Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bob & Frank | 7 November 1984

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“These pictures were taken by SkyGoddess Sue Bone at the Halifax Citadel Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on Nov.7, 1984.

Frank Zappa had played the night before at the Halifax Metro Centre, the night Ronald Reagan was re-elected.

This was one of the most important conversations for Zappa in the 1980s.

I had sent him a collection of recordings by Mae Brussell in August, 1984, and we are here discussing the importance of her information (Zappa had listened to them a few months before).

When Zappa was preparing to address Congress at the PMRC Senate Hearing on Rock Lyrics on Sept.19, 1985, he called Mae Brussell.

In the course of a long phone call, Mae gave the “goods” on all the politicians that he would be addressing.

Thanks to what Mae told him, he was able to walk into the hearing with great confidence - nobody was going to “mess” with him with the information he had on their “skeletons in the closet”.

In gratitude for how Mae had helped him, Zappa gave Mae a brand new computer a few months later.”
Bob Dobbs

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Anonymous said...

your like 62 in 1984, not!

Michael said...

Fuckin' WOW! Thank you Sky Goddess Sue!

Anonymous said...

What Michael Said ^^ TY S

Augmentor said...

What Anonymous said ^ ty S

Deborah Norris said...

Is Ion in the leather box brief case?

Bob Dobbs said...

@Anonymous, Drinking Joe Dun Sloan's D-Cell Water since 1969 actually slowed down my aging... and Carolyn's, too. See

Bob Dobbs said...

@Deborah Norris, Yes, of course. But iON is also in my mouth.

Unknown said...

Ahh Le Dark Soul and his Detective "on the case".
Hitler and Stalin of the "Art" World /
A couple of Veterans tallying up their kills.
Government Spies who have been undercover for so long they have forgotten who is paying.
A better version of Moriarty and Keuroac.
Two Homeless men who sell tricks to get by.
2 geniuses who are not trained to use kitchen knives BUT SHRED IN ALL OTHER AREAS.

Bob Dobbs said...

@Unknown, I couldn’t have said it better!