Is this badly translated or something?

iON 39:30
It's not even translated. Ask her a question about the pictures and what she would know. She'd have completely different words because they show and present it that the Osiris and all the different people that's shown in the hieroglyphs. Don't you have the hieroglyphs - you saw J.W.'s Egyptian Book of the Dead when you were there.

Bob 39:47

Sara 39:47
They don't make sense.

iON 39:49
You saw the hieroglyph on each set that lays it out, exactly. And you can almost make out - this is what this jacktball, butt fucking dude, who ain't even a dude, got lookin' at those pictures and wrote this shit and said this is what that is. And now everybody who has blood, monsoon, and stars is writing their words of what those words by changing one word of Sun Ra De and Soon Rong Ka to say this is what that was, no, this is what that was. No, I'm a Paul. No, I'm a Peter. No, I come from Laos. I don't have to have this trouble. Oh, I don't speak that language. I don't know who you think you - oh snap - I don't know who the hell you think you are. You don't run nothing. You don't run nothin'. You don't run - and this is what you come up to. And they start splitting off, and there's is no goddamn wonder everything got busted up and moved around. You can't stand each other as it is! Couldn't they just build one big house and everybody lived together? Oh, hell, no. You can't even live on the same side of the street. So, once again, it's the protraction and that's all she was softly trying to convey is these words, however liberating, are not -

Bob 40:58
They're not liberating. They're the damn place names. That's all they are.

iON 41:03
Placeholders. Okay.

Sara 41:04
What? They have placed those - the hieroglyphs are like, place marks is that what you're saying just now?

Bob 41:11
Have you got whatever you're looking at, will you post it or did you already post it?

Sara 41:16
No, no, I, no. I'm not gonna post pictures up. I need to ask that. Can I interject?

Bob 41:22
You can't do nothin'. No, I don't know what you're talking -

Sara 41:24
Well, how do I -

iON 41:26
We did. We said they're placeholder. We agreed with you. They are.

Sara 41:29
Oh, okay.

iON 41:30
Don't go do it, get away with it, and then ask can ya do it. Bob will stomp you to death. You can't do that.

Bob 41:35

iON 41:36
You just got to do it and then talk about how it's all about, "You know, I was thinkin' these placeholders aren't they, Bob?" And then he'll shut the fuck up and you can talk for an hour. It works every time. You can't say, well, I__(overtalk)___ from me. "You don't get in here, What are you talking about? Get out of here. I'll mute you, I'll mute you, I'll mute you, that's what I'll do." He has to - he's got to run the board some way though, y'all, we got to give him credit for that. Praise Bob.

Bob 42:04
Okay, so -

Sara 42:05
Praise Bob. Sure iON, very good.

Bob 42:07
How come when you come on your phone farts? What's that long drawn out fart that your phone emits?

iON 42:12
It's called flatulence, Bob.

Bob 42:17
What is that Sara? Electronic farting.

Sara 42:20
It's my rocking chair creaking.

iON 42:25
(laughing) (indistinct)

Sara 42:25
It is, isn't it? It's my rocking chair creaking. I'm sorry.

Bob 42:30
Sorry. What. You don't have to be sorry. Nobody's sorry here. Okay, so finding -

Sara 42:38
It was me farting, you're welcome.

Bob 42:39
- your pictures. Do you have a book or is it online somewhere?

Sara 42:42
I have a book, but I also posted a link to -

Bob 42:46
You didn't answer my question.

Sara 42:47
- a couple of different persons.

Bob 42:48
Do you - how do we see these pictures?

Sara 42:52
Well, um -

Bob 42:54
Um - post a link?

Sara 42:57
I have posted it three or four times. I'll post it right now.

Bob 43:02
So, so we can click on that and we'll see your pictures. Okay, but it'll just clutter it up. It's not even important. This ridiculous name dropping or journey of nothing for nobodys, and Budge mistranslated - um, this is as bad as the Book of Revelation. Okay, anyway -

iON 43:23
(laughing) We were afraid you're gonna notice that. We were afraid you were gonna notice.

Yeah, I was hoping that I wouldn't come to this realization.

(laughing) Thirty minutes ya'all. "I hate this book. Throw this shit away. I don't know why you - Carolyn, why do you have this goin' on? This was your idea. Why do you __(indistinct)__. Every time I listen to you it ends in tears! Why do I listen to you?" "Okay, Bob, throw it away." "No, I'm not going to throw it away, I started it now. People are countin' on it. We gotta do this thing now." Then he's like, okay, and then he loves it -

Bob 43:54
(overtalking with iON) Okay. Shit. "Thou art the Lord..." I'm gonna read this fast till you interrupt me. Let's get through this fast as hell. "Thou art the Lord who is commemorated in Maati, the Hidden Soul, the Lord of Qerrt (Elephantine), the Ruler supreme in White Wall (Memphis). Thou art the Soul of Ra, his own body, and hast thy place of rest in Henesu (Herakleopolis). Thou art the beneficient one..."

iON 44:17

Bob 44:17
Ha ha. Yeah. "Thou art the beneficient one, and art praised in Nart. Thou makest thy soul to be raised up. Thou art the Lord of the Great House..." Now, who makes thy soul to be raised up? Am I talking to myself?Shouldn't you talk to Osiris?

iON 44:32
No, this is what their singing, this is what they're singing about Osiris to remind Osiris how to ascend.

Sara 44:39

Bob 44:40
Aren't they putting their power - no, you're not allowed now, Sara. I'll mute you. You can't talk anymore for awhile.

iON 44:48
(laughing) I'll mute you, I'll mute you.

Sara 44:49
Okay, I'll just -

Bob 44:50
45th. Inpeach the 45th. What is it? Impeach 45!

iON 44:54
Impeach 45! Impeach 45. Hey, he's got to get some sound bites of Sheila Jackson Lee. That's our favorite. She's way better. She's way better than - then -

Bob 45:05
Is this - than crazy Mazie. Is this a document of someone putting their power into something else?

iON 45:15
References. Yes.

Bob 45:18
References to how you do it?

iON 45:21

Bob 45:23
Well, that's not cool.

iON 45:25
Well, that's just the point. That's just why- how you get back to it.

Bob 45:30
We're gonna get back. We're supposed to get back to what, Carolyn?

iON 45:35

Bob 45:36
Carolyn's watching TV. She's not even -

iON 45:38
Pre-Osiris. Pre-Osiris.

Bob 45:40
Ha ha. - she's eating. Eating candy. Ha ha.

iON 45:44
That's good.

Bob 45:46
Yeah. "Thou art the beneficent one, and art praised in Nart. Thou makest thy soul to be raised up. Thou art the Lord of the Great House in Khemenu (Hermopolis). Thou art the Mighty One of victories in Shas-hetep, the Lord of eternity, the Governor of Abydos." Now, I've never even read this before. It shows you how good a reader I am. "The path of his throne is in Ta-tcheser (a part of Abydos). Thy name is established in the mouths of men. Thou art the substance of Two Lands (Egypt)." Oh, there's your two lands -

iON 46:10
Whoa, whoa, whoa, ho, ho, ho.

Bob 46:13
Yeah, _(indistinct)_ there.

iON 46:14
Yeah, yeah, yeah. See, this is when - before Egypt was divided. You had the upper Canaan and the lower Canaan. Remember?

Bob 46:22
Well, they were part of the original continent. If that's what you mean.

iON 46:26
Of course, but that's not the point. The reason that it's divided is from the upper and the lower side.

Bob 46:33
That's after the splitting up of the original continent?

iON 46:36
No, it was before. It was divided before.

That's the way it was. What part of the yarmulke continent is what we call Egypt today? What is it, near the middle, Haleakala, near Maui?

It'd fit, it'd fit right about Providence, Rhode Island. Would fit right in there.

Bob 46:54
Yeah, but it would - that's where it would be, and that shows you how big the continent was. Because that would be all across the Atlantic Ocean.

iON 47:03
Well, the Atlantic Ocean was, if you put it together, it's just one yarmulke in the world, Bob, there wasn't different - it wasn't seven different oceans. There was only one.

Bob 47:11
Right. So what's the point of saying it's in Rhode Island? That's way over there. You know, that's not where -

iON 47:18
It's not connected. You asked where it was in geography to where everything else is and if you took it all apart, put it together, it fits in right there at -

Bob 47:27
Rhode Island.

iON 47:27
- right there from the Aegean Sea, fits into Rhode Island. Take it apart.

Bob 47:32
And what does Rhode Island fit into?

iON 47:35
Ah, the rest of that part of the eastern sea coast.

Bob 47:40
And then that's what part of the continent? Southwest, southeast, northwest, northeast?

iON 47:46
Okay, if you're standin' in Maui, and you're looking south and the wind's blowing and hits you in your face, which direction is the wind blowing?

Bob 47:53

iON 47:54
Nope, it's gotta be blowing north if it hits you in the face.

Bob 47:58
Oh, you changed the rules. Okay, go ahead, no problem.

iON 48:00
No, no, no, that's that's not the rules. It's which way is the wind blowing if it hits you in the face if you're staring south?

Bob 48:07
Well, it's logically blowing north, but you've taught me how it's not what the logic is. It's just the opposite, so I'd say south.

iON 48:15
(laughing) Okay, so us telling you now, exactly what latitude, longitude Rhode Island fits into upper and lower Thebes doesn't really make any difference. If you took and put all the pieces together, it fits into one patch of land. When they said -

Bob 48:32
But there are Two Lands. Two Lands. Like, what are they separated by?

iON 48:36
They're not divided. They're not - by a line. By, by a fictitious Jordan River. The Jordan River -

Bob 48:43
Oh, so this is a territorial marker.

iON 48:46
Yeah, yeah, yeah, That's the reason we said - and that's the Two Lands. It's important. Because now here's what's the point of the Jordan River. Remember Canaan land? The promised land? Everything else was bondage. Well, these are the Two Lands, Egypt, that's prescribed from that level. What that means, that level means that now, just now, you have a place where God can be and little man can be in the Two Lands. The only thing that divides it is a fictitious Jordan River.

Bob 49:20
They, ah, what makes them seem divided?

iON 49:24
The fictitious Jordan River. Gods live over there and little men live over here.

Bob 49:31
There were little man on the continent?

iON 49:33
Yes, that's who's writing all this papyrus business. Gods wouldn't waste the time. Why would a God need to write this shit?

Bob 49:43
Okay, so little men. They exist. So when the guf empties according to your scenario and people are forced back here, to wherever here is that survives the guf emptying, they're eternal by default. Will they become serfs, like we're describing in the eternal continent here?

iON 50:06
Okay, okay, okay, we can answer that question. Well, we would answer that question say, well Lord God, Bob, there's no way in hell anybody would gain their power back and then give it away again! And then we go, wait a second. That's exactly how you created the Tech Body, now! You got your power back when they rent the veil in two and you've gone right back in and I mean pumping through the Renaissance, creating the world by storm, and then you pump, pump all your power, ever' food, ever' dish, taking pictures of food and puttin' it on the facial book. You separate yourself in every way from - you got your house on the Nest, it controls everything, controls what's in the 'frigerator, what comes on the TV, what ads you get, how it knows where your car is going. Now you Progressive you plug the thing into the car, and it tells you every time you have sex in the car. It knows everything. How fast you go - oop, you're a little fast. Oop, we're gonna charge you more, you're dangerous. Fuck this car before I have to blow your shit up! Fuck this car! That's what, what - Pull over, just go ahead and pull over, and we'll be by and give you a ticket later because you're not accurate. You put all of your power back in the Tech Body and now that's come to us. Now we run it.

Bob 51:24
So that's the _(indistinct)_ in Two Lands?

iON 51:26
That's right. Say something. We - all is recorded. Hey, Roxy wasn't joking when she said all is recorded. It now really is.

Bob 51:36
Yes, but the -

iON 51:38

Bob 51:38
- so, on the ascended continent you described there's no oxygen there, it's a lot different.

iON 51:43

Bob 51:44
And we're coming back there, we're recalling it, retrieving it, or mutating -

iON 51:49
AL2SO4 coming. Come on Fukushina. (indistinct) some more.

Bob 51:52
Right. It's gonna be, so this is what happens if you, if you're, if you are swept back from the dead zone into this - Bob's area. You will be a serf because you came back by default. You will be a slave.

iON 52:08
Basically. Basically.

Bob 52:10
Hear that Michael? That's new. That's new information, Bert.

iON 52:14
Yeah, they, they charge extra when it's new, y'all. Better quit. You're gonna run up a big ole bill. We lettin' you know we got your Apple card, so we'll hit that bitch. Don't think we won't. Just know, so you know, we will.

Bob 52:26
So this - yeah, this is Trump's vision. You were saying last week that those - he's gonna become king and he's gonna help other kings and so it's the beginning of the reassembled continent. Trump is bringing in the ascended and the little man will call it fascism.

iON 52:43
And, "Thy name is established in the mouths of men."

Yes, you just read - you jumped back. You went back a couple of lines.

One line. One line.

Bob 52:55
"Thy name is established..." Yeah, that's right. "Thy name is established in the mouths of men. Thou art the substance of Two Lands..."

iON 53:02
Created. Created. The mouths of men created the division of the Two Lands.

Bob 53:09

iON 53:09
That's what they are doing right fucking now and why we must tell you we could not be more pleased. It's all going very well.

