Saturday, January 11, 2020

iON | Mystery Landscape

Transcribed by Bert.

[June 14, 2014 Part 2 (23:59 mark)]

iON: You’re changing the Mystery Landscape, and your body doesn’t fit in Canaan because there are giants there.

Caller: In the Mystery Landscape, there are giants.

iON: So, you are applying the whole Armor of God - Ephesians.

Caller: Is that another way of saying my Non-Physical is merging with my Physical, and both change?

iON: We say it already is, or you couldn’t be talking to us.

Caller: Of course, I’m a part of you.

iON: You are us.

Caller: All of you? I am all of you?

iON: You’d have to be, or you couldn’t speak to us. You look at this dynamic of how we’ve opened it up for “whosoever will” – “whosoever will” is “whosoever will”. And yet, there’s still just a slightest little handful that actually get through.

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