Thursday, April 9, 2020

iON | Masaru Emoto & Frank Zappa

Transcribed by Bert.

[February 6, 2016 Part 4 (22:24 mark)]

Caller: Masaru Emoto, he passed away a year or so ago - he took high magnification photographs of frozen water particles. And he observed that a person's attitude or written word - spoken word - affected how it crystallized. So, if there was a negative feeling, it would not form into a hexagon. Can you explain how this works?

iON: We say: “Don't listen to dead people”. If they’re so damn good, that they can’t even stay in their meat sack body, why in the hell should you vicariously forfeit your knowing into what they know. If it’s all that good, and it’s all that and a bag of chips, stick with the living! There’s more "living one" to work with than there is that you’re going to waste energy on the dead one.

Caller: Now, are we going to say that about Frank Zappa as well?

iON: Absolutely! That motherfucker never should have lived, the first time! He should have never begun. It was a mess up! It was a slip! The Watchers missed it. Frank Zappa is the load his mother should have swallowed, for sure.

Caller: So, there’s nothing to learn from his observations?

iON: Eww! Did he ever have an observation? We are not aware that he had an observation, yet! He spent his entire time on earth trying to find the perfect note, and he never found it. WOW!


Garrett said...

Ion is an American spacer.

Garrett said...

I caught ion on Ben Watson's radio show and from listening to Ben's response and my own gut ion is an Ametican spacer. I have a good mind, it's not my mind or Ben's mind; "I am talking about mind", as Krishmsmurti would say.

Bob Dobbs said...

@Garrett, What is an “American spacer”?

Garrett said...

A fake person, plugged into the moon.

Bob Dobbs said...

Well, you and Ben are seriously wrong… and you both better pray iON saves your ass/mind/coroni.

Bob Dobbs said...

iON is not a person.

Garrett said...

Right, what is he? Is he a human being? I read somewhere that he is addicted to Honey Monster Sugar Puffs. 'I spy with my little eye' Grow up!


Bob Dobbs said...

iON is Non-Physical merged with the Physical and the Tech Body. Never happened before. Pay attention from here on in/out!