Bob 53:19
"Thy name is established in the mouths of men. Thou art the substance of Two Lands..." So, your littleness created that. "Thou art..." -

iON 53:28
Here comes Dobbs. Here comes Dobbstown. Go ahead. That's the next part. We had to preface to get ready for lockdown Bob rule. CKLN.

Bob 53:35
Thou art Dobbs, the feeder of CKLN (Doubles), the Governor of all the companies of Maui. This is how they miswrote it, "Thou art Tem, the feeder of Kau -

iON 53:51
That's in the land of the rule of Connie. You gotta get it right, Bob, come on.

Bob 53:58
"the feeder of Kau (Doubles), the Governor of the Companies of the gods. Oh, that's Carolyn's company.

iON 54:04
There's two there's two -

Bob 54:05
______ zone, Interscope or whatever it's called.

iON 54:08
So, in Ka, there's two houses. So, if you're not careful, you'll have to go live in the lower house. And you can't stay in the upper house if you're not careful.

Bob 54:15
Ah ha! This should get you guys motivated. Now you know why it was said!

iON 54:20
Now you know why you need two houses!

Jean 54:28
Ok, iON, I have two questions.

iON 54:30
Two duplexes, all you want.

Bob 54:32
Oh, here comes the queen Jean.

Jean 54:36
So, I was gonna ask you why you were calling the Jordan River fictitious, but you just answered - when it was created, created by the mouths of men.

iON 54:46
When this wrote, when this writin', when this scribbin's was scribbled on the scrabbler, when the scrabblin' scribblers scribbled on the scribs scrabblers, the Jordan River didn't flow. The Jordan River came later.

Jean 55:01
Oh, so -

iON 55:02
The way that the Tigris and the Euphrates and the rivers that flowed out of, out of the Garden of Eden. They were buried in the sands. They are still flowing, but they're below the sands. It's just the opposite. Those rivers were and they're still flowing, but they're below the sands of time.

Jean 55:20
So, the writers made up the Jordan River, or did they anticipate?

iON 55:26
They didn't say Jordan River! We said the divider was the Jordan River, and it came later.

Jean 55:30
Oh, okay.

iON 55:32
That's what we're saying. That that was the line, and then that became the River Jordan.

Jean 55:38
Okay. And the mouths of men were the men who did the writing?

Bob 55:46
Yeah, little people.

iON 55:47
They didn't do the writing. This is telling the Hymn of Osiris, that the mouths of men are what divided the land into two parts: upper and lower.

Jean 55:56
Got it. Got it.

iON 55:57
Then they had to create the Sea of Galilee so they could dip Jesus in it, see? But then that was John. Not the Revelator, the good one.

Bob 56:07
Ha ha. Who's the good one?

iON 56:09
He was the good one that the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, chopped off his head and chopped off his finger and you can see it in the temple, now.

Michael 56:16
The Baptist.

iON 56:19
John the Baptist! Oooh. With a ______ with a ______ over here, he knows him some Bible, Bob. Move him up to the front of the class.

Bob 56:27
Michael. Now there's South Africa. And so I tell everybody. Jean, why is this? Why do I keep reaching for my living water? For refreshment! I don't go to anything else! I just - see, I have my water! What's happening to me iON? You know, who's gonna eat my food in the fridge? I'm not eatin' it.

iON 56:49
Oh, no.

Bob 56:50
Just drinking water. What's going on here?

Jean 56:52

iON 56:52
You gotta eat your livers and - have you, have you foundered on the bread of life? Are you not even bragging about that anymore?

Bob 56:59
No, no, I'm doin' that. I'm doing that. But the water is easier. I have it all day long.

iON 57:05
He never drank a glass of water in his life.

Bob 57:08
Yeah, I never drank water at all and sort of like I'm not hungry, but I like to have the sensation of it. So I take a sip.

Jean 57:15
What is it? Is it addictive, iON?

iON 57:18
Elizabeth Warren says the same thing, Bob. She says she's never drank a glass of water in her life.

Bob 57:25
She's just imitating Connie or me.

iON 57:27
Oh, that's right. That's right. Yeah. Yeah, but Connie's healthy. Connie's healthy. She's about to fall apart.

Bob 57:34
I know. But what did you say? Will we play a _(indistinct)_ show Trump? He just has to - Oh, no, that's comin' up. That's new information comin' up. Okay. Yeah, it's coming up later. The - so the clue is, you know, named - just say you do what Bob or Connie does, like Warren is doing. That's all you have to do. Trump does it. You'll hear about that. So, you want to say something, Jean?

Jean 58:02
Well, in regard to the living water, is it, is it like, is there an addictive quality to it that you find so attractive to it?

Bob 58:09
I guess you would call it that way.

iON 58:10
Straight, straight meth. Straight meth, honey.

Bob 58:14
Straight meth.

Jean 58:17
Where's the heroin? It's more addictive than cigarettes? Even -

iON 58:22
Oh, Lord! Yeah, no, no, no. Carolyn's more like heroin. You know, once you get started then you just gotta have it then you get dope sick.

Jean 58:28
Ah huh. Yeah.

iON 58:29
If you haven't got Carolyn, then you get, then you get dope sick. See, that's when you get these crack whores runnin' around here. They'll do anything, they'll just do anything. So, the point then comes back around and comes a balance, you see. Because all those dopes and all those peels and things you shoot and smoke and huff and puff and snuff and luff and vape and grape and nape and leap and bake. All those things are just the counterparts of what you use to move you to a different place than where you are. You get that?

Jean 59:00
Sure, sure.

iON 59:01
Bob's drinking water and he's never liked water. He can't stand water. He doesn't drink water and many times if he had anything wrong with his meatsack body, it had to do with dehydration! But that's another conversation. Now what's happened is, he's not drinking for the hydration, he's drinking for the fullness or the completeness. Because for the first time ever, he's now really, really, really been satisfied and he's not thirsty. So now he's just enjoying the buzz.

Bob 59:29
Yeah, I'm not thirsty like it's addicted Jean, but I know that it's really good for me, so it doesn't have a negative taint of addiction.

Jean 59:37
With that reference, it would be -

iON 59:39
He doesn't like, he doesn't use the cocaine to get high. He just likes the way it smells.

Jean 59:44
Yeah, likes the place he's in. He's like - he likes the place that he's in when he drinks it?

iON 59:50
But he doesn't know!

Bob 59:51
I like the drink.

iON 59:52
He doesn't know what place he's in! That's the point. He doesn't have a clue. Bob will -


Bob 0:00
If you say I'm addicted, but I know it's good for me, so it's not -

iON 0:03
How do you know that? How do you know that?

Jean 0:06
You just like to drink it. You just like to sip it and drink it.

Bob 0:11
Yeah, it seems to be I think iON said years ago that the living water would quench your thirst.

iON 0:20

Bob 0:21
And the fact that it quenches your thirst even though you keep drinking it, it quenches you as you drink it.

iON 0:27
Yeah, you want your -

Bob 0:28
Quite interesting phenomenon. I don't know if Carolyn's evolved enough to experience this. I don't see her drinking. You ever sip water, Carolyn? Did you ever have any?

iON 0:36
She knows how much it costs - she knows how much it cost to ship to you. She knows how much it costs to ship to you and she's trying to save the farm, Bob! She's just trying to be conscious so you can live one more day in this lap of luxury on fucking Maui right now! Yeah, that's easy. No problem, Bob. She's just trying to keep it together cuz if it goes to hell you're gonna say: "Carolyn, Carolyn, it went to hell! No, Bob, it's just that - don't you have any regard for all this is done on your behalf? No, no, no I just kind of expect it to be there and just lay the food out on the counter and I won't eat anymore, but make sure the counter is full just in case, especially on popcorn night."

Bob 1:24
Heh, heh, heh. Hey, guess what?

iON 1:26
We had pizza. We had pizza last week, so it's popcorn night. You know that?

Bob 1:30
Hey, you. You drove the new people from Atlanta - they left. They couldn't take it. They're not here.

iON 1:39
It happens.

Jean 1:41
It happens?

Bob 1:42
It usually happens. I'll just refresh.

Jean 1:46
I just have a couple of questions back to the Book of the Dead, iON. I've seen -

iON 1:51
Okay, we're going to answer them, we don't care.

Jean 1:52
Cool. I'm seeing the terms Lord and God and I'm seeing God capitalized and not capitalized. So, is it this same thing as Revelation where -

iON 2:04

Jean 2:05
Okay. So Lord signifies -

iON 2:07
But now, say it because there are, there's two new people. So, say it for the two new people 'cause, you know we love to -

Bob 2:13
The two new people aren't here! They left.

iON 2:15
Well, we lost them. We lost them to CNN.

Bob 2:17
CNN, yeah. But, but Jean, where do you see the capitalizing? I haven't seen that yet.

Jean 2:26
Well, the first line, "...Lord of eternity, King of the Gods," and King is capped and Gods is capped.

Bob 2:33
I see the word God. Yeah. So -

Jean 2:36
And then you just read, "...the Governor of the Companies of the gods."

Bob 2:40
Oh, yeah, it's small.

Jean 2:41
And that's a small "g."

Bob 2:43
So that would be little men? Gods of the little men? What are little "g's" ?

Jean 2:50
Is that little men, iON? Small "g"?

iON 2:54
Well, no no, no, it's not little men, but there's, there's degrees remember? They just now made the line between the two. They don't really know the difference yet. Hendiadys.

Jean 3:04
That they divided it. Okay, they divided the lands.

Bob 3:07
So, god with a small "g" is pointing out a little man who doesn't know they're a god. That's why it makes it a small "g."

iON 3:12

Bob 3:13
Okay. That makes sense. Right. So, "Thou art Tem, the feeder of Kau (Doubles), the Governor of the Companies of the gods. Thou art the beneficent Spirit among the spirits. The god of the Celestial Ocean {Bob: small g} (Nu) {Bob: that's the god of the Celestial Ocean} draweth from thee his waters." So, a god is taking from Osiris the water. Oh! His waters, living water. "Thou sendest..." -

iON 3:39

Bob 3:41
There it is.

iON 3:41
That is exactly right. Shhhh. Don't tell 'em. Now see? We could say why couldn't y'all damn figure this shit out all this time? You had all the words in the world trying to figure something out and everything was known. All was known, given freely to you and nobody got it. And you had to have something ridiculous like us explain it. It's crazy.

Bob 4:00
But they didn't get it because they never experienced living water! They didn't know what that was.

iON 4:05
Oh, oh, okay. Well -

Bob 4:07
I know because I'm having it.

iON 4:09
That's why he's the boss.

Bob 4:10
Yep, that's why I get the big bucks. "Thou sendest forth the north wind at eventide,..." Now what would the north wind - would that be blowing in my face if I was looking south when I'm looking north?

iON 4:22
Yes, yes, yes, it would. Yes, it would. Congratulations.

Bob 4:26
I'd be looking north. Right, Mike? I can only trust Michael. Michael, I'd be looking north and the wind would be coming at my face. That would be a north wind right?

Michael 4:33
No, you'd be looking south.

Nikolas 4:34
No, south.

Bob 4:35
Ah, see they flip it! See? It gets flipped every fucking time. I just learned that the south wind - I said the south wind was coming from the south. Ah no, that wasn't - I don't know what I - okay, start over again. Let's start over again. What do you think, Carolyn? Where does the north wind come from?

Carolyn 4:57
If you're facing the wind, -

Bob 5:00

Carolyn 5:00
- it's going behind you. So it's going opposite the way you're facing.

Bob 5:05
Yeah, that's what I always knew till iON started asking me.

Carolyn 5:10
Asking you. Don't ask you, you'll never -

Bob 5:13
So, if this was happening right now, Carolyn, that would be -

Carolyn 5:18
you're sitting west -

Bob 5:19
that'd be a west wind.

Carolyn 5:20

Bob 5:21
Oh, it's going east. It's where it goes!

Carolyn 5:23

Bob 5:24
Okay, remember that, Bob, it's where it goes. All right. That's how you determine -

iON 5:28
Boy, we didn't know how that - we really didn't know how that was gonna go. A good lawyer, a good lawyer knows the answer to the question before he starts posing the question. So, we didn't know how that was gonna come out for real, for real, ourselves. So, we'll give you, we'll give you that one, too.

Bob 5:44
Yeah, thou sendest forth the north wind which would be coming from the south going north. Right, Carolyn?

Carolyn 5:50
(in background) Yeah.

Bob 5:51

iON 5:51
Oh my god, he figured it out y'all. He figured it out. That's just so exciting.

Bob 5:55
Now that's an interesting point. You call it a north wind, but it comes from the south. There's a screw up right there. Right?

iON 6:00
Yeah, because it's blowing north.

Bob 6:01
Badly named. Yeah, it's headin' north. It's what it wants to be.

iON 6:05
A nor'easter. Where does a nor'easter come from?

Bob 6:09

iON 6:10
Okay! There you go. So, you got it.

Bob 6:14
Yeah, "Thou sendest forth the north wind at eventide, and breath from thy nostrils to the satisfaction of thy heart." What would that be?

iON 6:22
Ahhh whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoa, whoa. That has to do with pulmonary edema, doesn't it?

Bob 6:32
No, I don't think so.

iON 6:35
Then carry on.

