Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 19 May 2020

NOTE: Times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaii Time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time, so there is an extra hour difference during DST.

Hawaii Time + 2 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)
[Daylight Saving Time] Hawaii Time + 3 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)

intro by bob and ion 3:33 bert gamma radiation on a cloudy day angels can't stay here now rna drops were too powerful at first how bob killed every medium trump and hydroxychloroquine 3:41 eschaton ascension day is tomorrow 4:03 jack blocking and merging thought EMP will cause useless people to be more useless ion’s smoting hyacinth smell mary mcluhan acted very superior to bob 4:13 germaine bob as the black mamba what kobe died of when trump takes the RnA Drops 4th Key (33rd parallel) arizona weather zinc 4:28 scott the black hole “shadows" 4:52 nik bob’s consumption of the “bread of living water” his rift-riding 4:55 loyette her cousin willy wonka 4:59

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