Sunday, June 16, 2019

iON | Shortening of the Moon Phase

Transcribed by Bert.


[9 May 2015 Part 1]

(25:02 mark)
Caller: The shortening of the moon phase cycle, iON – is this an aspect of Bob law?

iON: Yes! Yes, it is, because the moon is getting closer. So, each phase is getting quicker or sooner or less aberrated than before. See, we’re careful how we say that. As the moon gets closer, as your atmosphere gets clearer, as the carbon increases, as you start adding the hydrogens, and laying them end-to-end in a perfect, pluperfect, bonded, uniform construct for all the carbons stacked, in-to-out like the Grecian key, then what happens is it makes it go... what you say… faster – revolutions or cycles. So, the moon phases get shorter… well... or more condensed as the moon gets closer. That’s what that’s about!

Caller: But if the moon is getting closer, is that an aspect of gravity, or is it just an old story - the gravity of the earth pulling the moon?

iON: Neither! Neither… as your world ascends, it calls for a closer moon.

Caller: "It calls for a closer moon". Define "calls for a closer moon", what’s governing that? I want to know what’s governing that.

iON: That would be Bob!

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