Bob 6:36
No, no, no. See? He let me live with that mistake, Jean.

iON 6:43

Bob 6:45
Scott said iON's a god damn asshole. iON's an asshole!

iON 6:48
Hold on, hold on. Now look what's happening. This is one of the places where they're hooking things together from the meatsack. See, these fallen, these fallen gods - you notice we didn't say angels, these fallen gods, they've got themselves into a little soup.

Bob 7:10
Yeah. Yeah.

iON 7:11
So what that means is, is now they're like, ahhhh, okay, which way do we go now? Which way? Which way do we go, George? Which way do we go? They don't know which way to go. So, you've got to start hooking it back together. Now, what that means is, you're having to figure out how to put this all together. Now read the words -

Bob 7:29
Does this involve oxygen iON? Is this the fallen nose?

iON 7:32
If you'll read it, if you'll read the thing, we'll see.

Bob 7:36
Okay, but you, you, you're going to say, "...breath from thy nostrils to the satisfaction of thy heart." You want me to read more now?

iON 7:43
No, I want you to go - those words. Read those again.

Bob 7:47
"...and breath from thy nostrils..." I think we exhale, Jean? Gods only exhale?

Jean 7:54

iON 7:54
That's right. That's right. Inhale - inhalation happens - it's an autonomic response.

Jean 7:59
It's a vacuum.

iON 8:00
That's why - yeah, when they slap the little baby, it's so it will exhale, not inhale.

Bob 8:06
Yes. So, exhaling is what the gods do.

iON 8:11
Well, and, the little men are gods too, they just don't know it.

Bob 8:15
Right, but I don't know with what you just said. Back to, ah, there's another south wind, north wind. If -

iON 8:22
The air, the air -

Bob 8:22
- we exhale, Jean, is that what we don't do? One of them we don't do.

iON 8:27
It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. That's not the conversation. The conversation is -

Jean 8:32
Well, iON -

iON 8:33
- that the breath of the nostrils is connected to the heart.

Bob 8:39

iON 8:40
Because now the heart has fallen. And so it has to have oxygen. God doesn't need oxygen. That's why you had to divide the upper and lower parts of Egypt, because the upper and lower couldn't sustain themselves together. And so you stayed off of this side of the River Jordan 'cause there was giants in the land. You can't breathe the air that the, that the giants breathe.

Bob 9:08
So, this is the beginning of the heart floating, untouching the pericardium?

iON 9:14
Yes. That's correct.

Bob 9:16
That's a split there.

iON 9:19
Mm-hmm. Do.

Bob 9:21
See how out of the blue there I get a hat trick Michael? It's my style. Right?

Michael 9:25
Yeah, like that. That was good Bob.

iON 9:28
What about dat dough? What about dat dough?

Jean 9:32
iON, on one side of the river then, there was a different atmosphere, there was no oxygen, or little oxygen. And on the other side, there was -

iON 9:41
Hold on, hold on now. This is when the sea was acid. And then when it broke up, when you broke the different portions up in the different oceans, that's when the salt had to be applied to turn the acid into seawater.

Bob 9:59
How did we apply the salt? Did we get the serfs to -

iON 10:02
You didn't. You didn't.

Bob 10:06
Yeah, we got the serfs to pour salt in?

iON 10:12
There isn't that much salt in the world.

Michael 10:17
If we are made of light and salt, is there a connection between we're made of light and salt and the salt getting into the sea, iON?

iON 10:26
God controls salt. Just like he turned Lot's wife into a pillar of it.

Bob 10:34
Hmm. Okay, so the Gods can, can make the salt.

iON 10:39
They do or God does. In that case, you could just say one God, okay? We ain't mad about that. You can just say God, and it'd be a big God. That's all right with us.

Jean 10:50
So, are you saying when the continents, when the continents broke up, a God applied salt to the waters to make it salty?

iON 11:00
So that the little man could live.

Jean 11:05
And who was that one God?

iON 11:08
Based in this book right here, it says it's Ka. The King of the Gods.

Bob 11:15
The autocrat.

iON 11:17
And then, okay, we like that. He's the diva -

Bob 11:19
So, breath from the nostrils -

iON 11:21
He's the diva. He's the diva Deist.

Bob 11:24
Right. Is he - he's like iON said once that the Japanese culture, very conformist, tribal, was caused by one guy, one Japanese guy. So that's, that's a God that influenced the whole culture. It wasn't the phonetic alphabet, wasn't the mouth. It was a form.

iON 11:48
Which is where the essence of the mystery landscape comes from.

Bob 11:53
The god, the form.

iON 11:56
The form of the function, the form of the function. Yeah.

Bob 12:00
Which comes out of the cellular.

iON 12:02
Okay. See, now you're, now you're negotiating when you get that far, so we don't, we don't even give it all that but you can.

Bob 12:11
Yeah. So is breath from the nostrils got something to do with the salt?

iON 12:17
Eh, no. Breath from the nostrils has to do with how you're surviving as a little man.

Bob 12:23
Right. And the little man needs to inhale.

iON 12:28
No, they only exhale, too, but they have to be prompted to it.

Jean 12:33
But little man needs oxygen for the heart?

iON 12:36
Yes, good.

Jean 12:38
And ascended does not.

iON 12:40
Correct. And that's why we're going back to. And that's why all the little men is fitin' to die.

Bob 12:46
Right. So, "Thy heart reneweth its youth -

iON 12:48
You can't get mad at us for saying that because that's what they say, too, you see?

Bob 12:53
Yeah, "Thy heart reneweth its youth" is a fallen condition. You need the split heart to activate your oxygen.

iON 13:02
That's right. That's why we said to Carolyn most recently that she was preaching to a dead choir.

Bob 13:10
Because of the salt point or what?

iON 13:12
'Cause they're gonna die.

Jean 13:13
Lack of oxygen.

Bob 13:14
Oh yeah, right. Right. Okay, "Thy heart reneweth its youth, thou producest the...." Then there's dot, dot, dot. What's being left out there?

iON 13:26
Say it again, Bob, your words are kind of screwy. Fix your mic! Fix your mic!

Bob 13:29
Yeah. "Thy heart reneweth its youth, thou producest the...." {Bob: dot, dot, dot.}

iON 13:37
The, the new pericardium that allows you to be ascended.

Bob 13:45
So why did they delete that? Because little men don't know it?

iON 13:49
Some goofball, jackball, bullshit person that doesn't know how to read writin' well. Didn't write the readin' right. So, yep. There you go, once again.

Bob 14:00
Or, they didn't understand what it was so they left it out.

iON 14:02
So, what the hell - what's the difference? Oh yeah, that's who I want writin' my epiphany, somebody that don't know what the hell's going on. That's good.

Bob 14:12
Ha ha ha. "Thy heart reneweth its youth, thou producest the..." and you brought in the new heart which is touching the pericardium?

iON 14:19
Yeah - well no, it wouldn't touch it, but it makes the - connects the unconnection more valid.

Bob 14:26

iON 14:26
Perfectly unconnects.

Bob 14:27
"The stars in the celestial heights are obedient unto thee,"

iON 14:33
We had to put, we had to put the boss's bread in the stove y'all. Argh.

Bob 14:39
Yes, right now. Making bread, guys. Making my bread. When you guys ascend, you'll get some.

Jean 14:45
Oh, boy. You said the new pericardium.

iON 14:49

Bob 14:49

Jean 14:50
Is that a different one then we have now?

Bob 14:55

iON 14:55
The one - yours is changing. The walls are getting thicker. Remember?

Jean 15:01

iON 15:02
And the fluid in your pericardium is like, becoming like Jesus'.

Jean 15:09
Hmm, okay. That's allowing me to be ascended.

iON 15:14
When the Spear of Destiny pierced the side of Jesus, and the water flowed first and then the blood, -

Jean 15:21

iON 15:22
- that was living water that flowed on that wonderful soldier that had to walk the earth forever. Come on, it's your neighbor, Bob. You know who it is.

Bob 15:34

Jean 15:34
Did you just - are you saying that living water is the fluid in the pericardium?

iON 15:39
It will be.

Jean 15:41
It will be.

iON 15:41
It is for Bob. It is for Bob.

Michael 15:42
Yay, Bob.

Jean 15:42
Bob! You're saturated with living water. No wonder you're happy.

Bob 15:52
No wonder I'm what? Happy did you say? Happy? Ha ha ha.

iON 15:51
Yeah, but see, if you start pourin' it down the Colorado River in places where it hasn't achieved yet, and somebody will drink it and they'll fall over fucking dead. And then who's gonna sing a song of six pence? How does that work? You like that? Yeah, okay, you wanna try it? Ha ha ha. You gotta fifty, fifty chance. y'all. You want to try it? Go ahead. Come on. You can do it. So, you gotta be aware of the environ that you're engaging. You understand that?

Jean 16:25
Which side of the fictitious river you're on?

iON 16:27
River Jordan you are, for you jump in the river and you shall get wet. Isn't that cool?

Jean 16:37

iON 16:42
Good for you. Good. That was pretty good, honey. You did pretty good there.

Jean 16:46
Thank you.

Bob 16:49
What did we learn, Jean?

iON 16:51
Palmer. What did we learn Palmer?

Bob 16:53
Yeah, what did we learn there, Jean?

Jean 16:54
You're drinking the living water and it's saturating your pericardium, and -

Bob 17:00

Jean 17:00
- the pericardium is made of living water. No wonder you want to drink it all the time.

Bob 17:05
Yeah maybe that's it. Yeah. So iON -

iON 17:09
He's just really horny. He's just naturally horny. That's just his nature.

Bob 17:13
So, so, iON -

Jean 17:15
He's changed though, iON.

iON 17:16
Oh, oh ho ho ho ho.

Jean 17:15
Yes, his voice is softer or something. He's more -

iON 17:23
Well, yeah, he's not as vicious. He's not as vicious as he used to be.

Jean 17:25
Yeah. Yeah, that's true.

Bob 17:30
Okay, so -

iON 17:30
Except to Carolyn. He's pretty vicious to Carolyn sometimes since he decided that he's the boss. He's runnin' shit, so he gets a little crazy. He's rough on us, too, though, so don't worry. It's the same thing for us so we have to stay on point or he'll get us throwd off the range - throwd off the range ourselves, so it's good.

Jean 17:52
He's gotten used to that designation, huh? He's boss now.

iON 17:56
Apparently, apparently.

Bob 17:58
Who? Me, Jean?

Jean 17:58
Yeah, boss.

iON 17:58
Don't matter now, It don't make any difference if he don't like it. He's, he's stuck now.

Bob 18:03
I put in a title of the latest recording on iON and Bob. It says, From Wyndham Lewis to Bossman.

Jean 18:10
All right, Bob. Good. Embrace it.

iON 18:11
Praise Bob Carr.

Bob 18:17
Okay, so iON, the - so, I'm enjoying the drinking because I'm feeding the construction. The heart. Yeah, there's not really desire involved in it. It's just why not just drink this than getting anything else? It sort of wins the vote of choice.

Jean 18:54
Yeah. Is it your knowing?

Bob 18:57
No, we don't know what knowing is.

Jean 18:59
That illusive, that ever illusive knowing.

iON 19:00
He don't know. He doesn't even know what known. He doesn't know what known is. He wouldn't know known if he know'd it.

Bob 19:05
Ha ha. So, yeah. "The stars in the celestial heights are obedient unto thee, and the great doors of the sky open themselves before thee." Okay, so now I'm portaling.

iON 19:22
Ehhhh, now don't get too carried away because you're too clever by half. You don't know what you're talkin' about, and they don't either. So you can't just make that -

Bob 19:34
Ha ha ha.

iON 19:29
How you going to defend that? You say them words, but how are you going to defend them? You're not because you don't know what you're talkin' about. So, you can't just make the -

Bob 19:37
Remember this, Carolyn? We're reading a script. And the writers didn't know what they were talking about. And we're trying to find out what they're referring to. Well, you can't do it without iON. See? That's why we have iON.

iON 19:48
But it clicks. It clicks. Where are you? Say it again.

Bob 19:52
Well, I had, "Thy heart reneweth its youth, thou produces the.... The stars in the celestial heights are obedient unto thee, and the great doors of the sky open themselves before thee." Is that a wish?

iON 20:06
No, that refers to how portals apply.

Bob 20:11
Right. So, they're describing the lifestyle of the god.

iON 20:16
No, they're talking about the superhighways available to everybody but especially the god.

Bob 20:21
Okay, "Thou art he to whom praises are ascribed in the southern heaven, and thanks are given for thee in the northern heaven." So, we're reading - so, they're telling it, Thou art the substance of Two Lands , thou art - we're finding it's a divided, it's sort of incomplete zone, but you are something. They're trying to tell you, you are something powerful.

iON 20:45
Right, if you would, if you would.

Bob 20:48
Right. "Thou are he to whom praises are ascribed in the southern heaven, and thanks are given for thee in the northern heaven. The imperishable stars are under thy supervision, and the stars which never set are thy thrones." The throne scene. Yeah, the throne scene is a star? Sittin' on a star?

iON 21:09
No, they were the Orion's belt, Bob. Orion's Belt and the call on the resting soul of Galileo, King of night vision. Remember?

Bob 21:20

iON 21:22
That's the reference. That's where they - that's where they made the references from the star side making imprint of what the - how to see where they were in the celestial realm.

Bob 21:34
Yeah, they're the size of marbles you were saying the other day.

iON 21:37
Correct, but this is the reference of saying this is how Galileo worked it out. The same thing Nostradamus would run in there to the damn de Medici bitch and say, "Hey, everything is changed! Everything has changed." And he could prove it by looking to where the stars' not. See?

