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Radio iON Bob’s Notes | 4 May 2019

NOTE: times are close but not exact. All times are Hawaiian time. You will need to convert to Pacific Standard Time (PST) for the Achieve Radio archives. Hawaii does not use Daylight Saving Time so there will be an extra hour difference between Hawaiian and PST during DST.

nik yellow vest neighbor blockchain his dream jasper white mud what to know? Bellie on FRINGE trapped in his home everybody is "chemicals" now (not a Chemical Body) rockbiter his peripheral vision his sore knee his naps ion tells him to listen to Vestal Goodman Carolyn asks Nik a question about dreaming 2:33 michael a children’s story about pw enid blyton don’t use the degrees of separation bob’s archives post-Android Meme facebook fascism nancy pelosi pres. trump will drain the swamp obama roxy’s interpretation of “ion” why ion chooses a pyramid as a symbol plus the cloud and the sun as symbols bob shits gold sophia the robot bob signed the memo king leopold the second in the congo composting people his old piano makes a sound bob vs. david worcester warehouse 13 tv show (ion addresses germaine in the audience) concert pitch drink more juice (carolyn objects) ion on sugar 3:15 gregg kentucky derby (“unbelievability”) little wheezy (bob) ginney’s sermon (bob’s state of grace) hillary clinton (“actionable retort”) the fall of the third reich (hapsburgs) is now self-image the emperor of japan will step down 3:50 ginney coronation blockchain’s frequency = love’s frequency ion says ginney is faithful carbon’s frequency the emp is coming everybody’s talking about RNA after ion did years ago emp won’t affect carbon bubbly RnA Drops (have regular and hi-test) now is the time for the sprint more on ginney being faithful jasper stone ginney is head of the class ion mentions joyce the bloodline came from the koanine the 12 stones (it’s not a chemical formula) the 12 tribes are lipids and amino acids tv was shut down 4:08 chris mothershead larouche’s Belt Road in china banging africa brexit european union is going (“poor nelson”) the mountain and uncle jin taoist (ion names the head guy) miss marva of the LADYKILLERS more on king leopold the second business will change mandarin will not be spoken in china bob’s “peepee” the power of the mountain is complete more on pres. trump the taiwanese the fed today doesn’t have any record he didn’t see osama bin laden in 2001 his upset in the 2004 election ion’s hilarious rant on texting while coitus ion checks jw’s snoring more on his 2004 upset ion tells him to speak in past-plu perfect tense history of the english language turtles have left the planet he cries too much bob blows bill up regularly may 3/13 slayer guitarist (jeff) nicholas devere and tracy twiman’s (ouija board) palms of victory carbon ion rants on TIME he’s cynical 4:28 roxy after last week’s show she encountered the recent FRANKENSTEIN film and the pw version of Notre Dame cathedral her father more on the film ion’s incredible rant on data and meta pyramid’s keeper of the wisdom on our senses/angles how to use our brain ("don’t use your brain”) translucive conductivity lived transiently how bob lives (“your fault”) her body is responding but she’s resisting 5:08 brian taylor the correct ornament for a christmas tree is a star steve colbert’s tv show alex jones and glenn beck both failed letterman dropped out and saved himself but won’t ascend DMT elves SQUIDBILLIES’ Early “the mosh pit that the Guf came out of” battle in heaven brian as media ecologist (ion says bert learned from the OA tv show) “the angels are changing everything” more description of bob’s power (“he runs the Nothing Co.”) brian is on the Damascus Road “corporeal unction” more on ginney’s talents exploring the HUUUUUGE Pacific Ocean the meaning of Jesus and Lazarus brian doesn’t get his question expressed ion explains why they stopped brian’s question 5:45 wrynn what happened at the notre dame cathedral fire (ley lines are changing) chaos at the airports CERN the calif. fires are connected to our need for carbon as is notre dame she’s in fort worth (“their beer is the best”) “we’re not saving New York and California” ion explains their playlist 6:51 bert the hexad is the Chip Body after it beats the Android Meme "anthropomorphic physical” LaRouche’s term (“profunction”) ion uses the example of Wrynn to answer Bert no frogs in his pond as part of the present changes "the conjure of sacrifice” new effects of his sugar consumption 7:25 amy her experience on the beach in 1998 (“a vortex”) the Lazarus Project why iondom appeals to some and not others what ion said to her about money 2 years ago how her father died 8:06 germaine compensating angels germaine’s dream about iON, Carolyn (“Joanna”, the nice one, not “Flora"), and Bob short song about frogs on ion’s playlist east of Cartago in Costa Rica is another “realm” “corporeal position” the taste and color of Living Water 8:24 jean ion makes a joke about Char’s “Angel Talk” show sound defined Earth is not “moving” magnetic pole is flipping right now affecting the airports science’s view of “hologram” bob plays his recording about Canada and his hologram bob’s “little book” (his chart) and the holograms barron trump becomes president in the Septad phase “eleven” Game of Thrones’ “Night King” maui 3 worlds of jean jasper and malactite ion is "holding the fabric of matter together" definition of “angle” the function of ion 8:51 jaun chad’s programming RH Factor in blood the Royals are hemophiliacs chips will affect the blood little man created RH Factor blood (“the Fall”) talking to angels 5G phones no chips in cold play 10:02 jean red blood cells blood cell lineage 10:27 pol pot why china went to the dark side of the moon to find moses 10:36 eira ayers and calls with angels her tinnitus olof palme her pets cold play Belt Road in Sweden RnA mash for her garden OA tv show changes in the Baltic Sea and the Bosphorus Strait/River more on the OA tv show exercises ley lines changed because the magnetic north changed more on talking to angels who will challenge you 10:40 bryan Trump and Jinping relations more on the Belt Road Carolyn’s travels AOC is helping Trump bryan’s effect on China via the RnA Drops new king of Thailand bryan’s effect on Thailand via the RnA Drops his eyes 11:13 jean RnA Drops are not negatively charged Fate is not corporealy-based - it’s a perspective she’s noticing realms when she closes her eyes rift-riding for money Bob’s bodies human creativity and electricity more on Bob’s hologram (“electricity is not outside Bob’s hologram”) applying the myocardial to the Mystery Landscape two elements of the myocardial 11:31 jack the degrading of california 11:52

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