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iON | Gods with & without Power

Payday, 7 September 2019, Parts 1-2

Caller: iON, you say gods decided to fall from grace, put their power in a box and experience life as a human …

iON: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no—not as a human—as a god without their power. See, that's the rub. You got a good point, you're on a good trail here, all right, because this is a precursor. Thank goodness you came along here. Bert’s got some explaining to do. Him and Lucy's got some splaining to do but that's a coming but it goes on the same trail, okay. The point of what you're trying to convey, very happily, is the issue. This is what we hate when this happens like this because it looks staged. It looks as though “Oh, Ed’s an insider and he came on the show and he did all this and set all this up for what the whole damn night’s all about,” ra,ra,ra. And you and everybody else knows—well the ones that are on the inside really know—that's just not the case however eloquent that you wax and wane with them pretty words. It's just wonderful. Allright, but the point now that you're making is this transitional shift of this man/god, god/man—wait, no, that's Bob Carr god-man con-man, oh yeah, that's the con-man thing so don't worry about that because that's Bob Carr he's in Mumbai or mum Bhutto or Mulu Baba. He is the only one of those motherfuckers left though, besides our J.R. Bob Dobbs, of course, pipe smoker that he is. Now the rub is the point of you're not human. You're not only human you are a God without your power. There's a huge difference. That's how you can trump and beat modern medicine. Otherwise no one else can live through it. Very challenging for you to live through death by modern medicine. Dr Dean wrote a damn book about it in a work with words. She uses words in this book. It's astounding. All right, the point becomes it's that shift that now you created another vessel or ventricle outlet. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, now iON, hold on you’re backwards. The veins is what takes it back and you're saying it makes the ventricle out.” Yes, that's exactly what we're saying because it's a little bit backwards. A little bit backwards the way this thing is pumping because now you're on the backside of the hurricane—that Durian that was something else wasn't it, coming in and blowed up. Stopped right there at Cape Hatteras, just like the Boss ordered. BAM! Oh, Bob, send a thank you or sorry card, “condolences to Grand Bahamas and all of Bahamia.” Because it's his fault. He wouldn't make a decision and that's what wiped off their poor little place. But it’ll be good. It cleaned off some of them riffraff. They won’t have to take the trash out, some of them trailers and things is gone so that cleans that up. You know, that’s pretty good. Nothing worse than a used condominium but that's glad some of them's gone but that'll be good. Aright now, what you are coming back to is your place of power. What that means is—you were a god, you are a god and now you're gonna have a god back with your power. And you get a little taste of it because you're meatsack body is responding . You get these little glimmers, these little trickles of light like, “This would be great if I could do anything I want to do,” and you kinda do. “Well, wouldn't it be great if I could just eat anything I want to eat?” and you kinda do. It’s amazing how these creations and intentions land, basically. Basically, kind of finds you. And you give us the credit for it all that kind of stuff and we appreciate all that and it don't make any difference to us—you call it whatever you want to, we don't care, as long as you are coming more and more into your power not into our power. Because some people are trying to get into our power and that's not going to work for them long because, see, 8/11ths of the time you're good but other parts not so much, you see. Those are going to be when you're going to tunkalow parzen. You're going to be tried and found wanting—that's on those 3/11ths of the time. So you got to be aware of your avant-garde—qu'est-ce que c'est—mmmm—juxtaposable positioning. Not juxtapose position—positioning—which end are you going at this from—where you going at it—where are you going to start. We know where you're going to end. We know how it's going to land. How’re you gonna get there. Which road you're going to start on. You want to go the long way around—you sure can. Bob's done it twice now, took the long way home. It's pretty ridiculous but it’s his choice. As a god he gets to say, you see. But what we're trying to get is a line on line precept upon precept conditioning repose that allows you to engage your place of power as a god back as a god. And so you won't have to be calling or be known as—A.K.A—known as, other other other thing, you see. Because that's what we're trying to ease you out of. This figuring of how you are to ascend—is basically, if you had your power back, you wouldn't need to ascend. Oh, oh, now wait a minute, is that a twist? Has something changed? Is new information in the house? Wait a minute. So if you’re a god, and you are god, and now you're ascending coming back to god but if you're already god—all we're trying to do is turn on the power switch inside of you, sho'nuff, and then the the meatsack body with a DNA RNA transpose inhibitor position that will allow those cells to shift and change to open up the autonomic systems of the body that take over, that move you into a new realm or back to god as you are. You're like a caterpillar trying to become a butterfly. So you're not even going in the cocoon, you're borrowing somebody else's cocoon—the black mirror that's the reference we’re making there—which can tangle it up sometimes but you're not going to catch Bob because he just barely will walk around with a telephone, oh wait, he won't walk around with a telephone. But he just barely will use the telephone. You got to push him a little bit, he's just funny like that. He's like, “I ain’t gotta do shit. Y’all can come to me. Write me a letter.” Bob’ll tell them, “Write me a letter. Yeah, I’ll wait. Write me a letter, yeah, do that. You do that. Yeah, that's what you do.” He would do that too and it's like that's amazing. You didn't think about it like that—taking forever to get like that. He’d do it in a second. It wouldn’t bother him at all. And he'd say you have to do it in blood or pigeon blood or ink or some kind of fancy with a quill in longhand on parchment. He'd do that too. Wouldn't bother him. He's a lot of things but a scared ain't one of them, for sure. So what this has to do with uranium enrichment is is it changes the way the uranium is recovered because when you're enriching it for like making bombs and that kind of stuff, there's a certain process that you have to use that will actually bring the deuterium into the play. But once you get all that straightened out, that's child's play. It ain't no big deal, no problem.

Caller: Which God originated this idea of experiencing a life without power?

iON: No, no, nobody—nobody did. Remember what happened was, the gods in their place of power, they were all gods in their place of power and war broke out in heaven, okay. And that war, this stepping down—having little men or men without their power, is what God the original, I guess, or all of them because a god is a god is a god, maybe all of them, the collective. We are the collective so why can't God be the collective—in an individual position. Use this capacity to prove the point that you can come back to your place of power for free will that solves the war in heaven. Which is completing the war here. That brings in the Lucifer which is an archangel and he got cast into the earth. Humans came to the Earth and this is going to be the paradise. This will be where the lampstands will be founded. This is where the four and twenty elders are waiting ever so patiently. Now there's dimensionality. We're not discounting that. But most of the Scriptures lay it out linearly, Ed, and we want to stay with that because we don't want to confuse nothing. You see what I mean? We could spend the rest of the night talking about the Egyptian Book of the Dead and that'd be just wonderful. But see after a little bit, after too much Issy, you kind of get tired or Rhyee and Horus and all them crazy ones coming into these representations of application. See, that confuses because it kind of linearly. So we'll for the sake of the argument keep it linear so it becomes even. You see what I mean. So it becomes logical—logical flowing in a straight line, string theory pattern. But it's not at all that way. But it's an easy way to convey it so that more people can mass communicatingly receive the inputted information, especially when they come back and listen to it.

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