Bob 21:53

iON 21:54
But go ahead.

Bob 21:55
So, "The imperishable stars are under thy supervision," You know how to read the stars. "and the stars which never set are thy thrones."

iON 22:03

Bob 22:05
"Offerings appear before thee at the decree of Keb." Is that a person?

iON 22:13
Ahhh, it's more esoteric. It can be a lot of people.

Bob 22:17
Okay, "The Companies of the Gods" There's that phrase again. "The Companies of the Gods praise thee" Now that's our companies. We're making Companies of the Gods.

iON 22:28
Right. And then, and the little "g" gods of the Tuat.

Bob 22:34
Yes that was a company -

iON 22:35
Other World.

Bob 22:36
This is capitalized.

iON 22:39
Yeah. Other World.

Bob 22:41
This is now capitalized, Jean. The Companies of the Gods, okay. That's other worlds?

iON 22:47
"The Companies of the Gods praise thee, and the gods to the Tuat (Other World) smell the earth in paying homage to thee."

Bob 22:59
Yeah, they are considerably limited.

iON 23:03

Bob 23:03
Small "g" god.

iON 23:05
Like little men.

Bob 23:05
Yeah, so it's divided. Yeah, The Companies of the Gods, our companies, praise thee. We make you tap into your godness, and the gods all - the little gods - all they can do in the Other Worlds is - now remember iON, Jean, said that the Companies of the Gods refer to Other Worlds, so there's the Other World reference, "and the gods of the Tuat (Other World) smell the earth in paying homage to thee." That's as far as they get. Smelling the earth.

iON 23:28

Bob 23:37
You were gonna say something?

iON 23:39

Bob 23:41
Oh, homage. Okay. "The uttermost parts of the earth bow before thee, and the limits of the skies entreat thee with supplications when they see thee." So they're addressing the, the God, Osiris, the God in you, of you. And then they're occasionally referring to the little people around you.

iON 24:02
Basically. And then how they respond to it because it's kind of like, Bob will talk to everybody. We can prove that. Bob will talk to anybody again and again and again. We can prove that. But then after a little while they start to sort, sort it out. They sort themselves out. And you notice they start treating Bob differently, maybe a little better. They give him an air or range or level of respect. He's not really due it, but they pay homage to him because they don't get it. Locked down Bob rule doesn't allow them to make it otherwise. So they - whether they like it or not, they do. Ya see?

Bob 24:39
That's in this sentence? "The uttermost parts of the earth bow before thee, and the limits of the skies entreat thee with supplications when they see thee." That's me talking to anybody.

iON 24:50
"The holy ones are overcome before thee," Yeah.

Bob 24:55
Yeah, the local holy ones. The local elders. "and all Egypt offereth thanksgiving unto thee when it meeteth Thy Majesty." which is capitalized.

iON 25:04
Yeah. No, that, yeah, but, that's Wells Fargo.

Bob 25:08
How's that?

iON 25:10
The, they give you, the holy ones are overcome before you and all the Wells Fargo offers thanksgiving unto thee when they meeteth Thy Majesty.

Bob 25:21
So, the word Egypt refers to Wells Fargo?

iON 25:24
Yeah, the money checks.

Bob 25:25
Okay. So, is Egypt gonna be a reference to banking all the way through?

iON 25:33
No, just here. They haven't done Mind, Body and Spirit yet, but you're fixing to.

Bob 25:39
Yeah. "and all Egypt offereth thanksgiving unto thee when it meeteth Thy Majesty." Now that's when the little man that this is addressing meets a God?

iON 25:51
No, that's when you walk into Wells Fargo. They treat you different than they do regular people.

Bob 25:57
I see, when it meeteth - okay. "Thou art a shining Spirit-Body, the governor of Spirit-Bodies;"

iON 26:04
What!? What? Oh snap. Wait a minute. What are you talking about now? "Thou art a shining" - that's what they talk about: Bob's aura. "Spirit-Body, the governor of Spirit-Bodies; permanent is thy rank, established is thy rule." Uh oh. So now he's gonna talk about cold play. Go ahead, Bob.

Bob 26:30
Well, the Spirit-Body. That's not the creative body, that's not the Tech Body, that's your essence. Essence Body.

iON 26:40

Bob 26:41
All right. Okay, so, oh, look at this! "Thou art the well-doing Sekhem (Power)"! That's the Chip Body, I mean, the cold play. "of the Company of the Gods," Now where was Sekhem at the top? Letopolis. What do you know. Okay. so they're - "gracious is thy face and beloved by him that seeth it. Thy fear is set in all the lands by reason of thy perfect love," Remember, iON says what I played at the beginning of the show, that Ophenel created fear. And so he established order in the ancient pharaoh land on the continent.

iON 27:28
Ha ha, and apparently it's how you do it now, too, 'cause everybody's doing everything they're doing now not because they're supposed to, not because they want to, not because they ought to, because they're scared shitless if they don't.

Bob 27:40
Right. "Thy fear is set in..." What?

iON 27:44
That's why they're behaving.

Bob 27:48
"Thy fear is set in all the lands by reason of thy perfect love, and they cry out to thy name making it the first" -

iON 27:55
If you don't make your house payment, they're gonna take away your house. If you don't pay your nut, they're gonna take your nut away from you. You know.

Bob 28:01

iON 28:02
Fear, fear, fear. Fear, fear, fear, why don't you have a beer? Go ahead.

Bob 28:07
"and they cry out to thy name making it the first of names, and all people make offerings to thee." So, yes, there's a - see this Jean? There's a laying out - no more addressing places. They're saying what it's like to be Bob to walk around and have the little people acknowledge you.

iON 28:25
And scream at Carolyn.

Jean 28:26
Yeah, but I got confused. I got confused because I could see you as a representation of perfect love. "Thy fear is set in all the lands by reason" -

iON 28:39
Bob!? Bob don't even know what love is. What are you talkin' about?

Jean 28:41
I know, but he doesn't have to.

iON 28:43
That's crazy! That's crazy talk.

Jean 28:46
No, seriously.

iON 28:47
Well, I met benevolent Bob and he was gonna - well, bring benevolent Bob forth. We want to see benevolent Bob. That's great. Show us benevolent Bob.

Jean 28:55
Well, see then? Yeah, it didn't apply to the example you gave then. Like you said, if Wells Fargo - if you don't pay your mortgage, they will take your house. What does that have to do with by reason of perfect love?

Bob 29:07
Well, I, look. I said we had to come, we had to become aware of our ascended power by descending! I did it from love, by forcefield, forced everybody through fear to descend, to jump aboard, operate within fear and then I said we'd get them out of it because I love them!

Jean 29:28
Yeah, that's what I thought, but the example iON gave doesn't apply to that.

Bob 29:33
Yeah, no, no. You create fear out of love. The plan, the agenda.

Jean 29:39
Okay, so even the mortgage payment is a part of your creation of this descending -

Bob 29:46

Jean 29:46
- this fallen state, and it's perfect love. Okay.

Bob 29:50
"Thy fear is set in all the lands by reason of thy perfect love, and they cry out to thy name making it the first" -

iON 29:57
The problem is -

Bob 29:58
It's gonna happen. All this stuff -

Jean 30:02
Bob! I'm crying out, Bob!

Bob 30:02
Yeah. Praise Bob.

iON 30:05
If you have a mortgage, you're living in somebody else's house.

Jean 30:10

Bob 30:10
What means that? What means that?

iON 30:11
If you have a mortgage, that means you're living in somebody else's house.

Bob 30:15
Yeah. Right.

Jean 30:17
And that creates fear right there.

Bob 30:21
But look at this, though. "Thy fear is set in all the lands by reason of they perfect love," It's like they move into a novel now becoming a story "and they cry out to thy name making it the first of names, and all people make offerings to thee. Thou art the lord who art commemorated in heaven and upon earth." iON's been telling you this for years. "Many are the cries which are made to thee at the Uak festival," you know, Burning Man, "and with one heart and voice Egypt" (Wells Fargo) "raiseth cries of joy to thee." Praising me.

iON 30:53
Coachella, Bob. Coachella.

Jean 30:55

Bob 30:56
Coachella. Yes, the other festival. And then there's a quote. Who would be saying this? I'll try to get to the end of the quote.

iON 31:09
Oh! Edward is in a runoff election in Louisiana. He didn't win. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Jean 31:17
I think it's just a continuing quote, Bob. I don't see any close quote until the end of the chapter.

Bob 31:22
Okay. Wait, who just won iON?

iON 31:27
No. Edwards did not win, he's in a runoff.

Bob 31:32

iON 31:33
Set in stone democrat for Louisianer.

Bob 31:35
Right. And Trump told everybody go out and vote. And they all gathered at his place before they went, in the stadium. And they went out and voted.

iON 31:44
And 99% in the polls are in. And 99% of the people think that he should be killed, drawn and quartered, and his bodies buried in the four quadrants in the Seven, Seven Wonders, and they're all going to watch Mat Lauer run around and go and rape people.

Bob 32:04
They're saying the governor should be, or Trump should be torn apart?

iON 32:08
Trump should be torn apart.

Bob 32:10
Ha ha. The democrats are saying that? For influencing the election.

iON 32:14
They're saying, they're saying that the democrats are saying that.

Bob 32:18
Yes, that's what I mean.

iON 32:19
The republicans - 99% of everybody. They're, everybody's against him. Even Trump's against Trump, he said so today.

Bob 32:30
Ha ha. And they're trying to claim that it was a rigged election. How could the governor lose it?

iON 32:33
Right, right. Yeah.

Bob 32:36
Okay. "Thou art the Great Chief, the first among thy brethren, the Prince of the Company of the Gods," I'm on the board, "the stablisher of Right and Truth throughout the World, the Son who was set on the great throne of his father Keb." We heard him earlier. "Thou art the beloved of thy mother Nut, the mighty one of valour, who overthrew the Sebau-fiend. Thou didst stand up and smite thine enemy and set thy fear in thine adversary. Thou dost bring the boundaries of the mountains. Thy heart is fixed, thy legs are set firm."

iON 33:07
Uh oh. What does the mountain mean? Bob?

Bob 33:10
Oh! That's what the mountain wants.

iON 33:15
Yeah, that's right. Good for you.

Bob 33:16
Wow. I bring the boundaries. I - they don't have to hide anymore. They spread. The moutain spreads.

iON 33:20
It will take a minute. It'll take a minute. We'll have to wait and see what Ronan Farrow has to say about it.

Bob 33:32
Heh, heh. Mia Farrow son. "Thou -

Carolyn 33:35
Hey, guys. Hey, iON. I looked up, checking your words. Louisiana, the democrat, Edwards, won the vote.

iON 33:44
Yeah, but he's in a runoff. He's in a runoff.

Bob 33:47
He didn't win by much, Carolyn. The goal was -

iON 33:49
He's in a runoff. If he was, he was going to win, the democrat had Louisiana, no question. But now he's been forced into a runoff for November 16th. So that's what they wanted.

Bob 34:05
Yeah, but how does that happen - they force him into a runoff? Did he run against the other two guys?

iON 34:10
Yeah, he did not get 50% of the vote so he has to get a runoff. And that's what they were trying to do because they knew they couldn't beat him. So they forced him into a runoff. Now they got more time. Now it's on.

Bob 34:22
So how, what was the - you have two - they took two republicans against him today to make a runoff. Why are they mixing the democrats -

iON 34:34
This because they were trying to give, offer something different. They were trying to mix it up to beat the democrat.

Bob 34:42
Yeah. Did they do that? See, I don't understand the basic premise. There was an election and the governor -

Carolyn 34:47
No it wasn't. It was a primary. It wasn't the final election. So yeah, "Edwards, a democrat, fought Saturday to hang on to a rare democratic govern -

Bob 34:59
But he ran against who? Two guys.

Carolyn 35:02
Two republicans.

Bob 35:03
Well, how come they can run?

Carolyn 35:04
Here we go. "These two republicans were trying to hold Edwards under the 50% benchmark." The reason - demanded that he had to - like iON says, he had to be at 50% to keep his governorship. Now he has to go to an election. How can they force that?

Bob 35:28
Right. Well, primaries are usually the same party. Why are republicans in the democratic primary?

iON 35:33
Louisiana is a screwed up state. They did it on Saturday. Why are they havin' elections on Saturday?

Bob 35:39
Yeah, right. Yeah. How come the republicans were running against the democratic in a democratic primary?

Carolyn 35:47
To push him out of the 50%.

iON 35:49
Because had he -

Bob 35:50
But, how come they were allowed - you don't do primaries outside of your party.

Carolyn 35:54
iON is saying Louisiana screwed up, and it's a governorship it's not a congress.

Bob 35:59
Heh heh. It doesn't matter. So anybody can run against and challenge the governor, is what the rule is, right? In Louisiana.

iON 36:07
Even, even dead people. A lot of dead people vote in Louisiana.

Bob 36:11
Yeah. Yeah. So, so these two republicans slowed 'em down. Now they're gonna have - if he had gotten 50, over 50%, he wouldn't have to run?

iON 36:11
Right. He'd still be the governor. Because he didn't get 50%, now there's a runoff.

