Thursday, February 13, 2020

Jack London | The Unparalleled Invasion

“I ran across the article listed below this week. It is a short story, written by the author, Jack London and published 1911. The reason it so intrigued me was Mr. London was writing about history of 1976, the problem the world was facing with the Chinese and that biological warfare was used by a coalition of nations against them. It almost seems like he viewed the history of a parallel world, then wrote about it.”
Kim Nicholas

Sonoma State University

It was in the year 1976 that the trouble between the world and China reached its culmination.

It was because of this that the celebration of the Second Centennial of American Liberty was deferred. Many other plans of the nations of the earth were twisted and tangled and postponed for the same reason. The world awoke rather abruptly to its danger; but for over seventy years, unperceived, affairs had been shaping toward this very end.

The year 1904 logically marks the beginning of the development that, seventy years later, was to bring consternation to the whole world. The Japanese-Russian War took place in 1904, and the historians of the time gravely noted it down that that event marked the entrance of Japan into the comity of nations. What it really did mark was the awakening of China. This awakening, long expected, had finally been given up. The Western nations had tried to arouse China, and they had failed. Out of their native optimism and race-egotism they had therefore concluded that the task was impossible, that China would never awaken. Continue reading at Sonoma State University

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