Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 7 May 2019

NOTE: times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaiian time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time so there will be an extra hour difference between Hawaiian and PST during DST.

ion tectonic plates are moving/peeling apart off of Portugal 3:19 alissa "visceral components of capacitation" ion explains the "Android Meme" the Tech Body all measurement is wrong one doesn’t have to talk what one knows the weakening of the spoken word blockchain ion explains how we can’t control the Android Meme OA movements alissa speaks on her words (ion disagrees with her) 3:23 chris ion quotes literature to him ion reads him the rules of desiring the stock market is responding to everyone’s typing 3:44 jeff his astral projection ion tells bob S.W.I.F.T. will be delayed don’t go to the gym but do the OA movements ion describes his potential body shape 3:50 wheels ion didn’t like him criticizing ion’s videos the effect of ion’s videos bart is about to blow up he’s so overworked melania trump’s lord’s prayer teared him up ion does pelosi saying don’t impeach trump hollywood is crumbling ion does ralph duby in 1966 he’s not safe from the coming earthquake unless he asks ion for a heads-up 4:05 susana ion’s definition of “happy” carolyn interrupts ion discussing her protocols close calls in her youth blockchain 3 lysines will be found faith defined anew 4:20 brent ion says get off Facebook and Twitter bob doesn’t learn and grow betsy devos and the autistic students devos will copy carolyn’s work 4:35 mark sweat blockchain stocks litecoin larouche the past and the future don’t exist (the Dems force that on you) "mueller is a good guy" 4:48 alissa lightning is both bob’s coldplay and throne 4:56 germaine products of carbon 4:58

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