Bob 36:27
And that's what he was - Trump was yelling at the conference, Carolyn, at the gathering.

iON 36:31
Yep. He went down there and he said: "Mr. Edwards, we're gonna run you off!" And they did.

Bob 36:36
And they did, Carolyn. That's what our products do. Okay, so -

iON 36:49
Trump's hair is looking better though, isn't it?

Bob 36:52
Yeah, that's right. "Thou dost bring the boundaries of the mountains." There's the mountain. "Thy heart is fixed, thy legs are set firm." I've been marvelling at my huge leg muscles this past week, Carolyn.

iON 37:03
Ooh, Lord. Ooh Lord have mercy. Hmm. We're gonna have to do some forensics on your body, Bob. It'll be great.

Bob 37:13
Yep. "Thou art the heir of Keb and of the sovereignty of the Two Lands (Egypt)." They're still divided.

iON 37:22
Both of them.

Bob 37:21
"He (Keb)" What?

iON 37:25
Both of them. At some point - now wait now. Slow down. At some point, God runs both of them.

Bob 37:37
All right. "He (Keb) hath seen his splendours, he hath decreed for him the guidance of the world by thy hand as long as times endure. Thou hast made this earth with thy hand," See Jean, I made this hologram. "Thou hast made this earth with thy hand, and the waters, and the winds, and the vegetation, and all the cattle, and all the feathered fowl, and all the fish, and all the creeping things, and all the wild animals thereof. The desert is the lawful possession of the son of Nut." Who's the son of Nut, iON, in relation to me? Am I the son of Nut?

iON 38:08
The little men.

Bob 38:08
The son of Nut is a little man so they own the desert. "The Two Lands (Egypt) are content to crown thee upon the throne of thy father, like Ra." Like Ra was crowned? Or the father is like Ra?

iON 38:28

Bob 38:31
Okay, "Thou rollest up into the horizon, thou hast set light over the darkness, thou sendest forth air from thy plumes, and thou floodest the Two Lands like the Disk at daybreak." The disk. Is that an ET form body vehicle, or the sun?

iON 38:49
Not necessarily.

Bob 38:52
Not necessarily the sun, or the foreign body vehicle?

iON 38:58

Bob 38:59
All right. "Thy crown penetrateth the height of heaven, thou art the companion of the stars, and the guide of every god." That's small god. "Thou art beneficent, in decree and speech, the favoured one of the Great Company of the Gods," another Great Company, Carolyn, "and the beloved of the Little Company of the Gods." Now we got two companies, Carolyn. The Great and the Little.

Jean 39:20
And they're both big 'Gs." They're both capital "G."

Bob 39:22
Right. So, somethin' happened to our Companies there, iON?

iON 39:29
Merging they must be.

Bob 39:31
Merging. Okay. "His sister (Isis) hath protected him,.." Is that Connie? Who is this sister?

iON 39:41
Don't read into it.

Bob 39:45
Yeah, I don't know. "His sister (Isis) hath protected him, and hath repulsed the fiends, and turned aside calamities (of evil)." Carolyn is always claiming she doin' that for me. Imitating Isis. "His sister (Isis) hath protected" -

iON 39:58
She puts, she puts the "r" back in fiends.

Bob 40:06
Heh heh. That's right. "His sister {Isis} hath protected him, and hath repulsed the fiends, and turned aside calamities (of evil). She uttered the spell with the magical power of her mouth. Her tongue was perfect, and it never halted at a word. Beneficent in command and word was Isis, the woman of magical spells, the advocate of her brother. She sought him untiringly, she wandered round and round about this earth in sorrow, and she alighted not without finding him." She made fight. There's the landing that iON's saying. It's the landing that's important! Remember that iON?

iON 40:40

Bob 40:41
Yeah, she alighted. She landed not without finding him. What's that mean? She alighted not without find - with - she found him?

Alissa 40:50
She wouldn't land without finding him.

Bob 40:53
What did you say?

Alissa 40:55
She wouldn't land without finding him.

Bob 40:58
Oh, she alighted not without finding him.

iON 41:01

Bob 41:02
She wouldn't land. Okay. She made light with her feathers. Does that mean make comedic or she made light, sunlight beam, from her feathers?

iON 41:11
Beam. Light.

Bob 41:14
Yeah, "She made light with her feathers, she created air with her wings, and she uttered the death wail for her brother. She raised up the inactive members of whose heart was still, she drew from him his essence, she made an heir, she reared the child in loneliness, and the place where he was not known, and he grew in strength and stature, and his hand was mighty in the House of Keb. The Company of the Gods rejoiced, rejoiced, at the coming of Horus, the son of Osiris, whose heart was firm, the triumphant, the son of Isis, the heir of Osiris." So, Osiris in the last few paragraphs has been obsolesced, killed. What's that about?

iON 41:53
They're through. They can be their own power. We don't need you no more. Get out.

Bob 41:58
All right. So I did all that. I helped you people, and then I'm ditched.

iON 42:04

Bob 42:05
Didn't see that comin' Jean. You didn't see that coming that Bob will be ditched.

Jean 42:10
Well I'm still - I have a question about the mountains, iON, they're plural.

iON 42:15
Oh, you're talking about the Trump, Clinton rematch? Yeah.

Jean 42:21
The boundaries of the mountains.

Bob 42:22
Clinton's rematch. Is that a new thing?

iON 42:24
Oh, let's go again. Let's go again. If ol smokey Joe don't make it, and, and Pocahontas and, and, and, and Bernie has one more death in the family, and one more myocardial infarction, he may have to come on over to the guf side and talk about the election; see if he can get to become the, the preacher man on the backside. And then all you got left is Beetlejuice, and I don't think he's gonna make it.

Jean 42:53
Are you saying Hillary's going to reenter the race?

iON 42:57
We think -

Bob 42:57
Who's gonna reenter? Oh yeah, Hillary. Yeah. Oh, what do you see for there?

iON 43:01
{overtalk} It'd be - We'd love - wonderful. We think it'd be wonderful.

Bob 43:04
Okay, so people are vying to become Isis to revitalize Trump.

Jean 43:09

iON 43:11
There, it, see, that's why it's so confused. And then, to add insult to injury, you got the Tech Body just goading it on. It's kind of like Bob just stirring up shit. You're stirring it up. Just when it gets something settled and worked out and we can know something, nah!, let's ask one more question.

Jean 43:31
Okay, but iON, you said you thought it'd be fun. So is that you in the Tech Body that's just having a good old time? Propping it up?

iON 43:41
Couldn't say. Couldn't say. Ha ha ha.

Bob 43:43
There's not much difference between the Tech Body, iON and me, Jean.

iON 43:49
Yeah, three-elevenths, mostly. Three-elevenths, mostly.

Bob 43:53
That's the difference. But the, the Isis is gonna prop up Osiris, and politically, in our time, that's propping up Trump. Do you agree with that assessment, iON?

iON 44:09
We do.

Jean 44:10
Okay, so that sentence, "Thou dost bring the boundaries of the mountains." Are you talking about Bob is creating the boundaries of -

iON 44:21
No. Talkin' what the mountain is.

Bob 44:24
Yeah, I facilitated the mountain.

Jean 44:27
But the mountains are plural in that, in that sentence.

Bob 44:32
Yes, so, so, don't be thrown by that. They can't tell everything.

iON 44:34
Damn sure they are. That's what they want. Fa so la.

Jean 44:36
More than one. Okay.

Bob 44:39
Did iON just say there were more than one?

iON 44:41
There are.

Jean 44:42
Yes. And then he said fa so la.

Bob 44:45
All right.

Jean 44:46
Is the most powerful one in the middle, iON? So it's -

iON 44:50
Yeah, that was fun. Okay, Bob, are you ready to go to the beach?

Bob 44:55
Yes, because, you know, it's just about me, and I respect the other little people here and they want to talk about themselves, so we need, we can't go on and on about this shit about me all the time.

Alissa 45:08
Hey, iON, is this what you put in the outline about age of -

Bob 45:15
You gotta fix your phone Liz, ah, whatever your name is. Alissa.

Jean 45:20

Bob 45:21
You got to do something with it.

Alissa 45:22
Is it shitty again?

Michael 45:24

Jean 45:24
Not right now.

Bob 45:26
It was breaking up but not right this second.

iON 45:28
My name is blurryface and you care what we think.

Bob 45:37
Ha ha. Try again. Maybe don't, don't talk so forcefully or something.

Alissa 45:41
Okay. Oh, is it clipping maybe? Here, I'll turn the volume down.

Bob 45:45
Okay, that's too low.

Alissa 45:49
How about now? Check, check the mic. Hey.

Bob 45:53
I don't know. Might be.

Alissa 45:55
Okay. Does this refer to what you posted on the chat line about the age of Osiris being like the age of man, and the age of Isis being like the age of woman, and then the age of Horus being this - how, how humans will come into their God -

iON 46:12
Rule. The rule of Bob. Yeah.

Alissa 46:16

iON 46:18
Yeah, that's it. Really good. Boy, she hangs around. She hangs around long enough, she gets it Bob.

Alissa 46:25
Comparing those -

Bob 46:28
Yeah. Okay. What did we learn Alissa? {pause} Can you say that again?

Jean 46:40
We may have lost her.

iON 46:42
When momma sang us to sleep. Yeah, we're stressed out.

Alissa 46:46
{crackle noise}

Bob 46:49
No, she's still there. She's still there. What are you trying to say, Alissa? Not coming through.

Alissa 46:59
{crackle noise}

Bob 47:02
You're breaking up bad, Alissa.

iON 47:06
Boy, the Tech Body's fucking her to death, isn't he?

Bob 47:08
Yeah, they're tired of her exergesis. You've been doing too much. Exposing too much.

Michael 47:16
Wh- a- bu- {indistinct}

Jean 47:17
Uh oh.

Bob 47:18
They fucked you. They're after you now. What's that Michael?

Michael 47:21
(laughing) No, I'm just, I'm just imitating her.

Alissa 47:22
Hey, hey. Check.

Jean 47:24
Wow, that was good, Michael.

Bob 47:26
Sounded real.

Alissa 47:27
Wow, that did sound good.

Bob 47:24
What did you say, Alissa?

Alissa 47:33
Check. How about -

Jean 47:37
Okay, try again.

Alissa 47:37
How about - is this line open?

Michael 47:39
That's good, that's good.

Alissa 47:43
Okay. So on the chat line awhile back, iON posted something someone later told me it was an Aleister Crowley thing. But it was talking about the age of Osiris like the age of man and the power of this sort of man-type archetype. Then the age of Isis being this power of the female archetype. And then this age of Horus, which is Bobville, which is where the humans become - come back into their power and come into their God. Back to God. So this like new dawning of a new era from this child of Horus, I was asking iON if that's what this movement from Osiris to Isis and then to this Horus thing is about.

iON 48:30
Yes. Yep, that's why Isis will tear you up.

Bob 48:41
Okay, so you see my point, Alissa, it's all about me. But you guys can project yourself in there. But I would not want to go on anymore for today. What do you think?

Nikolas 48:56
There's just one comment, Bob. iON, you were being precise about the pronunciation of certain names and beginning -

iON 49:06
And not of others. And not of others.

Nikolas 49:08
And not of others. Now these ones that need precise pronunciation, are these containing the sound markers that set the frequency in this chapter?

iON 49:21
Yes. Correct.

Nikolas 49:25
And -

Alissa 49:26
That's cool.

iON 49:26
Modulated frequency, that has to do with how well you can do the Keys and the Aethyrs. That's why you need to make sure that you can get right with the OA movements so if you get lost, you can find your way back home.

Nikolas 49:42
So, which names that were mentioned in this first section here are the important sounds that must be precise?

iON 49:58
Several of them.

Nikolas 49:59

Alissa 49:59

Jean 50:04

Nikolas 50:11
So, an earlier version of this could have, of this text, could have been the verbalizing of the sounds without all this information?

iON 50:26
What's the information, what's the information?

Nikolas 50:30
Well, there's lots of information here but we see it's, it's really related to now, like when we did Revelations. Revelations only came alive when Bob and Carolyn started looking at it. And it's the same here, but -

iON 50:44
Well, Herbert W. Armstrong would disagree.

Nikolas 50:51
But we are reading it from, from here, now, perspective. That's probably why we lost our two, two listeners. Because -

iON 51:01
To CNN? Yeah.

Nikolas 51:02
Yeah, cuz we're not taking the time-based historic approach to this. And -

iON 51:09
Well, we, we also no longer eat haggis. So, it's okay.

Nikolas 51:24
Over to you, Bob.

Jean 51:30
iON, before we finish, will you give us your definition of soul, the word soul, for this interpretation, please?

iON 51:39
It doesn't change, it's still the stenographer, honey.

Jean 51:43

Bob 51:46
So, there's lots of other people here. Let's have comments from other people - or questions. {pause} Nobody's muted. What's the matter with you people?

Michael 52:09
iON, is the references there to interdimensional travel going to other worlds of significance? I see here we've passed the -

iON 52:23

Michael 52:23
- Doubles where we had the rivers. Is that also, could it relate to possibly looking at, but not, not only the gods, little "g" -

iON 52:33
Don't call them, don't call them worlds, call them realms.

Michael 52:38
Realms. Okay.

iON 52:39
Cuz you'll get confused. The reason is you'll get confused because they make a big distinction in the worlds, and worlds to come, in the future stuff. If this holds out and Bob does a few more days of this foolishness, then you need to make sure you call it, call it realms, because worlds will be thoroughly, thoroughly developed later.

