Saturday, March 23, 2019

iON | WIFI & the Cloud

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 October 2014, Part 1]:

(1:13:37 mark)
Caller 1: When you were talking about the portals and wormholes, I’ve never heard this before, you mentioned WIFI and data.

iON: Yes, the cloud.

Caller 1: So, which goes with which? Are Portals with WIFI?

iON: No! No! No! No, it’s not a singular thing. Those are applications within the cloud, 1 & 0, Fortran, COBOL back in your day - COBOL, Fortran. Those are split in devices into a code. The code comes into the way carbon applies to storage information. Storage information applies to WIFI, from everything from a WIFI system. Everything must be WIFI because that’s how you reach the cloud. Even your cellular technology now is all going to be made to be WIFI and that way you can listen to your conversation in your "Man Cave" as it were. So, WIFI is more permeable, and so, therefore, data comes on a data transcript through WIFI. WIFI applies to how the cloud erupts and will move. The cloud of glory is moving, move with the cloud.

Bob: Caller 2, you’re a computer nerd geek and everything. What do you think of what he said? Does that approximate what you understand about the cloud and WIFI and that?

Caller 2: Yeah, I actually do, that’s correct. It is moving towards WIFI in the industry as well. So, he’s right.

iON: You’re welcome. It’s not right, we caused it! There was a white knuckle flight, and everybody wanted to go with broadband, broadband was it. Now, even the Ethers aren’t holding. The Ethers aren’t holding. All that money you all spent on CAT 5, you can just throw it in the garbage. Ha! Ha! Ha! We don’t like CAT 5! It won’t hold. Fiber optic isn’t very fibrous.

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