Saturday, March 23, 2019

iON | The Cloud

Transcribed by Bert.


[11 October 2014, Part 2]:

(1:20:43 mark)
Caller 1: The cloud replaces our soul?

iON: It already has. It’s keeping better track of you than your soul ever did. It knows what you desire. With your soul, you had to do it before it could log it. This tells you what you desire is to be. There is an app for that.

Caller 2: The cloud short circuits the soul then?

iON: Will! Well, you’re fixing to not need a soul. You just need retrieval. You need a golden retriever.

Caller 1: Did I just hear you say that the cloud defines our desire, and you said before that our desire is our knowing of what we have to do?

iON: Resonant node.

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