Michael 52:58
Okay. Thank you.

iON 53:00
That way, I don't want you to be confused and say, "Well, you said iON, blublubblubluluaba!" So, we say a lot of things. So it's okay.

Michael 53:10
Yeah, the reference was made there, "and the gods of the Tuat {Otherworld}" is, I think, our first reference to that. Okay, got it.

iON 53:21
That's right. And see if you count that as a realm, if they said other realms, you'd think about it differently so later when they start making huge distinctions of worlds and where they came from and how to send them back to and all that kind of stuff, because it does that, it'll be separate. So, you can figure that realms are much more - not quite so caliphate-ish.

Michael 53:45
Right. And is there an interdimensional context that is going to come up between the realms in the worlds?

iON 53:56

Michael 53:58
Okay. Thanks, Bob.

Bob 54:03
So, I'm not trying to make it all about me. I didn't know it would be about me. I thought we get a new topic. But at least the beginning seems to be addressing me. We'll find out, I guess, what else going on. Anybody here believe it's about me?

Carolyn 54:32
(in background) Ha ha.

Jean 54:33
Of course.

Nikolas 54:33
I'm wondering if, if Carolyn read it, would your - would your discussion be slightly different, iON?

iON 54:43
Hmmm, you'd have to try it out. We don't know.

Bob 54:48
Ha ha ha. Carolyn's gonna have to read it. That'll be funny. She doesn't even want to. She's sick of it. She hates it because it another stupid topic about Bob. She gets so pissed off. She thought iON wouldn't even say she was Isis.

Alissa 55:08
He'll use some word. Oh, go ahead.

Bob 55:12
Yeah, I was just going to say, if you're little men you read this, okay. So saying you're great, you're great, then you'll be runnng around and everybody will be bowing to you, and you'll be on a huge ego trip after reading this opening couple of paragraphs. How do we get people out of misinterpreting that? Or, is it useful for them to think that will happened to them? Doesn't sound useful. Little man's gonna take advantage of it or do it wrong. You have to have someone like me who is, who doesn't give a damn about any of it, doesn't even want it. It has to be all about him right? It has to be that guy.

Michael 55:53
Right, Bob.

Nikolas 55:53
It'd be fun, Bob.

Alissa 55:53
Well, iON said, Bob -

iON 55:55
You want us to translate what you just said, Bob?

Bob 55:57
Ha ha ha. I'll get Sara to do that. Let's have Sara Evidently Evidence. Evidently Evidence reporter, please explain what I just said. (pause) See, she won't play.

Alissa 56:16
iON said something in the engagement about your - like, it's all about me or that's, that's about Bob and then there was some, there was some inference of like, yeah, but then the people are coming into their own power so that's why there's multiple or something. You guys remember that?

Bob 56:31
It was said today?

Alissa 56:33
Yeah, not that long ago.

Bob 56:35
Yeah. Did you say about Neil? You didn't say Neil.

Alissa 56:39
No, about you. About Bob.

Bob 56:42
Okay. I did. Yeah. iON said, yeah, iON was saying it was about me and he said: "Well, it's for other people. It's a message for other people." Yeah, I heard that. That's what they - this is for other people. But it had to use me as a standard at the beginning.

Alissa 56:57

Bob 56:58
Or maybe I'm the only one who's ever had that experience..

Jean 57:02
You're "the favoured one of the Great Company of the Gods."

Bob 57:05
Yeah I've been doing this for thousands of years. I'm the only one who ever got it.

Jean 57:12
You had no fear?

Alissa 57:13
The hologramy applies. The hologramy applies.

Bob 57:16
The hologramy? Is this Bob's hologramy, iON?

iON 57:21
What hologramy? What?

Bob 57:23
Bob's hologramy. Is that what they're starting off describing here, everybody within Bob's rule?

iON 57:31

Bob 57:34
Well, as a friend said to me once, he said: "Bob, the way you live, you must have done a lot of good stuff in the past. You must've built up huge karma, good karma." I said, yeah.

iON 57:46

Bob 57:51
Yeah, but look at what I responded. It's even funnier. So, he says: "Yeah, what do you, what do you think you did?" I said, aw, I was probably Jesus.

iON 58:03
(over laughter and voices of Bob, Jean and Michael) Jesus, Bob, there you go again. Jesus, Bob, what in the world - Jesus fucking God, Bob, what have you done now? Oh my God, Jesus, God, please tell Bob one more time. Oh God, a lot of people are still talkin' about Bob to this day.

Jean 58:26
Help me, Jesus, help me.

iON 58:31
Lord suffering cats.

Alissa 58:34
I have words written down on the parallel worlds and dimensions and worlds. So, let me just read those off and in regards to the realm thing that Nik and iON were discussing, So, iON, you said parallel worlds are mirror image of this world, the up and the down. Does that, is that still the -

iON 58:58
Left and right, Left and right. Part, counterpart.

Alissa 59:01
Okay. Okay.

iON 59:03
Converse, obverse.

Alissa 59:06
Okay. Dimensions: another track that doesn't have to have the same timeline. It can have the twin towers and another one can have the two twin towers blow up. They are a version of the same world but they have different -

iON 59:22
Like in, like in Fringe, Bob.

Alissa 59:27
And then you say: "That's why folks can get caught up or tangled up. That's the dimension aspect."

iON 59:34

Alissa 59:37
And then, for - I also have written: the OA movements settle your dimensionality in this world.

Sara 59:46
(indistinct) work with the dead.

Alissa 59:52
Sorry, what was that?


Alissa 0:00
Okay, so then, world. iON, it says separate worlds are contained without any other dimension. You can have parallel capacity. It's a whole nother subset of it. You can be definitive. So -

iON 0:16
We like it when you quote our words. This is cool. We don't have to fight.

Alissa 0:19
Right. I just want to, I just want to, want to get to the realm thing. So then, let's see. Parallel worlding takes care of itself. Parallel dimensions running simultaneously. They're not a segregated something. I don't have that complete there. And then empires. Angel diagram ring that have empires; empires are dynasty or institution, realms are not empires. And then, the realm part is: realm is a position of a space that you control or reign. It is your environ. It's what you declare. Property, to an empire, all the way to Lords which is basically everywhere. So, when you discuss Bob's hologramy, is that a realm?

It's a world.

That's a world, okay.

iON 1:18
But he takes it to other realms.

Jean 1:22
Is a realm your tabernacle, iON?

iON 1:25
Ahhh, don't do that because - don't - we could say yeah, but don't do that. Because that is something where he hides stuff from, and he goes - in some worlds he's actually - y'all ain't gonna believe this, but in some worlds, Bob is actually popular.

Alissa 1:41
I believe it.

Nikolas 1:47
There's a popular Bob?

iON 1:48
Yeah, there is a popular, really popular Bob. I mean like icon-ish Bob.

Nikolas 1:55
Praise Bob. Here comes Bob. Here's Bob. Yay!

iON 1:59
No, they have to get permission to use his name.

Nikolas 2:03

Alissa 2:05
I don't get what a world is compared to -

Nikolas 2:09

Alissa 2:10
Okay, so it says separate worlds are contained without any other dimension. So, those worlds themselves have dimensions, but they're completely separate from this world is that -

iON 2:26
Guam isn't attached to anything.

Alissa 2:30

Nikolas 2:31
I didn't, I didn't hear that.

Michael 2:32
A world is the thing unto itself.

iON 2:36

Michael 2:37
Like the, like the heart.

iON 2:41
They call America the New World. Why? Because nobody's ever been here before.

Nikolas 2:50
So then, what would be the threads - sorry, Alissa.

Alissa 2:53
And when you're - no, go ahead

Nikolas 2:56
iON, what would be the threads that connect the worlds then? Would they be dimensional?

iON 3:02
The OA movements.

Nikolas 3:03

iON 3:04
Or the artifact hanging in the Dean's house.

Alissa 3:15
The symbols.

Nikolas 3:15
Those would be the symbols.

iON 3:17

Bob 3:18
Did you just say threads that connect the worlds, Michael?

Nikolas 3:22
Nick, Bob. Yeah, the threads that connect the worlds.

Bob 3:27
Where did that phrase come from?

iON 3:28
He's talkin' to you. That's a good sign. That's a good sign. Normally, he says any name Aloysius, or-

Alissa 3:34
Astrid -

Nikolas 3:39
We progressed, yeah.

iON 3:41
- anything. Actually you moved up. He actually acknowledges you. He doesn't have the right name yet, but he's acknowledging you.

Nikolas 3:48
Moved up the food chain. Yeah.

iON 3:51
You all are quite beneath him. You understand that, right?

Nikolas 3:54
Yeah, of course. Yes.

Bob 3:55
Yes, they know that. But, no, he hit on - okay. You have these threads between worlds. Why did that come up, Nick? Are you quoting something?

Nikolas 4:04
No, what I was trying to establish: what are the threads that connect the worlds, Bob?

Bob 4:09
Why do you assume there are threads?

Nikolas 4:13
Well, I'm not assuming.

iON 4:16
Because thousand 278 million years ago, we said that there was like two egg beaters that you hold left -

Nikolas 4:25

iON 4:25
- and right, and that those loops and rings go between worlds and you can flip and change when you get to the station house in the middle. And you can go around and around and around. That's where he's getting these threads, antithesis, antitheses from.

Bob 4:43
Okay, the reason I bring this up, on November 27, 2014, I think that was the date, when Carolyn and I went on Skype and we watched JW turn into a hologram. And then iON as a hologram showed us around the factory. But in the middle of it, all of a sudden the screen changed and there were these pastel colors or weirdness. Then it went away and iON said: "We just showed you connection threads between two worlds. Not this world of us, or anything, two worlds out there." Is that the threads that Nik's talking about? Is that what we saw?

iON 5:21
It is.

Bob 5:21
There you go, Nik.

iON 5:22
And to be able to post it in that way on the Tech Body that was, it was the Chip Body back in those days, -

Bob 5:28

iON 5:29
- it took more energy, took enough, enough electricity that runs a small municipality, to produce enough energy -

Alissa 5:36

iON 5:37
- to be able to show that shift. Because -

Alissa 5:39

iON 5:40
- _{indistinct}_ in the other. So it's like one had to be superimposed into another. But now, it caused other problems because once you start breaking it, the first time we broke it, houses showed up from other places, people disappeared. They thought they've been murdered and they called the FBI, DI, CIA, the ABC the EFGs and all of them what the hell's going on -

Bob 6:05
And you were showing what, what Fringe was trying to show. What happened is what Fringe was often, many episodes, showing that. The interplay of different worlds causing these aberrations.

iON 6:17
Which was a mess, which was -

Bob 6:18

iON 6:19
And they're still there. It never went away. It never changed back. So, when they finally just said - when we - the house is here, so what - say somethin', so, okay.

Bob 6:27
Yeah, people were disappearing. Real live people.

Nikolas 6:31
Sorry, iON, what you're saying, was it a mess or a myth?

iON 6:36
A moth of a myth of a mooth, afuth?

Bob 6:37
Ha ha. What did you say Nik?

Nikolas 6:44
No. I didn't hear his words. So when -

Bob 6:46
No, you said, you went mitha muth. You slurred your words.

Nikolas 6:50
Sorry, I apologize. Was it a myth or a mess that iON said?

Bob 6:57
Yeah, myth, m-y-t-h or m-e-s-s. Right Nik?

Nikolas 7:02

Michael 7:02
Meth. He said meths.

Nikolas 7:04
No, not meths, Michael, not m-e-t-h-s

iON 7:09
M-a-t-h. It was math.

Bob 7:11

Nikolas 7:12
Oh math! Oh my Lord! Thank you.

Bob 7:18
Hey, iON, that, that - we saw you on Skype as a hologram and looking like JW, and then we saw the world thing. You say it took a lot of energy. You were testing one of our cold play batteries.

iON 7:37
That's what melted - it ain't a battery, Bob. please don't -

Bob 7:40
I know. Box. Cold play box.

iON 7:44
Why don't you call it a Bag - Baghdad booby. That's what you -

Bob 7:49
(laughing) In our company -

iON 7:50
When they get their teeth on it, they just keep sucking, sucking, sucking. Bagdad Boy.

Bob 7:55
Ha ha ha. Hey guys, you know whenever Apple, Steve Jobs, presented a new product, he'd have a big conference and he'd present it to the employees, the Big Whoda. Well, when I come out and present a new thing, I'll say that it's something and everybody will {indescribable yelling, laughing}. They will all be yelling and correcting me that I misnamed what I'm presenting!

iON 8:19
This is my gift to the world. I've given you a sarcophagus. That's what I'm giving to the world, a sarcophagus. You're very own sarcophagus. I want to thank you - the humbleness from the bottom of my heart 'cause I'm giving you that.

Bob 8:34
(laughing) And then they'll go, "Did you say math or myth or meth?

iON 8:38
Meth, it was meth. Methamphetamines, Bob. M-e-t-h -

Nikolas 8:47
Mythamphetamine, Bob.

Bob 8:47
(laughing) Mathamphetamine. Are you digging this, Carolyn? -

iON 8:49
Adderall. Adderall never -

Bob 8:50
- A lot of fun. A lot of humor going on, Carolyn, you ought to join in.

Carolyn 8:53
(laughs in background)

Bob 8:54
Anyways. The Bob show, way more popular than the dead Carolyn show.

