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Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 5 October 2019

NOTE: Times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaii Time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time, so there is an extra hour difference during DST.

Hawaii Time + 2 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)
[Daylight Saving Time] Hawaii Time + 3 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST)

gregg the changes coming in water creatures and amoeba 14th Key to 18th Key 3:02 brian/minimax destiny grace eckley's book bernie sanders did have a heart attack the legendary pink dots healers jesus blasted the fig tree frank and gail/marshall and corinne eric davis his burning man experience terence mckenna’s suicide philip k dick’s “radio free albemuth” more on eric davis brian and nigel bob plays robert anton wilson on kpfk on may 29/93 5:32 alisha (jack’s sister) her youth in sports like jack moving into a new house ion explains the end of the world/time definition of aethyrs 7:09 mark reciprocity deutsche bank’s collapse no balance necessary currency questions the federal reserve how bob will solve most financial issues ion explains the power of the Mountain in the usa israel’s bomb protection the iron curtain 8:20 bruey bought a house that has termites 8:46 rosana why is time flying her knees her parents’ deaths bert’s changes more on her knees 9:14 bert new supersugar formula noble gases osmium iridium science is falling behind the changes vaping illnesses ion uses the moon cycle to influence things mcluhan predicts the Tech Body in the Genesis series of late 2011 the stuarts gave the initial money to the medicis jw’s car knows where he’s going beforehand ion says the Tech Body is “Hal, Tron, and Jeff Bridges” ion can drive all of the Tech Body sometimes (not every time) the telemeres will expand to 144,000 when the valence and valance of the 14th Ring kicks in and the Al2SO4 (has 5 noble gases) change has to be well on the way before one starts all that check out ezekiel (has info on how the faces on the four winds will change) creepy-crawly things will become visible "tap water causes cancer” (our Living Water will become necessary) zika triple E virus will kill a lot of people (ion told us THAT even before they mentioned the red tide in indonesia on the indian ocean side) arm movement of fa sol la activates the frequencies of the Keys carolyn is starting to get it you can FEEL ascension double-twin hendiadys new amino acids, the lipids, and moon cycle queen victoria set up torchwood and turned into werewolves (“the disease from the royals”) moon phases enhance ascension one does their bad stuff during the new moon “there’s a lotta shit going down” moonlight is gamma radiation from the sun radium used on cancer messes you up at the cellular level the green flash on venus this week “move with the cloud” cadmium chloride in ores and Living Water going to make a balm in Gilead for radiation sickness 9:31 germaine righteous gemstones tv show angels created the rh factor in our blood (making us little men) the angels also put a time element on the telemeres in Ring 14 the angels also invented and applied acupuncture (later morphed into MIHR) to the chinese little men who were dying she had another dream with ion in a safe space (Ring 14) about the past pluperfect a new “veil” (the black mirror) was created with the Tech Body with us on the other side what RnA drops and ReMag do to her body she is growing taller and feet are getting bigger 10:36 jack pronunciating the Keys future technologies in the Angel Diagram “bow up and ascend” the Tech Body told the rapper to use the word “ion” bob woke up about the reality of ion when bob saw the apparition/poltergeist at jw’s house the “lazarus” movie is about jack ion doesn’t type when posting on the chat line why the android meme is coming back 11:32 roxy dr. manfred spitzer on education and neuroscience (effect of radiation) more on dr. spitzer "who’s a quack” ridiculous situations in schools (circadian rhythms are disturbed by the blue screen) little men is screwed because ion changed the script her hacking debt the first church of bob 12:01 kenley a doctor in germany works with blood stay away from the winglet manufacturer trump is super-successful in his present endeavors his family worked with trump in business he respects jeff bezos but ion doesn’t kanye west’s musical dream mike dean ion gives valuable advice to kenley larouche’s idea of creativity is correct his latest business deal and the thompson quadrant 12:32 nik trump’s canton system (prussia will return) everything that touches the Black Sea what bob will do to balance the economy blockchain is not favored by ion but it will work the effects of the coming EMP the effect of the moon the new currency the effect of the living water his hunger his local diviner 13:21 bart the difference between “dimensions" and “worlds” a different kind of sightedness everything that one can see from Pikes Peak will disappear 13:36 michael the surge of water hand-itching and money “frogs are rain medicine” Tech Body can enter the no-time era but is now going into hard time (lockdown BobRule) 13:43 brent the Angels and his labyrinth controlling his autonomic system the pineal gland melatonin 13:50 jaun Tech Body controls the weather the hive mind taking our products little people killing little people unconsciously 13:54

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