Saturday, November 30, 2019

iON | Hypothalamus

Transcribed by Bert.

[May 24, 2014 Part 2 (49:43 mark)]

iON: Do you know the size, or the shape, or the size of the hypothalamus?

Dr. Dean: I don’t know if it’s a pea’s size…

iON: It’s the size of a small pearl.

Dr. Dean: Oh, my gosh!

iON: Sometimes, it has a bit of a cone shape like in the freshwater pearls with a little elongation or the mauve pearl, but it’s much tinier. But it’s very small - but it’s like unto a pearl - and the nacre within that makeup. I guess we will have to find it. OK! If anybody wants to donate their hypothalamus - you probably won’t be using it, anyway. We would like to have a hypothalamus - so we can see if the nacre on the hypothalamus is indeed nacre – or if it’s some facsimile of nacre. So, if somebody wants to give up one and make one available, we’d very much appreciate it, very much. We will honor it for all the days of what was your life.

[June 21, 2014 Part 1 (12:16 mark)]

Caller: Is Leptin a master hormone? The Leptin, is it a master hormone? Is it a regulator of hormones? Is it a factor in weight loss - weight gain?

iON: No! Now, if you’re trying to get to the resistance of it, that’s a little different.

Caller: Which Completement Formulas are most likely to address Leptin resistance and balance it out?

iON: RnA Drops! You know the issue, the Leptin! It’s like that’s the association with the cortisol - and in trying to say you’re hungry - saying you’re not hungry - that it’s time to eat - that it’s not time to eat. Forget all that! It’s not even about that - it’s about the hypothalamus - and how the hypothalamus controls your temperature - because your temperature in your engaging of calories is why you engage it in the first place. It’s not about insulin, we’re sorry! We’ve already had this conversation. It’s not about insulin, or the lack of how you process it - that has nothing to do with being morbidly obese - because it doesn’t apply. They don’t have anything to do with each other at all. The Leptin receptor signaling is nothing other than the shift of the hypothalamus within the renals.

Caller: You’ve talked about Chromosome 14. The hypothalamus - when that’s wide open, Chromosome 14 will just run.

iON: Define “run".

Caller: Rip rings and arms and unlimited replication - perfect replication.

iON: OK! So then, how you’ll prove that is, you will have an inverted triglyceride blood count. When they do a lipid panel, your triglycerides will go through the floor when your Leptin is engaged.

[July 18, 2015 Part 2 (01:55 mark)]

iON: The frequency of the pericardial fluid in every human heart is the same frequency as their own hypothalamus. And, if they are ever out of balance, that’s where all of these decays start or dot ensue.

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