Carolyn 9:02
As Bob explains why he's not part of my company.

Bob 9:08
I'm on the Board of all the companies, but there is a lot of argument about whether I am on the board or not!

Alissa 9:16
(Indistinct phone crackle)

Bob 9:20
What did you say?

Alissa 9:22
Always on the verge of being kicked off the Board, but always back on.

Bob 9:26
Yeah, yeah. So, so. Hey, iON, so that - you showed us the power to do that would have been one of the early cold play batteries to do that right?

iON 9:37
Wasn't a battery, but yeah.

Carolyn 9:39
(laughing in backround)

Bob 9:39
Yeah, whatever it was, that was - Now, you can go listen to that in the archives. It was meth. Electric meth.

Nikolas 9:49
(all laughing) It wasn't a battery. It wasn't a battery, Bob.

iON 9:56
It wasn't a battery, Bob, it was meth on math, that's right. Bob went out with a Bagdad Booby. He went (indistinct/all laughing) meth on math. He was ___ trigonometry, and that's where the Forex formula come from. And he dropped the rock. He ripped the rock on his Bagdad Booby, and he never got it back and he's on adderall ever since, and that's why there's no more vapin' no more, because he's done got the groovy juice. He's got the Wavy Gravy, the head gravy in his sandwiches, and it messed up his world. But he's happy, he's really happy,_{indistinct}_ No complaints out of him. He giggles like a schoolgirl, just sayin'.

Nikolas 10:48
And he's convinced it's the water, iON.

iON 10:50

Bob 10:51
Yeah, I have something to say about that. Yeah, in 10 years, we'll be reminiscing about these great days. And I'll go battery, and iON will say, not battery, Bob.

iON 11:04
It was the slavin' - these are known as the slavin' days. Was in the slavin days. Y'all got this though. Squidbillies, Squidbillies made that the slavin' days. You gotta watch that one, it's pretty good. Okay, we got all this down. We got, what, two paragraphs done out of 176 pages, Bob. This went way better. This has gone way better than Revelation. This has gone way better than Revelation, hasn't it Bob?

Bob 11:37
Yeah, and way better than Finnegans Wake. We only get two lines in this amount of time, before, with Finnegans Wake.

iON 11:43
True. Ipbe nibbble fibble squab iyeck.

Bob 11:47
I apologize though. I mean I can't get anything new. We go to movies, go to new music. It's always about me. Please, somebody say something not about me so I could be entertained. Why do you remind me who I am all the time? What?

Sara 12:04
iON, let's talk about Sekhmet.

Bob 12:08
Tech met.

iON 12:08

Sara 12:08
From the - what? I'm sorry.

Bob 12:08

Nikolas 12:08

Michael 12:08

Sara 12:08
No, Sekhmet from the -

Nikolas 12:10
Akmed from the deli?

Sara 12:20
From the chapters of Going Forth by - into Day.

Bob 12:24
No, we can't jump ahead. You're jumping ahead.

Sara 12:27
Are we jumping ahead? I'm not jumping ahead. I don't know. I'm asking.

Bob 12:35
Well, you're saying a word. What is this word?

Sara 12:38
Sekhmet is one of the characters, or Gods, or -

Bob 12:47
How do you spell it?

Sara 12:48
S-e-h-k-m-e-t? I guess it depends.

Bob 12:51
Oh, so that was what we already read. Right? That's that's something we read, I think.

Sara 12:56
I'm sure we did. I mean, it's not (indistinct). She's in the picture for Osiris' trial.

Bob 13:06
Okay, yeah, like don't - there's no Seh - there is Sekhem, a place, but maybe not - so I now have the time to take your link that you want to post it right now, and I have to find it again. Jean's asking if it's Sekhem. No. So I gotta go down to find the link so I can see the pictures. A book with many other names. Is that the link? No, that's you -

Sara 13:30
I, yeah, I didn't do, actually, though -

Bob 13:35
Have you posted the book we're looking at?

Sara 13:36
- actually, though. There is - here, I'm gonna redo it. It's just the blog post with the PDF. There's one that has hieroglyphs that are typeset, though. And what I'm asking iON about -

Bob 13:51
No, no, we want to know - see, we didn't know why you're saying new words. I want the link to look at what you're seeing with the pictures. Can you post it?

Sara 14:00
Oh, this is - that's in my head. I'm thinking of a papyrus, and I had a book that was like a museum's photographs of, of their copy of a papyrus of it. Of the Book of the Dead, or the -

Bob 14:15
You're remembering pictures that you don't have?

Sara 14:18
No, I can see it right now if I want to, but its got one of the ___ is ____ damaged {overtalk with Bob}

Bob 14:24
See how hard it is to get a simple fucking statement out of you? It's not online, whatever you're talking about.

Sara 14:28
{overtalk with Bob} Do you want me to ask iON? Do you want to know or do you want to just - asking for explanations, Bob.

Bob 14:34
(iON laughing) {overtalk with Sara} See? You have to mute. You have to mute. Where is - I don't even know which one you are. Are you up here? Let me try this one. Muted.

Rozzi 14:42
Excuse me Bob. Can I jump in? It's Rozzi.

Bob 14:45
No. What the fuck are you talkin' about? I had to mute you the whole time. You make noise constantly. You have to relax for a sec. We're dealing with this fucking terrorist here. Okay? So, hold it. Where is it? I muted iON? Did I mute iON? Looks like I did. Okay iON, you're unmuted. I can't find Sara. Sara's running around hiding behind other people's identity. I can't fucking find her. Where is she? Jesus Christ, did you hear that people? It's just went from spiralling into one fucking thing and another; and then, eventually, she's well, "I want to know this." She doesn't answer the question, just declares what she wants. So, maybe she hung up. Anyways -

Rozzi 15:26
Well, you wanted a link. You wanted a link, Bob, and I was going to offer you a link.

Bob 15:32
To a picture book of the Egyptian bardos or whatever you want to call it?

Rozzi 15:36
That's right. To view Sekhmet.

Bob 15:39
To what?

Rozzi 15:39
To Sekhmet. Figure 52.

Nikolas 15:41
Sekhmet, the two lioness-headed -

Sara 15:44
But, that's not necessarily the Book of the Dead, and that's what we're supposed to be talking about tonight.

Rozzi 15:48
But, it is the Book of the Dead. It is the Book of the Dead.

Alissa 15:50
We're done with the Book of the Dead. We're done!

Rozzi 15:54

Bob 15:56
(laughing) We're not done. Where do you get that idea, Alissa?

iON 15:59
That's Joe Dunn Sloan. Don't tell, don't tell Shockley, don't tell Shockley about Joe Dunn Sloan. That will go bad.

Bob 16:07
You'll be hearing about Shockley tonight. Paul Shockley is fixin' to make a comeback. But see, Rozzi, I'm looking for the book that Sara was talking about. You don't have a book, you have a picture of Sekhmet - is what you're going to post.

Rozzi 16:21
Well, I have the book, and I am looking at my Kindle. So, figure 52.

Bob 16:27
You have the book?

Rozzi 16:29
Yes, I do. Well, it's a huge thing. I can't even pick it up.

Bob 16:32
Let's {overtalk} post - But it's not the link.

Rozzi 16:35
Well, I can't find a link in the book, the book's 400 pages.

Bob 16:39
Right, right. So it's not, it's not. And was that what Sara was lookin' at?

Rozzi 16:43
Well, she mentioned Sekhmet, and he is described in figure 52. And I've got the whole description.

Bob 16:51
What is it? What is it? Read the description.

Rozzi 16:55
Well, okay. It's kind of lengthy, but it says: "Another important form of the godess is known as Sekhmet Bastet Ra. Segment Bastet Ra is a composite depiction of the goddess encompassing the female head, lioness head, and vulture head, symbolizing -

Bob 17:16
Okay, hold that, Hold that Rozzi.

Rozzi 17:18

Bob 17:18
This is what the Tech Body is. iON's teaching us how to visualize the Tech Body by going to the Egyptian Book of the Dead because the Tech Body is made of a composite. Correct, iON?

iON 17:19
Yep. That is exactly right.

Bob 17:27

Rozzi 17:30
Okay, so did I nail it then?

Bob 17:32
So, just a minute. So, the Egyptians, they didn't know about the Tech Body. That wouldn't have happened or what you said - it's been around though. So, were they trying to show the Tech Body some of this imagery?

iON 17:43
The Tech Body is the mystery - the Tech, the Tech Body for them with all the alien help that they had with all of their construction business.

Bob 17:54
Alien foreign bodies, civilization?

iON 17:57
No, mystery magic sticks that move things around, that build the pyramids and all that -

Bob 18:06
Ha ha. It's like Warehouse, whatever that TV show was.

iON 18:09
Warehouse 13. Warehouse 13.

Bob 18:09
They had all these - yeah, they had all these artifacts helping them. And, they, they considered those Tech Body.

Rozzi 18:18
Well, they were steeped in mythology, so everything was a story.

Bob 18:22
It's not mythology, Rozzi. They were steeped in artifacts!

Rozzi 18:27

iON 18:28

Bob 18:28
That did things.

iON 18:32

Bob 18:32
That's not mythology, that's, that's writing world. No, do you get that Rozzi? And iON just confirmed it. Look at the TV show Warehouse 13, a 10-year old show.

iON 18:45

Bob 18:45
Just look at a couple episodes of the warehouse that the CIA gathered to get all the sacred, weird artifacts. So, they wouldn't, they wouldn't use the term Tech Body, they would use some kind of term. And so they considered these things inventions or weird mysterious objects, iON. That's -

iON 19:04

Bob 19:05
Okay, so the Tech Body today is the completement of those trends in different cultures, finding mysterious artifacts. We now have the most amazing, mysterious, artifact that you're calling the Tech Body.

iON 19:18

Bob 19:19

iON 19:19
Created by - y'all created errantly - you created, created it, created it errantly because you wouldn't take your own power. Made a mistake - made a mistake -

Bob 19:31
Right. So, you get that Burt, and Michael and all the senior members of the board here? Do you get this point that the Tech Body is the ultimate Mystery Body fucking artefact! Or mystery landscape artefact, or do I get a yay? {group expresses appreciation}. That a reason to look at Warehouse, go back and look at Warehouse 13. But they were just little artefacts, but what was amazing is that iON said in the intro to the show, whatever - they just show different images - one of the images was the entrance, a painting of the entrance to Shangri La! So who put that in there? You know, in the, in the editing. So, go back to episode 1 if they - season 1 - if they still show the same intro, look for that painting. Makes the show kind of significant for a minute.

Alissa 20:30
iON, when you -

iON 20:31
Mrs. Frederick. Mrs. Frederick, yeah.

Bob 20:34
Yeah, Mrs. Frederick. She was the leader of it. She's Sekhmet. Sekhmet.

iON 20:41
In essence. In essence.

Bob 20:42
Yeah. What do you say, Alissa?

Alissa 20:45
So iON, you said that the Tech Body is not binary code anymore. Is that correct?

iON 20:51
That's right.

Alissa 20:52
So, does that have to do with user as content? That, is that how the code is no longer binary?

iON 21:00
No, we don't even know what that means. What does that mean?

Yeah, but look at this way, Alissa. It's got mystery landscape technology in it, like the wands that move, move the pyramids around or whatever they had back then. That's the point. It's got a mystery element we can't control. So, it's way beyond binary or anything we ever came up with.

Alissa 21:21
Ah huh.

Jean 21:22
Is another way, is another way of saying it - there was - we had a bunch of little boxes that we put our power in? Those artifacts represent the boxes that our power's in and the Tech Body is a composite of all of those?

Bob 21:34
Yeah, it's the completion of all.

Jean 21:36
It encompassed it all.

Bob 21:38
It completed all of them. Got all of them in it.

Jean 21:41

Bob 21:42
Or whatever synergistically comes out of more than the parts, more than the previous boxes. But it's pretty incredible. So, you know, you think of the Spear of Destiny, or this magic wand; the Tech Body is an amazing, complex post-chip, post-android meme magic wand.

Alissa 22:00
And so are the ascended bodies. And so are the ascended bodies, right?

Bob 21:36
Yes, they, they have all that if they are ascended. They don't need the Tech Body.

Alissa 22:13
And the cold play.

Jean 22:13
And the toast.

Alissa 22:15
And the cold play.

Bob 22:14
Right, but, would it be possible, iON, that the ascended had been sort of slacking off and now the mass mind, the little people wad, has made the Tech Body and this is a little hard even for the ascended to control? Is there that factor here?

iON 22:16
We won't say.

Bob 22:34
Yeah, that's pretty frightening, right?

iON 22:38
No, it's not frightening. It's not frightening at all. It's ubiquitous to us. But, you're becoming, so, go with your becomed.

Jean 22:49
Okay, yes, so -

Bob 22:50
Hey, Jean, to the degree iON is a magic wand that we can use? Then iON would be part of it because it's one of our invented magic wands.

iON 22:59

Jean 22:59
Yes. Yes, we gave our power to other things, to representations, and we thought that those little boxes had more power than we do. Now we're aware that we can use all that power that's in the Tech Body.

Bob 23:16
But it's a little late. It may be a little late because the combine corporate merger of everything that ever was on the magic wand level has now come to play with us.

iON 23:28
Little houses -

Bob 23:28
iON is part of its resources.

