Wednesday, July 1, 2020

iON | Fa-So-La & Frank Zappa

Transcribed by Bert.

[March 12, 2016 Part 2 (17:53 mark)]

iON: That’s what all of that came from!

Alissa: Right!

iON: This preceded all of that, darling!

Alissa: Yeah!

iON: This is what all of that came to! It’s what you are going to!

Alissa: Right!

iON: It’s the thing that puts you in a different tone - a different mood. Without Fa-So-La, you would have never known who is ridiculous, inappropriate, in every way: Frank Damn Zappa - and Gail - and “Doo Wop” - and “Whibby Dobby” - and “Dweebel”- and “Dweezy” – and “Dozzy” – and “Luzzy”…

Bob: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Alissa: Ha! Ha! Ha!

iON: … and “JJ” – and… and… and… and… and “Thelma” – and all of them. You wouldn’t know who any of the people are in the Eastside or George Jefferson. None of them! You wouldn’t know none of them if it wasn’t for Fa-So-La!

Alissa: Right!

iON: That’s what that’s about.

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