Saturday, March 23, 2019

iON | Vampires & Watchers

Transcribed by Bert.


[18 October 2014, Part 3]:

(1:02:42 mark)
Caller 1: What’s the difference between the vampires and the watchers? Are they also watchers as well or immortal?

iON: Watchers aren’t vampires. Watchers, they are immortal, but they are not vampires. They are watchers.

Caller 1: Are we also watchers?

iON: They are watchers. No, you are not.

Caller 1: OK! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Caller 2: Are they eternal?

Bob: Are the watchers immortal or eternal?

iON: They are immortal.

Bob: Like the vampires, they’re trapped.

iON: Right!

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