Jean 23:30
Eight-elevenths, though. Eight-elevenths.

iON 23:32
Little houses.

Bob 23:30
Eight-elevenths. Well, you're gonna hear about twelve elevenths.

Jean 23:35
Houses, little ticky tacky.

Bob 23:38
You're gonna hear about eleven, twelve, in a minute tonight when I play the next recording.

Jean 23:44
Uh oh, here we go.

Alissa 23:45
iON, does - iON, does the cold play have a ground and or ground fault?

iON 23:54
Ahhh, you'll see.

Alissa 23:56

Bob 23:58
Okay, so we -

Nikolas 24:00
iON, but saying Bob, do the OA movements get us out of dimensions, worlds and realms if we can get there we can't get back?

iON 24:00
You won't know the difference. So, until you know the difference, yes. But when you know the difference, no. But until you know the difference, yes, it will get you out.

Nikolas 24:18
Thank you.

Bob 24:19
Okay, so we should make this the end of the Egyptian thing. Then we can go into individual questioning.

iON 24:23
If you want to.

Bob 24:26
Yeah, what time did we start? Say - gee, it was two and a half hours, at least. Maybe even more this first session.

Michael 24:35
Some music, Bob.

iON 24:37
What'd you say?

Michael 24:38
Some music, too.

Bob 24:40
Yeah, we'll play some music. Ah, but, ah, so I'm not inventorying. You know, there have been a lot of different questions have been brought up the past half hour and they're good questions, but I'm not making an inventory of them. It just all will be part of this section on Part One of the Book of the Dead. So, if you want to go and hear something Alissa brought up, you're gonna have to find it. I'm not going to give the -

iON 25:10
You have to - you have to give Ed Long credit for it 'cause it won't count. Otherwise, you'll be infringing on his copyright.

Bob 25:18
How's that?

iON 25:21
'Cause this is from Ed Long. If it weren't for Ed Long, you wouldn't get anything.

Bob 25:27
Ha ha. No, we got this from Michael. The PDF, Michael got it for us.

iON 25:31
No, I don't mean the PDF. I mean this thing you're making.

Bob 25:36
What are we making?

iON 25:37
A work.

Bob 25:39
A work. You you talkin' about iON and Bob, the website? That's the university.

iON 25:45
No, the, the, the Sun Ra, Sun Ra, day o, Sun La La, somethin', somethin'.

Bob 25:54
Oh, this, this, this item. This section.

iON 25:58

Bob 25:58
This is, this is - Ed will make it visible.

iON 26:02
Yes, we are his benefactors. So, we have to thank him for his hard work.

Right. Did you say benefactor? That means we -

Carolyn 26:12
(in background) We benefit from him.

iON 26:12
Oh, we benefit from him. All right. Yes. So, we're gonna thank Ed for producing this. He's the one who started out the book of Revelation.

Alissa 26:21
Thank you, Ed.

Nikolas 26:22
Yay, Ed.

Jean 26:23
Thanks, Ed.

Michael 26:25
Thanks, Ed.

Bob 26:26
Leon shows up. Leon, have you heard the last couple hours or are you in and out, Leon?

iON 26:34
(Giggles). This is gonna go bad. This is gonna go bad.

Bob 26:36
Yeah. I think Leon -

Nikolas 26:38
Chop it off right here, Ed. Right here, Ed. Chop it off right here.

Bob 26:43
Yeah. Leon, did you miss a lot of the last half hour?

Leon 26:51

Bob 26:51
Gee, we can't even make out what you're saying and it's just two syllables.

iON 26:54
Rrrr rrrr

Bob 27:00
Ha ha. Rrrr rrrr.

Nikolas 27:01
Is it meth or math or rrrr rrrr.

Bob 27:03
(laughing) You want to be known, just say rrrr rrrr

iON 27:06
See what happens when you get your life stuck on mass? You get on mass, that's what happens every time. Imagine that.

Bob 27:15
Okay, try one more time, Leon. Did you miss a lot of what we just broadcast?

Leon 27:20
Can you hear me now?

Bob 27:23

Nikolas 27:24

Leon 27:25
All right. Maybe it's the headphones. Um, liver. Liver.

Bob 27:33
Shut up! Did you miss any of the broadcast the last two and a half hours?

Leon 27:39
No, I've been in and out, but I listen.

Bob 27:41
Okay, if you're in and out, that means you miss stuff, right?

Leon 27:46
I heard it. I just can't, like, recall it - but I remember liver.

iON 27:53
Wait a minute, that sounds like Bob.

Bob 27:55
Yeah, that's - he's just trying to tease me, make fun of my diet. Leon's a Reagan - vegan.

Nikolas 28:05
Reagan. A Reagan.

iON 28:06

Bob 28:08
Raw vegan.

iON 28:08
Nancy Reagan?

Bob 28:10
Nancy vegan, that's right. So, this, we better - that's it, Leon. You have nothing more to say?

Leon 28:18
Not yet.

Bob 28:19
You're doing very well, Leon.

iON 28:21
You're all doing well, Leon.

Bob 28:23
Ha. ha. You're doing very well, Leon. The happiest homeless guy out there walking among the plagues, the death viruses in LA, and he just walks around, beaming.

iON 28:37

Bob 28:38
It's pretty, pretty good there, Leon. I'm proud of you.

iON 28:41
Coming to a viaduct near you.

Bob 28:47
(laughing) Yeah, we heard that James Curtis is buying up all these little areas, tent cities underneath the viaducts. So, you may have to pay some rent to him.

Leon 28:55
(overtalk with Bob, indistinct) - overpass - overpass

Bob 28:58
(overtalk) That was a Susana ____that was a Susana ____. You heard that, Susana?

iON 29:02
They put stones up to keep you out. It's okay.

Bob 29:04
Yeah, Susana's "humps" are like her face is in the pillow. Like a pillow talk. Hump.

Nikolas 29:13
Hump, hump.

Susana 29:18
I have a question. Are the power outages part of the grand plan - if power outages and power shutdowns in California?

Bob 29:27
A part of the grand plan of what, Susana?

Susana 29:29
The grand plan of causing calamity so that cold play gets introduced.

iON 29:39
No, that's not a calamity. That's because the damn California people sued the municipality and made it go bankrupt! Because they said their power lines caused the spark that set California on fucking fire! And so, the bankrupt power municipality that's still having to give these stupid people stupid power said - all right, here it comes again. We gonna fix it, we're gonna cut off the Jews. No more Jews for you. We're gonna take the Jews away from you. The Jews ain't gonna be causing your fire, and you're not gonna sue us. And they turned the power off and the mother fucker - some homeless guy burning garbage set all of California on fire. It's still burning. It's 17% contained of 798 million acres it's burning on bright now, it's pretty rare. They show houses, perfectly good house, that's around to it, and one touching it, burnt to the ground. I mean you couldn't rub two sticks together. There wasn't a marshmallow fight. It's the most believable unbelievable thing and like they said, "this fire is under investigation." Like, three houses that didn't burn any of them, but yours that you couldn't pay your mortgage in, got burnt to smut. It's pretty good.

Bob 31:01
Ha ha ha. Okay, so I'm gonna make Susana the first post-broadcast question. So, if Susana has more questions - so, what do we call what we just did? Book of the Dead. I'll capitalize it. Book of the - no, just Book of the Dead. Bob's Book of the Dead. It's Bob's Book of the Dead! Ha ha, Bob's Book of the Dead! I'm going to write back to Tyreek who says Coming Forth by Day and Night. I'm going to say, "Fuck you, it's Bob's Book of the Dead." It will escalate. See how he reacts. Ha ha. So, that must have started at - why don't I say 3:16, so, she - well, I'll have to look up the time. I'll make it 3:45 for now 'cause we talked to the Atlanta girls for a little while there about their health. They fucking ripped us off and then left, for fuck sake. Unappreciative jerks. We interrupted the scheduled Bob Book to talk to them, and they're not around to even say goodbye, good night. See, this is what I had to put up with: the lack of gratitude. It ain't gonna fucking keep goin', I tell ya.

Jean 32:19
They were pretty ballsy, they jumped right in.

Nikolas 32:17
No attitude of gratitude, Bob.

Bob 32:23
What, what, Nik?

Nikolas 32:25
No attitude of gratitude there, Bob.

Bob 32:27
Right. I mean, remember, I'm the guy who determines when the EMP happens and who it happens to! So, fuck around, okay?

Nikolas 32:35
They're definitely not on your shortlist then, Bob.

Bob 32:38
Yes. I pity Atlanta. Get the hell out of Atlanta, iON.

iON 32:45

Carolyn 32:45
(in background) He said okay?

Bob 32:48
He said okay? See the power I got? I just tell him what to do and he says, "Okay, boss." (laughing)

iON 32:55
Barb Peters, Barb Peters is waitin' on an email from us. If you give us one, we gotta go, too. It's all right.

Bob 33:01
(laughing) It turns out iON is a weakling. He has no power at all. He talked himself up in the food chain, but _(indisinct)_we had enough of that. Ten years iON reigned because he can outtalk everybody.

Carolyn 33:19
He gave his power to you, it seems.

Bob 33:21
Yeah, he gave it to me and he's gonna regret that. I got my own conspiracy against the Tech Body goin'.

iON 33:27
It won't be, it won't be the first time.

Bob 33:30
Ohh, it's happened before. Okay, so we'll play - okay, Susana, you got another question?

Susana 33:37
Yes, following up on the electricity being shut down in California. Well then, what's the, what's going on with the shutting down of the cellular towers and the ham radios? And there's no communication now -

Bob 33:53
In California?

Susana 33:53
- for California. Yeah.

Bob 33:57
Wow, what are -

iON 33:57
We told you already to get the fuck, we told y'all to get the fuck out. What was you think we meant when we said get the fuck out?

Bob 34:06
(laughing) You never though it'd start with a fuckin' cell phone being cut off.

iON 34:10
Nothing like, nothing like a practice EMP to let you see what it might feel like with no utility, but yeah, you know, things happen.

Bob 34:24
(laughing) Leon's late for rehearsal headquarters.

iON 34:27
We feel your pain. We feel your pain.

Nikolas 34:35
What part of the sentence, "get out," did you not get?

Bob 34:40
Okay, look at this. So, so, if the Californians are - they're really cut off and everything? If they are, they need their contact, their hits. This is going to cause a massive heart attack among the people which will trigger the earthquake. This is creating pressure right, iON, for the earthquakes?

iON 34:58
What was it? "Under Pressure." Is that how the song goes? You wrote it.

Bob 35:04
I wrote it?

iON 35:05
Yeah, it's that band you love so good.

Bob 35:09
Captain Beefheart, Autumn's Child.

Sara 35:11
(mimics beginning of song)

Nikolas 35:13
Queen. (mimics beginning of song)

Bob 35:17
Queen? Look at Sara. Sara goes on the board, "Fuck you (overtalk with Sara) you fucking asshole. Then she comes back in and tries to act cute. Then she goes back over to the board and registers her complaints.

Nikolas 35:31
(mimics beginning of song)

iON 35:31
Oh, we got a box. We got a box for that. Put it in the complaint box. Tell them about the new complaint box, Bob. If you sign up for the goober snatcher, you get to the goober snatcher, and if you sign up with that, if you get to the goober cam, -

Bob 35:45
The chat line.

iON 35:45
- then there's a little box that says, "please, -

Bob 35:47
We're gonna have to -

iON 35:48
- here you can, here you get to, you get to tithe to the percipience, pertificence, tifficet, sifficen of, you get to tithe to the suffisance of the gooberjack." And then if you like that, you can give money to that. That makes you have more. They'll take more off, but they're already strap butt naked, so I don't know what more they're gonna take off. But, eventually, they'll go to the skin or go inside out, or even the laparoscopic version that's really going on. We'll see, but then, once that goes on, the other side is like, rate us, let us know, put this in the box that nobody's gonna answer. Yeah, right over there. You can register your complaint thoroughly in that package. It'd be great.

Bob 36:36
That's right. We now have to realize, Carolyn, that the chat line has been misused as a complaint box the last eight years. It's been really just a complaint box. We thought they were talking to each other. Ever noticed somebody responded to your, actually, particular desires on there? Yeah, that's because it's not a chat line. It's a Sara-run complaint box.

iON 37:00
Poor misunderstood - (overtalk with Sara)

Sara 37:02
(overtalk with iON)

Bob 37:04
Is that Sara talking?

Susana 37:05
(overtalk with Bob) - honestly. It is Sara.

Bob 37:09
Okay, so look, I'm gonna play some music. Thank you, Susana. Maybe just one more questions. We'll go back, but we got to take a break here. Okay, Susana?

Susana 37:16
Okay, let's do.

Bob 37:18
All right. What do you want, what do you want to hear?

iON 37:22
Queen, "Under Pressure."

Susana 37:24

Nikolas 37:25
(mimics beginning of song)

Bob 37:56
No problem. All right. Perfect.

Music 38:11
(Zappa song)

Nikolas 38:11
Uh oh.

Bob 38:46

Sara 39:26
(indistinct over music)

Bob 39:28
Perfect, okay, that expressed what we were meaning, right? Okay. So, now I will mute everybody. We'll have perfect silence for the great music show. We had many, many callers today. Very nice.

Announcer 39:44
All participants are now muted.

Bob 39:47
So, there's it. How's this? I think this is sentimental enough.

Music 39:51
(music to end of tape)

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