Saturday, March 23, 2019

iON | Radiant Flux Entity

Transcribed by Bert.


[11 October 2014, Part 2]:

(00:03 mark)
Caller: iON, you said a couple of weeks ago that we are a capacitor in flux.

iON: Flux, yes.

Caller: Do you mean in “flux" as in "a state of flux", continuous change?

iON: No.

Caller: Do you mean as a substance used for helping to melt or join metal?

iON: What’s behind curtain number 3?

Caller: The arrival of a large amount of something.

iON: Yes, number 3.

Caller: Does this have something to do with the living carbon in the iCell?

iON: Yes.

Caller: Which you say is the God particle that we are trying to transform into a transfer, and then once we transform, then we transfer. So, can you talk a little more about that and what’s involved in the transformation that’s the living carbon that’s in our bodies - that’s what is turning our blood into the blood of the lamb?

iON: The radiant energy in a beam of electromagnetic thermal or acoustic radiation passing through a unit normal section per unit time.

Caller: Did you just describe a capacitor?

iON: No, radiant flux entity.

[18 October 2014, Part 3]:

(26:23 mark)
Caller: I had a question about the definition you gave about the “Radiant Flux Entity”.

iON: Yes.

Caller: You said that… well, you gave the definition and it says it’s measured per unit time or passing through a unit normal section per unit time. How does that jive with no time?

iON: It’s the timing. It’s how often it repeats, not as a timed element that would expire. It’s a way to calculate that it is divisible by itself that number of times. Like 2 times 2 is 4, but that has nothing to do with time.

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